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January 18, 2015 in Happy Jack, Arizona (Mogollon Trail)
Jane Mintzer
On February 16th at approx. 5:30 pm we had a Bald Eagle Fishing behind our house. Our nearest cross roads are Ocotillo Road and Alma School Road. He made a few fishing passes and then watched from a near Eucalyptus Tree. I was able to get my camera out. He flew out made two fishing passes and on the third the eagle caught a fish and flew over to Compadre Stadium.
Debby Saari
Chandler, AZ 85248
Feb 8th, 2014 My husband and I saw a bald eagle fly directly over our house at 5:05 PM He was no further than 50 feet above us. We live just off the 101 and Guadalupe, in Mesa, Arizona.
What a sight! My husband and I were sitting on our back porch by the pool. I saw what appeared to be a small plane / drone…… these days you don't know. It soared through the air about 50 feet above our house. He /She was headed south coming from the north. We are located just off the 101 and Guadalupe…Biggest WOW of our lives!!!!!!!
Sue Manison
2/8/14 around 1:30 pm
I spotted a bald eagle circling over the lake in my neighborhood as I was driving in. I walked over to the lake after I parked my car & spotted it again sitting on the water's edge. Huge! My 8-yr old daughter doesn't realize how lucky she is to have seen it. I had no idea they were in this area! Location is the SE corner of the intersection of W Ocotillo Rd & S Dobson Rd in Chandler, AZ.
Susan Amaya
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 approx. 8:15 a.m., adult Bald Eagle soaring over Marguerite Lake in the McCormick Ranch area of north central Scottsdale, Arizona (between Via Linda and Hayden Road); it then swooped down, snagged a fish, and flew off.
Nicholas Hartmann
Mesa, az
Flying south above 202 freeway from salt river to new Cubs stadium

Kerri Metcalf
At about 1:45PM Thursday 10/24/13 I saw what seemed to be an immature eagle being chased by two boat-tailed grackles and some other much smaller bird, near 24th street and Arizona Biltmore Circle in Phoenix, AZ. At first I thought it was a hawk with a white tail until I realized how huge it was in comparison to the grackles and the power pole – It was one of those goose-bump moments.
Mike and Kathy Turany
I just saw a baldeagle flying over the field at the 202fwy and hayden rd cross street is weber dr. Wing span about 5 FT
heading east along the salt river
Ron Winer
On October 6th, 2013 we saw one of two bald eagles that come to our neighborhood every year. Although, obviously I'm just making assumptions that it is one of the same. We are located at Queen Creel and Alma School in Chandler AZ.
Megan Craghead
While we were working in the yard today, October 5, 2013, my husband spotted an adult bald eagle flying low above our home. We watched as the beautiful bird rode the wind and soared higher and higher. We are near Riggs and McQueen in Chandler AZ.
Karen Blanchard
I'm sitting in my house in North Prescott Valley, and Have 2 bald eagles just sitting in the trees at my neighbors house. Beautiful birds.
Cathi Adams 2-23-2013.
Glorious, just saw an eagle as I was exiting the 202 to the 101 loop north. Looked like an immature bird, amazing wing span..truly beautiful. Awe struck... Feb 18, 2013
Pamela Pawluk
I saw a Bald Eagle in a farm field off of Higley & Warner in Gilbert AZ around 11:00AM 1/31/13. It was truly amazing. I didn't know that you could see them in AZ. I see from some other posts that other people have spotted it too.
Molly Mundy
Probably the same bird as reported by Dante below - Saw "him" today1/25/2013 around 1 pm, in Tempe, AZ. Great sight! This is near the Tempe Towne Lake and a Salt River habitat.
"I was on loop 101N transition to 202west with Tempe Marketplace to the south. I spotted a Bald Eagle at the top of the tall light poles lining the north side of the 202 loop. Great sight to see in the Valley of the Sun!!
Dante Buscaglia"
01/19/13 at 71st Ave and Arrowheard Loop Rd in Glendale, AZ.
I spent 3 hours waiting patiently in order to confirm this. With many onlookers and a game and fish worker who was out counting birds on the lake.
He was catching fish from the same little area of the lake. I mean we saw it in his talons but then he dropped it and starter to circle.
Joe Neely
Tempe, AZ
I was on loop 101N transition to 202west with Tempe Marketplace to the south. I spotted a Bald Eagle at the top of the tall light poles lining the north side of the 202 loop. Great sight to see in the Valley of the Sun!!
Dante Buscaglia
There is a pair in a hay field at the NW corner of val Vista and Ocotillo in Gilbert AZ. It was so cool to watch them just hanging out. 12/18/12
Yolanda Augustine
I live in Chandler, Arizona and this year is the third winter we have had a bald eagle stay in our neighborhood. The first year there was just an adult. The second year an adult and a juvenile, and so far this year just a juvenile. We usually see it in our trees a couple of times throughout the day, mostly to eat. What a real treat because we also have two osprey that stay here starting in August. They have been coming for about 6-7 years. Last year was wonderful watching the two osprey and the two eagles chasing each other!
Megan Craghead
Scottsdale Arizona
Austin Tolson
I saw this guy circling over the Lowe's store on Higley & Queen Creek in Gilbert, Arizona on Feb 5, 2012.
-Tim Tull
Wonderful luck this morning! My kids and I spotted a Bald Eagle swoop over an alfalfa field and pick up what I think was a small rodent. He lit on the top of a telephone pole and proceeded to enjoy his lunch, busily ripping it apart. We could even see bits of fluff falling from the pole! This was just east of Gilbert Road on the Hunt Highway in southern Gilbert, AZ. What an incredible treat!
Karen Sherwood
Gilbert, Arizona
Gilbert, Arizona
Saw a large bald eagle flying over farm fields this afternoon on Higley and Warner near a local wildlife sanctuary. Such an awesome sight!
Amanda Moller
Saw a bald eagle flying low over a field at 11:20 this morning 01/19/12 at S Higley Rd & E Warner Rd, Gilbert, Maricopa county, Arizona 85296.
First time I had seen one in that area. Awesome!
Martha Printy
This sighting was in Mesa Arizona USA on 1/14/12. This past weekend I saw a bald eagle circling and descending over the perimeter of the pit that is home to a cement plant at Alma School near the loop 202. I was on the access road from Riverview shopping center headed east toward Alma School. Unmistakable white head, wide wingspan, slow.graceful descent down behind the eucalyptus trees.that border the southern edge of the gravel pit. I could hardly believe it.
Doug Osburn
I was taking a walk this morning (1/10/12) around the Farm Bureau lake off of Higley and Warner Rd. in Gilbert, AZ when a beautiful, majestic bald eagle flew over the lake and then went directly over my head. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was so surreal.
Deborah Geesling
I was golfing at Superstition Springs Golf Course in Mesa, AZ this morning (01/02/12) and came across a Bald Eagle standing on the shore of one of the golf course lakes. We drove close enough to get a great view but did not disturb the eagle. I was surprised as I did not know there were any Bald Eagles in the metropolitan area.
Kyle Sanders
For the record, I spotted an adult bald eagle standing in a marsh area in the Salt River bed where the 143 crosses over in Phoenix, Arizona...October 2011.
Cliff Woodbury
Bald Eagles are quite common in north eastern Arizona as well as Osphrey. Last summer at Big Lake I watched as a young eagle snatched a large trout swimming near the surface. He flew to a large Ponderosa Pine near the south west edge of the lake and, holding it to a branch, began to eat it. He was accosted by two Ravens who did their best to distract him until he dropped it. No worry, he soon snatched another trout and carried it to the campground area where I lost sight of him.
Earlier this summer, 2011, I saw another Bald Eagle stampead a flock of ducks off of Mexican Hay lake on my way to Big Lake. He snatched one up while they were taking off and flew over my car only about 50 feet up. Magnificant!
Larry Rheaume
Sighted a single bald eagle in Scottsdale AZ, near Hayden and McCormick Ranch road flying in a straight line over the lake, today 10/19/2011. He was clearly in good health and a wonderful specimen. He passed over at about 8:30- 9:00 am from east to west.
Thomas W. Purcell
I wasn't aware that there was a sighting notification place available but I am now. I'm not sure if you only want nesting sites or sightings of eagles in flight? This is the 3rd time I've seen a Bald Eagle fly over my house in the past few years; I don't remember the dates other than today, February 17, 2011, 9:20 am. I live in Vernon, Arizona in the White Mountains. My house is on County Road 3261, formally, Forest Road 61 or Greens Peak Road, this is where the sightings occurred. This particular sighting was unusual to me because the eagle was flying extremely low this time, slightly higher than the rooftop of my house and I got a very good look at it. On the previous sightings I witnessed, they were flying pretty high up but I could see the white heads and white tail feathers. I hope this helps in some small way. It's hard to put into words the way I feel each time I see a American Bald Eagle flying overhead, I feel lucky to have witnessed it.
Randall L. Baker
I saw a very large (guessing female) flying low over my car when stopped at a red light, heading north on Hayden in north Scottsdale AZ 02/13/11. stopped and watched for a minute, she was flying in a low wide circle at a leisurely rate. beautiful!
Shari Sollars
I just saw one - probably a male, from its size - perched on the top of a palm tree in front of my house (Scottsdale, AZ). I had seen him before near the house, but never this close.
Laura Frazer
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