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My son and I saw a bald Eagle , 7:55 am, 2/12/2015, Plaza Dr, Highlands Ranch. Near flying B park.
It was flying over a field, it seemed to be searching for something, but I don’t know much about their behavior.
Jay Richard
We saw a female bald eagle on the top of our cottonwood tree on 2/7/15 in Niwot, Colorado. Benjamin Goff
Bald eagle seen at same location as previous Denver poster, at Smith Lake (north lake) in Washington Park. Was perched in a tree overlooking lake around 7:45 AM on 1/30/15.
Jonathan Long
There are two Bald Eagles that have been frequently seen in the area around Smith Lake and the North end of Washington Park for the past several days. There is so much foot traffic in the park they pretty much ignore people. They are on the ice in the center of the lake or the trees near Smith Lake. 01/22/15
Mike Flanagan
This afternoon (1/10/15) we spotted what appeared to be a pair of bald eagles in Berkeley Lake Park in northwest Denver, CO. It was amazing to see them, and a surprise in such an urban area.
Carol LaRocque
This Bald Eagle was in Greeley Colorado. Location was the Promontory area off of business 10th hwy. Sitting on top of a pole eating what appears to be a rabbit.
I must have sat there for 20 minutes just watching it. Just amazing!
Marcie Munoz
I have, frequently over the past months, observed two immature Bald Eagles in Niwot, Colorado. Today, (1/8/15), one sits atop a telephone pole in back of my house, leaving and returning intermittently. A mature bird accompanied an adolescent flew closely overhead, (11/28/14).
Stephanie Margulis
We saw 4 bald eagles on the frozen McLellan reservoir near intersection of Santa Fe and County Line Rd in south Littleton. Beautiful, huge birds sitting on the ice. One had a fish in its beak.
Jessica Willcox
Saw a bald eagle this morning (1/3/15, 8:30 am) between Boulder, CO and Lafayette, CO on Arapahoe Rd between 287 and 95th St. First sighting, such a beautiful bird!
~Gina Gomez
Spotted a mature bald eagle this morning atop a high voltage pole in Louisville Colorado. I watched her alight on top of the pole where she remained for about 20 minutes. This is my first sighting of a bald eagle in this neighborhood at the northwest corner of the City of Louisville.
John Helton
A bald eagle flew eye-level in front of my car as I drove atop the Cherry Creek Dam in Aurora, Colorado on February 17th. Beautiful sight!
DeAnna Hemmings
Our family saw two bald eagles yesterday at Centennial Park in Englewood on Feb 16th 2014. They were carrying a snake and spinning around together. I notice someone else on this sightings list saw them at the same park 13 months ago. They were low to the ground and easy to observe. Way cool! Made our day.
David Midtbo
This my first sighting in this area and I have lived here for four years. I saw the Bald Eagle perched upon an electric pole, nine miles east of Falcon Colorado on Falcon Hwy, between Peyton Hwy North and Murr Road. He was beautiful!
Shelley Danda
Denver Colorado .Denver city park perched high up on a tree in the lake.. I was walking around the lake.
Mary Robinson
Today I saw two Bald Eagles with locked talons fall to the ground just north of Montrose, Colorado.
Carl Dec
Denver Colorado 0900am Washington Park in tree at northeast side of the park next to the lake.
Eric Zietlow
(Dec 31st) I saw this Bald Eagle this afternoon on my drive from Ridgway to Montrose. He was near a small town called Colona.

leucistic  bald eagle(Dec 29th) Can you please tell me why this bald eagle has so much white on its breast? I have been seeing it on the river walk trail in Ridgway, Colorado near the Dennis Weaver Memorial Park for about 2 weeks now.
Brian Schupbach
A leucistic bald eagle; a condition caused by reduced pigmentation.
I saw a beautiful bald eagle this morning December 10th, 2013 here in Denver, Colorado at 7:10am flying SW around Colorado Blvd and East Louisiana Avenue. I have never seen one in the city before. AMAZING.
Tom Lorz
December 3rd, in Trinidad Lake State Park, Trinidad, Colorado, we spotted and photographed two Bald Eagles. One of them was a juvenile, the other was an adult. The Adult was marked strangely, having nearly a quarter of its back, above the tail starkly white like the tail and head.
These two Eagles were hunting over the lake, in winds gusting to 40 mph! It was really fun to watch them slowly glide, riding the wind, down two the lake, and with the flick of a feather, they would catch a gust and ZOOM back downstream!
Marney Mason
I saw a bald eagle flying over my new home in Prospect Canyon, just outside of Trinidad, CO. What a gorgeous sight!
Mary Byington
November 25th, 2013 - Teller Farm Trail, Lafayette, Colorado - 2 Bald Eagles, One Mature with White head, One Immature, but still REALLY large (thought it might be a Golden but not sure it would be perched in a tree with a Bald over a reservoir). Extremely awe inspiring sight, I stayed as long as I could to watch them. :)
Michael Lamitola
I saw a bald eagle today off highway 119, in between Longmont and Frederick, trying to catch a fish in the lake next to the road.
Christie Haskell
I spotted a bald eagle this morning about 10 miles east of Lamar, CO, just north of Highway 50. I saw it land in a cottonwood tree near the railroad tracks. I never thought I’d see a bald eagle in this area! What a great start to my day! 10/21/13
Jackie Smith
Today, September 19, 2013, a bald eagle flew over my car as I was driving west on US Highway 24 in "downtown" Lake George, Colorado.(This is near the South Platte River and the Lake George reservoir.) It was flying steadily from northwest to southeast, toward Pikes Peak.
I wonder if all the rainfall and replenishment of the reservoirs, streams and rivers has attracted them? I've NEVER seen one in Teller County before!
Amy Middleton
An adult Bald Eagle flew over 225 just south of Colfax, heading east. It was near 2:30pm on 2/27/2013.
Sara Whalen=
Centennial, CO
Feb. 21, 2013
Just saw a bald eagle flying near Arapahoe and I25. It appeared to be riding a thermal as it was rising very quickly in a circular pattern.
~Rae Barrett
Watched a bald eagle perched in a tree for quite a while Saturday morning, February 16, 2013 on Bald Eagle Pond in St. Vrain State Park, Firestone CO. It was beautiful!
Alison Medina
I am watching two bald eagles sit in a field near 6th and laredo in aurora, CO. its pretty cool, there are tons of people stopping their cars along side of the field to view them!
Ashley English
I saw a Bald Eagle in Security Colorado at the corner of Powers and Grinnell on Saturday about 7:30 in the morning. The eagle was flying east very low about 50 feet above my car. It was amazing!
Rhonda Garcia
I saw a bald eagle Sat. Feb. 09,2013 @ 1:30-2:30 in the afternoon at the trailhead parking lot on Cottonwood Drive in Parker, CO. The bald eagle was eating what looked like a squirrel. I took quite a few pictures. It was amazing to watch the eagle so close to where I was parked. With the help of my 36x zoom Nikon camera I was able to get some amazing photos. You don't realize how large they are until you see them right in front of you. Truly beautiful creatures.
Cherie Best
1/23/13 in Aurora.
Saw a bald eagle flying quite low over Havana and Iliff at about 7:15am. It was headed south towards the Cherry Creek Dam
We also saw one Saturday January 19th near I-76 and Sable in the Brighton area, and one yesterday January 21st in Aurora near Alameda and Chambers.
Miranda Cacek
I saw two bald eagles flying around near 126th and Washington in Thornton, CO. I probably wouldn't have noticed except one flew quite low just in front of my vehicle as I was approaching an intersection. I pulled over in a vacant lot and saw one flying near and appeared to be harassing a group of smaller raptors. After a minute, it took off on it's own. It was quite amazing!
Amy Annesley
Jan 10, 2013
Montrose Colorado
Baldridge Park
Pair of bald eagles sitting in a tree and then soaring above the Uncompahgre River
Jeri Baird
Two bald eagle sightings at Centennial Park in Englewood on Jan 6th around noon. The first sighting was a single eagle flying over with some sort of prey in it's talons. The second a pair flying over a short time later. Think they were heading to Chatfield. Way cool!=
Tom Wells
I live in Erie, Co. I live on the Northen Edge of Vista Ridge. I spotted two Bald Eagles fly right by my house today. The pair seem to be hunting in or near a land fill. About an hour from the date of this email one had made a large kill, maybe a rabbit, and was being chased by a flock of Crows or Ravens not sure what to call them.
Robert Wunderlich
There has been one sitting on top of a very tall power line pole across the street from the Nation Guard Armory, 5300 block of Franklin in Denver.
David Finn
This morning a bald eagle flew over us while we were driving on the Dam Road at cherry creek state park. He was heading south from the Kennedy golf course area.
Lisa Reed
Aurora, CO
Just went outside to let my dogs out and saw a bald eagle flying low over the backyard here in Fort Collins at South Taft Hill Road and Elizabeth. It was amazing! Could hear the wings flapping and all. It made my Sunday. :)
Jessica Yaw
Today is Dec 14, 2012. For the past two weeks there have been two bald eagles in a tree just west of sable blvd on hwy 76. Early mornings around 6:45 to 8:00 there is usually only one but afternoons around 1:00 to 4:00 there are two. They are always in the same tree but we have seen them flying as far up as 76 and 85 interchange. We assume they are hanging around the Barr lake area since it is close.
Christopher Yaws=
While running around Lake Equalizer in Loveland, Colorado at 8 am on December 9, 2012 I saw a breeding pair of Bald Eagles. Just awesome.
Marianna Inslee
A pair of bald eagles have been perched in a large cottonwood tree overlooking the Colorado River the past several weeks in Fruita. I actually saw one attempt to catch a fish in an adjoining small lake, but it just missed.
Jerry Beard
I saw a bald eagle sitting on top of a power line post. eating on the corner of florida and irving in Denver Colorado. I thought it was rather amazing to see in the middle of the city. that was about 9:30 am wed oct 24th 2012
Dan Montoya
It was incredible to see a bald eagle about 50 from my car and low to the ground. I'll assume the eagle was hunting. Sighting took place 2/17, about 8:30 am close to the corner of Broncos Pkwy and S. Jordan Rd, Parker CO.
On another sighting, I was absolutely amazed a few years back when we were at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market, Denver CO in the fall. I saw a large flock of birds approaching. The birds were large but not in a Canada geese formation. Upon closer viewing we realized it was a flock of eagles. Incredible. Wish I had a good high powered camera with me.
Laura J. Lenardson
We saw 3 pairs of Bald Eagles today at Adobe Creek Reservoir, southern Kiowa County Colorado. They spent the afternoon on the partially frozen lake, with one or two occasionally going over land.
Bev Spady
I just 3 Bald Eagles in Aurora, CO.. 2 were on a tree and the other one flying around at a small field on Ursula and Baranmor Pkwy in 80011. I have never seen Bald Eagles in Colorado. Sorry I was working so didn't have a camera to take any pics..
Isaac Ocampo
We watched a bald eagle soar and swoop over the golf course just north of 136th on Lowell in Broomfield, Colorado. What a magnificent sight!! January 31, 2012.
Becky Munoz
For the past few months, I have seen a bald eagle atop a high power line west of Parker, Colorad. (north of Main Street/Ridgegate Road and west of Chambers Road, not far from Interstate 25). Two days ago, on January 23, 2012, I spotted two bald eagles in the same area (south of Ridgegate Road) in a Cottonwood tree near twlight. So wonderful! I hope that area is not slated for development; there is also a herd of antelope that frequents the area — — all so close to a major highway.
Susan Passmore
Franktown, Colorado
I just saw a stunning bald eagle at 11am mountain time in Longmont Colorado. I feel very lucky as he soared in the sky above my car. His yellow beak was so bright and his white neck and tail told me what he was:)
Mariana Pappalardo
Observed a bald eagle capture a fish from the water at the Thomas Reservoir in Erie, Colorado on January 18, 2012.
Teresa Higdon
Commerce City, Colorado. January 14, 2012 - Saw a bald eagle fly behind my house over Second Creek Open Space, south of 104th, west of Landmark Drive. It perched in the top of a tree closer to 96th Ave and Buckley, in the open space for more than an hour. I have also seen a bald eagle perched in a small tree just a few yards south of 104th between Landmark Drive and Chambers -- October of 2011.
Unincorporated Adams County Colorado - Sighted a bald eagle perched in a tree just west of a reservoir and south of 104th, east of McKay Road on January 2, 2012. I wandered if this was the same eagle as the one I spotted above.
Donna True Hulbert
Twice in the last week a bald eagle was seen flying north to south over Watkins, South of I-70.
Rich Pepe
1/10/2012 - Around 11:30 a.m., saw a bald eagle soaring high in the sky above the Louisville, CO Recreation Center on West Via Appia Way.
Sarah Fish
January 6. 2012 - 10:30 am - flying over E470 very near the Denver International Airport
Nancy Elgin
We saw a bald eagle, assuming male, flying twice above us in north Denver, around 32nd and Peoria. First time we saw it it was flying south, and about 1.5 hours later it flew back north, over the same area as it flew south. Beautiful bird. My freind didnt think there were any bald eagles in Colorado.
Tony Murphy
1/2/12 Spotted a bald eagle circling over Parker Road just north of Lincoln in Parker Colorado today at lunch time
Richard Williams
Pair of bald eagles riding thermals on New Year's Day, 2012 just north of Original Town, Superior, CO. Beautiful.
paula diehl
I saw a bald eagle circling above Hwy. 86 and horse pastures in the Bijou Basin valley in Elbert county yesterday! It was about 1:50 in the afternoon. I was shocked to see it so close. Amazing sight!!
-- Lori Arnold
We spotted a Bald Eagle in flight that landed on the top of a pole near HWY 93 South of Boulder, Colorado, North of the Rocky Flats Entrance close to Hwy 72. Beautiful Bird..
Francie J Latham
I saw two bald eagles on the Rock Creek trail in Boulder County, Colorado this morning at 8:30 AM, West of 287 near broomfield Co. Both were perched at the top of the same tree and were still there 10 minutes later when I came back by.
Aaron Heun
Equalizer Lake, Loveland, Colorado October 4&5th 2011
Louise Beckett
Mature and immature bald eagles seen in Lone Tree/Parker Colorado - southeast of I-25 and Ridgegate parkway. There is a small riparian area there, but I see the eagles posted on the electric poles in the morning on my drive to work. Hope to sit in my car with some binoculars one weekend early and watch them. So majestic!
Debbi Lardinois
Bald eagle spotted above East Boulder area circling over ground hog fields between Pearl & Arapahoe near Flatirons Tech - late morning Monday August 22, 2011.
Encarnita Rivera
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