Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

I was soo lucky to actually see 2 male bald eagles in Monument, Colorado. I was driving on Higby Rd just past Lewis Palmer High School on January 3rd about 8:45 am in the morning. I looked up and noticed the first eagle. On the next power pole, was the second. I returned to the site but they were gone. It was soo exciting to see one but two male bald eagles was awesome!
I'm hoping the someone in Monument actually got pictures of them.
Joyce Quintana

A Pair of Blad Eagles were spotted today 1/5/2019 in the top of a tree along the Poudre River Trail in Greeley, Colorado.
Courtney Walsh

Saw a bald eagle in a tree on the north side of the lake in the center of City Park, Denver on Jan 9, 2018.
Marian Hamilton

Saw a beautiful bald eagle today near Washington Park in Denver, Colorado. January 1, 2018.
Jackie Hoffman

The Family and I saw two Bald Eagles off 160th between Huron and Sheridan. We were on the way to their school in Westminster Monday December 18, 2017 @ 0745.
Todd Beverlin

Saw a bald eagle in Washington Park in Denver on 12/3/2017 at noon-ish.
Natalie Steffen

JD Hatter wrote the following: Male and female bald eagles sighted 2/10/2017 on the Cherry Creek Trail near Kennedy Golf Course.


Trevor Fitzgerald wrote the following: Sighted a single bird at 4:05 PM 1/6/2017 due south along Maiden Creek, Ontelaunee township, Berks Co. (40.438906, -75.936271)

Jon Howell wrote the following: I saw a large bald eagle leaving a tree on my property on WCR 70 between WCR 47 and 49 in Eaton, CO.

Catherine Dilts wrote the following: Colorado - Park County on 103 near county road 59. Sitting on a fence post near the road.

T Usrey wrote the following: Mature bald eagle feasting on a raccoon carcass near Sullivan County Airport yesterday, November 14, 2016. Have seen many in Sullivan Co, but that makes two sightings near the airport in a month.

Barb Forrest wrote the following: I saw two bald eagles flying over the Colorado River near silt, co on 10/7/16 about 2 pm

I saw a Bald Eagle at about 1:00 off Rt 36 in a tree on the west side of the road north of Nelson Rd just south of hwy 66 near Lyons CO.
Shannon Parr

Warren Yazzie wrote the following: Georgetown, Colorado on 2016/09/19. I saw three bald eagles flying above the Georgetown Reservoir. They landed on the side of the mountain on the south side of the reservoir and stayed there.

Erin Bouch wrote the following: Hi! We saw a bald eagle today (Saturday, 2/6/16) at City Park in Denver. He was huge! Perched in a tree and then we saw him soaring over the lake. He then landed on the icy lake!

Kristie Jennings wrote the following: I live in Southeast Aurora, Colorado and I see Eagles almost every day out where we live. I have seen them in an open space park on 6th Ave & Buckley Airforce Base Area also on Jewell Ave & E470, Alameda and Chambers sitting in a tree. Alameda & I225 flying over me and Broadway & I25 that one fly right over our car on my birthday on Feb 2, 2014. That was the best present from God ever. I have taken so many pictures of them we go searching for them I LOVE bird watching!

Phil Lucero wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle perched high in a cottonwood tree near Holbrook Reservoir outside of Rocky Ford, Otero County, Colorado. Majestic and beautiful. Never thought I'd see one down here. Super exciting!

Julie Tucker wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle sitting in a tree at 76th and College Avenue last night as I was driving home. Due to the size, it appeared to be a mature male.

Lori Kadin-Benson wrote the following: I spotted two Bald Eagles soaring high above Arvada, CO on Sunday, Nov. 22, just before 11 am. They had the distinctive white heads and tail feathers. Quite a sight to see!

Cody Medicine Blanket wrote the following: 9/10/2015
Saw a Bald Eagle in Niwot Colorado flying towards Longmont Colorado around 3PM

My son and I saw a bald Eagle , 7:55 am, 2/12/2015, Plaza Dr, Highlands Ranch. Near flying B park.
It was flying over a field, it seemed to be searching for something, but I don't know much about their behavior.
Jay Richard

We saw a female bald eagle on the top of our cottonwood tree on 2/7/15 in Niwot, Colorado. Benjamin Goff

Bald eagle seen at same location as previous Denver poster, at Smith Lake (north lake) in Washington Park. Was perched in a tree overlooking lake around 7:45 AM on 1/30/15.
Jonathan Long

There are two Bald Eagles that have been frequently seen in the area around Smith Lake and the North end of Washington Park for the past several days. There is so much foot traffic in the park they pretty much ignore people. They are on the ice in the center of the lake or the trees near Smith Lake. 01/22/15
Mike Flanagan

This afternoon (1/10/15) we spotted what appeared to be a pair of bald eagles in Berkeley Lake Park in northwest Denver, CO. It was amazing to see them, and a surprise in such an urban area.
Carol LaRocque

This Bald Eagle was in Greeley Colorado. Location was the Promontory area off of business 10th hwy. Sitting on top of a pole eating what appears to be a rabbit.
I must have sat there for 20 minutes just watching it. Just amazing!
Marcie Munoz

I have, frequently over the past months, observed two immature Bald Eagles in Niwot, Colorado. Today, (1/8/15), one sits atop a telephone pole in back of my house, leaving and returning intermittently. A mature bird accompanied an adolescent flew closely overhead, (11/28/14).
Stephanie Margulis

We saw 4 bald eagles on the frozen McLellan reservoir near intersection of Santa Fe and County Line Rd in south Littleton. Beautiful, huge birds sitting on the ice. One had a fish in its beak.
Jessica Willcox

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