Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

I spotted a Bald Eagle in Derby Connecticut. It was in a tree along side the Naugatuck River South of Division Street. February 12, 2015 approximately 3:00 PM.
Paul Balko

Feb 1, 2015. I saw a bald eagle this morning in Groton, CT. It was sitting on one of the osprey nesting platforms in the Groton Reservoir. Thrilled!
Maggie Prescott

I spotted a bald eagle January 20, 2015 while driving on rte 165 in voluntown ct. He was perched atop a telephone pole across the street from an RV camping lake. He was very large with brown body and stark white head. Beautiful!
Edna Bryant

1/20/15...2 Bald Eagle sightings...First was 1/18/15 a juvenile standing on the ice edge on the Pawcatuck river...Avondale/Watch Hill area...second sighting 1/20/15...Adult Eagle perched in a tree on the Connecticut side of the Pawcatuck river...pretty amazing view at the moment...1 Bald Eagle and 7 Harbor Seals...
C.ZDuchin & J.AZouzelka

Bald Eagle sited flying over Shordon Rd. Heading towards New Haven and river @ 1:15 pm.
Teri Rosalez

Stafford Springs, Connecticut
We have had two Bald Eagles in our pasture the past two days feeding on a deer carcass and Thanksgiving day leftovers.
Ted Rummel

November 29, 2014, around 12:30 PM.
I saw a large bird perched in one of the trees while driving north past Exit 41 Westport on the Merritt Parkway this morning. I did a double-take when I realized it was a bald eagle, its white head a dead giveaway. I got off at the next exit and turned around to make a second run past this amazing bird. I pulled over and took a quick picture (naturally didn't have my good SLR with me so had to use a small point-and-shoot). Called my sister who was also on the Merritt on her way back from Jones Tree Farm and she saw it too. The same day my friend said she saw a bald eagle in Stamford, near the Newfield shopping center, and about 15 miles from my sighting. Couldn't be the same bird, so maybe several eagles temporarily moved or migrated into this area.
Harry Condos
Norwalk, CT

100% sure we just spotted a bald eagle perched in a tree along the south side of the Merritt Parkway in Westport, CT just before exit 41 which is Route 33, Wilton Rd.
Patricia King

I am 99% sure that I saw a bald eagle yesterday in Westport, CT flying above Wilton Road (Rt 33). I thought it was a red tailed hawk but then when I kept looking u saw a white head and white tail feathers! It also seemed much bigger than a hawk!!
Loren Cornette

I spotted a bald eagle soaring overhead in Avon, CT. I was driving with my sunroof open and a saw a very large bird flying directly overhead with its wings outstretched. At first I thought it was a Turkey Vulture, but my view was perfect and the sunlight was shining such that the white head feathers and the yellow beak were unmistakable. It was clearly a Bald Eagle! It was heading toward a wetland area off of West Avon Road. An amazing creature!
D Breits

Marlborough, CT
11/4/1, 1pm
Rt. 2, exit 16
Mature bald eagle swooping down onto highway, touching down on shoulder, must have been after some road kill.
Kathy Maier

We have seen a bald eagle two times now( Sept 26, 2014 and Oct 17, 2014, aprox 10 'ish in the AM) at the same place from a kayak at Eagleville Dam,,aprox 1/4 mile upriver of the Willamantic River, Mansfield ct . We were fortunate enough to get some awesome pictures during the first sighting , as if he was posing for us!What a majestic sight!
Laura and Steve Netro-Price

Just spotted a bald eagle in Mansfield, CT, intersection of 195 and Rte 44, flew up from a field into birch tree with a snack. Awesome sight.
Paula Pierce

I live in Versailles, CT on the Shetucket River. A Bald Eagle flies by every day down the river in the morning and back up north around 1:30pm. Almost clock work!! White head and tail with dark brown body. It is huge and I am trying to get a photo but I never have my camera handy of course!! Hoping to get a good photo soon!
-Cortney Auletta

Dec. 24, 2013 11:00 am
We just watched a beautiful Bald Eagle (white head and tail and dark brown body) flying around the small pond behind our house on Jockey Hollow Road. It was swooping down at some ducks that that were on the pond. It was amazing and made our Christmas. The eagle was flying above the pond and trying to catch a duck, but with no luck. Some of the ducks flew off and some just kept diving under...after a few minutes the eagle flew off. My fiancee got her iPad and filmed it...AMAZING!
Jack & Susannah Tom

12/19/13 Me,my mom,and grandma were driving down Hartford Turnpike in Waterford,CT and I saw 3 mature Bald Eagles sitting in trees near Lake Konomoc. We watched the eagles for 10 minutes and right before we left, one of them took off. I was amazed on how big it was.
Nick Gres

Madison Ct 12-18-13 I was in Hammonasset State Park looking for snowy owls. I saw a mature bald eagle flying over the road leading in and out of park.
Earl Reed

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