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I spotted a Bald Eagle in Derby Connecticut. It was in a tree along side the Naugatuck River South of Division Street. February 12, 2015 approximately 3:00 PM.
Paul Balko
Feb 1, 2015. I saw a bald eagle this morning in Groton, CT. It was sitting on one of the osprey nesting platforms in the Groton Reservoir. Thrilled!
Maggie Prescott
I spotted a bald eagle January 20, 2015 while driving on rte 165 in voluntown ct. He was perched atop a telephone pole across the street from an RV camping lake. He was very large with brown body and stark white head. Beautiful!
Edna Bryant
1/20/15...2 Bald Eagle sightings...First was 1/18/15 a juvenile standing on the ice edge on the Pawcatuck river...Avondale/Watch Hill area...second sighting 1/20/15...Adult Eagle perched in a tree on the Connecticut side of the Pawcatuck river...pretty amazing view at the moment...1 Bald Eagle and 7 Harbor Seals...
C.ZDuchin & J.AZouzelka
Bald Eagle sited flying over Shordon Rd. Heading towards New Haven and river @ 1:15 pm.
Teri Rosalez
Stafford Springs, Connecticut
We have had two Bald Eagles in our pasture the past two days feeding on a deer carcass and Thanksgiving day leftovers.
Ted Rummel
November 29, 2014, around 12:30 PM.
I saw a large bird perched in one of the trees while driving north past Exit 41 Westport on the Merritt Parkway this morning. I did a double-take when I realized it was a bald eagle, its white head a dead giveaway. I got off at the next exit and turned around to make a second run past this amazing bird. I pulled over and took a quick picture (naturally didn't have my good SLR with me so had to use a small point-and-shoot). Called my sister who was also on the Merritt on her way back from Jones Tree Farm and she saw it too. The same day my friend said she saw a bald eagle in Stamford, near the Newfield shopping center, and about 15 miles from my sighting. Couldn't be the same bird, so maybe several eagles temporarily moved or migrated into this area.
Harry Condos
Norwalk, CT
100% sure we just spotted a bald eagle perched in a tree along the south side of the Merritt Parkway in Westport, CT just before exit 41 which is Route 33, Wilton Rd.
Patricia King
I am 99% sure that I saw a bald eagle yesterday in Westport, CT flying above Wilton Road (Rt 33). I thought it was a red tailed hawk but then when I kept looking u saw a white head and white tail feathers! It also seemed much bigger than a hawk!!
Loren Cornette
I spotted a bald eagle soaring overhead in Avon, CT. I was driving with my sunroof open and a saw a very large bird flying directly overhead with its wings outstretched. At first I thought it was a Turkey Vulture, but my view was perfect and the sunlight was shining such that the white head feathers and the yellow beak were unmistakable. It was clearly a Bald Eagle! It was heading toward a wetland area off of West Avon Road. An amazing creature!
D Breits
Marlborough, CT
11/4/1, 1pm
Rt. 2, exit 16
Mature bald eagle swooping down onto highway, touching down on shoulder, must have been after some road kill.
Kathy Maier
We have seen a bald eagle two times now( Sept 26, 2014 and Oct 17, 2014, aprox 10 'ish in the AM) at the same place from a kayak at Eagleville Dam,,aprox 1/4 mile upriver of the Willamantic River, Mansfield ct . We were fortunate enough to get some awesome pictures during the first sighting , as if he was posing for us!What a majestic sight!
Laura and Steve Netro-Price
Just spotted a bald eagle in Mansfield, CT, intersection of 195 and Rte 44, flew up from a field into birch tree with a snack. Awesome sight.
Paula Pierce
I live in Versailles, CT on the Shetucket River. A Bald Eagle flies by every day down the river in the morning and back up north around 1:30pm. Almost clock work!! White head and tail with dark brown body. It is huge and I am trying to get a photo but I never have my camera handy of course!! Hoping to get a good photo soon!
-Cortney Auletta
Dec. 24, 2013 11:00 am
We just watched a beautiful Bald Eagle (white head and tail and dark brown body) flying around the small pond behind our house on Jockey Hollow Road. It was swooping down at some ducks that that were on the pond. It was amazing and made our Christmas. The eagle was flying above the pond and trying to catch a duck, but with no luck. Some of the ducks flew off and some just kept diving under...after a few minutes the eagle flew off. My fiancee got her iPad and filmed it...AMAZING!
Jack & Susannah Tom
12/19/13 Me,my mom,and grandma were driving down Hartford Turnpike in Waterford,CT and I saw 3 mature Bald Eagles sitting in trees near Lake Konomoc. We watched the eagles for 10 minutes and right before we left, one of them took off. I was amazed on how big it was.
Nick Gres
Madison Ct 12-18-13 I was in Hammonasset State Park looking for snowy owls. I saw a mature bald eagle flying over the road leading in and out of park.
Earl Reed
Sighted 2 bald eagles in Coventry, CT for 2 days now, In the field across from my home. They had a goose for sure and possibly a crow.
Bold and beautiful.
Vickie Blair
I live in Thompson, CT, and today, November 30, 2013, approximately 3:30pm, I saw a bald eagle at the Thompson Dam. I returned to my car after taking my dog for a walk. I heard the squaking of a crow and looked towards the grassy area between the dam and the water. Just overhead the grassy area I saw a large bird flying circles and then landing on the grass. It had a dark colored body, and white tail and head. It picked something up off the ground and flew over the water to the top of a leafless tree at the end of the Ravenelle access road near the water. I did not see a nest in that tree. I feel so honored to be a witness to this magnificent bird!
Susan Haley
I was sitting on my front porch today and a bald eagle flew over my house it was such a thrilling site such a spectacular bird. This was at sills ave in Prospect Ct.
Lisa Collucci
I just viewed an adult bald eagle as I was driving down Allyn Street Extension in Mystic, Connecticut. The eagle swooped down and grabbed a squirrel that was sitting by the side of the road. It is 9/28/2013 and the siting was about 3:30 p.m.
Jo Gillespie
spotted just a short while ago, early afternoon 9/28/13 flying around Gulf pond in Milford CT
Jenifer Clark
Looks like we had a big Bald Eagle here in Stamford, CT in the Shippan area this morning. Very cool! JK 9/3/13
Jay Keeshan
Just saw 2 mature and 1 imature bald eagle along Litchfield turnpike, 'woodbridge, ct. next to rte.15 before the tunnel in woodbridge, ct. below the cliffs at the water edge on the ice.
Ed Krasenics
2/3/13 We just had a bald eagle fly over our house that abuts the North Farms Reservoir in Walllingford. It was an awesome sight.=
Jennifer Kuzmickas
I just saw a Bald Eagle soaring south in loops over the Farmington River in Avon, CT (06001). At first I assumed it was a turkey vulture until I saw the white head. It's about 18 degrees out. It must be pretty chilly flying weather!
Eric Throndson
I am a school bus driver in Thompson, Ct.
Today (1/22/13) I observed a bald eagle soaring above the Quinebaug River in Putnam Ct. about 30' above ground.
During the last year I have seen a bald eagle following the Quinebaug River in Thompson, Ct and in Dudley, Mass. Easily recognized with the white tail and white head. The size is just awesome.
Previously I have seen eagles on fishing trips to Canada, NH, Maine and Vermont and the Quabbin Reservoir in western Mass. Always a thrill to spot one.
Bill LaPointe
Saw a bald eagle in CT. Location was perched on one of the lamp post on the Bissell bridge in Windsor CT. Overlooking the CT river and Windsor Meadows state park. At first glance I thought it was a deformed seagull, but when I got close I realized what it really was. I will bring my camera on the way to work tomorrow incase it is there again.
Nicholas Rickert
Saw one this morning in Mystic, CT along River Road
Andrea Trubia
12/19/2012 Sighting on Hitchcock Lake in Wolcott, CT. 3 separate times in the late morning, I saw him? soaring, majestically causing quite a stir with the "local" seagulls and also "swarming" above the 2 guest swans of the lake. The swans seemed to care less. He was very beautiful glowing in the morning sun.
12/22/2012 Again on Hitchcock Lake in Wolcott, CT., we saw him "swarming" above the seagulls, causing quite a stir.
Steve Collette
My son Lukas and I just spotted a bald eagle in the Resevior between Cheshire and Wallingford on Rt 68 in Cheshire.Lukas said it was the most awesomest sight he ever saw and I agree.
David Verner
I observed a bald eagle this morning at 8:15 am (12/19/2012) on the small beach at the end of Oswegatchie Point in Waterford, CT. When I first saw it, it seemed to be bent over something on the beach, possibly eating. It flew off when it saw me and my dog, and as I got to where it had been on the beach I found a freshly caught eel. I did not see where it flew off too, nor whether there was a mate in the area.
Chris Storer
12-13-12: Spotted two Bald Eagles flying over Coventry Lake at 1:00 p.m. today while I was having lunch at Lake View in Coventry. Very beautiful.
Jeff Campbell
Moodus, Connecticut 12/12/12: large male & female swooped over the work crew at my home in the village, which we are renovating, working on a stone wall. They alighted in one of the mature sugar maples roadside, directly across from the Library, the male at the very top, the female in some heavy mid-branches. The male soon departed, the female stayed to finish her lunch, a red-tailed hawk. With her beak, she repeatedly tore the feathers out which flew aloft in the winds and some of which we recovered. With nothing whatever left to eat, she swooped down and flew off just as she had come in. Looking with binoculars, we saw she had been banded.
Gary Egloff
Saw a beautiful female perched over Hitchcock Lake in Wolcott 10 minutes ago. Wish I had my camera!
Marie Anderson in Wolcott
Saw a bald eagle flying over the marsh on Mather Street in Hamden today at about 7am. Spectacular!
Betsey Caires
I saw a bald eagle today, 12/2/12, driving northbound on interstate 91. I saw it between exits 9 and 10 flying over the pond and landing in a tree beside Muddy River around 3:30pm.
Paul Palma
Saturday 11/03/2012; Simsbury, CT; @ 1:30 pm; soaring over Curtiss Field and Rt. 315 towards the tree line of the Farmington River. Spotted three large birds flying that at first looked to be hawks. When the birds perched in a tree it was clear that two were bald eagles. (Everything written about how they are so majestic is true!) Most likely the third bird was a juvenile. They must have been taking junior out for a whirl to enjoy the sunshine!
Christine Peterson
Saw an adult male perched on tree near river next to highway, route 8, Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut.
Gillian Smits
Nice mature adult baldy flying east of I-91 in CT. by Country Club Rd exit.... beautiful in spacious skies !
John Furlong
Saw a large bald eagle (we are guessing female, based on the size) on October 8, 2012 about 4:00pm. If flew around the yard and swooped near the window before perching in the tall tree. Thought it was a large falcon until it was perched in the tree and we clearly saw it was a bald eagle! We watched it for about 35 minutes, just sitting in the tree. This was in Fishers, IN on the SE side of I-69 near Billericay Park.
Sara Hecklinski
Yesterday we were driving on Rte 34 headed from Derby into Seymour CT and we spotted a bald eagle perched above what looked to be a small river. We are not that familiar with the area, but after consulting a map it appears to be near Indian Well State Park and Osborndale State Park. Maybe 1/2 mile west of the dam before Lake Zoar.
Ezra Tezer
I spotted a Bald Eagle in Hamden, CT at 9:28am on 9/23/12 circling over the woods between Hartford TPKE and Ridge Rd near Bassett Park. I let the dog out and happened to look up see a beautiful Bald Eagle circling above. This is only the second Bald Eagle I've seen in CT. I spotted one in No. Haven about 2 years ago, circling over the Quinnipiac Marsh Wildlife Area between State St and Universal Dr.
Ron Ward
I was just leaving the parking lot of a store on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford, near the Hartford line, on 9/8/2012 at 3:30 p.m. when I spotted the bald eagle flying in southerly direction. It is very common to see red-tails and sea gulls in this very urban section. There are no significant rivers or ponds (except for the Connecticut, which is a distance from where I was), so this was totally unexpected. It was low enough so that I could make out it's white head and tail immediately. It was a shocking, but thrilling sight!
Luz Antonio
Bald eagle sighting Wallingford CT &@; 1:56 pm on 9/3/12 my wife Beth and I spotted a Bald Eagle over Pistapaug Pond on the Top of Whirlwind Road, which is next to Trimountain State Park. He looked to be fishing as we saw it coming up from the water as we drove thru a clearing with views of the pond.
Bob & Beth Parcells
I was at the Rocky Hill MX track (Rocky Hill, Ct) on September 3, 2012 when I noticed an Adult Bald Eagle in the distance. As it circled closer to my location, I first saw the white tail, then as it came even closer, the white head and tail were both visible. It continued its circling flight pattern in a southern direction.
One of the riders at the track this same day said he had seen an Adult Bald Eagle flying over the Housatonic River in front of his home in Sandy Hook, Ct. I thought I was excited seeing one Bald Eagle, this fellow got to see two in the same day in different parts of Connecticut.
Donna Wildman
Sandy Hook, Ct.
February 21, 2012
I sighted a large bird circling north of the 291/91 exchange in Springfield about 8:00 a.m. I expected to be our local red tail hawk but it was larger and I was surprised to see a tail flash white as it turned and as it circled back its white head. I was delighted that it was a bald eagle only my second sighting of this beautiful bird.
Lorraine Creedon
Enfield, CT.
My son Jonah and I have seen Bald eagles twice in two weeks. The first time was in my brothers yard In coventry, ct on Root rd. The eagle was flying over head and headed northeast. The second sighting was at Mansfield hollow lake on Friday February 17th. The eagle flew over the lake as we stood at the boat launch and flew up to a branch to roost. Jonah and I walked around a bit and played with the big flat ice shards which were making noizes as the water pushed it to the shore. A few minutes later the eagle then flew around the small island and away from us and I could see his white head in the distant trees. I waited almost 30 years to see an eagle and it took me and my wife to the housatonic river in ct to the eagle winter sightings at the electric plant there. It has been 6 years since then and now in the wild on my own in less than two weeks I have spotted them twice.
Come see bald eagles at the Shepaug Dam Bald Eagle Observatgion site in Southbury CT. Today 1/29/2012 we saw 3 adults and 2 immatures. The oberservation area is free to attendee but reservations are requried. Call (800)368-8954
Luciana Walker
My daughters and I watched 3 different bald eagles taking turns eating a large 5-6lbs largemouth bass on the ice at Wassell Res. in Southington, CT. This sighting happened on Tuesday Jan. 24th around 2 pm. we felt very lucky to see a group of eagles together like that. All three were mature birds. When I looked over on Wednesday morning there was one still there eating the scrapes of the leftover bass.
John Ward
Yesterday my family and I saw a large, mature Bald Eagle sitting in a tree overlooking the Groton Reservoir in Groton, CT. This was our first sighting ever of our national bird. Beautiful!
Christine Lubeski
Redding, ct; January 18 or 19, 2012, driving across the bridge at the intersection of Route 53 and Newtown Turnpike, right at the top of the Weston (Saugatuck) Reservoir, around 8 am I saw a bald eagle flying across and down the length of the reservoir. Thrilling!
Eva Probst
January 13, 2012. VERY Large Bald Eagle in a tree top on Cottage Grove Road in Bloomfield. Took off just as I was pulling up in my car. Wingspan must have been five feet or better. I go to Alaska every summer and see them almost daily and never saw one this size.
Jim Cammilletti
Northern New Milford, CT - 1/13/2012: this morning I watched a Bald Eagle (and took many photos) as it flew up and down the marsh across the street from our house. This has been a very mild winter in the area and the water of the marsh is not frozen. I did not see that it found any food but it flew back and forth several times for about 30 minutes. It was magnificent to see!!
-Susan Lacern
On Tursday, Dec. 1, 2011 observed an adult bald eagle circling the woods abutting the volunteer abulance headquarters on the south side of Bridge Street in Suffield, CT.
Karen Carlson
Saw a very big (female?) bald eagle in Pine Grove on the Niantic River, CT on Halloween day 2011, atop the tallest pine tree, being acousted by 5 or 6 black crows, Eagle seemed unphased. We got many digital pictures!
Casey Sugarman
I sighted a bald eagle heading into the head of the Niantic River in Waterford, Connecticut on September 29, 2011. First one I've ever seen in person!
Linda Berard
9/15/2011 1:30 PM I observed a mature bald eagle soaring over Crystal Lake in Ellington, CT
Heidi Hlasny
A beautiful eagle flew over my car on Rt 117 at the Ledyard Groton town line on Thursday, September 14, 2011, I was awestruck!
Brenda Scott
Waterford, CT RT 85 9/3/11
Driving northbound and saw a mature bald eagle gliding overhead. Lost him behind the trees as he headed toward the reservoir.
Kathy Maier
saw a bald eagle yesterday in Glastonbury, Connecticut. I was crossing over the Putnam Bridge (Connecticut River) and the eagle flew over my car. The bird was huge! What a beautiful site!!
Julie Bach
I've spotted 2 bald eagles that past 3 mornings on Wilcox Island on the Connecticut River in Middletown, CT.
~Anthony Vecca
Yesterday, 2/3/2011, at 9:20AM, I saw a bald eagle (I do not know if it was male or female) scouting a cow field in Southeastern Pennsylvania in Southern Chester County. It was flying low and circling at the edge of the field in Herr's Angus Farms, Nottingham, PA on the south side of Route 272 just past Woodland Drive, which is a little over 1 1/4 miles due east of the intersection of Route 1 and Route 272. In it's circling it crossed over the road twice before I passed under it and could no longer see it, enabling me to clearly see the white head and tail. Always thrilled to see one of these!
Rebecca Buckley
we witnessed two large bald eagles on Amos Lake in preton CT this afternoon, they were on the ice and flying low for a few hours, an amazing sight..
Josh Guarner, CT
Two bald eagles. In my back yard. Windsor, Ct. Jan 29th at dusk. Possibilities they were perched on my roof top. Both Flew very low and one ended up on the ground before my dog scared it away. I have an image of the wing print in the snow. We seem to be in a paired couple flight path as we have had many sightings of a pair and also an immature bald eagle - but never so low or close! We live both near the Connetcicut and the Farminton River and also adjacent to wet lands and a farm where red tail hawks also call home.
heather groenstein
We've seen a young bald eagle flying over our house in East Hampton Connecticut for a few days now.
Sherry and Eric Banack
I sighted 2 bald eagles on January 21 perched in a tree. They were on the Wethersfield side of the Connecticut River in Connecticut. I was told that they come up to this area when the river's frozen because it is an area that doesn't freeze.
Dan Durso
January 23, 2011
Preston, CT
2 mature bald eagles flying low overhead
Barbara Grover
111 Harvestgate Ct
Lake Saint Louis MO, 63367
Jason Liszewski
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