Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Was sitting having lunch in the Cove Inn, in Westport, Ontario and was looking out over the water watching ducks diving for fish and was lucky enough to see a bald eagle soar over the tree tops on the shoreline, swoop down over the water and grab a small fish in its talons and then fly off. Was a magnificent sight. Have seen lots of bald eagles on the west coast of B.C and in various parts of the States, but this was a wonderful treat on a sunny, early winter day.
December 10, 2011
Jo Wilson

I live in Aldergrove British Columbia Canada. I see Bald Eagles on my small farm just about any day that I look. They try to kill my chickens, but I still love the birds !!
ilona brooks

Within the last two weeks we have had two separate sighting of Bald Eagles. The first was of a group of 4 eagles and the second was of 2. Absolutely unbelievable to watch. Both sightings were from our living room window overlooking Shannon Lake and Shannon Lake Golf Course.
Laurice Hermiston

11/20/2010 - A juvenile soared along the Capilano River just below us as we stood on a 230 ft. suspension bridge in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Hector & Michelle Esparza

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