Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

We saw a large beautiful Bald Eagle this afternoon at around 4:30 pm in Rock Creek Park near the nature center. It was down near the creek. It then few up to a tree, and then off down along the waterway. An amazing sight, especially to be had in our nations capital. It was breathtaking.
Joley R. King

Bobby Godwin wrote the following: 4th street Northwest Washington, DC.
On the west shore of Lake McMillan. Today at 2:45.

I saw a very large Bald Eagle in Washington DC over the weekend. The location was 13th and Rhode Island ave Ne.
Bob Lewis

Around 0800 on 10/28/14, I spotted a low-flying bald eagle coming east across the tidal basing (towards Bureau of Engraving). As I left the tidal basin parking area, I spotted it again circling just above the very north end of the basin (waterway between Independence Ave and the Kutz Bridge). To anyone commuting east on Independence in the mornings: Keep an eye out if you can; it was flying below the tree line.
Erin Veltman

I can't believe it was actually an eagle this far from the river, but its tail and wings made it unmistakeable. I saw a bald eagle flying across the intersection where Bladensburg, Benning, H St., and 15th St., NE, come together, around 11:10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 21. It appeared to be carrying a fish. Beautiful -- and completely surprising!
Liz McClure

I saw a bald eagle perched on a low tree on the East River in Washington, D.C. where the metro overpass is just before it goes into the Stadium Armory tunnel. I saw it today, 10/22/14 at 8:50 am. It was just beautiful!
Patrice Garnette

I just saw a bald eagle over the Washington Channel (in Washington DC just south of the tidal basin) swoop down and pickup something off the surface of the water just behind the fish market at 6:50AM (2/24/14).
Roger Hansen

I saw a bald eagle headed north up the Potomac River along Canal Rd about ½ way between DC and where Canal Rd turns into Clara Barton. Really amazing!
Jennifer Freeman

December 12, 2012
I saw a beautiful baldy fly over the Tidal Basin around noon today. He came from near the Jefferson Memorial, across the Tidal Basin, over the FDR Memorial, and then landed in the field by river. I then saw him a short while later flying along the river towards the Roosevelt Bridge.
Quite spectacular….
Robin Bradley

10 a.m. this morning, south side of Potomac on running trail between 14th and Memorial .. one baldy in flight. Settled atop a tree next to boat slip outlet to Potomac. It used the Pentagon as a back drop .. what an actor, eh?
Thomas Slattery

I live in SW DC, less than a block from the Washington Channel. On Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, a beautiful adult bald eagle flew past my apt window. My apt is 9 stories up, with one floor above me. The eagle almost flew right up to my window - facing east - and then went up over the bldg. I could see its white head and tail as it soared up. AWESOME! A bit later I saw it flying around, sailing the winds, and then it disappeared. I will never forget it.
Liz Hoopes

This afternoon September 13th 2012, The day Astronaut Neil Armstrong would be at National Cathedral in Washington DC for his funeral services.
I witnessed the largest Eagle I have ever saw flying high in the sky over Arlington National Cemetery. I maybe thought that this Eagle had been released To fly during the funeral services. I have seen Eagles flying over DC, and Virginia but this one was the largest I have ever seen. To see this EAGLE in flight I feel was poetic to be flying over Washington DC, and Arlington Cemetery just after Astronaut Neil Armstrong's funeral. This American Hero as he is being remembered today, who in 1969 made the first steps on the moon and made the infamous remarks from the Moon, "One small step for man, and one Large step for Mankind".
This Eagle I said had to be his Escort to heaven and was in Flight flying high above his services, paying tribute to this American Hero as he is being remembered today.
God bless Astronaut Neil Armstrong, and God Bless America, Rest in peace! GOD Speed!
Richard Richards

We saw a bald eagle this morning on the east side of Hains Point (East Potomac Park) in DC, in a tree near the entrance to the golf course. It flew over the river to the Boling Air Force base.
Vanessa Burrows

1/16/2012 DC I think we may have seen two bald eagles flying low on the National Mall, near the Air andSpace museum and the National Gallery. Very exciting considering it was MLK Day!
M. Purple

Washington, DC area: Around 11am on Jan. 12, 2012, while traveling along the George Washington Parkway, north of Key Bridge, I saw what appeared to be two bald eagles perched in a tree top facing the Potomac River.
Joanne M.Martin

5 Jan 2012 Washington DC: I saw a beautiful bald eagle this morning on my drive to work. It had just landed in a tree on the river side of the 295 (Anacostia Freeway) just south of the Naval Research Lab. Makes for an awesome day!!!
Nicole Thomas

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