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2/11/15. There is a bald eagle across the street watching for golfers on the 11th fairway in Summergrove, Newnan, GA !!! Took several photos and watched for 30 min. Wish I had stayed till it flew away, but hopefully he/she will return.
J Massengale
Saw my third sighting of a mature bald eagle in last 12 months over our 40 acre lake in Harris County, GA.
Burton Keller
Bald eagle perched in a tree on Bethesda ch rd. Carrollton, Ga. Jan. 3, 2015.
Kim Horton
Spotted a bald eagle flying over the Kroger on Chapel Hill Road, Douglasville Ga. about 11a.m.
December 27, 2014.
Dianne Davis
On December 19, 2014, a single bald eagle was see on Highway 39, approximately 5 miles north of Seminole State Park in Donalsonville, GA. It was eating carrion on the road and flew up and perched in the trees on the east side of the road.
Michael Shutters
While walking Saturday morning, September 19, 2014, around 8:30 a.m. I spotted an eagle perched in a pine tree in Nevils, Georgia. I observed it for about fifteen minutes before it flew further into the woods and it had an enormous wingspan. It really made my day! What a beautiful sight to see.
Kathy Smith
A bald Eagle was seen on Springflats Rd, Sylvester Ga. It was at the crossing of Massey Airport Rd. It has also been sighted around our pond about a mile down from this crossing.
Allison Binns
We had a Bald Eagle fly over our dove field while 6 hunters watched on 12/15/14 around 4 PM. The field is located behind our residence at 930 Rocky Bottom Road in Thomaston, Georgia.
Terry C. Kirkland
Gainesville Ga on Lake Lanier -have been regularly seeing a bald eagle at the empty house next door. Also sitting on top of our big oak tree. 12/20/2014
Michelle Skugga
December 11, 2014 just spotted large bald eagle in my back yard about 12:45 PM intersection of Spence Rd. and Center Point Rd just north of Carrollton Ga.
Jerry Haynes
A bald eagle was spotted about five miles out from Jasper, Ga along the side of the road on Burnt Mnt Road. It was an adult eagle. Spotted on 11/26/14
Karen Cole
A large adult bald eagle flew over my backyard today at 3:50pm. I am surprised that no one else saw or noticed in the city limits of Ashburn, Georgia. With so many Turkey Vultures and Red-tail Hawks flying over, it would be easy for people to not notice.
Jim Yarbrough
We had a Bald Eagle in our field on Sunday October 26,2014 in watkinsville Ga off Hwy 15 South
Tracy Williford
A Bald Eagle was spotted flying over Lake Hartwell today, Oct 26, 2014, just north of Tugaloo State Park.
Cathy St. John
Just saw my first Bald Eagle 10-18-2014 at 4:00 PM near Carters Lake
Greg Sullivan
October 6, 2014, just saw large bald eagle fly over. Highway 113, 5 miles north of Carrollton, GA.
Ben Frost
I saw an eagle on Hwy 112 near Shingler, Georgia on September 25, 2014. Went home and returned with my wife and camera. It flew to a tree off Hwy 112 and Gail got a picture before it flew away.
Jimmy & Gail Snipes
I saw a bald eagle about 3 miles from our house on a back dirtroad off Hwy 301 in Wayne County GA. Such a beauty to watch. Took lots of pictures. And even a video of him/her on the ground feeding in the tall grass. Awesome day..
Marion Myers
Today 9/9/14. We spotted a male and female perched in pine trees on Burton rd Barney ga. They were magnificent. We rode by them several times and tried to get good pic's.
Patricia Thomas
About two weeks ago near the end of Jan. 2014, I saw a bald eagle perched on a limb coming out of my neighborhood on Annawakee Road in Douglasville. I noticed that another sighting has occurred at Sweet Water Creek State Park, which is only a few miles away. I am a hunter and I see birds of prey all the time. I drove close enough to get a really good look. Biggest bird of prey I have ever seen. Had to have been an eagle.
Ross Ivey
We've recently moved to Lake Peachtree in Peachtree City. I've been watching a bald eagle diving for birds on the lake (i believe they were American Coots), but he hasn't caught any yet that I've seen. Next I see a pair of bald eagles; they appear to my untrained eye to be male and female. Enjoying the nature show in my icy backyard (Jan 25, 2014). The lake is drained for maintenance and they're in the middle, hanging near a stump.
Kim Miller
My daughter and I spotted a bald eagle at close range in flight on the Fulton County side of the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta on December 29, 2013. We were at the viewing stand at the top of the cliffs in the East Palisades section of the park between I-75 and I-285. Never seen one before anywhere close to Atlanta. Glorious.
Craig Pendergrast
Today (Dec 21, 2013) I saw a bald eagle at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs, Ga.
It was perched near the road to the visitor center on a tree near the lake. While I was observing it, it soared out over the lake. Closest I have ever been to one.
T Tibitz
Dec 12 around noon, 4 Mile Marker SR 15 south of Baxley, GA: West side road eating a dead Armadillo, edge of field:
James "Corky" Thrower
December 12,2013 4:40 PM Smithville, Ga in median on US Hwy 19 near South city limit eating road kill.
Kristen Mathis
We have been seeing this eagle for about a year and finally got a picture of it. We live in Blackshear GA about 50 miles from the coast.
Janet Henderson
I saw a large bald eagle (wing span appeared to be nearly as wide as my car) on Boone Ford Road near Beason Road in Gordon County Georgia. It was flying from North East to South West and landed in a patch of pine trees on the south side of Boone Ford just west of Beason Road. Time was around 7:05 PM on Sat 10-5-2013.
Mary Abel
1:30 today (09/20/13) I saw a Bald Eagle in Plains! Had to stop and take it in, I couldn't believe I actually saw a Bald Eagle and So close to home....Beautiful
Kathleen O'Boyle
Today is September 20, 2013. I saw the first eagle i have ever seen today. He was flying and carrying a rabbit. When we got close to him he dropped the rabbit and flew in front of our truck for a few feet. At first, like others i have read, we thought it was a buzzard but after looking more he had a white tail and wing span that was huge. He turned his head and looked back at us and he also had a white head. I didn't think we had bald eagles here. This was in millwood ga on forks road close to the satilla river.
Naomi sweat
North of Claxton, GA on hwy. 301. We were driving and one swooped down on the road to get something there.
Lyle Tyre
I went for a run today Tuesday, January 29th 2013 during my lunch hour and saw three bald eagles circling over my subdivision in Coastal Bryan County, Georgia.
They were circling 50-75 feet above the houses, gliding in circles. At first they looked like hawks as they were in the glare but I caught a flash of white from one of the bird's head/tail feathers.
I waited as they circled over and when they were on the opposite side of the sun I could clearly see the white tail and head on the largest. The other two were smaller and darker and I thought they might be hawks, but as I got online tonight I was able to see pictures of immature bald eagles, it turns out it was a mature eagle and two younger birds.
What an amazing experience to have in the midst of an ordinary day a few houses down from where you live.
John Wilson
I never saw the eagle, but when I stepped out on my back porch I could hear the distinctive scream. He was somewhere on the ridge. I am located in plainville ga.=
Ashley Wade
I watched a bald eagle dive down and catch a fish just north of Browns Bridge on Lake Lanier in frount of my house January the fifth 3:30 2013 zip code 30506
Wayne Shirey
Just saw a bald eagle in zip code 30327 (Buckhead) in Atlanta, Georgia around 11:15 a.m. on December 26. He was in a pine tree for about 15 minutes and then flew off! Beautiful!
Ashley Baxter
I saw my first bald eagle today around 12:30pm. At first I thought it was a buzzard but then noticed the white head and tail. Also a red tail hawk was flying at it, I would guess trying to chase it out of it's territory. It was really cool. The eagle wasn't in any hurry but when the hawk would get close the eagle would flip over on it's back to fend off the hawk.
Sighting was in Lizella Georgia and today is 11/29/2012. I live close to the Lizella Baptist and Methodist church's.
Karyn Wilson
On November 11th we saw a Bald Eagle flying over the water at Lake Hartwell near Tugaloo State Park, Lavonia, Georgia. It landed in a tall pine tree and sat for a while, wish I had my camera with me. We have spotted one each year in this area in November for the past 3 years.
Cathy St. John
Report the sighting of a bald eagle in Tifton, GA. 11/21/2012 10:30 AM on William Gibbs Rd. The eagle was not fearful and feeding very close to the highway, it appeared to be about 2 ½ foot tall. While showing off my pictures, I discovered that other people working in the area sighted the bird earlier in the week. Awesome!
Sybil Webb
On November 10th about 4:30pm eastern time a immature bald eagle was pearching on my patio in east Cobb co. West Roswell Ga. and again on the 11th in the morning, at least 2 1/2 feet tall off its feet
William Biddle
I wanted to report a Bald Eagle sighting in Roswell, Ga right above the trees on the North Side of the Chattahoochee river. It circled above the trees at the top of the hill above the Atlanta Rowing Club. We were getting out of our car about 1:30pm Saturday afternoon, Nov 10 and my girldfriend said "that sounds like an eagle" I ran over to a clearing and spotted it very clearly with the white head and tail as it banked and headed North. I'm not sure why it didn't continue to circle as it was a very warm afternoon, about 70 degrees. But then I saw the red-tailed hawk that lives nearby and maybe it took off to avoid it?
David Dyar
On October 30, 2012 at about 6:30pm in Peachtree City GA at Lake Peachtree, I saw a bald eagle. It was a windy day and the eagle was soaring about 60' up. I could clearly see the white head and tail.
Alphonso Graham
On Oct 14, 2012, spotted a Bald Eagle flying across CH James Pkwy in Lithia Springs, Georgia, coming from the train yard, across CH James Pkwy and flew into the swamp area near Sweetwater Creek.
David Moore

While walking the beach on St Simon's Island, GA, on the afternoon of Sept 27, 2012, my companion and I were astounded to see a Bald Eagle (my only sighting in the wild) swoop from the sky and take a small fish that has washed up on the shore. This happened not 100 feet in front of me and within 200 yards of the SSI pier.
Dave Baggott

I was on a private pond in Elm City, NC. I saw one bald eagle, circle the pond then swoop to attempt to catch a fish several times. Then it perch on the biggest tree near the pond. Glorious sight.
Benjamin Thomas
I spotted a Bald Eagle this morning on my way to work. I live in Mcrae, GA. which is a small town in middle Georgia. I work in Douglas, GA which is about 40 miles south. I was on Highway 441 between Jacksonville, GA and Broxton, GA. I saw it in the road about 500 yards ahead of me and my initial thought was that it was a buzzard eating roadkill, but as i got up to it i saw it was much larger. It's back was towards me as it began to take flight with the dead animal in claw which appeared to be a raccoon. I first noticed the white tail feathers and realized exactly what i was looking at. Then i slowed down to gaze in awe of the the beautiful and majestic bird. I got a surprisingly good look at the white feathered head and large golden beak of this large Bald Eagle. Then i watched as it flew into the nearest pine tree with its newest prize. What an amazing sight. This is only the second Bald Eagle I have ever seen in the wild
Ray Taylor Gentry
Today ( 9/26/2012) @ around 6:30 I spotted a female eagle at the horse farm where I keep my horse ( Sunset Valley Farms) in East Bradford, PA near Downingtown, PA. She flew in over the field and landed on the sandy shore of the stream that passes thru the pasture. After about 10 minutes she took off and flew off to another part of the property. As she flew I saw the distinctive white head, body and under part of the wings. Absolutely beautiful!!
Judy Chelli
This morning, around 7:45, I saw an amazing sight! I was driving beside a big farm that has a huge pond of some sort where cranes and "water birds" hang out, sitting right on the ground was a HUGE bird! (thought it was a buzzard) After slowing down I realized it was an Eagle.. It was a beautiful and a glorious sight. I just moved to the country and had no idea I'd see a Bald Eagle here. It was on Mennonite Rd.. In Louisville, Ga..
-Melissa Bridges
At 11:30 a.m. on February 18, 2012, we sighted a Bald Eagle on Lake Wildwood, in Macon (Bibb Co.), GA. He was eating a huge catfish, and seemed very nervous. He attempted to take off with the fish a few times, and finally made it. He flew off toward Lake Tobesofkee, fish in claws! It was amazing! We have never seen one, other than in captivity! What a beautiful bird!
Lisa Hall and Kim Itson
Saturday February 11, 2012 @ 10:30 am
I positively identified a bald eagle fly over my property in western Bibb County about 6 miles west of I-475. I first noticed the all white tail and realized that this wasn't a hawk then I noticed the all white head. I have seen numerous bald eagles but never expected to see one in Bibb County, Georgia.
Robert R. Collins
This morning, Jan 29, 2012, my husband and I watched a Bald Eagle eat a small animal, (squirrel maybe), in a tree in our backyard. We live on Lake Dow, in McDonough, GA. We are so thrilled to have seen it!! With the lake in the background, it was quite the picture!
Shannon Johnson
Saw two bald eagles while surveying Saturday January 14, 2012. We were @ Fish Hook Point on Lake Blue Ridge, Georgia.
Scottie or Patti Chambers
2 flying as we were driving on i95 just north of Hilton head exit on January 2012@2:20 pm
Susan Gurwitz
My family spotted a bald eagle flying above the Lake Park subdivision in Albany,Ga on Sunday Jan. 1,2012.
Kathy Pekkala
Coming home today @2PM driving west on Smokey Road near the intersection of Sweetbriar Rd. I noticed a large bird with a white tail & head swoop down onto the road and grab a dead squirrel. First Bald Eagle I have ever seen in my life and especially rare here in Newnan, Ga. I have been wanting to get some photos of Bald Eagles for several years now, hopefully I will be able to capture some shots now if I can find him?
Mike Parker
December 28, 2011 around noon time I observed a single Bald Eagle being chased by 4 or 5 noisy crows. I got to watch him for about a minute as the eagle flew around and through the trees on Boxwood Drive which is located in Greens Crossing Subdivision just off of Wade Green Road near Kennesaw, GA.
First one I've seen in Georgia!
Randy Cail
December 24th 2011, 10:42AM, South of Ochlocknee GA, Maddox Road between HWY 188 and Hollis Road
My family and I saw a beautiful bald eagle fly in front of car and land in the field. We turned the car around and drove back slowly to see the bird standing with complete boldness in the field. It allowed us to get pretty close before flying back across the road and up in a pecan tree. Got a short video shot and a single pic that's not too bad. An awesome viewing! A Christmas Eve- Day I will never forget!
Darrell Taylor
Cairo GA
On November 19, 2011, I saw a bald eagle flying over the boat dock area of Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs, Georgia. However, later I thought that I must have been hallucinating--"Who would think that bald eagles would be spotted in the Metro Atlanta area." Then today (Christmas morning, 2011) my wife, daughter, son-in-law, and I saw two bald eagles over the lake at Sweetwater Creek State Park. One eagle was perched in a tree for over a half hour. The other eagle was viewed for only a few seconds before it flew into the woods. The park has recently erected a nesting pole on the edge of the lake in an attempt to attract Ospreys. The one eagle was perched in a tree about 200 feet from this pole. I doubt that the rangers ever imagined that bald eagles would be considering this pole as their nesting site. I first viewed these eagles from my back window that overlooks the lake. I hope this couple sticks around. It would be awesome to be able to see them frequently.
Terry Watson, Lithia Springs, Georgia
I saw a Bald Eagle tonight @ ~5:30 flying west over I-75 just north of Cleveland Ave. Awesome. Been in ATL for 25 yrs and have never seen one...until now.
Diane Badger
As I was driving home from work this afternoon in Waycross, Georgia a bald eagle landed in the road in front of me. It was trying to carry off the remains of a road killed opossum on the curve in front of the Heritage Center on Augusta Ave. It dropped the carcass and flew away when I got close. This is the first time I have seen an eagle in the five years I have lived here.
Matthew Stoddard
On Saturday, November 26 our son was returning to Albany saw a bald eagle on Shingler/Sumner Road in Worth County, Georgia. He phoned us and my husband and I traveled the 2 1/2 miles to see it. It was in a pecan tree and as soon as we stopped our vehicle it flew away.
Gail & Jimmy Snipes
My family & I just saw a bald eagle in Rome, GA at Lake Conasauga in Garden Lakes.
Lara Babb
Two eagles sighted in Peachtree City, GA on Lake Kedron. One, flew southwest the other remained in a large oak tree. Arrived at 1:30 p.m. and was still in the tree, about 300 yards from my back yard at 118 North Cove Drive, at 3:30. Was harassed by several crows on and off. At one point the eagle fluffed out his feathers, raised his tail, and sent a well directed stream of eagle poop at the crows…interesting to say the least.
Steve Rountree
While canoeing on Stone Mountain lake, Georgia, on Sunday, October 16, 2011, sighted a large Bald Egle about noontime. The bird was in sight for only 4 seconds before it flew behind trees. Later I mapquested the sight and calculated it was 700 ft away from us. I have recently been to Alaska where I saw a number of Bald Egles, and one of my companions had also spent time in Alaska and was also familiar with the bird. The weather was bright sunshine and very clear viewing. We paddled over to the trees the bird had flown behind but did not see it again. This is the first time I have seen a Bald Eagle at the lake and I have been going there 35 years. From its size I believe it was a female.
Brian Fuller.
My husband and I saw a large bald eagle on Friday, Oct.14 flying above Highway 441 outside of McRae, Ga. It was approximately 5 miles North of Little Ocmulgee State Park golf course.
Tammy Callinan
Alma, Ga
I live approximately 7 miles north of Cairo, GA on Highway 111. On my way to work this morning, I saw ahead of me what I thought to be a buzzard having breakfast on some road kill. As I came closer, he flew and to my amazement it was not a buzzard but a full grown Bald Eagle. His head was white, as were most of his tail feathers. He was huge. My son-in-law had reported seeing a Bald Eagle a few miles north of our place a couple of weeks earlier but I had no idea it was such a big one. This was the closest look I have ever had a one and he was really beautiful. So majestic looking.
Barbara Varnes
Friday evening Sept.30 2011, on the east side of Kite, GA Hwy 57 my husband and I saw a bald eagle on the side of the road next to a pond. As my car got about 10 feet away the eagle flew away! I was truly in awe!
Susan Farris Sept 26, 2011; 07:30 pm
Jefferson, GA (Jackson, Co.)
Heard a raucous of birds in our back yard, when my wife Ana, who had been out back with the dog suddenly came in and asked what kind of bird has a white head and tail and makes all the other birds angry. Only one such bird immediately came to mind; but rejecting that thought, I went out onto the deck to look in the pine tree overhead to where my wife was pointing; and there sitting among a cluster of noisy crows and other birds was a magnificent Bald Eagle. It appeared to be a young adult but did have that beautiful white/yellowish head and tail and a long curved orange beak. It sat in that tree and watched us, our children, and eventually our neighbors, who were excitedly taking pictures and filming it; many claiming it to be the first Bald Eagle they'd ever seen in the wild. After an hour or so, the other birds seemed to lose interest (it was getting dark) and when it did depart, it only glided a short distance away to another tall pine tree, where it may have roosted for the night. It seems surprising to see this magnificent creature where we live, as we're in a housing community and quite some distance from any significant body of water (Lake Lanier); though there is likely ample mammalian food supplies in the immediate area. A truly wonderful sighting.
Wm/Ana Conety
My son and some of his friends were boating on Lake Nottely near Blairsville, GA last Saturday, August 20, 2011. We were pulling two guys on tubes, and I was just looking off toward Davenport Mountain. Then I spotted an eagle soaring along the shore for 100 yards or so before landing in the trees. What a beautiful and unexpected sight!
Now I will be on the lookout in the future. I had no idea that there were eagles in this area.
Kyle Collins
February 6, 2011 – just before 6pm – Hiawassee, GA – I saw a lone Bald Eagle hunting on Lake Chatuge in the Sunnyside community. Even though this was my first sighting, Eagles have been spotted by others in my family close to our farm. Maginificent!
Niki Garrett
I watched a bald eagle soaring over my home on 1/30/2011. The sighting was near the Flint River in Talbot County, GA. I watched the bird for several minutes before it left over tall trees.
Sidney Smith
Just had the thrill to see a bald eagle soaring in the clear blue sky above Eastman, Georgia 31023.
We first spotted at about 100 feet above the ground and watched about 10 minutes until it moved to the north and climbed much higher.
It was approximately 11:00 AM Friday, January 07, 2011.
Tommy Rogers
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