Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Past couple of weeks there has been a Bald ?? sited on our ponds about 30 miles South of Atlanta. We have two white ducks that have been the object of his attention. Watching him dive bomb them has been very interesting. But needless to say one became breakfast last week. The other is now taking refuge under the boat house only venturing out for short periods of time. Well this morning I spotted a juvenile eagle. Have the adult eagle on video. Love living in the country!
Gail Cannon

Unusual thing happen a bit after 9:00 am Monday Morning 1-22-18. My wife had taken off to go to the Church in Columbus, GA. We live on Hamilton Mulberry Grove Road, off Hwy 315 (Harris County, Georgia).
Sitting in the kitchen looking out the window through the trees at the road, a Bald Eagle flew by carrying a squirrel. When my wife got back from Church I told her what I had seen and she shocked me saying that she saw the same Eagle when she was a short distance from the House on our Road, it was carrying the squirrel.
Randall Tew

Watched a white-headed bald eagle soar across Lake Juniper in Marion County, GA this afternoon. I was told there are two nesting nearby just off Hwy 355. I saw only one soar across the lake and minutes later return across lake to direction from which it came. Four of us were having lunch and enjoyed this special experience.
Beryl V. Bergquist

Over the last few weeks I have seen 2 to 3 bald eagles around one certain Cottonfield. Today I got a better look as one was feeding on a possum roadkill and two more were purchased within 100 yards. I tried to get pictures but just reaching out of the window with my camera spooked them. This field is just north of Calvary Georgia on old 179 highway. The Eagles were full-grown with a 3 to 4 foot wingspan and stood close to 2 foot tall.
Joel Hangans

My wife and I saw a single bald eagle sitting in a tree and circling the three acre pond behind our house on Christmas day, 12-25-2017. After viewing your site, it's my belief that I've mis-identified an adolescent eagle as an Osprey over the past three years. I didn't not realize their fur was mottled in their early years. I'm not sure as to whether the mature eagle is the adolescent all grown up or not, but it was a beautiful sight to see.
Kash Johnson, Carrollton Ga.

I saw a mature adult bald eagle feeding off the carcass of an unknown (at that point) creature at the edge of Leisure Lake in my back yard. I observed the eagle feeding for at least 15 minutes and took pictures through my window. I quietly opened my door, hoping to get clearer pictures, but the movement caused the eagle to take flight across the lake, where it alighted in a cluster of trees to the northeast of my house. I ran out to see what the eagle was eating, and found the half-devoured carcass of a large 5-6 lb bass on the embankment. I went back in without touching the fish, and waited. I watched in amazed joy as a SECOND eagle flew to the carcass, while the other flew to another stand of trees across the lake to the northwest of my house. It appears that both birds were at the northeast cluster of trees, then one flew to the northwest vantage point while it’s (mate???!!) fed. Both of these birds appeared to be mature bald eagles in all their glory.
Alisan Zock

Saw a full grown Bald Eagle at least 5 years of age this morning around 11am on Hwy 34 just west of Hillibahatchee Bridge outside Franklin Ga. Full White head and tail feather quite large comparably to others I have saw before. Good chance it was a female. Quite rare to see them in this area.
Terry Singleton

Bald Eagle sighted Oct 12 2017. Monroe GA off of Monroe Jersey Road. 7:00pm. Eagle fly down to road for dead possum and flew off with it to rest in a pine tree while it ate.
Anthony Casper

I saw a large bald eagle on the Old Axson Rd. in the Fales Community about 1/2 mile north of the Coffee and Atkinson County lines in southeastern Georgia. This was on 13 Sept. 2017. The bird was perched on the east side of the road in a pine tree that had been damaged when hurricane Irma came through on 9/11.
Tracy White

Raymond Jones wrote the following: Saw 2 bald eagles today in Murray county Georgia. One was in a yard eating something as i passed by. I couldn't believe it so i turned around and went back and there it was. I pulled over and watched it for a minute and it flew and went high. Much to my surprise there was another flew out of the woods behind the yard. They were close to hwy 411 and old hwy 2 which goes up grassy mountain. Most beautiful bird i have ever seen.

Tim Mitchell wrote the following: January 25, 2017 a bald eagle was in the middle of a field on Hwy 135 south of Willacoochie, Ga!

John Scott wrote the following: Surprised an adult bald eagle January 19, 2017 eating road kill on road on north outskirts of Valdosta, GA.

Angela Pavlichek wrote the following: Dacula GA The bird was seen yesterday around 5pm by my son and his girlfriend. I was ble to see him fly a few times within the span of an hour today from 4:10pm. Unfortunately, other than the my earliest sighting, he was too far away for a photo close enough to confirm.

D Funderburk wrote the following: Saw 2 adult eagles 12/27/16 on the ground in our planted pines in Colquitt County Georgia. It was late afternoon and they appeared to be on prey.

A Strickland wrote the following: My husband and I saw a bald eagle circle our pond in north Grady County twice on December 27, 2016. We saw it again today. Both times it was being harassed by crows.

John Nix wrote the following: Georgia sighting: Driving along a country back road, Hebron Ch. Rd. between Willacoochee, Ga. and Douglas, Ga. Spotted a female bald eagle flying very low near some small ponds and large fields. You don't realize how large they are until they are flying close to you.

Rodney Johnson wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle being harassed by crows on September 13.It was on Chubb road in Floyd County at 5 pm

Mary Castro wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle soaring straight down the path of Middle Oconne River in Athens Ga. It's wing span was huge. This was seen while at my job. We have a Blue Herring that comes every year and it is really big, but this Bald Eagle's wing span was much wider.

Linda King wrote the following: Spotted two adult bald eagles soaring on a wind current on river road near Lake Oliver today. Had a clear view of their white heads

Aimee Germain wrote the following: A bald eagle flew over my yard and Sumner Park across the street in East Point, GA on September 28, 2016.

Janet Eason wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle on Sept 14th flying over the Chattahoochee near the bridge that crosses over the river at Johnson Ferry. I could hardly believe it because I've never seen one in the Atlanta area. I think it was carrying something like a squirrel (hopefully a fish) in its talons.

Teresa Slade wrote the following: A bald eagle flew over our pond and house on Sunday, 21st in Eatonton, Georgia

Matthew Franklin wrote the following: In December of 2015 I saw a Bald Eagle ascending from a ditch on the side of Hwy. 56 between Waynesboro, GA and Midville, GA. Then on February 7th, 2016 I saw two full sized eagles flying side by side on the same Hwy and within a few miles from the first sighting that I mentioned.

RANDAL ALEXANDER wrote the following: Yeaterday i was on my way to help a friend,with some people i know an as we was riding down the road i was looking out across a field an we saw a bald eagle an what looked to be a buzzard or a crow.They was only a few feet apart.About 20 minutes we came back by an they are still there. This was outside damascus ga. off hwy. 200

Tom Lawson wrote the following: Since Jan 2016 I have spotted 4 Bald eagles.
1. Hwy 122 just east of Lakeland,Ga
2. Hwy 133 just west of Morven, Ga
3. Coffee Road east of Barwick GA (2 times)

Michael Gray wrote the following: Savannah, GA in SouthBridge neighborhood. Noticed sighting listed in Richmond Hill, apps. 5 miles away.

Shermaine Gill wrote the following: Myself and a friend Mr. Terry MCcard saw a bald eagle on Moody AFB, Ga 26Jan16 at 1100. We were doing an inspection an I looked up and saw it. My friend swore it was a buzzard until he looked closer and said there is no such thing as a buzzard with a white head.

Ryan Tackaman wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle snag a fish while I was fishing on Lake Longleaf east of Claxton, GA on 12/27/15

amanda wade wrote the following: I saw an eagle fly over the lake today. Cumming GA- Lake Lanier- Young Deer creek 12/15/2015

Tina Williams wrote the following: December 7, 2015. This was the 2nd sighting of bald eagle.My friend actually got a picture I\'ll have to get forwarded. Richmond Hill, Ga.Hwy 17,KOA camp ground. Sits in tree by the pond.

Mitzi Flagg wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle fly by in my back yard twice on 12/2/2015 in the Parks of Olmstead near the lake. We live in Newnan, GA near Summergrove. It had a beautiful white head and I could see its yellow beak because it flew so close to our house.

Rosie Cantrell wrote the following: Richmond Hill, GA. It was sitting by a pond. We were on the other side of the pond, my dog barked and scared another bird, it flew across the pond. The eagle flew off, glided around a tree, then back close to where it was sitting by the pond, but high in a tree. I couldn't see the white tail from the back view, but did from underneath as it flew. Our subdivision backs up to Hwy 17, so a pretty busy area, except for the wet, marshy area. First time I've seen once since moving to Georgia ten years ago.

Elizabeth Dean wrote the following: I was standing with my back to Little Bear Creek in Chattahoochee Hills, South Fulton Co. looking east at the late afternoon light backlight the woods. A big bird caught my eye. It was headed south up the creek bed at tree canopy height. White head? Unbelievable. Couldn't have taken long to go overhead and then out of sight. I can't believe that I saw a Bald Eagle here.

Kathleen Smith wrote the following: 11-08-2015 Columbus, Georgia (Lake Oliver) Bald Eagle swooping low and dispersing ducks huddled in rain; did not grab any, but rather seemed to enjoy aggravating in multiple passes, even herding them).

Riann Willis wrote the following: My family and I saw a Bald Eagle in Richmond Hill, Georgia, today 11/09/2015.

Josette Greider wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle in Winder, GA on October 23, 2015

We were driving to Church on highway 27 N. on October 18,2015. As we crossed the Chattahoochee River going in to Heard county near Centralhatchee, Georgia we watched the most beautiful American Bald Eagle soar in front of us traveling northbound and then turned and flew over the river. Absolutely amazing creatures.
Greg Flores, Jane and Callie Murphy.

Roger Kaiser wrote the following: Canyon Ridge Golf Course, Lookout Mountain, GA Spotted a mature Bald Eagle soaring right over the second hole of the golf course.

I saw a bald eagle in Coweta County, Georgia.
My mother-in-law and I were driving past the Georgia Forestry Commission Office on Corinth Road when the eagle flew directly above us along the road for a good 1/4 mile.
She (of course I don't know if it was a he or she) was huge and couldn't have been more than 30 feet above us. Her wing span was probably close to as wide as my SUV.
She was beautiful. There appeared to be another smaller bird either flying along with or antagonizing her. I did not recognize the smaller bird. She was substantially smaller and I was so taken at the sight of the eagle that I did not notice anything specific about the smaller bird.
I work for the Fish and Wildlife Service and am so happy to see an eagle so close to my home on Corinth Road.
Barbara West

Francina Law wrote the following: While driving to work this morning,I saw a bald eagle soaring over Interstate 85 South, just outside Newnan, GA. I happened to see a large bird with a huge wing span in the sky-so large, it caught me off guard. I wanted to stop the car on the Interstate & stare but in a couple of seconds, it continued soaring while I noticed its amazingly white colored head and tail! What a blessing to behold!

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