Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Marianne Rees wrote the following: On January 15, about 11am, we had a beautiful bald eagle in one of our Sycamore trees - near the top. It sat there for about 15 minutes, we watched it from our deck. We live rural, just north of Washington, IL, and thought the eagle may have been hunting. We have lived here 16+ years, and this was a first for us!

Jodie Swieczkowski wrote the following: Saw three bald Eagles in Barry Illinois all sitting in same tree. Saw them again soaring the next day!

dan spelina wrote the following: saw a bald eagle by st emily school in mt prospect chased by 4 crows illinois

Debbie Winn wrote the following: Saw a yearling eagle eating a rabbit in a farm field off of Route 4 near Marine, IL. It was huge! So neat to see

Carl Hoelscher wrote the following: on Jan. 29 at approx. 3 pm. We spotted 2 bald eagles soaring over Vandalia lake, near the Shriners Pavilion. We distinctly noted the white head and tail, but on driving closer for a confirming look could not find them back. has anyone else seen these?

Karla Rogers wrote the following: Driving south bound on Route 12 from Richmond Il to Spring Grove, I noticed a huge bird at the top of one of the trees. I slowed down,(no one around me), to see if it was a hawk, as it was a dark bird, then noticed the white head! I was amazed! Wish I could have gotten a picture! 1/22/17

Shannon Fry wrote the following: We were driving down Vollmer Road and came to the intersection at Central Avenue and in the wetlands sanctuary in the northwest corner of the street, sitting proud in the middle of the frozen water, a bald eagle. I almost got in an accident. I wasn't even aware they were back here! So happy, I was with my son & we just stared and stared. Then when we passed I asked him "Did you just see that?!" He couldn't believe it either.

Brenda J. wrote the following: I spotted three mature bald eagles sitting in trees along the west side of the Fox River on Route 31 in Elgin, IL this morning at around 8:30 am (across from the library/Hemmens Auditorium area).

Kathe Serritelli wrote the following: Spotted and adult bald eagle soaring along the DesPlaines River heading south at River Road and Devon Ave. in DesPlaines Il. 1/8/17

Albert Daniels wrote the following: The wife and I where in Geneva il. Today and spotted a bald eagle flying above the river and stopped and watch til get got to high. Then we disided to cross the river and pulled into a empty lot and to our amazement there was a second bald eagle sitting on the top of a tree witch was about 30 feet tall and after about 5 minutes it decided to take off and it actually came down towards us and we where with in about 20 feet from us and with it flying above the river and us standing about it was basically at eye level! It was AWESOME!!!

Roger Wodek wrote the following: January 1, 2017- 10:30am Single Bald Eagle high in trees near Big Bend Lake in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Mary Ellen Siemens wrote the following: 12/30/16, 12:30pm, Prospect Heights, IL. Single Bald Eagle flew over my house heading North. First time I've ever seen one in this area. Very exciting!

Jim Tavares wrote the following: While traveling north on rte. 45 ( Lagrange Rd) near St. Francis Rd in Frankfort, IL on 12-25-16 , I spotted an adult bald eagle with a pronounced white head, approx. 60 ' in the air heading east across rte. 45 . First time seeing a bald eagle in the wild and a very cool thing to see on Christmas !!

John Hutton wrote the following: Bald Eagle was sighted circling over the North side of Naperville, about 1.5 miles south of Herrick Lake forest preserve.

Craig Bresof wrote the following: 2 large bald eagles sighted at 1500 Mittel Blvd Wood Dale IL (approx 2 mi west of ORD) Morning of 12/9/2016. Larger spotted in air, flying towards trees in the Salt Creek nature preserve. ~6 ft wingspan, very white for and aft with dark brown body seen @ 30 feet. Perched with second, slightly smaller BE in tree for about 1/2 hour. Cold day, 20F. Beautiful sight to see around here!

Nancy schonberg wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle on Sunday 12-4-16 flying along Willow Rd near Sunset Ridge in Northfield IL. Also saw one in September flying across the Skokie Lagoon just south of Tower Rd. Wonder if it's the same bird, or are there a nesting pair in the area(?).

Edward Ulkus wrote the following: Saw one bald eagle in the air at approximately 17th and Morgan in Swansea, IL around 1430CST. Second siting in area, first was on Thanksgiving approximately one mile north of this location at 17th and Hwy 161.

Alan Duncanson wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle not 30 feet up in a roadside tree just East of Hopedale Illinois on State Route 122, Tazewell County. 11/25/2016

Casey Smiley wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle flying over South Elementary and Lundahl Middle School in Crystal Lake (we are right next to the lake) around 7:10 AM on Monday, November 21st. I was so amazed-shocked-as I had never seen one in this area! This made my Monday morning--and i told my classes all about it!

Brian Bullock wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle at 12:30 pm today flying over the Morton Grove Prairie View Community Center 6834 Dempster St. Morton Grove, IL (11/14/2016)

Mary Beth Dermody wrote the following: I saw an adult bald eagle on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at Touhy and McCormick on the North Shore Channel in Skokie, Illinois. First time I've seen an eagle in the Chicagoland area!

Leslee Cohen wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying in Deerfield IL on Waukegan Road at Central Avenue at 2pm today. It flew into a tree, then sat there devouring a squirrel for over 45 minutes before I had to tear myself away. The wingspan was INCREDIBLE. One of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life.

David Ward wrote the following: Tampier Lake Palos, Illinois. 3 Bald Eagles at 1:15 pm 10-23-16

Scott Adams wrote the following: My kid looked up at a tree where several crows were cawing and swooping and said there is a bald eagle. And sure enough five of us saw it in the tree. It was at the top of a tree on an alley on the 7300 block of North Western Avenue (east side of Western), Chicago IL. Sept 10, 2016 at 11am. Eventually it got tired of the crowd and flew away.

Randy Hart wrote the following: We have a pair of bald eagles first time 6 miles south Pontiac il western blacktop longtime stone quarry area Pretty cool

Dave Fowler wrote the following: Saw a large, mature bald eagle fly along the DesPlaines River at Deerfield Road today about 10:00 am. Illinois

Brian Stewart wrote the following: I had to do some work at Tavern At The Bridge in Algonquin, on Algonquin,RD. I looked up and seen a Huge bird bird circling above. As he circled lower I could see the white tail and head. It was a Bald Eagle. It was so cool to see one local. I've seen many in Wisconsin but never in Illinois.

Frank Wagner wrote the following: Can confirm the Abbott Park IL sighting. Observed bald eagle circling over a small group of ducks in the utility pond off of Abbott Park Road 2/5/16, 7:55am.

Sherry Chavez wrote the following: I just saw a mature bald eagle on Abbott Park Campus 100 Abbott Park Road.

Kathy Granzow wrote the following: Saw an adult bald eagle at 2:23 pm fly over Route 38 into a tree in the banks of the Fox River. 1/26/16

Roger Mankud wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle in Lincolnshire January 24th around 9 am in a tree over the DesPlaines river.

Linda Buckman wrote the following: Large number of eagles seen this week on Illinois side of Mississippi below the Jefferson Barracks Bridge in South St. Louis County.

Brenda Jordan wrote the following: There was a large group of birds (mostly seagulls) flying around over the Fox River in Elgin between Chicago St. and Kimball St. this morning at around 8:30 am. I spotted a large, mature bald eagle swooping in among them. There may have been others but I was driving.

Mark Knable wrote the following: At Carpentersville dam photographed two adults and four immature eagles on Wed. 1/20/16. None present at McHenry Dam or Algonquin Dam mid day.

Otis Bigley wrote the following: Two at Savanna Army Depot; one perched, one flying; surprised not to see more.

Kristin Kal wrote the following: On 1/16/16 we saw one bald eagle in a tree just south of the I-90 Fox River bridge in Elgin, IL. On 1/17/16 we saw two on the north side - one in a tree and one flying over the river.

Terree Emrich wrote the following: 1-10-16 Just saw a bald eagle in Walrose Estates, Woodstock IL.

Lynn Hart wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle with at least a 6 foot wingspan flying over a field near Wishop and Meridian Rds while on my way to pick up my son at Hononegah High School about 12:10pm today. By the time I got to the bridge in Rockton, she (I believe) was flying up the river toward me and the mate was in a tree. Both were in the tree scanning the river when we returned at 12:40. So excited to have them here!

Kathy Guthrie wrote the following: Saw a beauty sitting in a farm field. He flew up to a near by telephone pole as we passed by and I was able to take a photo. Right on the Perry-Jackson county line in Campbell Hill, Illinois. Jan. 3, 2016.

Carter Henson wrote the following: I saw four Bald Eagles at Lake Vermilion in Danville, Illinois for three consecutive days. January 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It seemed as there could have been 2 adults and 2 juvenile birds. On the first I saw three. The second I saw four. And on the third just one. But it was clear they were Bald Eagles. On the third day I was lucky enough to see the one catch a fish just off a island called "Strawberry Island" on the eastern side of the lake.

Martin Powers wrote the following: Jan 2 2016 I was amazed to see a bald eagle for the first time 1 mile from where I grew up in Campton Hills iL. In a field eating the remains of a dead deer. The eagle stayed for about 45 minutes before leaving and flying South.

rob vandyke wrote the following: 12-28-15 I spotted a bald eagle hunting a flooded field about 2 miles north of Radom Illinois. I was lucky enough to be pretty close to it and it didn't seem bothered by my presence. It was very large and what a sight it was!!

Kathleen Perry wrote the following: I just saw a huge bald eagle up in a tree today December11th, 2015 in Sorento, Il. I am positive it was a bald eagle because we have lots of hawks and vultures here and it was much larger than the hawks, also I got a really good look at it as I was driving by...white feathered head and large hooked beak. It was definitely not one of our normal birds.

Jim Bakaitis wrote the following: 12/10/15 saw bald eagle fly over I74 Kickapoo State Park, just west of Danville, IL at about 4:00 pm.

Judith Alvey wrote the following: A pair of Eagles flying over Deer Park, IL on the morning of 11/19/15, about 8:25 a.m.

Rick Danciu wrote the following: On three occasions (August, October, November), I spotted a bald eagle in flight on the edge of the Bartel Grassland Land and Water Reserve near the intersection of Vollmer Road and Central Avenue in Matteson, IL 60443.

Robert Gillespie wrote the following: I saw a big (I'm guessing a female) bald eagle off the banks of the Wabash River on the illinois side next to Vincennes. I also saw a smaller (I'm guessing male or juvenile) bald eagle outside Lawrenceville, Illinois near the banks of the Embarrass River.

Susan Rolens wrote the following: My husband & I just saw a Eagle flying over the Edwardsville Il. Water Shed Park.

Jeff Funfsinn wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying over south Annie Glidden rd. in DeKalb, IL. We see a lot of unusual birds around here, but this was my first wild eagle sighting. It really made my day! The date was 11-06-15.

Wendy Piglia wrote the following: Male and female in tree on our farm. Woodstock, Illinois (McHenry County)

Jim Garrett wrote the following: On Oct 30 & again on 31st of 2015 I saw 2 Bald Eagles in the city limit of Villa Grove, Douglas County, Illinois along the Embarras river in the trees then flying around over Henson park.

Evey Romano wrote the following: Two bald eagle sightings at mooseheart school in batavia

Debra Bolgla wrote the following: September 30, 2015 4:30 p.m. Driving along a Champaign County road from St. Joseph to Sidney, IL I saw a full grown bald eagle standing in a recently harvested corn field. It eventually flew up in the air, circled around and into the trees. Incredible wing span.

Barbara Border wrote the following: 9/26/2015 Mundelein, Illinois Saw one circling high in the sky east of my house mid afternoon.

Tammy Beinarauskas wrote the following: 9/19/15. bald eagle sighted in my backyard in sycamore il. Sighted near the Kishwaukee River. I saw one two years ago but this time I was able to capture it with pictures. It's tail has turned all the way white, but the head is not fully white yet. Awesome!

joan holland wrote the following: Early this morning about 4 45am I was in my yard in Naperville IL and saw what I think was an eagle landing in the tree in my yard - I am use to seeing hawks but this bird had an extremely wide wing span and much largerbody than any hawks I have seen.
I live 2 blks from the river and a few blocks from downtown Naperville.
Has anyone else reported eagles in north Naperville?
I was amazed shocked and OMG what is that?!?!?! brought my smaller dog in (20lbs) because this bird was big enough to pick the dog up

A bald eagle's lifting power is about 4 lbs.. Generally, they do not feed on domestic livestock or pets, but they will take advantage of available food sources.

We saw, I believe, a male and female on multiple occasions starting from 2-8-15 / 2-15-15 on the Des Plaines River in our back yard. We live in Lincolnshire Illinois. County of Lake.
Andy Muzik

Lock 13 outside of Thomson. Sited 7+ adults across the river.
Andrew Carver

Spotted two bald eagles today as I was crossing the Fox River in Carpentersville, Illinois at 2:20 this afternoon. One was mature, the other not. I was able to watch them for awhile from the parking lot at Otto Engineering. Breathtaking!
Dave Williams

Spotted a mature Eagle standing in a farm field adjacent to the Vermilion River. Time was around 1:00pm
This was a couple miles north of Fairbury IL in Livingston county.
We were able to park a distance away and got to see him (or her) lift off and disappear into the trees lining the river.
The river is open at this time.
Michael Duy

   2/10/15 - took my girls today to the same area as yesterday (South Main St along the river near Morgan St. Bridge). We saw 12 bald eagles. Got some great photos of as many as three sitting in one tree. They weren't flying as much but very vocal. 4pm.
   I saw 7 eagles today along the Rock River on Rt. 2 today 2/9/15 around 5pm. There were four from La Chiquita Grocery on South Main (Rt. 2) to Harrison Road. All very active, flying close to the water. The rest were further towards Byron near the pull off park on Rt. 2. Sitting in trees and one eating a fish on the ice.
Dan Hougan
Rockford, IL

2/9/15 noon
2 mature bald eagles on road kill in a farm field. Rt 59 and Rolf Rd Plainfield Il.
Sandy Crowl

2-7-15 spotted a Bald Eagle hunting in the field. 3 miles south west of Highland, Illinois near the intersection of Zilles Rd and Rogier Rd. He flew over the barn and landed in the field. As I tried to get closer for a picture he took off, circled and landed another 100 yards away. I have lived here 20 years and have never seen one this far away from the Mississippi River.
Judy Krause

Sai a bald eagle above des plaines river in gurnee/ libertyville on rt 120 east of milwaukee avenue, illinois
David Stepanich

The Pecatonica River is across the field from our house. We have seen as many as 12 in the trees and surrounding fields and cemetery behind our house. They are magnificent!!
Paula Deppe – Pecatonica, Il Winnebago county

I saw a bald eagle in an open field .5 miles south of centerline road and 1 mile east of route 45 near Neoga Illinois. Was able to capture photos as well. Appeared to be a female by size. Approximately 1:45pm on 2/4/15.
Audra Johnson
Neoga IL

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