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We saw, I believe, a male and female on multiple occasions starting from 2-8-15 / 2-15-15 on the Des Plaines River in our back yard. We live in Lincolnshire Illinois. County of Lake.
Andy Muzik
Lock 13 outside of Thomson. Sited 7+ adults across the river.
Andrew Carver
Spotted two bald eagles today as I was crossing the Fox River in Carpentersville, Illinois at 2:20 this afternoon. One was mature, the other not. I was able to watch them for awhile from the parking lot at Otto Engineering. Breathtaking!
Dave Williams
Spotted a mature Eagle standing in a farm field adjacent to the Vermilion River. Time was around 1:00pm
This was a couple miles north of Fairbury IL in Livingston county.
We were able to park a distance away and got to see him (or her) lift off and disappear into the trees lining the river.
The river is open at this time.
Michael Duy
   2/10/15 - took my girls today to the same area as yesterday (South Main St along the river near Morgan St. Bridge). We saw 12 bald eagles. Got some great photos of as many as three sitting in one tree. They weren't flying as much but very vocal. 4pm.
   I saw 7 eagles today along the Rock River on Rt. 2 today 2/9/15 around 5pm. There were four from La Chiquita Grocery on South Main (Rt. 2) to Harrison Road. All very active, flying close to the water. The rest were further towards Byron near the pull off park on Rt. 2. Sitting in trees and one eating a fish on the ice.
Dan Hougan
Rockford, IL
2/9/15 noon
2 mature bald eagles on road kill in a farm field. Rt 59 and Rolf Rd Plainfield Il.
Sandy Crowl
2-7-15 spotted a Bald Eagle hunting in the field. 3 miles south west of Highland, Illinois near the intersection of Zilles Rd and Rogier Rd. He flew over the barn and landed in the field. As I tried to get closer for a picture he took off, circled and landed another 100 yards away. I have lived here 20 years and have never seen one this far away from the Mississippi River.
Judy Krause
Sai a bald eagle above des plaines river in gurnee/ libertyville on rt 120 east of milwaukee avenue, illinois
David Stepanich
The Pecatonica River is across the field from our house. We have seen as many as 12 in the trees and surrounding fields and cemetery behind our house. They are magnificent!!
Paula Deppe – Pecatonica, Il Winnebago county
I saw a bald eagle in an open field .5 miles south of centerline road and 1 mile east of route 45 near Neoga Illinois. Was able to capture photos as well. Appeared to be a female by size. Approximately 1:45pm on 2/4/15.
Audra Johnson
Neoga IL
Spotted a lone adult Bald Eagle on my way to work this morning (Feb 3, 2015). Soaring south over route 20 in Elgin just west of Shales Pkwy around 7:35a. I'm sure the other drivers around me thought I was a nut, staring up into the sky through the windshield. But what a nice way to start the day!
Tracie Micek
I saw a bald eagle sitting atop a tree as we were traveling eastbound on I-72 in Illinois. It was along side the eastbound lane, approximately 3 miles west of the I-57 interchange. This was on January 23 at around 11:00am.
Alfreda Tribout
January 19, 2015: I spotted a bald eagle flying over the Sangamon River in Mahomet, IL. It was flying Northeast. It circled above us for a few minutes and then continued its circling pattern as it followed the direction of the Sangamon river. It was absolutely beautiful as my five year old daughter and I, along with a few others, watched it soar in the sky, wings spread wide.
Latitude: 40.194058
Longitude: -88.399978
Lisa Martin
We spotted 2 adult bald eagles soaring over a subdivision on Oakbrook Ave. in Chatham, IL, which is west of Lake Springfield. Viewed via binoculars.
Amanda Nerone
Friday, January 9 in the mid-morning, we viewed over a dozen bald eagles perched and flying along the Fox River in Montgomery, Illinois. Mostly matures, maybe 3-4 juveniles. There is a 2.5 mile stretch between the damn to the north, and Violet Patch Park to the south on Route 25 which is public property looking towards the river.
Chip Wagner
Saw an adult bald eagle flying low over the UIUC South Farms in Champaign County on Thursday morning, January 8, 2015.
Cheryl Gantz
We observed a bald eagle at the intersection of Olson Road and State Street, in Boone County just east of Rockford. The eagle was flying over the dog park, then landed by the side of the road before circling back over the dog park.
Peter Keith
Saw 2 Bald Eagles near my home in Wood Dale, Il yesterday at 4:30pm. They were quite low and soaring southward.
Gary Jakus
Friday January 2, 2015 at approximately 10:30 a.m. while driving on the west side of the Illinois River near Beardstown, IL there were 10-12 Bald Eagles with two juveniles standing in a tilled bean field.
Chad Leet
Spotted a huge immature Bald or possibly Golden Eagle at Mauvaiseterre Lake in Jacksonville Il standing on frozen water North of boat dock off of Kiwanis Road. Some crows were upset at it and diving at it until it took wing and it was amazing the wingspan! It was uniformly brown except I noticed a white or light patch at it shoulders area as it flew across the lake to perch in a tree top. That light patch made me wonder if it was a Golden's gold nape. Anyway it was much huger than I knew looking to be about 3 feet tall and giant wingspan and beautiful! Hope to see one again!
This was Jan 2 2015.
Merry Shoddiest
Saw 12-15 bald eagles sitting in trees around an apparent frozen pond/retention on route 29 just before it merges with route 180 about 10 miles south of I-80. Three of them were picking at something on the frozen pond and the rest were in surrounding trees. It was a very small pond and pretty close to Condit's Ranch campground in Putnam County, IL. Had to stop my car and watch them for a while - so cool to see so many together!
Matt Johnson
Three adult and one juvenile bald eagles viewed in an agricultural field on Kentville Road, (outside of the town of Tiskilwa), Bureau County, IL about 2 miles West of I-180 on 1/1/2015 at 10:00 a.m.
Then a short time later, 2 bald eagles flying above I-180, 4 miles south of I-80 in Bureau County, IL viewed on 1/1/2015 at 10:15 a.m.
Walking our x2 Labradors in our front yard in Harvard, IL. on New Years Eve. Looked up and a young Eagle was hovering directly overhead at tree top level. First we have seen in our yard. The Eagle seemed curious of the dogs. Very cool, as he was overhead for several minutes.
Mark Garmon
Saw an eagle flying over the intersection of Butterfield Road and Route 25 in Aurora at 1:00PM today (12/31/2014) near the Fox River.
Heather Mahler
Bald eagle sighted on lake in Trails of Brittany Dec. 31. Landed on the frozen part of the lake about noon.
Tom Newman
Saw a bald eagle (wingspan approximately 5-6 feet) at 0800L, 31 Dec 14, on Pilcher Road just prior to Lacroix Lane in Plainfield IL. It was about 20-30 feet in the air flying south toward the ponds. Two sightings this month! So cool!
Joe Gootee
Saw three mature bald eagles flying in Fox Lake Illinois at 2:30 PM on December 31, 2014. The specific location was above the northwestern shore of Nippersink Lake, at Route 12. At first I thought these were turkey vultures, but then I saw the white heads and tails, and brown body feathers. I stopped the car and confirmed the sighting with binoculars.
George Cisko
Spotted two bald eagles soaring above my house in Lemont, Illinois on Sunday afternoon, December 28, 2014. Have spotted bald eagles along the Desplaines River in Lemont last winter, but never above our residential area.
Rich Anzalone
Lemont, IL
Spotted this adult male bald eagle along Horse-barn Road just north of IL125 Sunday 12/21/14 at about 11:00am. We live less than a mile from here and this is the 1st time we have seen one in this area.
Jim Winhold
One Juvenile eagle and two mature adults in New Salem, Illinois. 12/27/14: 9:30am.
Jenna Maki
In Downs Illinois off rt 150 by Kickapoo Creek and the Rock quarry. Spotted on Wednesday morning. 9:30. December 24.
Patty Sharick
Bald eagle sighting 1pm on 12/15/2014 at the Red Gate Bridge dog park in St Charles.
Lori Roberts
Saw a bad eagle (I believe it was a female) at 1230L, 12 Dec 14, on Ridge Road just north of 127th Street (Simons Rd) in Plainfield IL. Any amazing sight!
Joe Gootee
I saw an eagle drop a squirrel in my back yard in Barrington Illinois today. It stuck around for a few hours trying to return for it's prey. I have lived here for over 25 years and have never seen one before. Amazing!
Kim Peterson
We saw a bald eagle at 4:00pm today in Plainfield IL. We were on Plainfield Naperville Road near the Dupage River and the Lakelands.
Kim and Cobe Lewin
Prairie Crossing, Grayslake, IL
R Kulagowski
On the edge of ice on lake
Champaign, Illinois
29 degrees
Mark Faith
Saw one along Sangamon River, County Road, Piatt County, White Heath Illinois 11/23/14
Robyn Deterding
Oswego, IL
Saw two bald eagles in a tree on the banks of the Fox River near downtown Oswego.
F. Jones
Bald Eagles are simply amazing! I spotted my first Eagle of the season. It had to be a mature bald as it had the white head and tail feathers. I saw it pass by 4 different times today along the Rock River in Roscoe, Illinois. I certainly hope I see him again and others throughout the season. Wildlife activity along the river has been very exciting so far. The Canadian Geese migration has been very active this week.
Kevin Daley
Illinois - Saw a bald eagle this morning, 11/12/14, sitting in a tree at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve in DuPage County.
Heather Gandy
11/5/2014 about 1 pm to 3 pm near orchard and us 30 park forest, il. I spied, while driving, what looked like a single bald eagle flying west.
Eric Burns
On Nov. 4th, about 1:30: 2 bald eagles flying over Fox River near Lippold Park, Batavia, IL.
S. Arundale
Morning of October 25, 2014. Two Bald Eagle sighted in Lake County IL, Long Grove, NW corner of Route 22 and Old McHenry Rd, 9:00 A.M. Perched and flying.
Louise Bergman
I saw a bald eagle this morning, perched on top of my house in Liberty On The Lake subdivision in Savoy, IL.
Jennifer Mulcahey
Saw one in Urbana, Il
Brownfield road
Picked up road kill and flew north easy towards a small stream called boneyard, there is a small woods nearby.
Dave Clark
I saw a flock & I mean a flock circling up high over the Rock River in Moline, IL on 10/04/2014. They just kept circling in the same area up high. I know it was eagles because I watch & when they turned a certain way, I was able to see their white heads & white tails. My husband & I say two different flocks of eagles doing the same circling up high last spring when they were all getting ready to migrate for the summer. It really was a beautiful sight. I think eagles are the most majestic birds around.
BA McLaughlin
I'm visiting my father in Salem, Illinois and I spotted a bald eagle.
Apparently the pair have been here for several years. To my amazement I have never seen them before. One grabbed a fish out of the lake behind my dads house. Incredible to watch.
Tyson Graham
I saw a bald eagle today 9/24/14 near Poplar Grove, Illinois at this Intersection:
Poplar Grove, IL 61065
42.308949, -88.804015
The Herings
We have a Bald Eagle that's been around for a few weeks now at my work. A landfill in Auburn Hills Michigan.
Patty Keeth
I saw two bald eagles flying low on 9/22/14 in countryside lake IL
Peggy Hannigan
I was it driving northbound on Morten Road when I saw what I thought was a brown dog on the side of the road. As I drove closer I couldn't believe my eyes it was a bald eagle, it was so big. As I drove closer he flew off, I could not believe the wingspan what an amazing beautiful bird!
D Kreml Carol Stream Illinois
Driving through Barrington, IL this morning (9/19/2014) I was surprised to see a bald eagle soaring overhead.
LJ Russell
On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. I saw a mature bald eagle at our small pond in rural Congerville, IL. (northwest of the village) I was able to take a very quick picture with my phone through the car windshield as the eagle flew away. I went to the house and picked up my camera and returned to the pond in hopes the eagle might return - did not happen. I did take a picture of the mostly eaten channel catfish that the eagle had been having for lunch.
Julie Steinbeck
Today, Feb. 18, 2014, my husband and I went to Lake Katherine Nature Center & Botanical Gardens located at W. College Dr. in Palos Heights, IL. Our intention was to take photos of any waterfowl or other birds that may be "wintering" in the area. We first followed a trail east, along the Cal- Sag Channel. At 4:30 pm I spotted what I thought was a large hawk and took one photograph before in "dove" downward and out of sight. Upon downloading my photographs, I discovered that the bird was actually an adult Bald Eagle!
Debbie Garcy
Orland Park, IL
Monday February 17, 2014 12:30 p.m. got the day off work today for presidents day. My son and I decided to go to Taco Bell in Fox Lake Illinois for lunch. Our journey takes us over a bridge on route 12 that crosses the Fox Lake. At the bottom of the bridge on the right side sits a boat marina and I notice a big bird rounding the roof of the marina chasing some smaller birds. When it dawns on me that this magnificent bird with it's white head and tail feathers is to my surprise a bald eagle! I am so excited that I actually got such a great view of this bird in flight. Words cannot explain. I never even realized that they lived in this area. It is just so awesome. I'm hoping it won't be my first last sighting.
Allison Shaban
we have been viewing several pairs of bald eagles with several juvenile birds on the frozen Fox River here in Fox River Grove, Illinois 60021 we have been watching now for 3 days and have seen as many as 6 adult birds and 10 juvenile eagles near open water areas of channels off the main river.
Steve Sosnowski
4 miles east of Breese Illinois was what i thought to be a turkey in the field until i seen its white head! that had to be the largest bald eagle ever!.....021314~200pm cst. i have never seen these great birds in the wild ever until last year, they must be on a wonderful recovery.
D Lindley
My wife and I recently moved into this house located directly on the des Plaines river in north riverside Illinois. One reason we bought the house was the beautiful view of the river and being nestled between the forest preserve and a golf course. We get excited when get the opportunity to see nature.
So I was ecstatic this morning when looking out over the peacefulness of the snow covered river, I saw a bald eagle flying down river right before my face. He or she was about 100 feet above the river and about the same distance away from me just above my eye level. Do I had a good view off him. Wow! I feel so blessed!! :-)
David Haas
I live in Illinois. We have year round eagles with nest in Alton, Smithtown, Centerville, and other areas. We get wintering eagles...more this year than in the past 2 years. The majority this year are in Clarksville, Mo.
C. Pride
I saw probably 10 or so this picture has 5 in the same area. Algonquin IL. Fox river and Algonquin rd. Very beautiful to see.
Mr Smith
I live in a house that sits on a bluff on the west shore of Fox Lake. There is a Pondarosa Pine just a few feet off the South east corner of the house. There are a pair of Bald Eagles that come and sit in the tree towards the top. They have been coming here for nearly a decade now. I have seen them sit in the tree when I go to bed at around 10:00PM and they are still there when I get up at 5:00AM. Lately they have arrived before sun rise and stay just a couple of hours. A few years ago, they seemed OK with me being around, however this year they seem more skiddish and will fly off if I disturb them, so I am quiet. I peer at them through the blinds so as not to disturb. They are only 15 to 20 feet from the window. I know what they sound like as they are here almost every morning. I heard them as I wrote this e-mail.
Scott Nielsen
We saw a group of 4 to 5 eagles flying at tree top height between Petite and Fox Lakes in Antioch, Illinois. I only identified one mature bird. They circled and flapped and may have been chasing each other. The kids were so excited!
Kristen Cart
Over the last several weeks we have seen as many as 6 eagles (mostly bald but at least one or 2 immatures) at a time in Algonquin along the Fox River (from the dam south to the Prairie trail bridge. It is unbelievable to see so many of them daily! I have also heard from several people via Facebook that 5 or 6 (maybe the same ones) have been seen on the Fox River in Carpentersville/East Dundee (about 5 miles south).
Rich Brewer
latest sighting today 1/15/2014
We live on Elgin's west side residence near Randal & Rte. 20. While putting out seed for our little feathered friends at about 9am Sunday morning January 11,2014, I observed a Bald Eagle flying from north to south just over the tree tops, it flew right over our house.
Thinking at first it was a great blue heron coming right at me or a big barn owl at a low altitude. It's white head and white tail unmistakable, its size remarkable, Bald Eagle!
Dave Kolosowski
I am certain that I saw a bald eagle flying over I-74 near the Mahomet, IL , Hwy 47 exit. It had a white head and white tail and flew similar to the Red-tailed Hawk. Gorgious, majestic, in flight -- a beautiful gift from God early on a Sunday morning (1/12/14, 9:10 a.m.)!
Marcy Bellafiore
My husband and I saw an adult bald eagle in the trees surrounding Lake Renwick in Plainfield, Illinois in the early afternoon of January 8, 2014. Quite a sight!
Cathy & Tim Lucas
Saw an adult bald eagle in Frankfort, Illinois along Hickory Creek on January 2, 2014 at about 4:30 in the afternoon. It was soaring over the treetops. Beautiful and unexpected.
Dee Ries
On 12/24/13 at about 11:00am, I was travelling north on Route 25 in Montgomery Illinois along the Fox River. At the Aurora/Montgomery border, I sighted a Bald Eagle in flight over the river heading south in the opposite direction. My first sighting outside of Minnesota. Breathtaking!
Scott Schoppe
Bald eagle sited eating something off the ground in a cornfield northwest of my house at 2:15 p.m. December 28. I live in a subdivision in the country just northwest of Rockford a mile north of intersection of Latham and Old River roads. We are about a quarter-mile from the Rock River. Saw something very big out in the field from 250-300 yards away against the backdrop of snow. Thought maybe a really big hawk or even a turkey. Got the binoculars and saw it was an eagle. Have seen as many as 3 in this vicinity for as long as the last 4 or 5 years. Beautiful site!
Kathy Cook
Rockford, Illinois
In Elgin on the west side of the Fox River, from the water treatment plant to the southern most point of Walton Island. I saw 6 grouped together across from the Gail Borden Library, 3 Adults and 3 adolescents. I believe in total I saw 8.
Jeff Hyma
Illinois......spotted a bald eagle for the last two days flying around my back yard. I live on the dupage river in shorewood. He has been here for 2 days now. I noticed him in my tree and also witnessed him eating a large goose sitting on a piece of ice on the side of the river. He was being chased by a large hawk also. Awesome sight. Never seen anything like this around this area.
Debbie Crowther
8 bald eagles along the Fox River in Oswego, Illinois. 12/24/2013
David Siegfried
Beautiful bald eagle landed on a squirrel's nest outside my home in Schaumburg (Plum Grove and Wise neighborhood) on December 7th around 11am. Wasn't aware they lived nearby but this one was definitely there and looking for food. Lucky squirrel was not home at the time!
Laura Chase
I saw a bald eagle this morning 12/16/13 around 8am. We live on a private lake in Manhattan Illinois.
Lisa Crescenzo
I like to report a bald eagle sighting on my farm on Dec 12 2013. This is the location of the sighting.
6184 N State Rd
Louisville Illinois 62858
Terry Hronec
12/12/2013 I was waiting to catch a train at Chicago st station in Elgin, IL at 7:28am flying over the fox river. Many of the commuters saw it as it was easy to pick out in the sky. It day to.see such a beautiful bird that stands for so much.
Sharol Holstein
Wednesday November 6, 2013, 11:10 AM: I was driving North on Harlem Avenue @ approximately I-80 and 189th, Tinley Park, Illinois. I saw this enormous white headed eagle with a huge yellow beak Α white tail feathers flying West overhead. I immediately wondered if I had just spotted a Golden Eagle. I had never seen one in the wild. It was coasting over Harlem Α appeared to be hovering over an undeveloped area south of Brookside Marketplace Shopping Center as if spotting prey. Its legs & talons were clearly visible.
I got home about 10 minutes later & looked in both my bird books-and I swear this was a Golden Eagle-easily 3ft long α minimum 6 to 8 foot wingspan.
I've seen hawks, kestrels & turkey vultures in the area (maybe even an eagle I mixed up with hawk) - I've never seen anything like this before.
Sharon Richmond
Bald Eagle in Sycamore IL. Flew over pond in our backyard, turned around a flew back. All 4 of us got a great view as it wasn't flying very high. Flew length-wise over the pond, then flew back. The eagle was not fully mature, but mature enough to have a white head. We then saw it perched in a tall tree on a near-by farm, then flew along the tree-lines of the Kishwaukee River.
Tammy Beinarauskas
On October 26 and 27, 2013, I saw a bald eagle souring above Forestway Drive in Glencoe, IL.
Amanda Junewicz
27 oct 13. Flying / circling over the Orland Grasslands Forest preserve Orland Park, IL 245 pm. Three people saw the eagle thru binoculars. Very cool.
Linda Peckham
Saw a Bald Eagle on 10/7/13 in Bolingbrook Illinois. Flew low right down my street and then continued to soar around for about 10 minutes. Had time to call 2 neighbors out who also viewed it. I live on the south side of town, near 119th and Weber. The eagle finally left heading southwest towards the Bolingbrook Golf Club.
Mark Bridges
I think I saw a migration over Bolingbrook Il. About 40, what looked liked eagles flying south west, say in a line from Milwaukee toward Starved Rock, Il. They were split up, but every once in a while sever would circle and then they would go off again. Some flying directly overhead seem to have white tail feathers and white heads. At first I thought they were turkey vultures, but when I got under them in a parking lot they definitely had a less boxy shape and not black. This was Between 9:45 and 10:00 am this morning.
Gail Owens
We spotted the bald eagle in Gilberts, IL on August 11th. It was about 8:30am on Sunday morning. He was flying over the outskirts of our subdivision just West of Coombs road. He was headed into an open field just west of where we were located. We were headed East and could not watch him further but assume he was looking for something to eat in the farmers field.
Julie Misirian
Gilberts Resident
Sept 11- How suiting to see an Eagle soaring along side the road on this anniversary. It was circling about the quarry off of Brandon Rd. in Joliet, IL it seems to be a great home for them (if they do live there) as it is about 100+ acres of deep clear water, steep rock bluffs, plenty of trees, and the protection of a 7ft fence of barbed wire topper with razor wire, and video monitored to prevent trespassing! It seems they can be more than safe to be a large majestic bird that they are undisturbed.
Todd Maynard
We saw a Bald Eagle on 9/9/13 in Belvidere, Illinois, Boone County. Cross streets were Poplar Grove Rd. and Squaw Prarie Rd.
What a beautiful sight!
Mary Cooper
Date: Feb 23, 2013
Location: South Elgin, IL
Fox River Dam at Spring & Rt 31
7 (seven) adults perching in a tree just north of the dam on the west bank.
We love that they are so close to our home in Barrington, IL
Patricia Tomaso
02/15/13 I live on the Fox River in South Elgin IL. We've been seeing a pair of bald eagles every day now for about a month or so. One of them landed in a tree in our back yard yesterday. We've seen them on the frozen river at the same time with a pair of white swans that have been coming around often.
Sandy Lopez
I have sighted the bald eagles three times in the past three weeks.
First time – there were 2 eagles on top of a tree on Route 31 near the Boy Scouts Island, in Saint Charles, IL.
Second time – I saw them just yesterday, (Feb. 13, 2013) flying around in Geneva, right above the CVS there - 765 E State St Geneva, IL 60134
Third time – today, (Feb. 14, 2013) one eagle on top of a tree on Route 31 near the Boy Scouts Island, in Saint Charles, IL.
I can’t tell you how excited I was! I want to see them again to take a picture.
Sr. Betty Ann Martinez
Once in a lifetime viewing and this will be long. February 10 exactly 8 am since as I was leaving my townhouse getting ready for the daily morning dog walk, the church bells began to chime. Everyday around the Fox River in downtown Elgin Illinois in the middle of the winter you have a chance to spot an eagle or possibly two. Today ended up different. First spotting was in the highest tree across from the Gail Borden library. That was the magnet. Then not a few hundred yards north two distinct white bald heads and tails with the customary dark body in between. My dog begins to pull me and almost fell on the icy walkway because he spots a coyote walking across the ice covered river. Back to the two in the tree that somehow I initially did not notice two more bald heads and a minimum of 7 equally large dark figures. I stood on the eastern side of the river for the next 25 minutes hoping to see one begin to fly and now the fun begins. Two take flight and begin their chirping sounds flying south and as the pass the loner that was my magnet as they they swoop down and ruffle his feathers and continue on south over the picturesque Kimball St bridge. A couple minutes later a lone one flies headed in the same direction but again close to my first spotting and equally acknowledges with a chirp. Out from the gray skies seemingly coming from nowhere is another eagle landing on the already crowded area. Now three more take flight and proceed to do a pass over and stir up the hundred or so gulls. After a few nearly mid air collisions playing with each other making abrupt turns to avoid each other they go bother the first one and pushed him off his branch onto another. Ten more minutes pass by with an occasional one or two now going north up the river. Then the moment that I hoped for but never really thought would happen the finale happened. Just like anticipating the finale at a fireworks show three take off and play in flight. Then two more not 100% where they came from. The geese now are like I am out of here and do not return. Whereas the gulls just move about when an eagle was over head. At one point I counted 8 flying at once which was the most spectacular sight I have ever seen. A total of 8 completely white head and tail which must be over 3 years old. 4 with some white patches and the remaining about 5 more with almost 100% dark but with the uniquely massive wing span and broad shoulders. I never thought I would do this but I finally left and returned home an hour and a half after my beginning jury with 6-8 eagles still in the trees and with no one during the entire time to view nor talk about the once in a lifetime viewing. Growing up on the shores of Lake Erie in the 70's the eagle population was nearly non existent. I got a chance to visit Alaska in 1974 and still remember the 30 plus bald eagles in the trees of Ketchikan Eagles are special to me just ask my kids every time I still text them on nearly every sighting.
J Tabak
This morning @ 7:23 I saw a bald eagle flying south atop the Fox River in South Elgin, IL. I was crossing the river on the Stearns Road bridge. Made my morning!
Michelle Wysocki
I just learned of your site so this is a belated posting.
On September 11, 2011 (ironically), it was quite a warm late summer day, and I was out on my wave runner on the Fox River, north of Illinois Rt 176 and south of Moraine Hills State Park, when I spotted a bald eagle perched high atop a dead tree. It was quite large so I believe it was a female. After sitting there watching it for awhile, it took off and flew north along the river. I followed it, pacing it, and I estimate it was flying at 35-40 miles an hour.
After doing research, I think this was an unusual sighting, because it appears most of the sightings of these great birds occur in the winter months, and typically further south along the Fox River.
While sightings are common along the Mississippi, I have seen bald eagles while driving on Rt 20 in Iowa as far as 40-50 miles west of Dubuque.
Bill Fox
I saw a bald eagle in flight today flying east over Rte 59 and over the South Barrington Arboretum (just northeast of the intersection of Rte 72 and Rte 59) at approximately 8:30am this morning. I have never seen an Eagle this Far East of the Fox River!
Cathy Scanlon
Sighted a Bald Eagle sitting at the top of a tree on the Canton/Glasford, IL blacktop this morning, January 25, 2013, at 8:30 A.M. I have seen Bald Eagles in the month of January, between Glasford and Canton the past couple of years. This isn't far from the Illinois River
Cheryl Hilten
     Location: Princeton Illinois Area on I-80 exit 61-@ 3:30pm I was headed west on Interstate I-80 Right before exit 61 I spotted 1 bald eagle sitting in a line of trees off the interstate.
     It appeared to be a mature & older eagle because it was very large,with a very white head.It must have been my lucky day because,@ 4:15pm i was headed in the eastbound lane of I-80 after exit 61 and it was flying above the interstate.
TJ Milton
I was driving north on I-55 in Springfield Illinois and just behind Red Lobster to my right is south fork river. I always look over at the river because sometimes i see cranes bobbing for fish. This time i looked up into the trees because i thought i saw a large hawk but to my great amazement, it was an eagle. I thouht i was seeing things. I wanted to stop and take in this magnifacent sight, but traffic was barring down. I did go back later, but didnt spot it. I told my husband but he was very sceptical.
Marty Denny
12/31/2012 ELGIN IL: First Bald Eagle sighting of the new season across Fox River from Gail Borden Library.
Last season, from same place, frequently saw one to five bald eagles between 2/5 to 3/10/2012 from Kimball St bridge to a half mile north, soaring, fishing, most often perched in trees on west side of Fox River.
John Mullins
I saw one when we were driving to Chicago from Denver. First time I ever saw one in the wild, but my husband was driving too fast to get out and take a picture. It was off of I-88. A few miles past the I-80 and I-88 intersection.
Angela Young
Off of Woodstock Rd. Near Woodstock rd, and Grange Hall rd. in Rural Belvidere, IL right along the creek
Christina Jones
We saw two adult bald eagles and two young bald eagles at the Trask Bridge Forest Preserve near Durand, Illinois. It was an amazing thing to see. It absolutely made my day.
Randy Long
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