Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Frank Johnson wrote the following: 09/07/2015: I was kayaking on Roush lake in Huntington county in the eastern portion. I spotted a immature eagle in a dead tree. I approached slowly hoping to get a picture as I had a telephoto lens on my camera. He did not let me get close but I had a pair of binoculars and got a good look at him.
09/05/2015: I was driving on 200E in Huntington county just south of the Little River (Wabash). I spotted a mature eagle in a dead tree near the roadside. I drove past and stopped about100 yards down. When I got out of the car he did not stay around long. Wonderful to see.

Andrew Beymer wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle flying while driving on 116th street just east of I-69 in Fishers, Indiana.

Jess Harris wrote the following: 9/27/15 Saw a mature female eagle on 421 right after leaving the town of Monon. I turned down a gravel road to follow it and got a few blurry pictures. I only got a few glimpses of her head but her white tail was just gleaming in the sun!

Ashley Book wrote the following: While driving to work on Grant Line Road (New Albany, Indiana) on 9/24/15 at 7:30am I spotted a huge bird flying to land in a tree. I assumed it was a turkey vulture from the wing span until it landed. I looked up from my car and did a double take when I realized there was a bald eagle sitting on the branch. Wow! What a beautiful creature, and what a privilege to see it in the wild.

Carol Andis wrote the following: My daughter & I was driving east on 231 in Putnam County Indiana at 730-7:45am. He was on the right side of the road about 2 ft & was eating something. I screamed, daughter thought I was going to hit something. I turned around to try & get a picture because he never flew off, but unfortunately a big truck rumbled west bound & scared him away. I felt very privileged.

Fort Wayne, IN
Thompson rd & Marion Center about noon on 8/20/2015
on 8/20/15 Thompson Rd & Marion Center Rd, Fort Wayne, IN about noon. Just taking a normal walk around outside saw it circling to the west over the tree lines. Absolutely Amazing Site. Wonderful to see them around locally.
Tracy Hamilton

My boyfriend and I rented a cabin at Wasatch Lake in Poland, IN and saw at about 4:12 pm February 14, 2015 a Bald Eagle flying over the frozen lake. I have yet to see one as big as we just saw it was beautiful!
Kimberly Drullinger

Jan 19, 2015 – I spotted a bald eagle flying over Route 46 just west of Columbus, Indiana while riding my bike on the People’s Trail. Early evening /late afternoon
Feb 12, 2015 – Saw an eagle surveying some road kill from a tree near the Driftwood River, directly west of Columbus, Indiana. Driving home from work and it was directly above the road! Got to snap a couple pictures before I left it alone. It seemed equal parts fascinated and annoyed at all the cars driving by.
Ben Zeigler

I saw a bald eagle on 2-8-15 in Bluffton, Indiana, in Wells County. The bald eagle was flying along the Wabash River (just beautiful).
Brett & Jodi Garrett.

On February 3, 2015, I saw a bald eagle in Plainfield, Indiana near Seneff Court. It flew low enough that I could clearly see its white head.
Amy Jay

I saw a large bald eagle today in my driveway ( eating at a dead possum my wife hit by accident a couple of nights before). Got my camera and was able to take several pictures. Super awesome!
Mat Blanton, Arcadia Indiana

Jan 27- 3:45pm We saw a mature bald eagle in a tree on Graham Rd., by Ortho Indy.- Greenwood. We parked under the tree it was in and watched it for about 15 min. So beautiful!
- Angie Loy

I just saw a Bald Eagle in Plainfield, In.
The eagle flew over my car in a parking lot behind Carmike movie theatre.
I couldn't get to my phone fast enough to take a good picture. At first, I just thought it was a hawk or something, then it turned and came in the direction of my car. I could easily see the white head at that point and there was no doubt about what this was. It was stunning.
Jason Greathouse.

I was traveling back from Indianapolis this morning along I-65 South. I looked to the right and in a wooded area very clearly saw a large bald eagle in the trees. It was around mile marker 60 going south.
We observed these magnificent birds while in Yellowstone park several years earlier and I had forgotten how big they were.
What a delight to see them close to home.
Debra Boeving
Louisville KY

At about noon on 1/24/15, my family and I watched a mature bald eagle in a field near US 31 and Whiteland Rd in Whiteland, IN. First one I've seen in our area and it made my day!
Teresa Skaggs

Saw one perched in a tree near New Paris, IN (Elkhart Co) just before 9:00AM on Jan 22nd, 2015, along CR 142 about 2/10th of a mile west of SR 15. Stopped and took some pictures for about a minute, then it noticed me and stared, so I left. First time I've seen one in the wild in Indiana. It was a bit smaller than ones I've seen wild in Alaska. It was surveying the snow-covered fields…
Dave Bohlmann

Son and I spotted a Bald Eagle perched in a tree near the intersection of Highway 160 and Highway 60 – just south of Salem Indiana. We stopped and admired the site for a minute or two – the Eagle appeared to be hunting the field just south of the auto mart near that intersection – it was an amazing site and the first Eagle I have seen in the wild in this area in my 40+ years –glad my son was with me. Time was approximately 9:30am ET on Saturday 01/17/2015
Elder family

January 16, 2015, around 12:30 PM. I had just left Hummel Park in Plainfield and was driving north on S. Center St. when I spotted a bald eagle flying east across the road. I saw the white tail but didn't get a view of its head.
Andy Kozenski

I saw one on 1/15/15 on the east side of Dayton, IN. I was driving east on SR 38 and he was perched in a tree right by the bridge.
Kellie Ramsey

January 13, 2015 we saw a bald eagle at 4:10 pm soaring above the confluence of the three rivers in Fort Wayne, IN.
Michele Hahn

On 01/12/2015 approx 3:30 p.m. at Averitt Rd and Stop 18 Greenwood, IN. My son and I watched a bald eagle circle in the air several times then perch itself in a tree near a pond. It stayed in the area for 15+ minutes.
Brent Copenhaver

Driving home on January 9, 2015, around 4:45 pm, I am quite certain a bald eagle was soaring right above Brookville road between German Church and Bade Road, Indianapolis, IN. Amazing - hoping others can verify my sighting. Rhonda Kelsay

On January 1st 2015 around 9 am I saw a mature bald eagle fly over our house which is on the east shore of Cedar Lake in Lake county Indiana. It was headed southwest over the lake.
-Theresa James

December 30, 2014. Drove to Salamonie State Park spillway to take pictures of the eagles that congregate along the river. Counted six in the trees along the river and caught a few on camera. Love seeing them in action!
Judy Ford

Spotted pair of Bald Eagles perched in a tree – one adult and one juvenile - at stocked pay fishing lake at Interstate 69 and State Road 38 in Pendleton, Indiana on Sunday December 28th in the morning. The adult was still perched in the same tree a couple of hours later.
David Doerr

12/28/14 Spotted a mature Bald Eagle sitting in a tree at St. Mary’s River and Hwy 27 in Decatur. Hope I get to see it again!
Sandy Uhrick

On December 26, I saw two bald eagles sitting in a tree at the corner of Thompson Rd and Five Points Rd in southeast Indianapolis, IN (Franklin township) around 4pm.
Dan Ernst

On 12-23-14, I saw a mature bald eagle flying overhead while driving with my family ?on the Indiana Toll Road in Gary, IN, along the south edge of US Steel's Gary Works, along the Grand Calumet River.
Claudia Stage

Adult Bald Eagle sighted at Westlake Apartments westside Marion County Indianapolis Indiana December 21 2014. Over big lake around 4:20 pm. Beautiful bird.
T Massey

The week of 12/15/14 while traveling south on I-69 near Evansville, IN, I spotted a Bald Eagle on the ground near a barrow pit east side of roadway and just north of the intersection of I-69 & the Lloyd Expy (Rt 66) Evansville.
H. Wayne Presson

Seen a mature Bald Eagle in the western area of Eagle Marsh at Ft Wayne Indiana in early morning on 12-14-14
Mike Fromholt

saw a bald eagle 0n wed 12-10-14 in brownsburg on two different trees and took several pictures
Michael Rowe

A mature bald eagle was sighted two days in a row in Indianapolis near 34th Street and Elizabeth Lane. It was spotted on 12/10/2014 and 12/11/2014 between 9-10am both days, perched in a tree overlooking a pond.
Richie Peters

my husband and I saw a Bald Eagle in Shelbyville, IN today at 4:11 pm. Very beautiful. I didn't know we had them in Indiana though.
Anita Fisher

On December 6th around 12:30pm, my wife & I were driving on 41 North just outside Princeton, IN nearing the White River when I spotted two large raptors flying within a few hundreds yards of each other. Looking up both my wife & I were able see it was a Bald Eagle. Seconds later we neared the other bird, and it was also another Bald Eagle.
Kyler McReynolds

My husband and I live north of the upper St. Joe River in Elkhart, IN and just watched a pair of mature bald eagles soaring over the river and landing in a large fir tree off of Greenleaf Blvd. My husband first saw them two weeks ago.
Kim Chevalier

December 2, 2014 - I had the pleasure of seeing a mature bald eagle flying over Forest Park golf course in Valparaiso, IN.
George Gordon

I most definitely saw a bald eagle flying over the pond of the pyramids at 86th and Michigan Rd. It then landed in the trees of a neighborhood near by.
Brandon McFarren

Quite sure I saw a juvenile bald eagle on 11-20-14 in the morning in Richmond, Indiana, Wayne county. It flew overhead as I was driving over the West Main Street bridge that goes over Sim Hodgkin Pkwy. Tail feathers were turning white but the head wasn't yet so suspect it was nearing adulthood!
Jen Hill

Saw one, possibly two at a retention pond in Heartland Crossing in Camby, Indiana.
DeAnna Poon

A friend and I admired a bald eagle this morning on shoreside tree just below Salamonie Dam (Huntington County IN). Several other birds of equal or greater size were actively fishing. No spotting scope or binoculars to ID those, but the baldy was a good sighting.
Tim Deal

Just had 2 mature bald eagles fly ten feet over my head. The first was carrying dinner and the second about 50 feet behind the first.
They were in the 34th and Shadeland area of Marion county, Indianapolis, Indiana 11/14/2014
Ron Bockbrader

2nd sighting of a mature Bald Eagle yesterday 11/11 on my road. He was soaring over fields being harvested. Saw him last week too while farmers were in their fields. Johnson County, east of 135 and south of Whiteland Road. I hope he lives here because it is a joy to see him soar!
D Schulz.

I saw a bald eagle in a tree along Big Eagle Creek in Speedway directly behind Alison Transmission today around 8:00am
Laneia and Jon Thomas

Pair of Bald Eagles sighted on November 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM north of 161st and Carey Road near the Oak Manor entrance in Westfield, IN.
Sue Steinhart

On 10/29/2014, while driving south bound on I -65, somewhere around the Renssalaer area (I'm not very familiar with the area, but it was quite a ways before the windmills), I spotted a golden eagle perched in a tree. Being familiar with adult and juvenile bald eagles, and having reviewed in my Peterson's guide, I was excited to confirm that it indeed was a golden eagle!
Michelle Bazin

I had the pleasure of seeing a nice mature bald eagle October 28, 2014 in Whitestown. It was soaring over the Anson development and landed in a tree next to I-65. Awesome.
Seth Niemeier

I saw a bald eagle on State Road 38 just outside of Pendleton (by the middle school) about 4:30 this afternoon 10/27/14.
Kathy Shelton

Saw a bald eagle flying south over bean field in Shelby county, Indiana, north of Rays Crossing. Oct 25, 2014 @ around 10:30 am.
B. Brown.

I saw a bald eagle flying due south across the IUPUI campus in downtown Indianapolis, IN today (10/20/2014). I spotted it from about 1/8th mile away from a 3rd floor conference room. It was flying fairly low…just a few feet above a five story parking garage. I originally mistook it for one of several hawks and falcons we have around campus. But the white head and tail stood out in stark contrast to the moody blue-gray clouds we had this morning. My first bald eagle sighting ever, and it was in the middle of the city!
-Nathan Lucas

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