Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Fraser, Iowa February 1-5, 2019
The Des Moines River has finally frozen for the most part around Fraser. But there are still a couple spots that are open water, near the Fraser Dam & the Big Eddy. The open water really attracts eagles & I have seen them almost everyday flying over the water or perched in trees along the river bank. I also saw several feeding on something in a field just south of Fraser on E26. There is only one other year I can remember seeing so many of them & seeing them so frequently, I think that was a year when the river didn't freeze till late in the winter too. I have really enjoyed seeing them & some photographer friends have gotten some really pretty photos.
Amy Laube

Amy Michalik wrote the following: Mature bald eagle flying over Holliday Creek edge of our property 1.5 miles west of Des Moines River @ Coalville, IA. Full white head & tail.

Brian McDaniel wrote the following: 01/14/16 Near Pacific Junction, IA between I-29 and the Missouri River.

wende coe wrote the following: 15 miles south of iowa city off rte 80. Passed one that was atop a tree.

Emily Moser wrote the following: We hold an annual Eagle Watch Event here in Guttenberg, IA. It will be held on Feb 13th 2016.

I saw an eagle flying overhead this afternoon, about 1:30 pm, in Highland Park Des Moines, at the corner of Euclid and 6th. It was beautiful!
Rusti Gammon

I was amazed to see a bald eagle fly over my car as I was leaving Altoona, Iowa near the I-80 exit. It had picked up a small animal or rodent from the grassy area at the exit and began to fly west. It was mature enough to have the white head and tail feathers.
Karen Moss

Saw a huge beautiful male bald eagle near Leeds on way to Hinton, Iowa. He flew over our car and was so beautiful he went to the East in some trees. It was just outside of Leeds, Iowa on HyWay 75 going North.
Randy R. Renshaw, Sioux City, Iowa

Saw one flying over the LaQuinta Inn at the intersection of I35/80 and University ave. in Clive, IA on 11-26-13 at approximate 8:30 a.m.
Abby Hayes

Today while driving on Tipton hwy. perched high in a tree. A beautiful sight.
D K Hartley

This afternoon saw my first bald eagle of the fall, an adult male, perched on a high utility pole next to the nishnabotna river near Hastings, Iowa.
Pete Franks=

My husband (eagle eye) has noted 2 during the Holidays.
We actually saw 1 approx. 10 miles east of Eagle, Nebraska. Really.
The other we saw flying north across Elrod Road (and 230th). Located just north of Glenwood, Iowa
Stay tuned for more sightings as Jack is tuned in...
Sandra Staack

On Wednesday November 28, 2012 I spotted a large bald eagle just outside of Osceola Iowa while driving North on I35. I am not sure if it was male or female but,,it had a wing span of approximately 6 feet. It had been feeding on a deer carcass along the highway and was viewed from a distance of about 40-50 yards. I was quite shocked to see such a large bird coming up off the side of the road. I have seen eagles before but, usually along the Mississippi or out in the Oregon/ Washington area.
What a magnificent bird!
Phil Freese

City Park, Iowa City, Johnson County
Saw 2 yesterday. I also saw another one, but think it was one of the pair.
Saw another today flying overhead.
Betsy McElroy

Single bald eagle seen in tree near Diamond Lake Park in Poweshiek County in Iowa. Bald eagles have been seen in the area for the last couple years at least.
The Dotsons

I saw a bald eagle this morning on my drive from Ames to Nevada for school. It flew directly over my car; it was a really neat sighting!
Taylor Watson

We have spotted 3 bald eagles at our farm in Breda Iowa(51436). They have been appearing every day for the last month.
Marilyn Mohr

12/27/10 West Ames, Iowa. We saw a bald eagle soaring in a clear blue sky with frosty trees. It was a beautiful sight.
Carol Boeke

Today (12/16/10) sighted 4 to 6 Bald Eagles on the Des Moines River in Ottumwa, IA resting on an capsized boat stuck in the river just downstream from the dam. I am going to college here in Ottumwa and noticed them last year about the same time, when a small ice island forms around the boat. Last year they seemed to stick around until mid to late January.
Jared Mills

Yesterday (Dec. 6 2010) saw about 2 dozen bald eagles in the trees along South Concord Street in Davenport.
Jim Uskavitch

Yesterday sighted 5 Bald Eagles on the Iowa River near Hills and Iowa City, Iowa.
William Kimbell

Today I saw my first up close Bald Eagle! This is 02/13/10, by the rest area on I-29 near Glenwood, Ia. He was sitting on a road sign just off the edge. He, or, she was beautifull!!
Donna B Malvern Ia

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