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We live on Wilgreen Lake in Richmond ky and just saw a large bald eagle fly down to get a fish. Very awesome!
Art Lowe
I was driving from Lebanon, Ky to Campbellville, ky & I noticed a bald eagle on my left in a farm field about little over half way to Campbellville. I was totally shock to see the bald eagle. It was standing in the field. I also noticed a black type Suv with several antennas on the Suv roof. I didn't stop. However, I wish I did to take a picture from my car, but didn't. I saw the eagle about 11:00 or so today(1/17/15).
Bill Harmon, Danville, Ky.
Today , Jan. 05, 2015 as I was returning to Georgetown, Ky. from Versailles, Ky. about 1 P.M. on US62 toward Midway, Ky. I thought I saw a Bald Eagle in the top of a tree on the right of way about a mile out of Versailles. I turned around to be sure and sure enough it was my first up close experience with this bird that carries so much meaning for us. It was across from the UK farm on one side and Lane's End Farm on the other. I am 78 years old and this sighting will be imprinted in my mind.
Charles Adams
We live in Prospect Ky, on the ohio river, I spotted a pair yesterday fishing and eating along a bluff across the river on the Indiana shore from our home. It was my first sighting here, I've seen them up river above Westport ky but not here. I'm hoping they will nest nearby.
Linda Russell
I live at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Ohio River just west of Otter Creek Park near West Point KY. I have seen a bald eagle three times over the last week (February 2014). The first time it was gliding along going upstream toward West Point. The second time a couple of days later it was flying downstream and made a circle right in front of the house like it knew I was watching. Both times it was near our side of the river below our elevation and the white head and tail were clearly visible. I would estimate the wingspan at approximately six feet. Yesterday it zipped by less than 20 feet outside my window. My wife now insist that I go out with our 15 pound Dachshund. I'm not sure what help I could provide...
Jim Skees
I believe I just saw a bald eagle fly over, which is unusual. I'm in Fayette County, KY, in a populated area off Nicholasville Rd. In Lexington. This bird was much bigger than the hawks I see now and then, and definitely had a white head and tail. But the body and wings also looked very light, pale gray or almost white. Apparently this is possible. What a thrill!
Cathy White
My wife and I saw 2 bald eagles in a cornfield near our home today on McCubbins Road, Hodgenville, KY, in Larue County.
They were feeding on a fox. The one eagle flew away while the 2nd eagle attempted to lift the fox into the air with him. He was able to get it off the ground, 10-15 feet high in the air and fly with it for a short distance. He dropped the fox back to the ground, hovered around until we left.
It was an awesome sighting.
Could I have seen a bald eagle on my farm in the Bluegrass near Lexington, KY(SW corner of Fayette Cty.)? There are some farm ponds in the vicinity , but this bird was not near the water. He flew about 150 yds away and landed in a black walnut tree where he remained for sometime. Very distinct white head and neck with the very white tail. Bird was quite large but not as big as 6' wingspan.
I observe hawks and vultures around the farm always but have NEVER seen a bird like this one. A couple of my farmworkers witnessed it as well.
D. Robinson
a friend of mine took this picture along with a video of a what looks as a female in Anderson co. ky. on us 62 at fox creek on 10/27/2013 around 9 am
Jimmy Hardin
My brother and sister-in-law saw a bald eagle in their back yard sitting on an electric line. They live in Ft Thomas, KY
Debbie Scharff
I saw a bald eagle flying over and catching a fish from Guist Creek Lake in Shelbyville, on Sunday February 17, 2013, mid afternoon. It circled several times, though because I was afraid I would miss it's dive, I did not run for my camera. It caught a fish and proceeded to head into the trees on the other side of the lake. I watched for quite a while afterward but did not see it or a mate again. It was an amazing sight, as I had never seen a bald eagle before except in captivity. I am not totally sure whether it was male or female, at least from the pictures I find. But it had a definitely white head and a totally white tail. Beautiful to say the least!
Cindy L. Riley
I saw a bald eagle just of 31W in West Point Kentucky on 2-13-2013. That is at the Northern Hardin County/Bullitt County border and very close to the Ohio River, just to the south side of town in a field next to Dixie Highway. White feathers on the tail, white head, mature. The field where it was spotted has deer and occasional ground rodents. I didn't have time to snap a photo as I was driving and couldn't get stopped with traffic behind me. It was a thrill.
Darin and Lisa Winebrenner
I saw a bald eagle in Stephensburg KY (Hardin County) February 1, 2013. It flew over a subdivision along Hwy 62 and circled back toward an open field. It was huge and so majestic. It was so exciting. I am now going to watch for it. My sister saw one a few months ago in Big Clifty, KY in Grayson County. She was out in her yard and she saw the shadow first. Then she looked to see what was casting the shadow and was amazed to see a majestic bald eagle soaring over her. Big Clifty is less than 10 miles from Stephensburg.
Cheryle Beauchamp
I've been fishing off the banks at Walnut Creek bridge in Scottsville, Kentucky over the last few days. I saw two bald eagles in the trees on the first day. Two days later I saw one bald eagle flying up into the tree and then across the mud flats. Magnificant sight to see.
Adair Wimpee
We watched a mature bald eagle flying along the Kentucky River from Oregon Road near Nonesuch, Kentucky, in Woodford County this morning - 12/31/12.=
Peter Rapoport
We saw a mature bald eagle on Dc. 5th 2012 in Owen County KY on route 355 near Gratz (a road which runs next to the KY river).
Maria Ransdell
on 121-5-12, while Kayaking on the Kentucky river between mile marker 107 & 111, approx 4.0 miles down stream from the Rt 68 bridge, we observed this Golden eagle. Watched it circle for 45+ min, then it headed upstream. This location on the river is approx. 15 mi. south of Lexington, ky
Carol Yanik
was driving on rt 355 today in Carrollton County Ky (nov 16-2012) and saw a bald eagle perched on top of a tree. Very Cool.
Jayson Capling
Lone Bald Eagle sighted October 25, 2012 over Sportsman Lake, Elizabethtown, KY. A wonderful sight to behold as I have never seen one in the wild.
M Mays
Sighted bald eagle 6 pm Sept 9, 2012 over Bluegrass Fields Subdivision NE Jefferson Co KY.
Pamela Heindselman
February 12th Around sighted Bald Eagle flying overhead, over by house in Ghent, KY in Carrollton County. It's about 1 mile from the Ohio River.
Dave Martin
About 3:00 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2012 I saw a lone Bald Eagle at Lake Linville near Mount Vernon and Renfro Valley, Kentucky. Magnificent!
Rick Wilson
12/29/09 Three bald eagles were cited on a waterway in Mammoth Cave Nat'l Park in Edmonson co., Kentucky.
Debbie Romance
Monday morning, 19 December 2011. Just watched a bald eagle circling over the lake behind our house in Richmond, Kentucky. What a shock and thrill!
Rosalind Crinean
This sighting is actually for a Golden Eagle sighting, I couldn't find a spot to report a sighting for them, so I'm reporting it here, hoping it can possibly be forwarded to the right spot. Or maybe it's of interest to those who spot Bald Eagles.
We, my college age daughter and I, were driving home from picking up my younger son from school in Louisville, KY when we spotted two eagles flying above. This was on Pennsylvania Run Rd. about a quarter to a half mile north of Cooper Chapel Rd. We thought at first they were bald eagles, but as we got closer, we saw that they weren't Bald Eagles at all. They were Golden Eagles! They were huge! One was slightly smaller than the other; as we watched (slowing the car down to a crawl), they were joined by a third, even larger individual. Two of them landed on a tall utility pole, while the third just circled around.
There was no place to pull over, so we went past them and circled back slowly for another, better look, then back again. They were beautiful! One of them stayed on the pole for awhile, the others circling. We'd never seen a Golden Eagle in the wild before!
Susan Detwiler
My wife and I just saw a bald eagle about 100 ft above our house in Richmond, KY. It circled 6 or 8 times right above us and then moved on through our subdivision out to the bluegrass pastures beyond. We've seen them in the wild before, especially in Nova Scotia, near nests and feeding areas, but never so close and so unexpectedly! Quite thrilling!!!
~Erik and Kelly Liddell
Seen in Kentucky, October 7 in the am. Kayaking down Green River in the Mammoth Cave National Park there were two Bald Eagles. One sitting on the river in a Sycamore tree and one in flight a little more than one mile down river from the Dennison Ferry.
Anne Coleman
About 5 minutes ago I saw a HUGE Bald Eagle fly over my house. He came from the due east and flew towards my house and then turned an went north. He must have only been 100 feet off the ground or less. IT WAS AMAZING! I have only seen captive ones in a zoo. This ranks right up there with seeing the Condors flying over the Grand Canyon. This is an image I will never forget!
Chuck Mielke
On October 29, 2010 I saw a large male bald eagle as I was driving along the AA Highway near the Bracken County, Pendelton County line in Northern Kentucky. It was flying along the highway and as I approached he veered off into the trees on the west side of the road. Has anyone else seen him near there?
Rich Mason
I have been seeing a bald eagle flying over the ohio river just east of downtown louisville,in the last 6 months I have seen it at least a dozen times.watched it land in tree today,it stayed for about 10 minutes then flew guy said it was not a bald eagle bacause it had a white tail,so tonight I got online and found out it is is a large bird with a wingspand of 3 to 4 feet and usually flys about 6 feet above the water up and down the is in a very rural area.mike harris, feb.13,2010
We live in Pigeon Creek, Johnson County Ky at the head of Paintsville Lake. We have 16 Wild Turkeys that call our home, Paradise Mountain, their home. The American Bald Eagle are residents of Paintsville Lake and at least one of them venture to Paradise Mountain to try to make a quick snack of the Wild Turkeys that now call this home.
We starting seeing one of the Eagles last week -Feb 7 - 12, 2010 - circling the Turkeys. We had the exhilarating view of this beautiful American Bald Eagle, as it made its swoop toward the Turkeys. An awesome site! This is truly one of Gods creations that is 'Beauty In Motion'!
Sandara Blanton
Today my husband started screaming to me from the kitchen to hurry. So I ran as fast as I could to see what was wrong. Right out side our back window about 30 feet two bald eagles were sitting in our feild. As they seemed to play for a moment I was so amazed that they were actually in our back yard. There was no mistake these were two Bald Eagles. I hope to see the again here in Shepherdsville, KY along the Salt River again soon. There is no bird that can compare to the beauty of a Bald Eagle.
Heather Howell
An adult Bald eagle soared over our Houseboat on the Ohio River at 12 miles Island in Louisville, Ky. It circled us for a minute then landed in a tree on the Indiana side, Awesome!!!
Reed Montgomery
I spotted 2 bald eagles in Central KY at Rough River Lake on January 10, 2009. I was actually lucky enough to have my camera and snapped a picture.
Diane L. Phelps
September 9, 2009 at 2:30 pm - Driving east on I-64 W about the 160 mile marker I saw a mature bald eagle flying low over the interstate. He just kept circling over all four lanes. He was awesome!!!
Jackie Gayhart
Ashland, KY
Feb 17,2009-
   Location was in Gallatin Kentucky about 1 mile upstream from Markland Dam on the Ohio River and downstream from Warsaw KY. The mature Eagle was flying from the Kentucky side of the river to the Indiana side. Unfortunately I was able to pull off the road due to traffic & road conditions. This was the first sighting I have had in Gallatin County
Jeff Marksberry
I saw a large bird circling over the houses just north of me today. I got my binoculars out just as it turned and flew to the east. I was so surprised to see it was a bald eagle! I live in Owensboro, KY near the Ohio River. I had recently heard that someone else had spotted a bald eagle flying over Owensboro.
Cyndi Wickerham
I am writing to let you know that my son Dalton saw a bald eagle flying on Febuary 4, 2009. We live on the river in Ghent,Ky. It was flying down stream. I probably wouldn't have believed him if I hadn't seen it for myself! We have never seen a bald eagle before, but to see it in flight, it was absolutly amazing!
Kathy Mefford
My parents spotted a bald eagle from our weekend river-house over the Ohio River near Big Bone Creek in Boone County, Kentuky on January 30th 2009. They said it had a wingspan of over 4'. I'll be looking in hope of seeing for myself. Awsome!
Dave Hoffmann
A friend and I were riding our mountain bikes at Ft Duffield park in West Point, KY on Sunday 12/14 when he spotted a bald eagle circling above the Salt River. We watched it for about 5 minutes. It was awesome!
Rick Katz
Sighting Date: 11/29/2008
Time: 11:30 AM
Location: Kentucky (Anderson County near Glensboro)
Observation: Bald Eagle was perched on a limb of a sycamore tree overlooking a river.
Distance: Less than 100 Yards

On November 29, 2008 we were traveling in Anderson County on Glensboro Road (Hwy 44) perhaps a mile or so east of Glensboro. At this point the highway follows what I assume is the salt river, though I am not sure. It was mid day when one of the passengers spotted a bald eagle perched on a limb over the river. We stopped the car and observed the bird for several minutes. We were able to take a picture though we were not too close.
Ralph Chowning
Today we saw an adult bald eagle in Hart County, Kentucky, on Route 728, about 3.5 miles west of Bonnieville. It's the first one we've ever seen.
Paul Pfarr and Justice Valentine
There is a pair of bald eagles in Boston KY around the knobs. They have been sighted by several people who live in that area. The Dept of Fish and Wildlife verify their presence. I have not personally seen them yet but I am on a mission. It is my life long dream to see just one, a pair would be incredible beyond words. My Grandmother who passed away last Oct has told us many times that she saw a bald eagle flying over her property in Lebanon Junction KY also. Boston and Leb. Jct. border each other.
Janice Conner of Boston KY
We live about 6 miles outside of Berea, Ky. and have spotted a Bald Eagle on a lake on our land. We have seen an eagle in the winter on Owsley Fork Reservoir but this is the first time we have seen one on our lake (Jackson Hollow Reservoir) which is 5 miles away.
Kelly Ambrose
Today I saw a Bald Eagle flying over the Ohio River at Otter Creek in Meade Co., Kentucky. It made many passes. I was in awe. This was the first time I've ever seen one out of captivity.
Randy Arnold
Radcliff, KY
i saw 2 molting bald eagles,jan 14, 2008 at long bow marina in menifee county kentucky, they flew in and landed on an old road bed that is visible during winter pool, stayed in sight about 30 minutes, then they both flew away slowly playing in the air and turning upside down and falling as they played, 2 more adult eagles were spotted in the same spot earlier in the year, although i didnt see them
Richard Murphy
I'm very please to report several recent sighting of a bald eagle at Craig's Creek, close to Warsaw Kentucky, and Markland dam vicinity, Craig's Creek is a 1000 acre tributary off of the Ohio river, the eagle appeared to have about a 4-5ft wingspan, and was very majestic and after several attempts to photograph the bird, I have almost given up, very difficult to get within 500ft.
Stephanie Jackson
I saw a bald eagle fly across in front of my car and land on a railroad track on November 16.2007. It was spotted in Krypton Kentucky.
Joanne Johnson
At approx noon today, Nov 6, 2007 my wife and I saw an adult Bald Eagle flying over a Floyds Fork bridge near the intersection of Echo Trail and S. English Station Road in Jefferson County Kentucky (38 11' 59.12" N and 85 28' 33.17" W). It flew about 15' over the front of the car so there was no doubt it was a Bald Eagle. His destination may have been a small dead raccoon in the road just prior to the bridge. We watched it light in three different trees then soar off out of sight to the north (it may have been joined by a mate but without binoculars, I couldn't really tell).
Charley Boatman
Fisherville, KY
Today I was driving north on 31W in West Point KY and I saw two bald eagles.
Donna Larson
My son and I saw a adult Bald Eagle 02/05/07 setting in a tree on the Ohio river in Westpoint Kentucky. Only 5 miles from Louisville. It was the first time we ever saw one out of captivity. This bird was beautiful.
Ronnie Rudolph
Bald eagles are easily observed in the Land between the Lakes region of western Kentucky. Eagle-watching tours and informational pamphlets are available at the visitor's center--Courtesy of Gina Bergner
On Saturday 03-13-04 in the late morning hours I observed one bald eagle fly over my home residence from a wooded area in the back of our property. At first I thought the bird of prey to be another breed until I observed the white head and neck as the bird flew over. Until Saturday, I was unaware of any bald eagles being in the region of the Ohio River Valley. I live in the general area of Louisville, Ky. Courtesy of Mr.Gary Huffman  
I would like to let people know that I saw a pair of bald eagles with two young birds that are flying. I live in Kentucky and I found them on the Ohio river. I am a fisherman and I saw them today. 7/2/04 Courtesy of Chris Fendley
I saw a bald eagle sitting in the top of a dead tree overlooking a small pond near Elizabethtown, in Hardin County, KY on 12/15/04. This is the only bald eagle that I have seen in the wild. It was magnificent. Courtesy of Bill Whitlock
December 21, 2004, Logan County , Kentucky. I was able to personally view an adult American Bald Eagle feasting on a downed White Tail Deer in Northern Logan County, near Lake Malone, approx. 18 mile north of Russellville, Ky. Courtesy of  Morris Bowman, Bowling Green, Ky.
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