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St. Rose Louisiana
Spotted a bald eagle perched in a tree of I10/ 310 interstate near my house.
Belinda Battistella
Just saw a bald eagle sitting on top of a utility pole about 5 miles south of the Coushatta Casino, Kinner, LA on US 165.
Garry and Judy Newton
Just spotted a bald eagle flying around river road in St. Rose, Louisiana.
B Battistella
Saw a bald eagle flying northward overhead this afternoon. Location is Woodridge subdivision, off Hwy 22 between Madisonville and Mandeville. This part of the neighborhood borders on swampy pine scrub and marsh towards the south, then Lake Pontchartrain. Eagle was probably flying from this swampy region near the lake?
Jonathan Rotondo-McCord
Mandeville, LA 70471
On 12/24/2014, I spotted a bald eagle perched in a sycamore tree about half a mile north of the Lauberge Casino on the River Road heading south from Baton Rouge. It was on the river side of the levee.
Richard Chauvin, Jr.
I saw a bald eagle In New Orleans around noon 12/9/2014 flying high on thermals. I was at the intersection of Broadway and Earhart waiting for the traffic light to change when I spotted him. I pulled over to a safe parking spot and watched for about ten minutes as the eagle flew around in circles above me.
J. Kopfler
Two bald eagles circling over elementary school near west metairie ave and release st in metairie Louisiana. About 60 3rd graders were able to see them.
G Zemog
I have seeing 2 adult bald eagles flying over Alexandria and Pineville, Louisiana where there are lake and Red River since first sighted on September 24, 2014. Last year December, I saw young, juvenile and adults bald eagles flying over same area as this year.
Wanda Miller
We are shooting a TV show in lower St Bernard, La on Bayou Road and have seen one large bald eagle for the past two days, hovering above our set.
Preston Trahan
February 14 & 15, 2014
I spotted a bald eagle yesterday, February 7, 2014, first on the ground close to the water...Longlake in South Shreveport. It was very cold with snow and sleet earlier. The eagle was startled and flew back toward our house then West. There were many heron, snowy egrets and cormorants feeding at the time. About 15 minutes later, the eagle flew back over heading east.
Mary Ellen Jayroe
2/6/2014 eagle was sighted in new Iberia Louisiana flying down the bayou teche over the lewis street bridge. This is about 1 mile from last sighting a week ago on 1/28/2014.
K Guillory
01/28/14, late afternoon, New Iberia, Louisiana, extremely cold and sleeting-bald eagle sighted directly behind Iberia Medical Center gliding above Bayou Teche.
B. Boyer
I spotted a bald eagle at dusk this evening in a swamp island near the Tchfuncte River on Del Oaks Dr.(Del Oaks Subdivision), Madisonville, LA. I live across the street from this location.
John Kennedy
I spotted one sitting in a tree as I was merging south onto Hwy 71 from I 49 near Alexandria, LA.
Tanya Lueder
Driving south of I49, on to highway 71 just south of Alexandria I noticed a bald eagle about 50 feet above the highway, as I looked back in my mirror to note where it was heading, I noticed another much larger bald eagle soar across the trees behind it! An Awesome sight indeed, as I have never seen one around here in 23 years. I am located in Rapides Parish, Alexandria, Louisiana
M Pearice
On Saturday, December 28, 2013, I spotted a bald eagle about 50 feet south of Highway 190, a quarter of a mile East of Kinder. The eagle was in a small puddle and did not seem to mind the passing traffic. After taking several pictures, I decided to get my mother and show her. She lives in Kinder also. By the time we reached the area again the eagle was gone. But I spotted it in a nearby tree about 75 feet from the highway. It was perched midway in a large oak that stood alone in the field. The eagle was quite large.
Carolyn Manuel
Driving on Highway 90 near the Amelia Bridge on Dec 21 we saw an eagle soaring above.
Courtney Lebouef
Bald Eagle sited Wed. Dec. 18, 2013 in Houma Louisiana just off Coteau Road in the tree at: 29.617481, -90.684371.
Mark Robson
I am an amateur birder that loves birds of prey. My family and I visited the New Orleans, Louisiana area during late November and spotted two bald eagles both of which were about half an hour away from the city. The first was a largish adult that we spotted over I-310 South driving towards Laura Plantation at around 8:45 am. The second one was an immature Bald Eagle that we saw flying over us at close proximity at Barataria National Preserve. This was around 10:00 am. The sightings were on November 29th and 30th, respectively. Having never seen any species of eagle, seeing two bald eagles in two days was amazing.
Gautam Iyer
Lake St. John, Concordia Parish, Louisiana, Nov. 25th, 2013, 0733 CST
Melissa Morrison
I spotted a bald eagle on Sunday October 27, 2013 at approximately 10 am in Kolin, La, about 5 miles south of Pineville, La on J A Whelan Road. I saw it on the ground and it flew off as my vehicle approached. It then flew app 150 feet into the edge of the woods just off of the road.
George Lamartiniere
Black Bayou Reservoir Area
Benton, La 71006
9/15/2013 approximately 7:30am
David Russell Doyal
West Monroe, Louisiana 9/14/2013…just flying above our garage sale off of Trenton Street.=
Molly Schermerhorn
My parents live on the amite river diversion canal and spotted a bald eagle at the top of a tree in a lot across the street in St Amant La.!
Lisa Primeaux
one eagle seen two different occasions in february soaring over francos sport club on highway 22 in mandeville, la. one seen yesterday, feb 15, flying over interstate 12, east of highway 1088.
Scott White
Saw a Bald Eagle yesterday, February 4, 2013 just south of the Black River Lock and Dam on the Concordia Parish side of the Black River. It was perched overlooking a crowd of White Pelicans (about 400) about an hour before sunset.
Modie Mascagni
Vidalia, La/Natchez, Ms
Louisiana. February 2, 2013
Was driving along Highway 90 in St. Charles Parish between Des allemand and Paradis when I saw a latge raptor circling in the distance. Initially thought it was a vulture, but as I got closer I could see the distinct white head and tail feathers. The eagle was circling around an open field for atkeast 10 min. I knew there were nests in South Louisiana, buy this was my first siting in the wild. Exciting, hope to spot more.

Murthy Muthmuswamy
A Bald Eagle flew over my work today. He was very low, approx. 40 feet up. Made 5 or 6 small circles looking at us. He was low enough to see him look at all 5 of us in the yard. I have seen many species of birds there, KingFishers, Swallow-Tailed Kites, Red-Tailed Hawks but never in my 7 years, a Bald Eagle. This has to be a good sign for their numbers in Louisiana.
Sighting location: Mandeville, La. 70471
Gary Meade
We have a 17 acre lake in front of our home in Denham Springs, LA (Livingston Parish). It attracts ducks, geese and evidently a bald eagle, spotted this morning. It sat for a few minutes, long enough for me to grab my camera and snap a pic!! We've lived here almost 7 years and its the first time to see one. Very exciting!!
Hollie Price
January 21, 2013 (Inauguration Day!): I spotted a bald eagle high in a tree along Highway 171 between Anacoco and Many. It was so large, we could see it a mile away, only we were much closer when we realized we were looking at an eagle and not a very large hawk or buzzard. We felt so privileged to actually spot one, since they are so rare in this area, especially a mature eagle with it's white "crown".
Teresa Hunt
I had bald eagle land in a tree about 75 yards from my deer stand on 1/12/13. It was carrying part of a small animal carcass and stayed in the tree only a minute or so before flying off. The lease is in Iberville Parish near Plaquemine, LA about 3 miles south of LA Highway 75.
Randall Jones
12/21/2012 2:01 pm Flying low over Southland Mall area, Houma, LA
Jim Guidry
My husband and I saw a bald eagle flying in New Iberia, Louisiana. It was actually in town near Main street, flying over the Bayou Teche.
Lacey Fontenot
November 11, 2012 I saw a Bald Eagle soaring above my home in Alton,La just south of Pearl River.
This morning November 14, 2012 it was back again..I could hear it's screech as I watched it circle the area. What an amazing sight to behold!!
B Broom
Spotted a bald eagle flying on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain noon today - flying low along the levee.
Barbara Hebert=
November 2, 2012 in the early morning I spotted a Bald Eagle sitting in a large Oak tree at the back of My property. It had caught a large Nutria and was eating it there. It stayed for several hours eating.
It left and returned to the same tree and limb several times during the next 3 days. I was able to view it with my telescope on several occasions. I live less than 3 miles due north of lake Ramsey where the other sighting was reported. I have not seen it return for two or three days now.
Bill Harris
Folsom, La. Off Bennett Bridge Road
I was sitting on my deck outside when a bald eagle flew right over my house the next morning I saw one again what a beautiful sight the sighting was the lake ramsey area in covington 10/18/12
Julie vitari
While sitting on my porch near Morgan City, LA. on 10/13/12, I heard this loud screeching noise, and as I looked up into my pine tree, there they were. A male and a female Bald Eagle. Just pretty as can be perched high atop my pine tree in the front yard. I sat and watched them until sunset, just cleaning themselves, scratching and making the most unbelievable sounds. To see them that close up was amazing.
Rhonda Wade
On the morning of September 12, 2012, I spotted a bald eagle hunting for fish along the Lake Ponchartrain levee in Metairie, LA. Coordinates of the sighting were 30.021286,-90.166683, but as there are no suitable nesting sights nearby (a suburban neighborhood with few tall trees abuts the levee), I suspect this visitor was just passing through.
Darryl Roy
On Feb. 21st around 11 am I spotted a bald Eagle flying in North Lake Charles by Goos Blvd. I had a friend in the car who saw it also. It was really great to see one. I had not seen an eagle in over 17 plus years.
Matthew Hardy
While traveling LA 1 coming from Alexandria, on January 28, 2012, I sighted a bald eagle flying along side the Morganza Spillway. At the time I just thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But after a quick seach online I found this sight. I had no idea we had bald eagles in Louisiana. Very beautiful creatures, I plan to go back to the Spillway when I have more time to spare.
Sarah Johnson Ballard
I observed and photographed a bald eagle January 16 2012 in Fountainbleu State Park, Mandeville, Louisiana. My first time seeing one, needless to say, I was awestruck!
Tony Nicholas
On Dec.12, 2011 on my way home from work, driving north on the WPA road between Whiteville and Morrow, LA (near Bunkie LA) I saw two bald eagles soaring overhead. It was an awesome sight!
Barbara Maddie
Saturday, 11/26/11 about 12:15PM, Metairie, LA. Driving behind St. Edward, on Park Dr at Field Ave, a beautiful bald eagle was circling low over the intersection. In shock we stopped to watch, it went up and we lost it in trees. While making a U turn to go back we saw it swoop down and snatch something out of the street = possibly a squirrel = before it went back up heading toward St. Edward. We don't recall seeing anything lying in the street when we first drove up, however we were looking up at the eagle, not down at the street. We drove around checking the trees in the area around the school & across the canal but could not find it dining on lunch. We wondered if it may have ended up somewhere on the flat roof of the school or flown off. An awesome & very unexpected sighting.
Patricia and Paul Waidhas
While traveling on US 90 between Morgan City and Amelia on Sunday November, 20, 2011, I saw 3 adult bald eagles hovering to land in a tree right next to the interstate. 2 of them landed in the tree and the 3rd continued to hover as I passed by. About a half mile down I saw another lone bald eagle sitting in a tree next the the interstate.
Kim Bayard
Spotted a lone bald eagle flying over the parking lot of a small shopping in Arcadia Louisiana in North Louisiana on November 19, 2011.
Keith Beard
Bald eagle sighted 10-30-11 at 10:35am along airline highway in front of the New Woman's hospital in the only tree without leaves.
Christy Grote
Prairieville LA
This morning on my way to work, 10/27/2011, the car in front on me came to sudden stop at what appeared to be a buzzard walking into the street. The person beeped their horn, and the bird walked off the road into the grass. While I was still at a complete stop, I observed the bird and realized it was a bald eagle!!! He was huge! The wing span appeared to be at least 4 feet. He flew off back into the trees onto a branch. I was so shocked to have seen this bird so close to home!! This sighting was in waggaman, LA. Still amazed!!!
Laura Hebert
Bald Eagle Sighting 10/24/2011 Over South Bossier Equipment, Hwy 527, TaylorTown Louisiana (5 miles south of Bossier City)- between 10am and 12:00 noon. It glided right over us about 200 feet high, it was the size on a buzzard. COOL.
John Mostowski
10/20/2011 - 2 Bald Eagles were laying down in my front yard with their wings laid over each other. I assume they had just finished mating. They stayed there long enough for me to take a picture of them.
Jo Lato, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.
I live in rural north Covington,Louisiana off of Hwy 437, about 9 miles south of Enon. Today is Feb. 5,2011. I spotted a Bald Eagle flying around my 1 acre pond around 10:00 this morning. Never seen a eagle before. Quite excited to see it.If it returns I will keep this site posted. Maybe it will bring it's mate back and nest this spring. I suppose it was looking for fish in our pond??That didn't make my husband happy,but the sight of an eagle trumps his fish in the pond.
Barbara Grannan
While taking nature photos this January, 2011 in the Fountainbleau State Park, I spotted a pair of bald eagles high up in the tallest pine tree. I hiked about 20 yds from the tree and set up my tripod and snapped away. They probably saw me before I even saw them, as I noted they went about their business, but kept an eye on me; otherwise, they paid me no attention. I watched them for half an hour and in that time they flew to another high pine perch. When I left them, they were still perched, looking as regal as ever. I returned two days later and they were still in the same vicinity.
I spotted two bald eagles in southwest Louisiana. North of Moss Bluff on HWY 171. I'm used to seeing hawks in this area, but when they flew closer to my truck I realized what they were. Such a big and beautiful creature. They looked like they were playing with each other almost.
James Viney, 1/10/2011
Today is January 8, 2011, 3:50 p.m.
Temperature is 62 degrees with clear, blue skies and bright sunshine.
There is a very large bald eagle perched in a tree just looking around; seems to be sunning itself. I have snapped several pics of it. This is the first one that I have seen in Livingston, Louisiana! I am so pleased to have seen it.
Bennie Bowling
I saw a female bald eagle today in Maurepas, Louisiana.. She was huge. I have only seen bald eagles in zoo's and when I am in the Northwest. This was the first time I have seen one this far south and in the wilds of Louisiana. I know they must be making a good come back to find them here.
Jason Fontenot
Sunday December 5, 2010 near the corner of US 61 and La 3140 south of Sorrento, La. There was a single male Bald Eagle scavenging road kill or something in the right of way. Was heading south on US 61 when I saw him. He headed into the swamp and marsh on the north side of US 61 when disturbed by traffic.
Russel Madere, Jr., Gonzales, La
I saw two Bald Eagles on Nov 23, 2010 in Gold Dust, Louisiana . One was an adult and the other was a juvenile. They were circling flooded fields that are used for duck hunting. I don't know if they are responding to the sight of new open water in hopes of catching fish or if they are patrolling for downed ducks like the hawks of the area have learned to do.
Dustin Aguillard
Lone bald eagle circling over backyard Tulane Dr Kenner, Louisiana 10:30 am Oct 4, 2010. Beautiful! Circled west back towards the marsh.
Johnson Family
In Shreveport, LA, 2/12/10, morning of big snow. My husband and I spotted one flying over our backyard in Lakeside on Long Lake.
Darrell Jobe
This is my forth sighting on Cotile Lake in North West Rapides Parish near Alexandria, La. On February 10 2010 a lone eagle flew over the tree tops in my back yard on Cotile Lake. I was glad to see they are still here. Last sightings were Oct 2007 Dec. 2008 and Jan. 2009. I have seen a total of 3 separate eagles.
Keith Beard
Kenner Louisiana in the Driftwood neighborhood, Feb 5th at 7am
Melinda Dahmer
Saw and took pictures of a Bald Eagle in New Orleans City Park on Saturday January 23, 2010. Great sight to see. Walked right under it as it sat in an oak tree.
George Koch
I work nights in a labor and delivery at a New Orleans, la local hospital. While I love my job sometimes it is not always the happiest. This particular morning I was driving home to St. Rose on I-310 and saw a huge bird basking in the morning sun atop a cypress tree in the swamp near the end of an airport runway. I had a heavy heart but was immediately uplifted by what could only be a glorious bald eagle. I did not even know we had any here until I visited this sight. I wished I could have snapped a photo but the vision is one I will never forget...a sign of hope.
Jamie L. Morel
I saw two bald eagles on Hwy 61 while driving on the Bonnet Carre Spillway bridge, about 1 mile west of Norco, La. on Jan 14, 2010, about 8: am. They were in flight. I also saw one on state hwy 3125 on the shoulder of the road next to a sugarcane field, about 3-1/2 miles west of Hwy 642 on Jan 7, 2010 at about 7:30 am. This is near Grand Point, La.
John Grey
I saw a Bald Eagle land on a canal bank on Black Bayou Rd. near my home in Gonzales, LA at Christmas time. I was amazed. I have lived in the same house in Ascension Parish for 25 years and have never seen a Bald Eagle in the parish (although I know some do make their home here). I have seen them on the Lake Ponchartrain on the way to New Orleans but not near my home. As excited as I was I am wondering why this is the first sighting in 25 years. I thought maybe the extreme weather we had in December (around 25 inches of rain) with all areas of the parish experiencing flooding had caused this bird to move from his home. Bald Eagles have previously been sighted at Alligator Bayou but since that habitat has been changed with the recent damming I wonder if the eagles that call that area home have been forced to move. Whatever the reason I would be thrilled to see eagles nest in this area so I continue to be on the lookout. They are majestic birds and it was a real thrill to see this bird soar in and land right on the canal.
Julie H- Gonzales, Louisiana
1/06/2010 Right on the New Orleans riverfront near the Crescent City Connection.
Scott Moseley
Have been watching the eagle sightings for several years now. Traveling to Gonzales 1/2/10 around 9:30am---about 1 mile before the second Laplace exit we sighted a Bald Eagle leisurely soaring over the interstate. Awesome sight!
Patti Gilthorpe
This past Sunday 12/20/09, my nephew and I were duck hunting in the Maurepas Swamp WMA Between Laplace and Manchac, La. The water was about 3 feet higher than normal from all the rainfall last week, which allowed us to motor the lake skiff about a mile back into the cypress swamp. While waiting for ducks to come in, we heard a loud crashing and bashing of limbs and branches above. I first thought was this is a little early for Saint Nick. To my surprise an adult bald eagle came through the canopy of cypress and tupelo gum trees all the way down to the water. The eagle swooped down, grabbed something and then flew back to the top of a large tree and looked down at us. We were completely camouflaged for duck hunting and didn't move at all, but once he spotted us, the show was over, and he flew off in a southerly direction towards I-10. I know there are nests along the interstate there and sometimes you can see the eagles, but I'll never forget having this one come down within 20 feet of us! Almost as good as seeing old Santa himself!
Charlie Cahill
Port Vincent, La.As I was making a carrot cake to bring to my mom's for Thanksgiving, from my kitchen window I saw a bald eagle perched on the top of the levee right near my home in Metairie, Louisiana (near Cleary Ave and Lake Pontchartrain.) It was an awesome sight! The date was November, 25, 2009!
Shelly Sketchler
I saw a bald eagle this morning, 11/3/09, @ 6:30 am on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. It was sitting atop a light pole on Lakeshore Drive. I saw one about a month ago on Bayou St. John in New Orleans but I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me since they are unheard of in the city.
Bill Donoghue
While playing golf at Chateau Country Club (Kenner, LA) on Halloween, Oct 31, 2009, we were surprised to see a bald eagle swoop down on the fairway just yards in front of us.
We continued to watch as it made several swoops down over a pond, appearing to be going after either a fish or some ducks. We watched as it flew overhead for nearly 5 minutes before flying away in a Southerly direction.
Tony Schembre
I came to this sight to see if anyone else witnessed what I 'thought' I had seen. Sure enough it doesn't seem that I am crazy at all.

This past Friday, 10/30/2009, at approximately 3:00 p.m. I was driving east on I10 heading to the New Orleans airport. As I was initially crossing over Lake Ponchartrain I saw a low flying enormous something or other. I managed to slow down and strain my head long enough to see the tell-tell white head. I was on the phone with my Mother and loudly squealed I just saw a Bald Eagle down here!!'

I am thrilled as he/she was my second ever sighting of a Bald Eagle in the wild. I live in the Midwest and actually saw four more this weekend but this was a first for me down south!
October 10, 2009. I saw a lone bald eagle on our land in Louisiana on the Red River by the Poland Community on Hwy 457. It landed in a pecan tree about 200 yards from me across a pond.
Jerry White
I spotted a bald eagle between rayne and Crowley at 9:30 am 2/16/09 about 1 mile south of la hwy 90 in Louisiana.
randy leger
I live on Cotile Lake in Central Louisiana 17 miles west of Alexandria, LA. On Christmas Eve this past year 12-24-08, I saw an Eagle in my back yard. It came down and picked a young gray cat squirrel out of a nest in a hickory tree. A few minutes later (2) more flew through the trees very low. My only other sighting was in October of 2007 I saw one in the top of a dead cypress tree on the lake. I had witnesses on both sightings. I have lived on this lake for 20 years and these were my first eagle sightings. We also have osprey, but I know the difference.
Keith Beard Cotile Lake La.
I thought that I had seen a high flying bald eagle about two years ago while playing golf at English Turn CC, slightly down river from New Orleans. I got the close up thrill at the same location 11/21. As my group approached the fifth tee I alerted them with " hey, is that a bald eagle?" It gave us a glorious confirmation by slowly circling down low and within 100 yards of us. It swooped to near the lake's edge and dropped something. Later it appeared to be circling with a mate as it moved away.
Dave DJ Johnson
Hello, I am Caolyn Gray from NorthWest Louisiana. On Nov. 3, 2008 while visiting my mother in Oil City, LA, my mother and I were on our way out to Gilliam, LA where she & my Dad are building a log home. We were on Mt. Gilead road and right before it turns into Mailbox road, we came upon what we thought was a buzzard eating road kill (there is no shortage of roadkill up in this neck of the woods). As we got closer, I leaned up and at the same time, my mother and I said,"Is that an Eagle?" At that time, I saw it's white head and then it took flight and we could see the white tips on her feathers and her white head. She soared up and over to a nearby tall pine tree and perched. She watched us drive out of her sight. My mother and I were in awe of such a wonderful sight as neither one of us were aware that Louisiana had Bald Eagles. Wow!

Now again just a few weeks later, my mom, my sister and me were on our way to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a mother-daughter NO Kitchen Cooking or Cleaning Thanksgiving when we were blessed with ANOTHER Eagle sighting!! I saw two birds circling over the valley in the Ozark Mountains on Hwy 23 heading North. I just thought they were Buzzards. So when my sister pulled over at a lookout point for our Mom to take a picture of us, we heard a bird screeching, like an Eagle but we didn't see anything. After loading back up and going around a few curves, sure enough-there were two large Eagles circling the valley but they weren't alone, there was a third Eagle only it was a much smaller Eagle, maybe a young/baby Eagle!! We were estatic!! Well, we watched over the valley as we rounded mountains and curves encircling the same valley. Then, all of sudden, one of the Eagles soared right over our hood in front of us!!!! We could see it plain as day less than 3-4 feet in front of us with it's wings spread open and showing us his magnificant wing span! It was AWESOME! Since I have never seen Eagles in the wild before and now having seen so many in less than a month, I feel like something or someone is trying to tell me something!!!
on monday 10 /20/08 approx 2pm i watched a lone bald eagle soaring just north of I-10 near the I-55 intersection ,MAGNIFICENT, my first eagle sighting in my home state
Chris Montero
Metairie, LA around Power Blvd.
Saw a bald eagle sitting in one of the pine trees in my backyard this morning. He was being pestered by the big black birds. He sat for a good 25 minutes before he flew off to the street behind us. It was beautiful. My boyfriend got about 30 seconds of video footage. I am so excited.
Diana R. Gulotta
I live in Metairie, Louisiana we spotted an eagle today in a tree at the end of our street. I was amased to see an eagle, we are a metro area of new oleans heavily populated.
David Mitchell Jr. Metairie, LA
My wife and I spotted a lone bald eagle near the intersection of I12 and I55 in Hammond today, March 4, 2008. It was soaring above a small lake on the south side of I12. This is the first time I have see an eagle in the wild in Louisiana. Lived here all my life. What a wonderful sight!
Chris Rust
I live in Thibodaux, Louisiana. I frequently see two Bald Eagles in the Sugar Cane Fields near my home.
Matthew Gauthier
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