Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Saw a bald eagle perched in tree on the side of Highway 136 just north of Fairbanks, La. on Feb. 3, 2019 8:15AM.
Danny Clay

My son and husband and I were headed to my grandma's on means lake in Harrisonburg Louisiana. The back water was up, we couldn't get there. We saw a beautiful eagle on side of a field in dry land . It stayed a while then flew to tree tops. We got pics. The best thing ever.
Weston , Gail and Caleb Bass. We now live in ball Louisiana

L Robideaux wrote the following: I see bald eagles almost daily circling and soaring above our neighborhood. I have seen up to six at a time. Much larger than hawks we see circling above. Must be around Tupawek Bayou or Ouachita River near our home.

Sara Wilson wrote the following: I saw one circling almost at eye level as I was driving on hwy 90 around Baldwin, LA. I've never seen one in real life before and he flew so close I could see him perfectly. Bright white head, orange beak. It was so majestic. I cried

Katie Schaefer wrote the following: I spotted a bald eagle flying over Lake Rosemound in St. Francisville, LA on Monday February 1, 2016 at 4:00 pm. It circled a few times and landed in a tall dead tree, rested a few minutes, and flew away again.

Jeff Williams wrote the following: I saw a. Bald Eagle soaring over the Mandeville City Hall 1/21/16. This is between the East Causeway Approach and 190. Mandeville, Louisiana.

Suzanne Cannon wrote the following: Very large male bald eagle flew 50 feet from house today Jan.13 2016.address is 9492 kimball road Livonia Louisiana.i have been feeding birds from feeders in backyard for years and have seen Hawks,but this eagle was larger than any I have ever seen in zoos.appeared very healthy.will try to photograph.have been hearing distinctive calls for last week befor sighting.

Katherine Tait wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle flying low across Highway 90 in Morgan City, Louisiana on 12/28/2015 at around 5:15pm.

Jimr OliveR wrote the following: Saw one bald eagle on lake Powell in slidell, la

Ken Gremillion wrote the following: I have often seen a single Bald Eagle while traveling I-49 just south of Alexandria, Louisiana near the crossing of LA167 at Clearwater. I've never seen more than one there.

Alexandria Credeur wrote the following: I was parked on the Creole Nature Trail observing alligators off Highway 27 just north Little Chenier and I spotted a bald eagle perched in a cypress tree. As an egret flew by, it startled the eagle and it took off south towards Cameron, LA.

St. Rose Louisiana
Spotted a bald eagle perched in a tree of I10/ 310 interstate near my house.
Belinda Battistella

Just saw a bald eagle sitting on top of a utility pole about 5 miles south of the Coushatta Casino, Kinner, LA on US 165.
Garry and Judy Newton

Just spotted a bald eagle flying around river road in St. Rose, Louisiana.
B Battistella

Saw a bald eagle flying northward overhead this afternoon. Location is Woodridge subdivision, off Hwy 22 between Madisonville and Mandeville. This part of the neighborhood borders on swampy pine scrub and marsh towards the south, then Lake Pontchartrain. Eagle was probably flying from this swampy region near the lake?
Jonathan Rotondo-McCord
Mandeville, LA 70471

On 12/24/2014, I spotted a bald eagle perched in a sycamore tree about half a mile north of the Lauberge Casino on the River Road heading south from Baton Rouge. It was on the river side of the levee.
Richard Chauvin, Jr.

I saw a bald eagle In New Orleans around noon 12/9/2014 flying high on thermals. I was at the intersection of Broadway and Earhart waiting for the traffic light to change when I spotted him. I pulled over to a safe parking spot and watched for about ten minutes as the eagle flew around in circles above me.
J. Kopfler

Two bald eagles circling over elementary school near west metairie ave and release st in metairie Louisiana. About 60 3rd graders were able to see them.
G Zemog

I have seeing 2 adult bald eagles flying over Alexandria and Pineville, Louisiana where there are lake and Red River since first sighted on September 24, 2014. Last year December, I saw young, juvenile and adults bald eagles flying over same area as this year.
Wanda Miller

We are shooting a TV show in lower St Bernard, La on Bayou Road and have seen one large bald eagle for the past two days, hovering above our set.
Preston Trahan
February 14 & 15, 2014

I spotted a bald eagle yesterday, February 7, 2014, first on the ground close to the water...Longlake in South Shreveport. It was very cold with snow and sleet earlier. The eagle was startled and flew back toward our house then West. There were many heron, snowy egrets and cormorants feeding at the time. About 15 minutes later, the eagle flew back over heading east.
Mary Ellen Jayroe

2/6/2014 eagle was sighted in new Iberia Louisiana flying down the bayou teche over the lewis street bridge. This is about 1 mile from last sighting a week ago on 1/28/2014.
K Guillory

01/28/14, late afternoon, New Iberia, Louisiana, extremely cold and sleeting-bald eagle sighted directly behind Iberia Medical Center gliding above Bayou Teche.
B. Boyer

I spotted a bald eagle at dusk this evening in a swamp island near the Tchfuncte River on Del Oaks Dr.(Del Oaks Subdivision), Madisonville, LA. I live across the street from this location.
John Kennedy

I spotted one sitting in a tree as I was merging south onto Hwy 71 from I 49 near Alexandria, LA.
Tanya Lueder

Driving south of I49, on to highway 71 just south of Alexandria I noticed a bald eagle about 50 feet above the highway, as I looked back in my mirror to note where it was heading, I noticed another much larger bald eagle soar across the trees behind it! An Awesome sight indeed, as I have never seen one around here in 23 years. I am located in Rapides Parish, Alexandria, Louisiana
M Pearice

On Saturday, December 28, 2013, I spotted a bald eagle about 50 feet south of Highway 190, a quarter of a mile East of Kinder. The eagle was in a small puddle and did not seem to mind the passing traffic. After taking several pictures, I decided to get my mother and show her. She lives in Kinder also. By the time we reached the area again the eagle was gone. But I spotted it in a nearby tree about 75 feet from the highway. It was perched midway in a large oak that stood alone in the field. The eagle was quite large.
Carolyn Manuel

Driving on Highway 90 near the Amelia Bridge on Dec 21 we saw an eagle soaring above.
Courtney Lebouef

Bald Eagle sited Wed. Dec. 18, 2013 in Houma Louisiana just off Coteau Road in the tree at: 29.617481, -90.684371.
Mark Robson

I am an amateur birder that loves birds of prey. My family and I visited the New Orleans, Louisiana area during late November and spotted two bald eagles both of which were about half an hour away from the city. The first was a largish adult that we spotted over I-310 South driving towards Laura Plantation at around 8:45 am. The second one was an immature Bald Eagle that we saw flying over us at close proximity at Barataria National Preserve. This was around 10:00 am. The sightings were on November 29th and 30th, respectively. Having never seen any species of eagle, seeing two bald eagles in two days was amazing.
Gautam Iyer

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