Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Wednesday February 13th 2019 8:20am:
Nagog Hill road Littleton MA heading from Acton Center past Fort Pond rd. and before Sarah Doublet rd. Saw it fly from the reservoir and land in the field by the white house on the left halfway up the hill.
Joe Nelson

February 4, 2019 around 1pm Dedham, MA saw a beautiful bald eagle fly over Rt 109 where it crosses the Charles River near Fuller St. Very exciting after the Pat's win!
Tracey Reid

On February 3rd, 2019, we drove Nonantum Rd from Brighton to Watertown. At about 3:45 pm, I saw a bald eagle sitting on the ice patch in the river, looking down at the water. It was somewhere between Brooks street and Watertown Yard, close to Newton Yacht Club. Pity we could not stop! Very beautiful bird and so close to people.
Karina Beeman

I just wanted to let you know I seen an Black with white head and tail that I believe to be a Bald Eagle around 930am on Dec 26th 2018 over the Charles River near Fresh Pond.
I also see them frequently now over Melrose heading toward Spot Pond area with the most recent being Dec 23rd 2018
Patrick Mattuchio

Sighting Date: Feb 10, 2017 @ about 1:00 PM
Sighting Location: Dedham. Massachusetts
Yesterday, on the way home from Costco in Dedham, I was driving north on Route 1, and just when I was passing the Sears Mall, where Mother Brook breaks off from the Charles River, I see a large bird soaring low over the Charles. Another quick glance and I see its white tail feathers. I've see Bald Eagles at Millennium Park in West Roxbury before, but not over this section of the river.
Jim Meaney
West Roxbury, MA

Near the North Adams/Williamstown border , when pulling out of the stop and shop on RT 2 on the north side of the road a single Bald Eagle, in the trees directly across the street from Stop and Shop
Brian Keyes

Saw a mature bald eagle eating a recently captured rodent in our back yard on the Charles River by Elm Bank at 7am this morning. He was there for 20 mins and then flew over our house towards South Natick dam. Very large wing span. Unreal site!
Justin Dziama

On 03Jan2018, spotted a pair of bald eagles, on the middle of the Charles River, looking for food (day before the big storm).
Location was in Brighton, between Community Rowing and the Yacht Club. About 3:30PM, they were still there when I drove by about 20 minutes later. Absolutely amazing.
Marilyn Negron

Date: Jan. 1, 2018 saw a low flying mature bald eagle near the junction of Rt. 131 and Rt. 15 in Sturbridge, MA near the Town Hall. It was the second sighting of an eagle around the Rt. 15 area in the past few months. It was flying approx. 30 feet above the road and I could see its eye and white head and tail. It was indeed an exciting site to see.
Lisa Mooradian – Sturbridge, MA

Just drove by Mill River/Pond on Bay str in Taunton & spotted a bald eagle in the tree top, was a big one. 12/31/17 @ 8:45am. Such a beautiful site!!
Laura Rogers

This morning at about 11 AM there were 2 Bald Eagles at Spy Pond trying to catch a small flock of migrating ducks that were contained in a small unfrozen section in the meddle of Spy Pond. Every time one of the eagles swooped down, the ducks would dive and flap frantically. The eagles were huge and the wholite of their tail feathers quite visible. One of them landed on the rather thin ice, but it didn't look like they were successful. I didn't know birds would kill other birds for food.
Linda Stinson

I saw one fly across the road from the Walpole Massachusetts area of Willett Pond towards the Norfolk Agricultural School on December 16 th around 1:00 pm. It was low enough to view distinctive markings of a bald eagle.
What a treat!
Holly Batting

This morning (Thanksgiving) my wife and I took the Highland Ave exit off 129/95S in Mass. It was about 8:45am. Halfway through the winding off ramp there was a bald eagle not 15’ off the ramp. The eagle was slowly walking on the ground and looking around. No doubt as to what it was.. Given the location I slowed but did not stop or take a photo. We were amazed at the magnificent sight. I thought I was back in Alaska.
Bill Tsacoyeanes

Nov 20th 2017. Bald eagle sighted at Mary's pond Rochester. Awesome.
Ronald Moura

Late this afternoon, my husband and I saw a bald eagle circling over the Auburndale section of Newton, Massachusetts, less than a half mile from the Charles River. The very white head and neck, as well as white tail feathers, were unmistakable.
Lois Brown

Bald eagle seen at Fresh Pond Cambridge MA today by Jonathan Millman

Diane and Mike McInnis saw a Bald Eagle at low altitude soaring above a pumpkin field off Neck road in Haverhill, MA on October 28, 2017

Lawrence, MA
River side of Merrimack Street.
Saw a bald eagle flying over the parking lot and river at 280 Merrimack Street. It was cool. Hopefully it'll scare away the seagulls.
Jocelyn Noel

A large bird flew over our backyard on Saturday 10/07/17 and we kept it in eye sight until it landed in a tree at the end of the street. Grabbed a camera with zoom lens, took a few pictures, and saw the distinct white feathers on the head and neck. Truly an impressive animal and surprised to see it in our neighborhood. Location within two miles of the Merrimack River in North Andover MA.
Chris Cummings

Kerri Pagliuca wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle flying in Lynnfield crossing route 1 coming out of Lynnwood reservation heading north. Beautiful site at 7:30 this morning with distinctive white head.

Ken Weller wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle in Haverhill, Massachusetts on February 15, 2017, about 6:50AM. While I was walking on High Street, it flew almost directly overhead, not more than forty feet up. It was so close I could see it's eyes, talons and individual feathers. This was a fully mature bird, very stout with a wingspan likely well over six feet. Spectacular!!

Paul Pagliuca wrote the following: I saw an bald eagle 2:50 PM February 2, 2017 fly over assembly row Somerville near the Starbucks over the route 28 bridge along the river heading north immediately noticed the Whitetail and whitehead the wingspan must've been 7 feet or more in width. Amazing to see one so close to the city of Boston near a river that's connected to saltwater.

Sally De Fazio wrote the following: Cambridge MA, January 17, just after dawn: a bald eagle flew at my eye-level (7th floor) above the Charles River just downstream from the Elliott Bridge, swooped around a bit and settled in a deciduous tree on the Boston shore. He disappeared as I went for my camera, but a few minutes later I saw him fly upstream, going out of sight beyond the bridge.

Esme Barreiro wrote the following: We saw two bald eagles at 1:30pm 1/15/17 by the Chestnut Hill Reservoir by BC in Brighton Massachusetts.The flew in at tree top level, hung out in the top of a pine for about 10 minutes. One flew towards JP. The second stayed in the tree for about ten more minutes and took off towards Newton, MA.

Jared Clinton wrote the following: Spotted 2 bald eagles over the pond at the end of the wollomonopoag.

Erik Domolky wrote the following: Spotted 2 Bald Eagles in Southborough MA. Have pictures.

Lori Blake wrote the following: I am truly fortunate to have seen a bald eagle, as have others in our town mostly observed around the Monponsett lake in HALIFAX, MA. While our lake is in dire straits from the misuse and continuous damming of a neighboring town illegally taking our precious water supply, these beautiful and majestic birds have somehow thrived. It is a great privilege to observe these amazing birds.

John Bangs wrote the following: Sighted a Bald Eagle at tree top level flying over Rt 138 in Canton. Eagle was flying east to west from Blue Hills toward Canton

Steven Cashmore wrote the following: I spotted a bald eagle on 27 November, around 3:45 pm flying east across the water from a tall tree on the western side of Farm Pond in Sherborn, (where Lake Street is closest to the water).

thomas cullen wrote the following: Randolph, MA 02368. 11/25/16 2:30PM. Allen Street.

michael willwerth wrote the following: Saw a bald flying over the parking lot at the Worcester Ecotarium the eagle circled around then landed in the top of a tree by the main entrance by the sundial. The eagle lept out of the tree and circled the zoo a few times. I think it was visiting the hurt eagles that were in a cage outside. I was trying to show my son and he said ya I just saw it in the cage. I said no there is one flying around in the wild. About a dozen people witnessed this with me.

j harrison wrote the following: Today(11/18/16) on the corner of Orange Street and Central street near the Goodyear school in Woburn Ma there was a bald eagle perched atop a broken pine tree for a few hours

Bill McDonald wrote the following: I was driving north on 128/95 in Needham, MA on Sunday, November 12, 2016 at approximately 6:30 a.m. with my son, when I saw a bald eagle flying across 128/95 about 75 feet off the ground heading toward the Cutler Park area. This is no doubt it was a bald eagle as I could clearly see its white head.

Michael Kearnan wrote the following: 10/08/2016 > Bald Eagle Dighton Rock State Park in Berkley, MA along the Taunton. Always on the lookout for a Bald Eagle butt mostly see Ospreys. On this day I watched Osprey fly off then agresively swwoop down toward a tree branch. I got out my binoculars and could see that it was taking a swipe at perched Bald Eagle. The eagle did not even move an inch stayed on the branch long enough to get several pictures. What a great site.

Stephanie Whelan wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle this morning around 8:30AM flying over the lake off Trapelo Road in Lincoln MA near the 95 enterance. It was swooping up and down by the waters edge. It was clear as day, not far from the road and so beautiful to see!

Rachel Berry wrote the following: We saw a bald eagle this afternoon (10/19/2016) at Horn Pond in Woburn MA. It swooped down and seemed to catch something and then flew off into the neighborhood.

Stephen Bennett wrote the following: Although a fleeting glimpse, I think it may have been a bald eagle flying within the trees along the road on Long Pond Road in Great Barrington, Huge bird, mostly black and a white head. Today is October 18, 2016.

Karen Hurvitz wrote the following: Today (Oct 11, 2016), there was a bald eagle circling over my yard next to the Sudbury River where it passes under Rt 117 in Concord MA. It was being followed by a hawk.

Tyler Simpson wrote the following: On 10/7/16 a large bald eagle flew about 15 feet over my car as I waited for the light on route 109 in Dedham next to the VFW parkway. It came from the Cow Island Pond and flew along the Charles River, following the bend of the river. Awesome!

Brittney Carnes wrote the following: I was in Waltham, MA, leaving work last night around 6:45pm and driving down Winter Street towards the Bear Hill Intersection over looking exit 27 on 95 (by the lake) and I looked up and saw a bald eagle flying right above my car !! I pulled over and tried to take a pic but was not quick enough.. However i did hang around for 15 minutes to see if it came back and it did. This time it came from behind me, over my head and heading out over the lake and met up with another large bird that looked similar to it (i was unsure if this bird was also a bald eagle because they had flown to far by this point).

lawson frazier wrote the following: Framingham MA. pair of adult bald eagles flying over my house yesterday. A juvenile crying out from a pine tree in the neighbors yard today

marie gipson wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle fly by my third story window heading south at 7:40 am on 2/14/16 . I have never seen one that close up before and I was just stunned . The eagle was just so magestic.In Beverly , ma.

Christopher Barnett wrote the following: January 31, 2016: saw single eagle, older juvenile or adult, fly across corner of Brattle Street and Fresh Pond Parkway and alight in a tall pine. Bird few off again 5 minutes later, dropping to 20 ft off the ground before flying off towards Charles River (some 500 yds from this spot). Really spectacular to see a bird this size in town like this! Have heard of eagle sightings over the past 2 years in the I-95/Rte 2 (Cambridge reservoir) area, but this is my first.

Sue D'Arcangelo wrote the following: A male bald eagle was outside the library today at a cove along the waterfront where ducks gather. Small birds were dive-bombing the eagle as it circled slowly at the water's edge. The precise location is 44 Jericho Rd, Scituate where the library is temporarily located. Time was 9:30 a.m., Date 2/12/16

Judi Galvin wrote the following: We saw a gorgeous pair of bald eagles flying over Atherton Hough School in Houghs Neck MA at approximately 2:15 this afternoon (2/11/16). The children were out in the school yard and were able to witness this rare and magical sighting. This seaside community is home to several different types of birds of prey and it is fairly common to see osprey - whose nesting platforms are built and maintained by Boy Scout Troop 6 - as well as red tail hawks and turkey vultures. What a breathtaking and awe inspiring moment to see not only one bald eagle but two flying overhead!

Christene Sokol wrote the following: FALL RIVER 2/11/16: North Watuppa Pond- little peninsula that juts out just past the on ramp of 24N coming off of 195W. My sons and I have had the privilege of sightings for the past couple of years, usually in the morning on our way to school. I have even been know to doubled back a few times, despite my kids being marked tardy so we can get another glimpse (because there is no safe place to pull over or access this location ..even by foot. These birds are very shrewd as this body of water is our drinking reservoir and has very restricted access.) Today he/she was basking in the sun at the top of an old pine tree. On Dec 23rd we spotted 2 bald eagles for the first and only time. It is a little miracle when I see them, makes our whole day special.

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