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Just saw a beautiful male eagle watching over an open field in my neighbor's tree. I'm in the Tyringham Valley of Lee, MA in the Berkshires. He kept a vigil for hours. I feel blessed at the sight!
Amelia Galabova
Watched an adult bald eagle sitting on branch over Monponsett Pond in Halifax. Seen today, 2/12/15 between 11am and 2pm. He flew around a large gathering of Canadian Geese, then settled back on his perch above them.
Deb Killeffer
Pembroke, MA
A bald eagle was sighted in a tree across from the beach on Day Blvd in South Boston, Ma. Many of the children in the neighboring school, The Perry, were able to enjoy a quick look at the majestic bird! 9:30 2/12/15
Judy Nee
Newton, Massachusetts
Second Bald Eagle sighting on the Charles River in two weeks, just west of the Watertown Dam at @ 10:00 am. He was active over the limited open waterway just behind American Legion Nonantum Post 440.
Update: 2/11/15 Saw male & female!
Brigitte LaMarche
Bald Eagle sighted flying over Lake Boone dam in Stow MA at 9:00 am. The Eagle circled over a flock of geese floating in the Assabet river side of the dam and then flew off behind a line of trees. What a magnificent creature!
J Picard
Saw mature bald eagle fly over and then land on Lake Sabbatia in Taunton, Mass this afternoon (Feb 4, 2015) approximately 1-2pm. It landed on the ice for about 5 minutes but a tree was blocking any good photo shots (sigh), then flew towards Bay Street where there is still some open water. Awesome!!! Going to keep an eye out for any return visits.
Laura Demers
Male Bald Eagle sighted today in Newton; at 2/3/2015 at 2 :15 PM, he landed on a tree branch across from the Charles River just south of Community Rowing. After a few minutes of scouting he took off downriver towards Boston. The family who lives on Chalresbank Road has sighted a Bald Eagle in the same tree on two other occasions over the last few months.
Nadine Framan
Newton, Massachusetts
2/1/15 I saw a Bald Eagle on the Charles River about 1/8 of a mile west of the Watertown Dam at 9:00 am flying west. He was about 25 feet above the open waterway. The Charles River east is mostly frozen over. This is my Eagle sighting and we’re only about 2 miles from Boston!
Brigitte LaMarche
Large Female Bald Eagle in Sturbridge MA today 2-1-2015 about Noon time flying low through the Tornado Path of a few years back my daughter & I had a good look.
David Fantaroni
I saw a Bald Eagle in Taunton, Ma 1/31/2015 on Bay Street. I was driving by the lake and saw a big bird, so I slowed down and it landed on a branch as I drove by. I had a excellent view of it perched there. I have never seen on before. Very cool.
Dave Willard
We saw a bald eagle flying on 1/23 in Hingham by the marsh on Rockland St. Initially it was flying w/in 20 feet of the car then soared upward and onward. My daughter spotted it and I figured she mistaken but no mistaking it with it's large size and white head. It was amazing! We followed it on Kilby St where we lost it. It appeared to be heading Foundry Pond area. Hope to see it again.
Diane Mascart-McKeon and Ava McKeon
Spotted a bald eagle circling the edge of Elm Bank Reservation in South Natick/Wellesley along Rt. 16 this morning at 8:50 am. Hung around for approximately 4 minutes then coasted out of site eastward.
J Doran
Bald eagle sighted at 10am in Quincy, MA on Palmer street.
Fernando Villanueva
I saw a lone Bald Eagle today at 9:30 am on a large tree in the inner harbor at Manchester-by-the-Sea. He flew off toward singing beach.
Matt Genta
Sunday 1/18/2015 - Sighted a lone bald eagle along the Mystic River in Medford, MA behind the Andrews school. It was sitting on an ice floe in the river and then flew up in to a tree overlooking I93 and stayed there till we left, about 30 minutes later.
Dawn Coelin
Medford, MA
1/18/15 Sunday 2PM - spotted a bald eagle in Belmont MA at Concord Ave. and Louise Road, right beside claypit pond. It sat perched high in the tree for about twenty minutes, and then it flew a couple of trees over beside the sports fields.
bill reynolds, arlington ma
On 1/16/15 spotted a large bald eagle flying over Route 2 near cornfields by the transfer station in Acton. Magnificent!
Dan Niven
2 Mature Bald Eagles 1/14 2:00PM and again 2/15 8:45AM on the Ice in the middle of the Merrimack River in Dracut, Mass directly behind Merrimack Liquors
Mike Walsh
1/14/2015 - 11:15am
Natick Massachusetts
West Central Street by Fisk Pond
Single juvenile bald eagle perched in a tree then circled the pond and landed in another tree. Repeated this for about 15 mins until I lost sight of it.
Doug Dow
Saw and watched bald eagle eating large canadian goose approx. 500+ yards from edge of pond on Monponsett Lake, Halifax. An amazing sight! I am still in shock. This occurred on Tuesday 1/13/15.
Deb Killeffer, Pembroke
1/9/2015: Bald Eagle was sitting on a tree near Sudbury River on Rt 2 in the morning at 7:20.
-Hemali Parekh
just saw a Bald Eagle in Hibgham, Ma. It took off from behind 184 Lincoln St (Rt 3A) and flew south towards Broad Cove / Hingham Harbor. I got stuck at a traffic light and lost it, but was stopped dead in my tracks seeing it just 20-30 ft directly overhead!
Brian Connors
Single, marshes near The Spit, Scituate MA
Cindy Saccocia
Scituate, MA
Bald eagle swooping down to catch a duck today on Monponsett Lake in Halifax, MA. The duck dove and the eagle missed.
1/9/14 around 1:30pm
Brenna Norton
Assawompset Pond Lakeville Massachusetts
1/6/2014 7:30 am
Bald Eagle
Joan Bullock
January 3, 2015. Depot Road, Auburn MA - route 395. Our house abuts the wetlands where he landed so we took our cameras out onto the deck and got some great shots.
- Alex & Cheryl Chan
1:00 PM ..... Beach Rd. & Lake Ave about 30 yards out on Lake Massapoag, Sharon Ma. Jumped out of the car for a photo, it moved out of range then flew off into the fog, it's talons dragging low, pretty sure the lake goose population dropped one.
Bill Melaugh
Highland avenue lakeville mass 12 December 31, 14
Joan Bullock
Date: December 28, 2014
Time: 2:30 PM
Place: Belmont, MA – adjacent to Clay Pit Pond
I caught sight of this eagle sitting in the top of a tree as I was driving down Concord Ave. in Belmont
Patty Hurley
I saw a bald eagle landing in a tree on Rt 9 Cummington MA (Hampshire County) on 12/22/14 at 9am, along the Westfield River East Branch. I stayed in my car and it sat in the tree the whole time until I left.
Joan Wattman
12/15/2014 Sterling MA on the Quag (lake): Immature bald eagle it was huge, all brown
12/25/2014 Sterling MA on the Quag (lake): Mature bald eagle
Frank Lilley
Just saw an eagle on our property at 1 Terrace Lane, Georgetown. Approx time 9:18 am. Flew away after only about 3 minutes on the ground, but did manage to take away breakfast!
Mark Bernardino
Was driving at 9:25ish in Waltham, MA on I-95 north in Waltham along the Cambridge Reservoir when I need to do a double take: large adult bald eagle also heading north to my left, no more than 10 yards or so from the highway and about 40 feet up. What a site!
Walter Chick
Arlington, MA
I saw 2 bald eagles flying over 128 around the Waltham area on Dec 4th, 2014 in the afternoon. I am writing this on Dec 8th so I can't remember all the details. But they were adults and absolutely beautiful soaring so close to us all driving down 128.
Diane Biglow
Our offices are on the 8th Floor of 1250 Hancock Street in Quincy, MA across from Quincy City Hall. At 10:52 this morning we saw a large bald eagle circle once at the level of our floor and then fly off in the direction of the Adams National Historical Park/Mansion. We see lots of hawks here on a daily basis, but have never seen a bald eagle before. Very exciting.
Todd S. Carrigan
Bald eagle sighting at 12noon today (12/2/14) perched in a tree, Rt 1 south in Peabody, just before Rt 128 exit. - Candyce Plante

bald eagle at 1PM, 11/27,2014 on Mystic Valley Pkwy near Mystic river, Arlington, MA,
Oliver Knill
A mature bald eagle was seen on 11/23/14. Flying over area of Mallard Road and Rt111 in Acton, MA
Michele Behan
Around 11am on November 16, 2014 while driving on 95N by the reservoir in Waltham, MA an adult bald eagle flew right in front of us, about 25' above the car! Gorgeous site!
Barbara Schlichter
Arlington, MA (11/8/14, ~11am): Beautiful adult Bald Eagle was sighted circling above Rindge Park and the Arlington Reservoir, followed closely and pestered by a pair of falcons.
Marc Nahmani
Saw this eagle just now at White Pond in Concord, MA
Aram Salzman
November 8, 2014 A bald eagles has been circling and fishing all morning around our house here on John's Pond, Mashpee, MA. What a beautiful sight! Surprised others haven't reported it...
Karen Patneaude
I saw a Bald Eagle in the Waltham area of 128 while driving on Sunday October 26, 2014. It was an adult that appeared to be circling above the body of water there. Amazing and unexpected to see!!
Kerri Mello
There is a beautiful Bald Eagle who comes and perches on one of my trees almost every day! Not sure if it's a male or female, but I do know it's a truly majestic site. I live on the water in Mattapoisett, MA.
Chris Ketchel
At approximately 2pm 02/20/14 I was driving down 93 South in Somerville by Assembly Square, a bald eagle flew right in front of my truck. It was absolutely an incredible sight.
Thomas Mann
February 17, 2014
Traveling on Rte 128 North in Needham MA we saw a Bald Eagle fly over the highway and into the great plain marsh area of Needham, BEAUTIFUL !!
Donald Priest
Bald eagle sighted flying over the Cambridge reservoir in Waltham, Ma morning of Feb 17 Sighted from route 95/128
Peter Whitney
Sturbridge ma in a tree just before Big bunny going towards Southbridge. Opposite side of road.
Kathleen Gerhard
I saw a bald eagle in Plymouth, MA yesterday off of Billington street. I was sledding with my son and my neighbors spotted it flying about 80ft above us. It was the first time I have seen one in this area, however, my husband saw an eagle in this same area a year ago. It was definitely cool to see!
Gabrielle Squillante
I saw the eagle today 2-16-14 flying as I was driving east on 84 right at exit 2 where the tornado ripped through Sturbridge. Beautiful bird.
C Murdock
Saw a bald eagle this morning around 10:30 in Forrest River park Salem, MA. It was just slowly cruising overhead about 100ft up
Sean Barfield
I saw a bald eagle yesterday, February 10th around 2 PM in Haverhill, Ma. I was driving on 495 north, the sight happened around Ward Hill area, right next to Cedar Foods building. There was one eagle chasing other birds. It was great seeing the bird.
Lisa Chu
Seen two bald eagles Feb 5th and 7th @ Merrimac River, Tyngsboro Mass. near the bridge.
Paul Perrotta
Spotted mature bald eagle flying over route 20 in sturbridge, ma at 2:30pm today, February 7, 2014! Slowly circling towards the southeast
Michele Restino
Sighted a bald eagle this afternoon at close range on Lake Sabbatia, Taunton, Massachusetts.
It flew low above the ice nearby and then landed for a few minutes.
Peter Martin
I live in saugus ma right along the river, there has been two eagles on a regular basis that fly over the water and land in a tree next to the house. What an amazing sight to see they are absolutely beautiful! I have snapped a few photos I just wish I could get closer.
Stacie Marcotte
I saw a Bald Eagle 2/2/14 at Manchester Reservoir in Attleboro .
William Petersen
I live in Saugus, MA and today, January 24, 2014, as I was driving I spotted a large bird flying along-side my car at a low altitude. Upon closer look, it was a bald eagle! He had a white head and tail feathers and a large wing span! I followed him in my car for a few hundred feet and when I pulled over to get a better look, he must have landed in a tree because I couldn't find him anymore. I was traveling west on Main Street in Saugus, which runs parallel to the marsh, and he was flying low over the marsh. What a wonderful and surprising experience it was .... I was awe-struck! I called the Audubon Society and they confirmed that what I saw was, in fact, an eagle. Didn't know there were any around these parts so it was quite an awesome moment!=
Susan Logrippo
Spotted a bald eagle on Big West Pond in Plymouth, MA January 23rd, 2014. It ate a duck on the ice!
Ross Jordan
Was beyond excited to see a bald eagle fly directly overhead this morning at 7:30 in Framingham - heading southeast from the Foss Reservoir. Amazing!
Kristen Donovan
Waverley Sq in belmont, ma. Saturday morning at 11:30am. Moving towards belmont hill. Flying very easily and very fast, with not many wing flaps.
Melissa Pink
Saw an eagle sitting in a tree near the intersection of Rt. 1 and George St in Plainville, MA.
Robin Rheaume
Saw one today in Marblehead, Ma., soaring over Salem Harbor. Beautiful.
Tracy Blaney
1.9.2014 Acton, MA
Sighted a large immature Bald Eagle in Acton Massachusetts near the intersections of Rt 2 and Rt 111 at approximately 2 pm.
Paul Zephyr
Caught me off guard during my commute, so I wanted to pass along a sighting of a mature bald eagle circling above the Charles River/Stony Brook Reservoir area Tuesday morning (1/7/14) around 8:30AM – just off Route 128N. What really drove me to report the sighting is that I just saw one (unsure if same bird or other adult) this afternoon around 12:30PM riding thermals above the Hobbs Brook Basin area north of Trapelo Road in Waltham/Lexington area. Great to see them back in Eastern MA!!
Christopher P. Davis
Just spotted a bald eagle soaring over a marshy area of Milton Ma.
Lara Williams
I spotted a Bald eagle today, New Years Day (1-1-2014) flying low over Manchester Pond in Attleboro MA.
Don Smith
I spotted again the Bald Eagle at the island in the Jamaica Pond.
It stayed there for a long time.
Some people stopped and just stared and some others were prepared with very good cameras and stand and all
That was this morning about an hour ago 8:00am
Myriam Diaz
An adult bald eagle was spotted on three successive days from 12/26-12/28th on Jamaica Pond in Boston, MA- On the 26th in the afternoon and on the other days in the morning around 7 am.
Karen Spiegel
12-23-13, 10 am, adult Bald Eagle is on the edge of the frozen Cochituate Lake just off Lodge Lane, in Natick, MA. I'm watching it eat a bird of some sort (probably a duck). Emily Duvall
We saw a mature bald eagle at Lake Hiawatha in Blackstone, MA. on December 23rd, 2013.
Linda Dillen
Spotted a bald eagle today around 4:00 PM, Dec 20, 2013, in the crown of a tree in my backyard along the Blackstone River, Grafton, Mass. Exhilarating!
D. Sage.
11-18-13 Spotted mature bald eagle for the second time in a month while doing some fall fishing in Lost Lake in Groton, MA. Beautiful bird, was sunbathing on a perch on one o the last warm days of fall, allowed us to get close enough to snap some amazing pics before he gave us a show of his graceful flying ability. So glad to see them in this area.
Denise Draper, Lowell MA
Mature bald eagle sighting again on November 4, 2013 at Wachusetts Reservoir in Clinton, MA near the Carville Basin. I visited the area twice on this day and was delighted to see it both times. It was thrilling!
Wachusetts Reservoir, Clinton, MA.

November 2, 2013 @ 9:40am.
My very first bald eagle sighting! Exhilarating!
Susan Shaye
Lowell Massachusetts: Today, October 10, 2013, two eagles flying west over the Hunt's Falls at 7:30AM. This is the second day for a siting at the same time of day.

I live in Lowell, Massachusetts. My home faces the Merrimack River at Lower Hunt’s Falls. This morning, October 9th, there was an eagle resting on a rock right before my awestruck eyes. The eagle sat there for a half an hour.
It was a beautiful autumn morning made more beautiful by the eagle siting.
Johanna Riley
I was walking my dog this morning and saw a bald eagle flying along the Miller's River. This is the first one I have seen in Massachusetts (I see them all the time at the pond near my parent's house in Maine).
Mary Martorella
Saw a mature Bald Eagle on 9/14/2013 at Beaver Pond in Franklin Ma. It came in and snagged a fish and flew into a tree at the other end of the pond. A beautiful site seen by a number of people fishing; to actually see one catch a fish just added to the sighting.
John Prilipp
9/10/13 Hunts Falls Bridge on Nesmith St. Lowell MA crossing the Merrimack River just downstream of where the Concord river joins the Merrimack River. This is the second time I have seen a bald eagle here, flying around near the bridge. I had seen one late in 2012 or early 2013, also.
Lance Ramsbey
Today my family and I saw our first bald eagle flying over the reservoir as we exited from 128 at the winter street exit in Waltham. So exciting to see such a beautiful bird!
The Linares Marino family
Westfield, Ma (Hampton Ponds) Spotted a male and a female sitting on the same branch two days ago (Feb 26th 2013) have seen them everyday since but not together. What a nice addition to our local wildlife, I hope they stay. Not sure what they are eating the lake is still frozen over, but then again I have noticed that the squirrel population is down.=
Michael Leveille
Natick Massachusetts, I have been seeing two eagles flying over Kansas St in Natick near the Lake.
Clinton McAdams
6 Feb 2013 - Haverhill, ma . 2:15pm Off 495 / exit 48. One bald eagle soaring approximately 300 ft while a red tailed hawk flew below @ 100ft. Both birds just happened to be close at the same time. Great chance for me to compare the differences. Eagles are huge!
Ty jackman
1/24/2013, Lowell, MA
Today around noon I saw two bald eagles circling over Rte. 495 north in Lowell where 495 crosses the Concord River and the wetlands around it. Unmistakable with their white heads and white bands on their tails in the bright sun. A very cold day for them to hunt with the temperature around 12 degrees at best.
Darlene Spence
I saw a bald eagle this morning 23 January 2013 in Taunton, Mass. It was perched in a tree overlooking Lake Sabbatia
Robin Fonger
I spotted a bald eagle flying over route 44 in Kingston, MA (close to Carver line) this morning (1/22 at 8:15am). It was flying southeast at approximately 100 yards in the air. Beautiful white head!
John Bromage
Kingston, MA
Saw a bald eagle over Ponkapoag Pond, Canton, MA- Randolph Street side Sunday morning January 20, 2013.
Sara Winthrop
I saw a bald eagle on Friday, January 18th at approximately 2:15pm, flying over Route 128 in Waltham towards the Reservoir. Also saw one on Saturday, January 12th perched in a tree at the edge of the Reservoir while traveling during the early afternoon on route 128 southbound in Waltham.
Rhonda Michaud
January 17, 2013: Just saw a bald eagle flying over Route 128 near the Trapelo Road exit in Waltham, at 6:52 a.m. just before sunrise, heading south … magnificent! I didn't even know that we had Bald Eagles in Massachusetts … never seen one here before!
Sue Prakken
My wife - who knows her raptors - just saw a bald eagle this morning (Friday, Jan. 4, 2013) at 10:45am over the Forest Hills area of Jamaica Plain in Boston. She had time to watch it circle, identify it, take a photo (smartphone only, not a great one), and utter many breathless, joyful exclamations to me on the phone. The last time we saw any was off the coast of Vancouver, so this is pretty exciting!
Matt Laurence
A Bald Eagle flew low over our car at the intersection of Speen and 135 in Natick,MA. The kids were so excited. Awesome site to see!
Jennifer MacDonald
Today I spotted 2 American Bald Eagles on the banks of the Merrimack River in Haverhill, MA. I assume they were male and female, as my research suggests both sexes are the same in plumage but not in size.
In my 43 years, this is my first sighting and I am blown away that I should see two. They flew, roosted and then flew again, one following the other. It was magnificient. I'm hooked.
Brenda Pothier
January 2, 2013
12/27/12 1:00 pm. Thursday.
My son and I were out shoveling when I looked up and saw a bald eagle flying just above us! It flew low over the house, did a slight curve back around and then flew off. This was our first sighting ever!! Very exciting.
Ken Stuart
Sutton, Ma
December 26 2012 feasting on a mallard on the ice of Salisbury pond in Worcester, MA. Roughly 11 am.
Additionally observed a bald eagle at Holden reservoir #1 on December 6.
Eric Quinn
Saturday, November 3, 2012 approx. 1:00 pm along Route 9, Framingham, MA, by Foss and Framingham Reservoirs. Huge bald eagle very low, very impressive. All the family were able to see from the car, our first ever siting of eagle in the 'wild'.
PA L'Oeuf and family
Eagle seen circling near lake in Waltham Ma. Above Rte. 128 today
Mike Kelley
Young eagle spotted near long pond in Dracut, MA. Awesome thing to see.
Timothy Johnson
I was driving down rt. 67 in Warren, Massachusetts, in a woodsy area next to the train tracks, and a bald eagle flew close over my car. I could see it clear as day that it was a bald eagle. I have never seen one before. I know Quaboag river runs along 67 in that area. Pretty awesome!
Jessica Strange
I spotted a juvenile bald eagle soar over my roof two days ago. Yesterday, I saw what I thought was the same land in my neighbor's tree. This morning, there were FIVE perched high in our tree and our neighbor's tree! Absolutely amazing sight my family and I experienced!
Karen Stella
Leominster, MA
My wife and I were kayaking on Goose Pond, Becket, MA this morning. At about 9 am we saw a Bald Eagle fly by and land in a tree. We immediately kayaked over to it and I was able to get off a few shots before it took off. Goose Pond has two separate areas, Upper and Lower. He was on the North end of the lower pond and took flight over the channel that connects the two bodies. We went through the channel and searched all around the Upper area until we came upon him about an hour later. He took off from a tree we had kayaked right to but did not see him until he took off. Most exhilarating!
Steve Tocci
I saw a bald eagle on my way to work yesterday afternoon. It was about 3:30 PM and I was traveling on route 128 in Waltham Massachusetts. It swooped down over the reservoir very close to the water. I don't know enough about them to guess as to whether he was juvenile or adult. But I do know that he was enormous and so majestic...what a terrific sight.
C. Ryan
Today, February 18th, 2012, I saw a Bald Eagle on the Lower Mill Pond, Easthampton, MA. I stood and watched it for nearly 5 minutes as stood on a patch of ice in the middle of the pond. Finally it took flight, majestic and beautiful, large, yet graceful. What an amazing experience.
Donna Walaszek
Feb. 17, 2012, 8:16AM. Mature bald eagle at Capron's Pond In Uxbridge, MA (~5 ac. impounded pond along Mumford River immed. N of Rte. 16) Unmistakable!!! Watched it circle twice & plunge for a fish - came up empty - before it flew on to the North.
Charles Katuska
Saw two bald eagles sitting in a tree on the southbound side of I-91 just south of Springfield MA, overlooking the CT River. Time: 1330 2/13/12
Andrew D.Robb
1-29-2012 Approx 12:30pm
I was driving on Rt.107 in Lynn Massachusetts aroubnd the intersection of Chesnut St. I saw a circling birds being harassed by seagulls. I pulled over to To watch. I was amazed when I saw the white head and tail. After 5 minutes or so, I lost the birds in trees and houses.
Paul A. Blake
Saugus, MA
I just wanted to let you know that I am fairly certain I saw a bald eagle at Capron's Pond in Uxbridge, MA today. I was walking my dog in my backyard (North Main St), and there was a very large bird with a white head and tail flying out over the pond. I watched him for about 5 minutes, he was circling and eventually I lost sight of him as he flew north.
-Melissa Haskell
Uxbridge, MA
I saw a bald eagle at around 2PM today, at Nagog Pond, in Acton, MA. It was hunting for fish. The pond is mostly covered with ice. The eagle perched in a tree, then flew toward open water, turned around, went back to the tree, then took another pass along the open water. It then few from the north side of the pond to the south side. The sun illuminated the tail feathers & it was a magnificent site.
–M. Watkins, Acton, MA
Definate sighting at lowell holly reservation mashpee ma.
Sarah Maikath
Immature Bald Eagle sighted near Tyngsboro Elementary School, Tyngsboro, Ma on 10/6/11. It was on a side road eating the remains of a squirrel. I startled the bird when I drove around the corner where it was feeding and it flew off. On my return trip a couple of minutes later I very slowly drove to the corner I had seen the bird. It had come back to feed on the squirrel so I stopped and watched from a bit of a distance. Stayed and watched the bird feed until it was scared away by another vehicle. Highlight of my day.
Westminster, Mass. -- At 9:05 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011, bald eagle cruising north to south over Route 2 by Westminster/Gardner town line. I have seen this same [?] individual three times in the last two weeks, on the north side of Wachusett Mountain, flying over Wyman Lake on the same north/south flight path, all around mid-day.
Marie Auger, Westminster
pretty sure one flew over me on the highway (195 W) very near North Wattupa pond, Westport / Fall River line. Huge wings, white head ... amazing
carol hill
south coast, ma
11-26-11 Lynnfield MA. I am Happy to report I spent the last hour watching two adult bald eagles sitting on branches of two trees about fifty feet apart at the edge of Suntaug Lake in Lynnfield, MA. They enjoyed cleaning their feathers and looking out over the reservoir on a gorgeous sunny day with temperatures that will rise to 60 degrees today. We saw one of them on the exact same branch a week ago and a neighbor saw one in their trees a few weeks ago. We have lived here for three years and these are our first is things. Just amazing. We have never seen them in the wild and to see them in our backyard is incredible.
Patrick and Erin Curley
11/19/11 Ayer, MA, about 8:45 AM. I saw a bald eagle fly from Flannagan Pond over Central Ave. It caught me by surprise. When I first saw the large bird I assumed it was a blue heron, but as it flew closer it was clearly a bald eagle. I was aware there was a bald eagle in town after a friend took a photo of one in a tree on Washington St. almost one year ago (1/4/11).
Bradley Johnson
I was playing golf at Cyprian Keyes golf course in Boylston Ma on November 18 2011. A very large bald eagle was circling above us as we looked up in amazement. First time I have seen an eagle in central Mass.
John Gurlitz
11/9/11 Agawam, MA, about 1:00 PM: I spotted a bald eagle flying around to my left as I was nearing the end of Route 57 in Agawam, about a mile from Route 91. I pulled over to watch it for a few minutes, to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me: no, there was no mistaking the white head and white tail on a dark body! I looked at my GPS to see what body of water lies in that direction, as I know they live and hunt near water. It appears that there is a swampy area a quarter mile or less north of Route 57, and about a half mile north lies the Westfield River. This was my third bald eagle sighting in two years, but this one was a shock to me, being so close to the city of Springfield. I love that these birds are making a comeback in Massachusetts!
Erica Art
I spotted a Bald Eagle doing circles over Medford St, in Arlington, MA over Mystic Lake going towards Winchester. It was 2:30pm on 10/31/11.
A fellow walker and I both noticed the distinct white head and tail of the large bird.
Sara Perkins
11/25/2011 Saw at least 3 eagles over Pleasant View, North Fall River MA. I was surprised to see two eagles (I assume male/female, one larger than the other) soaring over the homes in the area. I could clearly see a third much higher up. I could see all three birds simultaneously, so there's no chance of having seen one bird twice at different altitudes. At the same time, I saw what appeared to be a hawk being harassed by a flock of crows. This bird was smaller than the two low flying eagles I'd seen, although it may have been a juvenile.
Michael Tredeau
10/22/11, about 11-11:30 am, over Saugus Iron Works in Saugus Massachusetts, spotted one bald eagle, headed up the river towards Lynn/Mill Pond (I think. Definitely heading against flow of the river.) This is the second eagle I've seen in the wild, but only ID'd it positively when I looked back over the pictures I had taken. I didn't know of any common local birds that were that *massive,* so I suspected it could be some sort of eagle, but it's not really the type of bird one expects to see... here, anyway.
Kristin Shoemaker
It was approximately 11:15 a.m. on the morning of October 17, 2011, I was stepping out of my home, when this magnificent eagle swept over my head and landed on a branch of a tree overhead. It then flew over my home and was joined by another eagle and flew to and landed on top of two pine trees nearby; one on each tree. One of them flew back and circled over my home. I was able to view it soaring through binoculars. I have never seen an eagle in person before. It was a most spiritual experience.
Jan Haddad
Saugus, MA
9/29/2013 Saw a Bald Eagle at River Bend Farm in Uxbridge,Ma.It was perched in the tall pines along the Blackstone Canal.Very exciting as this was only the second time in my 58 yrs. that I've seen one!
David Julian
Wachusett Mountain, Princeton, MA Sunday, September 18, 2011 about 6:00pm
We witnessed a bald eagle flying in over the pond used by Wachusett Mountain as a water source for snowmaking. It flew in, swooped down and grasped a fish out of the pond and they flew off over the treetops. Very cool, and my first bald eagle sighting in the wild!
Bruce Philbrick
Observed two bald eagles while kayaking @ Hampton Ponds, Westfield, MA on 09/11/2011. Only a few minutes after launching one swooped down at about 20 feet and settled in a tall pine tree. I moved in closer to get pictures with my cell phone camera ( of all the days to forget my Nikon) and saw a second eagle circling high above. Didn't really think about the 9/11 date and our national symbol until later on, but the sighting did make for a memorable day.
John Griffin
Saw a bald eagle in Fitchburg yesterday, 9/10/11 around 4:15pm. It was soaring over the Nashua River watershed and headed west. Simply amazing!
Karen Caponi
I am excited to report a Bald Eagle sighting in Leominster MA. It was Saturday 09/04/11 around supper time. It circled the area for about half an hour before it soared almost too high to see then disappeared. I am hoping to see it again.
Adam Pellecchia
I wanted to share my sighting of a Bald Eagle in Uxbridge, MA. The Eagle was tree perched overlooking the Blackstone River, near Tri River. It flew to an ice float and drag a dead carcass up onto the ice and started to eat. It didn't seem to care much that I stood just up the bank, snapping a few pics. I watched the eagle for about 35min before it flew off for the near by trees. Do to shape and size, I believe it was a female.
Jessica Vermette
Today was such a thrill. my 1st up close sighting of a bald eagle! I was able to watch him perch in several different trees, in flight several times and once sitting on ice at edge of open water!
While talking to some people who stopped at edge of road it seems he has been sighted here for the last week!
sighting in uxbridge ma at rice pond
Nancy Peso
This morning (Feb 10, 2011) about 11:00 AM I saw, to my delight, a mature Bald Eagle circling over the parking lot in front of my office at 85 River St, Waltham. The local gulls were quite upset and flustered as the eagle circled 3 times and then headed straight for the Charles River dam area along Moody St. Must be some good fishing over there!
Ellie Smerlas
We saw a Bald Eagle this afternoon at Pope's Landing in Danvers, MA. The eagle was on the frozen Danvers River trying to pull a dead seagull out of the ice. He or she was very determined but unsuccessful.
Rachel Burke
Beverly, MA
My daughter and I were driving across the Charles River in Millis, MA today (January 31, 2011) at 5PM and my daughter spotted a bald eagle flying around the river. It was amazing! I've never been so glad for a red light!
Marie McNeilly
Norfolk, MA
My first time seeing a bald eagle. Driving over the bridge on 495 (Massachusetts) between Ward Hill and 213 Methuen. Flying over the bridge landing in trees near the river. Saw him twice in the same week! Amazing!
Michelle Royer
Easthampton, Massachusetts - a bald eagle, at a very low altitude, flew by my driveway on Main Street (Route 10) at around 2 pm. I live very close to Mount Tom, but this is the first time I have seen a bald eagle here. How exciting!
Rosemary Laporte
Easthampton MA
A juvenile bald eagle flew about 20 feet over my car on January 26, 2011 around 4:30 PM on Scadding St. in Taunton near Lake Sabbatia, I couldn't believe it!
Kevin Harpin
On January 24, 2011 I observed a large mature Bald Eagle flying directly over the Massachusetts Turnpike at 9:15 a.m. approximately one mile before reaching Exit 17 (eastbound) in Newton, Massachusetts.
David Mitrou
Northampton MA. Driving on 91 North, Saw Bald Eagle soaring over the river near smokestack. Was the sighting of my life!
Lew Oprysko
I live in Methuen, on the Merrimack River, and there is a pair of Bald Eagles who have been coming back to the same branch on the same tree for a week now! They sit and "talk" to each other for a couple of hours, then take off for parts unknown. They come back to this spot in the late afternoon every day. Linda Poirier
Methuen, MA
Just wanted to share with you our sighting of two Bald Eagles seen in Halifax Ma sitting on the ice of the Twin Ponds today Jan.
Susan Bechwith
1/15/11 – I was looking out a fourth floor window onto the Bentley University quadrangle when a magnificent bald eagle soared right by me at eye level! Unbelievably wonderful to be so close – MaryAnn Byrnes
Thursday January 6, 2011
A bald eagle is sitting at the edge of an unfrozen section (middle) of Phoenix Pond in Shirley, MA. My co-workers and I are watching it eat something (presumably a fish) from our office building in Phoenix Park. This is the 1st time I have seen one in the wild. Very cool.
Heidi M. Resca
I'm still stunned ... I was driving very near to the Mall at Whitney Field on Hawes St. in Leominster yesterday around 10:00 AM, and an American Bald Eagle swooped in front of me, about 10 feet above my car, then landed in a tree right next to the road.
You have no idea how badly I wanted to get a photo, especially when he landed so close by ... but I was in moving traffic, lucky I didn't have an accident just from being startled.
I've never seen one 'in the wild' before, except through binoculars. It was enormous, regal, and absolutely awe-inspiring!
Shirl Morris
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