Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Bryan Graham wrote the following: On a clear and cold morning on 11/16/15 around 8:00 AM I was driving south on Bay Rd in Norton when a large bird flying over Winnecunnet Pond caught my eye – an Eagle! I pulled over and the large bird swooped down towards the fog blanketed water in the middle of the pond and looked like it plucked a bird off the surface. What a sight!

Jacquie Cavallaro wrote the following: Nov. 14 and 16 2015 view bald eagle on Attleboro Ma reservoir along Rt 95. Single.

Carolyn Zaikowski wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle on 11/13/15 around 10:15am in Easthampton, MA, about a mile from Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. I was driving towards Mt. Tom from downtown. She swooped pretty low across the road (15 feet or so.) I turned my car around to see if it was really an eagle and she was sitting in a tree above a parking lot. Very cool.

Jeff gaulin wrote the following: Had a massive bald eagle fly by my window this morning amazing site to see agawam ma on springfield st

David Curran wrote the following: Oct 23 in Waltham MA. Mature bald Eagle Flew low (15 ft) over southbound lane of RT 128 at the spot where the Cambridge Reservoir meets Rt 128

Kathleen Nollet wrote the following: Today, October 2, 2015, from 10:30 -11:00 a.m.--saw 2 bald eagles flying over Gary\'s Farm Stand in Littleton, MA, on Rt. 119. One swooped low enough for me to see its individual feathers and remarkable head. Very exciting to see my first bald eagle so close to my home.

Brenda-liz Velez wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle flying low in the Charles River in Waltham going northbound on 9/26/15.

Dennis Bottcher wrote the following: We have been watching two mature Bald Eagles on Cedar Lake, Sturbridge, Ma 01566. we saw them earlier in spring and then didn't see them until 2 or 3 weeks ago, now we see them a couple times a day. Mainly in the early morning and evening.

Charlene Clymer wrote the following:
September 10,2015
Long Pond, Lakeville,Ma.1:00pm
Eagle flew from Lewis Island to First Island. It swooped up a fish and then landed at the top a tree on First Island! It was quite beautiful!

Howie Hecht wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle from Watertown, MA on Labor Day, Monday, 9/7/2015, around 3pm. It flew west over the Charles River in between Watertown and Newton (the river separates the two). First saw it above the river a bit west of Community Rowing, it circled once and we lost sight as it flew west towards the Charles River Watertown Dam in Watertown Square.

Juvenile Bald Eagle in Essex, MA. Juvenile has been hanging around our field on Bothways Farm where chickens are kept. Was seen on August 26 throughout the late afternoon and early evening swooping down. Got within 20' of him/her while he was on the ground. Had seen him previously but thought he was some kind of hawk.
Stan Rusnak

Just saw a beautiful male eagle watching over an open field in my neighbor's tree. I'm in the Tyringham Valley of Lee, MA in the Berkshires. He kept a vigil for hours. I feel blessed at the sight!
Amelia Galabova

Watched an adult bald eagle sitting on branch over Monponsett Pond in Halifax. Seen today, 2/12/15 between 11am and 2pm. He flew around a large gathering of Canadian Geese, then settled back on his perch above them.
Deb Killeffer
Pembroke, MA

A bald eagle was sighted in a tree across from the beach on Day Blvd in South Boston, Ma. Many of the children in the neighboring school, The Perry, were able to enjoy a quick look at the majestic bird! 9:30 2/12/15
Judy Nee

Newton, Massachusetts
Second Bald Eagle sighting on the Charles River in two weeks, just west of the Watertown Dam at @ 10:00 am. He was active over the limited open waterway just behind American Legion Nonantum Post 440.
Update: 2/11/15 Saw male & female!
Brigitte LaMarche

Bald Eagle sighted flying over Lake Boone dam in Stow MA at 9:00 am. The Eagle circled over a flock of geese floating in the Assabet river side of the dam and then flew off behind a line of trees. What a magnificent creature!
J Picard

Saw mature bald eagle fly over and then land on Lake Sabbatia in Taunton, Mass this afternoon (Feb 4, 2015) approximately 1-2pm. It landed on the ice for about 5 minutes but a tree was blocking any good photo shots (sigh), then flew towards Bay Street where there is still some open water. Awesome!!! Going to keep an eye out for any return visits.
Laura Demers

Male Bald Eagle sighted today in Newton; at 2/3/2015 at 2 :15 PM, he landed on a tree branch across from the Charles River just south of Community Rowing. After a few minutes of scouting he took off downriver towards Boston. The family who lives on Chalresbank Road has sighted a Bald Eagle in the same tree on two other occasions over the last few months.
Nadine Framan

Newton, Massachusetts
2/1/15 I saw a Bald Eagle on the Charles River about 1/8 of a mile west of the Watertown Dam at 9:00 am flying west. He was about 25 feet above the open waterway. The Charles River east is mostly frozen over. This is my Eagle sighting and we’re only about 2 miles from Boston!
Brigitte LaMarche

Large Female Bald Eagle in Sturbridge MA today 2-1-2015 about Noon time flying low through the Tornado Path of a few years back my daughter & I had a good look.
David Fantaroni

I saw a Bald Eagle in Taunton, Ma 1/31/2015 on Bay Street. I was driving by the lake and saw a big bird, so I slowed down and it landed on a branch as I drove by. I had a excellent view of it perched there. I have never seen on before. Very cool.
Dave Willard

We saw a bald eagle flying on 1/23 in Hingham by the marsh on Rockland St. Initially it was flying w/in 20 feet of the car then soared upward and onward. My daughter spotted it and I figured she mistaken but no mistaking it with it's large size and white head. It was amazing! We followed it on Kilby St where we lost it. It appeared to be heading Foundry Pond area. Hope to see it again.
Diane Mascart-McKeon and Ava McKeon

Spotted a bald eagle circling the edge of Elm Bank Reservation in South Natick/Wellesley along Rt. 16 this morning at 8:50 am. Hung around for approximately 4 minutes then coasted out of site eastward.
J Doran

Bald eagle sighted at 10am in Quincy, MA on Palmer street.
Fernando Villanueva

I saw a lone Bald Eagle today at 9:30 am on a large tree in the inner harbor at Manchester-by-the-Sea. He flew off toward singing beach.
Matt Genta <

Sunday 1/18/2015 - Sighted a lone bald eagle along the Mystic River in Medford, MA behind the Andrews school. It was sitting on an ice floe in the river and then flew up in to a tree overlooking I93 and stayed there till we left, about 30 minutes later.
Dawn Coelin
Medford, MA

1/18/15 Sunday 2PM - spotted a bald eagle in Belmont MA at Concord Ave. and Louise Road, right beside claypit pond. It sat perched high in the tree for about twenty minutes, and then it flew a couple of trees over beside the sports fields.
bill reynolds, arlington ma

On 1/16/15 spotted a large bald eagle flying over Route 2 near cornfields by the transfer station in Acton. Magnificent!
Dan Niven

2 Mature Bald Eagles 1/14 2:00PM and again 2/15 8:45AM on the Ice in the middle of the Merrimack River in Dracut, Mass directly behind Merrimack Liquors
Mike Walsh

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