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I saw a Bald Eagle yesterday (2/15/15) flying overhead while I was snowshoeing across a field. He was flying west, from Cherry Valley Rd toward Schad Rd, in Middleville, Michigan. He looked very content to be soaring with the wind currents. Great to see.
Tiffany Thaler
Saw an adult bald eagle on Lake Michigan near Glenn, MI on 2/15/15.
Mark Osowski
We just saw two bald eagles on Evans Lake in Tipton, MI. They flew around and then landed on the ice. It looked like they were eating something left be ice fishermen.
Daryl Lewis
Saline MI
I wanted to report that at about 11:30 am today (2/12/15) as I was returning to Lansing from Eagle (ironic) via Grand River Highway I encountered a large immature Bald eagle in the road. I had seen a large bird come down and land in the road to scoop up some road kill a ways ahead of me, so I slowed down to give it time to move and catch a glimpse of nature in action. I at first assumed it was a large hawk, but I could not believe my eyes when I got closer and realized what it was! This bird was MASSIVE! There was no mistaking, this was in fact a Bald Eagle! Completely blew my mind! I was speechless, such a beautiful animal to see, especially in the wild! I wish the vehicle wouldn't have scared him off, it would have been awesome to get a picture!
Chelsea Kerr, Lansing, MI.
South Lyon, MI
February 7th at 2:18pm
There were 2 bald eagles in a tree near 10 Mile & Currie Roads.
I've been bird watching for years and was very excited that I noticed these when I drove by. They were huge.
The eagles flew away when I walked closer to get a better cell phone picture.
Sandy Studer
My wife and I David and Gaylinn Dressler were eating dinner at Jaywalkers in Mottvill Michigan this past Friday February 6th around 4:30 We we're looking out over the river and Gaylinn saw it first,but you really couldn't have missed it the eagle gave us a nice fly by.
I saw a bale eagle at approx. 11:00am on Feb. 6, flying fairly low over our rural home in Salem Twp., MI – Tower Rd, btw, 5 and 6 Mile Rds. Day was cold, bright and snow covered. He was flying from North to South. Beautiful!
Michelle M White
Bald Eagle Sighting Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 2/5/2015 at 8:50am Flying low about 30ft above Lake Shore Drive along Lake St. Clair.
Weather conditions clear skies, the sun just rising over the lake, outside temperature 1 degree Fahrenheit. We were driving at about 30 mph – Bald eagle flying to the right of car and flying faster then us. Great sighting!
G Frederickson
My wife and I spotted a mature Bald Eagle soaring above Mansfield Street in Ypsilanti, MI on Thursday February 5.
Brian Banks
February 2, 2015. Sighted an adult bald eagle soaring over Hall (M59) and Romeo Plank. Hall is the dividing line between Clinton Township and Macomb Township, Michigan.
Surprised to see one in this populated area, but I see another sighting listed that occurred about a month ago in the same vicinity.
Donna Chalk
Chesterfield Michigan area 26mile rd and North Ave 11pm 2/1/2015 saw bald eagle during snow storm eating in field solid white head. By wolcot mills Park area and wetzle rec area.
Dan yert
January 29th 3:40pm in Cassopolis Michigan I captured this photo across street from Hampshire Golf Course. I've always had a fascination with eagles this was a breathtaking experience...
Angela Solloway
A Bald Eagle soured over my property this morning about 9 a.m. Sunday January 25th. On Madden Rd. between Quigly and Oak Hill Drive. Dexter Twp. Michigan. The eagle appeared to be at about 100 feet above and perhaps a juvenile. I was struck by its unmistakable white head and tail tips but I commonly see mature Red Tail Hawks if the same size. Non the less it was a real treat to see and I hope they begin to flourish in Washtenaw County.
Darin Rowe
I was driving in Walled Lake, MI on Saturday, January, 24, 2015 when I spotted it flying low. It threw me off guard but the white head and bright yellow beak was unmistakable...I knew I just saw a bald eagle!
Amy Sawicki
Seen flying over road and trees between Pinckney and Howell Michigan 1/23/15 approximately 5:15pm.
Jeannine Dixon
I was hoping for confirmation on this site, but I saw a mature adult flying over Birmingham, MI on 1/23/2015 around 2:00 pm. I was out for a run and looked up to see the eagle above me. I was surprised to see one in this area.
Amy Murray, Birmingham, MI
Eagle sighted in China township on Fred Moore hwy sitting at top of tree amongst open crop field. Beautiful large eagle. Stayed for approximately 30 minutes. I have been told a pair of eagles have been nesting along belle river for many years in Columbus township. What an amazing site!
Sandra Kilby
Spotted a mature Bald Eagle soaring about 20 feet above the Kalamazoo River near the bridge at Clark Road in Battle Creek today at 3:00.
Theresa Carlson
Saw one flying above the Rogue River today in Belmont, MI.
Joanna Childers
Saw a sighting in our back yard today in Lacota Michigan on January 18th 2015. Huge wing span as he dove for road kill. It was so awesome!
Chris Takasper
2015-01-13 – Caledonia, MI -- Watched two bald eagles for much of the day today feeding on a 5 or 6 pound sucker on the ice on the Thornapple River 2 miles south of Alaska, MI. Interestingly the larger immature eagle drove the adult off the fish and dined for nearly 45 minutes. These two were joined by an additional pair of adult birds who remained in the area of the fish for an hour and a half around 5 pm. There was an on and off conflict between the adult birds, so perhaps there was not a mated pair.
Jerry Herrendeen
1/13/2015 sitting of a bald eagle totally stunned me!
  Dark body with the distinctive white head, feeding on a carcass on the side of the road! Majestic beauty~
Location M66 North of Barryton, Michigan
  Approximately halfway to M10...right hand side of M66
Valerie Smallwood
Suttons Bay , Michigan along ,M-22
Constance Stringer
1-12-2015. I opened my shutters this morning at 9:40 AM to look at my view of Lake Michigan and Glenlord Beach Park. I spotted a Bald Eagle soaring over the lower parking lot of The Sable Shores Condominiums, Stevensville, MI. The wing span on this bird was tremendous. The sight was awe-inspiring.
Susan Colon
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 3:00p.m., Saturday, January 10th...100 yards ESE of Plymouth Rd. at Huron Pkwy. Stopped to watch a Peregrine falcon, who was joined on his perch by his mate sitting in a tree right by Plymouth Rd. From the east, in swept a bald eagle, dove to the ground, and carried off his catch (perhaps a rabbit) to the east. spectacular site - wish I had pictures!
Mary Beth Westin
On 1/10/15 approximately 2pm, I (we) saw a Bald Eagle flying east over Long Lake in Union, MI. It flew to within about 20 yards of my huge picture window (that faces west), before turning south. I live on a hill that overlooks the lake. I was too awestruck and dumbfounded to take a picture. I actually screamed "OH MY GOD"! And my adult daughter looked over and saw it too. Had she not seen it, and confirmed it as an Eagle, I would have thought I was crazy. I can still see it flying above the tree tops south of me, on the east side of the lake. I'm HOPING it comes back so I can get a picture of it. No idea if it was male or female, nor can I guess the wingspan. I just saw a HUGE white headed and tailed bird flying towards the window and again, went into an awestruck trance! I have a TON of hawks that live on this property and perch on the trees right outside the window all the time, so initially I thought that's what it was, till it got closer.
Union, Michigan - in Cass County, Michigan. Long/Baldwin & Coverdale lake area.
Kristin Griffin
Peering out of my patio door window at 940 a_m on Saturday January 10th, I was surprised to see a bald eagle flying over my backyard above the pine trees. I live next to Warren Dunes State Park in Sawyer Michigan. It was really cool!
Matthew Yeske
December 9th 2014 saw an Eagle flying near Potter Park in Lansing Mi. Since then I have seen it a few more times including today (January 7th, 2015) flying in same area. What a majestic bird.
Sharon Sanchez
I was returning home from visiting my fathers grave in Ellington, Michigan ; while driving on Dutcher Rd. I noticed two very large birds in a farmers field on the north side of the road. Nearest cross road was Colwood Rd. . We stopped our car to verify what we thought was a Bald Eagle. We turned off the road unto a tractor path into a field to get a better view. We watched this pair of Birds feed, the Bald Eagle was clearly the dominate of the two , allowing the smaller bird to be extremely close yet not share freely. Eventually the Bald Eagle , clearly marked with the white head and tail fly into a nearby tree. We drove back around the to the road on the other side of the acre or so of trees as the Eagle soared. Eventually it landed somewhere inside this field goal f trees. The smaller of the birds, which was still quite large, stayed on the ground to finish feeding.
Rod Strye
On the morning of January 3rd, 2015 at 9:30 am. I spotted, what I firmly believe to be a bald eagle. It was full grown white head white tail. It was a 1/2 mile north of M-59 (Hall road) at Card road in Macomb MI. I was able to take a few grainy photos with my cell phone. As I got closer it flew away. I did not believe bald eagles were in this area until I found this website after my sighting. I will definitely be looking for this bird again.
Pete Trupiano
1-3-2015 Sighted a bald eagle flying low over a corn field on Milkey Road between Saline-Milan and Maple Roads in Washtenaw County at 9:00 am.
S. Millward
I believe I saw a golden eagle today, January 3rd on the Grand River just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was attacking an injured goose on the river. The eagle was huge. The goose kept going under water as the eagle attacked. It would hover over the goose for a few seconds before soaring away and returning. The attacked last approx 5 minutes, with no luck for the eagle. We have several bald eagles in our area that I see occasionally and this was no bald eagle. It also was much bigger than the goose.
Ed Van Portfliet
Saw Bald Eagle 1 1/2 miles East of Carsonville, Michigan just north of M-46 on January 2, 2015. Was circling along the fenceline. Was impressive, never saw one so close before.
L. Pyro.
December 31, 2014---My dad, daughter, and I were driving west on Bertrand Rd in Niles, Michigan today when we spotted a Bald Eagle eating prey in a corn field near Portage Rd. There was also a hawk trying to get in on the meal, but the eagle clearly didn't want the company. What a neat sight to see! Beautiful bird, white head and dark body, very special moment indeed!
- Sandra Miller
On 12/31/14 at approximately 1:15 PM, while stopped at a red light, we saw an adult bald eagle flying through Waterford at the corner of Scott Lake Rd and Dixie Hwy. We viewed it for about 2-3 minutes before it flew out of our sight towards Loon Lake. Flocks of seagulls scurried in a panic as the eagle approached Loon Lake.
Gary & Aligna McCarrick
We saw a bald eagle on Pardee Lake in Howell Michigan perched in a big tree eating a squirrel. Big white head of feathers and big white tail. Took a few pictures. It flew around for a few hours then went east out of our sight. What a cool site to see!
P. Kujawa
Amazing sight! I saw a bald eagle fly from a marsh on the south west end of Pardee Lake flying towards Coon Lake, Howell, MI. around 5:00 pm. Beautiful large white tail.
L. Pacitto
December 27, 2014: Saw a young single bald eagle flying over Upper Long Lake in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.
-Chandan Devireddy
In Vicksburg Michigan today I saw a bald eagle in a cornfield with prey that it had caught.
joshua Thornton
Bald Eagle sighted on Platt Road and Arkona Road in MIlan, Michigan. Large eagle with a wing span of at least 7feet. Eagle flying over a cornfield being chased by multiple sparrows approximately 9:30am.
Autumn Smith
December 17 viewed 1 eagle perched in tree near shoreline of Pleasant Lake in Freedom Township MI. Near Pleasant Lake Rd.
December 20 viewed pair of adult eagles perching on trees near the shoreline of Pleasant Lake.
J J Gaydosh
On December 19 and 20 we observed a female bald eagle sitting in a tree on Willis road in Augusta Township across the street from Lincoln High School.
Lara Lane
I believe that I see a bald eagle flying over Pine Lake in West Bloomfield, Michigan on a regular basis. I thought I was incorrect until my husband saw it as well and confirmed the sighting.
Holly Chase
Berkley, Michigan
I continue to see a single bald eagle in the morning in Chesterfield Township, Macomb county Michigan perched in a large tree in a field about 1/2 mile from Lake St. Clair, Anchor Bay. It stays in the tree for a few hours then it makes its way east back over the lake.
Last siting was Sunday December 7th 2014.
Matt Matthews
November 30, 2014 around 11:30 A.M. my dad and I observed a single bold eagle flying from east to west at treetop level about 1/4 mile north and 1/4 mile west of down town Ubly, MI. Ubly is located (+,-) 25 miles south from the tip of the thumb at the southern edge of Huron County.
Don Vanderworp
Bald eagle sighting in Lansing today! Sitting in a tree above the grand river near potter park. Awesome!
Liz Silky
I had a sighting the afternoon of 11/21/2014 on Mason St in Cass County Michigan.
RJ Owen
We saw a single adult bald eagle on Loon Lake in Waterford Michigan today. Glided 1 foot above the water for a few hundred feet then perched in a willow tree 4 doors down for a few minutes.
Howard Mack
My girlfriend and I were traveling north bound on Tipton hwy. Just off of Riverside Avenue, and we saw a very mature bald eagle about 12-15 off ground, in flight, with its dinner in its talons. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in Adrian, Michigan.
Oscar Joe Prince
We saw a bald eagle sitting in a dead tree in the middle of Rose Lake Nature Center near Laingsburg and Haslett Michigan today. It was beautiful and very large!
Tina Haskell
One lone bald eagle in flight, just north of Petersburg, MI on Petersburg Road.
Sheila Smith
We had a bald eagle fly over our yard and land in our neighbors tree and sit for a few minutes. Then he did a flyover a group of geese on the beach and then out of site over the trees. We were pleasantly surprised and hope he comes back for another visit. What an incredible site!
Matt Sanders
Just saw a beautiful bald eagle on m5 in oakland county Michigan. Amazing!!
Brian Kniffin
I saw a bald eagle on the side of rawsonville rd between Belleville & maybe mi twice in 40 minutes
Ronald Moore
Took a picture of what I thought was a juvenile Bald Eagle in flight at Erie Metro Park,MI (10:30am Nov 3rd). After further inspection of the picture today I realized it was a Golden Eagle. I have many pictures of juvenile/adult Bald Eagles from this same location but this is my first Golden Eagle picture there.
Thomas Kachelmeyer
Royal Oak, MI
Two eagles spotted off of route 99 just south of Albion, in Michigan. They were eating something in a field and near the road.
Jennifer Ward
I saw a Bald Eagle in Ypsilanti, MI November 1 at 12:30pm. flying north of Ellsworth Rd.
Brian Banks
I saw a Bald Eagle this morning (11/1/2014) on Lake Shore Drive in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. Lake Shore Drive runs along the western edge of Lake St. Clair.
Brian Boutell
I saw a bald eagle yesterday, at Goguac Lake, Battle Creek, MI. I have lived at the lake for a year and never saw one before. It swooped over the lake and then into some trees. I saw the eagle again today and this time had binoculars to get a better view. Majestic sight! Sightings 10/19 and 10/20/14
Sally Gildea
My husband and I saw a bald eagle while driving on M-571, 3 miles north of M-72 on Monday October 20, 2014
Christine Hartsig
I saw a bald Eagle yesterday (10/19/2014) while driving west on M-59 about 3/4 mile west of Bogie Lake Rd. in White Lake Twp., MI. It was flying west just south of M-59 and looked like it was headed for the Highland state recreation area.
Dan McCreedy
We saw a bald eagle today (October 19, 2014) at water's edge on Lake Michigan in Onekama, MI (on beach near Lakeside Avenue) eating a fish carcass and then flying away. I took pictures, as well. We spotted a flying bald eagle in the same vicinity about a year ago.
J. Wojtala
On Sunday October 19 at 12:00 (noon) spotted a mature adult at altitude lazily riding thermals heading North West. Identification was confirmed with binoculars. It was also being pestered by a smaller bird of some kind. A beautiful sight indeed!
Doug Larsen
I saw a bald eagle in Michigan on Friday, October 17, 2014. I was driving eastbound on I-96 between Lansing and Grand Rapids a couple of miles before the exit for Westphalia Eagle (no joke), and the eagle swooped down onto the left shoulder of the highway and snatched some roadkill off the road. The car in front of me slammed on his brakes. The eagle flew over the highway and turned left in the direction of traffic. I slowed down and drove right next to it for about 5 seconds. One of the coolest things I've ever seen.
-Dave Oppenhuizen
Bald Eagle siting. Farm field East of Deckerville, Mi. Flying over dead deer.
Kristine Myers
Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Township Michigan
October 11, 2014
In flight over the lake. Absolutely beautiful.
T. Holmes
I saw a bald eagle today Oct 8, 2014 in Mayville Mi on Treasure Rd. It was on the road, then as I approached, it flew away with a small animal in its claws.
Therese Seely
Woke up this morning to find 3 bald eagles (Mom and two babies) in the tree outside my house in Belleville, MI. Although the lake is now frozen we have a patch that does not freeze. What magnificent birds, what a beautiful sight to see.
P. Gilbert
I noticed a Bald Eagle at the Maple River State Game reserve in Michigan on Oct 4th at 5pm.
It was fishing from a tree, it was visible from the expressway.
Jaime Threadgill, Chattanooga, Tn
Saw a bald eagle on Eaton Road in Eaton County Michigan (Central Lower Peninsula near Lansing) just flying along over a field about 20 feet above the field.
Cheryl Gaskill
Saw A bald Eagle on M99 South between Lansing Mi and Eaton Rapids Mi. Eagle Landed on the side of the road before taking off and flying off west.
Matt Boucher
Mature adult bald eagle spotted perching - Christiana Creek, Cass County, Michigan, Thursday, September 4, 2014
Teri Thompson
On my lunch hour today, Monday, February 24, 2014 I spotted a bald eagle off the south side of Belle Isle Park, Michigan. It was quite a sight to see! I have been looking and waiting to see one for years. I can cross it off my "bucket list" now!
Deb Krinsky
I spotted a mature bald eagle perched in a tree on the banks of the Detroit River in Wyandotte, just south of the Ecorse Creek Bridge on February 19, 2014 at 5:45 pm.
Robert La Palme, Riverview, MI
We usually have a few bald eagles here in Algonac michigan but because of the harsh winter many eagles have migrated here it,s easy to see up to 50 of them in a day. We have thousand of canvisback ducks along with mergansers buffleheads and mallards, I think that's what the eagles are following.
Mike Gronley
I saw two mature Bald eagles today out on the ice in the St.Clair RIver in Marysville Mi. I have seen them there almost every time I drive that road...
Barb Delore
Spotted a bald eagle in Elizabeth Park in Trenton, Mich., today (Feb. 16, 2014) perched at the top of a tree. It surveyed the Detroit River for some time before soaring out toward it. Beautiful.
Erica McClain=
Bald eagle was sighted today, 2/14/2014, on the south side of Belle Isle Park perched in a tree overlooking the Detroit River
Michele Brown
One sighted several times this afternoon white head and tail. Athens road in Branch county near Matteson lake. This one was carrying a small rabbit when first seen. It left it in a small patch of woods and continued flying. Sighted again in the same area a little further south. An hour later closer to Colon, MI. Near Palmer lake. Was told by someone who saw one near Matteson lake they thought this was a different Eagle from the west side of Colon one. Only about 5-6 miles from Matteson to Colon so it could easily be the same bird.
Tony Schuster
From Jan 29th through Feb 9, I've seen a bald eagle several times flying in Middleville, MI over the Thornapple River. Distinct white head and tail. During that time, on Jan 29th, another person posted a pic of an eagle on Facebook that she saw sitting in a tree at a local turkey farm which is only a few miles from my house. So excited!! Hope this continues.
T. Wortley
We live on the Detroit River in Wyandotte, MI. All this weekend, 2-9-14, we enjoyed watching 2 adult bald eagles and two juveniles circling overhead, then dipping into the Detroit RIver to catch a fish. We live on the west shore of the Detroit River, across from the northern tip of Grosse Ile. Can be seen circling overhead in Downtown Wyandotte. Very exciting to see,
Judy Schroeder
We live on Spring Lake in Spring Lake, Michigan. We have 3 trees in the front yard and at any given time there are 5-10 bald eagles in them. Not sure what the attraction is but they visit daily and stay for hours on end. I have several stunnig photos.
Sharon Johnson
A flock of five bald eagles landed on frozen Spring Lake this morning! How exciting to watch them. They circled a few times and then landed on the lake where we could watch them for 15 minutes before they flew away. Stunning!
Diane Larkin
Saturday, 8 Feb 2014, late afternoon. Eastern Ionia County along I 96 freeway. Two bald eagles flew across the freeway and up into trees alongside the road. Couldn't tell if they were arguing with each other or playing tag. We've seen bald eagles in Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, and on Mackinac Island but never before in southern MI.
Phil and Anne Fitch
Feb 8, 2013 @ 12:30
Juvenile bald eagle spotted flying along the St Joe River near the trailer park in Berrien Springs MI
Ginny Nachreiner
Very exciting news!
I work at University of Michigan at the Taubman Center and today we witnessed two bald eagles flying over the Nichols Arboretum along the Huron River. We have witnessed one last week but today we have TWO.
Our office sits high above where they are flying but we can't seem to find any nests in this area. Do Eagles fly long distances away from their nest for hunting.
The Huron river flows next to Nichols Arboretum where they could have great fishing opportunities.
We are very excited to see eagles this far south in Michigan. :)
Joanne Hoeft
Tuesday, February 4 at about 4:20 PM I saw an eagle flying south over G Drive South between 8 1/2 Mile Road and 9 Mile Road in Ceresco, MI.
Patsy Lee Orns
On 1 February 2014 in Union City, Michigan on Stancer rd. At 8:30am. The kids and I spotted two bald eagles flying east laterally over the Coldwater river heading towards the house then turned south and disappeared in the sky in the heavy snow we are receiving this morning, what a beautiful sight!!!!
Dan Speaker
From Jan 29th through Feb 1, I saw an eagle several times flying in Middleville, MI over the Thornapple River. During that time, on Jan 29th, another person posted a pic of an eagle on Facebook that she saw sitting in a tree at a local turkey farm. So excited!! Hope this continues.
T. Wortley
Was amazed and surprised to see a bald eagle flying over 11 mile rd and Campbell intersection in Royal Oak, MI on January 29, 2014. Beautiful!!
Melissa Stchekine
On White Lake Rd & Dixie Hwy in Clarkston MI at about 4:15pm
Carisa & Aiden Bowen
January 29th, 3:00-4:00 PM I spotted 7 or more Bald Eagles on the River Road directly across from the Algonac State Park. The Eagles were sitting on the ice in the river. I seen one up the river feeding on some sort of waterfowl. Across from the State Park the other's seemed to just be resting. There may have been several younger eagles with the flock, I could not see them as well, but smaller birds that were sitting near the eagles.
- Frank Ulicny
Bald eagle sighted on 1/29/14 at 1350 hours near Saginaw and Upton Roads in Grand Ledge Michigan.
Jonathan LaCross
Spotted a bald eagle in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 1/29/14 flying over the Huron River near the University of Michigan hospital.
Angela Schmorrow
Male (adult) bald eagle Cork rd Morrice between B eard rd britton rd. Around 3 p.m. flew around our house then moved north and east then came back and circled north of house for about 5 min AWESOME!
Morrice Mi. 48857 between Lansing and Flint.
Mike Edington
On 1-24-2014 there were 60+ Bald Eagles on Mud Island as seen from Ecorse MI. The Lake being frozen 95% must have initiated the eagles to come to Mud Island whrer the river has partially unfrozen parts.
Enrique Cantu
Bald eagle in Neff Park, Grosse Pointe, MI on January 23, 2014
Susan Parent
Spotted one flying over north avenue by 32 mile near Richmond, Mi
Krista Faison
19 Jan 2014 noon
St Joseph Michigan
Just saw a mature bald eagle fly close overhead as we left Clementine's restaurant near the Box Factory and the St Joe River.
Tom Mattice
Single eagle in a tree near the corner of frost rd and elm rd webberville, mi on 1/16/2014 around 11:30 am. This location is 2 miles south of I 96 and 2 miles east of M 52.
A Keiser
Swooping over traffic on Wheeler Dr in Midland, Mi. Corner of Butterfield and Wheeler St 48642
Kelly Sobol
I have a few sightings to report. On 01/11/14 I seen one Bald eagle about 3 miles SW of Union City MI.
Then on 01/12/14 I had a immature Bald Eagle fly over my house in down town Union City.
Then on 01/13/14 I seen two Bald eagles by the Union City dam. One was an immature eagle.
Then on 01/14/14 I seen a immature Bald Eagle about 3 miles SW of Union City.
Robert Norton
01/12/2014 2:35 p.m. Spotted a mature bald eagle soaring over the intersection of 6 Mile Rd and Inkster Rd in Redford, MI. Couldn't believe my eyes, Detroit proper being in such close proximity!
Tonya Gray
My husband Matt happened to look out the back window of our house and notice an Eagle in a tree on the block behind us so he went out and took some video and pictures.
Danbury Dr. Woodhaven, MI
Linda Wells
Mature bald eagle seen today 1-8-14 1:15pm on Wick Rd near Vining Rd in Romulus. Beautifully perched at the top of a large oak tree. What a lovely sight!
Kristine Gerster, DVM
Seen today January 7 2014 at about 4:30 pm. Little Wolf Lake, Napoleon township, Michigan.
Susan Coffey
1/7/14 11am - One sighted at the north end of the town of St. Clair, on the hill. Flying north east along M29 bordering the St. Clair river, Michigan.
Audree Danielson
Spotted one circling & soaring overhead January 7, 2014 at the intersection of Tittabawassee Road & Center in Saginaw. Was beautiful to witness!
Kevin & Angie Pesta, Clarkston, MI
Our family saw a bald eagle today high in a tree along the shore of Lake St. Clair in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan today 1/1/2014. It was having a duck for lunch.
Ann Rygwelski
We watched a bald eagle today on the bay going up mission peninsula. What a beautiful sight
Joellen Strey
2 Adult Bald Eagles and 2 Juvenile Bald Eagles spotted on Crystal Lake in Beulah, MI today. Both adults spotted on the ice in the morning and then 1 adult flying with the 2 juveniles spotted in the afternoon.
- Faith Jones
Spotted a mature Bald Eagle flying over Woodward Ave just south of 9mile, in Ferndale Mi. 12/28/2013 10am
Rick Smith
Just seen, 12/21/2013 1:30p, a Bald Eagle in a farmers field on CR 681 just north of 71st Av Hartford, Van Buren County Michigan. Tried to back up to get a picture but it was gone before I could get there.
Lee Inman
I have been a bird watcher for 48 years. I drive trucks. While driving along Highway 2 in Menomine county I spotted 2 Bald Eagles soaring. While at a diner in Hermanville, I spotted one Bald Eagle soaring. And while driving on Highway 2 near Escanaba I was amazed to look down the road to see a Bald Eagle feeding on road kill dear. That took my breath away! The size of that bird was about 3 ft high. What a massive bird. That's a record for me. Four eagles in one day. Awesome.
Kevin Wheeler
At 9:45AM on 16 December 2013, my daughter and I spotted a mature adult in a tree overlooking the fields at Thornhills and 36th Street in Cascade, Michigan (Kent County).
- Marti Atwater
12/14/13... Saw bald eagle flying low over a field near clarksville, mi. Thought it must be a turkey vulture... until I saw the white head and tail.
Jacquie Saylor
Just spotted a lone bald eagle flying around Concord, MI. Following along the kalamazoo river towards Albion. Very exciting!!
Shannon Smith
I just spent an hour watching a pair on oxbow lake in white lake mi. Oakland county. I have never seen them around here before. Very happy
Ginny Eickholdt
My name is Tom Nash and I saw this Bald Eagle on the ice on Belleville Lake in Belleville Michigan on December 2:30 pm.
Spotted a mature bird circling in Fawn River Township, Michigan, about a mile north of the MI/IN border on 11/30/13 @ approx. 12:30pm.
Norm Allen
11.28.2013 Happy Thanksgiving, my wife and I were sitting at the table this morning in Conklin Michigan just 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. My wife spot and eagle diving down to get something to eat off the lake, it eat and then flew up in one of our trees and sat for about an hour. God let us see a little more of his creation today it was awesome
John Morris
I spotted a Bald Eagle this morning (11/25/13) soaring over my house here in Fenton, Michigan. He dove down a couple times at the north end of Lake Fenton to catch his breakfast. I couldn't believe my eyes, what an awesome sight!!
Jenny Sewell
My husband and I today spotted a bald eagle flying over eastbound I94 heading toward Lake Belleville. We were just east of Rawsonville Road. Couldn't believe our eyes! Unreal!
Sunday, November 24th, around 4pm.
Barb Biess
Bald Eagle sighting, 11/21/13, 5pm, Huron Twp., Huron Metropark. Perched in tree above water, awesome.
Paul Straub
I have seen two bald eagles in the last three weeks. The first was an immature eagle close to Sherwood Michigan. He was flying over some fields on 11/08/13. The second eagle was at Union Lake in Union City, Michigan on 11/21/13. I have photos of both. And on 11/16/13 I seen a immature Golden eagle two miles north of Union City, Michigan.
Robert Norton
Bald eagle sighting. China twp. Michigan at Belle River. 11/18/2013 4:00 pm
Jason Stirr
I am happy to report I just spotted a bald eagle perched up on a tree in waterford michigan. It was behind the genisys bank on walton road.
Amber Ruple
I saw a bald eagle circling the old Ford Wixom Plant. I was driving on I 96 going West. November 7th at 4:25 pm. I was an incredible sight.
Sue Dunn
11-2-13 I was a passenger in a truck headed south on 275 and spotted two bald eagles in a plowed field, just north of the Telegraph Rd. exit. First time for me!
Brenda Barencheer
10/25/13. I was traveling south on US 23 near Adrian exit. Saw two mature bald eagles feeding on their catch in a plowed farm field about 10:30 am.
Wendy Koerner
I saw a bald eagle this morning on the way to work on Mast Rd north of Dexter, Michigan just south of North Territorial Rd. The eagle was perched at the top of a tree next to the road. Since the trees have lost many of their leaves, it was easy to see. From a distance I thought it was a vulture because of the size, but as I drove past it, it clearly had a white hawk-like head.
-Kurt Swickerath
I am thrilled because yesterday, Sunday October 20, 2013, for the first time in my life I saw an eagle, and not just one but a pair at Lake Michigan in Fenville Michgian!
Cheryl Koerts
October 14, 2013 - Highland, Michigan. I saw a single eagle land on a large branch directly above Milford, Rd, just North of White Lake road. I've lived in the area my entire life, and this is the first eagle sighting.
-Brandon Phillips
St.clair mich. 2 bald eagles ,aug 21 2013, st.clair river south of st clair ,1 eagle dove down and caught a fish.and today oct 8 2013 ,2 bald eagles 500 yards south of river crab ,both sightings eagles were flying south .have seen eagles here maybe 5 times in the last 14 years .very exciting .
david black.
I just saw a bald eagle on a rock next to lake success in Northville, Michigan. It flew off after drinking water. It was medium in size with a full white head and white tail.
Matthew Jenkins
Fishing on Gun lake in Barry county Mi. Saturday I saw a mature eagle grab a fish off the water and head back to the north…
Having a place near Muskellunge in the U.P. I see eagles all the time but was somewhat surprised to see one on Gun Lake but by no means shocked…This was a large old I believe mature eagle…Mature for sure as the markings were very visual from a long distance.
Jay Beckwith
We spotted TWO bald eagles near Oil City, Mi just south of M-20. They were both in a tree top.
Heidi Lang
At Hudson Mills Metropark near Dexter, MI on September 25, 2013 at 6 PM, we watched a bald eagle flying in a northerly direction just above the treetops and 50 feet above the 4 mile bike path, about halfway between N. Territorial Road and the canoe access point, between the bike path and Huron River.
Patrick and Gail McNally
I watched a bald eagle just East of Romeo Mi, near the Ford Proving Grounds. Observed at close distance for several minutes. Never saw one in this area before.
Roy Zilz
Sept. 22, 2013 came upon a bald eagle on Herrington Road, Webberville, Mi. It was 25-30 feet in front of or car. It took off and flew right at our car and swerved at the last minute and perched in a tree. We came home and got our binoculars and went back. It was still there and we zoomed in and watched it for 5-10 minutes. Absolutely gorgeous!
Tom & Laurie Lander
One lone bald eagle feeding in a field at the side of the road, about 3 miles south of the town of Deerfield, MI in Lenawee County on Sept. 15, 2013. He must have been only about 25 -30 feet from the road and he stayed there the entire 3 to 5 minutes I was observing him. Amazing.
Sheila Spoering
We live in Cadillac Mi, on Lake Mitchell. We have been watching a pair of Bald eagles for a few years. We have seen at least 3 young eagles this last winter/spring on the lake as the ice was going out. I have enjoyed at least once to twice a week the privilege of the pair of eagles soaring over our house landing in white pine trees near us and taking pictures.
Tami and Don Denning
I sighted a Bald eagle in Tekonsha Michigan around 2 pm on August 15th. I was just 1/2 mile north of Tekonsha when the eagle flew in front of my car and landed in a tree. I stopped so my kids and wife could see it. I was able to get a few photos but only after he took to the air again. This was my 3rd sighting since February 2013 all within 10 miles of Union City Michigan.
Robert Norton
One adult Bald eagle in St. Clair, Michigan around 7:30 pm on August 29, 2013. It landed (next door to my house) on a branch at the top of a dead tree on the bank of the St. Clair River. It was watching the river (probably looking for dinner!) for about 45 minutes and then took off and flew north toward Marysville, MI. My neighbor got some fantastic pictures of it. It was just incredible to see!!
Kathleen Pavlov
Aug 30, 2013, six miles north of Au Gres, MI on Lake Huron, around 7 pm. Flying treetop level, an unbelievable site!
Cheryl Holm
My husband and I spotted 5 bald eagles in all (three adult, two young) in Ithaca, Michigan at Luce and Hayes Roads.
Susan Mains
On February 25, 2013 I saw a bald eagle in Muskegon County, Michigan at PJ Hofmaster State Park. I was standing on the snow/ice pileups on the shoreline of Lake Michigan when I saw what looked to be a large bird standing on a cluster of icebergs a few hundred meters directly in front of me. After a few minutes in flew further into the lake near very large grouping of other birds (which were too far away too tell what they were). At the time, I didn't know it was a bald eagle. I took a picture of it with my camera (which has a 42x optical zoom, about 1000mm) and when I got home, finally pulled it up on my computer and realized that it was a bald eagle.
Garin Heil
A single Bald Eagle flew over I675 just east of the Saginaw, MI, city limit, Sunday, 2/25/13 around noon.
Laura Roney
Lawton, Michigan near Bankson Lake. 2 Bald Eagles feasting on a deer carcass throughout the days of Saturday, February 23rd and Sunday, February 24th 2013. We have had several sightings in this area over the last few years.
Monica Lull
2/23/2013 5:19pm Spotted a single adult in a lone tree in the middle of a farm field situated between Preston Road and Ridge Hwy, Britton Michigan. My mother reports an additional sighting in her yard (on Preston Road) in a large maple tree a couple days before, as well. The bird I located flew to the west into a wooded area near the Emmanuel Lutheran Church on Ridge Hwy.
Brandi A. Kelley
I was riding my bike 2/23/13 on Huron River Drive a half mile east of Mast road in Washtenaw county, Michigan, and a bald eagle was flying over the Huron River at 3pm.=
Al Newman
Grosse Pointe Park Bald Eagle sighting. February 14, 2013 around 1:00 p.m. I saw a Bald Eagle on Windmill Pointe Drive and Lakepointe. My guess is it was a young female due to the size and white speckles on wings. I will keep an eye out for more.
Jim Marshall GP, MI=
Just saw a bald eagle 2/13/13 3:00 pm on Maceday Lake Road in Waterford, MI.
Becky Kabana
Today, February 12, 2013 at around 3:15 p.m. I saw a bald eagle in a tree on the south side of B Drive North in Calhoun County, between 12 mile Road and 9 mile Road. It was very large and it was just sitting there. I've seen many bald eagles from the train going over the Mississippi in Burlington, Iowa, but I've never seen one in Michigan. It was very exciting. I'll keep my eyes alert for the next one.
Marilyn Neumann
Marshall, Mi =
We live in Lowell, MI along the Flat River. We've been here a year and a half and see two routinely. One is an adult with the white head, the other I'm assuming is younger as it's head is still brown. Usually we see them along Flat River Dr, or flying above the river, a lot of times the one with the white head is in a tree across the River. Today they flew over the river and landed in separate trees maybe 20 yards from our house. We've never seen them that close up, they're beautiful! We hope they continue to stick around.
Jamie Rodery
Today in Branch county Michigan. Between Coldwater and Union City.
Robert Norton
02/04/13 I watched a bald eagle at close range, 10 to 15 feet away, feeding on an animal carcass along Douglas Ave south of Plainwell, MI. It kept at this for at least 40 mins that I am aware.
Rick Omilian
Plainwell MI=
It is not unusual to see eagles near the shore of Lake St Clair in the Grosse Pointes however, there was one perched in a pine tree on Ridge Road in the Farms this morning.
Bud Prieur
I saw a bald eagle this morning 1/30/13. He/she (didn't get to stop and look close enough) landed in the top of a tree on the west side of us23 near the Plymouth Rd exit in Ann Arbor, MI. The time was approximately 8:20 am.
Tate Dillow
Large adult seen flying low near Tyler Creek Golf Course along M-50 in southwest Kent County, Michigan, USA near Freeport Road at 10:00 am Sunday January 27, 2013.
Trent Bartman
Flushing mich along Flint river
Mary Nicolai
I spotted a Bald Eagle on 1-26-2013 at 5pm in an open feild eating what I think was a rabbit. I watched it for about 15 minutes and got some pictures of it before it flew away. I seen one in about the same spot about a year ago. I seen the eagle from my house that is located in Adrian, Michigan a mile west of Lenawee County Airport.
Larry Shadewald
Jackson Michigan 1/21 near i-94
Kimberly Freese-Beal
Two days ago (1/9/13), I saw a huge bird gliding across Walton Blvd near the Clintonville Rd. Intersection. It was going back and forth between Schoolhouse lake and Wormer lake. When the bird turned, to my delight I saw a white tail and head.
Waterford, Michigan at about 4:45 PM.
Michele Bracken
Today my mom, myself and my 3 year old son saw a Beautiful Bald Eagle flying through the sky on Bogie Lake road right by Northern High-school in Commerce twp. Amazing!
Erin Clancey
Just Saw one sitting in the tree above my house on Woodhull Lake in Clarkston Michigan … neighbors were all taking pictures.. 1-6-13 at aprox 4:30
George Cline
I saw a bald eagle fly over the town of Albion, Michigan, 49224. I was standing on the corner of South Ionia and East Erie Street and the bird flew from the north west toward the south east over Rieger Park. It was just above the tree tops, I have no idea if it was male or female.
~Ken Marshall
I saw 2 bald eagles flying in circles over my neighborhood in Ann Arbor - Scio Township
Jim Johnson
We have seen a single mature Bald Eagle on Pleasant Lake, Three Rivers, MI the last two mornings. 1st sighting was flying about 50' over open water. This morning he it was perched on the ice in front of our house, flew off for a few minutes then returned for about a 15 minutes. Think he wanted to celebrate New Year's eve with us. What a beautiful sight.
Bruce & Jeanie Metzger
Today while driving west on I94, I saw a lone adult bald eagle resting in a small leafless tree on the north side of I94 between Mattawan and PawPaw MI - just west of Kalamazoo. Amazing sight! This is the second time I have observed an eagle in this location.
Patricia Murphy
Kalamazoo MI
On January 3, 2012 while driving north on I-75 near Roscommon I saw two bald eagles, each perched on a separate trees. Unbelievable sight! Wish I had my camera ready.
Cynthia Haps
I saw a bald eagle on January 2, 2013 flying over Crescent Lake Rd. in Waterford, MI. They are amazing! It's good to know that they are making a comeback!
Rachel LeMarbe
We saw a pair of mature bald eagles cavorting in the skies over the Huron River just north of Ann Arbor, Michigan yesterday, December 30th, 2012. They had huge wingspans and distinctive white tails. Beautifal and nimble in flight. Such a thrill to see!
Paul & Marilyn Wilkie
December 29, 2012 I was fortunate enough to observe a Bald Eagle hunt for a few hours in the late morning over the northwest swamp and open water area of Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was a thrill to watch her perch, soar, and strike. What a magnificent creature; I hope she stays in the area.
Nonnie Buth
We saw and photographed a single adult bald eagle behind our house on 12/27/12 in Highland, MI. It flew behind our house on Murray Lake, landed in a tree, and stayed about 15 minutes before flying off.
Ray Keller.
Saw a mature pair in Pontiac Lake State park in Waterford, MI on 12/19/12. We sat under a tree they were in for 5 minutes while our dog ran under them. We got some pictures and a video of them flying away.
Frank Gamez
I saw an immature bald eagle at very close range yesterday, in Taylor. MI. I went to let my housecat in from the backyard, and the cat was agitated and looking skyward. I went outside and followed the cat's gaze to the top of a telephone pole in my next door neighbor's yard, and there sat a very large, juvenile bald eagle, staring at the cat. It was mottled dark brown in color, with white flecks distributed on it's underbody. I watched it for approximately a minute, until it took flight. It had a very large wingspan (3-4 ft.) and a heavy body. It had a heavy, hooked beak.
Phil LaForce
Taylor, MI
Highland Twp., Oakland County, Michigan
December 15, 2012 10:45 a.m.
Just saw a bald eagle perched on top of a (leafless) tree by our lake - Upper Pettibone Lake, off Harvey Lake Road in Highland. Magnificent! Viewed with binoculars, and tried to take a picture from inside the house poor quality. My husband went out side about 50' down property - and although eagle was still roughly 150' away, he didn't like my husband's movement, and flew away. His strength and beauty was breathtaking!
Darlene Frost
While out walking on a beautiful, unseasonably warm December 14th, 2012 afternoon, we were treated to a pair of bald eagles!!! We were 3 miles north of the Kalamazoo River, near the Gull Creek, in Galesburg, Michigan. They started out in a tree fairly close to the road, and after we stopped, one flew a few hundred yards back into an open field area (landed in a tree), and shortly thereafter, the other took off. We continued to watch them as they sat pretty much side by side.....what a beautiful sight!
C. Roe, Michigan
Just saw a Bald Eagle over Ann Arbor, Michigan - approximately above Huron High School/Gallup Park - 2:58 pm, clear, sunny day with temps about 45 degrees F
Rodney Capps
I just spotted a single Bald Eagle over Morrison Lake in Coldwater, MI. It was trying to catch birds off the lake. What a sight :-).
Kathy Kestner
We saw three bald eagles flying here in Galesburg Michigan. What a beautiful sight.
Mike DeGraaf
December 1, 2012 Orion Township, Mi
An eagle was sighted on the pond behind our home by my neighbor and myself this morning around 9:15. It rose from the pond and came toward us before elevating and banking to fly across the pond and away. Amazing!
Bea Norris
I spotted a bald eagle while driving on Dixie Highway in Waterford MI, near Scott Lake Rd. on November 28. An amazing sight in this area!
Pamela Cardone
Today is November 25th 2012. We live in Capac Michigan 48014. Today was our first snowfall of the year so we took a slow ride on our 4 wheeler through our woods just west of town. We saw lots of tracks from deer, squirrels and rabbits but then noticed a new bird being chased by a lot of small birds. Our normal Red tail is easy to spot but this one was very dark. When he flew across the property heading west his bright white head was perfect! He dove down through the field next door before disappearing. We have lived here for 26 years and watch birds a lot. This was the first American Bald Eagle I have seen here. What a treat for Thanksgiving weekend!
Robert Crandall
An amazing Thanksgiving Day sighting! My husband and I saw a bald eagle today, late morning, near Maple Beach in Kensington Metro Park in Milford, Michigan. This was my first ever Michigan sighting, though I'd seen bald eagles before near Vancouver, British Columbia. Amazing and beautiful birds of prey!
--Debra Kraft
Bald Eagle sighted in Casco (Formerly part of Richmond before Annex), Mi. No better time to see one soaring overhead than on Thanksgiving.
Nate Suess
On Nov. 10, 2012, at aprox. 10:45am, I saw a mature Bald Eagle flying down the middle of a country road ahead of my car in Dexter Township, Washtenaw County, Chelsea, MI. I pulled over to watch and it landed in a big oak tree and cleaned its beak off on the branch several times and eventually took off flying in the direction which would take it over a lake. I've never seen a Bald Eagle in our area and was amazed and thankful to be able to watch this beautiful creature of God!
Darlene Straub
On November 10, 2012 in Lake Orion, Michigan I viewed 2 bald eagle's just soaring over my house. They were flying southwest. Awesome view.
Linda Cosgrove
I Just saw a Bald Eagle knock a duck out of the air on Walled Lake in Michigan
11/5 1:54PM
Steve Loe
11/2/2012 Bald Eagle sighting on the Kalamazoo River 1/4 mile downstream from the Ceresco, Michigan Dam. The sighting was at the 6.25 mile mark of the Enbridge Pipeline oil spill.
David Pike
Lake Leelanau, Mi on staurday, oct. 27 about 4pm. Soaring above our Ann Arbor Skyline Eagles Crew Team.
Julie Torres
I saw a bald eagle flying and hovering over Highway 23, in Ann Arbor, just south of Highway 14 and north of the Huron River, On October 25 at about 3:30 p.m. It was an amazing sight! I wish I had been a location to have watched for a longer period of time.
Joanna McNamara
Howell Township Michigan at Tooley and Warner Road
Dan Bonello
Jackson County, Michigan
10/22/12, around 5pm.
Single adult bald eagle flew west across M-99 about 5 miles north of I-94.
Donna Hellman
10/19/2012. We saw a bald eagle in Otsego Michigan, perched above a small lake near the Kalamazoo river. We lost sight of it when it dropped out of the tree down toward the lake.
Jerry Vorva
Branch, MI, about 20 miles east of Ludington,10/19/12 approx. 4pm -
We saw a bald eagle fly over Emerson Lake in front of our cottage. It went up in a tree for a few minutes then swooped down, grabbed something out of the lake and flew away. It came back twice, in fact it's out there in the tree now, maybe waiting for the rain to stop. I was able to snap this picture and hope to get more over the weekend.
Jodi Smolek
Pentwater, Michigan -- Today (October 17, 2012) at about 4:20 pm, I spotted a bald eagle flying past our cottage which is located along Lake Michigan approximately one mile south of channel between Pentwater Lake and Lake Michigan. This is my the 4th sighting of an eagle in the last 3 weeks at this location.
Rick Jordan
Oct. 14, 2012 around 3:30 p.m. Ann Arbor. Driving north on Dixboro road, we were on the bridge passing over the Huron River when a mature bald eagle flew in front of us at the tree line. I caught sight of the white head and then both the head and tail as it banked to the right! I've been in AA for 17 yrs. and this is the first bald eagle I've seen here. Amazing! If not for my husband's desire to get home for the start of the Tigers' game, I would have turned around to watch it's journey!
M. DeLano
We saw a bald eagle on the north east corner of Irish rd & birch run rd on October 11, 2012 at about 2:00 in the afternoon in Millington, MI. I have several pictures on the ground & one in flight!
Vicky Petzold
I saw two sightings of Bald Eagles in Sterling Park, Monroe,Mi. I have decent photos of one.
Donna Nicholas
We have what appear to be a group of four immature Bald Eagles in the area of Farmington Hills, Michigan. They have been sighted soaring and hunting aournd our immediate area for the past three days or so. They were last seen today at noon aound the same area. Two of them perched for a while on top of one of the cellular towers around the Farmington road / 12 mile area. I was'nt sure they were eagles until I got to see them directly overhead at about 200 ft.
Michael Collinsworth
Belmont, MI
11:00 A.M.
Larry VanZalen
Lone Bald Eagle sighted soaring above our house in Belmont, MI. 49306. We watched it soar at about 3-5 hundred feet in fairly tight circles for more than 5 minutes before its widening pattern moved further west and finally, out of sight. We have watched many Bald Eagles but never this close to a city the size of Grand Rapids, MI which is situated less than 5 miles south of Belmont. This sighting was positively identified as a Bald Eagle but so far unconfirmed by others.
A beutiful bald eagle was perced in a tree on Sonoma Lake in East Leroy Michigan last fall. This past week, another Eagle was on the ice eating fish that had been left behind. This one resembled the Golden Eagle as it did not have a white head.
Debra McManigle
Numerous Bald Eagles have been hanging out at the mouth of Saginaw Bay near Bay Harbou marina. A man my husband talked to saw 22 one evening last week.
Mrs. David Charlesbois
February 5, 2012....saw a bald eagle flying over Gray Lake in Lake, MI (Clare County). This is the first time I've seen one in the wild and it was quite a thrill. Of course I couldn't find my camera fast enough to get a picture!
Jim McAllister
I was driving for work up to Ludington, MI on 1-30-12 and saw a bald eagle sitting on the metal railing as I crossed the Pete Marquette River on 31 just south of Ludington. He flew up and circled and then soared to the other side and sat in a tree and then got up and circled again. When I went back down 31 I saw him again soar from the east side to the west side.
Jeff Waite
I am not sure if I witnessed 3 or not, one was on the ground over what looked like dead deer carcase, I dove by and was so stunted that I kept on driving, a couple miles down the road I turned around and returned as I pulled up he or she flew up to a tree about 300 yards off but originally it was only 30 yards away, It stayed it the tree for about 20 minutes, then off about 100 yard I saw another one, this one was just about all dark, the one that was on the ground had a white head and tail feathers, as I listened, the one some distance away was "chirping" the adult flew over to where that one was. Then another one all dark flew by then soared off into the distance. This happened in Lowell Michigan on a street called Flat River Dr. on the curve before Flat River Ct. What a tremendous sight I never witnessed one let alone 3 in the wild.
Marc Wilkinson
On January 28, 2012 my husband and I were shoveling snow. It was very windy. I looked at the sky and saw a bald eagle flying. We couldn't believe it! This was the first eagle we ever saw! At first we thought it was some type of hawk, but as it flew closer and past us we were able to see the white head and tail as it displayed a "soaring" flight pattern. It was amazing!
Sterling Heights, Michigan
Anna Curtis
I live in Saline 48176, just south of Ann Arbor. On Saturday the 27th my son and I saw what we thought was a large hawk circling near our house. As we got closer we realized it was a Bald Eagle. He was flying directly south.
Robert Garrison
1-25-12. I have been driving for a limo company for 11 years,going only from Toledo to Detroit Metro airport. My route is up I-75 through Monroe Michigan. I am always scanning the trees quickly to see the red-tailed hawks out there(which are plentiful). I suddenly see this eagle in the tree. It was quite a shock to me. I had never seen one in the wild. I pointed it out to my guests on the car. One guest was from Minnesota,confirmed that it was an eagle,and said she sees them quite often in her area. It was high up in a tree near exit 13. There are many small lakes around,and it was not far from Lake Erie. I know they eat fish,so he was in a great location for food. It would be nice to see more of these,and I consider myself very lucky to see one in it's natural habitat!
Marti Morgan
On Thursday, January 26, 2012 I was traveling east on Territorial Road in Hillsdale Co, MI. approximately 1 mile east of SR 49, a Bald Eagle on the ground apparently feeding on a dead deer carcass.. The bird was approximately 50 yards off of the road.
Richard Unger, Coldwater, MI
My fiancé and I were coming home from an awesome weekend wine tasting and shopping with friends in Traverse City. We wanted to leave our friends house by noon, but ended up staying until after 1:00. We were traveling East on M113 through a light snow, when all of a sudden out of a field flew a massive bird. He went right over the car and we both looked at each other and said, "WoW...That was a bald eagle!" We couldn't stop smiling. Glad we left so late! It was very cool and definitely the best part of the weekend!
Jamey Perhogan and Colin
appears to be single adult bald eagle around the lakeview airport in Michigan. Haven't seen two together but one has been spotted 4 or 5 times within the last month. area is Lakeview Michigan 48850.
kathy hakeem
St Clair, MI (north end)
Pulling out of my driveway, heading North on our road (one black from the St Clair River) was what I believe was a soaring Bald Eagle chasing a few small birds. He landed in a tree. At first we thought it was a hawk, but then we realized it was so dark and had a white head and tail. It was amazing!! We have the Alice W. Moore Woods Nature Sanctuary right off our street, so we have a lot of birds and other small animal sightings. If this was what we thought it was, it was a gift.
Kristin M. Brooks
January 7, 2012 &@; 9:30 am
I was driving North on M24 on the border of Oakland & Lapeer counties in Michigan. I saw an adult Bald Eagle soaring ENE. Very impressive in the morning sunlight!
Patrick Grant
North end of Devils Lake (Manitou Beach, MI 49253)
Saturday 1/7/2012 approximately 10:15 am.
M Bishop
12:44pm 1/6/12, Plymouth Township, MI. On my way back from the mailbox saw what I thought was a hawk (we have several red-tailed here) thinking to myself, "Wow! That one is huge! Look at that wing span!" Then it banked and saw the white tail.... it banked again and saw the white head. I couldn't believe it! I wanted to get binoculars to make sure but I couldn't take my eyes off this magnificent creature. It really was unmistakable, we always see them Up North in Sleeping Bear Dunes area, my brain just couldn't reconcile seeing one in my front yard! It was soaring and circling over our subdivision which is right next to Plymouth Township Park. Headed toward the park and out of view. I REALLY hope I see it again. WOW!
Heidi Anderson
January 5, 2012
Saw a bald eagle on my street Garden Valley Rd. in Marengo, IL on the north side of the road right by the Kishwaukee River bridge. It was eating prey on the side of the road. I saw it take flight. !!!
Shawn Simon
Marengo, IL
Jan 5, 2012
Today, less than 50 yards from the lakeside deck of a home for sale on Birch Lake in Southwest Michigan. My wife and I watched for 20 minutes while a mature bald eagle repeatedly tried to snatch an injured duck out of the lake. The duck dove underwater with each attempt at its life. The eagle eventually tired and retreated to a nearby tree top to rest, gather strength, and undoubtedly try again. My wife had her Nikon camera w giant zoom lens in the car and snapped 100 breathtaking photos. Great Day
Brad Sandler
Granger, Indiana
I was taking a walk along a wooded path that circles a large pond in our development. As I stopped to look out at the pond (facing east), a large bird flew overhead from the west. Thinking it was a waterfowl, I thought to myself 'where is it going to land?' since the pond was almost completely frozen over. Then I noticed the stark white tail and watched as it perched high in a tree on the other side of the pond. I knew it had to be a bald eagle. I continued to walk around the pond to get a better look and ensure that there was a white head to go along with the white tail. Sure enough, a beautiful bald eagle. I live in Brighton, Michigan and was amazed that a bald eagle would be that far south. I remember the summers of the 1970's when as a child, my family would vacation in the Upper Peninsula and spend days driving around Seney National Wildlife Refuge Park hoping to catch a glimpse of a bald eagle!
Saw a mature bald eagle around lunch time in East Grand Rapids right around and over Reeds Lake!
Jill Dean
1/2/12 12:30 PM   There is an eagle in a field on Noble Road near M-52. It is eating a crow.
Carol Brunette
Just saw a bald eagle perched in a tree. Driving south on U.S. 127. Houghton Lake, Michigan
Jean Zott
My husband and youngest son just saw an adult bald eagle flying down our lake. Wolverine Lake in Commerce Township, MI. There have been occasional sightings in our area but this was a very exciting first for us.
Kim Watersy
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