Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Diane Tercha wrote the following: Sited a bald eagle on September 25, 2015 in Ira Township, Michigan on M-29 heading West at approx. 1:15 p.m. E.S.T. the bird was flying with the wings open and gliding
White head / white tail feathers
-First time spotted in this area -

Kathy Haushalter wrote the following: Michigan, on 75 Southbound after crossing the Ogemaw River we saw a female bald eagle. September 27, 2015

Jenna Krumlauf wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle flying over M59 about a 1/2 mile west of downtown Pontiac. How cool!

Rachael Vandyke wrote the following: My husband and I saw a bald eagle on Sept 20, 2015 flying over the Grand River east of Grandville, MI at I-196

Douglas Snowden wrote the following: Hello, I was driving home from work today Sept. 12 about 12.30 in the afternoon and spotted a male Bald Eagle on I -94 between Fredmore Hyw. and Wadams Rd / at. Clair area feeding on road kill in the medium . Pretty cool to see this magnificent bird around here.

Kyle Gorncy wrote the following: There's 2 flying around van etten lake in Oscoda michigan

Today, Saturday, August 29th, @ about 4pm I sighted a young adult Bald Eagle flying and gliding SW from mid-Williamston. I spotted the Eagle just as it left Williamston airspace and watched as it flew SW over I-96. What a beautiful sight!
C M Haas

I spotted what appears to be a young bald eagle in Litchifield, MI. Eagle had a green and white wing tag with orange lettering L5
Jeremy Staggs

Bald eagle flying west directly over 127 about 40-50 miles north of Lansing. Today 3pm
Daniel O'Connor

I saw a Bald Eagle yesterday (2/15/15) flying overhead while I was snowshoeing across a field. He was flying west, from Cherry Valley Rd toward Schad Rd, in Middleville, Michigan. He looked very content to be soaring with the wind currents. Great to see.
Tiffany Thaler

Saw an adult bald eagle on Lake Michigan near Glenn, MI on 2/15/15.
Mark Osowski

We just saw two bald eagles on Evans Lake in Tipton, MI. They flew around and then landed on the ice. It looked like they were eating something left be ice fishermen.
Daryl Lewis
Saline MI

I wanted to report that at about 11:30 am today (2/12/15) as I was returning to Lansing from Eagle (ironic) via Grand River Highway I encountered a large immature Bald eagle in the road. I had seen a large bird come down and land in the road to scoop up some road kill a ways ahead of me, so I slowed down to give it time to move and catch a glimpse of nature in action. I at first assumed it was a large hawk, but I could not believe my eyes when I got closer and realized what it was! This bird was MASSIVE! There was no mistaking, this was in fact a Bald Eagle! Completely blew my mind! I was speechless, such a beautiful animal to see, especially in the wild! I wish the vehicle wouldn't have scared him off, it would have been awesome to get a picture!
Chelsea Kerr, Lansing, MI.

South Lyon, MI
February 7th at 2:18pm
There were 2 bald eagles in a tree near 10 Mile & Currie Roads.
I've been bird watching for years and was very excited that I noticed these when I drove by. They were huge.
The eagles flew away when I walked closer to get a better cell phone picture.
Sandy Studer

My wife and I David and Gaylinn Dressler were eating dinner at Jaywalkers in Mottvill Michigan this past Friday February 6th around 4:30 We we're looking out over the river and Gaylinn saw it first,but you really couldn't have missed it the eagle gave us a nice fly by.

I saw a bale eagle at approx. 11:00am on Feb. 6, flying fairly low over our rural home in Salem Twp., MI – Tower Rd, btw, 5 and 6 Mile Rds. Day was cold, bright and snow covered. He was flying from North to South. Beautiful!
Michelle M White

Bald Eagle Sighting Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 2/5/2015 at 8:50am Flying low about 30ft above Lake Shore Drive along Lake St. Clair.
Weather conditions clear skies, the sun just rising over the lake, outside temperature 1 degree Fahrenheit. We were driving at about 30 mph – Bald eagle flying to the right of car and flying faster then us. Great sighting!
G Frederickson

My wife and I spotted a mature Bald Eagle soaring above Mansfield Street in Ypsilanti, MI on Thursday February 5.
Brian Banks

February 2, 2015. Sighted an adult bald eagle soaring over Hall (M59) and Romeo Plank. Hall is the dividing line between Clinton Township and Macomb Township, Michigan.
Surprised to see one in this populated area, but I see another sighting listed that occurred about a month ago in the same vicinity.
Donna Chalk

Chesterfield Michigan area 26mile rd and North Ave 11pm 2/1/2015 saw bald eagle during snow storm eating in field solid white head. By wolcot mills Park area and wetzle rec area.
Dan yert

January 29th 3:40pm in Cassopolis Michigan I captured this photo across street from Hampshire Golf Course. I've always had a fascination with eagles this was a breathtaking experience...
Angela Solloway

A Bald Eagle soured over my property this morning about 9 a.m. Sunday January 25th. On Madden Rd. between Quigly and Oak Hill Drive. Dexter Twp. Michigan. The eagle appeared to be at about 100 feet above and perhaps a juvenile. I was struck by its unmistakable white head and tail tips but I commonly see mature Red Tail Hawks if the same size. Non the less it was a real treat to see and I hope they begin to flourish in Washtenaw County.
Darin Rowe

I was driving in Walled Lake, MI on Saturday, January, 24, 2015 when I spotted it flying low. It threw me off guard but the white head and bright yellow beak was unmistakable...I knew I just saw a bald eagle!
Amy Sawicki

Seen flying over road and trees between Pinckney and Howell Michigan 1/23/15 approximately 5:15pm.
Jeannine Dixon

I was hoping for confirmation on this site, but I saw a mature adult flying over Birmingham, MI on 1/23/2015 around 2:00 pm. I was out for a run and looked up to see the eagle above me. I was surprised to see one in this area.
Amy Murray, Birmingham, MI

Eagle sighted in China township on Fred Moore hwy sitting at top of tree amongst open crop field. Beautiful large eagle. Stayed for approximately 30 minutes. I have been told a pair of eagles have been nesting along belle river for many years in Columbus township. What an amazing site!
Sandra Kilby

Spotted a mature Bald Eagle soaring about 20 feet above the Kalamazoo River near the bridge at Clark Road in Battle Creek today at 3:00.
Theresa Carlson <

Saw one flying above the Rogue River today in Belmont, MI.
Joanna Childers

Saw a sighting in our back yard today in Lacota Michigan on January 18th 2015. Huge wing span as he dove for road kill. It was so awesome!
Chris Takasper

2015-01-13 – Caledonia, MI -- Watched two bald eagles for much of the day today feeding on a 5 or 6 pound sucker on the ice on the Thornapple River 2 miles south of Alaska, MI. Interestingly the larger immature eagle drove the adult off the fish and dined for nearly 45 minutes. These two were joined by an additional pair of adult birds who remained in the area of the fish for an hour and a half around 5 pm. There was an on and off conflict between the adult birds, so perhaps there was not a mated pair.
Jerry Herrendeen

1/13/2015 sitting of a bald eagle totally stunned me!
  Dark body with the distinctive white head, feeding on a carcass on the side of the road! Majestic beauty~
Location M66 North of Barryton, Michigan
  Approximately halfway to M10...right hand side of M66
Valerie Smallwood

Suttons Bay , Michigan along ,M-22
Constance Stringer

1-12-2015. I opened my shutters this morning at 9:40 AM to look at my view of Lake Michigan and Glenlord Beach Park. I spotted a Bald Eagle soaring over the lower parking lot of The Sable Shores Condominiums, Stevensville, MI. The wing span on this bird was tremendous. The sight was awe-inspiring.
Susan Colon

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 3:00p.m., Saturday, January 10th...100 yards ESE of Plymouth Rd. at Huron Pkwy. Stopped to watch a Peregrine falcon, who was joined on his perch by his mate sitting in a tree right by Plymouth Rd. From the east, in swept a bald eagle, dove to the ground, and carried off his catch (perhaps a rabbit) to the east. spectacular site - wish I had pictures!
Mary Beth Westin

On 1/10/15 approximately 2pm, I (we) saw a Bald Eagle flying east over Long Lake in Union, MI. It flew to within about 20 yards of my huge picture window (that faces west), before turning south. I live on a hill that overlooks the lake. I was too awestruck and dumbfounded to take a picture. I actually screamed "OH MY GOD"! And my adult daughter looked over and saw it too. Had she not seen it, and confirmed it as an Eagle, I would have thought I was crazy. I can still see it flying above the tree tops south of me, on the east side of the lake. I'm HOPING it comes back so I can get a picture of it. No idea if it was male or female, nor can I guess the wingspan. I just saw a HUGE white headed and tailed bird flying towards the window and again, went into an awestruck trance! I have a TON of hawks that live on this property and perch on the trees right outside the window all the time, so initially I thought that's what it was, till it got closer.
Union, Michigan - in Cass County, Michigan. Long/Baldwin & Coverdale lake area.
Kristin Griffin

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