Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

On the way to pick up my kids from school I saw a large bird on the ground eating from a dead deer carcass. When it picked up its head i saw it was white. I was amazed to see that it was a bald eagle as I have never seen one in the wild before. This occurred around 3:35 in Scotts, MI.
Jonathan Frakes

I saw a bald eagle on the ground eating a rabbit. I then started flying and landed in a tree. This was in Richmond Township, MI. This is in Northern Macomb County on Armada Ridge Road at Russ Road.
Annette Tilney

I saw a bald eagle in front of my door as I was getting out my car. I live in Michigan in Clinton Twp near 16 mile and Groesbeck. As I was walking to my door I heard something flying, I looked up and saw its huge wings flapping away
Ashley Pruitt

January 5th 2019, 1:30pm. Saw a bald eagle flying around Eliza lake in Springfield Township. The eagle then came to rest on the ice of the lake and stayed about 3-5min before it flew off.
James Pettus

Saw a bald eagle this morning fly off the top of a tree on hwy 41 near rapid river, mi; delta county
Krysta Kobasic

Saw a large bald eagle fly over our lake in southern MI. (Lake LeAnn in Jerome) It flew about a hundred feet over the water making several passes before settling at the top of a very tall tree. First time ever seeing one on our lake. In the summer there's always osprey fishing and in the early spring some common loons stop in for a visit but it was a treat seeing our nations symbol fir the first time.
Rick Griffith=

I spotted a bald eagle perched at the top of a tree on the side of M15 in Brandon Township, Mi at 8am on Monday November 5.
Mike Borovica
Ortonville, Mi

Redford, Mi 10-29-18
Bald eagle was flying over 6 mile road between Beech Daly and Inkster Rds. Landed in a tree so I got a better look at it. Beautuful!
Jenni Bazweb

At approximately 12:15 p.m., my husband and I were going east on M-5 near toward the Grand River exit in Farmington, MI. Prior to approaching the exit (where I-275 N exits into M-5), I saw a very huge bird perched in a tree and as we passed, I could clearly see that it was a Bald Eagle with its beautiful white head. So majectic and I was thrilled to say the least!
Marty Fishman
Farmington, MI

On 10/14/18, around 2:30pm, my husband and I were driving. At the corner of Vandyke and 14 mile we saw a bald eagle soaring, circling above. Very majestic with his white head and tail feathers. This is the dividing line between Sterling Heights and Warren. Wish I could have gotten a picture but he was too high. I would love to know where it was headed.
~Angie Glaspie

Today, October 12,2018, in Hamburg Michigan, I saw my first BALD EAGLE, IN THE WILD.
It was on the beach in front of our Home on Strawberry Lk near the Huron river& Bob white beach Blvd. Our home is about 100' off The beach, and I saw it standing Majestically with distinguished White Head & shoulder. I Never thought I would see one in my own backyard!
I was only able to take a pic as He flew away. Later today, I looked Out towards the lake, and saw what Looked like the same eagle flying From a tree by the water. It would Be really cool if they will nest in One of our tall trees!
When I walked down to the lake Where the bald eagle was, I Found a carp on shore that was Partially gutted.
Steve Mitchell

Today, Oct. 10, 2018 my husband and I sighted an American Bald Eagle in Livonia Mi. He was flying in the area of 6 Mile Rd. and Farmington Rd. He landed in a dead tree directly on 6 Mile about 1/4 mile East of Farmington Rd. and stayed there for about 20 minutes. Never thought we would see one so close to home.
Mary and Steve Wozniak

Bald eagle sighting on Hough rd by Vandyke .. Almont Mich ....Oct 1st 2018....The eagle was on the side of the rd .... By the corn fields munching on a deer carcass... too cool .. been awhile since i seen one back in the 70's in Glacier Natl Park .. as a kid..
Rob Armbruster

Sighting of bald eagle near brighton, michigan on september 14th 2018. Flying and circling quite high .
Mark Higdon

On September 3rd, I observed and took a picture of a bald eagle grabbing a fish out of ackerson lake in Napoleon, Mi.
Mark Nielsen

I had a sighting of one adult bald eagle on Feb 12 of this year at the corner of Whitcomb and Harlo in Madison Heights, Michigan.
Tim Greig

I saw a bald eagle flying low over our Ann Arbor hills home (off of Arlington and Heatherway) today Monday, February 5 at 2:45pm - an amazing sight!
Sonia Urbaniak

My husband and I sighted a bald eagle while driving near Jackson, Michigan. The sighting was along northbound US-127, just south of the Page Avenue exit, just south of Jackson, Mi, at approximately 10 a.m. on Friday, February 2nd, 2018. The beautiful bird with its distinctive white head and tail soared over the highway at about 100 feet up, east to west!
We were thrilled! It was beautiful! And took it as a good omen!
We hope this means the pair of eagles that was reported around this area around 2011 is making a solid comeback! Yay!
Mr & Mrs Len Gonerka

I spotted a bald eagle on Feb 1st 2018 at 11:49am. It was above Haco drive in Lansing Michigan near the Grand River / Potter Park Zoo. Amazing experience watching it climb into the wind then descend down headed north east.
Josh Kapp

On 1/30/2018, I observed a bald eagle flying along the Huron river in Ypsilanti, MI. This was my second time seeing a bald eagle in Ypsilanti.
Ross Zini

Friday, January 27, 2018 at approximately 9:45 am. while traveling north on I75 between exits 14 and 15. I spotted an Eagle as he approached the right side of the freeway, my excited screaming caused my daughter to look where I was pointing. We watched in awe and silence as he flew over the car and off into the distance. He was maybe 30-40 feet above the car. this makes the 4th time I've seen one and the first time any of my relatives have been able to verify that I wasn't imagining it. It is truly a remarkable thing to see.
B. Epps

On Dec 19, 2017, around 11:30 am, I spotted a bald eagle following the Rouge River along Hines Drive between Wilcox and Northville roads. It was scanning the forest floor across the road from Wilcox Lake, banking and gliding as though hunting. Truly a magnificent and unexpected sight!
-- David Soubly

We saw a bald eagle flying along the Lake Michigan bluff ten miles north of St. Joseph, Michigan on December 11, 2017.
Roberta Goldman

We seen a Bald Eagle, on December 5, 2017, @ 9:11am, on M-30, by Saginaw Rd., Sanford, Michigan. It appeared to be hunting above the woods, next to the river!!
Shelly McKimmy

On Monday November 20th at 1:00 p.m., a bald eagle flew over our car and into the Kalamazoo River. We were on Beadle Lake Road near Columbia Avenue in Emmett Township, Battle Creek, Michigan.
Rex Myers

On Saturday my wife and I took a walk in River bends Park Shelby Township Michigan. There we saw a very large bird larger than any Hawk I have ever seen with white tail feathers and a brown head. I am assuming it is a bald eagle that is not matured yet. Then this morning at about 7:15 a.m. I witnessed a bald eagle flying over John R Road just south of Auburn in Rochester Hills Michigan. There was no mistaking the bird this morning.
Steven LeFaivre

10-17-2017. 5:50 PM.
My wife reports seeing a single bald eagle flying southeast and circling over 11 mile rd. west of woodward ave. Huntington Woods , mi. One mile north of the Detroit Zoo.
Jon Brent

We were just driving down Fort Street in our town, Riverview, Michigan, a southern suburb of Detroit. A bald eagle flew over our car and into the trees of a neighborhood across the street. It is October 14, 2017, and the sighting occurred around 4:15 p.m. I posted it on Facebook and someone responded that they had just sighted one a half hour before in the town close to ours.
Brittany O'Bien

Sarah Field wrote the following: Bald eagle flying low, heading west at the Kalamazoo city/township border, this afternoon 2/14/17

Melissa Hatton wrote the following: I could not believe my eyes my real first full on eagle sighting on my way home from work on Jeffrson ave. / Lakeshore Grosse Pointe area along Lake Saint Clair it flew right above and in front of my car I was looking at it thinking no it can't be... but an eagle it was I had a great view of its white head brown body and white tail feathers with full wing span... WOW! Made my day! Jan 31, 2017 315pm.

Kila Allred wrote the following: I saw my first wild bald eagle in MI Jan 14, 2017 in Lowell. I was on the bridge crossing the river when I saw it perched on a tree overlooking the river. I turned around to go back for a picture. Got the pic, but the eagle was out of range of my lens. Poor pic, but i'm glad I got it!

Tom LoCascio wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle standing on the ice in East Tawas 1/7/16 nearthe water edge. We also see 2 of them soaring in the sky between Omer and Standish on most occasion in the drive to and from.. Michigan

Stephanie Holmesb wrote the following: January 08, 2017
Just sharing my sighting of BA. That has been luring around the Michigan area of my son's boss! No one has disturbed the Eagle - That is my belief why she has maintained her existence on the lake side property for several, several months . I had never seen one prior to this!! Beautiful

shelly harvey- skoczylas wrote the following: My boyfriend and I were traveling north on us23 heading to tawas city when somewhere between Standish and augre the biggest bald eagle I've ever came out a nowhere up from the side of the road. It had what looked like maybe a crow ...or something very black, clutched in one foot and was flapping its wings in backward motion trying to get back in the air and as it did ...came closer n closer to our windshield. I was in awe and at the same time horrified it was going to crash into or maybe thru the glass! It looked over its shoulder like wing as struggled it seemed to lift its huge self faster than I think it had originally planned was ssoooo awesome. I was using cruise going about 60mph , I'm trying to stop quick n safe n just staring at it in awe coming closer and just as I thought for sure there was no missing him he hovered a second ,his back still to us ,his head turned back staring right back at us...his wings were wider than our impala and swear he seemed as tall as I am, 5'1", and suddenly just floated right over the car and was gone. Now I'm curious... Could he have been snatching road kill or was it likely he snatched what was eating roadkill? I always watch the sky when I drive thru that area now... I've spotted him once since high in flight. Will he remain In that area ,possibly nesting there also? I really hope to see him around in spring and watch...from a safer distance.

Ted Brindle wrote the following: How cool to have spotted a Bald Eagle perched high in a tree at the side of the express way. I believe sightings are rare in the southern half of Michigan, but we always look fascinated by the larger birds hunting in this area. On a trip home to Grand Rapids from Lansing on January 1st, we spotted a bald eagle approximately five miles before exit 50 near Lowell on i96.

Jill Brindle wrote the following: I just saw my first bald eagle in the wild. It was perched high on a tree next to 96 between Lansing and Grand Rapids. It was approximately 5 miles away from Alden Nash Road.

Dan Mol wrote the following: Saw an adult bald eagle on Christmas Day 2016 on our property in the city of Grand Rapids, MI.

John Burgess wrote the following: Saw my first bald eagle 12/20/16 on US-31 bypass near Berrien Springs, MI in Berrien county. Bird was feeding on road carcass on side of road, took flight as car approached. Size indicated female but I was pretty excited and am not an expert.

Scot Stern wrote the following: Spotted a pair this morning flying north west of m43 and Cochran rd grand ledge mi beautiful site to see

robert hrlic wrote the following: we have a pair of bald eagles in our area, spotted them feeding on deer carcasses in Sanilac county Michigan

Steve Sibula wrote the following: Bald eagle sighted perched in a tree along Dexter-Town Hall Trail next to Silver Lake in Putnam Township, Michigan near Pinckney

Julie Peless wrote the following: Saginaw County, MI, 11/11/16 @ 8:10am until 8:25am. Three bald eagles were viewed. Photos (not impressive) were taken and video was recorded. Two flew in on the first one and then those two flew off chasing each other.

Garnett Peeling wrote the following: Saw a beautiful Bald Eagle off Layton Rd in Fowlerville Mi. today! It was circling around a corn field for awhile and then perched at the top of a huge tree. It was awesome!

B Eggleston wrote the following: Spotted a Bald Eagle in the cornfield on 19 mile between I drive and L drive in Marshall, Michigan

Lisa Bonjernoor wrote the following: Just saw a beautiful sight! First bald eagle I've seen this year. Circling my home by the Kalamazoo River and Deke's Pond in Kalamazoo, Mi. Sure can have quite an effect on you!

tonja bissonnette wrote the following: i saw a bald eagle on maple the maple creek preserve..has there been any others siteings reported? in this area.

Dan McDonald wrote the following: February 8, 2016
Ann Arbor MI
The back of my business faces the Huron river Just north of the Argo Dam. I went outside around 4 pm. The seagulls were acting "funny" I almost went back inside but kept watching because something was just strange about the seagulls. There was one seagull that really stood out, he was much larger than the rest. Suddenly I saw the seagull follow a large bald eagle into the tree on the east side of the river. I took a photo, and watched for awhile. After about 15 minutes the Bald eagle flew down the river heading North, and the large seagull chased him till they were both out of sight. The next day the UPS driver told me that workers at the Lotus car factory (business further North) Had sighted 2 Bald Eagles in the same area. I was amazed and thrilled to see a Bald eagle this close to the city.

Jack Ver Merris wrote the following: On 2/08/2016 while eating lunch from my truck at Dutton Park, Holland, MI, i could see a juvenile Eagle (brown head, whitish tail feathers) standing tall on the ice edge near the open water on Lake Macatawa, and obviously no lunch caught yet, as the migratory ducks (Cavasbacks and Buffleheads) and sea-Gulls were congregated in the open water quite a ways off to the west of it near the boat launch, when the Eagle lifted off the ice and landed on a perch at the tree-lined park shore a ways from me, and them.
Today, 2/10/2016 during the snow-storm as I sat eating lunch there again watching the empty Lake Macatawa (no ducks visible) an adult Bald Eagle flew by just along the tree-line flapping those huge wings into a perch to the east of my truck. I lost sight of it in the thick branches, so opened my truck door to stand on the running-board a view across the roof, shortly after that I could view all three! of the Eagles swoop down off their perch out over the shoreline and back in to land a perch just a bit further west of me. - oops, sorry for the disturbance.
One of them did return to the same spot about 20 minutes later, very likely actively setting-up the next ambush hunt, since just now the snow has let up a bit and I can see a flock of ducks across the lake near Kollen Park. A waiting game for the Eagles, I don't have time for, - got to get back to work! I'll be back, if only to identify the variety of ducks here.
I have seen adult Eagle groups at this Dutton Park walkway location quite a few times the last 3 years, including a juvenile sighting this fall too. I have not actively searched for a winter nest here yet, but have a suspicion.
Last winter-2015, i had the thrill of watching an adult Bald Eagle swoop down from a perch in front of my truck, toward a mob of ducks near the ice-edge and grab an unsuspecting bird during the ensuing fly-away chaos. The Eagle and his meal had landed right on the ice there to arrange things and snack a bit, eventually lifting and flying with the duck carcass in its talons yet to a shoreline perch, where I lost sight of it.

Nate Dawson wrote the following: 2/8/2016 Saw Juvenile (2-3 yrs old) Baldy eating a deer carcass on side of Cavanaugh Lake Rd less than a mile West of Chelsea. Got very close to it. No mistaking it for anything else.

Chad Lau wrote the following: 02/07/2016- Saw 2 Eagles feeding on a Deer carcass in Linden Mi, Fenton township at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Ray Eyles wrote the following: Pair of bald eagles feeding on the ice on Western side of Cass Lake, MI, this morning at 7.30. Too far to photograph though.

Kayleigh Cullen wrote the following: My mother and I sighted a bald eagle surveying farmlands in Mecosta County, looking north, from the highest tip of a tree on the south side of US 20 just 3 to 5 miles west of Remus, MI

Ruth Swartz wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle today around 1:45 p.m. It was in a field close to the road, eating from a dead deer carcass. I live in western Michigan, 20 minutes east of Grand Rapids. The eagle was sited in Alto, on the corner of Whitneyville and 84th street.

Evans Tasiopoulos wrote the following: I came across two adult bald eagles around sunset over the Detroit River by Belle Isle.

Diana Dutcheshen wrote the following: Sighted a pair on C-48 on 1/29/16 in a tree near Ellsworth, Michigan.

Cynthia Kehrig wrote the following: My husband and I saw 5 bald eagles on Anchor Bay In Lake St. Clair, Fair Haven Michigan. Three juveniles and 2 adults. Multiple sightings of them in the ice from Monday, January 25th to Thursday, January 28th. Incredible, they hang out on the ice for hours at a time!

Elizabeth Claar wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle soaring and turning above downtown Holland MI about 11:30 a.m.. I was driving west on 7th Street and probably blocked traffic as I kept slowing down and looking up!

Michelle Pomorski wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle eating a dead animal on a frozen lake in Chelsea mi. There was another large bird with it but it didn't have a white head or tail. I think I could possibly have been an immature eagle with mom or dad.

Lori O'Neil wrote the following: This week I watched as a Bald Eagle circled real low, 4 times over my side yard in Acme, Michigan. I got up to stand at window and watch and when I reached the window it suddenly swooped down straight to me, scooped up right in front of me and soared into the sky. It was an amazing and beautiful sight!

brooklyn moore wrote the following: Bald eagle soaring in midland michigan. Jefferson rd and us 10. 01.17.16 noon

John Renucci wrote the following: We spotted a large bald eagle standing on the ice in the middle of Thornapple River, Ada, Michigan

Cheryl Zielonka wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying over Hines Park at Ann Arbor Trail and Hines Drive on Friday January 15th 2016 at 8:35 am on my way to work...large wingspan but most notably the white head - magnificent!

Laurel Prosper wrote the following: On the morning of Jan. 13 or 14, 2016 I saw an adult bald eagle flying just above the treetops at the corner of Mt. Hope and Aurelius in Lansing, Michigan. This is right between Fenner Arboretum, Mt Hope Cemetary, Potter Park Zoo, and Crego Park, a great wooded floodplain area for wildlife where the Red Cedar River flows into the Grand River. Great blue herons and wild turkeys are often seen in this area, but what I saw that day was unmistakable-- and thrilling.

Robin Edwards wrote the following: My father and I saw a bald Eagle on January 11, 2016 in St. Clair Shores, MI. It was eating in a tree 2 doors away. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. He stayed there with a crow watching him for about 45 minutes. It was on Liberty Street between near Malvern.

Keith Hutcherson wrote the following: January 2, 2016 at 2pm I saw a bald eagle in monroe, michigan along I75 as i was driving north to Detroit.

Rachel Halford wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle today (1/6/16) flying low over Fulton Rd (M-21) at the Grand River.

Charity Hoffman wrote the following: Spotted my first bald eagle today, driving on a country road outside of Ann Arbor, MI. It was soaring just above Vreeland Rd, in Dixboro. It didn't stay for long, but I recognized its telltale white head and impressive wingspan. Was stunned to see it, didn\'t know they exist in the wild here in Michigan! Friends say it may have been from Leslie Science Center?

Jay Wiseman wrote the following: Witnessed a successful Bald Eagle hunting this morning (12-30-15 10:30am) on Corey Lake, Three Rivers Mi. Male Bald Eagle circled, swooped down & captured a foraging Mud Hen, fly off with him hanging in Eagle's talons. Was also able to get a couple of quick photo's too!

K Gore wrote the following: SE corner of Livingston County, MI ~ near Portage Lake. From my kitchen window, spotted a large bald eagle sitting on tree branch over-looking wet land. Appeared to be hunting. Flew off after a few minutes. Absolutely incredibly breath taking!

tj mcclure wrote the following: Saw mature bald eagle today 12-27-15 in highland recreation area.

Luke Dillon wrote the following: Saw a Great Bald Eagle sitting in up in a tall tree surrounded by 4 or 5 crows while walking my dogs in Grand Haven, MI on 12/26/2015

phil kalamaros wrote the following: two flying north along the shoreline in Hagar township, berrien county, Michigan 12-25-15.

Kip Moffett wrote the following: Bald Eagle flew over my house between 50 and 100 feet. Gave me a perfect profile for identifying. Flew West to East over East County Line Road bordering Gratiot and Saginaw Counties West of Merrill.Just 2.4 miles South of M46. 12/16/15 4:45 P.M. Awesome! My first ever live sighting of the American Bald Eagle.

Kelly Bixby wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle flying northwest along I-75 in southern Michigan, near Little Lake Creek crossing; not far from Lake Erie, 12/16/15 2:20 p.m.

Bob Humphrey wrote the following: We've been watching daily, a pair mainly, and at times 3 adults and a younger bald eagle, for about 6 weeks. Northern Barry County, MI. They often perch very close to our home. Didn't know they would land on water, but they do and can swim along quite easily(looks like breaststroke) and will also take flight from the water. Had previously see flybys in early spring by singles. 12/12/15

Laura Korten wrote the following: Single bald eagle landed in big tree this afternoon next to I-94 just west of I-69 in Marshall, Michigan

Amy Schultz wrote the following: ON November 23, 2015 at 4:15 pm between howell and pinckney on D19 and Reason rd. we spotted one bald eagle sitting in the tree. He was gorgeous.

David Nowak wrote the following: On November 23, 2015 at 8:45am Northern Washtenaw County Michigan. My wife and I observed an Eagle trying to snatch one of several diving ducks on our lake. Having a place on Drummond Island we are very familiar with eagles. This was either a young Bald Eagle or a Golden Eagle. After about a dozen try's it had no luck in snatching a duck which leads me to believe it was an inexperienced young bald eagle. After living here for close to forty years this is a first.

Christine Lefever wrote the following: Saginaw Charter Township, Michigan At 3:30pm on November 22, 2015, I saw a mature bald eagle flying westward over my neighborhood.

Kim Schumacher wrote the following: Bald eagle sighting in Wyoming, Michigan. It was perched in a tree near the entrance ramp onto 196 at Chicago Drive. Gorgeous.

Andrea Barker wrote the following: Michigan - South of Holly flying south down Milford Road near Davisburg Road.

Manny Yellayi wrote the following: Today November 15 /2015 saw 2 bald eagles flying across telegraph road between lone pine and long lake roads

Ken Hayes wrote the following: Saw a pair of bald eagles on Sunday November 15, 2015 one mile southeast of Ithaca, Michigan. They were near a pond just south of my farm in Gratiot County Michigan.

Jewell Hall wrote the following: Saw two bald eagles flying 20 feet over my head in Fennville Mi, Nov 10, 2015! Majestic!

Diane Schlanser wrote the following: Spotted a Bald Eagle flying west over Blue Star Highway in South Haven Just south of the Black River. He headed sw towards Lake Michigan. This was about 4:30 pm. No doubt. I have never seen one I could positively identify since moving back from out west. Ooo yes in Iowa in the winter when they gather for open water and fishing.

Jayson Shene wrote the following: Sighting in South Haven, Michigan

Carrie Kwi wrote the following: October 10, 2015: a male band eagle spotted flying overhead at Keefer/ Ionia roads in Portland, Michigan. The eagle rested in a tree for several minutes and then took off again. The biggest bird I've ever seen! Amazing experience.

steve thompson wrote the following: About 40 feet from my patio door that faces sand lake,10-27-15 approximately noon. It sat looking at us for a minute then joined another bald eagle that was about 100 yards south. They flew to an old growth tree on the point and sat there for quite a while. Nottawa, Mi. on sand lake which adjoins lake templene.

Jan Mundy wrote the following: 1 bald eagle in tree along highway I 69, 10 miles west of Port Huron

jay Mead wrote the following: Buchanan, Mi on October 18 2015 on the St. Joseph river.

Diane Tercha wrote the following: Sited a bald eagle on September 25, 2015 in Ira Township, Michigan on M-29 heading West at approx. 1:15 p.m. E.S.T. the bird was flying with the wings open and gliding
White head / white tail feathers
-First time spotted in this area -

Kathy Haushalter wrote the following: Michigan, on 75 Southbound after crossing the Ogemaw River we saw a female bald eagle. September 27, 2015

Jenna Krumlauf wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle flying over M59 about a 1/2 mile west of downtown Pontiac. How cool!

Rachael Vandyke wrote the following: My husband and I saw a bald eagle on Sept 20, 2015 flying over the Grand River east of Grandville, MI at I-196

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