Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

I spotted a adult Bald Eagle preening feathers in a large tree along Hwy 50 @ Hwy UU outside of Union, MO. What a stunningly handsome bird. This is my first in the flesh sighting. The Bald Eagle is a regal creature and I feel blessed to have seen one in person.
Bob Hallahan

I saw a large bald eagle on Friday January 23. It was flying South over the Missouri River as I was crossing over the Centennial Bridge on 92 from Leavenworth, Kansas into Platte County, MO.
Susan Farrar

Saw and photographed 3 bald eagles in a tree and flying along blue river near minor park today. 1/11/15
Nick Gormly

I stopped and observed two Bald Eagles standing on the ice in the middle of Riss Lake in Parkville, Mo today 1/11/2015. Sighting was around 3:00pm. Observed from 45 highway on the north end of Riss Lake.
Has anyone else seen these birds in this area?
John Gannon
Parkville, MO

My grand-daughter and I saw and photographed a bald eagle today, December 31, 2014, in Linden, Missouri, near the Finley River bridge.
James G. McHaffie

Saturday Dec 13 2014 Driving thru Swope park in Kansas city, Spotted bald eagle in a tree above the lagoon
Kris Feldkamp

Sedalia MO. 65 hwy,
Dona Campbell

Bald eagle sighting in Jasper County, Missouri at intersection of N highway (Baseline Blvd) and County Road 48.
Douglas Osborne

On 10/28/14 I saw an adult bald eagle flying, soaring then landing in a tree in the Anson/Whitestown area. White head white tail. Made my day!
Lucas Gustin

Think I saw a bald eagle flying east along Missouri River over the Heart of America Bridge in North Kansas City today about 9:20 AM, Tuesday, February 11th. Was surprised to see it, but know they have been up at Smithville Lake just north. Have seen them a few times before. Was surprised to see it so close to the city. Very cool.
A. Miller

I was driving to work and saw a Bald Eagle in Dixon, MO. Just 5 miles from my house!
So exciting!
-Nikki Ratledge

I live in Illinois. We have year round eagles with nest in Alton, Smithtown, Centerville, and other areas. We get wintering eagles...more this year than in the past 2 years. The majority this year are in Clarksville, Mo.
C. Pride

Bronaugh Missouri along Hiway 43 dining on a deer carcass. 4:00 pm today.
Don Ness

In Cabool MO near Cabool Home Center, flying over storage units at apprx 1:30 pm on January 7th.
Joshua Edwards

I just spotted a Bald Eagle flying over my house, 4 ½ miles East of Lone Jack, MO, about ½ of a mile south of Missouri 50 Highway. The eagle soared, circled, and appears to have landed in a clump of trees behind my house! 10:50 am January 6, 2014.
Gary L. Kellison

We were coming back from the KCI airport and spotted two eagles just North of Platte City, MO on the Platte River. We just had to turn around and get a couple of pictures of this beautiful pair perched over the river bank.
Bryan and Jamie Bowser
Holton, KS

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