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I spotted a adult Bald Eagle preening feathers in a large tree along Hwy 50 @ Hwy UU outside of Union, MO. What a stunningly handsome bird. This is my first in the flesh sighting. The Bald Eagle is a regal creature and I feel blessed to have seen one in person.
Bob Hallahan
I saw a large bald eagle on Friday January 23. It was flying South over the Missouri River as I was crossing over the Centennial Bridge on 92 from Leavenworth, Kansas into Platte County, MO.
Susan Farrar
Saw and photographed 3 bald eagles in a tree and flying along blue river near minor park today. 1/11/15
Nick Gormly
I stopped and observed two Bald Eagles standing on the ice in the middle of Riss Lake in Parkville, Mo today 1/11/2015. Sighting was around 3:00pm. Observed from 45 highway on the north end of Riss Lake.
Has anyone else seen these birds in this area?
John Gannon
Parkville, MO
My grand-daughter and I saw and photographed a bald eagle today, December 31, 2014, in Linden, Missouri, near the Finley River bridge.
James G. McHaffie
Saturday Dec 13 2014 Driving thru Swope park in Kansas city, Spotted bald eagle in a tree above the lagoon
Kris Feldkamp
Sedalia MO. 65 hwy,
Dona Campbell
Bald eagle sighting in Jasper County, Missouri at intersection of N highway (Baseline Blvd) and County Road 48.
Douglas Osborne
On 10/28/14 I saw an adult bald eagle flying, soaring then landing in a tree in the Anson/Whitestown area. White head white tail. Made my day!
Lucas Gustin
Think I saw a bald eagle flying east along Missouri River over the Heart of America Bridge in North Kansas City today about 9:20 AM, Tuesday, February 11th. Was surprised to see it, but know they have been up at Smithville Lake just north. Have seen them a few times before. Was surprised to see it so close to the city. Very cool.
A. Miller
I was driving to work and saw a Bald Eagle in Dixon, MO. Just 5 miles from my house!
So exciting!
-Nikki Ratledge
I live in Illinois. We have year round eagles with nest in Alton, Smithtown, Centerville, and other areas. We get wintering eagles...more this year than in the past 2 years. The majority this year are in Clarksville, Mo.
C. Pride
Bronaugh Missouri along Hiway 43 dining on a deer carcass. 4:00 pm today.
Don Ness
In Cabool MO near Cabool Home Center, flying over storage units at apprx 1:30 pm on January 7th.
Joshua Edwards
I just spotted a Bald Eagle flying over my house, 4 ½ miles East of Lone Jack, MO, about ½ of a mile south of Missouri 50 Highway. The eagle soared, circled, and appears to have landed in a clump of trees behind my house! 10:50 am January 6, 2014.
Gary L. Kellison
We were coming back from the KCI airport and spotted two eagles just North of Platte City, MO on the Platte River. We just had to turn around and get a couple of pictures of this beautiful pair perched over the river bank.
Bryan and Jamie Bowser
Holton, KS
Around 1:30 PM on December 26, 2013 I saw an bald eagle soaring over the Winghaven sub-division in O'Fallon Missouri. The eagle was soaring between Phoenix and Winghaven on the subdivision side of I40/65. At first in the car I saw it overhead and when I got home I ran into to get a camera but I was unable to get picture. Pure white head brown body and white tail. soared in the distance and then came back. It was over the area for at least 15 minutes so Hopefully someone else in subdivision saw it also.
Ray Belanger
I saw a bald eagle on 12/23/2013 perched in a sycamore tree on the West side of Rush Creek Southwest of my house on Raines road East of Liberty Missouri. I had time to set up my telescope and confirm that it was a bald eagle and let my wife see it before it flew away to the West.
I think I just spotted a bald eagle flying through my parents' neighborhood in Affton, Missouri. Affton is a southwestern suburb right outside of St. Louis. It was flying fairly low, and it's white head was very visible. It was soaring more than flying and seemed to be taking in the sights. Hawks are seen around here, too. I consider the area to be fairly wooded. Exciting!
Dan Schieber
I saw a bald eagle today over a cut corn field. It was on Rt. 407, just west of Rt. 27 in Carroll County, Maryland. Very cool.
Steve Monroe
Maryland. Montgomery County. My husband and I (and our neighbors once they saw us looking up) saw a bald eagle in a tall tree near our cul de sac in Silver Spring, Md. We live in a neighborhood off of Bonifant Road, between New Hampshire Ave and Layhill Road (near the ICC) which is very near where another couple had a sighting a year ago tomorrow. It was around 7:45 this morning. Pretty cool. We looked for mate but only saw the one.
Jay and Mary Susan Forsythe
I saw a male bald eagle circling in O'Fallon, Missouri. Hwy 70, Veterans Blvd and Hwy K.
It was awesome to see the flight and such a majestic bird.
Suzanne Scott
On 1/27 South of Liberty on 291 highway and Missouri river bridge a Bald Eagle flew over the bridge and along the river.
1/21 and 1/22 At the grand river overflow on highway 36 west of Chillicothe I saw a Bald Eagle two days in a row flying over the bridge. At Higgins ditch on highway 36 on the south side of the highway west of Brookfield. I saw a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree at the water edge two days in a row.
John Jones
Liberty, Missouri -- Bald Eagle sighting along the north side of Rush Creek, perched high in a tree. This is right across the creek from the Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary. A Bald Eagle in my backyard! Spotted and photographed on 1/27/2013.
Cheryl Novick
1321 Burlington St
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Bald Eagle was seen flying over building towards the downtown airport.
Tina Root
While looking out my back door today saw a bald eagle flying in circles, around approximately the Clark Lane and Interstate 70 area, near the Lake of the Woods exit. There are creeks and ponds in the general vicinity and this is on the northeast side of Columbia. As far as I know eagles are usually seen around the Eagle Bluffs Conservation area which is a good 10 miles or more away, southwest of Columbia.
Tammy McPherson
Two times last week I saw a bald eagle eating road kill on Hwy 87 just south of Glasgow, MO. About 2 months ago I saw a bald eagle feasting on road kill on Hwy 87 north of Booneville, MO. What a thrill it is to see it once, but 3 times! I wonder if it is the same eagle?
Pamela Jo Stroup=
On Saturday, December 23, I saw three majestic full-grown bald eagles which had been resting on a hillside behind my house and flew when I unknowingly disturbed them. This was near Webb City, Missouri, Jasper County, Southwest Missouri. The hillside is on the Center Creek River valley. They flew roughly west following the river. This is the first ever sighting for me here, and, I have to say, I sincerely hope it is not the last.
Brenda L. White
I've seen a bald eagle at my home in Levasy, MO twice now.
Aaron Pettengill
took video of bald eagle today at noon over lake jacomo..lees summit mo.
Buddy Denham
I saw this bald eagle in Columbia, Missouri near Philips Park.
Heather Dimitt
We saw a Bald Eagle today from our car in our neighborhood in Ballwin, MO (Manchester road just south of Clarkson Road). My daughter yelled from the back seat, "OH MY GOSH it's a bald eagle!" Of course I though no way and when I looked out my car window there it was about 30 feet above our car. We all jumped out of the car and watched it swing back and fourth and a few other people saw what we were doing and stopped to take pictures! It was amazing because I've never seen one in a natural setting like that.
Emilie Smith
I saw a beautiful Bald Eagle while driving along HWY 40, about 10 miles east of Boonville, Missouri.
-David Karr
January 31, 2012, about 5:45 PM. Driving on Chouteau Bridge in KCMO, saw a bald eagle flying about 30 feet in front of me, probably 20 feet above the bridge. Wasn't a very big bird yet, but very cool.
Barbara A. Goans
We live about 10 miles west of Ava, MO, and have recently seen an eagle flying over our land. My nephew worked on rebuilding a bridge between us and Ava, and he stated that they saw several eagles during the time they were working on the bridge. Also, recently there were pictures of eagles (2-3 adults, 2 young) that had been sighted and photographed I think North of Ava.
Carolyn Myers
My wife and I saw a Juvenile Bald Eagle, sitting on a fence post along Interstate 70 in O'Fallon, Missouri on Sunday, 20 November 2011. A beautiful sight!
Larry Lanteigne
I came across a bald eagle sitting in a tree outside of Detmold, MO along the Boeuf Creek on November 19th. I had a camera with me & got a few shots but was pretty far away. I cropped the photos to get closer, but they are a little blurry. Still was just amazing to see a bald eagle gracing the landscape. I don't recall them being in these parts before. Is this due to food shortages that they are searching else where?
Jenny Althen
Today (10/6/2011) at approx 11:30am I saw a mature bald eagle soaring above the Missouri river bottom lands, just east of the MO-364 Page Avenue bridge. I commute that way every day and hope to see him again.
Perry Simeroth
We saw a Bald Eagle in Missouri & the Mississippi river by Chester bridge before you cross to go to Chester IL.
Al and Josie King
Location: Southern Boone County, Missouri. August 18, 2011
We have many pairs of bald eagles around here along the Missouri River in the winter, usually not seen before December.
But this morning, I saw a mature bald eagle along the Bonne Femme Creek in southern Boone County near my farm. I actually saw it twice: once on my way to the river, and once on the way back. At first sight, from some distance, I thought it must be a golden because the common wisdom is "we don't have eagles here until winter."
Later, on closer viewing, we confirmed that it is very definitely a mature bald eagle; I am guessing from its size that it's a male... it is large but not huge like the mature females.
Exact location is Harold Cunningham Road between the Fox Hollow branch and the bridge over the Bonne Femme Creek -- this is about 1/2 mile or so (as the eagle flies) from the Missouri River itself. I can provide near exact USGS latitude/longitude coordinates if you like. As the river has been well over flood stage all summer here, the Bonne Femme creek is flooded with backwater, and is, for all practical purposes at this time, part of the river, too.
This eagle flew from the creek, across the gravel road we were on, to a tree at the base of a bluff on the other side of the road. We stayed in my truck and watched for a good while -- amazed at how such a large bird could be so close to invisible in a tree not 30 yards away from us. After several minutes, the eagle flew out of the tree, almost directly over us and not more than 25 feet away, and with a few graceful swoops of its wings, crossed the road again and flew down along the creek and disappeared from view.
Later on the way home, on the same road at about the same location we saw the eagle again. This time he was sitting just a few feet over the water a driftwood branch near the edge of the flooded creek. He flew off again before we had time to get a decent photograph.
So... eagles in mid-Missouri? In mid-August? Have you heard any other reports like this?
Dave Taylor
February 12, 2011
This morning I was driving on I-435 between mile marker 43 and 45 on the North side of Kansas City, Missouri, at about 9:45 am, when I looked to the North side of highway and saw two birds sitting in tree. At first I thought they were hawks. As I got closer I noticed the distinctive white heads on both birds. I knew immediately they were Bald Eagles. I slowed down so I could get a better look and enjoyed the view. They were two very beautiful birds.
Bo Woodruff
Feb 1, 2011; I was driving South on Dullus at Ave E in Missouri City around 5:30pm when a high flying bird caught my eye. I thought at first it was just a buzzard, but then the sun hit it just right and I saw the head and tail was white. I knew instantly it was a Bald Eagle. They are here!
CJ Colbert in Mo City
We saw a bald eagle in a field just outside of Drexel, Missouri yesterday, January 30, 2011.
Larry Clark
I would like to report a sighting of 6 bald eagles (5 adults, 1 juvenile) on 1/11/2011 around lock and dam 25, with more details below. I'm also curious why you don't have any reports of birds below lock and dam 21 posted on your website.
On Jan 30, 2011, I took some pictures of a mature bald eagle and a juvenile, but there were many more in the Winfield dam area at that time. My pictures of those two are here: Besides these, there were another two adult bald eagles along the Bradley Island slew, and two other adults on the southeast side of the dam at the time. I don't have good photos of these other birds, but there were two other more experienced bird watchers onhand to confirm my sightings. Based on my success on this one day, I'll be doing much more bird watching this year along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.
Keith Stiern
Living near St Louis, it seems to be the topic of discusion for photographers. Personally, this year, I have taken over 50 people on the road from Alton/Grafton IL to Clarksville, MO viewing, capturing images and freezing.
A bald eagle swooped very close overhead as I waited to turn on 65N from Battlefield in Springfield, MO. 12/1/2010 12:30
Aaron Chasetek
I had just finished winterizing my cabin, at the 77 mile marker of Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri on Halloween 2010. I sat down on the back deck to enjoy the last few minutes before locking up and heading back to KC. I had sighted a lone bald eagle in the distance over the channel earlier in the day and now there was the normal group of turkey vultures soaring overhead when I suddenly heard a flapping noise that drew my attention and looked up to see a Bald eagle flying directly toward me with wings and tail spread wide about to land in a tree about 50’ away, but it flapped it’s mighty wings several times and joined the vultures overhead riding the air currents and finally disappeared down the channel where I had seen the eagle earlier. What a sight it sent chills up my spine similar to when the A-10s from Whiteman appear, at low level, practicing maneuvers!
Jim Cliff
Our family has lived in Union, MO for 6 years. For the first 5, we lived in a subdivision just off of Hwy 44 and 50 and we never saw an Eagle. We have enjoyed going to the River Road in Alton Illinois for Eagle viewing for many years.
Last September, 2009, we moved just 1- 1/2 miles Southwest from our last home and were very surprised that we had Bald Eagles flying over the tree tops in our yard as they came back and forth from the farm fields & ponds surrounding us and most likely the Bourbois River nearby. >From mid October '09 through mid January 2010, we had 6 positive, mature Bald Eagle sightings, and a few more "possible".
This year, I will be armed with my camera and I am looking forward to sharing pics and info with others on this site.
Denise Hall
   Sunday, August 22, 2010, my husband, son and I were at our lake house near Flemington, Mo. for the weekend. We had just put our boat in the Pomme de Terre Lake at the Lightfoot boat ramp, and spotted a bald eagle soaring around above us! What an amazing sight! It was among probably 15-17 other birds.
   We just recently took a vacation to Alaska where we saw several of them. One of our tour guides explained the difference between the mature eagles and the jr. eagles. This is why I was doing the research. All of the other birds looked like what could have been the younger eagles.
   We then drove the boat around to the Pittsburg side of the lake to swim in a cove and another group of about 20 that looked like the jr. eagles were over us. One even swooped down to get a closer look at my son in the water, thinking he was food, maybe!?! We couldn't believe it. It looked to have a white ring around it's neck.
   This is the first time we have spotted them there, not saying that they haven't always been there, however. Pomme de Terre Lake belongs to the US Army Corps of engineers and alot of the land surronding the lake is wildlife protected so it seems like it would be a good place for them.
Debbie Cross
On Feb. 8, 2010 I saw a bald eagle in an open field just south of the entrance to Westwood Trails subdivision in Foristell, MO. The subdivision is located off of HWY T between Foristell and New Melle. I could not watch it for very long because there was no shoulder on the road to pull over. It was an awesome sight!
Ramona Roberts
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