Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

George County, Mississippi, near Agricola, MS and the Escatawpa (Dog) River. Time was around 1pm, overcast day, it had been raining on and off all day. The mature eagle, white head, white tail, black body was on the ground near pine trees in an open field. It took flight, an absolutely beautiful huge bird.
Judy Pittman

I saw a mature bald eagle this morning while running. It was perched on a bare pine tree limb and had its wings spread. It was a beautiful bird. This confirms an earlier sighting about a month ago of a pair that flew over our house. These eagles are located in Lamar County near Lake Serene just west of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Woody Ratcliffe

I was driving North on Canal Road in Gulfport, Mississippi, half way between I-10 and 28th Street when I saw a mature Bald Eagle flying west to east across Canal Road.
Theresa Anoskey
Long Beach, MS

Marc Nail wrote the following: Bald eagle spotted in attala county, MS Feb 9, 2017.

Adam Dennis wrote the following: Columbus MS - 3:23PM -Just saw a bald eagle fly over Hwy 82 from the north. He appeared to be flying towards Lake Lowndes State Park.

Jimmy Welford wrote the following: I have been watching a couple of eagles just North of I-10 near Moss Point,Ms....a very beautiful sighting..

Doris Proctor wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle on Hwy 45 in Hamilton, MS (close to the school)! It was soaring above the highway. So cool, so beautiful! What an incredible gift to see! May freedom forever ring! 1/17/17

Diane Dixon wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle eating road kill on highway 14 near Zemuly in Attala county, Mississippi on January 6, 2017. It was a mature bird with white head and white tipped tail. It flew up as I passed in my car and gave me a really good close view.

Joe Mathews wrote the following: I was traveling from Clinton to Tutwiler on Hwy 49. I spotted a large adult Bald Eagle flying across the road in front of me. Very close to Sunflower,MS. I didn't realize they were in this state. I'm thankful for happenstance show.

I just saw an eagle fly over the road in front of me. I was on HWY 45 heading south. It was roughly 5-10 miles north of Biggersville. Aren't they pretty rare to see up this way?
Robbie Mitchell

DOROTHY BANKS wrote the following: On 08/25/16, my husband, Gordon, spotted a bald eagle flying over our yard. He had been mowing the yard, but stopped to come get me so I could see the eagle. So glad he did. Noxubee county, MS
DOROTHY BANKS wrote the following: My husband and I watched four bald eagles on our property this morning in MS. We spotted two in a tall tree. We drove back to the house to get binoculars and cameras. We took some fair pictures from our pick-up. It was a mature and an immature together and a few yards away in another tree, there was another pair (a mature and an immature. Amazing and thrilling.

jonathan massey wrote the following: Two bald eagles seen at duck pond north of holly springs ms off hwy 7.

Gary Jones wrote the following: November 19 2015 Looked out kitchen window and saw a Bald Eagle on ground by my sister's pond. He was on the grass in plain view eating something. I got a picture of him on ground and in flight when he flew away. Beautiful bird.
On Christmas Eve which was yesterday dec. 24 2015 We saw a juvenile bald Eagle in the same place as the mature Eagle.
Vancleave Mississippi

Reagan Hataway wrote the following: 11/10/15
I am a police officer in the city of Raymond, MS. I was driving on patrol down Port Gibson St. when a bald eagle flew across my path and landed on a tree branch. I pulled over and observed it for a few moments but when I exited my patrol car to take a picture it flew away to the East. Huge bird. Only other one I have ever seen was in the delta several years ago.

Tom Dirkx wrote the following: Two weeks ago I saw a bald eagle from the Natchez Trace standing in the Ross Barnett Reservoir near Madison. The water is low and at first I thought it was some strange kind of goose. But when I stopped the car to take a better look the eagle took wing and soared right past me.

Pamela Dupuy wrote the following: I watched a bald eagle fly over our home and across our backyard which is quite near the beach in Pass Christian, Mississippi on Sunday, September 21, 2015.

Saw a lone bald eagle just north of Cotton Plant MS. Jan. 25, 2014. He or she was sitting in the upper part of a dead tree just across the RR track which parallels Hwy 15 about 10 am.
Gwen Adcock

We have been seeing a bald eagle for four or five days east of Bruce. The eagle was eating armadillo carcasses. Amazing beautiful bird
Connie Hanley

12/9/2014 clermont harbor, ms on beach blvd just east of silver slipper, just viewed a pair of osprey hunting together over marsh area here and resting in nearby trees - see a pair of bald eagles regularly in this same area - a truly amazing site !!!
D Dobne

My husband is working down hwy 8, near Phillip, MS ... There are 2 Bald Eagles in someone's front yard ... they are in Pecan trees about 15 feet up in the tree. Thought it was really majestic!
Elizabeth Mabry Rybolt and John Robert Rybolt IV
Boyle, MS

On 11/12/2014 around 4pm I was coming home from work in Liberty Ms traveling on hwy 569 bout halfway between Liberty and hwy 98 spotted one bald eagle when I first saw it, it had landed on the side of the road left there a landed in a tree truly an amazing sight first one I have every seen in the wild
David Roberts

I was at the MS Visitor Center in Vicksburg today and saw a single Bald Eagle flying the shoreline of the Mississippi River about 15 feet above the treeline. I spotted it on the north side of the bridge and it flew into the tree line of the south side of the bridge. It’s wingspan was incredible as it glided through the air.
Louis Klotzbach
Vicksburg, MS

Three of us spotted a bald eagle at Snow Lake Shores of Benton County in Northern Mississippi on October 30th, 2014. The eagle was perched atop a tall dead tree overlooking Snow Lake's middle finger only about 250 yards from my home. I did view it with binoculars, but it flew away while I was inside preparing my long range camera lens.
Mike Smith

October 29 2014. Greenwood Mississippi airport area. Spotted two bald eagles. Last year at the same time of year spotted two in 2013
Jill Suchik

I was traveling down JQ West Rd between Como and Sardis in Panola County, Mississippi when I saw a bald eagle amongst some smaller birds eating roadkill. He flew away, but came right back. I circled around and as he flew away, I snapped a decent picture. I have never seen one in the wild, and this was a real honor.
Michael Saripkin

   On February 8th, 2014 around 3:15 pm on my way to Meridian, MS on Hwy 45 heading northbound. The Bald Eagle was swooping down in the median on Hwy 45 about midway between Quitman and Meridian. (approx. 12 miles south of Meridian I-20/59). It appeared very large such as a female. There was another bird similar but smaller above the trees on the west side of the road about 20-30 yards in from the highway. May have been a male but I could not see well enough to the other side of the highway by the time I noticed the 2nd bird. At first glance I assumed it was a hawk as they are in great abundance in Misissippi. As we approached and drove past, it's white tail was fanned out as it was gliding full spread close to the ground westerly away from us in the direction of the other bird and you could also see it's head was white. That's when I realized it was a Bald Eagle purely by surprise. Amazing.
   This was my first sighting purely by accident of a Bald Eagle in the wild. It really is an amazing beautiful bird to see in the wild.
William Denton

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