Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

We saw a male, female and one young on the roadside of 93 highway north bound today (16th feb 2013) between whitefish and Olney feeding with crows on a deer carcass.
All passengers (visiting from London) extremely excited !=
Howard Huge

Montana, Stillwater County, Fishtail, Absarokee, 2/11/2010 Inflight, 3 miles north and west of Fishtail
Clint Teegardin

These pictures were taken from our security camera at our home on the shores of Flathead Lake in Montana. The first ones were of a single and was joined by another after a couple of hours, We watched them from our California home!
Michael Coit

Annual migration through the Shields Valley area in Montana seems to be underway having sighted nearly a dozen or so bald eagles in a 10 mile stretch along US 89 south of Clyde Park, MT this morning. They are very easy to spot even while driving as they roost atop 70 foot tall cottonwoods along the Shields River.
Scott Dean
Clyde Park, MT

I live in Troy, MT and we go out all around this area to see the eagles. We went up to the Yaak area one day and saw a beautiful bald plus we see some immature ones also. It is so great to see these birds like this.
Stephanie Lundin

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