Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Alane Barnes wrote the following: An eagle flew over our house on Brassfield Road in North Raleigh - we are a couple of miles from Falls Lake. I was able to get a picture - blurry but definately a bald eagle.

Eric Johnson wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle over Lake Crabtree in Morrisville, NC. Sighting was 2/1 at about 3:15 PM. There may have been a female as well as a male. The second bird was too far off to identify.

Joe Kingrey wrote the following: Two bald eagles spotted and photographed on the Onslow county of the White Oak river side 50 yards from the bridge on the sharp curve on Stella Rd. In a dead tree. The Stella postmaster spotted them and told me to go with my camera. I only saw one, she saw both.

Julia Hamberger wrote the following: I spotted a bald eagle on 1/28/16,at about 8:00 a.m., in Apex, NC, next to I-540 North between Olive Chapel Rd. and Apex Barbecue Rd. There's kind of a swampy area just past the brick barrier wall and before a neighborhood, it was at the top of one of the trees. It\'s white head was very clearly seen, and he/she was looking around, but stayed perched for at least 20 minutes. There wasn't a nest that I saw.

Doug Morrow wrote the following: Saw an eagle today at Frank liske park in Concord NC. I thought it was at first but wasn\'t sure. It was flying away. The eagle doubled back and flew right over. No doubt about it.

Tina Huntsinger wrote the following: I saw an American Bald Eagle on White Jenkins road in Gaston county near Cherryville and Bessemer City on January 17th, 2016 approximately 3PM

Tom Tracy wrote the following: I walked onto my back deck overlooking Adam Lake (Adams Farm,Greensboro) and we see a fair amount of hawks fishing but I caught a large birds white tail hovering over the lake and then it flew across and landed on a tree before it going down to the lake and flying off. Beautiful sight ... the white head , the yellow feet. I took a video from my iphone and uploaded it to our facebook page. Saturday Jan 16th 2016 at Noon time. It would be great if it chose to nest nearby so we can enjoy this sight more often.

Yomaree Cortes wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle in Randolph, NC. In HWY 42 S in between Little beane store road and moffit road. Today at 1030am

Tom Fenton wrote the following: My wife and I spotted a bald eagle on January 11, 2016 while driving north on route 119 out of Mebane, NC. The eagle was flying south, toward Mebane, and directly over the roadway. We live in upstate NY most of the year, where eagle sightings are more common. But we were surprised to see one in North Carolina.

Jim Scarborough wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying south towards Bond Park in Cary, NC on Jan 3, 2016 at about 11:45 A.M.

We saw a bald eagle flying over Cornwallis Road in Northampton County in Pleasant Hill, NC. It circled three times then flew away. This was on Thursday, December 10th in late morning.
Rosalind and John Jones
Seaboard, NC

Lorraine Turi wrote the following: Lake Wylie,NC This morning around 10:00am I heard a loud screechy noise I looked behind me as two bald eagles flew over my head about 20 feet above me. Just incredible

Tom Dierolf wrote the following: Transylvania County, NC about 2 miles South of Brevard. A bald eagle flew above and about 100-150 ft in front of my car. I had just turned right off of 276S and was heading North on Wilson Rd, which runs along the French Broad River at this point. It was around 9 a.m. Dec 10, 2015.

Jordana Heath wrote the following: I saw 2 bald eagles in a field on a little side road in Wilson County NC today (Joweaver Rd.). They were eating something in the field and flew off as we came near and perched in a nearby wood edge of the field. I was stunned to see them, though it is Cattail Swamp,so lots of wildlife. It really made my day to see them in the wild. I have only seen them once before in my life out in the wild and it gives me hope they will continue to survive and increase in number again.

David Ingle wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle flying by Marker 13 on Lake Norman today in Terrell, NC. Pretty cool.

Donald Williams wrote the following: Today, 25 Nov 2015 approximately 10:30a.m a Bald Eagle was feeding on a freshly killed deer in the divider lane on US 601 South near the intersection of White Store Rd. The Union County Sherriff Dept was called and said they couldn't interfere, the NCSHP was notified, and they said they would get NC DOT to remove deer carcass so that the Eagle would no get struck by the heavy traffic

james price wrote the following: I have seen a single eagle twice in the last month(Nov 2015) sitting in a tree on my property next to Norris Creek in Franklin County, NC- 2 miles from Wake County line in eastern Franklin county

Sandra Arrington wrote the following: On November 22,2015 at 0900 I was standing in the backyard and saw a single bald eagle flying west towards the McDowell Nature Preserve. I'm in Mecklenburg County,NC just off Shopton Rd W and NC 49, east of the preserve. This made my day.

Christian Queen wrote the following: Saw a pair of bald eagles riding thermals near Hwy 55 close to the Wake/Durham county line.

Tip Wood wrote the following: November 7, 2015 - Stokes County, NC... My wife and I saw a bald eagle while driving on Mountain Road towards Danbury, NC.

Ricky Davis wrote the following: I have seen them on several different occasions at the end what used to be Walker Mill rd.@ culdasac.Buttke dairy rd.maybe? Large tree to left over looking the lake.

Brenda Randall wrote the following: Three family members traveling in Caswell County NC, spotted a bald eagle around November 1 2015. The bald eagle was in the area of Walters mill road and bertha wilson road. This locale is close to Danville Va on the north Carolina side close to Blanch NC. They were very surprised to see it and excited also.

Lynn malpass wrote the following: I was driving on rural Spearman rd in Columbus county, N.C .When I saw a bald eagle fly in front of me from the roadside.Watched in awe as it flew away, I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture, thinking no one will ever believe it . Had no idea they were around here .What a blessing to see one of Gods miraculous creatures.

Roy Ullom wrote the following: I live in Gray's Creek NC. I've got some cat ornaments out by my porch which look very real. As I pulled up this morning I noticed a shadow swooping down near these ornaments. I thought at first it was a Hawk but to my surprise it was a Bald Eagle! What a sight! He was trying to snag some lunch but I guess he realized they were not real.

Eric Flynn wrote the following: On October 16, 2015 around 8:30am, I was driving northbound on Interstate I-40 near Rocky Point, NC. A large bird flew in over the trees boarder inch the left side of the highway, circled over the northbound lane and then swooped back down to grab something from the southbound lane. The bird landed momentarily after grabbing it's catch which is when I was able to see the brown body, white head and yellow beak. First time I've ever seen a bald eagle in the wild! Awesome

Curtis Smith wrote the following: Spotted a lone bald eagle in flight while driving along Hwy 111 south of Albertson on 9/21/15. This is my second spotting in eastern NC. Saw one about a year ago along Faison McGowan Rd. outside Kenansville.

Daniel Kennedy wrote the following: Saw adult bald eagle swoop in and grab a fish in Belews Creek Lake in North Carolina about 4:45 on 9/5/2015, then fly up and land in tree near edge of lake. Awesome sight!!!

Saw a bald eagle off Highway 186 in Northampton County, NC outside of Seaboard as I was heading toward Virginia. It was beautiful. I stopped my car and he flew up in a tree and then flew across a field.
I saw two bald eagles off highway 305 right outside of Seaboard, NC in Northampton County. They were in a field then flew east up into some trees.
R.W. Jones

My husband and I were at the Starbucks at I-85 and Bruton Smith Blvd in Concord NC at 7:30 on February 6, 2015 when a beautiful Bald Eagle flew over! Very exciting to see this gorgeous bird!
Susan Pope
Davidson, NC

Feb 5, 2015 - A bald eagle flew over our car as we drove south on US 13, between Tarboro, NC and Greenville, NC. Our first time seeing one in the wild, and we were thrilled to see this magnificent animal!
Linda Ward
Tarboro, Edgecombe Co., NC

Saw Bald Eagle flying across road in Marsh Oaks neighborhood of Wilmington NC on 1/27/15 at 8am. Flew right over my car!! Unreal
Joel Wilson

Saw two bald eagles in my neighborhood in Stoneville, NC. They were beautiful. I have never seen one in the wild before.
Christie Snyder

January 22, 2013 over the lake beside E Loch Haven Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28314
Matthew Stowers

I was driving from Huntersville,NC on highway 73 toward Concord today. Out the corner of my eye I saw a bird flying eye level with me but over the reservoir and was shocked to see the snow white tail and Snow White head!!! It was definitely a Bald Eagle!!! I did not know they were around here!! It was absolutely beautiful!!
Sighting at 11:00 am
Don T. Howell Reservoir
Tammy Dodson

I saw a bald eagle today in Cary NC between Bond Lake and Prestonwood country club. it came down and landed in the middle of the street on the corner of Preston Oaks and Roebling Ln.
It looked like it picked up a dead squirrel that was on the street which I had Seen earlier!
Pretty cool to see one around here!
Greg Boa
Cary, NC

Fort Bragg, NC
Spotted three eagles circling a wooded area in the vicinity of Rhine and Normandy. While walking out to my truck, I looked up behind my home and saw two of them soaring above the wooded area behind my home, looking to the north, another eagle presented itself 200 meters away, the two above my home circled north to join the third and began to circle a point 200 to 300 meters northwest of my observation point in a three teared pattern.
Observed at 12:10 on 9 JAN 2015
Adrian Sewell

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