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North Carolina

Saw a bald eagle off Highway 186 in Northampton County, NC outside of Seaboard as I was heading toward Virginia. It was beautiful. I stopped my car and he flew up in a tree and then flew across a field.
I saw two bald eagles off highway 305 right outside of Seaboard, NC in Northampton County. They were in a field then flew east up into some trees.
R.W. Jones
My husband and I were at the Starbucks at I-85 and Bruton Smith Blvd in Concord NC at 7:30 on February 6, 2015 when a beautiful Bald Eagle flew over! Very exciting to see this gorgeous bird!
Susan Pope
Davidson, NC
Feb 5, 2015 - A bald eagle flew over our car as we drove south on US 13, between Tarboro, NC and Greenville, NC. Our first time seeing one in the wild, and we were thrilled to see this magnificent animal!
Linda Ward
Tarboro, Edgecombe Co., NC
Saw Bald Eagle flying across road in Marsh Oaks neighborhood of Wilmington NC on 1/27/15 at 8am. Flew right over my car!! Unreal
Joel Wilson
Saw two bald eagles in my neighborhood in Stoneville, NC. They were beautiful. I have never seen one in the wild before.
Christie Snyder
January 22, 2013 over the lake beside E Loch Haven Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28314
Matthew Stowers
I was driving from Huntersville,NC on highway 73 toward Concord today. Out the corner of my eye I saw a bird flying eye level with me but over the reservoir and was shocked to see the snow white tail and Snow White head!!! It was definitely a Bald Eagle!!! I did not know they were around here!! It was absolutely beautiful!!
Sighting at 11:00 am
Don T. Howell Reservoir
Tammy Dodson
I saw a bald eagle today in Cary NC between Bond Lake and Prestonwood country club. it came down and landed in the middle of the street on the corner of Preston Oaks and Roebling Ln.
It looked like it picked up a dead squirrel that was on the street which I had Seen earlier!
Pretty cool to see one around here!
Greg Boa
Cary, NC
Fort Bragg, NC
Spotted three eagles circling a wooded area in the vicinity of Rhine and Normandy. While walking out to my truck, I looked up behind my home and saw two of them soaring above the wooded area behind my home, looking to the north, another eagle presented itself 200 meters away, the two above my home circled north to join the third and began to circle a point 200 to 300 meters northwest of my observation point in a three teared pattern.
Observed at 12:10 on 9 JAN 2015
Adrian Sewell
It was about 10am Tuesday (01/06/15) as we were headed towards Spring Hope, North Carolina on Stallings rd. within a mile or 2 of Lake Royale (on the border of Franklin and Nash counties). We were traveling towards our home when a huge bird soars from the top of a tree close to the road with a white head and white tail feathers. It crossed the direction we were driving so we got an incredible look at it. I could not take a picture in time though. There was no traffic so my husband drove very slowly as we watched the bird soar over a pond until it was out of sight. I could not believe there was a bald eagle so close to my house. I'm so glad my husband was there to witness this majestic creature with me.
-Brooke Thompson
Bald eagle spotted between Verona and sneads ferry nc off 17 then flew towards woods.
K. Mccain
Seen this bird first on 12/21/2014 off Tabernacle Church Rd in Randolph County, NC eating a deer that was in a field (road kill or hunters bad shot). Seen bird next 3 days in same field even though carcass was no longer there. There is the Uwharrie River maybe 1 mile from where I seen the bid. The water level on river is very shallow, I strongly feel as if it has actually been still for well over a month. Maybe this bird was hungry and came in from Uwharrie National Forest to hunt and scavenge.
Charles Valentine
Spotted one on Hwy 52 between Ansonville and Albermarle. There was a wood sided restaurant on the side of the road and it flew from the parking lot into the trees across the street. Ive never seen one in the wild so we turned aronud and he flew again in into a tree behind the building. He just sat there perched as we watched. The bird was so majestic. It sat in thr tree like a king (or queen). Unbelievable experience for my wife and I, our two kids and my nephew.
Clay Hall
Concord NC
Saw my first NC sighting of a soaring bald eagle. We were traveling on 540 outside of Apex. What a magnificent sight with the bright sun shining on it's brown and white plume.
Ed Zaccardi
Holly Springs, NC
Christmas Day 2014
Saw a bald eagle fly over Old Concord Road in China Grove, NC this morning. My first sighting and it was spectacular! So happy to see them in the wild in NC!
Scarlett Fleming
Rowan County, NC
I saw a bald eagle on November 27, 2014. Just standing in my pasture when I went to put the horses up for the night. My farm is in SW Union County in North Carolina. A few weeks ago I saw an immature eagle in a tree.
Cathy Thomson
I saw a bald eagle in my backyard this morning. Landed in a crepe myrtle tree for about 4-5 seconds and took off.
Trudy Haseley
Indian Land, South Carolina 29707
(this is just south of Charlotte, NC)
In Carthage, NC off of highway 22 in a field beside the road. He flew within 10 yards of me while I was driving, then perched on a tree.
Mark McKeown
I have Sighted A North American Bald Eagle. In Scotland County, At A Warehouse In Laurel Hill. off of Hwy 144 & 10420 Old Wire Road. I Have only been at this location for a week or so. but have noticed An Adult eagle in the area, this area is the perfect Habitat , alot of trees , ajacent to Swamps in the area.
Michael Morgan
Fayetteville, NC.
At 2 pm on 11 Nov 2014, (Veterans Day) we saw our first Bald Eagle in the wild in our back yard. We live in the Half Moon area of Jacksonville North Carolina.
John McGrath
New Bern, NC
I have been seeing a pair of bald eagles on a pretty regular basis. Sitting in my yard, on Old Cherry Point Rd, they fly over. Most of the time they just fly over, but once in a while they circle for a good 10 - 15 mins. I love to see such beauty in the air. It took a few sightings before I truly believe what they were. I make sure to keep an eye out every time I bring my son out to play in the yard.
Heather Kaylor
Sunday Oct 19, 5:15 PM. Can not believe it but I saw my first bald eagle today. I saw it flying over the woods at the end of 2nd street in Beaufort. I was taking my daughter on a stroll when I happened to see it. At first I was joking to myself that it was an bald eagle. But it kept flying closer and it was. Wow, I am 41 years old and never even thought they lived out here. Wish I had a camera to capture a picture of it.
Todd Delaroderie
Location: Johnston County, Four Oaks, NC
Reedy Creek Road
Date and time: Sunday, September 28 10:20 a.m.
My husband, son and I were fortunate to witness this incredible bird in the wild. Sitting on the dock of our 5 acre lake, we heard a hawk making all kinds of racket for over 10 minutes. It seemed to be perched in a tree near another, smaller pond on our 30 acres. My son began to walk toward the lower pond, and we soon found out the reason for the hawk making noise. A beautiful, adult bald eagle came soaring out of the top a pine tree. He circled the lake several times and flew to the top of our land, settling in a black walnut. My husband was able to approach on foot and captured 1 photo as this magnificent bird flew out of the black walnut. He continued soaring above the lake, at incredible heights, for over 15 minutes. We received a phone call from a neighbor later in the week that an eagle was fishing in the lake. Hoping to spot him again.
Lynn and Keith May
Just saw four bald eagles flying around the front of my house in Smyrna, NC.
Harriet Kestenbaum
Saw a bald eagle today in Rutherford County NC on our road. We're near a small pond and between/close to the Broad and Green Rivers near the Polk County line. Beautiful morning with blue sky after a foggy and humid start to the day. Unique wing movement with large white tail and head—unmistakable.
Kathy Robertson
This morning my Father and I witnessed a Bald Eagle perched in a tree at our 5 acre pond in his backyard in Franklin County NC. We watched the Eagle sit in the tree for about 10 to 15 minutes before he swooped down at the ducks that we swimming in the pond. He made 2 passes at the ducks. On the second pass he grabbed the female duck. He struggled with her for a few minutes in the water. He could not lift her out of the water. So he swam with her to the bank and drug her up on the dam and started eating her. After a few minutes he drug her back into the water and dunked her a couple of times in the water. Then back on the bank where he continued eating her.
JoAnn Tanner
This morning, I saw a single bald eagle on the small natural pond behind my house in Half Moon, Onslow County, North Carolina.
Laura Thompson
Feb. 8th, 2014, 2:30 PM - I was traveling from Concord, West on NC 73 when I saw the bald eagle flying in the same direction over the Don T. Howard Reservoir. Just after the reservoir I was able to pull over and watch it for a little bit and luckily had my camera to snap a few pictures. Awesome sighting! A few years ago I saw another one at the reservoir as well.
Jason Campbell
I am very excited to report a sighting. I am from northern Sampson County, North Carolina (Spivey's Corner). I have never seen a bald eagle in the wild. Today I had the great fortune to see two. I suppose they were mates. It was a damp day. I had driven home for lunch and on my way back to work I spotted the pair on the ground eating on some sort of carcass. I literally stopped in the road to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I fumbled around for my phone trying to take a picture, but of course they had flown away already. I came back by after work and the pair was still there. I got a picture of one this time, but it didn't turn out very good. The other had flown up on a nearby tree, but it flew away before I could take a picture. I feel so blessed to have spotted these magnificent creatures!!! My daddy is 60 and has lived here his entire life. He has never seen one here in the wild!
Alaina Worley
I saw a bald eagle today in Warrenton, NC
Willa Powell
I spotted a Bald Eagle in Forysth county North Carolina on January the 3rd 2014. I live on the Forsyth/ Stokes county line in Salem Chapel. When I spotted it, It flew about one hundred yards away and I could not believe what I seen I live on Town fork water shed # 2 and I did not even know they were in my area.
Brent Shelton
Saw a bald eagle yesterday.
Lake Johnson Park, Raleigh NC
Leah Farr
January 11, 2014 - Western NC - Around 4pm spotted two bald eagles perched in a tree on the edge of the French Broad River in Marshall, NC. Majestic. My husband and I drove past and saw them - upon our return about 30 minutes later they were still perched in the same spot. We got our binoculars and again went to the river to get a closer view. Wow.
Jennifer Ussery
I live in Charlotte, Nc in the highland creek community. This morning about 840am looking outside my deck window I spotted a Bald Eagle flying over head. I had to look it up before I was sure because I have never viewed an eagle outside of captivity. It was beautiful!
Kristen Yeley
Sunday 1/5/14 2pm
Eastern wake county, NC
Single bald eagle in tree hunting for fish, couple days ago saw 2 together same spot.
Betty Friedman
Saturday morning January 4, 2014 While duck hunting on the Lockwood Folly River spotted a lone bald eagle perched in cypress trees just south of NC Hwy 211. Temperature was 25 degrees.
Keith McCahan
A nice New Year’s Day surprise. I saw a Bald Eagle near the intersection of NC 54 and NC 55 in Durham, North Carolina. It seemed to be flying south, following Northeast Creek, which runs behind Food Lion. Time was around 11:15 am. Date is 1/1/14.
Burton Nicodemus
I am watching a bald eagle eat a dead raccoon on my farm in Olympia, North Carolina. This is our 5th sighting; adult and young eagle. The first sighting was 2 years ago, Thanksgiving.
F Lskkovics
I am watching a bald eagle feasting on a dead raccoon on my farm in Olympia, North Carolina (Pamlico County). This is our 4th sighting of an eagle and we have also seen a young eagle. Our first sighting was 2 years ago. What an awesome bird.
F Laskovics
A bald eagle was spotted over Lake Kannapolis on 12/20/13 at approximately 230. It was flying over the 6th green of Irish Creek Country Club. It appeared just as the weather became increasing windy and dropped 15 degrees. It was circling around the lake then proceeded south over the lake.
Paul Clarke
Dec 12, 2013: I saw a bald eagle on my run on Providence Rd in south Charlotte, NC 28270. He flew over the trees low by Lakeside Drive and on towards Providence Plantation. It was beautiful! I am so glad I went running at that exact time!
Megan Jacik
I live on the south shore of the mouth of the Newport River. I have seen and photographed 5 bald Eagles this month. They fish in the River.
12/2/13 one Juvenile perched on a stump on a spit in the river. He was then chased by 2 beautiful Adults, who took his perch.
12/15/13 at 3:00 PM over same spot on the river an adult flew by my property.
12/18/13 at 8AM flew by .Same route. The live in the forest across the newport River. Unfortunately there is a proposed 40 500ft wind turbine facility planned for their habitat in the forest. We are trying to fight it here in Carteret County.
Rosemary Dandrea
Two bald eagles sighted on the morning of Dec.15th 2013 in Brevard, NC about 9;30 am Transylvania County in Western NC.
Rose Morris
December 7, 2013
China Grove, North Carolina
I dismissed what I thought was a buzzard soaring at about 300 feet. However, I thought to myself that this buzzard seemed to drifting uncommonly easily. I went back to my yard chores. About 30 minutes later, omigosh! an unmistakable bald eagle adult landed less than 50 feet up in one of my red oaks about 200 feet distant. I watched maybe 15 minutes as it let me move a little to call my wife. It was so intrepid that I became afraid that this bird may not be wild. I approached it for an even better look, but it flew when I got within 100 feet. I have had many thrills in bird watching but nothing could match the drama of an American Bald Eagle paying a visit.
Howard Malpass
While driving east on High House Drive about 10:00am on 12/04/13, as I drove up the hill and approached the entrance to Bond Park, a few cars had slowed down to about 20mph to watch a bald eagle that had landed by the side of the road to pick up something. It took off very gracefully to land up in a tree as I drove by. I saw many bald eagles while in Alaska and I have to say this is one of the largest I have ever seen. Exciting to see one in Cary, NC in Bond Park!
Dan Willey
I was driving near Dillsboro, NC this afternoon and saw what must have been a bald eagle flying close to the ground about 20 yards from the side of the highway. I wish I could have stopped to get a better look.
Florrie Funk
Friday, November 22, 2013 7:10 am
Lumber Bridge
On McGougan Road between Old Wire and Balfour there is an animal carcass on the side of the road (looks like a deer the hunter butchered on the spot and left for the vultures). As I drove past the carcass Friday morning and a mature, bald eagle lifted off from the carcass...what a beautiful sight...
Teresa Valdivia
I have seen a single Bald Eagle on perhaps a dozen different days in late October/early November 2013, flying over and around Lake Hogan in northern Carrboro, NC. (zip 27516)
Craig Romaine
Johnston County
Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell NC
Driving on Lake Wendell Rd. 8:50 am A large Bald Eagle landed no more than 30 yards away in a large pine. I was able to pull over and watch for around 25 seconds before he became uncomfortable and flew off.
Fran Gortva
I saw a bald eagle flying this morning as the sun had come over the horizon in Pinehurst, NC.
Mary Flanigins
On Sunday while canoeing with the kids, we saw two bald eagles soaring over Price Lake (by Boone on the Blue ridge Parkway). It was very cold on the lake (42 degrees but wind chill was brutal out there). The eagles were pretty high in the sky but no mistaking the white heads and tail feathers. Beautiful to see – looked a lot like soaring vultures except for the colors. I don't think I've ever seen bald eagles in NC before – saw quite a few down in Naples and Marco Island FL when we lived down there but this was a first in NC. Fantastic – hopefully will get to see them again next time we go out!
-brian verrico
I was driving on Old Lawyers Rd in Union Co. N.C. almost at the Anson Co. Line when I saw a large Bald Eagle taking flight from a field close to the street on my left side. No mistaking the white head and tail feathers. Such a majestic bird!!!!!
Kelly Lotharp
Saw a bald eagle today in Durham NC... About 845 am, 15-501 and 147. It was heading north east from the Chapel Hill area.

Brook Stevens
I saw a bald eagle yesterday, 10/16/2013, in Winnabow NC. He had just caught a tick bird (white bird about 14” tall eating bugs off cows) and was flying off with it.
Jeff Smith
East Bend NC Yadkin County...... I was sitting on the edge of my field saw it circling the the field...... It was my first sighting and can't wait for my next.....AMZING!!!!!!!
Bill Smith
I spotted a bald eagle today on our property in Haywood county in western NC. Circling about 200 feet high with a very large wingspan, guessing about eight feet. Crows in the same area were harassing the eagle for some reason. Circled for about twenty minutes then was gone.
Marc Jance
I live in sylva north carolina on the tuckasegee river and have seen a bald eagle twice in the past two weeks. Once just flying down the river and again today he was circling low over the river directly in front of my house.
Perry Mathews
Sept. 28th, 2013 I saw two bald eagles flying together in New Bern, NC as I drove on Hwy 70 by the Ranger Station. They were beautiful and could hardly believe it.
Suzanne Robinson
Saw 4 bald eagles in the past 7 days around the Elizabeth City NC area and saw 4 migrating eagles at very high altitute traveling south just west of Elizabeth City today.
William Davis
Sept. 2, 2013 - Bald Eagle has been spotted fishing on Lake Hickory, NC in the Icard Dam cove near the old Oliver's Landing Golf Course. He appears quickly, dives for a fish then retreats to a wooded area at the end of Michaels Gap Lane and/ or Hughes Road in Alexander County.
Kevin Richart
Photographed by Drea Beachy on August 31, 2013. Jess Smith Road, Randolph Co. Sophia, NC
Irene Coones
Aug 29 2013 Friday before noon on a normal day i wake up open my front door like i normally would. My screen glass door locked as usual, and I'm starting to get into my tv show and the next thing i hear is a bang at the door. Knowing school started it could have been a ball of some kind, but when i looked i got the shock of my life!!!! A big bald eagle was looking me n the eyes as if i was wrong! As i looked close a live robin was tight in his grip. In a flash of light the two birds were gone this happened in the paw creek area of Charlotte NC.
Ricco Hall
I work at the Waynesville Inn & Golf Resort in Waynesville NC. Working on the golf course, I saw the bald eagle fly over the 8th fairway on the Carolina course on or about August 20th, 2013. It was an awesome sight!
Jan Plummer
I saw a bald eagle feasting on the remains of a deer in a field in front of the house. This is the first bald eagle I have seen in Johnston County in my 61 years. It was a magnificent sight. They are beautiful birds.
Dennis N. Maidon
I spotted a bald eagle in the township of Ulah close to the Uwharrie National Forest on Feb. 18, 2013 around 2:30 PM. It was a beautiful thing to see I could not believe it was real.
Andy Beane
2/17/2013 10:00am
Saw a single Bald Eagle eating on something dead in the middle of a open field on Boone Trail, North Wilkesboro, NC
Ms Fortier
4:00PM 2/14/2013
Union County North Carolina near Rocky River
I saw a single American Bald Eagle in a open field eating some type of small animal. This was the first eagle I've seen in my 55 years. It was truly a majestic bird. Made my day!
D Chinson
Feb. 9, 2013, 11:30am, Concord, NC. I witnessed a bald eagle flying over an construction site near Concord Mills Mall. We pulled over to watch. Its white head and large body definitely stood out. I have seen two bald eagles before flying over nearby Lake Norman. Its exciting to see them! Beautiful sight!
Starr Westmoreland
Noticed a Bald eagle sitting in a tree in my back yard in Indian Trail NC on Feb. 7th, 2013. The shear size of the bird and its white tail were what caught my eye. It flew to another tree in my neighbors yard and later left after being bugged by some other birds.
Jason Vittorio=
Newport, NC
I was driving along Mill Creek Road on 2/1/13, and I observed a Bald Eagle flying perpendicular to the road about 100 m out in front of me. It worked out that our paths crossed perfectly with him passing directly over me as I drove. It was thrilling, to say the least. I jerked the car off the road to capture as much of his beauty as possible. I thank God for the beauty and majesty of this creature. Amazing.
Lee Walter
I saw a bald eagle flying over Charlotte Latin School in Charlotte, NC, today at 1:15pm.
Mary Cerbie=
Princeton, N.C. 27569 @ 10:00 A.M. Sunday, 1/27/13. Eagle perched in several trees before leaving our view. Awesome!
Richard Rinehart
Bald Eagle sighted on Antioch Church Road, Weddington North Carolina, 1/26/2013 11:30 AM
Keith Brokaw
One bald eagle, possibly female by size, sighted in a tree about 9am this morning in Union County, NC near the SC border. She sat in the tree for several minutes after we spotted her, with periodic fly-bys from unhappy crows that didn't seem to disturb her, and then departed.
J Broadus
My kids and I were driving down Parkwood School Rd, Monroe/Waxhaw NC, yesterday and noticed a bald eagle in the field right off the road. Turned around and came back, then it flew into the trees and landed on a branch. I managed to get a picture. It was really cool.
Shawn Price
We spotted two bald eagles today around 5 pm on the Neuse River Trail in Raleigh, NC (near Bedfordtown parking lot). They flew back and forth a couple of times over the river. They were absolutely beautiful.
S. Lockwood & Chardon
Raleigh, NC
I spotted a bald eagle today in Indian Trail, North Carolina. It was flying around the pond in my development. I couldn't have been more surprised or excited!!
Stacy Rolph =
I was walking with my wife near Sun Valley High School outside of Monroe, Union County, NC and I just happened to spot a large dark bird in a tall oak tree. I was approx. 30 yards away but I could clearly see the white head and white tail. It did not move, we watched it in the tree and then finished our walk. I drove back to the neighborhood (where I saw the eagle) with my camera and telescope. There is a 5 acre pond in front of the neighborhood and the eagle was soaring over the pond. Again I could see the white head and white tail and estimate wing span to have been 5’. I watched him fly around for 2-3 minutes, then he disappeared into the woods. Never got a picture. This was a real privilege. Kind of weird cause I’m 44 years old and proud native to Union County, I just saw my first Wild Turkeys in Unionville two weeks ago now I see a bald eagle.
Todd Love 1-16-2013
This is my second Bald Eagle sighting. At 7:30 AM on 13 Jan 2013, I had just left highway 301 leaving Fayetteville, heading south towards Lumberton on I-95. Just in to Robeson County, the Bald Eagle was gliding very low across the path of my car. The eagle appeared to be at least three times larger than the hawks we see all the time. Its coloration and plumage was very clearly defined.
Foster Piekarski
Fayetteville, NC
On January 7, 2013, at shortly after 8 AM, I saw a bald eagle on the ground in the recently harvested soybean field behind our house. I was able to get within about twenty feet of him or her before he flew into the trees. A few minutes later he was back n the field again, but I haven't seen him since that day. We live in a rural area on Highway 55 about 20 miles west of New Bern, North Carolina. The Neuse River is fairly close to us, but I was shocked to see this large eagle sitting on the ground in the field.
Georgia K. Langston
I was looking out into my yard and watched this bird scoop up a field mouse. As it flew closer to me, I realized that it was not one of our normal falcons that usually fly through here. This bird had a brown body with a white head and white tail feathers. I have never seen an eagle in the wild before. I live in Climax, NC which is right outside of Greensboro. I was extremely excited about being visited by another rarely seen bird that I had to tell someone.
Page Decker
Raleigh NC
Just sighted a pair of bald eagles flying over us while we were in the yard. About a mile from Glenwood Ave/Milbrook Rd. intersection. Not far from Lake Lynn and Umstead Park. The lead one had what looked to be a mouse in his/her talons. They did a figure eight so we got to see them pass over us twice before they flew off. It was an amazing sight!
Jennifer and Kevin Swenk
A week or so ago, my husband and I saw 2 bald eagles flying overhead 17N near Foreman-Bundy exit (North Carolina). I didn't believe it at first, but it was a beautiful sight! I love being an American.
B. Carter
My sisters and I where traveling 17N to get gas, the 6th of December at 4:29. 2012. My sis. Brenda Charlene is in the back seat and I am driving. She saw a bird with white tail feathers, decided to watch where he would land. All of a sudden she screamed out, There is a Bald Eagle in that tree, I slowed down, found a place to turn around, put on our flashers, pulled off the road slowly. Got out my Nikon D3100 with the 300Telephoto Lens and started shooting. The wind was blowing but I got a fairly good photo. He was in the pine at the intersection of 17N and where Murrells, inlet goes to the right. I am into birds and had hope to see a Bald Eagle while I was visiting the area for sisters week-end. What a Gift for the day.
Cathy Adair, Hendersonville, NC
I live in Bermuda Run, N.C. near the Yadkin River & Tanglewood Park. For 3 days now (12/2/12-12/4/12) I've had a bald eagle visit the pond in my backyard. I've been able to observe it very closely as it sits on the bank and then glides above the water to fish (successfully). Each day it has stayed for about 15 minutes, twice in the early morning and once in the late afternoon. Last winter, while walking in Bermuda Run, I saw an eagle twice within 2 months. I'm guessing it's the same one.
Courtney Czarnecki
Spotted a pair of bald eagles in Greene county NC in a field on Joshua Mewborn Rd. This was on 10/30/12 & 10/31 they were feeding on remains of a field dressed deer. I was in my deer stand with binoculars and was able to observe them for 10-15 minutes on both days. What a beautiful and majestic sight, I was able to get a few snapshots at around 200yds but they didn’t come out very clear.
Buffalo Lake, Harnett County. I posted a Bald Eagle sighting on October 20 here at the lake. Since then we have observed the eagle nearly every day over the past five weeks. We have done some research among our neighbors about Bald Eagles at this lake; we have lived here less than a year. Apparently eagles have been seen here at this lake in the winter for several years. There are two other lakes around us; the three lakes together make a fairly large body of water. The largest lake is kept well stocked with fish so we are told. Also, we were driving back here from Pinehurst two weeks ago on U.S. 1, just south of State 690, and saw a Bald Eagle soaring over the fields. No way to know if it was the same eagle, but its not a great distance from here to there as a bird would fly.
Emily Troutman
I saw a bald eagle today(11/27/12) while driving in Elizabeth City, NC. I did not know we had eagles here in NC! When I saw the large bird in the distance I assumed it was some kind of hawk or buzzard, but as I got closer there was no mistaking the white tail and white head. It was a bald eagle. It had some kind of prey grasped in it's claws and accidentally dropped part of it in the roadway. I watched as it swooped back to pick up what it had dropped. Amazing creature, I was so happy to see it.
Merrie Holcomb
Penland, NC a pair of Bald Eagles circling over the North Toe River, fishing. Magnificent sight!
Laura Schulman
Saturday October 20, 2012; Buffalo Lake, Harnett County, North Carolina; around noon saw a large bird circling above the lake, sunlight on white tail feathers and head feathers, realized it was a Bald Eagle. Unsure if it was male or female; first sighting around here that I know of, unsure if it is staying nearby or just traveling. Nearest Bald Eagles in this area are at Jordan Lake approximately 40 miles (as the crow flies) from here.
Emily Troutman
I went out to mow my lawn on Saturday (10/13/12) and heard a major crow ruckus. Looked up, and two crows were chasing a glad eagle right above my backyard, in a suburban subdivision in Raleigh, N.C. It is the first time I've seen a bald eagle so close to my home, by I imagine he must reside near the Neuse River a couple miles from my neighborhood.
Cory Lavalette
Spotted 2 eagles about 4 miles south of Monkey Junction and 1/2 west of inter coastal in Wilmington, NC about 10:30AM. These are the first eagles I've seen east of the Mississippi. I heard they're cry first. They seemed to be playing as the came in over my house about 30 feet up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and asked a neighbor as they climbed over the house but they're was no mistaking the white tails as they climbed into the sunlight over the treeline.
Tom Sutton
Morehead City, NC
I saw my first Bald Eagle this past Sunday. I was ecstatic to see one. It really is quite a majestic animal. This particular bird was incredibly keen to keep his distance, so as we got closer in the boat he took flight for to a tree deeper in the woods. Awesome!
Chelsea Brown
Hyco Lake...Person County, North Carolina...9-30-12...We saw a pair of Bald Eagles flying around over the lake yesterday. It was so exciting to see one dive down and catch a fish! Today (10-1-12) I saw one eagle flying over City Lake in Person County.
C. Lowe
Durham, NC
Piper Glen in south Charlotte - 7th hole at about 10:30 - could not believe my eyes. Witnessed also by my playing partners. She had just launched or was gliding in no more the 75 yards away, she probably changed her mind on prey when she spotted us. We then watched her majestically fly off over the tree tops. I ended up 3 putting the hole!
Ray White 9/22/12
September 16, 2012
Once again, we had a Bald Eagle sightling in Snow Creek Cove on Lake Hickory, Hickory, NC. This is the fourth sightling we've had in less than three weeks. We were able to watch from our house and take pictures of it, perched in a hugh tree. We sure hope it finds a mate, builds a nest, and stays on Lake Hickory.
Randy Davis & Family
I saw one while driving on North Market Street Extension in Washington, NC, in Beaufort County. Thought I couldn't be right because I thought they only lived in mountains and mostly out west. But I see here many others in Eastern NC have seen them too. Was really spectacular. Would have stopped to gawk longer but there was no shoulder and someone behind me who was already unhappy about me slowing to gawk. Beautiful!!
Vanessa Harbin
Saw an adult bald eagle at 9:30 am near Altamahaw-Ossipee, NC near the Reedy Fork tributary of the Haw River. Beautiful!
Kate Thegen
On several occasions this past weekend a bald eagle was spotted at Hyco Lake in Person County. It was truly a beautiful sight to see it dive for (and catch) a fish!
J. Lowe 9-4-12
Just watched a pair of bald eagles hunting in the lake pulling out fish and perching together high in the trees. We were on lake hickory with 11 people on a pontoon boat and were able to watch them with binoculars for about 20 minutes. Really incredible that we have Bald Eagles living on Lake Hickory!
Bryan Gerrard
Sited bald eagle on lake hickory, hickory, nc
Eddie Gerrard
This morning I saw my first Bald Eagle about 8:20am driving on Range Road in Bahama NC.
Rudy Roberts
I saw a bald eagle this morning on 40W right before the the exit to RDU International Airport near Raleigh. It was flying over a small section of Lake Crabtree.
Cory Lavalette
Raleigh, N.C.
I saw a bald eagle in flight near Hickory, NC on Friday Feb. 18th, 2012.
Jodi Fisher
02-05-12. Just spotted a Bald Eagle out on the West course at Bermuda Run. Bermuda Run, NC 27006. Beautiful!!!
Pam Gray
On my way to work this morning, traveling west on HWY 98 out of Wake Forest, I saw two bald eagles circling above. One of them dived into the trees. Absolutely magnificent! I have seen them in Manitoba, where I am originally from. Felt like they were saying Hi!
Liz Bennett
Wake Forest, NC
Bald eagle sighting. 1. Lake Lure, NC. Today.
Rebecca Lynch-Maass
Saw an eagle just west of wallace nc on hyw 41 saturday morning...........first I have ever seen in wild...........beautiful bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doug Teachey
Bald Eagle sighted at Belews Creek Lake, Stokesdale, North Carolina today 1/21/12 at 3:30PM. Fantastic sighting. Tried to take photo on I Pad but too far away. Have seen this Eagle on two other occasions this past year.
Doug Woolweaver
Jan. 19, 2012
Lake Brandt, Greensboro
Greenway Trail
   Was walking on the trail across the bridge when I spotted a large bird flying to a tall tree with a very clear white head and white tail feathers. I heard there were bald eagles nesting at Lake Higgins and have read the Piedmont Bird Club webpage all about them, but I have only lived here for two years and not seen one. Ive seen red tailed hawks and a barred owl in the past but never a bald eagle until today.
   As I was standing on the bridge to my astonishment it flew right towards me. As it got closer and closer there was no doubt, it was a bald eagle. I have never seen a bald eagle before and it was beautiful, and it flew right over me not ten feet over my head. It was holding a small fish in its feet. It was the most exciting moment. I am so glad that it is here. I just wanted to share, it had a white head so I am assuming it may be the same one that has been coming for years.
Just saw a Bald Eagle over the Haw River in Chatham County NC. It was beautiful.
Julie Benbow Dye 1/2/12
My husband and I saw a bald eagle today about 12:45 pm in Atlantic Beach, NC in Hoop Hole Creek. He circled several times and dove the creek while fishing. Really cool.
B Whitley
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