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I had the pleasure of seeing a bald eagle this morning at approximately 8:15 a.m. while driving from Norfolk Nebraska to Pierce. I was traveling north on highway 81, near Prime Stop, when it flew down on the opposite side of the highway to check out the roadkill that lay on the birm. I couldn't get pulled over quick enough to snap a picture with my phone before it flew away. It was absolutely a beautiful sight to see so close up. Huge and breathtaking.
Deborah Kilheeney
Norfolk Nebraska
We live 133 blocks North on 72nd Street on an acreage in Omaha, Nebraska. Last weekend we saw an eagle soaring, then landing in a tree in our woods. We watched it for some time through binoculars, then a second one appeared and flew into an adjacent tree. At the same time we had four large hawks Flying in and out of the trees near the eagles. Spectacular to watch.
Terri M. Garner
I spotted an eagle flying over the Winchester Heights area in Omaha NE on February 18, 2013. It flew over the neighborhood across 132nd St into the Standing Bear Lake recreation area.
Very exciting. That is actually the second eagle I have seen in this area this year.
Nancy Smith
On January 26, 2013, my family spotted 3 bald eagles at approximately 95th & Holdrege, just east of Lincoln Nebraska. There were 2 adults and one juvenile. We were very surprised to see them.
Lynn Schuette
Saturday, January 19, 2013
Omaha, Nebraska
132nd and Pacific Street
My sons and I spied the Bald Eagle directly over 132nd Street, just south of Boys Town.
Rod Irwin
My husband (eagle eye) has noted 2 during the Holidays.
We actually saw 1 approx. 10 miles east of Eagle, Nebraska. Really.
The other we saw flying north across Elrod Road (and 230th). Located just north of Glenwood, Iowa
Stay tuned for more sightings as Jack is tuned in...
Sandra Staack
Yesterday, December 8, 2012, I saw 3 bald eagles when driving from Newton, KS to Beatrice, NE on K15. I saw a single eagle perched in a tree about 12 miles south of Clay Center. When I tried to photograph him (?) he flew east. Later I saw a pair perched beside each in a tree on the north side of the highway 3 or 4 miles east of Washington.
David Wiebe
Spotted large adult bald eagle several times over 2-3 week period on 607th Ave just south of the lake at the intersection of 607 and 730 Rd. in Johnson County, Ne. They want to put 500 ft.tall wind turbines in this location. Hope that does not happen, will kill the eagle most likely. Anyone else I can report this to?
Kate Ratigan
We saw two bald eagles on Sept 28. One was flying in circles and the other one was on the ground. I could not tell if the one on the ground had prey or not. The two were spotted in Kent County, Vergenes Township on 2 Mile road, just East of Parnell Ave NE.
Shirley Willis
It was flying across 132nd, near Standing Bear Lake in Omaha, NE on 2/8/2011 approximately 3:00 PM. I did a double take as I had no idea one would be out here.
Kim Lawonn
I was driving in to work at 8:45 a.m. on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010, crossing the Missouri river from Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska via the I-80 bridge. Off the right side of the bridge, I saw a majestic sight that took my breath away. A very large American Bald Eagle, with white head and tail feathers, was soaring up near the top of the north side of the bridge. He sort of hovered there for a moment, then banked to the right very sharply to make a dive back towards the river. Guess he was doing some fishing for breakfast. I never knew there were bald eagles in this area. I'm glad that Benjamin Franklin was out-voted for his choice of the national bird--the wild turkey.
David Lewis
I'm happy to share there was a bald eagle who flew over the playground of Candlewood Kindercare in Omaha, Nebraska. The toddlers I worked with thought it was really cool to see a really big bird! : )
It definitely was a moment to remember.
Ruth Mills
My family and I saw eleven bald eagles, some mature and some young, at the three state overlook in Ponca State Park in the North Eastern Corner of Nebraska the first week of June 09. They were flying up and down the river, sometimes diving down and catching fish. It was amazing!
Then, three weeks ago, I was in my office in USSTRATCOM on Offutt AFB and I looked out the south window and saw a bald eagle flying by over Papillion Creek, just south of the base. Two days later, my wife and I were driving on Kennedy Freeway between Capehart Road and US Highway 370 and we spotted another one over the same creek. I love it! I had no idea they would be anywhere near here! How exciting!
Keith Anstine
I have seen four Bald Eagles since Dec, 09- Jan 19, '10 in Beatrice, NE. Three times I have seen an eagle at the Blue River just west of Rt. 77 and one just about 1 1/2 miles north over farmland in the city limits. I have no idea if it is the same eagle or not. I have been told that there are 3 different eagles in the area, but I haven't been able to tell if it is the same eagle or not. One ranger at the Homestead Museum said that she has seen eagles in Jan and Feb for the past five years. It is really exciting to see one fly by and so close. I am so glad that they are coming back to this area. Whatever the reason, God be praised!
Carole Hinger
I have seen 5-7 different sightings of eagles in the Beatrice, Nebraska area; including west on highway 4 near the Homestead Monument and east toward Tecumseh, NE. I see them fly over my car going north after I take my husband to work in the morning around 7:00 a.m.
Gould Family
Blair, NE
9:15 AM 7 Jan 2010
Stephen Bonasera
My family and I sighted an American Bald Eagle in Omaha, Nebraska flying over the intersection of about 120th and West Center Road on Saturday, November 7, 2009.
Jodi Kava
Bald Eagles in Nebraska----- 2009
Several times in January, 2009 I have seen several of them and its getting better!!!!! More open water, more fish and more Eagles. January 20,2009 I counted over 70 of them and they were busy caching fish and eating them. YOU can see Our National Bird and get some great pictures.
Roy U. Cushing
Once again, open water and lots of fish at lake Ogallala, below Kingsley Dam and Lake McConaughy, The National Emblem has returned to western Nebraska, near Ogallala. On January 15, 2008 I counted over 50 Bald Eagles. Many immature and mature Bald Eagles were seen, soaring, eating fish on the ice and resting in the trees.
"Thanks ", to Central Nebraska Public Power District, you can sit in the Eagle viewing facility, with large glass windows and see our national Bird. (Its HEATED and its FREE!!!! ) This structure was built in 1996 for the public. Its a great place to enjoy the Greatest Bird on this earth.
Dec. Jan and Feb. is the best!!! Bring your binoculars and camera. Spent a day, a week-end or a week.
For more information, please contact, Central Nebraska Public Power District 308-284-2332
Chamber of Commerce in Ogallala 800-658-4390
Roy U. Cushing r_u_cush@gpcom.net 308-882-3883
Have a great day and take time to enjoy the Eagles.
Roy. U. Cushing
We spotted a bald eagle along the Rawhide Creek at highway 36 in Douglas County Nebraska. We happen to have our camera and video camera in the truck and taped it eating some kind of prey.
Angie Foster
We went to see family members recently in Lisco, Nebraska. As we drove through town south over the North Platte River bridge, there were around 10 bald eagles eating in the river! What a great sight! Our ten year old son, Matthew, loves to view them!
Courtesy of Gina and Les Riffel-Bayard, Nebraska
    On January 8, 2006, I drove to Ogallala Nebraska to do some fishing and hoping to see some of Most beautiful birds on this earth. I was surprised to see over 100 Bald Eagles on Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogallala. Adults and immature Eagles were setting in the trees, on the ice and flying around looking for a fish to eat. Such a beautiful sight to see.
    Anyone interested in viewing the Eagles, can contact The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District. 308-284-2332 They have the Kingsley Dam Viewing Facility on Lake Ogallala. This facility is a great observation point. You can also drive to many locations and observe then from your car.
    Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the Eagles, like I have. Its all free!!!!!! Courtesy of Roy U. Cushing, Imperial, Nebraska
I live in Ashland, NE we have three Eagles which roost in trees around the Salt Creek. They have white heads and white tails. We see them every morning and evening. Courtesy of Reginald R. Yates
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