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New Hampshire

2/5/15 Pair of eagles circled around then landed on the ice of Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro Bay (1:15 p.m.) about 220 yards from the town docks and my window. Confirmed sighting with field glasses from deck. They sat for about 3 min., squawked a lot, then headed west out over the lake.
Frank Byrt
A large bald eagle was sighted near the top of a pine tree along the Cocheco River, near the back of the Studley Flower and Garden Shop in Rochester, NH, at about 8:35 AM. It was observed from across the river and when it took off, it headed to the south.
Brenda Elliott
Saw a Bald Eagle on Back River Road in Dover, NH on January 11th about 1:45 PM. It was hunting and swooped down from a tree and caught a squirrel. Then flew back to the tree with it. The wing span was about 6 feet. Very beautiful to see and such a pleasant surprise
Lee Bowdoin
Two sittings in this last week. 1/16/15 & 1/10/15 both in Rye NH. Flying in the Rye Harbor Goss Farm area.
Shawn Fraim
1-16-15. I was "wowed" by the surprise sighting of a bald eagle this morning on the Merrimack River on 293 just prior to the Exit 5 ramp and Granite Street bridge. He flew right by my passenger side window and I got an up close and personal look at this majestic bird's face. I'll never forget it. All I could say was "wow" and thank you.
Carol Hardwick
Bald eagle flew over my yard on Bayridge Road near the Great Bay in Greenland New Hampshire on December 26th in the early afternoon. my wife Jessie and I saw it fly just over our trees.
Jeff Iozier
While driving on Route 119 in Rindge, NH on 11/20/2014 at approximately 8:45 am I saw an Eagle fly right in front of my car. When it changed directions to avoid me it's wingspan was as wide as the front of my car. It is a vision I will forever hold on to.
Adam Pellecchia, Fitzwillam, NH
I saw a Bald eagle soaring low to the ground on the side of the road heading back from the Mt washington hotel at bretton woods NH going towards Bartlett. It was majestic. Large white head long yellow beak and huge wing span. Flying low straight and without movement to his wings.
So exciting
Mary Kaye Leonard
Marblehead MA
EXETER, NH Route 101 and Exeter River, approximately 9:40 a.m. on 2/9/14.
Tommie Bower
2/2/2014 rte 3A Hudson NH one bald eagle landed in a white Pine along the Merrimack River
Jim Pinard
Saw two bald eagles soaring over TJ Maxx shopping center on Daniel Webster highway in Nashua, NH 1/17/14
Steve and Sally Bearse
I saw 2 bald eagles on 1/16/14 flying over the Nashua river near Canal St in Nashua, NH. One of the eagles was larger than the other.
Bob Lussier
I just saw a bald eagle on Rte 111 in Derry NH. It flew over the road 3 times. Maybe 15 ft up if even. It was before the Gulf gas station next to the pond with houses around it. Going eastbound. I've never seen an eagle in NH. Plenty in Maine but not here. Very exciting.
Gena Nolin
Sighted twice this week, New Durham, NH.
Chris Shaw
Am currently watching a beautiful bald eagle in my backyard... Location is Rye NH and we are overlooking a marsh.
Cindy Sorenson
Bald eagle sighting (10/14/13) Columbus Day I was traveling south bound on Interstate 89 just north of the Exit 1 (Woodstock) there was a dead animal I spotted a Bird as I got closer I realized it was a Bald Eagle – I went into the pasting lane and the bird opened its wings to take flight I was nervous it was going to fly right into my car. What a sight!
Betty Burbank
A bald eagle hangs out a lot in a tree across the street from my house in Nashua on Cheyenne, the tree overlooks the Nashua river.
Laura Graudons
September 2nd and September 20th, 2013
Salem, NH Canobie Lake
First sighting; adult eagle perched on tree top. It also appeared that an adolescent was circling above it.
Second sighting; adult eagle perched on top of an evergreen.
Robin Landers
Myself and many other spectators saw a Bald Eagle soaring above our sons youth football game at Highland goffesfalls elamentary school in Manchester NH on Sunday Aug 25th.
Shannon Calabro
Location: Bedford, New Hampshire
Day/Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013
I was driving north on the FE Everett Turnpike in Bedford, NH, just about parallel with the Macy's store at about 10:00AM Tuesday, February 26. 2013, when I saw a Bald Eagle fly overhead, west to east, at about 100'. It was gliding with a full wing span. It was just so majestic.
Gil Talbot
Saw a bald eagle today, February 26 2013, at about 10 am. It flew over route 3 just south of Manchester NH.=
Roy Stockwell
2/16/13 NH-Saw a bald eagle soar over the Newbury side of Lake Sunapee near the state beach around 4PM in the afternoon of a beautiful winter day.
Debbie Russell Gallant
Today is the second day in a row that I have seen a bald eagle soaring over the Merrimack River as I drove up 293 into Manchester. Both times I saw it, it was flying over the bridge. Amazing sight to start the day!
Julia Cooke
While digging out from Nemo a bald eagle flew over my house on Bald Hill Road in Albany, NH, Sat. around 9am 2/9/2013.
Dan Bianchino
2/5/13 Saw a bald eagle soar over the ice houses on Meredith Bay and across the road as I drove down Rt 3 Tuesday morning! What a thrill!
Then saw one again Thursday afternoon 2/7 gliding along the shore of Wickwas Lake as I drove East on Rt 104. Never saw them here before. You just want to stop and grab someone and say "Did you see that?" It all happens so fast. Now I'm looking everywhere!
Karen Benoit
I saw a beautiful bald eagle flying over route 95 in New Hampshire just south of the Hampton Tolls yesterday afternoon on my way up to Maine. This is the first eagle in the wild that I've seen after living in Maine and Massachusetts for 55 years. I was, to say the least, very excited!!!
Dave Gruber
I saw a Bald Eagle in Dover, NH on January 22, at about 7:15am. It was flying over Portland Ave, near down town. What a sight! I was so happy to share this with my kids who were in the back seat!
-Sophie Wolford
I saw a bald eagle in Rochester NH this morning at 9:37am. It landed in one of the big trees on River Street over by the Cocheco River. It was huge! It had a white head and white on it's tail! It stayed in the tree for about 5 minutes then flew out of view behind a house.
Colleen Ray
On October 12, 2012 I observed 2 Bald Eagles flying around my house at about 1:00 pm. I live in Dover, NH. on Back River Rd. which is about 5 miles from Great Bay.
One of the eagles flew down and landed in a tree next to my house and stayed for about 10 minutes while I sat on my riding mower just below and watched.
Great feeling to see such a rare bird so close.
John Evans
Manchester NH.
Today (Wed. 2/22/12)at around 3PM a Bald Eagle flew over my car as I was merging onto 293 (towards mall) from the Everett turnpike (from Nashua).
I had never before seen a bald eagle in southern NH – not that I was ever looking.
Mark Proulx
I saw a bald eagle flying overhead last weekend while I was skiing at Cranmore Mountain in Nrth Conway NH. I also think I saw a pair of young eagles in the same location yesterday but I can't be sure since I have never seen young eagles.
Kristine Porcaro
I saw a bald eagle on 2-1-12 at 11:45 am.
he was in the top of a white pine tree beside rt 111. either atkinson or derry nh. there was a few crows fliing around him, but he didn't seem too concerned. this was close to where waters edge rd. crosses n.h. rt 111
Peter Joseph
I saw an eagle flying over the Merrimack River in Manchester, NH on Sunday January 15th. Directly behind the Fisher Cat's baseball stadium.
Marita Fletcher
October 8th 2011, mid afternoon, saw a bald eagle sitting high in a dead pine overlooking Lake Sunapee near the Soo-nipi beach in New London NH. I grew up on the lake, this is the first time I have seen one here. Amazing, I hope there are more around.
Andrew D.Robb
I saw a bald eagle today near Manchester NH. This was on the east side of the city just as Hwy 101 merges into I-293. This eagle flew down into the grass medium area between the paved highways. I think it was catching prey. It was huge, so I believe it was a female. Very, very cool — and in the midst of heavy traffic.
Eric Miller
Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th my husband and I saw a bald eagle at the entrance of the West Alton Marina on Lake Winnepasaukee NH. He flew over the sandbar, caught a fish, and flew back up the brook. Both days the sittings were around 9am. We plan on exploring the area later in the week after the holiday boaters have gone home.
Sandy Herrick
On February 8th I was in Rochester NH and clearly saw a Bald Eagle being chased by three crows. It was right over the Middle School at approximately 3:15p.m. I could not believe my eyes. I was close enough to see the white head , tail and yellow beak. It was truly an awesome sight.
I am an avid birdwatcher so I know it was an Eagle. Did I mention it was in Rochester !!!
Carl Fogarty
I saw a pair of bald eagles flying over Route 3 just above the Exit 12 off ramp in Bedford,NH. It was about 12:30PM Thursday January 20th,2011. It was awesome! They were soaring just high enough for me to see exactly what they were. Such a wondeful thing to see these magnificent creatures in the wild.
Donna Nashua,NH
Bald Eagle flying over Salmon Falls River my address today, my wife has seen them as well closer to water.
Do they hunt Ducks as there are many in our area? (Yes, they do.)
Robert van Gelder
82 Daffodil Hill Lane
Rochester, NH
I have been enjoying watching the Bald eagles from my home the last few weeks and thought that I would share:)
Location: Great Bay Dr. West, Greenland N.H (On Great Bay)
Observation date: 1/7/11
Today, 4 Bald eagles were across from our house in a tree next to the Bay wrestling over prey that one had caught in our cove. 2 fully white head and tail, 2 either juvenile or immature with mottled feathers.
Notes: These eagles are around quite a bit lately, almost everyday. Sometimes there are 2 or three at a time sometimes they are alone. One of the fully mature likes to sit in our tree on the Bay for hours looking out over the cove. They are beautiful! This was the first time that I saw one actually pluck something from the Bay to eat and the first time that I saw four at once together.
Nancy Hagner
We saw a very large Bald Eagle on the Exeter NH Golf Course near the Squamscott tidal river on Wednesday January 5, 2011. Since I see on your site that the females are the larger, this must have been one as it was so big. Resting near it in the tree was a hawk, also very large, with a grand white breast.
Pam Bourgeois and Cindy Morris
Exeter, NH
On thanksgiving day 2010 at around 12:00 p.m. on central st. in Hudson, NH I saw a bald eagle in a tree next to the church. First time in this area.
Robyn Landry
On Nov 5, 2010 around 7:30 am driving on the Spaulding Turnpike in Rochester headed north just past Ex. 18 I spotted a large bird flying over my car. I thought it was a large hawk however, when I got a side view of it I realized that it had a white head and curved beak. Amazing to see.
Tracy MacNeill
While kayaking I sighted a mature bald eagle circling quite low today September 11th 2010 at 10am above Georges Mills on Lake Sunapee NH.
Marjolyn Camileri
I saw a beautiful Bald Eagle this afternoon at 3:05pm. In Bow, N,H. The Eagle flew over my S.U..V. and landed on a tree by the towns Gazebo on Logging Hill Road. I suspect it may have been a male.
Lisa Segal - Bator
Bow, N.H.
Mature Male Bald Eagle
Wed., Feb 10, 3:00 pm.
Exeter NH, on rt 101 exit ramp onto Portsmouth ave. south.
Flew out of tall white pine on side of ramp, came down towards my windshield, I missed hitting it by about three feet. Saw the eyes and individual feathers it was so close! Very big and beautiful! Flew west towards Epping/Raymond.
Edward Lee
Exeter NH
Seabrook, NH Feb. 1, 2010.
I saw two bald eagles perched in trees on a small island on the salt marsh in Seabrook today. One flew off towards Hampton Fall, and a few hours later the other flew off in the same direction.
Mark Potvin
On January 23 around 10am in Salem, NH, I saw an adult bald eagle sitting at the top of a tree next to the small beach on Shadow Lake Road (the old Rt 111).
My first sighting of one in the wild! Been watching the trees in the area for him ever since, but no luck so far.
Jon Tripp
01/22/2010 1:00 PM EST New Hampshire: Bald Eagle spotted circling the Reeds Ferry / Depot Street Area of the Merrimack River in Bedford/Merrimack town line area, then it flew North between So. River Road and the River.
Nicole Purwin
Jan 20, 2010
Location Hooksett/Manchester NH line
Approx 16:55 I saw my 1st Bald Eagle fly directly overhead! I had just ramped onto 93S in Hooksett NH © Exit#10 crossing over the Merrimack river. He/She was flying southbound along the river & train bed. I'm sure the person in the slow lane thought I was having an attack! It was incredible, he was very low & there was no mistaking what you seeing. I've always thought I should have a bumper sticker that reads "I Brake for Big Game Birds", now it's confirmed. I feel very Lucky!=D
Heidi Osborne
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