Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

2/5/15 Pair of eagles circled around then landed on the ice of Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro Bay (1:15 p.m.) about 220 yards from the town docks and my window. Confirmed sighting with field glasses from deck. They sat for about 3 min., squawked a lot, then headed west out over the lake.
Frank Byrt

A large bald eagle was sighted near the top of a pine tree along the Cocheco River, near the back of the Studley Flower and Garden Shop in Rochester, NH, at about 8:35 AM. It was observed from across the river and when it took off, it headed to the south.
Brenda Elliott

Saw a Bald Eagle on Back River Road in Dover, NH on January 11th about 1:45 PM. It was hunting and swooped down from a tree and caught a squirrel. Then flew back to the tree with it. The wing span was about 6 feet. Very beautiful to see and such a pleasant surprise
Lee Bowdoin

Two sittings in this last week. 1/16/15 & 1/10/15 both in Rye NH. Flying in the Rye Harbor Goss Farm area.
Shawn Fraim

1-16-15. I was "wowed" by the surprise sighting of a bald eagle this morning on the Merrimack River on 293 just prior to the Exit 5 ramp and Granite Street bridge. He flew right by my passenger side window and I got an up close and personal look at this majestic bird's face. I'll never forget it. All I could say was "wow" and thank you.
Carol Hardwick

Bald eagle flew over my yard on Bayridge Road near the Great Bay in Greenland New Hampshire on December 26th in the early afternoon. my wife Jessie and I saw it fly just over our trees.
Jeff Iozier

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