Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

I saw a bald eagle this morning flying over the Cocheco River in the center of Rochester, NH.
Lori McGinley

Mature bald eagle sited on East Rd in Atkinson NH sitting in a tree on January 27th right before the intersection of Devonshire Rd and East Rd.
Christer Ericsson

Saw a bald eagle on the river right on the stark and groveton NH border today around 5pm.
Tiffany Griffin

Laurie Box wrote the following: I have been seeing bald eagles in Rochester NH near the Hannafords Plaza.

David Martin wrote the following: January 17,2017, Newfields, New Hampshire
Beautiful massive Bald Eagle on our property, which is a 6 acre field with multiple tall trees on the boundries. He was there a good part of the afternoon in several trees, and also on the ground. He left for a bit, and then flew thru again later on.

Jonathan Lax wrote the following: 10/21/16- mature bald eagle flying over south end of Concord New Hampshire near Rollins Park and I-93.

Jason Brown wrote the following: Large bald eagle spotted twice past two weeks (last week of January first week of February on canal st in nashua nh

Keith Diaz wrote the following: Driving along Goffstown Back Road, near Walton's Pig Farm, at around 8:30AM. Spotted a massive, mature bald eagle flying below tree tops.

Jim OLeary wrote the following: At 2:00 pm on January 31, 2016 a large bald eagle circled over my cottage on Long Pond, Danville, NH

Sharon Young wrote the following: A bald eagle was resting in a large pine tree just outside our rental house in Keene, NH early this afternoon of Wednesday, January 27, 2016. It was there for at least 15 minutes while I was watching--flew off when I went to get my Sibley's.

Laurie Mayhan wrote the following: Peterborough, NH Saturday, January 23, 2016 @ 1:30pm. Female at the Contoocook River Reservoir.

Stacey Scaccia wrote the following: I just saw a bald eagle fly through the woods in my backyard. At first I thought it might be a hawk or an owl, but as it got closer I could see the white head. Beautiful! Londonderry NH (South end of town of off Mammoth Rd.)

Laura Van Etten wrote the following: Penacook New Hampshire off old Boyce Road near Brookwood Pet Resort

Kathleen Noel wrote the following: I saw my first bald eagle today, 11/22/15, at Beckman Landing in Seabrook, NH.

Wendy Luck wrote the following: On Sunday, Nov 8th, 2015, my husband, my 23 year old son and myself were "buzzed" by a Bald Eagle in Newport, NH. We were outside doing yard work when I heard flapping of wings, and thinking that it was just our local geese, I looked up and behind me, but was surprised to see a Bald Eagle flying 15-20 feet above us. My son told me afterwards, that he saw the same bird last weekend, but was not sure if it was an Eagle, until this sighting yesterday. This is a once in a lifetime event, as how often do you have an Eagle come down low to see you?!Keep your eyes peeled in Newport and surrounding areas.

Carol Hall wrote the following: Today I was sitting in my backyard and spotted two beautiful bald eagles flying across letchfield road. I wasn't quite sure that I was seeing them. My son , Brandon came out and confirmed what I had seen as we watched the pair fly around the area for several minutes. What an amazing site! Oct. 30, 2015

Kristy Rhoades wrote the following: Pair of bald eagles in Merrimack, NH! 3:30pm just saw 2 by the highway exit 12 overpass. First time seeing one here!!

Anne Audet wrote the following: Leaving the house this morning in Marlborough, NH around 7 am. My 3 year old daughter pointed to the sky and said "Look Mommy!" It was a beautiful bald eagle and it flew right over us, then across Rt 101 and perched at the top of a tall pine. Made my day! Took some pics with my cell.

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