Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

staci johnson wrote the following: We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw an Eagle in Moorestown NJ near the Rancocas River on 9/20/15. What an incredible sight. I never knew we had Eagles in these neck of the woods!

Colette Pecsi wrote the following: saw bald eagle in flight, above rt. 557, in milmay nj, sept. 14 2015.

Joe Ostapiec wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle circling over my house in Lincroft (Monmouth County) New Jersey. 9/14/2015. Very large bird. Immediately caught my attention.Truly a majestic site.

joe Evans wrote the following: sighetd bald eagle on top of electrical tower 9 6 2015 in west deptford park 7 am sunday morning

On my way to work this morning, around 8:10 AM I spotted a male Bald Eagle on Rolling Greens Gold Course on Newton-Sparta Rd in Newton, NJ. He was working on a deer carcass. I have in the past few months also seen one flying around in Sparta Glen, in Sparta, NJ which is not too far away.
Alison Hainzl

Spotted two bald eagles flying while stopped at a red light in Deptford, NJ. At first I thought they were turkey vultures because of the size but when they turned I got the full view, white head, white tail. Never in my life did I ever think I would see a bald eagle while at a red light next to a McDonalds near the Deptford Mall. Just incredible, what timing. I constantly bird and hawk watch.
Keith McNally

On February 6, 2015 ,I saw the Bald Eagle flying over the house I reside in which is in Bergenfield, New Jersey.
Rosa Barroso

I live in mannington Salem co next to the meadow that The state bought about 22 years ago. I was out on my Deck an hour ago had my binoculars watching the Wonderful wildlife that's year round here and I spotted A beautiful adult about 200 feet up bright white head so happy I had my binoculars 2/5/15
M Sanderson

Saw 4 juvenile bald eagles on the very icy Delaware River next to the Trenton Thunder Riverview Park in Trenton NJ!
Lin DiRenzo

Saw a bald eagle on mantua grove Rd in west deptford. Flying low along the tree line along the road. White head very nice size.
jack woolbert

A pair of bald eagles were over the upper parking area along the look out area at Red Bank Battlefield, National Park NJ. Clearly visible, white head, yellow beak etc. Had seen them from the park before a few years back but this time they were right over our head for a bit. This was before the snow came across from PA, around 320-330 PM Friday 1/30/15.
Wm Reed

Saw immature four bald eagles at Swimming River Reservoir, Lincroft, NJ on morning of January, 28, 2015
Saw pair next day at Swimming River, Jan 29, 2015…
Michael Moretti, Neptune, NJ 07753

Westwood, NJ 70675
A few weeks ago I thought I spotted one, but lost sight of it.
Sunday, January 26, I spotted one flying low over a one story shopping center in Westwood.
Keri Salmieri Ross

I saw the same bald eagle on January 17th as a previous post. He/she was flying over smith field in parsippany New Jersey
Thomas Hern

I saw a bald eagle flying around Alcyon Lake Park in Pitman today at 3pm. This is the third weekend in a row i have been able to spot him. On 1/10/15 I spotted two eagles together one flying and one sitting nearby in a tree on the southeast of the lake. He has a distinct high pitch call that almost sounds like a whistle, very long wingspan at least 7 or 8'.
James Connor

Although bald eagles are still listed on New Jersey's endangered species list, the number of birds has increased to an all time high.
Erin Pedrini

St. Peter's Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ 10:00 AM 1/21/15
Mary Patkus

At 11:00 am (1-19-2015) I saw a bald eagle take flight from the woods between Glen Lake and Sunside Avenue and flew west towards Glassboro Road. I've never seen one in Woodbury Heights and I've lived here my whole life. At first I thought it was a turkey vulture; but I saw it's white head and tail. It was truly a magnificent bird.
Theresa Kelly

Late morning Saturday 1/17/15 we observed an eagle flying SE over Parsippany NJ
John Denner

On Friday, January 16, 2015, at about 2:00 pm, I spotted a bald eagle circling over the Passaic River on the southern bank of the river, Little Falls, New Jersey. About an hour later, I saw the eagle circling once more in the same vicinity. It was beautiful and a stirring privilege to see our national symbol in flight. The last and only other time I had seen a bald eagle was in South Dakota in 1998. Unforgettable!
Father Michael Morris

I believe I saw two bald eagles perched in a tree in a park along Kaighn Ave., right off Rt 130 in Camden this morning.
Louise D'Ariano

I saw a mature Bald Eagle at about 8:30 am circling low over Main Street in Boonton, NJ. Absolutely beautiful.
Steve Myers

Pair on ice in Long Branch off Atlantic Ave. Picture attached. Nearby was a smaller black and white duck. Pic attached taken from MLK park. 1/8/14
Perri Blind

Galloway NJ At Blue Heron Golf Course. 10 miles West of Atlantic City
Lenora Champ

My wife and I just saw a Bald Eagle circling over Wharton, NJ at 2:20PM today, 31 January 2014.
Bob Christianson, Wharton, NJ

Spotted one today 12-27-14 at 9:15 am going northbound on 295 in the Mt Laurel nj area. Perched on a tree high up.
Frank Brady.

saw a bald eagle on December 19th on Weekstown Rd in Mullicatownship NJ around 10am
Anthony Barbetto

In the middle if December 2014 I saw a very large adult bald eagle perched in a tree on the side of Rt 33 outside the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold NJ. After about a minute it took off and had at least a 7 foot wingspan.
Brad Goodman

December 14 2014. Approx 3:00 pm in Marlton, NJ. Adult bald eagle made several passes over the field behind our house. We noticed all the birds at our feeder had suddenly disappeared. Very impressive sight.
David Blask

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