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New Jersey

Spotted two bald eagles flying while stopped at a red light in Deptford, NJ. At first I thought they were turkey vultures because of the size but when they turned I got the full view, white head, white tail. Never in my life did I ever think I would see a bald eagle while at a red light next to a McDonalds near the Deptford Mall. Just incredible, what timing. I constantly bird and hawk watch.
Keith McNally
On February 6, 2015 ,I saw the Bald Eagle flying over the house I reside in which is in Bergenfield, New Jersey.
Rosa Barroso
I live in mannington Salem co next to the meadow that The state bought about 22 years ago. I was out on my Deck an hour ago had my binoculars watching the Wonderful wildlife that's year round here and I spotted A beautiful adult about 200 feet up bright white head so happy I had my binoculars 2/5/15
M Sanderson
Saw 4 juvenile bald eagles on the very icy Delaware River next to the Trenton Thunder Riverview Park in Trenton NJ!
Lin DiRenzo
Saw a bald eagle on mantua grove Rd in west deptford. Flying low along the tree line along the road. White head very nice size.
jack woolbert
A pair of bald eagles were over the upper parking area along the look out area at Red Bank Battlefield, National Park NJ. Clearly visible, white head, yellow beak etc. Had seen them from the park before a few years back but this time they were right over our head for a bit. This was before the snow came across from PA, around 320-330 PM Friday 1/30/15.
Wm Reed
Saw immature four bald eagles at Swimming River Reservoir, Lincroft, NJ on morning of January, 28, 2015
Saw pair next day at Swimming River, Jan 29, 2015…
Michael Moretti, Neptune, NJ 07753
Westwood, NJ 70675
A few weeks ago I thought I spotted one, but lost sight of it.
Sunday, January 26, I spotted one flying low over a one story shopping center in Westwood.
Keri Salmieri Ross
I saw the same bald eagle on January 17th as a previous post. He/she was flying over smith field in parsippany New Jersey
Thomas Hern
I saw a bald eagle flying around Alcyon Lake Park in Pitman today at 3pm. This is the third weekend in a row i have been able to spot him. On 1/10/15 I spotted two eagles together one flying and one sitting nearby in a tree on the southeast of the lake. He has a distinct high pitch call that almost sounds like a whistle, very long wingspan at least 7 or 8'.
James Connor
Although bald eagles are still listed on New Jersey's endangered species list, the number of birds has increased to an all time high.
Erin Pedrini
St. Peter's Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ 10:00 AM 1/21/15
Mary Patkus
At 11:00 am (1-19-2015) I saw a bald eagle take flight from the woods between Glen Lake and Sunside Avenue and flew west towards Glassboro Road. I've never seen one in Woodbury Heights and I've lived here my whole life. At first I thought it was a turkey vulture; but I saw it's white head and tail. It was truly a magnificent bird.
Theresa Kelly
Late morning Saturday 1/17/15 we observed an eagle flying SE over Parsippany NJ
John Denner
On Friday, January 16, 2015, at about 2:00 pm, I spotted a bald eagle circling over the Passaic River on the southern bank of the river, Little Falls, New Jersey. About an hour later, I saw the eagle circling once more in the same vicinity. It was beautiful and a stirring privilege to see our national symbol in flight. The last and only other time I had seen a bald eagle was in South Dakota in 1998. Unforgettable!
Father Michael Morris
I believe I saw two bald eagles perched in a tree in a park along Kaighn Ave., right off Rt 130 in Camden this morning.
Louise D'Ariano
I saw a mature Bald Eagle at about 8:30 am circling low over Main Street in Boonton, NJ. Absolutely beautiful.
Steve Myers
Pair on ice in Long Branch off Atlantic Ave. Picture attached. Nearby was a smaller black and white duck. Pic attached taken from MLK park. 1/8/14
Perri Blind
Galloway NJ At Blue Heron Golf Course. 10 miles West of Atlantic City
Lenora Champ
My wife and I just saw a Bald Eagle circling over Wharton, NJ at 2:20PM today, 31 January 2014.
Bob Christianson, Wharton, NJ
Spotted one today 12-27-14 at 9:15 am going northbound on 295 in the Mt Laurel nj area. Perched on a tree high up.
Frank Brady.
saw a bald eagle on December 19th on Weekstown Rd in Mullicatownship NJ around 10am
Anthony Barbetto
In the middle if December 2014 I saw a very large adult bald eagle perched in a tree on the side of Rt 33 outside the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold NJ. After about a minute it took off and had at least a 7 foot wingspan.
Brad Goodman
December 14 2014. Approx 3:00 pm in Marlton, NJ. Adult bald eagle made several passes over the field behind our house. We noticed all the birds at our feeder had suddenly disappeared. Very impressive sight.
David Blask
December 12, 2014 just before 9am I saw an adult bald eagle and 2-3 juveniles soaring and diving over Erskine Lake in Ringwood, NJ. They were low enough for a positive identification as they soared over my deck.
Maria Mirti
Ringwood, NJ
I saw a bald eagle on December 10, 2014 at 8:40AM at the farm directly across from the Medford Post Office on Stokes Road in Medford.
Barney Farrell
Medford, NJ
About 1pm today December 9 I observed a bald eagle on Cow Point Green Acres farmland in Medford NJ. He was standing in the field maybe 30 yards from Stokes Rd, he then took off and found a perch high above the ground in a very large tree.
Jeff Wirth
On the morning of Dec. 9, 2014, I observed a soaring, lone, mature (wow was it big, and unmistakeable) bald eagle flying along the east edge of Point View Reservoir in Wayne, NJ where Valley Rd. extension meets Berdan.
John Milligan, Wayne, NJ
My Son & I were driving up Arney's Mount Rd in Pemberton, NJ. When all of the sudden we noticed a large bird flying up from the roadside with what appeared to be a large snake in it's talons. As it came closer to my car was when my son & I both noticed it's white head & the fact that what we witnessed was the sighting of a bald eagle with his lunch.
J. Houseworth
I saw a VERY large bald eagle yesterday morning(11/28/14) at 7:15am in Clifton, NJ on the left side of exit ramp of exit 153 off garden state parkway north(the Rt. 3 West exit). There were two black crows following the bald eagle. It was gliding east about 4 feet off the ground. Beautiful!!!!!
John Bradley
I was driving my quad on November 27th 2014 in Bloomsbury NJ along the Muskonetcong River when I notice a magnificent eagle soaring from the trees over the river. His colors were unmistakable. It was breath taking, I felt privileged to see it!
V Rajoppi
On the morning of November 23rd, 2014, I observed a lone, mature bald eagle (appeared to be a female) perched in a tree on the southeast side of Point View Reservoir in Wayne, NJ. I have seen others in this vicinity in the past and, coincidentally, reported a sighting this same day at this same location last year.
Ron Califre, Wayne, NJ
10:15am 11/23/14 - Flemington, NJ
I was driving north on Route 31-202 (by Kuhl Rd) near Flemington, NJ. I looked up and there was a Bald Eagle and also a Red Tailed Hawk flying near each other. I stopped along the highway and watched for about 4 minutes until it flew off towards the east. This was the first Bald Eagle i have ever seen in the wild.
George Altonen
November 23, 2014 - I saw a bald eagle perched in a large oak in my backyard in East Windsor, NJ.
Bruce Ettman
This Sunday Morning Nov 16th at 10:35am my son and I saw a Bald Eagle over our Lake in Medford Lakes NJ.
Medford Lakes, Burlington County NJ
Backyard of 23 Natchez Trail over Ballinger Lake. This is my property.
The Eagle was attempting to attack several duck that live on the lake. It tried to attack one duck several times and failed on flew to a Pine Tree in my neighbors yard on the other side of the lake.
I called him to try to take a picture of the Eagle and when he walk out his door he saw the Eagle fly away over the lake towards Stokes Road.
We have waited for about 20 min to see if he will return for one of the ducks but the Eagle has not.
Joseph J Urban
Swedesboro, NJ
In a field off of Harrisonville rd.

Jon Spivack
I spotted a bald eagle this morning Friday November 14, 2014 around 7:45 am. It was in the field across Tuckerton road from the Evesham Twp. Building (Evesham Twp., Burlington County, New Jersey) and fields where there is an old farm house down a dirt driveway. The bald eagle was on the ground and appeared to be eating something.
Robert Nehring
Bald eagle in Manalapan NJ on Sunday Nov. 9th around 10:30 am. He was in the area of the JCP&L lines that cut through Manalapan & Monroe. Took off from a low branch and had an amazing wingspan! Beautiful bird.
Catherine Padovani
I saw a gorgeous bald eagle in a tree overlooking a marsh in secaucus
I was on the train
Time of sighting 8:49 am heading east into secaucus station!
M Mann
I saw a bald eagle flying over Peter cheeseman rd and college drive in gloucester township, nj. It was flying in a northwesterly direction. It was awesome!
Pamela Evans
I saw a bald eagle in a field at the intersection of Colson Lane and Walters Rd. in Mullica Hill, NJ
Marilyn Goetz
Several sighting of Bald Eagle in Sicklerville, NJ. An old quarry off of Sicklerville Rd now has houses around it called Lake George. Driving a school bus every morning around 7am I see it sitting on top of the tall poles 11/2/14 I saw the eagle flying along tree line. Sometimes weeks will go by without sightings and then sometimes it's every day I enjoy seeing the Bald Eagle.
Carrie MacFerren.
My wife Debbra and I saw a Bald Eagle this afternoon along Maple Avenue in South Plainfield NJ(Sunday November 2, 2014)
Tony Senia
Saw adult and juvenile toying with each other above Lionshead Lake, Wayne NJ, they then landed in some Oak trees for a minute and left, 11/1/14
Mark Laslo
I spotted bald eagle this morning @10:30am 10/28/14 at black horse pike RT 322 between Weymouth road and Atlantic blueberry co in Mays Landing NJ, also spotted a couple of months ago at lake Lenape county park beach. It must be the same eagle!
Kei Miyakawa
Bald eagle seen flying over centennial lake in Medford nj on October 26. So cool! Hope to see it again!
Jamie Meltz
I spotted a bald eagle this morning, Friday October 24, 2014 at approx. 8:30 a.m., on Swimming River Road in Lincroft, NJ near the reservoir. It flew across the street in front of me so I could see its white tail and landed on a tree limb that broke. When it flew away I could see it's white head. I was very excited, and still am!! No one believed me until I found this website and read the spotting's in nearby towns (Holmdel, Leonardo, and Aberdeen)
Nancy Yetka
Observed bald eagle chasing osprey with fish in talons. Eventually osprey dropped fish into the south river and eagle picked up fish most likely a white perch. This occurred oct 14 2014 in south river NJ near where the old causeway bridge once stood and michealsons auto glass. I have seen eagles several times in this area .
Tony Canuso
I spotted two adult bald eagles as I exited from the parking lot of Stop and Shop on Route 34 in Aberdeen, NJ around 11 AM yesterday morning, Oct. 14 2014. One was flying very low - perhaps 20 above my car, it's white head and tail clearly visible - even it's yellow beak - while the other circled higher above us. I could hardly believe my eyes!
Celine Corcoran in Matawan
Sighting Report: October 9, 2014. I saw a bald eagle this morning about 10:00, flying behind the Christ Episcopal Church in South Amboy at the corner of Broadway and Main Street. It looked like it was coming from the vicinity of Raritan bay heading toward Pupek Road.
Carol Ann Kucharz
Bald eagle sighting this morning, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014, 8:15 a.m., on Garden State Parkway, northbound side, just shy of entrance to PNC Arts Center in Holmdel , perched high in a tree.
Another bald eagle sighting (photo attached) on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 3 p.m. at Plainfield Country Club in Edison, N.J.
Faithfully submitted, Mike Moretti of Neptune, NJ
Saw one bald eagle Thursday, Oct 2 in Ocean City, New Jersey wetlands east of Crook Horn Creek perching and eating in old osprey nest. Today, October 5, saw a pair of eagles flying in the same area.
Nan Stylenb
Noticed a bald eagle in Secaucus NJ Oct 2nd 2014 around 8:40AM from train on my daily commute to Hoboken. It was near the train bridge on Hackensack River. Could not believe my eyes. GPS coordinates where it was perched on the tree: 40.776453, -74.088881 (approx)°46'35.2"N+74°05'20.0"W
Vishal Jain
I have seen a Bald Eagle twice over the past month over my backyard in Leonardo, NJ (Middletown Township). I live about 3 blocks from the Raritan Bay. The first was near the end of September and the bird was flying south from the bay with a fish in its talons. The 2nd sighting was about 2 weeks ago. I heard a bird cry like a hawk and looked up and saw an Osprey flying with a fish in its talons being chased by a Bald Eagle and harassed until the Osprey dropped the fish and the Eagle caught it and flew off with a stolen meal! Awesome! We see the Ospreys all the time, but seeing the Eagle as well is an added bonus.
Doug Kent
I saw one this morning perched high in a tree overlooking the South Branch of the Raritan River in Califon NJ.
Patrick Mohr
My son was in cooper trauma unit I was looking out the window I saw a bird flying pretty high in the sky I thought it was an eagle but couldn't be 100% you can tell usually because all you see is wings no tail or head, the next day my son was getting better so I left the hospital when I turned the corner I couldn't believe what I saw it was a bald eagle flying around an empty lot looking for food I stopped snapped a picture eagle started to fly away it soared along cooper river I followed it along Admiral blvd.. I was hoping it was a sign was there for my son this was Camden nj eagles don't fly in Camden, but this bird did it flew away my sons condition started to get bad my son passed away on 9/28/2014 he was 26 he just recently told me he was put on this earth to help people and he would not live to get old he strongly believed in good souls living forever my son's soul will sore high with the eagles. To my beautiful Steven I love so much and I no your soul will last forever thank you for everything you taught me.
Steve W
Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one in Marlton, NJ flying 80 feet above Greentree road and Maple Ave. over top of the CVS on 9/19/14. Absolutely majestic and beautiful. No wonder it's the symbol of our nation. Just plain wow!!!
M McNesby
Yesterday morning at approximately 10:30 a.m. I spotted a bald eagle circling overhead at Glenmont, the Thomas Edison House in West Orange, NJ. I'm a Master Gardener of Essex County and I volunteer there on Wednesdays. I saw this magnificent huge bird with an insane wing span flying directly over my head. When I clearly saw the white head I was just mesmerized! Wow! I feel honored. You can bet I'll look for him/her every single time I go from now on.
Lynda Meehan of W. Caldwell NJ
Secaucus, NJ, 2/19/14
I saw a bald eagle this morning from the train window. It was sitting on an iceberg in the swamp between the train and the highway. I looked majestic like a cross between a turkey and a dog.
- Sarah Chalek
On Feb 16, 2014, about 11:30 AM, a huge bird landed on a telephone pole about 200 feet from my house in Laurence Harbor, NJ along Raritan Bay. I got my binoculars and couldn't believe I was seeing a bald eagle. Have seen hawks on several occasions but this is a first for me.
It was eating something and there were 3 or 4 large black birds circling it diving toward it although none came close. After 15 or 20 minutes, it flew away toward the Bay just across the street from me. Several gulls were making a lot of noise so I walked toward the bay looking for it and saw the eagle perched in a tree down the road. Not sure if it was the same eagle or a different one because it appeared smaller - hard to tell because of the distance. Quite amazing.
Pat Churchill
Yesterday, 2/11/14, at about about 1:00 p.m., I saw a juvenile bald eagle flying south along the Raritan River on the border of Highland Park, New Brunswick and Edison, NJ. I was sitting in traffic on Route 1 South on the bridge over the river. What a sight!
Rosemarie Cipparulo
I saw a bald eagle this morning Feb. 10, 2014 on my way to work. It was flying along the Raritan River near New Brunswick, NJ.
Susan Reisner
feb. 9 2014 - 1pm - We saw a single bald eagle on the ground standing in the water retention basin on Old Deerfield Pike in Upper Deerfield Township, NJ (08302) . I tried to get closer to get a picture but it flew up into a tree, broke the branch then flew into another tree. Then flew over my head towards the wooded area.
Bert Sebastian
I saw a bald eagle in Middletown, NJ on 2/8/14 a little after 10am. It was flying along the river, right above Navesink River Road around McClees Rd. heading west. It was flying fairly low and slow.
Alissa Schembry
So funny, someone posted that they seen a bald eagle around where the Atlantic city expressway meets 42. I spotted one the SAME area but only a day after the other person spotted the eagle, mine being 2/6/14. It was around the similar time too, somewhere in-between 3-4 pm. AMAZING! It was DEFINITELY a bald eagle! I was so excited, I think he(she) had supper in it’s claws.
Katy Charles
I saw a Bald Eagle flying over Rt 42 just off of the Atlantic City Expressway yesterday (2/5/14) at around 3:30 PM. It is the first time I have ever seen one this far south. My other observations were at the Split Rock Reservoir in Northwestern New Jersey, the Adirondacks in NY and in Southwest Ontario. It's always a thrill.
Rick Pennie
Voorhees, NJ=
Just heard loud bang on my French door windows and ran to see what happened. I saw a large bald eagle chasing a bird. Union St., Medford, NJ. 7:30 a.m. February 4, 2014.
Donna Trunkwalter
I didn't know there was a site for this but I know eagles are rare around here so my sightings are from a while back probably around spring/summer 2013 they are both in Rockaway and because of the area I assume its the same bird I saw twice. One was near lake Denmark I saw it clear as day flew overhead and landed on a branch and we watched it sit there for a couple minutes then flew away and second was in Lake Telemark maybe a month or two later I was out on the lake fishing in a boat and it glided overhead clear sunny day also saw it perfectly. It must nest near Lake Denmark somewhere because it's so secluded and barely fished since its private.
Sebastian Weaver
I spotted a single Bald Eagle in Pine Brook NJ at 4:30 on 2/2/2014 on Bloomfield Ave directly across the street from the Montville Diner. It was sitting in a tree along the river.
A Smyth
I seen 2 bald eagles soaring over our development in Medford nj on Sunday then seen the larger of the 2 soaring alone on Monday and Friday all the same week 1/26/14 – 1/31/14.
They are both mature birds so I assume the larger (much larger) bird is the female?
Garry Mober
I saw a bald eagle soaring high (but not too high to notice) along the path of the Raritan River at rte 523-Flemington Whitehouse Road in Flemington NJ on Tuesday evening – 1/28/2014 around 5pm.
Laura Roggina
Readington, NJ
Yesterday I spotted 2 bald eagles on the ice in the Pompton Lake, in Pompton Lakes NJ. They flew into a tree across the lake at Terhune Park. They were amazing!
Kathleen Pimm
January 9, 2014. Bald eagle sighting over Rt 575 in Pomona around 11:30 am.
Anna Tews
There is a pair that lives now in the wetlands between exits 15 & 16 immediately west of I-295 in south NJ. I see one or the other almost daily during my commute for the past 6 mos. Today saw the pair in flight together at 7:30 am.
Mark Borowsky
As we were heading east on Route 3 this afternoon around 4pm, we were thrilled to spot a bald eagle flying south down the Passaic River!
It flew right over us as we crossed the bridge in Lyndhurst, NJ. Whatta gift and good omen for the New Year!
-Ann & Rob DePiro
About 10 months ago my neighbors in Crosswicks NJ saw a pair of Bald Eagles fly out from under solar panels on their horse farm. Ever since I have used binoculars to try to determine if some high flying birds that frequent the airspace over my horse farm are vultures, hawks or eagles.
Finally yesterday while about to pull into my driveway on Bordentown- Crosswicks road, I observed a low flying Bald Eagle crossing over my farm, heading northwest toward Ward Ave. He looked like he was heading somewhere, not hunting! What a glorious sight!
Debra Bahr
Just saw my first bald eagle ever. It glided by low overhead in Ringoes, NJ, while I was walking my dog in the field by Everett Farm. Blue sky, fresh snow, huge bird. At first I just figured it was one of the many turkey vultures we always have around circling around here when the dog started to bark at something in the sky, until I looked and saw that magnificent, white head. AWESOME!!
Joe Romano
Saw a pair of bald eagles this afternoon (January 1, 2014) in a field on Old York Road in Hamilton Township in Mercer County, New Jersey. The pair were so majestic! There were eating some prey on the ground. They flew into the trees and soared over the area several times. Once in a life time memory!
Barbara Panfili
Jan. 1st 2014.
My daughter and I saw a bald eagle in a tree overlooking the Clyde Potts Reservoir in Mendham NJ. I had to drive back to where I saw it to make sure it really was bald eagle - but couldn't mistake the large body and white head. The reservoir is not that far from Roxiticus road, where another person saw a bald eagle recently. It is the first time we have seen one in the wild. Very exciting as I know there are relatively few in NJ.
Bridget Poole
We saw a Bald Eagle this morning in Belleplain, New Jersey perched in a tree in our front yard!
Ingrid Forss
12/28/2013 - I spotted a bald eagle in Collingswood NJ at Cooper River while checking out a small leaf fire that had started in someone's front lawn. As the firemen where putting the fire out I spotted the eagle land in the tree across the street – He was AMAZING!! I managed to snag a picture with my cell phone before he flew away.
Kathleen Lownsbury
12/27/2013 at 14:30 - Saw an adult bald eagle eating in a field off of Battleground Rd. in Millstone, N.J. What a beautiful bird!
John Doros
12/21/2013....Driving South on Cuthbert Blvd, around 730 am, over the Cooper River Bridge, saw a Bald Eagle flying overhead... Just beautiful...Julie Maher
On December 18th 2013 at approximately 2pm I saw a pair of Bald Eagles on the icy- snow covered Farrington Lake off Washington Place- East Brunswick, NJ side Big time WOW!!!!
Susan Mull
12/16/13 Apx 3:30pm. Driving north on the Garden State Pkwy at 108.4 mile marker which is near Red Bank. I saw a large bird circling above, gracefully. It swooped down and flew parallel to the highway and I could clearly see the white head and tail. It made my day!
Kathi Policastro
12/16/2013, 11:30 AM, Denville: With a view from my dining room windows, facing north onto the cove of Indian Lake, that touches Route 46 west, a mature bald eagle swooped close to my hanging feeder (possibly scouting out snowed out squirrels?), then circled up over the lake. He did a few circles over the main lake before heading west. Snow on the ground, lake nearly all frozen, 27 degrees Fahrenheit.
Tracy Longo
Around the second week of December I was driving down Kelly Drivers Road in Clementon, NJ and saw a large bird being chased by a few other birds as i saw him swoop down he dropped some sort of prey and took off ahead as I got up closer he had flown up and perched on top of a telephone pole where I could see clear as day that in fact was a Bald Eagle. First time I've ever seen one in the wild. Very impressive...
Kira Hands
I was driving along Roxiticus Rd in Mendham NJ when I caught a flash of movement in the field to my right. Looked over and the first thing I saw was a big white tail on a brown bird. It flew the length of the field and landed in a tree. I pulled alongside and could clearly see a Bald Eagle. This is close to the Schiff Nature Preserve. This is the first time seeing one in the wild. I didn't realize there were any in NJ. Very cool.
Jeff Hiley
On December 12th in Clementon NJ, in the area of the Camden County Pillings Lake Natural Area. I first heard a raucaus noise, that I would compare to my wheelbarrow when the wheel needs to be greased. I then saw two bald eagles apparently trying to rough each other up. They seperated and flew over the area near each other for about a minute until heading off towards what would be the area of the Pine Hill Scout Reservation and an abandoned sand wash. I wonder, were they mating or fighting?
Tim Riegert
Spotted a single large bald eagle flying down the lake at Oakwood Lakes in Medford NJ on Dec 4, 2013 at 10:30am. It flew in the direction of Birchwood lakes. Beautiful bird. Very cool spotting it in Medford.
Ken Brahl
12/2/2013 – I was sitting as a passenger in a car heading to the George Washington Bridge when I spotted a large, beautiful bald eagle perched high in a tree gazing out at the Hudson River. This happened at approximately 9:15 AM. I’ve never seen one around here before.
Amanda Riley
At 10:00 AM, 11-30-2013, I saw a pair of bald eagles about 1.5 miles south of Frenchtown, NJ, flying south along the eastern edge of the Delaware river.
Dan Cheney
I live in Montville, NJ very close to Pyramid Mountain. On November 29, 2013 I saw 2 bald eagles flying over my house on their way to Pyramid Mountain, where I think they live. This is not the first time I have seen them, but it was the first time I was able to get a picture.
Tom Palmisano
Two bald eagles flew over our property in Voorhees on Saturday, 11/23/13 just before dusk.
Dick Woodward
November 23, 2013: I observed a lone mature bald eagle perched at the top of a tree on the shoreline of PointView Reservoir in Wayne, NJ, i.e., along Berdan Avenue. I have seen bald eagles in flight at this same location in the past. Awesome.
Ron Califre
I saw 2 bald eagles today above the river right along Rt 18 in New Brunswick, NJ.
Billy Abrams
My son and I saw a large bald eagle flying over my back yard in Piscataway, NJ today, 11/19/13. We live next to the Rutgers Ecological Preserve.
Jerry Snell
We spotted two bald eagles on our wooded property in Red Bank, NJ near Shadow Lake on November 16th at approximately 8:20am. They appeared to be a mated pair.
Cynthia Smith
On November 10 I saw a bald eagle standing in a field on Hainesport-Mount Laurel Rd in Hainesport Township NJ
John Gavin
Saw an enormous bald eagle swoop across our lake this morning. We are on Upper Greenwood Lake in West Milford, NJ just across the border from NY. He/she lit in a tree across the lake from us, where he/she sat for about 15 minutes before taking off.
A large flock of beautiful bufflehead ducks has been here for about two weeks now, resting and fattening up before continuing on their migratory journey. It looked like the eagle may have been scoping out a potential meal.
Gorgeous and exciting to watch!!
Sharon Scruggs
Two eagles 11/8/2013, different locations in Southern, New Jersey.
Around 1:30 between exit 15 and 16 of Rt. 295S Gloucester Co. The adult bald eagle was perched in one of the trees visible from the highway above a pond. I have seen one in this area a few times usually in the air, this is the first time I have seen one perched.
Around 5:00 about .5 mile south of Rt. 30 an adult bald eagle came across the interstate (Rt. 295), pretty low (I could see it clearly driving).
Not sure if it was the same eagle, but very cool to have two sightings in the same day.

Erin Palko
At 10:50 a.m. Nov. 7, 2013, my wife Kimiko and I saw a Bald Eagle feeding on a road killed fawn on the North side of Ferrell Road in the field on the West side of house number 40 Ferrell Road, South Harrison Township. It was a mature male, brilliant white in all his glory. I had seen three Bald Eagles about 2 and a half weeks ago flying high above our area, we live at 1405 Commissioners Road, Mullica Hill (South Harrison Township actually) and was thrilled to see them, but to see one close up at about 100 feet away was unbelievable for me. Hadn't seen any since a trip to Alaska in 1989. Anyway, I failed to get a photo or video of the Eagle because he flew up into a tree in the backyard of #40 Ferrell Road. I did take a digital photo of the fawn it was scavenging however. There were no vultures in the area at all, something that actually drew the Eagles to our area in the incident I described before. There were about 15 vultures circling and way off South of here the Eagles appeared very high above the vultures. They came towards the vultures, but since they apparently weren't on a kill, flew back South again. Though the eagles were at least a third of a mile away, it appeared to be two adults and an immature one that hung with one mature bird while the other investigated the vultures more closely. I used 10X binoculars to see them and knew pretty quick they were Bald Eagles.
Here are the coordinates: 39.684706,-75.260574
Thanks for the opportunity to report these sightings and very happy to see Eagles back in South Jersey.
James H. Lawrence
I was driving on Reservoir Rd. along the Canister Reservoir in Northern N.J when the eagle took of from the side of the road, it was a beautiful sight.
J. Gomez
I saw a bald eagle on route 73, Marlton, NJ on Monday, 10/28 at 11:30 am. It had just caught something and whatever it was was trying to wiggle out. Eagle never let go but worked hard to keep it.
Danielle McHeffey
I spotted a pair of adult, bald eagles perched on an abandoned osprey stand in a salt marsh in the southern most part of Somers Point, NJ....October 27, 2013 at approx. 3 p.m.
Mary Cantz
A bald eagle was soaring overhead in Bay Head, NJ, Oct. 25, 2013 at 11 am. Never saw it before and it was an incredible sight. =
Carolyn Kaschak
I saw a bald eagle this morning at 8:15AM near the intersection of Route 206 and Route 537 in Burlington County, NJ. I wasn't sure until I pulled over to make sure but it was a bald eagle.
JJ Nese
Today at 10:55 am soaring above the tree line. Clarksboro, Glouchester Co., NJ 08020
Paul Fowler
Sighting of a juvenile bald eagle at the entrance to Elmer Golf Club near Parvin State Park in Salem County NJ.
The sighting was at 2:47pm on 10/20/13
Chad R. Puschel
Today, 10/18/2013, I saw a bald eagle flying over Rt 55 at Mile Marker 40 (near the Malaga Exit)... this is right near Malaga Lake, where I presume this Bald Eagle resides, and may be the same one I spotted on October 12th. Very Exciting.
Jule Roxx
I saw a bald eagle yesterday, October 17, 2013, in Medford, NJ in a tree along route 70 east. At first I didn't believe what I was seeing but I got out of my car and walked as close as I could until it flew off.
- Michaline Schrade
Today, approximately 10am, 10/12/2013, I saw a Bald Eagle flying in a hunting pattern over NW Blvd in Newfield, NJ, not far from Malaga Lake ~ JS
Jule Roxx
Saw a single huge bald eagle in Trenton,nj on 10/4/2013 at 11:58 am on rt 29 near the Delaware river. Specifically cadwalder park exit.
Frank Ferruzzo
I was walking along a path around the lake in Veteran's park in Hamilton yesterday and a bald eagle was standing in a low spot in the lake. I watched it fly into a nearby tree where it remained pearched for some time. I certainly hope it has made it's home there!
Shannon Baker
Sighted 2 adult bald eagles along the Delaware River at Routes 29 and 202 just north of Lambertville, NJ.
Have seen them nunerous times starting on September 20, 2013.
What a beautiful sight!
Jeff Whitesell
I observed a bald eagle, perched in a tree, near the western gate of the Pointview reservoir, Wayne, NJ on 2/28/13. 4:30PM
Jeff Quinn
Feb 27, 2013
At dusk an eagle flew just above the tree tops over our property in Tabernacle, NJ. Light wasn't great, but white head was distinct. Too large for a hawk and not at all like our usual turkey vultures. Bird flew from east to west.
Clara McIver
February 21, 2013
I spotted a bald eagle soaring over the Delaware River at the Commodore Barry Bridge in Bridgeport, New Jersey.
What a beautiful sight!
Robert Gilsenan
Pennsauken, NJ February 10, 2013:
Spotted an eagle perched in the trees in our backyard along Pennsauken Creek. Beautiful sight!
Linda Oriold
I saw a pair of eagles on the Ramapo River in Wayne, NJ on February 10th, 2013.
Deb Ireton
Thursday, February 7, 2013, 8:30 am
While we were commuting into work this morning by train, my husband and I spotted 2 bald eagles perched in a tree in the meadowlands of Secaucus, New Jersey. The siting was very close to the environmental center located nearby. We were so excited to see such an amazing siting so close to NYC! Both eagles were perched in the same tree and they were huge. Their white heads and golden beaks stood out so clearly against the gray morning sky. It's something we will never forget!
Patti Ann Harris
I saw a Bald Eagle around the lake I live on in Williamstown,NJ on 10/6/13. I have seen one going in the water to catch a fish too.
Ron Bowker
Today at 4:30 I saw what appeared to be a female (immature?) bald eagle perched on a pine tree along the beaver dam creek in Point Pleasant Boro NJ
Diane Webb
I observed a pair of bald eagles, perched in a tree, near the western gate of the Pointview reservoir, Wayne, NJ on 2/1/13. 4:15PM
Jeff Quinn
New Jersey, Camden County, Cooper River Park, Cuthbert Bridge.
I was driving north on Cuthbert Boulevard around 1 PM on 2/1/13, and caught a glimpse of a large dark bird heading west, following the Cooper River, flying over the bridge. For a second I assumed this would be a blue heron, such as I've seen many times at this location, but the neck and legs were wrong for that. The wings looked hawk-like. Just before I had to return my eyes to the road, I noticed that the head was distinctly white.

Richard Everill
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey - On 1/29/13, I sighted a pair of bald eagles standing on an ice flow in the Woodcliff Lake reservoir near the train station. Previously, I have seen a single eagle in flight over the same location.
Tommy Lynam
New Jersey, Monmouth Junction. All day on 1/21/2013 perched in a tree over a drainage pond. Location was the Dow Jones complex at the intersection of HWY Route 1 and Ridge Road. A single eagle who flew over the pond sporadically and re-perched in the same spot.
Andrew DeRosa
About 3:45 on Jan 18th, driving through Neshanic on Blackpoint Road. Just before the bridge, in a cornfield, was a beautiful Bald Eagle. We stopped and watched it eat for several minutes, this is the 2nd eagle Ive ever seen in NJ. This is SO incredible!
Barb Ambrose.
1/16/2013: Saw a bald eagle flying over the cornfields on Beekman Road in Hillsborough, NJ heading back toward a nesting site at Duke Farms.
Gerry Montague
I live near trump national golf course in pine hill nj. I had a clear and close view a bald eagle circling the course and my neighborhood. I didn't believe my eyes, but this website show other sighting in New Jersey. Blew me away!!!
Bob Balmores
One bald eagle sighted soaring over Malaga Lake in NJ around 11am.
One bald eagle sighted soaring over farm field off route 45 in Salem County, NJ, near the Salem River WMA aroud 1pm.
One bald eagle sitting in tree off Kings Highway in Salem County near the Salem River WMA, NJ, around 1:30pm.
Sighted by: Pat Hollenack
1-6-13, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, at Burlington Community College, beautiful very large eagle let me get within 15 yards.
Sheila Perlick
One bald eagle sighted in flight at 1:00PM Saturday January 5, 2013 over Cathy Rd Hillsdale,NJ, 07642
Fred Solomine
spotted this beautiful bird about 30 minutes ago out my back door by the lake. i live in sewell nj
Carly Napoliello
I observed a pair of bald eagles, perched in a tree, near the western gate of the Pointview reservoir, Wayne, NJ on 1/2/13.
Jeff Quinn
I've seen a pair and a single Eagle on my property in Gibbstown, NJ within the past week.
Pat Hollenack
12/23/12 Saw 2 mature bald eagles soaring above the meadows on Parkertown Dock road
In Parkertown ,NJ
George Kierst
Just saw two bald eagles perched at the top of two oak trees on point view reservoir near Toys R Us headquarters south gate. I hope they are a nesting pair....really cool.
Gail Laslo
It was in Beachwood, n.j. 08722 on 12/18/12 7:30 am to 8:45 am on the beachwood water tower.
Kathleen Chamberlain Pitre
I live in Waterford Works NJ, for a carcass of a striped bass on my compost pile and there he or she was.
Vito Finizio
I saw a bald eagle this morning around 9:45am in New Jersey. The eagle was flying over from a tree down to the edge of woodcliff lake near Washington Township. I was driving south along Pascack Road
Nancy Lavon
This morning, December 9, 2012, we sighted a Bald Eagle on the Rockaway River in Wharton New Jersey. The river flows behind our house and is populated with Herons, Mallards, Wood Ducks, Canadian Geese, and a couple of Swans among others that pass through. We also see other wildlife like Deer, Fox, Muskrats, and the occasional Mink.
We were amazed to see this Eagle in our backyard. It was being chased by a couple of Crows and was swooping down to the water trying to catch a Bufflehead Duck. The duck was able to escape by diving under the water each time until the Crows finally chased the Eagle away.
I was unable to get a picture of this sighting as it happened too quickly.
Bill and Nellie McVeigh
Wharton, New Jersey
December 8, 2012, I viewed a bald eagle eating something in a field off Fries Mill Road in Franklinville NJ. N 39-37’51.4” w 75-03’-47.4”.
John M. FitzGibbon
I saw my first bald eagle on my way to work this morning around 7:40 (Dec 6, 2012.) It was flying over the Pompton River next to Jackson Ave. in Wayne amazing to see in real life.
Charissa Alter
My husband and I saw a bald eagle on 11-18-12, the eagle was on the side of route 73 in Winslow, nj, it was a great site to see. Beautiful bird.
Smithville lake smithville, nj two adult bald eagles perched above the lake in an old pine tree. Seen right before sunset.
A M Hawley
A bald eagle flew very low over the Morris Knolls/Pope John football game during halftime on Sat. Oct 20, 2012 in Denville, NJ. It looked like it was part of the halftime show. An amazing sight!!!!
Vicki Zangara
Just spotted a bald eagle riding the thermals above Parsippany NJ.
Thursday October 18, 2012 @ 1:20 PM
Kathleen Barry
Spotted two bald eagles circling overhead on a clear day on October 17th, 2012 around 12 pm in Monmouth County, NJ in the Red Bank area.
Dave Rucinski
On 9/21/2012, about 10am, Billingsport, NJ along the Delaware River two bald eagles were spotted.
Bob Hill
I'm from Pemberton, New Jersey and saw a young eagle in flight on my way home on 9/20/2012 at 3:00 pm. He was flying over the road and was in front of be for a quarter mile. Wing span was six ft. or more and it did not have his white head and tail, so I gather that makes it under five years old. That's my second sighting in the Columbus area. He was on Petticoat Bridge Rd. about a mile from Columbus Rd. flying south. Hope more in the area get to see the and appreciate this magnificent bird.
Al Yeager.
I believe I seen a bald eagle flying yesterday, going over the Commodore Barry bridge on the New Jersey side. the Commodore Barry bridge spans from Chester Pennsylvania to Swedesboro New Jersey, over the Delaware River. I did not think bald eagles were in this area and I was asking if they are in this area. it was huge Wings span of about 5 feet. black body, white head, yellow beak. I'm not sure but it may have had white legs.
Ken Wiltshire
Saw 1 adult bald eagle at the great bay blvd in Tuckerton, NJ 9/16/12
George Kierst
A friend and I were out for our daily swim in Lake Tamarack in Sussex county NJ at around 5PM when we spotted an eagle flying overhead.
It was a beautiful sight.
Kathleen Barry
A bald Eagle flew over me at Lake Lenape in Mays Landing on February 15, 2012.
P. Hollenack, Gibbstown, NJ
My daughter and I were so excited to see a bald eagle in the wild on Sunday, February 12th while driving down Commissioners Pike in Salem County at approximately 5pm. A large bird swooped down to grab what appeared to be a seagull in midair and took it down into an open farm field. It was an EAGLE! I still cannot believe it...I never knew we had any in NJ!!
John Schroeder
One bald eagle spotted around 9am above Route 24W on 2/9/12 in Chatham, NJ.
Chris Stefan
I have 3 young Bald Eagle and two adults on my lake in West Milford, NJ for about 3 weeks now. I have been watching them "practice flight maneuvers", talon connection... it has been very exciting and was looking for more information to understand what I am witnessing. It seems they are in training. I'm surprised the adults are still with them...
Gail OKeefe
2/5/12 @ 8:20 am
Single bald eagle perched in a tree on Watsontown-New Freedom Road in Berlin New Jersey near Stella Farms.
Krista McDermott
At around noon today my daughter and I spotted two bald eagles along the Stonybrook pond in Rosedale Park, Pennington/Hopewell NJ. They were perched in trees along the pond across from the picnic area.
Lucille Rosendorf
Just saw a single American bald eagle at 11:59 am on 2/3/12 fly out of a tree over rt 29 in Trenton nj. It was right by the delaware river near the water filtration plant.
frank sferruzzo
Feb 2, 2012..
Lone bald eagle at Rosedale Park, Mercer County, NJ. Second siting. This animal was walking around on the ground apparently feeding and guarding a fresh kill of some other bird, possible water fowl since we are within 100 yards of Rosedale Lake.
Bill Berman
We have 3 adults and 2 immature eagles feeding off a dead deer, 2 adults and younger stick together, while the lone adult and older immature (almost has a white head) stick together, the older immature was fighting one of the other adults in the air, it was quite a sight, they have been around 2 days so far, last year we had 6 of them!
I took alot of pictures!
Alison Kolbe
Pittsgrove nj
Sunday Jan 15, 2012....1PM Saw a lone bald eagle in Rosedale Park in Mercer Country, NJ about 1.25 miles along Federal City Road, from Pennington . Perched in a tree about 40 ft up along the bank of the Stoneybrook Creek. Siting was near the Picnic pavilion. The eagle flew from its perch a couple of times but not far and re-settled in similar trees nearby. Went home for a camera but the eagle was gone. Beautiful animal. Great flier.
Bill Berman
My sister and I live in Monmouth county NJ and spotted what looked like two large birds about 500 feet off of our back yard in an open cornfield. Looking through binoculars, we realized that the two birds (about 20 ft. away from eachother) were both eating something and clearly had black bodies with white heads and white tails. To get a better look we drove out onto Old York Rd. which has a gravel access rd. to the field. With our binoculars we got a closer look from about 50 ft. away from them and they were both clearly bald eagles. Unfortunately they did spot us, and flew off about 100 ft. to where a third eagle was standing in the field! All three flew up into a tree before flying off over Old York Road towards the East. We went to see what they had been eating and it looked like either a canadian goose or other large bird that they had torn in half and were eating from about 20 ft. away from eachother. They might have either hunted this goose or it had been left behind by the hunters that are often killing geese in the woods right off of the field. Once in a lifetime experience!
Sarah and Kelly Barkley
My wife and I just saw a single, mature bald eagle near Garrison Road and Pole Tavern Road in Elmer, NJ 08318. I had know idea that we had them in NJ now I be looking all the time on my Sunday drives. Thanks for providing this page to show where they might be.
Mark Bodycott
1/7/2012 we spotted 2 adults bald eagles soaring above route 9, Tuckerton NJ
George Kierst
01/03/12 - Spotted a beautiful bald eagle this morning in the Leisuretown section of Southampton, NJ (Burlington County) near Canterbury Lake.
Bill McManus
We saw 2 immature and 1 adult at the brigantine wildlife management area Ocean view NJ on 12/27
George Kierst
On the morning of 12/26/2011, there was a pair of bald eagles picking at a carcass in a field next off of Dey Rd. in Plainsboro, NJ. They took off and landed on a house on Woodland Dr.
Mark Muntzel
I spotted a bald eagle on 12/24/11 at approx 8.30 am flying south along the 9th fairway at the Ramsey Golf and Country Club, Ramsey, NJ 07446. My house is situated on the 9th fairway and I had an excellent view from the upper story of my house – it was flying quite low, just above roof top level. Just as it was about to go out of sight, it turned to the west. What an amazing sight – what a great Christmas gift!
Tina Allen
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