Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Pamela Anders wrote the following: My husband and I were putting a roof on our barn in Ojo Caliente, NM on February 5, 2017 when a bald eagle flew right over us. It circled for 5 or so minutes. Thought he was after one of our cats. This guy was a large one!

Ron Baca wrote the following: On 2 January 2017 while crossing Alameda bridge headed to Rio Rancho with my ex wife and granddaughter. I looked at the river as I always do, there was a log in the middle and on top was the most amazing Bald Eagle. What a treat for the three of us.

Anna Gustafson wrote the following: On our way to Taos,at approximately 10:40am on State Road 68, my husband and I saw a bald eagle flying parallel to the Rio Grande near Embudo. We were fortunate to also see (possibly the same bald eagle) perched on a tree on our way down from Taos, in the same area at about 3:20pm. It was a very special day as I'm a New Mexico native and had never seen a bald eagle in my 30 years of living in New Mexico.

Randy and Judy Owens wrote the following: We were driving from Las Vegas to Mora on highway 518. Three miles southeast of Mora we saw an eagle fly down toward some cattle that was grazing.

On Dec 25, 2014, while traveling on the 68 to Taos just past Embudo, my sister and I saw a Bald Eagle fishing over the Rio Grande. What a spectacular Christmas gift!
Susan Brown

I saw a bald eagle on December 28, 2013 about 10 miles ESE of Santa Fe, just south of the intersection of Interstate 25 and Highway 285, at approximately 3:30 pm. It crossed over Highway 285 flying east to west.
I haven't seen bald eagles for over 20 years since I lived in the Pacific Northwest so this was more than exciting for me. I did not realize that they winter here until I did some reading tonight and found several other postings in your directory.
Christina Rutland

Bald eagle sighting-4:24pm MST just east of San Antonio Mountain on December 24, 2013 (in New Mexico). Amazing and beautiful -soaring low over Hwy 285.
Mike Schneider

Hiking off Tano Road in Santa Fe, NM on the 17th of October, 2013. Blue clear skies - we saw what was clearly a very large bird in the sky making large circles with a white head and tremendous wing span. We watched it for a while and certain it was a mature bald eagle. How beautiful and what a wonderful gift!
Barbara Marburger

Sighted a bald eagle today while fishing at isleta lakes today just south of Albuquerque NM
David Lara

We live in Canoncito de las Manuelitas, a rural community located 20 miles north of Las Vegas, New Mexico. A male has been visiting since January 28, most likely because our neighbor has 2 ponds which he stocks with fish. We've watched the eagle catch 2 fish thus far and taken a few photos when he perches on the uppermost branch of a tall cottonwood located right next to a dirt road in front of our house. Awesome! We are so blessed!
Carmen Baca

1/26/2012 1015 am, Albuquerque nm, traveling east across Alameda bridge over Rio Grand River, looking north, saw bald eagle diving down to the river being chased by a crow. Outstanding features: yellow beak, while head, white tail, wingspan of 5' est. Have seen plenty of them in alaska on cruise 2010. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it.
gregg kaldveer
rio rancho, nm

I saw a bald eagle in albuquerque New Mexico. I was in the North Valley driving with my girl friend and her daughter. The eagle was flying south over the alamda bride clear as day a bald eagle massive size and with a swift glid. It was truely beautiful. It was Febuary 12 2011 around 5:30pm.
Travis Vigil

While visiting the Inn of the Mountain Gods hotel/resort in Ruidoso, NM yesterday, we spotted a pair of American Bald Eagles and their immature offspring on the frozen lake at the lodge. I was able to sprint for my camera and snap off a few shots before they spotted me and left. The pair flew to a tree at the other end of the lake. The immature eagle flew above the lake for quite some time.
It was VERY exciting. I'll be making more trips out there to watch for them.
Sheri B. Rodgers

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