Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

On New years Day (bright and sunny) I spotted our Eagle perched in a tree along the Willamette River near the Springfield Bridge. Today I saw him about 1/2 mile downstream (WNW of first sighting) about 100 yards from my house! He(she) is waiting for their mate to return, I imagine. We have had at least one breeding pair on this stretch of river for at least 8 years! Very lucky are we!
Jennifer White

Saw an adult pair today 11-14-18 at the County Park Lake in Powers Oregon. One came down and took a trout off the surface near where we were fishing. They seemed to be hanging out in a tree on the back side of the lake, couldn't see a nest from where we were, nor did I see any wing "bling", but they never came overhead at an angle where tags would be visible. Was doing a search to see if they are a known nesting pair when I found this reporting site
Dave Eisenzimmer

I just saw a low flying bald eagle over my back yard at 8:30 am in NE pdx Oregon near killingsworth and 36th! Wow!!!
Mo D'angelo

Vicki Vuylsteke wrote the following: On January 10, 2016 I saw 5 to 6 adult bald eagles in Independence Oregon right above our house which is about 3 miles from the Willamette River. Two of them were touching wings or hitting each other with their wings I couldn't really tell. They might have been locking talons I'm not really sure what I was seeing. I was using binoculars but they're not the greatest.

Valerie Alexander wrote the following: Two adult bald eagles just flew over my backyard. I live in Tigard, OR 97223 in an area known as Bull Mountain.

anna grove wrote the following: Spotted on trillium lake mount hood Oregon around 2pm was able to get a photo

Feb. 15, 2014 mid-afternoon, Bald Eagle over Tigard, OR.? just North of King City. I'd been plane-spotting. He swirled into view, along with another, smaller bird. I thought maybe drama would ensue, but they went different ways after 2 min., Great views with binoculars until the eagle flew SW, into the sun.
John Roberts

Clearly saw a full sized Adult eagle swoop down into a tree, west of the Eagle/ Westphalia exit on I-96 between Lansing and Portland on Sunday 11/16/14 Same area as reported sighting 2 days earlier. 3 persons in our car saw the bird. Only the second siting in my life.
Michael Strampel

Today I saw a pair soaring above Washington Park in Portland, OR.
Joyce Tolley

Sighted along I-5 at Coburg Oregon. High in tree overlooking a field w sheep and lambs. Feb 1 2014 10:05 AM.
Mark Horney

1/25/14 One flying over southeastern Portland, just north of I96.
Chris Wice

I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle this morning in my backyard (literally); we live in Newberg, OR right on the Willamette River. I've also seen an adult in the same tree a year ago.
-Shirre Woz

I saw a bald eagle today while I was on my front porch in salem or. I just sat there and watched it I didnt believe what I was seeing. I have bever seen a bald eagle before.
Amanda Hathaway

I saw a Bald Eagle today around 12:30 pm – Out by the Salem Airport off of 25th and Ewald St.
Kristie Will

We saw a bald eagle at Cook Park in Tigard Oregon yesterday. It must have been hungry because it landed in a field and attacked, killed and ate a goose.
Jan Warren

Saw a pair of Bald Eagles over Barrows Park today, Beverton Oregon, Just past Big Als bowling center. A special treat on my walk today
Gary White

Feb. 1
Spotted 1 bald eagle purched on the way out of Lebanon, Oregon today. We also think we saw him the day before flying over the Lebanon/Corvallis exit. We have seen one in that area about a month ago sitting on the Brownsville exit sign. Assuming it is the same one, but today we saw 5 more after that on I-5 in between Lebanon, Albany & Millersberg. There are tons of baby sheep right now. That is what we are assuming is bringing the eagles to the area.
kristina phillips

We have a bald eagle in our backyard. We live on the Willamette river near Champoeg Park in Newberg Oregon.
Larry Luck

Several years ago a young girl in my neighborhood told me she saw an eagle in the trees behind my house. I thought she was making up the story but my daughter and I recently spotted two very large birds in the trees behind our home in west Salem, Oregon. I finally got a good look at them and they are definitely bald eagles. They are beautiful!
Kelly Jamison

i saw a bald eagle today while mountain biking at emmigrant lake in ashland oregon. Not sure if it was male or female but it looked possibly young and was flying close by over the water. Pretty cool to see.
nick brewster

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