Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

I have been seeing a pair of Eagles at the Springton Reservoir in Media, PA for the last 2 years, off and on. Mostly I see them sitting in an evergreen tree next to the road, heading south on 252. I see them at least once a week in the tree, sometimes 1, sometimes both.
Faith Cost

I spotted a large male bald eagle this afternoon at approximately 4:45 PM on Boot Road, between Route 3 and Goshen Road in Willistown. It was standing on the front lawn of a house on Boot Road. I was very surprised. I turned my car around and slowly approach so I could take a picture but the eagle saw me and flew away. So close! It's the first and only bald eagle I have seen in Philadelphia's Western Suburbs!
- Patrick Sullivan

I spotted a Bald Eagle yesterday at Providence and Goshen Rds in Willistown Twp around 2 pm I've never seen an eagle before and it was spectacular!
Bonnie Feldman

Location: Jefferson, Pa. 17362
Dates: Jan 6,7,8 2018
Apparently it is a mature eagle as it has the full white head and tail with no mottling. There are several ponds in this farming area and Codorus Lakes are approx. 6 miles away.
Dee Davis

I spotted an adult bald eagle in Bowemanstown Pa. at the Lehigh River Boat Ramp parking lot on 9/29/17 around 12:30 pm. It flew only about 30 feet from the ground along the river and then started flying circles with the air currents. It was the third time in my life I have seen one of these majestic birds in the wild. I'm glad to see they are making a comeback.
Wayne Oswald

Observed a mature Bald Eagle flying north to south over Slippery Rock Creek in Slippery Rock Township near SR 8 on 9-16-2017. It was the first time I have positively seen and identified a Bald Eagle in the wild!
Patrick J Costello

Anne Weber wrote the following: Tonight 8/19/17 sitting on the deck eating dinner and my friend spotted a bald eagle sitting in a tree along the woods in our back the binoculars out to make sure and sadly the Nikon batteries were dead but we did get one picture with an iPhone. Forest Grove, Bucks County PA

glen cooper wrote the following: I saw a mature bald eagle on 2/2/17 sitting atop a tree just east of Topton, PA in Berks county. I was really surprised and delighted. It was my first sighting and quite close as the tree was next to the road on which I was driving. I stopped to look from inside the car for a minute or two and it didn't fly.

Cara Meglio wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle fly slowly past my window and land in a tree next to my house in suburban Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. My first ever sighting of one and it was literally in my own back yard! What a beautiful bird.

Olivia Wilson wrote the following: Newtown, PA about 1 week ago

Margaret Groller wrote the following: On January 9, 2017, around 7:40 am, I saw a bald eagle sitting on a frozen pond feasting on a dead animal. (Not sure but most likely a squirrel) It was in Lower Salford Township in PA. I couldn't believe it . I pulled over to watch. I have many feeders in my yard and enjoy all the beautiful birds that visit me throughout the year. I wish I would have taken a picture. Instead I quickly texted my husband. I hope I see it again! What a beautiful way to start a day.

beth clark wrote the following: Saw 2 bald eagles at 3:45pm jan 4 in east whiteland township over beth lane Malvern pa. was shocked and excited while walking my dog. saw a large shadow assumed it was either a hawk or more commonly vulture, then I saw the distinctive white tail and white head. what a treat

Karen Saylor wrote the following: I saw a pair of bald eagles flying together over the Schuylkill River above the Hanover Street Bridge in Pottstown, Pennsylvania around 1:00 in the afternoon on Jan. 1, 2017. Happy New Year!

Carolyn Fillmore wrote the following: Bald eagle siting in the the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. The eagle was on a path along the Wissahickon creek in Fairmount Park.

Ray Worrell wrote the following: Second sighting within a month. In the city of Monongahela, PA along the Monongahela river. I was out on Christmas Day and witnessed one diving at a flock of swimming geese.

Karen Balbier wrote the following: On 12/20/16, I saw a bald eagle soaring over CCIU and TCHS buildings at 455 Boot Road, Downingtown.

Stephen Coleman wrote the following: I saw a large bald eagle perched in a tree along the Delaware River in Yardley PA as I was driving along River Road around 3PM on 12/19/16. It flew away as I went by. It was beautiful and without question a bald eagle.

Rebecca Buckley wrote the following: On Monday, 12/12/16, at 3:35 PM, I was driving north on Route 1, and was halfway between the exits for Route 472, and Route 10, for Oxford, PA., (Southern Chester County) when I looked up and saw an adult bald eagle fly across the road. I hadn't seen one in the area for quite a while, so was thrilled to see this one.

Robert Olson wrote the following: I Spotted A Bald Eagle on Sunday November 27th 2016. Behind my Property on Faust rd In Lower Heidelberg, It looked as if it had a fresh kill of a small deer. Several large crows were also trying to feast on the deer, I was cleaning up my front yard walking into the back when I spotted the eagle.I must have spooked The eagle because it flew off, Majestic and Beautiful now I am setting up a cam to see if it will ever come back again.

Pennell Hopkins wrote the following: Nov. 27, 2016 sighted bald eagle flying low over East Hoffecker and South Keim Street, Pottsville, PA. Then saw what looked to be a golden eagle, seemed larger than bald eagle and had no white on underparts which an immature bald eagle would have. I am in doubt as to golden eagle, as it seems unlikely that a bald eagle and golden eagle would by in close proximity. It definitely was an eagle, not a vulture.

Ed Mackey wrote the following: Spotted bald Eagle on Mill road just east of the creek on Sunday 11/13/16. Was in the middle of the road along with several Turkey vultures and flew off as my car approached. No mistaking the white head and tail feathers along with the yellow beak! What a site!

Beth McGuigan wrote the following: Saw a mature bald eagle on 11/5/16 about 4pm. Circling the Taylor Creek area off west strasburg road. Saw the white head and then realized it had a wide wing span. Drafting then swooping down many times.

Randi Jones wrote the following: I just saw a bald eagle fly right by my hotel room at the Courtyard Marriott Coatsville/Exton in PA at 9:00AM 10/23/16.

Michael Guidera wrote the following: I just saw a bald eagle today (10/17/16) hovering over interstate 95 two miles south of Philadelphia International Airport. It was an odd location being near the airport with industry, hotels, and the Center City skyline in the distance but the Delaware River and marshy wetlands are nearby? Over the years I've occasionally spotted them along the Brandywine Creek in suburban West Chester but near the airport was unexpected ?

Holly Allen wrote the following: We had a Bald Eagle flying over our home yesterday, 10-10-16. Stayed for 30 minutes or so. He was flying over 202 in East Goshen Township, West Chester PA. It was an amazing sight to see. I hope it stays in the area.

Margaret Biblis wrote the following: Saw a beautiful bald eagle about 9:45 on the Schuylkill River near the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Patti Hommes wrote the following: Delaware County, Pennsylvania. On 9/15/2016, while driving to work from Media, PA on the northbound blue route (PA 476) just north of the route 3 exit, an adult male bald eagle circled over me a couple times and flew off. Made my day!

Debi Davis wrote the following: Western Pennsylvania
coordinates 40.706154, -79.485456
Ford City PA 5pm

Kate Connors wrote the following: I am not sure how accurate this is, but it makes sense. 8/28/16 a few hours ago my husband was at intersection of 322 & Hopewell Rd in East Brandywine township, Pa. saw what he thought was a bald eagle injured in the middle of Rt.322. Traffic was a mess. A kind woman stopped in her car, brought out a blanket & wrapped up the bird & drove off, hopefully for care. I was checking for local news on the event & found your website's posts. I noticed on you siitings post that another East Brandywine resident saw a young eagle, 2 years earlier , flying low above their car. The location of that siting was less than 1/4 mile from this accident today. I had chills. I hope I am mistaken, but it seems like it could be the same bird. Very sad, they are glorious to see.

Jerry Killian wrote the following: I have a photo of a Bald Eagle that was having lunch right outside my window this morning 8/25/16. Main course Squirrel' East Mountain section of Scranton,PA

Andy Detterline wrote the following: Bald Eagle circling about Wallingford Swarthmore High School on 8/18/16

Todd Papich wrote the following: 2/12/16 - 11:30 - spotted a bald eagle flying over rte 422 in between the Buttonwood Street Bridge and North Wyomissing Blvd exit (where the Tulpehocken merges with the Schuylkill River.

Kim Sechrist wrote the following: There was a bald eagle in my backyard this afternoon around 1:15P.M. I live in Camp Hill along the Conodoquinet Creek. I was able to take beautiful pictures of him and look at him very close-up with binoculars. He was stunning! He hung out in the back yard for about a half an hour. What a great experience.

Joe Ennis wrote the following: PA, Feb 5 at approximately 3 pm, there was an adult bald eagle flying over the north shore of the Ohio River near the Sewickley bridge.

Allison Carolan wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle around 7am this morning (2/4/16) as I was driving on Township Line Road in Elkins Park, PA. First noticed the large bird with a white tail flying overheard and then saw the white head when it landed in a tree. Beautiful bird!

Lori Butko wrote the following: I was thrilled to see a a bald eagle in Berwyn Pa. It swooped over Lenape Drive and then soared above the YMCA pond on February 2, 2016!

Kathy Rosato wrote the following: On February 1, 2016 spotted a large bald eagle perched on a log in the Schuykill River off River Rd in Gladwyne, 9:40am. Beautiful!

Brian Strachan wrote the following: I saw two Bald Eagles Febuary 1st along the Perkiomen Creek near Collegeville, PA

Mike Kane wrote the following: Last Friday, January 29,2016, I saw a Bald Eagle flying over 8th Ave. in North Lebanon Township, PA at 2;15 PM. Yesterday, Sunday January 31, 2016, at 9:00 AM, I looked out my front door and, approximately 1/4 mile away on top of a large tree, I saw what I thought might be the same bird. I broke out my spotting score and, sure enough, there was an adult Bald Eagle in full adult plumage, The eagle stayed in the perch until almost 10:15.
The tree in question is on 8th Ave. in North Lebanon Township about 200 yards north of Weavertown Rd.

Susan Cullen wrote the following: On Jan. 31, 2016 I saw a bald eagle flying low on 611 south of Easton but north of Robsville PA about 12:30 PM.

Carmen Gambine wrote the following: On January 29, 2016 at approximately 1:30 pm I saw a Bald Eagle in a field on Walton Road in Blue Bell, Montgomery County Pa. Very exciting to see.

Pattie McAleer wrote the following: Last week there were 2 bald eagles in a tree in our yard in west goshen township, West Chester. one was an immature eagle and the other a mature. The older one took off, circled around, came back and looked like he was attacking the younger one! they eventually both flew off. What an amazing thing to witness. This is the third time I've seen them in our neighborhood!

Jim O'Brien wrote the following: Reading PA, sighted a Bald Eagle flying over the Schuykill River at route 12 in Reading PA

cathy cavalier-gach wrote the following: Spotted two bald eagles on the large end of springton lake resevoir off route 252 in Newtown Square, pa. They had landed on the frozen lake and appeared to be consuming a prey. This was January 24th, 2016 around 2pm.

Marc Miles wrote the following: Willow lane, lower macungie township, pennsylvania

Johanna Sheppard wrote the following: Saw a juvenile eagle in tree top at Keystone State Park in Westmoreland County, PA on January 17, 2016. As we approached it took off with huge wingspan.

Steve Allen wrote the following: 1/15/16 I have seen a mature Bald Eagle three times in the last week in the area of the Youth Intervention Center in Lancaster, PA. The Conestoga River runs near the center and there is an adjacent abandoned quarry full of water and wildlife. Have seen the eagle twice perched on top of a wood phone pole overlooking the quarry/lake.

Donald Ahrens wrote the following: New Years day, and I was walking at mile marker 2.0 of the Pennypack creek trail near Philadelphia PA. I saw a pair of bald Eagles perched in a tree not more than 100 feet away. The Penneypack trail is an abandoned commuter railroad bed converted into a multi use trail along a creek. To see two Eagles less than two miles from Philadelphia on New Years Day 2016 is really amazing. I hope this is a good omen for 2016!

Sharon Dubyak wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle in Slippery Rock Township in Butler County on Route 8 on top of a hill in a tree about 1pm on January 1st 2016.

Donna Loht Burkhart wrote the following: Saw bald eagle (female) eating dead animal off side of road on Oaklyn Rd behind Bowmansville PA 12/23/15.

Elizabeth Greenawalt wrote the following: My sighting and photograph occurred on December 20, 2015, in my backyard by the lake where we live in Bear Creek Township, PA. Although I'd thought I'd spotted an American Bald Eagle in the past I couldn't verify it until now. And I hit the jackpot. This pair was in the trees in our backyard. I feel so blessed to have them here and to allow me to photograph them so close to our home. All I can say is WOW!!!

Steven Taub wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle when I was in the parking lot of ACAC, a gym, on Sunday 12/12/2015 at about 9 AM. The location was 1130 McDermott Drive, West Chester PA 19380. The bird was a mature adult and was soaring about 50 to 75'.

daniel mazzenga wrote the following: i was driving up limerick-center rd. as i passed cherry lane on the right i noticed a squirrel jump from a tree to the ground, just then an eagle flew twadrs the ground then as though he stopped in mid air , he turned to his left flapped those 4 foot wings and pumped his way back up in the sky out of sight. i first noticed the size of the bird then his white head and black wing. wow! astonished. shocked amazed i couldnt believe i saw this beautiful bird. looking strong and mighty what a sight

Nicole Fair wrote the following: Just had 3bald eagles 2 adults 1 youngin fly over head towards Susquehanna river Lampeter pequea creek

PattyTrish Styer wrote the following: On 12/06/15 saw three bald eagles soaring over our house in Langhorne, Bucks Co, PA. Later one came back and swooped down and grabbed some road kill. Video available. Wow! What an amazing experience.

Mark Heere wrote the following: Saw bald eagle flying above the pennypack creek while running in Lorimer park. It was at the 1.75 mile marker on the pennypack trail.

Peggy Foster wrote the following: My husband and I saw a bald eagle soaring over our house near Newark Road and Church Road Avondale, November 14th around 4p.m.{interestingly a nearby field has several 6' cutouts of bald eagles} was majestic and flew low to high to low, we recently moved to this area and have heard many people speak of sightings.

Trisha Salvia wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle flying over the Conodoguinit Creek near Lambs Gap and Creekview Road on November 11, 2015 around 12:45 pm. This is in Hampden Township, PA. It was low in the sky and had numerous little birds attempting to shoo it away. Truly beautiful, especially on Veterans' Day.

Andrea Wells wrote the following: I too saw a mature bald eagle on November 7, 2015! Flew directly over Bushkill creek, Bushkill Park in Palmer Twp ( Easton), PA. I have video and pictures!! So amazing to see in my area!

Sandra Borgman wrote the following: A mature bald eagle flew directly in front of us. It flew between a barn and our front porch! We could clearly see its beautiful white head as it flew by us and away. As it turned in the sky we could see the white tail. Seen on Nov. 7, 2015 at approx. 10:30 am in Mertztown, PA, near the Toad Creek.

Stephie Badulak wrote the following: While running onOctober17,2015 on the East River Drive about2 miles from Center City Philadelphia

Lawrence Peddigree wrote the following: My wife and I saw a bald eagle souring above Green Lane State Park in Montgomery county in Pennsylvania. It was flying high above the lake and the white head and tail were very visible. I'm glad to see them making a comeback in our state.

Joseph Silvestri wrote the following: Today I was picking up some materials on Quakertown Buck's county Lowes. When I got out of the truck I looked up in the air and saw a mature bald eagle. For one, I have never seen one in out area. That was the first time. I was with my dad and he saw too. He never seen one as well ( only in captivity) and was wowed and amazed just as I was. Looking forward to seeing more.

John Davis wrote the following: Seen 3 here in Oxford pa.. first time in my life.. (38)

Wenilyn Williams wrote the following: Spotted an adult bald eagle in Cogan Station October 1 2015. I passed by this morning and in the same area spotted an immature bald eagle October 2 2015. What an awesome sighting!!!

Phyllis Kimmell wrote the following: I have seen an immature bald eagle today in Johnstown PA near the Conemaugh and Stonycreek Rivers on the hillside overlooking Johnstown. I have seen a mature female about 4 times this year at my house.

Len Foti wrote the following: 9/5/15 - Saw a bald eagle in Broomall, PA yesterday circling over my house. I was able to get a video of it with my phone. It was being chased by crows. It flew extremely low and then landed in my neighbor's tree in their backyard. It sat there as the crows were freaking out. It couldn't care less about them. Great sighting on Labor Day weekend!

Mark White wrote the following: Saw an eagle hopping around a field today along Sumneytown Pike at Gwynedd Mercy University

Bald eagle spotted in Conshohocken, PA - suburban Philadelphia. Swooped low as we drove by. Very visible.
Moira Thompson

Saw a bald eagle behind my barn today in West Hempfield township in Lancaster County, PA. It landed on the chicken coop, but departed once it saw me. I had a great view of its flight! I see golden eagles and other birds of prey regularly, but this is my first sighting of a bald eagle on my property.
Vicky Martin

We spotted an adult bald eagle today, February 10, at 2pm in Lionville, PA (Chester County). Very exciting!
Judy Carle

I saw a bald eagle in flight this morning while driving on Newport Road just north of Lititz PA near the Oak Street intersection.
Mark Russell

I saw a bald eagle soaring just 25 feet high along Pennypack Creek in Willow Grove, PA. It was quite an amazing sight! I feel very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. Feb. 3, 2015
Mark DeBevoise
Willow Grove, PA

Spotted bald eagle today, February 1, 2015, Laureldale, Pennsylvania, Berks County. Took off flying north, northwest direction.
Cheryl Moser

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