Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

On Jan 19, 2018 we were walking along a lonely stretch of the north shore of the St Lawrence River near Beauharnais, Quebec when we saw a large predatory bird cruise over us at about 20 metres height. Though it looked like an eagle I was pessimistic not knowing their presence in Quebec. We referenced Petersen and sure enough it was without doubt a bald eagle. Based on color, plumage and size I would say it was a young adult. It was quite beautiful and a thrill to see.
Anthony Muncey

AmI just saw a bald eagle flying over the Ottawa River near 10 Wellington, Gatineau QC
OMG It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one in this area and I’ve lived here all my life. Amazing!
Layla Bartole

11/28/17 @ 7:45 am on the western shore of Lac Massawippi spotted 2 bald eagles perched in a tree, 30 feet above me. I wasn't quick enough to get a photo, and they flew away. Majestic indeed, oh what a sight!
P Beskid

November 1 2017 near Trenholm Quebec, i was driving on route 243 direction North, i saw a big bird perched in a dead tree on the right hand side of my car, i just stopped and i could see the bird very clearly about 20 meters away from my car, i stayed for 10 to 15 minutes it never really moved except for his head looking around, it was cold and windy so i just left it without disturbing it. When i arrived at my destination i mentioned seeing a Bald eagle and the man there told me that many people told him about seeing an Eagle there or around there.
Jean-Pierre Rivard
Racine Quebec Canada.

Lucie Thifault-Murray wrote the following: Saw two bald eagles flying around the shores of Lake of two Mountains in HUDSON, on August 22,2017...took a picture of one perched on a nearby pier looking for fish...Amazing to see!

Boris Makuc wrote the following: On February 5, 2017, I was walking along the St-Lawrence River in Lachine, Quebec. From a distance, as I looked out across the water, I noticed an unusually large bird in the distance heading in my direction. Wings spread out wide, it approached quickly, gliding downwind on what was a very windy day. As it passed by overhead, not more than 30m up in the sky, I stood staring in awe at its size, and could not believe my eyes when I clearly observed its white head. I suddenly realized that this was a bald eagle, and I watched on in admiration as it flew by, continuing on down stream along the shoreline. A few short seconds later it had shrunk to a speck in the grey sky. I was in disbelief. It appears that eagles exist in the area, and so I will be keeping my eyes on the sky in hopes of seeing this magnificent bird once again. Wow.

carmen cote wrote the following: On the evening of August 25th, shortly after 7 pm, I was walking with a lady in a wheel chair along the bank of the Magog River in Magog Que. and was very surprised to see a Bald Eagle take flight from the branches of a tree about 10 feet away from us. It gained altitude heading west and eventually disappeared behind some trees. What a thrill !!

Wendy Lusk wrote the following: On February 4, 2016 in the afternoon, I saw two bald eagles perched high in a tree between Quyon and Shawville Quebec along Highway 148. I was surprised to see these birds in that area. I hope to see more.

Frank Gower wrote the following: January 27,2016 - watching an adult on the ice of the St.Lawrence off of Contrecoeur Qc. He is feeding from what appears to be a fish - the eagle appears to be well fed -

While on vacation ( Lac Ste Marie, Quebec ) in July, 2013, we saw an adult Bald Eagle flying overhead, close to a rock face. In July, 2014, none was spotted. However, in July, 2015, an adult Bald Eagle was observed on numerous occasions, near the same rock face on Lac Ste Marie in Quebec. Often it was seen flying with a juvenile. We heard them throughout the day. Incredible.
Deborah Tomlinson

I live in western Qc, Canada and I have been watching a pair of bald eagles.
Rose Cossette

While on vacation, like every year at this time, i was extremely surprised when i spotted, a pair of bald eagles, trying to catch fish around a natural lake, they would perch on very high tree's surrounding the lake, fly in circles, and come down for the catch.
The surprising fact, i live in the province of Quebec in Canada, i was under the impression, they would never come this far north, but winters are getting warmer here.
I am also happy at the fact there's no pesticides used in Quebec, to control mosquitos.
The pair seemed big enough, with a wing span of about 3 feet.
The lake in question is located, in an area with many other lakes, in a fishing reserve.
Daniel Ciccariello

I live in Gatineau, QC and I have a cabin in Otter Lake, QC.
On December 1, 2012 at approximately 1 pm, my partner and I spotted a bald eagle sharing some deer road kill with some crows. As we approached, all the birds scattered and we just saw this huge bird flying our way and it was a bald eagle. We were in total awe. I didn't actually think we had bald eagles in this part of the country. I feel lucky for being able to see a bald eagle so close.
Randy Mayes

I live in Quebec and I have seen a bald eagle on Lake Massawippi several times. I spent the summer at the lake and saw him about once a week while fishing.
Bradley Rasmussen

I'm delighted to report my first bald eagle sighting in Eastern North America! On January 1, 2012, I sighted a bald eagle perched on a tree near Lac Sainte Marie, Quebec. What a magnificent bird!
Sheila Craig

My brother and I saw a bald eagle on December 10, 2011 near Bell Falls, QC, which is on the Rouge River in Argenteuil county. We were walking on the road after a fresh snowfall and just happened to look up to see him soaring overhead. Amazing.
Your site is very informative - we have seen bald eagles often near the ocean in Maine, but I had no idea that they could be spotted in this area.
Inta Huns

I work in Contrecoeur Quebec which is southeast of Montreal along the St. Lawrence river. I have sighted an american bald eagle on three seperate occasions within the last three months or so. Twice it was near the river but did not appear to be seeking fish - the other time it was over a nearby field.
I originally did not believe my eyes since I was not aware that eagles could be found in this area however today's sighting left me no choice but to believe my eyes and it led me to your website after a search of the internet. Nice site.
Frank Gower

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