Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Mary Buetow wrote the following: 12/20/2016 8:15 AM. I spotted a very large, mature bald eagle in Johnston, Rhode Island this morning, on a lightly frozen pond just off Atwood/Central Ave. It was standing on the ice.

Carolyn Fortuna wrote the following: I saw four eagles at 10:35 a.m. on Dec. 14, 2016 on Sand Dam Reservoir, sitting on the ice: two adults (white heads) and two nearly grown immatures (mottled brown). Fun! Chepachet, RI

Claire Johnson wrote the following: Just saw a BALD EAGLE circling in thermal over our backyard in Little Compton RI. 1:45 PM November 18, 2016. Red shoulder hawk and two seagulls also in the thermal updraft. Bald Eagle rotated further south direction spiraling in thermal. what a treat!

Capt. Dave Pickering wrote the following: On Cedar Tree Point in Greenwich Bay in Warwick where we live on September 3rd 2016 observed a very large and majestic mature adult bald eagle soaring over the water along with a younger eagle or ospray following. In August of 2014 we observed and video recorded an adult bald eagle feasting on a large fish out on Cedar Tree Point in front of our home. It's wonderful to see our American Symbol return in numbers here in Rhode Island!

gus silva wrote the following: I saw a very very big dark bird with a white head so I'm pretty sure its a bald eagle
I was in providence Rhode island on the highway driving home near exit 20

Becca Tennent wrote the following: 11/7/15 9:00am Bald Eagle sighting in our backyard (private road off Town Farm Road, Coventry, RI). We saw a ripple in the small pond in the backyard and then a swooping bald eagle landed in the tree. Magnificent. He flew across the pond into another tree, sat for a short while and then flew off again. Feeling lucky today!

Don Agnoth wrote the following: This morning 20 Oct 2015 at 0950 I saw an adult flying north along the Blackstone River just above the Manville Dam. It circled twice around the pond and continued on its way. First time I've ever seen one in RI!

Lonsdale and John st on the Cumberland and Lincoln RI line. Flying directly of the Blackstone River. Could be crazy. Large bird dark feathers on body and wings. White head and tail.
Dana Lesperance

Today 2/14/15 I saw two beautiful Bald Eagles, an adult and a juvenile fishing near the Division St bridge in Pawtucket, RI. They were headed up the river towards Central Falls.
Greg Smith

2/14/15 - 8:30 AM. Bald eagle sited on pond eating a duck off Main Street in Slatersville section of North Smithfield, RI
John Dalton

This morning while sitting in my office at 4 Richmond Square I spotted a Bald Eagle sitting in the trees right before the Red Bridge on the Providence side. My co-workers and I tried to take a picture but it blended in with the trees and the bridge but it was amazing. It flew towards River Road in the bushes.
Had to share!
J Boulanger

I saw a bald eagle perched on the cell tower on Wood Street behind the Senior Center in Coventry RI as I was getting off my school bus on 1/29/15. I told my father and we got a telescope to see it better. I have never seen one in the wild before just in zoos. I can't wait to see him again and will always be on the lookout.
Preston Palumbo

Around 1:30pm this afternoon an adult bald eagle flew over my Car on Rt. 3 on the Hopkinton Westerly line. It is near the French Village in Ashaway.
Kristian Jeanloz, Hope Valley, RI

1/20/15...2 Bald Eagle sightings...First was 1/18/15 a juvenile standing on the ice edge on the Pawcatuck river...Avondale/Watch Hill area...second sighting 1/20/15...Adult Eagle perched in a tree on the Connecticut side of the Pawcatuck river...pretty amazing view at the moment...1 Bald Eagle and 7 Harbor Seals...
C.ZDuchin & J.AZouzelka

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