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Rhode Island

Lonsdale and John st on the Cumberland and Lincoln RI line. Flying directly of the Blackstone River. Could be crazy. Large bird dark feathers on body and wings. White head and tail.
Dana Lesperance
Today 2/14/15 I saw two beautiful Bald Eagles, an adult and a juvenile fishing near the Division St bridge in Pawtucket, RI. They were headed up the river towards Central Falls.
Greg Smith
2/14/15 - 8:30 AM. Bald eagle sited on pond eating a duck off Main Street in Slatersville section of North Smithfield, RI
John Dalton
This morning while sitting in my office at 4 Richmond Square I spotted a Bald Eagle sitting in the trees right before the Red Bridge on the Providence side. My co-workers and I tried to take a picture but it blended in with the trees and the bridge but it was amazing. It flew towards River Road in the bushes.
Had to share!
J Boulanger
I saw a bald eagle perched on the cell tower on Wood Street behind the Senior Center in Coventry RI as I was getting off my school bus on 1/29/15. I told my father and we got a telescope to see it better. I have never seen one in the wild before just in zoos. I can't wait to see him again and will always be on the lookout.
Preston Palumbo
Around 1:30pm this afternoon an adult bald eagle flew over my Car on Rt. 3 on the Hopkinton Westerly line. It is near the French Village in Ashaway.
Kristian Jeanloz, Hope Valley, RI
1/20/15...2 Bald Eagle sightings...First was 1/18/15 a juvenile standing on the ice edge on the Pawcatuck river...Avondale/Watch Hill area...second sighting 1/20/15...Adult Eagle perched in a tree on the Connecticut side of the Pawcatuck river...pretty amazing view at the moment...1 Bald Eagle and 7 Harbor Seals...
C.ZDuchin & J.AZouzelka
Rhode Island
We were going route 295 south just passed exit 6 Johnston RI Saw adult bald eagle flying about 100 feet above us.
john Weesner
At 14:12 on 10 January 2015 I sighted a bald eagle flying WNW along the Blackstone River at the bike path in Albion, RI. He was flying in a fast straight- line at about 100 - 120 AGL. I viewed the bird from the 5th floor of my condo over looking the river. I had 2 to 3 seconds of direct visibility of the bird flying less than 50 meters from the building on the top floor.
Jack Flynn
9:45 AM New Year Day 2015. Incredible sighting of adult bald eagle soaring over Narragansett Bay from Canonicut Point in Jamestown. This is a first for our family—what a great way to begin the year!
Diane Lischio
Sunday, December 28th
11:50 AM in Wickford Rhode Island. A bald eagle flew over my vehicle as I was driving down Boston neck Road in Wickford Rhode Island. It was huge and majestic. At first, I thought I was imagining it because I didn't know they were in Rhode Island.but it was unmistakably an adult large bald eagle. Incredibly beautiful.
I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed it.
Jacqueline Daly
This morning at 11:55 I was driving on Phillips St. In Wickford, RI. There were aprox. 20 cars pull over looking up in a tree. It was the most beautiful sight. It was a huge bald eagle. Many people had cameras out snapping pics. I have never seen a bald eagle in the wild.
Bob Semple
I saw two bald eagles soaring high over Tiogue Lake in Coventry, RI on 12-14-2014.
Marc O'Gorman
12/7/14. In Trustom Pond refuge I saw a bald eagle at Osprey Point. It was huge!
Terry Casey
I was driving south on rt 1 in Wakefield, RI on 12/6/14 around 2:30 pm and had a small bald eagle fly north over my vehicle. It was so gorgeous and majestic! My fiancé was also with me and confirmed my sighting.
Angela DaRos
There has been a bald eagle fishing at Tiogue lake in Coventry Rhode Island for several years. I have pictures of him from 3 years ago when he did not have the white markings and last year when he did have the white markings. He liked to perch in a tree at the edge of the lake. This year the tree he liked to sit in fell down and I was concerned that we may not see him, Luckily, this week we did see an eagle flying across the lake, this one looked smaller than the one last year but it didn’t come close enough to take a picture. But, this morning my husband and I woke up and in a neighbors tree we saw two eagles perched, our friend from the last few years and his new friend. They are amazing. I do wish I was a better photographer but am pleased to say I got a few shots of both of them in that tree today.
S. Mlyniec
While standing at the edge of the water on the northend of Gorton Lake, at 11:45 AM a large Bald Eagle flew past my friend Yvonne Voet, the eagle was moving (flying) in an east to west direction. The eagle appeared to be in excellent form. Gorton Lake is located in Warwick, Rhode Island.
Steven Rocha
As boating season came to an end on 11/4/2014, I was helping a friend pull his boat out of Apponaug Cove in Warwick, RI. As I looked to my right, I noticed two large Bald Eagles circling over the water. One swooped down and caught a menhaden. I commonly see Ospreys do the same but these were two beautiful birds with very clean white heads and tails and I was overwhelmed by their size. As we pulled the boat out, I stopped in Rays Bait and Tackle and told of my sighting. I was told that they have been seen during the whole week around the cove. I have never seen a wild Bald Eagle so close before and it was amazing.
Steve Palumbo
I live on Bowdish Lake. My boyfriend and I decide to take a ride out on our boat to see the new rising land. Well wouldn't you know as we're approaching. There sat a BEAUTIFUL BREATH TAKING EAGLE. A first sight of an Eagle for the two of us. We stopped the motor. Off went the Eagle. Flying toward George Washington camp ground and landed in a pine tree. As we approached the pine tree we sat in awe and waited to see the next move. Off flew the Eagle to another pine. Sitting watching us as we watched it. Off flew the Eagle once more. This time it flew toward us. To the center of the lake then just about right over us. The Eagle continued flying toward rt.44. I'm amazed in awe and can't believe I've been so close to such an AMAZING BEAUTIFUL BREATHTAKING EAGLE!!!
Jess and Tim Bernard
A bald eagle has been spending the past few days on the western shore of Stafford Pond in Tiverton RI. It appears to be a just matured bird with a few brown feathers still on its head. He was in the same tree for three days straight in the late afternoon.
Brian o,Neill Tiverton RI
I would like to report seeing a bald eagle flying overhead the Ocean State Veterinary Services hospital, located at 1480 S County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818, United States.
Shelley Blanchard
On Sunday, January 18, 2013, me, my husband and daughter saw a bald eagle standing in the drained beach sand at Lake Tiogue off of Arnold Road in Coventry, RI.
What an amazing sight to see.
Cynthia Richardson
I am a dog walker in Barrington, RI. My first sighting was of a large male in May 2006. I saw him in the Ferry Lane area now and then for the next year. more. Then, in the winter of 2012, I saw a male bald eagle while walking along the trails of Veterans Memorial Park with my daily dog walking crew. We saw him twice more thru the winter. Then in the early summer of 2013 we saw him cast off the bird island in the middle of Brick Yard Pond. I had just mentioned to my friend...I hope we see the eagle today. He appeared as if on cue. Then a smaller eagle...a female? Then the eaglet cast off. A family! We watched them fly for about 4 minutes then they flew off into the nearby woods. I need to invest in some binoculars!
Ashlee Cabral
K9 Concierge RI
I saw a bald eagle fly over my car this afternoon while I was driving north on Route 1 in South KIngstown near Indian Lake I am still in awe!=
Gaye Mitchell
Saw a Bald Eagle yesterday, (Oct. 22), approximately 4:30 p.m. on Burlingame pond while kayaking with a friend. It was near the boat ramp section of Burlingame campground. We were kayaking along the edge of the pond when it flew up out of a tree. Incredibly large wingspan! It landed in another tree and as we approached that tree it flew up and off to the back side of the pond.
Gayle Laurent-Reposa
I was taking a walk Sunday a.m feb 3rd 2013 in tuckertown park when I noticed several crows hassling something in the trees right above the pond. as I got closer I realized it was a bald eagle. He flew off with the crows chasing him and landed in another tree a few hundred yards away. At this point another eagle took off from a nearby tree and landed in a tree on the island in the pond. still another appeared near the boat launch. I think there were 2 pairs all told. Watched them soar to great heights with barely a flap of there wings toward wordens pond. My wife spotted one a few weeks earlier that flew by the kitchen window. We live across from the park.
Robbie Pearson. Wakefield
I saw a bald eagle flying just over my car on route 3 on Hopkinton/Westerly border leaving the Pawcatuck river heading East. January 25 2013 at 9:30 a.m.,
That's something I have only seen on T.V. !
Barb Torrey
A bald eagle was sighted @ 375 Wandsworth Street in Narragansett, RI @ approximately 8:30am soaring above the tree tops. The bird was clearly an eagle, as it had the white tail feathers and had a sizeable wing span. We live close to Point Judith pond and the eagle appeared to be headed towards open water.
Bryan Taplin
Spotted two bald eagles (suspect they are young) flying over the north end of Indian Lake in South Kingstown, RI Monday, 2/20/12 at 1pm. Have seen them again this morning perched in the tree tops.
Sally Dickson
Wakefield, RI
Saw a bald eagle fly over our house in Little Compton RI today at 1pm.
Melissa Lorusso
12/31/11 - North Kingstown RI (around @ 12:15 pm) in the middle of a corn field. BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!
Kim Messier
I had the fortune to observe a migratory Bald Eagle on Indian Lake in South Kingstown RI. The eagle was eating a Seagull . It flew with the Seagull to the island and I tracked it there and it flew again with carcass to inland . Must have been hungry to eat a bird . I saw a immature one last year on the lake.
Pete Fontaine
My son and I saw a Bald Eagle fly over our house in Coventry, RI today December 4, 2011 at 2:15 PM.
Sean Carey
I beleive I spotted a bald eagle here in Tiverton Rhode Island....It was in the vacinity of Nonquit Pond area.
Tom Grimes
I saw a Bald Eagle adult fly by our house on the Warren River in Warren, RI this morning at about 9:00. I have never seen one before...and I had to look it up to see if it was possible :) Cool!
We do live just a short walk away from the Bristol Audobon Society, perhaps, that encourages this wonderful wildlife! Great!
Cam Blain
While rock climbing I saw a lone bald eagle flying loops above the lake in Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, RI this past saturday the 13th of November 2010. I honestly cant even believe it, it was incredible.
-Matt Stuart
Sunday, Feb.21,2010 at around 10:30 am.
   My two sons and I saw a bald eagle in a field on Pine Hill Avenue in Johnston, R.I.
Edward Spinella
I saw a bald eagle in West Warwick Rhode Island flying over the Natick Bridge on the Pawtuxet River.
Becky Carlow
2/09/10 Lincoln, Rhode Island
At 12:30 pm I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle flying over the Blackstone canal and Albion falls. Then as I was driving down New River Rd. towards Manville , about a mile and a half away, when I saw the white head and tail of another beautiful Bald Eagle. I pulled over to watch it for a few minutes. I wish I had my camera with me.
Sue Smith
2/9/10- Saw one mature and two juvenile eagles at Cumberland Reservoir, Cumberland, RI. It was 4:00 pm and they flew over the length of the upper portion and settled into some pine trees in the lower side.
Eric Todd
I saw 2 Bald Eagles this morning in Lincoln, RI flying along the Blackstone River near the Albion Falls. I saw a single one yesterday afternoon up stream, but a pair today.
Kevin Carroll
We saw a bald eagle flying over my house in Providence, RI (near intersection of North Main Street and Chace Avenue) on 1/9/10 at about 11:30 a.m. It made several passes, then flew up high and headed east toward Blackstone River and beyond.
Geoffrey Schnirman
On 2 January 2010 at about 10:15 AM, one Adult Bald Eagle made at least three passes hugging the shoreline below treetop level between Sabin Point and Cresent/Larissa Park in Riverside, RI. On the third pass, the eagle could could clearly be seen to be carrying a large rodent.
Robert Settipane
Today, (1/1/2010) for the first time, I saw a bald eagle fly across Carl's Pond from SE to NW. Carl's pond is at the junction of Jencks Road in Wentham and Woonsocket, Rhode Island. At first glance it appeared to be a vulture flying away against the overcast sky. As the bird turned sideways I picked up my binoculars and observed it's big white head and tail. Awesome!
Richard Gagnon, Woonsocket,RI
Rhode Island. 12/21/09
We observed a mature bald eagle with full white tail plumage and head coloring circling over junction of Route 1 and Old Tower Hill Road, heading into Wakefield. This area is just west of the southern end of the Narrow River watershed.
Dodi & Walter Horowitz
Saunderstown, RI
On Wednesday morning 12/9/2009 I saw a Bald Eagle circling over the Ten Mile River between PCC & Parkside Avenue. First sighted it was flying North at tree top level upstream from the Armistice Blvd Dam and then started circling over the river around the Eddington Street area for several minutes and then dropped out of sight.
Mike Bertrand, Pawtucket, RI 02861
I just saw (11/10/09) a bald eagle flying along the Blackstone River on the Lincoln/Cumberland Rhode Island line (Blackstone River Bike path) near the waterfall in the Albion section of Lincoln. Five others I spoke with saw the eagle flying down the river below tree level as well.
R. Luz
On Sunday morning February 15th I saw a bald eagle circling over the Blackstone river on the Lincoln - Woonsocket line. It was upstream from the Manville dam It was north of the Manville Dam and near the RT 99 bridge.
Tom Crowley
At 10:15 AM on 1/20/09 I saw a large Bald Eagle fly past my home on Terrace Ave in Riverside, RI. I was looking across the street at the bay and saw it fly between the two homes across from me. It was flying North to South above the beach. I caught a second view a second later as it flew between two other homes.
We saw a family of bald eagles. Two adults and 3 babies at the Cumberland Reservoir in Cumberland Rhode Island.
Lynne Cullen
I have been seeing 4 bald eagles at the north end of the Narrow River in North Kingstown, Rhode Island for 2-3 months now. There's at least one adult with the full white head and tail, another that has a white head but the tail is not quite full white, and two immature eagles with no white head or tail but mottled white on the wings. I have seen all four at one time and have pictures of the two immatures on the ice picking at a fish and the two adults in the same tree.
Jeff Parker
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