Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Today, November 24th 2018 I saw a bald eagle in Gaffney, SC Cherokee county. I have never seen one here and was so excited!
Ellen Pauly

I was standing looking out my kitchen window on Pelzer, Ave. Williamston, SC 29697 about 4pm Mon. when a lone adult Bald Eagle lighted in the middle of the street, it's white head and tail feathers clearly visible, stayed there about a minute and then flew away. I was able to get my wife Beth's attention in time to view a wonderful sight. My only eagle sighting in the wild.
JC Wilson

Myrtle Beach, SC
I spotted this lone Bald Eagle in my back yard near a pond. It flew by some pine trees and once it landed on the ground, I could clearly see it was a bald eagle. It stayed on the ground for a couple of minutes long enough for me to get a picture before it flew off.
Sharon Michalewicz

Today, Feb. 1, 2018, I spotted a lone Bald Eagle, as I was driving onto Daniel Island, South Carolina. I was entering the island from Hwy.526. I was coming from Mt. Pleasant, S.C. to teach a class on Daniel Island. The Eagle was soaring just above the tree tops.... so, fairly close. The colors were very clear: White head, yellow beak, brown - black body. I was amazed! Rather shocked! Since, I was in traffic, entering D.I., I couldn't snap a photo. Too bad. But, I'll never forget that majestic sight!
Andonia McKinney

I've seen this eagle 3 times within about a half mile of each other. Several weeks back I saw it on back to back days flying, then today saw it on the ground right off the side of the road. White head, yellow beak, brown back. Couldn't believe it, didn't know we had them here.
Pauline, SC
Chad Wallington

Two bald eagles sighted on ICW mile marker 15, N. Myrtle Beach, SC, October 7, 2017. At the ICW, dead ending on 2nd. Ave north, N. Myrtle Beach, SC. Beautiful! Stayed for a very long time.
Maggie Ford

William Bell wrote the following: I saw a Bald Eagle on the 4th of February (2017) while riding down Grace Avenue in Lancaster SC at about 10:00 in the morning. It flew over the bridge as I was passing over it. IMPRESSIVE!!!

Matthew Small wrote the following: Sighting at 1236 Penderboro Rd, Marion SC pond.

Joy Zeigler wrote the following: My brother, sister and I say a bald eagle flying over our pond in Cordova, SC. First time I have ever seen an eagle flying in this area. 1-28-17

Beverly Burgess wrote the following: 12\28\16 I was driving from South Ocean Drive through Market Common, in Myrtle Beach SC. An eagle was sitting in top of a dead tree, just across from pond, right before the dentist office. Beautiful sight

Tim Sprunger wrote the following: My son and I observed an eagle flying around Rim Lake in Fayetteville on 30 Dec 16 around 10:30am.

Frank Baker wrote the following: During the last week in December 2016, I have witnessed and photographed an adult bald eagle flying both north and south along the Broad River at Riverfront Park near the dam/spillway.

Joan Aumack wrote the following: Hampton Lake Crossing, Bluffton SC

Jane Lutz wrote the following: Saw over Hwy. 75 about 2 mikes from where Hwy. 521 interesects in Indian Land SC.

Joan Aumack wrote the following: Bluffton SC Hampton Lake on 11/28/2016. Caught a fish Ate on lake bank

John Shoemaker wrote the following: We (4 of us)saw a Bald Eagle chasing seagulls ..on 9/27/16 530pm along the coastline Garden City Beach,1990 North Waccamaw Drive, South Carolina.

Lloyd Peugh wrote the following: My wife Kerri was on her way to work the other morning and seen a bald eagle on bay road in Gresham sc! I can't wait to see it myself.

Cathy Birk wrote the following: We live in Hurley Park Charleston AFB SC. On 2-13-16 AT 4 P.M. a bald eagle flew up into the tree behind our house which backs up to the Ashley River. It was eating a rabbit or squirrel and stayed in the tree for about 45 minutes. Beautiful looking bird and a great experience!

D Chase wrote the following: Bald eagle in flight/hunting
Greenville, South Carolina

Frankie James wrote the following: Mullins, South Carolina

Floyd B Bullock Jr wrote the following: I live on Windsor Lake in Dentsville (Columbia), SC and for several months over the last couple of years I have heard what I believed to be a bald eagle. I spend summers in Alaska in the Funny River Community near Soldotna and have seen and heard many bald eagles. However, being new to SC I had no idea there were bald eagles in SC. On 12/08/15 while tearing down a beaver dam in front of our house I heard the sound again but this time I saw a bald eagle flying over the lake. I was amazed because it confirmed what I have heard over these past months were indeed a bald eagle.

Catherine McCloskey wrote the following: Bennettsville, SC- We spotted a Bald Eagle in flight over hwy 38 just outside Bennettsville on 11/29. Gorgeous!

Jana Owens wrote the following: The adult bald eagle was spotted in Columbia, SC flying over head near the Arcadia Lakes area.

Stacy Samford wrote the following: 11/24/15 1:30 pm Seen 2 different pair all 4 adults in the vicinity of Carowinds Amusement Park. Both pair were headed SSW.

henry jones wrote the following: Rock hill / chester South Carolina line young bald eagle sited

Steven Dalton wrote the following: Charleston, South Carolina off of Bees Ferry Road in West Ashley

Fred Woodley wrote the following: On Veterans Day at 3:30PM while working on my Mail box at 840 Oakley Road Moncks Corner SC an Adult Bald Eagle flew overhead following the road It was accompanied by a what appeared to be a juvenile they landed in a tree across the road in a very heavily wooded area.

Caroline Miles wrote the following: My husband and I spotted a beautiful bald eagle on the side of Indian Branch Rd in Lamar, SC today, Nov. 8th, 2015. It appeared to be eating a dead cat which is why we weren't sure at first if we'd truly seen it or if it was just a buzzard/vulture. We quickly turned around to get pictures and 2 other people had stopped by then and we're taking pictures too. We all confirmed with each other that it actually was a Bald Eagle we were seeing. Got some amazing pics and definitely feel blessed to have witnessed something so rare.

Kayla Logan wrote the following: My fiancé and I were driving down BlackTom rd in Moncks Corner and seen 2 bald eagles in the middle of the road. Totally awesome experience!

Elizabeth Henke wrote the following: At 4:42 my husband and I were traveling Hwy 9 just outside of Lake View and a beautiful Bald Eagle was just sitting beside the road. My husband flipped out with excitement and we turned around and went back to make sure that's what type of bird it was... sure enough it was. We stopped and it spread its extraordinary wings, flew across the road directly in front of us and onto a tree branch. After a moment or two it flew further into the woods. That was awesome and such a rare site.

Carolyn Shipman wrote the following: My husband and I were going hunting around 5:30pm on 10/10/15 in Lee County, SC. We were traveling on Benson Rd when we saw a beautiful big bald eagle fly over. We stopped and he flew above us again. Good thing because we have never seen such an amazing site! That was our first time seeing an eagle in the wild.

Tammy Robinson wrote the following: I was leaving Swansea this morning on number 6 heading toward Calhoun county direction. I saw this really big bird in the middle of the road. I got near it and realized it was a bald eagle. It was eating something that was in the middle of the road. It was so beautiful as it lifted up and flew up into the trees across the road. There is a huge field on one side and trees on other. They have always been my favorite bird so it was so amazing to see one that close. Just beautiful.

Joseph Eubanks wrote the following: Spotted a Bald eagle for the first time in my life sitting in the soybean field across the street from my house and didn't know if I should report it. Beautiful animal. I am in Pageland, South Carolina.

Steve Hayden wrote the following: 9/28/15 in Goose Creek SC flying over Crowfield boulevard near Crowfield Lake.

Robin Avis wrote the following: Saw an eagle in Beaufort S.C. It was drizzling and I was out feeding geese when the bird flew onto the soccer field, . I stared and couldn't figure out if it was an eagle. Hadn't seen a wild one in years. Watched him fly away , it's a beautiful sight. Sept. 24, 2015

Steve Brown wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle on Brookcove Road in Stokes county on 9/12/15. On side of the road at a road kill. Really close to the RJR buildings location. My first ever sighting of a live eagle!!

Dawn McAbee wrote the following: A bald eagle was soaring over the hwy near Florence yestrrday. I haven't seen one in so many years I was in disbelief. I text my son and daughter later to be sure they have white tails ;) I've never spied one in SC ...wish I'd have pulled over and gotten pics! Today I sit feeling like I was granted a rare treat...and on 9/11...I didn't even intend on traveling that e-navigation took me that way. If they re spotted here often I will travel this route every time! (Hwy 501 I think)

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