Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

On February 8, 2015, I was on my way to church on Hwy 6 in Calhoun County, South Carolina. I spotted a bald eagle in a field eating a deer carcass. This was the second sighting of an eagle which occurred several years ago on the same highway on a Sunday morning leaving for church out of the town of Elloree, South Carolina. I was amazed to see this bird as he flew from the top of a telegraph pole and landed on the ground and walked around for a few seconds.
Patricia C. Bradley
South Carolina

I saw a small size Bald Eagle flying over SC 460 near Anne Springs Close Greenway around noon today (1/10/14). Beautiful sight - I had never seen one in this area before.
Darrell Williams

Driving back to my house off of Shelly mullis, indian land, sc 29707 12:15 pm 1/3/15. I just saw a bald eagle grabbing a presumably dead snake out of the middle of the street. It was being chased by four other birds. I followed it around 500 yards, absolutely amazing to see.
Justin Nifong

I saw a bald eagle flying around the Lake Murray Dam area along South Lake Drive, in Lexington, South Carolina. It was beautiful! I was a passenger in a car and it was flying alongside and above us. Made my day!
Lisa Schwaberow

I saw a bald eagle in Anderson South Carolina today December 16, 2014 About 1:00 pm
Michelle Cornforth

Stepping from my car in Fort Mill, SC about 11:00a on 12/10/2014, I stopped to watch a bald eagle soar against a clear, blue, sunshine sky until it disappeared below the treetops of the Anne Springs Close Greenway.
Robert A. Littlefield

Summerville, SC
On 12/7/14 at 3:30pm, while out walking our dog in Wescott Plantation, a bald eagle flew over our heads into a heavily treed area off of Markley Blvd near Robeson Place.
Tracy McLaughlin

In Florence South Carolina, my husband and I live on a lake. It has natural areas as well. They are preparing for spillway repair and have lowered the lake down significantly. I then saw the mature bald eagle soaring above our lake.
Virginia Ervin

My husband and I were walking the Lake Murray Dam in Lexington, SC on Sunday, January 19, 2014 when we spotted a bald eagle flying along the edge of the water front. It was beautiful to see!!!
Kathryn Hall

On January 14 around 5:15 pm, I saw an eagle flying low in front of me near my dock on Lake Murray in South Carolina. It flew right past me, made some eagle calls, and landed in the top of a tree near my house on the water. There was not a nest there. The eagle was just checking out the lake. I took many photos of that beautiful bird as it sat there almost a half an hour at the top of the pine tree. Then, it flew off, and I could hear those wings in the wind. It was such a wonderful, wonderful experience for me. I also saw an eagle on November 21 last year flying right past my dock. They are out there on the lake and at the rivers. Wonderful birds!
Marjorie Kneece

For the second day in a row we've had a bald eagle in our back yard tree. Yesterday, the first day, we even watched what appeared to be a golden eagle attack the bald eagle, scaring him off. Our location is CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA (West Ashley area).
Matthew Roden

I work in Fort Mill, SC. I stepped out of the office and saw a bald eagle flying over our building.
It was very close to Carowins and Interstate 77.
Chad Nguyen

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