Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

We saw a bald eagle eating road kill in the ditch off highway 11 just north of McDowell Saskatchewan. Dec 14, 2018
John Drisner

Sighted a mature, magnificent Bald Eagle perched on a roadside tree beside Highway 1, just one kilometer west of Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan at 1130 hrs 12 October, 2018.
Ray Taylor

Darcie Wells wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle sitting on a dead dead beside highway 11, close to Blackstrap Saskatchewan. Absolutely beautiful. Never seen one in the wild in Saskatchewan before. Nov 26/16

Cecil Nagy wrote the following: Highway 80 in the Cutarm Creek, January 7, 2015, Saskatchewan,Canada

Judith Perrin wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle this morning, December 22, 2015, at 8 am flying over the Assiniboine River across from the Legislative Building and then head east following the river. Magnificent.

Kevin East wrote the following: Bald Eagle sighted SSE of Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan Canada, Dec 05 2015, as well as mid-August 2015 at same location. Massive,beautiful mature bird.

I saw a bald eagle flying very low over a road along the Saskatchewan River. It was very easy to identify since it was flying low as well as very slowly, searching the ground. We see them here occasionally, but I don’t recall ever seeing an eagle in the dead of winter. The date was February 20, 1914 and the location is Battleford, Saskatchewan,Canada.
Birgit Lessing

I saw a bald eagle today! In Regina Saskatchewan!!!! It was huge and so beautiful, I've never seen a bald eagle in the wild ever let alone in Regina Saskatchewan Canada and it's winter and snow is on the ground soo COOL!
Velvett Mamela

I was driving home from Langham Saskatchewan today and close to Dalmeny Sask. I spotted a Bald Eagle in a field.
Bonnie Janzen

I was on my way to Saskatoon this afternoon and encountered an eagle just West of Vanscoy off of Highway 7 around 1:45pm. I have only ever seen hawks around here. What a fabulous creature.
erinn haffermehl

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