Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

I spotted my first wild bald eagle at Kefauver Park in Madisonville, TN!
Regena Shelton

Yesterday, 11/9/2018 at about 10:30 AM, I drove on the Natchez Trace from Madison to Natchez and I saw a bald eagle sitting on the ground about 20 feet from the road. It looked like it was eating something but I couldn't see what it was. It was a cold, rainy day and the feathers looked 'ruffled'. This was between markers 38 and 39 on the east side. There's a small river about 1/2 mile north of that spot.
Tom Dirkx

This afternoon I saw 2 bald eagles soaring overhead when driving west along route 46 toward Nashville from Columbus. I was near the entrance to Brown County state park and pulled over along the side of the road to watch! They climbed and climbed higher and higher until I could no longer see them. That flash of white tail and head in the bright sun today is really something to see! I love watching the growth of the bald eagle population and it made my day!
Michele Hiestand

On Feb. 18, 2018, I was driving up hwy. 68 from Sweetwater towards Madisonville TN. About 5 miles up 68 from the intersection of hwy 68 and hwy 11 I saw this bird with a large wingspan. I watched it land on the opposite of the highway from me. No one was behind me so I slowed down. I saw the yellow beak, white head and black body and could not even believe my eyes!!! NO WAY I thought! A bald eagle here and on the side of the road, how lucky am I !!! It flew off after exploring the side of the road, and I sadly had to drive on.
When I arrived home I immediately called my birding friend and told her what I had seen, then called some of my friends to tell them.
I have traveled in the United States never have I seen one. I'm so excited and feel very lucky to have seen the beautiful bird here in Sweetwater Tn.
Renee Grace

Bald eagle sighting on January 21, 2018 about 3pm in the Lakeland TN area. Sighting occurred over a large field near Highway 70.
Anita Langston

I spotted a bald eagle flying in Louisville, TN over Ft. Loudon Lake near the Pellissippi bridge on 11/25/17.
Lauren Bible

Couldn't believe my eyes! I was driving this morning on Hwy. 322, heading toward Sweetwater (Monroe County in East Tennessee), and I spotted something I couldn't quite identify in a large sycamore next to the road. As I got closer and continued staring, I discovered that it was ... oh, my gosh! ... a bald eagle. After passing, I stopped and backed up. Sure enough, it was still perched way up in the tree. I can't believe it's taken me 60-plus years to see my first bald eagle ever in the wild. Magnificent!!!
C Tanner

Mary Anderson wrote the following: I just saw two bald eagles in Fairfield Glade TN. I have a picture of both of them sitting on a limb looking over the lake! Simply beautiful.

Larry jerome wrote the following: I spotted a mature bald eagle on 1/5/2017 in the 8600 block of Jack Bond Rd near Memphis, TN. The big bird flew in and perched atop a tree just along the roadside. I pulled into a driveway and got out of my car to watch. I stared at the eagle for about 2 minutes as it kept a wary eye on me. After that two or three smaller birds harassed the eagle from it's perch. I watched in wonder as it took flight; WOW what a wingspan much bigger than most birds around here. This was my first sighting of a bald eagle other than in captivityvery very exciting.

Elizabeth Gudger wrote the following: My sightings occurred in Jasper, Tennessee on January 30th & 31st.

Janet cassian wrote the following: I just moved to southern Smyrna into a new development. To my amazement I saw two bald eagles in a field adjacent to our property. They sat there, walked a bit around in the same place for an hour and a half. One of them started hopping toward some brush on the corner of the property line and by property. It stayed in there for a short period of time and was chased out by another large bird. The eagle hopped back to the other one in the field and both began to lunge at each other. One of them took off and then five minutes later the other one flew away. I think that these eagles are regulars here. They come back to the same spot almost daily.

Ryan Corcoran wrote the following: Bald eagles spotted in the Pucketts Point area at Center Hill Lake, Smithville,TN.

Michael Sorrels wrote the following: Took a Sunday afternoon drive to Norris Dam just north of Knoxville, Tn. and on the way back, happened to look across the river and saw a bald eagle!! It was sitting atop a dead tree and was stunning. The eagle was spotted on the Clinch River approx. 1 mile downriver from the dam.

Jill Foley wrote the following: Yesterday (10/22/2016) my husband and I were driving around our neighborhood of Lowe's Ferry in Louisville, TN (near Alcoa, TN), down by the south shore of the Tennessee River, when I saw a huge bird flying above us with a distinctive white tail. I got excited thinking that it could be a bald eagle, when it turned and came back toward us and I could see that gorgeous white head. What a thrill!

Richard Houzvicka wrote the following: 09/25/16 saw a bald eagle perched on the Ocoee river just past the Welcome Valley Cabins. It flew down and dragged its talons in the water for quite some distance then flew back up into the tree line. One of the nearest things I've seen on the river in a long time.

Amy O'Neill wrote the following: Was just sitting on my porch in Estill Springs TN right near Woods Resivior Dam and witnessed a beautiful Bald Eagle flying just above the trees. Unsure if male or female or age but it was gorgeous!

Erin McNulty wrote the following: Adult bald eagle perched on a tree along the Buffalo River in Lobelville, TN Feb. 14, 2016.

George Boyte wrote the following: February 13, 2016. Drove past a bald eagle perched in a roadside tree on State Route 152 just west of Spring Creek, Madison County, TN.

David Mansfield wrote the following: We had a beautiful mature Bald Eagle perched in a tree on Tims Ford Lake just behind our home in Winchester, Tn. just off highway 130. My wife went to get our camera but before she could get back it took off and made a low circle over the lake with its beautiful white tail spread against the back ground of snow that was falling.

Lauren Bible wrote the following: Two bald eagles were spotted flying over John Sevier Elementaty school in Maryville, Tennessee on Jan. 25, 2016.

Trevor Smith wrote the following: A friend and I were driving near the entrance of Melton Hill Dam Park in Lenoir City, TN and spotted a Bald Eagle. Though the eagle's head was fully white, it looked like it was was still shy of full maturity size. Lenoir City is just west of Knoxville. The park is in between Interstates 40 and 75 in Loudon County.

Jesse Morrow wrote the following: Saw my first wild bald eagle on January 5 2016 on the ground close to sweetwater near hWY 68 in mcminn county tn. I was on a county road the eagle actually flew over my car as I stopped to get a picture. I am an avid hunter and fisherman and it was the most awesome thing I've seen outdoors.

James Pope wrote the following: On December 25, 2015, I viewed a bald eagle flying just above the trees along the Wolf River Conservancy in Memphis, TN. I believed it to be a bald eagle from the very wide wing span, short head / neck, and distinctive white tail feathers.

dean and tammy dodge wrote the following: three Immature Bald Eagles perched high in the trees, (and not spooking) seen at the lakefront of Percy Priest Lake. Long Hunter State Park, & Suggs Creek. 12/16/15

Burton and Faye Pruett wrote the following: We live on Lynn Chapel Road in Putnam county Tennessee. This morning at 11:30 there was a mature bald eagle at our farm pond on the ground. It had caught something and was eating it. Beautiful bird. Just made my day.

Willis Henson wrote the following: I have seen bald eagles on three different occasions in Williamson County, Tennessee over the past two weeks. Two of the sightings were probably the same bird (same general location, just different times).

Ann Lucas wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle over Percy Priest lake in the Mt Juliet TN area on 10/22/15.

I saw an Eagle at Bluff City, Tennessee little league field this morning. It was about 9:15 am. I was stunned to see it, as I've only ever saw one wild in my lifetime. It was truly amazing. He or she had a small fish or something else in it's claws. It landed on one of the light poles surrounding the field. I walked to the edge of the parking lot and it flew to another pole and began to pick at whatever it had. I turned and left, so I wouldn't disturb it any further.
Kevin Rhodes
Bluff City, TN

I deliever coca cola and was driving through hurricane mills, tn when I saw a bald eagle flying over the river. I'm not quite sure the name of the river but thought I would let you know of my sighting.
Chase Roden

On February 8, 2015 my wife and I saw a bald eagle flying over RT 321/19 outside Elizabethton Tennessee. It flew over the bridge and down along the Doe River. Beautiful bird, sun shiny day and the white head and tail was so prevalent.
Ron Voyager Sr

January 29, 2015 Clarksville Tennessee Dunbar Cave State Park. I saw a mature bald eagle at 3:00 PM. He was soaring and diving above the mostly dry pond. He was able to find something to eat and took it to a nearby tree where he perched for a long time. It was a magnificent thing to see as I was just passing through and decided to stretch my legs!
K. Reeves

    On January 20,2015, at approximately 10 am, my wife and I saw a magnificent bald eagle. It was sitting in a tree on Rt 321 south going into Maryville, Tennessee. Unfortunately I could not get a picture, by the time we stopped it had flown off. It was one pretty sight.
    On January 17 2015 I spotted this eagle in a tree in Bluff City, TN, off of River Rd. These magnificent birds are definitely coming back in Tennessee.
Ron Pander Sr.

We were driving northbound today on I75 across the Hiawassee River in East Tennessee. We saw a bald eagle soaring above the river. AWESOME!
Bill Castle

January 15, 2015, 11 a.m. at Mt. Herman Road, Cookeville,TN.
Peggy Slagle

I spotted a bald eagle on Old Hickory Lake, at Bledsoe Creek State Park near dusk 1/14/15. It flew out of a tree on the edge of the lake as I was at the top of the bluff on the hiking trail.
Barry Johnson

Saw a golden eagle in October 2014 in by the Power Company in Jefferson County on Andrew Johnson Highway. Flew from the sunflower patch and perched in a tree across the street.
On January 12, 2015 at UT Medical Center, Knoxville Tennessee. It was perched on top of the parking garage H, it flew above the hospital toward Cherokee Trail.
Tina King

On January 1, 2015, my wife and I sighted a mature bald eagle on Hwy 41N near Hillsboro, in Coffee County Tennessee. The eagle was first seen on the ground in a marshy area near what I believe was Blue Spring Creek. A farm and home were very near the sighting. We turned around to get a better look and it had flown to a nearby tree. We watched for about 10 minutes before moving on.
Greg and Ann Mather, Christiana, TN

My wife and I spotted a bald eagle at 11:10am on December 26, 2014 in McMinn, County, Tennessee near the intersection of State Road 305 and Hwy 68.
Peter Giroux

I saw a mature Bald Eagle flying over the bridge in Solway, TN today(December 21, 2014 at about 3:50 pm) on Melton Hill Lake. I was driving but he was very low and his identity was unmistakable. This is the first Bald Eagle I have seen in TN so it was very exciting!
Tammy L. Chatman

I saw a bald eagle this morning (December 14, 2014) on Hwy. 58 in Hamilton County. At Harrison Bay, going south towards and about a half a mile from the marina. It and possibly 2 more, maybe young ones, were on a sandbar about 100 yards east of the road in the bay. It flew over the highway and sat in a tree over the roadway for about 5 minutes. Then flew back to the sandbar. I could recognize the white head and tail very clearly. I watched them for probably 30 minutes. It was very exciting to see them in the wild and not in a sanctuary!
Patty J. Hawkins

Fisherville, TN near Macon and collierville/Arlington road intersection.
We saw him/her flying near a pond and noticed the long wingspan and distinct color markings. We weren't sure it was an eagle until he lit in this tree. Stayed on the tree 15-20 min the fly up again soaring back and forth and in large circles. Totally amazing sight!
Angie Rangel

I saw a bald eagle about 9:30 am on Sunday 12-7-2014 East side of Dickson Tn.
Mike Lynch

Spotted a bald eagle with my son at these coordinates on 6 Dec 2014 (36.077616, -84.156786) near Clinton, TN. It was 9:30 AM ET and about 55 deg F on a rainy morning. Our house overlooks a river and we saw the eagle on the opposite shore land on the grass strip between a road and the river bank. It appeared to be scavenging at the ground level for approx. 5 mins. It was a good size (larger than a full grown Osprey - we have those around) so may be a more mature eagle. Was unsure it was a bald eagle…the head was clearly white but when it took flight, the white tail made the eagle ID unmistakable. Very cool.
Sean Chou, Clinton TN

Our friend at Highland Yacht Club on Woods Reservoir in Franklin County, TN has returned. Last saw him Friday, Nov. 21. Had my camera ready this time.
Matt Crawford

Just saw a bald eagle on a new stream. Laurel creek on hwy 91 in Johnson County TN. Right at the VA TN line.
David Lay

November 11, 2014
Today I saw a wild bald eagle for the first time. It was sitting in a field next to a deer carcass just down the road from my house in Lawrenceburg, TN. It took flight as I drove by and perched in a nearby tree. It was an amazing sight.
Marybeth Massey

Today around 1:00 pm, I saw my very first bald eagle in Franklin, TN on Bear Creek Road near a hilltop. I saw it perched and watched it fly! It seemed to be a young one as it was smaller than I imagined a full grown one would be. Very exciting!!
Robin Jones
Franklin, TN

I saw a bald eagle standing in a corn field on Oct 25, 2014. This occurred in Bedford County Tenn in back of the River Bend Country Club and near the Duck River (about five miles from Shelbyville TN). It flew into a large tree - a majestic sight.
Jim Peissig of Shelbyville.

Tennessee. Henderson County. Lexington, TN. Pine Lake.
Eric Hambrick

Spotted a solo bald eagle today while leaving work. Flying high against a clear blue sky, very clear markings. Undeniably a bald eagle.
Was working on set, filming a movie at the TN State Penitentiary. Walking by death row, heading out the gate, there it was, flying high.
Made my day :-)
Benn Payne

2 bald eagles sited in Cades Cove in Tennessee , on Oct. 15, 2014.
Ron Pander

October 5, 2014 9:30am. Gibson County TN, Highway 54 between Bradford and Trenton at the Rutherford Fork Obion River. Lived here 30+ years and never seen an eagle in these parts! Was amazing to watch!!
Julie Clark

My husband and I were sitting on our front porch in Dandridge TN near Douglas Lake and saw a Bald Eagle in a tree in front of our house. We watched for about 10 minutes before it flew off towards the water. First time seeing one in the wild. Amazing!
Michelle Atwood

On 2-19-2014 while coming around Douglas Lake near the power station /dam, my wife and I observed 2 bald eagles flying along the tree line. Once we found our way down to the road the station was on we observed not only the 2 bald eagles, we also observed 2 other juvenile or golden eagles. these 2 seemed larger than the bald eagles. We stayed and watched for at least an hour, seeing them all at various times in flight and sitting on branches. This month of February We have seen 7 Eagles in various places in eastern Tennessee, including our home city of Johnson City at Winged Deer Park on Boone Lake.
Ron Voyager Sr

I saw a bald eagle on Eatons Creek Road in Davidson County at 7:05 am on 2-12-14. It was in a sharp bend in the road next to a recently killed possum. As I rounded the curve in my truck it flew off rather casually. I was worried it might be struck by a vehicle traveling faster than I was at the time. I was also amazed it was so close to Nashville. It was about a mile SSE of Beaman Park.
Bill Heath

I live in the Crystal Lakes subdivision off of Shelton Rd in Collierville TN. On Tueday, February 11th as I rolled my trash can out to the street I happened to notice an adult Bald Eagle swoop down into our subdivsion's lake a grab a fish. Apparently the noise of me rolling the trash can startled the eagle because he dropped the fish and flew away. I got a good look at him as he was less than 25 yards away as he flew over my next door neighbors roof. The white head and tips of his tail feathers were unmistakable. For me this was a rare and unusual sight.
Paul Arthur

There is a Bald Eagle that roosts (or at least hangs out in the same tree most evenings) at Highland Yacht Club on Woods Reservoir in Franklin County, TN. He is accompanied by what I think is a pair of Golden Eagles. I have seen them attacking geese nearby. I have seen them several evenings now, and the Bald Eagle circles and lands back on the same branch when I disturb him with a flashlight. The other two are harder to get a clear view of, but the larger one circled over me about 30 feet above my head and is significantly larger than the Bald Eagle. I have started taking a camera with me hoping get pictures.
Matt Crawford

Hwy 64 E between Savannah and Waynesboro Tennessee. Picture taken today 2.2.14
Martha Kelley

While walking on the bike trail along the Little River in Townsend TN today, 1-31-14, my husband and I spotted a bald eagle sitting in a tree beside the river. As we walked further, we spotted another bald eagle on the opposite side of the river sitting on a branch of a tall tree. We have had very cold weather and snow recently and both eagles were sitting in full sun, watching the river below. We have never seen them in this area before.
Marilynn Pittard

Tuesday December 31, 2013 spotted a mature bald eagle on the ground in a cornfield in Manchester, TN, on Hwy #53. It was about 11:00 am, temperature was 34 F, clear and sunny. I (and several other cars) turned around and drove past again, stopped on side of highway and watched as he/she flew a short distance, landed, then flew off above the treetops and was gone. First time I have ever seen a wild eagle.
Linda McInnis

I witnessed a bald eagle feeding on a raccoon carcass on December 31, 2013, at 10 am on Highway 44 between the Weaver Pike and Chinquapin Grove Rd intersections in eastern Sullivan County Tennessee along the South Holston River. It was a VERY large bird, and it was strikingly beautiful.
John Williams

My daughter and I saw a bald eagle Thursday morning around eight. We live in Giles County and this is the first time I have ever seen one in this area. It was a big bird with a white head. It was flying over three ponds on highway 11 halfway between Pulaski and Minor Hill Tn.
Regina Taylor

My sighting is on Grandview Mountain in East Tn. A magnificent fully grown eagle swooped down in the field in front of my home on Firetower Road. It looked to be about 4 feet high with a huge white chest and legs. He stayed on the ground for a few minutes and then flew off to a tree.
We live near Watts Bar Lake and Piney Falls.
Belinda McCampbell

Today at approximately 10:45 am while driving on the Old Knoxville Highway in Sevierville, TN. I spotted a mature bald eagle sitting on a small island in the middle of the river, it had its back to the road facing the river, sitting with absolute confidence and authority it looked about three foot tall and the white plumage was full like a lion's mane…..what a gift to see such a majestic bird.
Anthony Fiorio

Saw my first, in the wild, bald eagle today (11/25/2013). I saw it land on a rock out on the North Fork Holston River near Kingsport Tn. It sat perfectly still as I eased by on the nearby road. Wished I had had my (usually ever-present) DLSR camera. I did get a shot with my cell phone though. How majestic (s)he looked.
Chuck Leamon

I saw a female I believe on the ground with four raven or crow looking birds. I was driving a school bus full of kids and it was a big surprise for all of us. They were in a cut soybean field across from 2951 Kirkwood rd., Clarksville TN 37043. We saw them this morning at 8:20 am. Oct. 30, 2013.
Teresa McCraw

A golden eagle or bald eagle with a brown head perched on the arbor in my back yard. This past week. It's width across the shoulders was about 12-14 inches across and the length from head to tail was about 3 feet tall. This was not a hawk or owl. I live in Germantown Tennessee near the collierville line.
Alta Simpson

Have seen several Bald Eagles in Jackson County, Tn where I live. The first sighting in my county was in the city of Granville, Tn, two were sitting on a log in at the edge of the lake this was about two years ago. Last year, saw one fishing, it was sitting on a sycamore tree on the banks of Roaring River just past the city of Gainesboro, Tn.
Katie Brown

Spotted my first Bald eagle in Tennessee, smith county..I live on Cordell Hull Lake the eagle was pursuing a hawk which had something, Hawk won took his prize and flew off...9/22/13
Jennie Scheef

Sighting: September 15, 2012, Tims Ford lake, Winchester, TN. Sighted mature bald eagle successfully fishing in remote east section of Cove 9, Hopkins Point Cove. Heard intermittent eagle shrieks throughout day. Crows were agitated and cawing much of day due to eagle's presence.
Vail Miller, Winchester, TN

We live on Douglas Lake, in Dandridge, TN near Henderson Island, and wildlife refuge. On January 29, 2013, was saw one adult and two young Bald Eagles in the trees on Henderson Island. It was fun watching them, they probably sensed we were nearby and were keeping an eye on us.
Carol Gerritsen
Dandridge, TN

I recently was driving from Trezevant to Mckenzie TN in Carroll county and saw a Bald eagle down in the bottom. It was sitting atop the tallest tree! Beautiful, I am hoping to catch another glimpse in the near future.
Lisa Kapeller

I just spotted a huge bald eagle on us-41, in Marion county close to foster falls. It was standing on the side of the road & I thought it was a statue. I turned around & it was still there. It was about 10 feet away then flew away.
Liz Grudger

I live in the Clairfield area of Claiborne County, Tennessee. This past fall I spotted for the first time a Bald Eagle flying over my house. My brother, while hunting, saw two soaring in the Valley Creek and Straight Creek areas. A man that lives near Eagan also spotted two flying near the water close to his home. Amazing birds! GOD did GOOD !
Gary L. Garrett

We spotted a pair of bald eagles on the French Broad River in Knoxville, TN on 1/13/2013.
Sheila Marsh

I live on the Holston River, in the county just east of Knoxville, Tn.
This morning 1/6/2013 at 10:15, I saw movement of a large bird with a white head in a tree across the river. I got my binoculars and it was a bald eagle again. Almost in the same tree that I had seen the last one. This time I got my camera and went out on the deck and took some photos. They aren't real clear due to the distance. I came back inside, looked over there again and saw wings flapping and another one had joined him. I ran out and snapped a couple more photos of the two.
Rita Neubert

On Friday, November 2nd, I was having lunch at a small restaurant on the Tennessee river just north of Chattanooga when I saw my very first Bald Eagle in the wild. I was looking out the window at the river and changing colors of the leaves on the trees and saw it making slow circles directly over the river as it followed the water's downstream travel. I felt so lucky, and proud to be an American, all at the same time. I immediately called a friend of mine who grew up in the Northwest, and had seen many in her travels. She lives in Georgia now, and I knew she would appreciate the sighting. Apparently there have been many sightings in this area, of adults and babies too. Very exciting!
Jamey Jones

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