Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Terri Wilson wrote the following: I have spotted a Bald Eagle twice at our house. The first was approx 2 weeks ago soaring overhead. Yesterday 1/27/2016, It was sitting next to our lake. My daughter and I were amazed at the size of it. Such a beautiful sight. It then flew off with a bird in its talons. We live in the Lake Washington area

Rose Brown wrote the following: I have been viewing a mature adult Bald Eagle and a younger Bald Eagle by Waits Lake of Valley, WA during this summer and fall of 2015. I have been enjoying Bald Eagles here for the past 3 yrs.

Randal Perry wrote the following: Saw one adult on Dan basin near Eden, in Rockingham county.

Harry Perkins wrote the following: I live 9 miles north of Shelton, WA at a place called Emerald Lake. It is a 14-acre lake out in the woods. We get eagles here frequently especially after the lake is stocked for the annual fishing derby. They drop by for the "buffet".

I saw an immature bald eagle with a red wing tag with the number 41 on it saw the bird 2/11/2015, 4:00pm on Dungeness Bay in Sequim, WA
Robert McFerrin

I viewed a bald eagle this morning in Seattle, Washington. It was calmly perched in a huge Black Cottonwood tree at Colman / Lake WA Blvd. Parks. It didn't seem to pay much attention to me walking right below.
Chris Mott

This evening while driving south from Lynden, WA, we saw a bald eagle flying to trees next to the Nooksack River. It was on the west side of Meridian
Tracy Petti

spotted a bald eagle resting about 100 ft up in a tree I believe in tibbawassee park off of swan creek rd. had my digital camera 35mm with me at the time, as I was looking up to take a picture, he decided to take off avoid its picture being taken. 11/2/2013.
my name is david Anderson and I just left the va medical hospital.

I have witnessed two bald eagles flying by the water and saw them sitting in two specific trees more than once, they tend to fly out and later come back to these specific spots. I have watched while one stays sitting in the tall tree and the other is fishing out in the water. I live in Federal Way, Washington I have views of the water around Redondo Beach.
When I first saw them I thought I was seeing another bird mistakenly however with binoculars I clearly got a clear view and was able to recognize they were Eagles that obviously I assumed travel together. While watching today I have saw several different types of birds. I was lucky and actually saw four bald eagles at the same time today flying in the same area. Clearly two of them stick together I have seen them several times together. I have only witnessed the other two today for the first time.
The four eagles flew around a certain area then two left.
I am not sure about females or males or patterns I just know I have seen a total of four bald eagles in the last week and when I have got a glimpse of them it's always been two together.
They are beautiful to watch fly especially if they are mates.
Leah Hartman

I saw two eagles not far from the Cowlitz River (as the eagle flies) on January 3, 2014, in the afternoon. They were perched in a tall deciduous tree at the edge of Old Spirit Lake Highway behind the El Compadre Restaurant at 1289 Mt. St. Helens Way, Castle Rock, WA.
We see eagles quite frequently, here in Castle Rock, since the Cowlitz runs right next to the town. Sometimes, one can stand on the main street of town and see eagles soaring overhead.
Vicki Selander

When: Wed. Jan 16, 2013
Where: Bellingham, Washington
Location: Sunset Pond; located near Woodstock Way & James Street
This was a young eagle; Not sure but maybe about 3 years old or a little older; White head but small spots of brown showing through; We live at the apartments adjacent to the the pond (Sunset Pond). The eagle flew to one of the tall tress across on the other side of the pond from our apartments. The eagle perched itself there for about 45 minutes. This occurred just before sunset around 4:30 PM. I did see him through my binoculars and also took some distant photos of him/her. He seemed to be taking in the sunset, cleaning himself and watching the various birds fly from the pond area.
This was my first eagle sighting since coming to Washington state. I moved here from California and chose this apartment complex so I could take in the wildlife and the pond from my apartment balcony on the third floor. What a great sight to see.
Candy Kvidahl

seen bald eagle in Monroe,Wa just beautiful along river in Thunderbird T&T resort camp ground along the river
Red Fernie

Orcas Island, WA (Crescent Beach, near Eastsound)
J Stamm

South Auburn, Washington 11:54 a.m. November 23, 2010. It flew straight over my apartment building.
Celeste Monroe

Jan.20,2010..Today we saw a very large eagle perched on a dead branch over the Entiat River , we live 14 miles up the river and during the summer we have about 4 to 6 that circle over the hills behind our house and over our house and field, but we have never seen them here in the winter so this one was a surprise. It was dark black with a extremely white head and tail. Entiat is between Wenatchee and Chelan on hwy 97A in North Central Washington.
Patricia Roundy

We recently (02/24/08) went to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim Washington. There were 40 to 50 Bald Eagles including a lot of juveniles in the trees there. A great place to see them from the safety of your vehicle along with all of the other animals normally on the farm. We observed that all of the seagulls would take flight whenever one of the eagles did so as well. We were actually lucky enough to see one of the eagles swoop down and make a kill out of a seagull next to our car. It might be gruesome to some but to us it was the circle of life presented in a beautiful and dramatic way.
Dave Martin

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