Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Bonnie Brown wrote the following: There is a mountain in between Hedgesville and Martinsburg WV on Dry Run Rd. I saw the eagle fishing in the creek at the bottom of the mountain. I stopped the car and backed up to make sure that I saw it correctly. It turned and looked at me and then flew off into a tree along the banks and perched there. I drove off. I didn't want to disturb it, but was super excited that I got to see this beautiful bird in the wild. I drive this road every day, and every day I will keep my eyes open to see if I can see it again.

Mick Mullins wrote the following: September 10th 2015...9 miles north of Clendenin, WV on the Elk River. Saw my first Bald Eagle flying up the Elk River toward Clay WV. It was huge..most likely a female from the markings. My wife and I were so excited to see her.

My husband and I observed an adult Bald Eagle on a tree near the back waters of the Kanawha River in the area known as Rock Branch. He sat in a tree and we observed him by binoculars for a good ten minutes. He then flew, remained in the area circling several times before he flew away. It was a beautiful clear day around 50 degrees, this was Jan.19, 2015 at 10:45 a.m. What a Blessing!!
Cheryl Ingraham

I have seen three bald eagles in the last two months. One was in the middle of December--a mature bald eagle flew over my house in Clarksburg, WV. On January 11, another mature flew through my neighborhood in Ckarksburg, very low--perhaps only 20 feet from the ground. Then, on January 17, I spotted a juvenile bald eagle at Buffalo Lake eating a deer. I have photos of that one, though not that good. That's three bald eagles in Harrison County, WV, in two months.
William Sheldon

I saw a bald eagle Thursday January 15th as I was crossing the bridge into new Martinsville around noon. It flew about eye level and went over top my car and down the river. This is the third time I have seen one in the wild, but because of its promimity, it was definitely my most memorable.
Mike Reese

I saw a bald eagle on October 12, 2014 in Glengary, West Virginia. It was feeding on a deer carcass in a shallow spot in Back Creek. Pretty neat. It definitely made me stop my car in a hurry.
Jake Smith

I saw a bald eagle on October 9, 2014 along River Road in Rowlesburg (Preston County) WV. Tremendously beautiful ..... I was awestruck!
Laura Zinkmauzy

On Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014 I was returning to my cabin at Glady, WV about a mile from the Alpine Lodge on the Glady Rd. and saw a mature bald eagle feeding on a deer that had been killed beside the road. I approached very slowly and was able to get a great look. The eagle then flew away and landed in a large tree on the far side of a field. Third time that I have seen eagles in this area in past three years.
D F Walters

On September 26, 2014 my father and myself saw a Bald Eagle flying just above the hayfield we were working in. We live in the Kincheloe community about 10 miles SW of Clarksburg, WV.
John Paugh

Standing in my back yard on November 5, 2013, I was looking down the mountain towards Wheeling Creek in Elm Grove, Wheeling, WV. I watched a bald eagle fly directly above the creek. Even from the distance, I could clearly see the distinct ivory head and tips on the wings. Even if it only lasted a few seconds, it was a true thrill.
Jeremiah Nichols

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