Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Mature bald eagle sighted along Kanawha River near the Nitro St Albans bridge at 300 in the afternoon flying southwest toward teays valley. I reported to wv department of natural resources.
Mary Ellen Pauley

Brett Talbott wrote the following: Feb. 8, 2017 12:30 pm walking on the trail at West Virginia Wesleyan College a single adult Bald Eagle came from the east and when he got to the river he followed it to the north. Beautiful!!!

John Faby wrote the following: on 1-21-17 at about 11:45am. I saw adult bald eagle near Mannington was diving at a smaller red tailed hawk.and then just glided away.i didn't think they were around here.i was wrong.good to see them making a come back.

Suzanne Cawley wrote the following: This morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee in our living room, I glanced out the window to see a bald eagle fly right by our house! I was absolutely shocked! What an awesome experience! We live in Fountain near Keyser, WV.

Tammey Mason wrote the following: Today 10-1-2016 at 3:00pm I saw a bald eagle flying on Rt 33 in Elkins , WV. I had just gotten on the 4 lane by the windmills and drive maybe a mile or 2 and the beautiful eagle was flying parallel to the road. I pulled over as well as other cars and took pictures. This is my very first citing ever.

Tobey Knight wrote the following: 9/9/16 @ 2:00pm. While travel on Meadowbrook Rd just pass the Meadowbrook mall a Bald Eagle was flying above Simpson Creek from Murphy's Run Road to across from the 2nd Bridgeport Country Club road access.

Bill Adkins wrote the following: I saw a mature bald eagle, the first I've ever seen, outside of captivity, in my life. August 30, 2016 about 1:30pm in Mineral Wells, West Virginia near Turkey Foot Road. He/she was soaring very high with another large bird much higher which I couldn't identify, I spotted the two and knew the lower bird was a bald eagle,ran in the house for my 10 power binoculars and still couldn't tell what the higher bird was. My wife saw them too. This is close to the Little Kanawha River.

Teresa Satterfield wrote the following: Going home from work on August 25 on Saltwell Road between Bridgeport and Shinnston, I was surprised to see a bald eagle. It flew from the field below the road into a tree above the road. I stop the car to look at it again. A beautiful sight and one I never thought I would see in WV.

Holly Hoffmann wrote the following: We were excited to see a Bald Eagle at the London Lock and Dam from Route 60 around noon today, 1/17/16. Happy Birding!

David Robinson wrote the following: I had several pictures of a bald eagle on my trail camera on my property ner Rainelle WV.

sandra lane wrote the following: my granddaughter and i were eating breakfast on nov. 28 2015 and saw a bald eagle flying up river on rt 4 7 miles from clendenin,wv. i have always wandted to see one . it was wonderful ot see one from my window.

Rusty Sarver wrote the following: My son and I saw a beautiful bald eagle today 11/27/2015 in Spanishburg WV along the Bluestone River.

William Sheldon wrote the following: Area Sighted: Clarksburg, WV
Dates: November 23 and November 25
I'm writing to report two separate eagle sightings. On November 23, 2015, I spotted an eagle flying high over the Hartland area of Clarksburg, WV. I managed to get a couple of photos.
Then, two days later, I am walking the Rails to Trails in Clarksburg, again in the Hartland area, and I see one eagle dash off of a tree and land down river. I continue to walk and look for bird photos, when I see the eagle take off again, with another behind it. That amounts to three eagles in as many days, unless the one I saw on November 23 is one of the ones I saw two days later. Either way, it looks like we might have Bald Eagles using this area as their winter grounds. I saw them here last year on four different occasions.

Katie Haught wrote the following: 10/4/15 ravenswood wv spotted and photographed a bald eagle circling above the town. Circled off to the south west.

Bonnie Brown wrote the following: There is a mountain in between Hedgesville and Martinsburg WV on Dry Run Rd. I saw the eagle fishing in the creek at the bottom of the mountain. I stopped the car and backed up to make sure that I saw it correctly. It turned and looked at me and then flew off into a tree along the banks and perched there. I drove off. I didn't want to disturb it, but was super excited that I got to see this beautiful bird in the wild. I drive this road every day, and every day I will keep my eyes open to see if I can see it again.

Mick Mullins wrote the following: September 10th 2015...9 miles north of Clendenin, WV on the Elk River. Saw my first Bald Eagle flying up the Elk River toward Clay WV. It was huge..most likely a female from the markings. My wife and I were so excited to see her.

My husband and I observed an adult Bald Eagle on a tree near the back waters of the Kanawha River in the area known as Rock Branch. He sat in a tree and we observed him by binoculars for a good ten minutes. He then flew, remained in the area circling several times before he flew away. It was a beautiful clear day around 50 degrees, this was Jan.19, 2015 at 10:45 a.m. What a Blessing!!
Cheryl Ingraham

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