Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Teresa Satterfield wrote the following: Going home from work on August 25 on Saltwell Road between Bridgeport and Shinnston, I was surprised to see a bald eagle. It flew from the field below the road into a tree above the road. I stop the car to look at it again. A beautiful sight and one I never thought I would see in WV.

Holly Hoffmann wrote the following: We were excited to see a Bald Eagle at the London Lock and Dam from Route 60 around noon today, 1/17/16. Happy Birding!

David Robinson wrote the following: I had several pictures of a bald eagle on my trail camera on my property ner Rainelle WV.

sandra lane wrote the following: my granddaughter and i were eating breakfast on nov. 28 2015 and saw a bald eagle flying up river on rt 4 7 miles from clendenin,wv. i have always wandted to see one . it was wonderful ot see one from my window.

Rusty Sarver wrote the following: My son and I saw a beautiful bald eagle today 11/27/2015 in Spanishburg WV along the Bluestone River.

William Sheldon wrote the following: Area Sighted: Clarksburg, WV
Dates: November 23 and November 25
I'm writing to report two separate eagle sightings. On November 23, 2015, I spotted an eagle flying high over the Hartland area of Clarksburg, WV. I managed to get a couple of photos.
Then, two days later, I am walking the Rails to Trails in Clarksburg, again in the Hartland area, and I see one eagle dash off of a tree and land down river. I continue to walk and look for bird photos, when I see the eagle take off again, with another behind it. That amounts to three eagles in as many days, unless the one I saw on November 23 is one of the ones I saw two days later. Either way, it looks like we might have Bald Eagles using this area as their winter grounds. I saw them here last year on four different occasions.

Katie Haught wrote the following: 10/4/15 ravenswood wv spotted and photographed a bald eagle circling above the town. Circled off to the south west.

Bonnie Brown wrote the following: There is a mountain in between Hedgesville and Martinsburg WV on Dry Run Rd. I saw the eagle fishing in the creek at the bottom of the mountain. I stopped the car and backed up to make sure that I saw it correctly. It turned and looked at me and then flew off into a tree along the banks and perched there. I drove off. I didn't want to disturb it, but was super excited that I got to see this beautiful bird in the wild. I drive this road every day, and every day I will keep my eyes open to see if I can see it again.

Mick Mullins wrote the following: September 10th 2015...9 miles north of Clendenin, WV on the Elk River. Saw my first Bald Eagle flying up the Elk River toward Clay WV. It was huge..most likely a female from the markings. My wife and I were so excited to see her.

My husband and I observed an adult Bald Eagle on a tree near the back waters of the Kanawha River in the area known as Rock Branch. He sat in a tree and we observed him by binoculars for a good ten minutes. He then flew, remained in the area circling several times before he flew away. It was a beautiful clear day around 50 degrees, this was Jan.19, 2015 at 10:45 a.m. What a Blessing!!
Cheryl Ingraham

I have seen three bald eagles in the last two months. One was in the middle of December--a mature bald eagle flew over my house in Clarksburg, WV. On January 11, another mature flew through my neighborhood in Ckarksburg, very low--perhaps only 20 feet from the ground. Then, on January 17, I spotted a juvenile bald eagle at Buffalo Lake eating a deer. I have photos of that one, though not that good. That's three bald eagles in Harrison County, WV, in two months.
William Sheldon

I saw a bald eagle Thursday January 15th as I was crossing the bridge into new Martinsville around noon. It flew about eye level and went over top my car and down the river. This is the third time I have seen one in the wild, but because of its promimity, it was definitely my most memorable.
Mike Reese

I saw a bald eagle on October 12, 2014 in Glengary, West Virginia. It was feeding on a deer carcass in a shallow spot in Back Creek. Pretty neat. It definitely made me stop my car in a hurry.
Jake Smith

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