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West Virginia

My husband and I observed an adult Bald Eagle on a tree near the back waters of the Kanawha River in the area known as Rock Branch. He sat in a tree and we observed him by binoculars for a good ten minutes. He then flew, remained in the area circling several times before he flew away. It was a beautiful clear day around 50 degrees, this was Jan.19, 2015 at 10:45 a.m. What a Blessing!!
Cheryl Ingraham
I have seen three bald eagles in the last two months. One was in the middle of December--a mature bald eagle flew over my house in Clarksburg, WV. On January 11, another mature flew through my neighborhood in Ckarksburg, very low--perhaps only 20 feet from the ground. Then, on January 17, I spotted a juvenile bald eagle at Buffalo Lake eating a deer. I have photos of that one, though not that good. That's three bald eagles in Harrison County, WV, in two months.
William Sheldon
I saw a bald eagle Thursday January 15th as I was crossing the bridge into new Martinsville around noon. It flew about eye level and went over top my car and down the river. This is the third time I have seen one in the wild, but because of its promimity, it was definitely my most memorable.
Mike Reese
I saw a bald eagle on October 12, 2014 in Glengary, West Virginia. It was feeding on a deer carcass in a shallow spot in Back Creek. Pretty neat. It definitely made me stop my car in a hurry.
Jake Smith
I saw a bald eagle on October 9, 2014 along River Road in Rowlesburg (Preston County) WV. Tremendously beautiful ..... I was awestruck!
Laura Zinkmauzy
On Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014 I was returning to my cabin at Glady, WV about a mile from the Alpine Lodge on the Glady Rd. and saw a mature bald eagle feeding on a deer that had been killed beside the road. I approached very slowly and was able to get a great look. The eagle then flew away and landed in a large tree on the far side of a field. Third time that I have seen eagles in this area in past three years.
D F Walters
On September 26, 2014 my father and myself saw a Bald Eagle flying just above the hayfield we were working in. We live in the Kincheloe community about 10 miles SW of Clarksburg, WV.
John Paugh
Standing in my back yard on November 5, 2013, I was looking down the mountain towards Wheeling Creek in Elm Grove, Wheeling, WV. I watched a bald eagle fly directly above the creek. Even from the distance, I could clearly see the distinct ivory head and tips on the wings. Even if it only lasted a few seconds, it was a true thrill.
Jeremiah Nichols
Two weeks ago and twice this week (October 28 & 30, 2013) I have seen a bald eagle feeding off of a deer carcass in a meadow along Greensburg Road, in Martinsburg, WV, just before 8:00 a.m. At first I wasn't sure that it was an eagle and turned the car around to go back and look again. Yes! It was an eagle and a good size one, too! The eagle wasn't disturbed by me watching from my vehicle, simply watching the car to make sure nothing else happened, and then went back to eating. What a beautiful sight and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to see one in the wild for the first time...especially here at home in WV!
Vicky Polan
On October 2, 2013 at 7:45 am., we witnessed a bald eagle flying over our cabin in Pleasants County, West Virginia. He flew around our cabin several times and then landed and sat in a tree not far from us. In just a few moments a female flew over and together they flew off into the woods.
What an amazing sight!
Steph Mand
On Friday September 20, 2013 in Grant County, West Virginia between Moorefield and Petersburg I sighted a bald eagle on the side of the road. As I drove beside it, the eagle was attempting to pick up a raccoon sized piece of road kill. As the eagle began to fly away, it dropped the road kill but I got a wonderful view of this beautiful animal. There was no mistaking it's signature white head and tail, as well as it's enormous wingspan.
Dr. John Jackfert
We saw a single bald eagle in the early morning on February 14, 2013 in a large field just off River Road near Berkeley Springs ,WV. It was so exciting for us, never having seen a bald eagle in the wild before. The eagle was feeding off something in the field and we stopped the car to watch it from a distance. It stayed on the ground for some time, but took to the air when another car passed by. What a spectacular bird in flight ! It landed in the very top of a high tree near the edge of the field.
Marcia Colvin from Morgantown, WV.
Standing on the creek bank in elm grove, wheeling WV on 2-2-2013. My friend and I saw a young bald eagle fly directly in front of us and continue up the creek. We where on the high side looking down on the water the eagle was eyelevel to us. What a sight!

Mark Black
Tygart lake West Virginia 1/19/2013 approximately 1:30 pm. I was walking shoreline with another neighbor near in West Hill section of shoreline. A pair of eagles flew over and around us for a few minutes. They flew together like fighter jets in tandem. was the first time I saw a pair have seen single birds many other time.
William H. Kiser
While walking my dog in the yard at 7:15 am EDT this morning, I spotted a bald eagle in a tree. It then flew low and directly over my home. Appeared full grown with white head and tail. Was unable to grab camera to capture photo.
Pam Melvin
On Monday, November 26th, 2012, I was walking my dog in my development, Meadow Spring Farm in Martinsburg, WV at about 2:00 pm est. when I spotted a Bald Eagle circling low enough to identify it's white head and tail feathers. It was very exciting. I watched it for quite some time in amazement. I left the area to retrieve my camera and when I returned it had flown away.
Roz Haram
on 11/8/12 my daughter and i spotted a young bald eagle in Green Bank, West Virginia near the library around 11am. while driving i spotted some birds just above the tree line flying and heading over my car. it turned out to be a group of crows chasing a young mature bald eagle. what a sight! the bald eagle was crystal clear, just above my car, and i could see its talons and yellow beak. it looked like it was really having a bad morning with the local Luftwaffe squadron of crows.
Craig Johnson
On Friday October 12 I saw a bald eagle in Martinsburg WV. In the field with a dead fawn, on Lost Road. It was the first time I had ever seen one. I walk on this road frequently and I am a bird watcher, so it immediatly caught my eye! What a sight, so excitin! I have seen it 4 times, in 4 days, always going back to the carcass. I am curious how big there territory is, if He/She will nesting around here or are they just passing through?
Becky Jenkins
Sighting occured 08/24/2012 in Parsons,wv on Brooklyn heights rd. I saw a big bald eagle flying over the river. It was following the river scanning the water it was moving fairly fast but there's no mistaking that beautiful white head when you see it. Very beautiful Bald Eagle. It sure made my day.
Cheney Allman
Spotted a pair of bald eagles next to Algright Power Station in Albright, WV. Pulled off road to watch the male make several short trips out over the water while the female stayed on perch along the river.
Darin Lloyd
Every morning, almost without fail, my wife and I see a pair of bald eagles while driving on WV 55 (Corridor H) near Moorefield, WV. It is usually between 7:00 and 7:30am. We have also noticed what appears to be a juvenile bald eagle, at times perched near the adults. We have only seen the juvenile twice. It has become a "game" to see who spots them first!
Joe Smith, III
Monday, January 30, 2012
Just watched a male and female Bald Eagle latch talons in mid-air and spiral down toward the water at Cheat Lake, Morgantown, WV. They broke apart and soared over my head. What a great day!
Janet Hertig
Sighted on Friday, January 13, 2012, flying along Route 9 on the WV/VA boarder (just outside of Charles Town, WV) above the Shenandoah River at about 10:00 am. It was so amazing... at first I simply noticed a large bird flying along the ridge. Thought nothing of it really as hawks are quite common around here. Then as I reached the peak of the ridge, it turned slightly right and holy cow! It was a bald eagle! I almost wrecked the car! What a most glorious thing to see. And the second one I have seen since moving here in 2008... about two years ago a neighbor and I saw one close to where we live, again along the Shenandoah along a different road, closer to town. If I recall, we almost wrecked the car then to!
~Michelle Ryan
Charles Town, WV
Location: Triadelphia, West Virginia
Date: 12/30/2011
Time: Approximately 8:50 am
Flying relatively low over Interstate 70, at the bottom of Two Mile Hill before the exit to Elm Grove, West Virginia, I spotted a bald eagle this morning! I first noticed a flock of birds with one larger bird in the middle. The light morning sky was behind them so all I could really see was that the bird in the middle was much, much larger than the surrounding birds. As they changed course, the dark hillside was behind them and I could clearly see the large white head of the bird in the middle! it was then that I realized it was a bald eagle!! I was so excited!! The smaller birds were hassling the eagle and I am sure they were not happy this prey bird was in their area. I was on my way to work and driving so I was not able to spend very much time looking at them, they were quickly in my review mirror. Maybe some other traveler spotted them and got to view them longer. I was very excited and reported this to the folks at Oglebay Institute Nature Center as well.
Jodie Hohman
My Son and I saw a bald eagle yesterday Dec. 17, 2011 around 10:00 A.M. It was perched in the top of a locust tree in our pasture field. A crow or black bird was flying with the eagle. We live two mile from Union WV located in Monroe County WV.
Debbie Wilson
My sighting of an adult eagle was about 9:30 am in Slanesville, WV today 12/12/11. It flew over our home while I was on my way to our chicken coop.
MJ Wenzel
Charleston, WV - Nov. 14, 2011 @ 12:30 PM. Mature Bald Eagle was seen flying low over the Kanawha River right between the Capitol and University of Charleston. It turned and went back down river and landed in the trees on the South side of the river.
D Pauley
I had an excellent view of an adult Bald Eagle in Brooke County, West Virginia on 10/10/2011. It was flying along Rt. 2 near Cross Creek and landed in a tree near the road. This is the second time I have witnessed an Eagle in this area, with the first sighting occuring approximately 1 year ago.
M. Wallace
10/06/2011 Elkins, WV
On my way back from taking my son to school, a mature bald eagle overflew my car carrying a large dead bloodied animal. Another eagle immediately joined up with the first and they flew up the Tygart Valley Rivera just south of the Elkins city limits. I turned to follow them but lost sight of them in the trees.
Hayes Shelton, Elkins, WV
Sept 8, 2011. I saw an adult Bald Eagle perched high above the New River at Gauley Bridge, Fayette County, West Virginia...Steve Beverly
I saw an Adult Bald eagle yesterday 8/23/11 at Tygert Lake State Park in WV. I swooped down, right by the launch pad, and grabbed something from the water. White head and tail. Balance of the body was brown. Large bird of prey, so I had to be a Bald Eagle.
Theresa McCall
On Saturday, 20 August 2011 (about 1:00 p.m.), I sighted a single, mature Bald Eagle flying up-stream, approximately 60 feet above the head-waters (southern-most end) of Flat Top Lake in Ghent, West Virginia (near the southern Raleigh County border). This is my first sighting of a Bald Eagle within the State of West Virginia.
Bill McGinnis
8.21.11 about 3:30 PM
Sutton lake in Sutton, WV. Very near the Sutton dam. We were kayaking and saw it circle and land in a tree. Huge bird, fantastic.
Hannah Toney
The bald eagles Are more common in the last couple of years,Around Hinton W.V..In the New River,And Blue Stone lake.I have spotted as many as 8 on the lake at 1 time.A recent count I think was 16 or so.
garvey strong
Adult Bald Eagle spotted 2/13/11 along the Ohio River in Marshall County, WV.
I was standing at the mouth of Fish Creek and spotted it circling south towards New Martinsville. It seemed to be favoring the Ohio side of the river. This is the second one I have seen in the area. The other was several years just north of Glen Dale along WV Route 2.
Chas Garvick, Jr.
Northern Panhandle of Hancock County just north of New Cumberland, WV three bald eagles were observed sitting on a tree branch facing Route 2. Two were clearly adult eagles.
Sharon Ulbright
There are three eagles north of New Cumberland WV, two have white heads and the other is still brown these birds have been here for the last few years.. Also you can see them from the roadway. These eagles were there today at noon. All three of them.
John Paul Jones
My husband, son and I were driving down Route 8 along the Ohio River in Northern tip of WV. We never thought we'd in our lifetime see a Bald Eagle without going to like, Alaska. Well we're heading to my Mother-In-Laws and there it was... flying right across the road and circling back through. Alas, we didn't have the camera on hand. But it was Feb. 10th of this year and let me tell you, seeing it that close to tell what it was, was just....breathtaking. We felt quite honored. We also saw it again, or a different one, on the 12th a couple miles on up.
-S Jackson
Spotted an Adult Male Bald Eagle soaring above my neighborhood in Fairmont, WV.
Location: North of Exit 132 on I-79, across from Fairmont East High School and over the Tygart River.
Time: Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 12:15 PM
First time I have ever spotted a Bald Eagle in this part of the country.
Sandra Costello
On Sunday, October 10, at around 8:30 am I was in Colfax, WV on the bridge crossing the Tygart River taking pictures. I saw a large bird, flying around the tree line, and started snapping pictures until I couldn’t see it anymore. At the time, I thought it was a large crow or chicken hawk. When I got home and downloaded the pictures, I found that it was a bald eagle. I didn’t know we had any in the area, but have since heard of several sightings in the area. The pics aren’t great due to the distance, but you can easily see what type of bird it is.
Dottie Hanshaw
Viewed a bald Eagle on 1/19/2010 – location was at Oakland between U and VW ave in Kalamazoo county
Thomas Frisk
Petersburg, West Virginia.... 01/06/10
My workplace is right next to the river in Petersburg, and today i happened to look out window and spotted our resident bald eagle flying over the bridge and following the river, fishing obviously. We have seen this bald eagle and what i will assume to be its mate quite frequently over the last couple weeks. What a truly beautiful sight to watch them flying in the wild like this.
Becky Martin
I saw a bald eagle on the Greenbrier River, Greenbrier Co., West Virginia. A single bald eagle flying alone witnessed by 2 avid birders, wonderful sight @ 10:30 am.
Amy Haden
I grew up in West Virginia and had my first WV bald eagle siting today. My husband and I were on I64 coming through Charleston and it flew up the Kanawha river and crossed over the interstate right in front of us. I've seen one other in the wild in Seattle but didn't know they were I'm WV.
Melissa Goodwin
Weirton WV. Saw bald eagle flying along the Ohio river near West Virginia side of Brown's island. Nov 29, 2009
Brian Maley
We have spotted Bald Eagles twice in the last two weeks near our home. First sighting was Nov 13, 2009 in an old sycamore tree in the middle of a pasture off Smith Rd. near Charles Town, WV. The second sighting a week later revealed two eagles in the same tree. It was a clear day and we were able to take many pictures. We watched the pair for some time and the smaller eagle flew off, soaring in circles above the tree going a little higher with each circle. We continue to watch the tree, which we can see from our kitchen window. They are awesome to watch!!!
Nancy Hetzel
On Saturday, November 14, 2009, I saw a pair of bald eagles flying overhead while climbing Ben's Hill, near Trout Pond, WV. It was truly a beautiful and possibly a once in a lifetime sighting in our area.
Bill Kingery
November 9, 2009 4:20 pm
I saw three bald eagles flying up the Kanawha Valley at Winfield.
Douglas Kirk
Really exciting for me because I am an outdoorsman (60 years old) and have been desiring to sight a bald eagle in the wild in West Virginia for years. This afternoon my wife and I was sitting on our front porch (facing East) in Boomer, West Virginia, while listening to my wife talk and talk, I had been observing some rather large birds circling in the distance to the East. We have a large number of buzzards flying and circling around quite often, so I paid very little attention to the birds except to occasionally look in the sky from time to time. Between 3:30 - 3:45 PM, I glanced skyward (South-East) as I had been doing for the past hour, and against the bright blue sky, the sun's bright light shone on one of the birds overhead (South-East) and immediately I realized it was a bald eagle. I said "Wow" and jumped up and run into the house to retrieve my binoculars. And for almost one and half hours off and on I observed the two bald eagles (mostly in the East). Every time either would soar to where the sun would reflect off of it's body, the white head and the white tail feathers just stood out so boldly. Handing the binoculars to one of my neighbors, he too was able to observe one of the eagles as it circled back over the mountain into view and out of view again. My wife could never focus the binoculars to see either of the birds close up as they flew in and out of view. They where really up high most of the time and you could only observe them when they would drop out of the sky. The only time I observed them low was when I originally identified the first eagle with my naked eyes as it flew almost directly overhead. And while observing the the two adults birds, another very large bird, almost the same size as the two bald eagles, soared overhead for about 5 -10 minutes. I was able to get a pretty good look at this bird also. I think this was a juvenile eagle but I can not be certain. However, I do not think it was a buzzard because I could plainly see body shape, the wing pattern and a yellowish color beak. And the buzzards around here do not have yellow beaks. There was no white on this bird any place I could see. However, I could readily observe the yellow to whitest beak on the bird as it circled overhead. This has been a good day for me. Thank you.
Robert L. Peyton Jr
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