Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Adam Cornelison wrote the following: Actually spotted 2. In Grand Teton NP in Teton, WY! Got some good shots.

My brother and I were camping on the west end of North Piney Lake in Wyoming on Saturday September 22nd, 2012 and we saw this bald eagle circling the lake and it landed a few hundred feet from our campsite.
Sighting the eagle was a highlight of the trip.
Patrick Hansen

I live in Northeastern Wyoming. Beginning the end of November 2011 until now the beginning of December 2011 I have come across Bald Eagles twice while traveling between Devils Tower WY and Hulett, WY. The first sighting was a group of at least 3 mature bald eagles (unsure as to genders) and the second sighting was a mature bald eagle flying with an immature bald eagle. These were amazing sights. I grew up in South Dakota and saw a couple in the many years I lived there. I never however came across them right by the road, in groups, or flying so close to cars that I had to maneuver to avoid hitting them. They are such beautiful animals that I hope they continue to flourish.
Tina Halvorson

I live in Gillette wy a friend and I went on a road trip dec. 22 to the bighorn mountains in our travels we spotted 14 bald eagles the next day we drove up the Broadus highway and saw 5 more bald eagles.
Doug Halfpop

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