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The American Eagle

Bird of Columbia! well art thou
An emblem of our native land;
With unblenched front and noble brow,
Among the nations doomed to stand;
Proud, like her mighty mountain woods;
Like her own rivers wandering free;
And sending forth from hills and floods
The joyous shout of liberty!

Like thee, majestic bird! like thee,
She stands in unbought majesty,
With spreading wings, untired and strong,
That dares a soaring far and long,
That mounts aloft, nor looks below
And will not quail, though tempests blow.

The admiration of earth,
In grand simplicity she stands;
Like thee, the storms beheld her birth,
And she was nursed by ragged hands;
But, pasted the fierce and furious war,
Her rising fame new glory brings,
For kings and nobles come from far
To seek the shelter of her wings.
And like thee, rider of the cloud,
She mounts the heavens, serene and proud,
Great in her pure and noble fame,
Great in her spotless champion's name,
And destined in her day to be
Mighty as Rome, more nobly free.

© C. W. Thompson