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Jean Keene - The Eagle Lady

Jean Keene, Image created by Hope Rutledge

   Jean Keene, widely known as the "Eagle Lady," passed away January 13, 2009; she was 85.
   In 1977 Jean Keene relocated from Aitkin, MN to Alaska, where she lived in a trailer parked within a small enclosure, which was surrounded by a campground on the Homer Spit. Soon after her arrival, while employed at a seafood plant, Jean was given permission to gather surplus and freezer burned fish for a pair of eagles wintering by her home. Ten years later, more than 200 eagles were gathering by Jean's home from late December through mid April. To feed 200-300 eagles, Jean loaded about 500 lbs of fish into barrels and then into her pickup for the short drive home. She chopped the fish into smaller chunks making them easier for the eagles to carry.
   Jean was known around the world for her generosity and efforts to care for the Homer eagles.
   Homer officials passed an ordinance to ban eagle feeding on the Homer Spit; soon followed by an emergency ordinance to extend eagle feeding for 60 days beyond Jean Keene's death. Since eagle feeding had already begun for the winter, wildlife officials agreed it was best to taper off the feedings. The Homer City Council allowed friends of Jean to feed until March 27, 2009.

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eagles,Image created by Hope Rutledge
Gathering for breakfast beside Jean's home.

eagles,Image created by Hope Rutledge
Waiting for the "Eagle Lady" on a snowy winter morning.

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