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My granddaughter and son-in-law spotted this bald eagle on Lake Mitchell in Chilton County Alabama Feb. 3, 2020. It was her first eagle. She is two, I was 60 when I saw my first one.
Tony Huggins

Driving down Highway 167 headed north from Hartford, Alabama to Enterprise, Alabama. My wife and I spotted a beautiful Bald Eagle over the Choctawhatchee River on Sunday, 14 January 2018 at about 9:20 AM. He was obviously looking for food. What a magnificent site. In the past year, I have spotted a pair of Bald Eagles twice. This was the closest I have been so far...about 300 feet.
Jim Brock

At 7:30am on December 24th 2017 - we live about 7 miles northeast of Blountsville, Alabama. The beautiful bald eagle was perched atop a tree out in one of our sheep pastures. I was able to make several pics from inside before it flew away.
Richard Dickerson

On Friday December the 22nd 2017, a bald eagle landed in the pasture by our house in Odenville AL, just off highway 411 and Kelly Creek Road.
Took a couple of quick photos with my phone of him flying away.
Kenny McCrary

My husband was cutting grass and seen a large shadow on the ground and looked up and a bald Eagle was trying to get away from some buzzards it landed in the top of a large tree across the lake in front of our house. I got a few pictures but nothing is very clear but it was a eagle no doubt. We felt very lucky to have seen this beautiful Bird.
Pat Harrell

Today while fishing at Oxford lake, me and my fiancé spotted a bald eagle. It was an amazing sight. This was the first bald eagle I ever saw in the wild.
Robert Perry

Jamey Ketchu wrote the following: My son, Kyle and I saw a Bald Eagle in Mobile County, Alabama on Kushla McCleod Road on February 4, 2017. I was driving in my car. It was on the ground and when I got close it flew up and was flying in the same direction in front of my car. It was a pretty cool sight. It was the first one that I had seen. I didn't know the Bald Eagle was in Alabama.

Nelson Wiggins wrote the following: 1/28/17 At the lower landing at Claiborne L&D. Monroe County AL, Large Bald Eagle, eating ,flew to a nearby tree , then west across the River. ew

Eagle sighting on Ball Diamond Road in Joppa, Al on January 22, 2017
Janice Rivers

Eleanor Callan wrote the following: I own a place on Smith Lake around Crane Hill area. Several people have seen Bald Eagles in the area. My husband and I actually threw several fresh fish out of our holding tank onto our dock when we saw one sitting in the trees close by. The eagle came around several times and took the fish to a tall tree and ate them.

Pat Wright wrote the following: 1adult Bald Eagle on 23 Nov2016, Hollis Crossroads, AL.

Suzanne pair wrote the following: I have seen a bald eagle two time very close to my house on the little warrior river.One was solid brown and while I was in a boat I seen a bald eagle that was white and brown how beautiful.

jerry blackwell wrote the following: 2/10/16
This morning at about 9:30 I walked outside in my front yard I saw a large bird in a tree about 120feet from me. I see apair of hawks in the same area most days, but they are not this big. As it changed trees I tried to circled to get a better view. It moved to fast to get a better view. From all the pictures and discripen I have seen of eagles I finally realized that what it was!
It kept changing trees heading north till I lost sight of it. It was about 150 feet east of al. Highway 143 one mile south of Marbury, al.

M Andrews wrote the following: Spotted gorgeous eagle on the Black Warrior river just downstream of the Paul Bryant bridge in Tuscaloosa.

Alice Christian wrote the following: I saw a mature male sitting on a dead deer on the side of hwy 225 in Baldwin County, AL. It was only about 5 yards from the roadway. It was near the entrance to Blakely State Park.

H. Bates wrote the following: Horseshoe Bend Park, Tallapoosa River, Alabama- About 30 minutes after dawn- driving on Highway 49, saw a bald eagle fly up from about 10 feet off the road. Breathtaking!

Christie Jones wrote the following: Jacksonville, Alabama flying over Hwy. 204 right outside the city limits. It was a beautiful Bald Eagle. I spotted it due to the white head and tail feathers. It may have just been passing through...but it was a sight to see!

Haley Lucido wrote the following: We spotted a mature bald eagle perched in a tree overlooking Paradise Lake, a private wooded residential lake in Hoover (Birmingham), AL. The eagle flew off but returned a few moments later to fly in a circle around the lake, very reminiscent of War Eagle flying in Jordan Hare Stadium! It was a pretty incredible sight. Since the lake is popular for many birds of prey who hunt for fish in the lake, we hope the eagle will return again soon.

Heather Huber wrote the following: A bald eagle flew across the road in front of me yesterday (12/6/15)at about 1:25 pm. It came out of some tall pine trees and crossed the road just north of the intersection of South Memorial Parkway (Hwy 231) and Mountain Gap Rd in Huntsville, AL. Definitely a bald eagle. It had the white head and tail and the wing span was tremendous. So beautiful! I wish I could have taken a picture.

Debi Schoenrock wrote the following: Columbus, Ga Phenix City, Al.. Flying on the Alabama side of the Chattahoochee River...

Anthony Ricchiuti wrote the following: Gantt, Alabama. Over the Conecuh River. November 2, 2015 at10:15 AM. Clear, partly cloudy skies. Mature eagle sighted flying in circles over my house ant that of my neighbors. Very clearly a bald eagle, white head and tail, yellow feet. Have also sighted them in Conecuh County flying over wooded areas.

Toby Reaves wrote the following: I saw a Bald Eagle feeding in a pasture off of Hwy 431 between Lafayette and Opelika not far from Hwy 147 on 10/2/15. I took a couple of not so great pics as it flew off. But most definitely a Bald Eagle.

Last week an immature bald eagle lighted on my deck railing. The large bright yellow talons were the sure sign. He sat there for about ten seconds and as I reached for my iPad to take his photo he flew. Very large and I had no idea what it was when it was landing. From photos I feel sure it was an eagle.
Susan Hester
August 2015
Dothan, Alabama

My wife and I watched a bald eagle as she fished around the banks of Ed Lisenby lake for about an hour in Ozark AL, at appr. 2:00 pm on Feb. 3, 2015. She soared around from one point to another so beautifully. It looked very much like a female based on the pictures I've seen, and yes I was fortunate enough to get my binoculars on her, I keep them in my truck. This is actually the second I have seen here, the first was many years ago and I don't remember the date. In total I have been blessed to have seen four out in the wild, one in Texas and one in Kansas. If you ever have the blessing of seeing one of these there will be no mistakes, there are no other birds like them and it is no wonder why they are so special.
Bobby and Stephania Lane

I was driving north on highway 231 near the city of Wetumpka AL and saw the first bald eagle gliding west and traveling into the sunset and saw its white head.
Lynn Whited

I spotted a Bald Eagle on my property on January 4, 2015. I live in Mobile, Alabama just west of the city limits and while outdoors doing some projects I heard my Labrador Retriever bark once and I looked to see and noticed that she was sitting at the edge of my three acre pond looking across it when I caught a glimpse of a very large bird flying from a tall pine tree. At first, I thought it was a buzzard by the size of it but as I watched it fly through the tree tops, I realized that it was a Bald Eagle clinging to something in its talons. It flew within about 100 yards of me about 50 feet above the ground, so I’m certain it was a Bald Eagle with a white head, white tail feathers and about a 6 feet wing span. I was thrilled to see such a beautiful creature and wished I had time to photograph it before it flew away. I see red-tailed hawks regularly and have some good photos of them, but this eagle is more than twice their size. I’ve only seen one Bald Eagle in the wild prior to this one, but that was in Camden, Alabama about ten years ago.
R.Eric Greene

1/1/2015. Huntsville, Alabama. I live in south Huntsville at the base of Green Mountain about 1.5 miles north of the Tennessee River. While doing yard work I kept hearing a hawk calling in one of the many abundant trees. It took me several minutes to locate him - he was jumping from limb to limb and calling out constantly. There was a very large dark object in the tree with him - didn't know what it was until it moved and I was able to pick out the white head and tail feathers of a Bald Eagle. The eagle appeared to be eating something and was ignoring the hawk for the most part. This went on about 10 minutes until the eagle decided he had had enough and off he flew. Amazing experience - being near the mountain we see many hawks but have never seen an eagle.
Joel Patterson.

19 December 2014 in Limestone County Alabama between HWY 72 and Brownsferry RD, my wife and I were sitting on our back porch when something in the sky caught her eye. A bald eagle passed over our house in Newby Plantation flying very low from south to north.
Terry and Amy Frederick.

Wife and I spent 15 minutes last Friday (11/14/14) watching a bald eagle near Trafford, Al. I spotted the bird as we were crossing the McKnally Ford Bridge (33.830181,-86.756028) over the Locust Fork river on Warrior-Trafford road (153). I stopped and backed up to make sure I wasn't seeing things and the eagle came up with a fish from the shallow water on the left. Bird was fishing on the north side of the road and flying back up to the tree overhanging the river on the right. After asking around, the eagle has been spotted by several locals over the past several weeks.
Kevin Elrod

Have a bald eagle living in a tree near a private lake on my property in Hale County, AL.
Austin Rice

Saw a Bald Eagle at 1:20pm, 10-12-2014, 11 miles north of Dothan, AL. This is the first time I've ever seen one here.
Jed Shilas

Hwy 21 mile marker 28. Between Frisco City, AL and Uriah, AL east side of hwy perched in a barren tree
David Wood

I got to watch a bald eagle fly over a lake while I was fishing. I didn't catch a thing but it caught two. I was in Weaver, Alabama and it was about 3:00pm.
Jordan Weathers

I saw a bald eagle above my house about 11 AM on 1/19/2014. I live in Mobile, Al in Crestview Subdivision. He circled the house about five minutes then moved off to the NW. He was about 3-4 hundred feet above me and I thought he was a hawk at first cause we have alot of them around us. He made a turn and that is when I saw his bright white head and tail feathers and then I knew it was an eagle.
John Perkins

We saw a immature bald eagle at 1130 on 1/4/2014 in Semmes, AL on Firetower Road. It soared above us for a good 15 minutes. I thought it was a Golden Eagle but I do not think they are this far South.
Doug Ferguson

3:05 pm, Oct 6. Titus side of Lake Jordan, in a light rain. A beautiful specimen circled over the area, flying from north to south and then back toward the north at tree top level. Hope it's the first of many sightings and they'll become established in the area.
Dave Reid September 26, 2013 - A bald eagle flew across Highway 82 in front of our car just west of Reform, Alabama. I immediately noticed the white tail feathers. It landed in a pine tree and we could see the beautiful profile and orange beak. This was our first and only time to see a bald eagle in the wild. =
David Lack

Sept 11, 2013
Elmore County, Alabama
About 2:45pm local time
My friend Robert Griffith and I were flying a Civil Air Patrol glider just east of the Wetumpka Airport. We were circling in lift at about 4,200' and I noticed a bird off our left wing. We typically see buzzards and hawks so we were not surprised--except this was a bald eagle. I turned the glider toward the eagle and it dived away. I dived the glider to follow and then noticed a second bald eagle, both diving away from us. Robert took a couple of photos with his phone; you can make out the white of their tail-feathers but that is about all. The entire encounter lasted less than thirty seconds. But it was quite a treat!
Jim Locke
Montgomery, AL

I sighted a Bald Eagle in Limestone County (North Alabama) near the intersection of Huntsville Brownsferry Road & Cambridge Lane. He was flying up from a crop field. I assume that he had just caught something.
Jamie Holden

My wife and I saw a Bald Eagle flying low along the Tennessee River in South Huntsville in Madison County, Alabama this past December 2012. We were heading North on Hwy 231 over the Whitesburg Bridge into Huntsville and it flew right over the car. There are Eagle viewing areas in North Alabama at Lake Guntersville State Park about 30-40 miles Southeast along the Tennessee River during the winter, but we have never seen one in our County.
Chips and Teresa Rosher

Today I saw an American Bald eagle for the 3rd time in 3 weeks at the small lake in my backyard. This beautiful large eagle has been coming to catch fish in the small neighborhood lake that joins my back yard. I live in Madison County Alabama. This eagle has white feathers on his head and under his tail and is quite large. He has been coming and catching and eating fish. He sits in a tree until he sees a fish, swoops out over and drops down to catch the fish, then goes back to the tree to eat it. Today he flew right up to my fence with wings spread and dropped down in the shallow water at the water's edge just beyond my backyard fence, claws extended and caught a large fish. He took the fish to a nearby tree and stayed there for about 45 minutes eating the fish. When the crows starting landing in the tree he continued to eat for a while and then flew over the trees toward the Flint River. At one point the eagle buzzed low over the 12 ducks on our little lake.
It's been so exciting to have a bald eagle in my back yard!
Sharon Johnson

My husband and I saw a bald eagle sitting on a light pole as we travelled west on I-10 over Mobile Bay on September 11, 1012. Also think we spotted a nest on another light pole (the kind with the circle of bulbs that can be lowered) just a short distance before we entered the tunnel going into Mobile. Exciting!
Beth and Jim Strickland

My husband and I saw a bald eagle yesterday around 10:20 a.m. at One Horse Road, Spanish Fort, Alabama. It was right across from United Methodist Church.
Laurie McKay

We saw a bald eagle perched on a light pole on the 1-10 Mobile Bay bridge -- Baldwin side-- yesterday. SO exciting!
Michael & Gwen Windham

I saw a bald eagle on bromley rd. just east of bay minette creek on february 8th 2012. It flew across the road and lit in a pine tree along the edge of the road. I was in awe. What a magnificent animal.
Ronette Morrison

On February 6, 2012, I spotted a Bald Eagle on County Road 39 South between County Road 40 and Highway 59 in Bay Minette, AL. The Bald Eagle was approximately 200 yards north of a creek that crosses County Road 39.
Christopher Wallace

A group of aircraft enthusiast observed three bald eagles, adult with white head and tail feathers, soaring above KPYP Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport approximately 3 miles south of Weiss Lake in Cherokee County AL. 12/31/11.
Billy Gaddy

Was coming home and thought a buzzard was in road but when we came up on it and it took flight, to out surprise it was a beautiful big bald eagle. The road we were driving on is county rd 45 Mckenzie Grade in Greenville, Al. This is the first time I have actually seen a bald eagle in Greenville, AL I must say it was an experience to remember I just wished I had a camera with me at the time.
Melanie Mcdougald

I saw a bald eagle 4mile west of Dothan,Al. Near the little Choctawhatchee river 12/8/11. I visited Alaska a few years ago and saw plenty of them but I never thought I would see one Near home.
Marty Calhoun

December 4, 2011 on Smith Lake a few miles from Duncan Bridge my husband and I saw a bald eagle while fishing. He flew off when we spotted him and we went on fishing but came back by the same spot we saw him earlier. We saw him again and since I always take my camera with me I did take pictures. They turned out actually very good but I wish I had had my zoom lens. Every time we go back to that area we look for him but I think he is gone…..It was very exciting to see that magnificent bird…J Clark

I know this is under wrong heading but I observed a Golden Eagle on November 6th 2011 along the Tombigbee River in Clarke County AL, approximately 5 miles south of Jackson, AL. Eagle was soaring about 40 feet high and within 50 yards of us. Then perched in tree top in middle of large field near Corp of Engineers spoilage area. The defined white band was easily seen on immature Eagle. It was 230 in afternoon and bright sunny afternoon.
David Chastain

Spotted a pair of bald eagles today coasting near the I-10 bridge on the Baldwin County side of Mobile Bay, beautiful!
Grace Musser

Two eagles fished our pond in the Walsboro community north of Wetumpka, Alabama on February 6th, 2011. They soared and dived into the water, much like a Pelican diving.
They maintained two heights and took turns circling the pond at the lower altitude.
We got a good look at them as they circled about 100 feet or so from our read deck.
William Hamrick

On Jan 11, 2011, I spotted a mature bald eagle flying over my house in Helena, Alabama. Until last year when I spotted a pair of bald eagles in a tree on Llake Tuscaloosa, I had never seen a bald eagle south of MO. Both of these sightings had me so excited. So wonderful to see them making a comeback!
Kate Po

I am reporting the sighting of a beautiful ball eagle this AM, 2011 in Luverne, Al. He flew over our lake here at Lake Haven Assisted Living and sad to say killed one of our little ducks.
Luverne is in Crenshaw County half way between Greenville, Al. and Troy, Al. and is on 331 So. I have reported this to the Fish and Wildlife.
Lillian H. Rice

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