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Brian Clampitt wrote the following: Janurary 30, 2017. 5:15pm. Red Deer, Alberta. Walking up Gaetz Ave hill, on west sidewalk. Saw a Bald Eagle flying overhead from NE to the SW. Looked like it was coming from the Kerrywood Nature Centre.

On Thursday, 20 November 2014 I spotted a bald eagle sitting at the top of a tree. 3 hours later when I returned it was still there and looked to be on exactly the same branch. This was in the County of Ponoka, west on Range Rd 221 and just across from Red Deer Lake.
Trixie Swallow

In Strathcona County – Alberta Canada
Saturday 7th Jan. 2012 at 11 am.
Single adult feeding on dead deer.
South-east corner field Township 512 and Range Rd 221.
Malcolm Faulkner

Traveling south of cold lake alberta on highway 897 we saw a large bald eagle eating a road kill deer. Approx 18 km south of cold lake. First close up bald eagle sighting for me very cool!!
Shawn Bartman

I was just looking up the question "why would bald eagles congregate in large groups?" because a friend and I were talking about our eagle sightings and I told her about the following: We were driving home (Springbank) from Cochrane down Township Road 250, when we saw half a dozen cars pulled over and we slowed down. To our amazement, there in a field were approximately 50 bald eagles - and us with no phone. It was an awe inspiring sight. We never thought we would see anything like it again - but the next year in a field closer to home (still off township 250) we saw about half as many just standing in a field. (This topic came up between my friend and I because she had to set the phone down to run and get her camera to take a picture of the bald eagle in her back yard (15 minutes south of High River) So it appears that the Bald Eagle is alive and well in rural Alberta. Just out of curiosity - why would such a big group of eagles be hanging out in a field together?? (Most likely, they're congregating near food; perhaps, a deer carcass.)
Lorraine & Rob Butcher

January 11,2011
Edmonton, Alberta
Adult male. Near rail yards on north side of Yellowhead Highway near 97St.
Niall Fitzgerald

We see a pair of bald eagles with young at southland off leash park they are there every day.
Sylvia Skobiej

Yesterday we witnessed a bald eagle perched on a fence along with several ravens taken a break from eating deer road kill on highway 66 near Bragg Creek Alberta, Canada. It was my first sighting and quite a thrill for the whole family as we later saw a moose on the side of the road as well.
Mark Dunn & Family

I've been a bald eagle fan since I was a kid. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, I was gifted with many bald eagle sightings. The most memorable of all was in my own front yard. I grew up in the country, near the Athabasca river and not much civilization. One afternoon in the front yard I looked up towards the house to see a (what I believe could be one of the biggest bald eagles ever witnessed) bald eagle flying over the roof. The wingspan was more than half the width of the house! Its massive wings took powerful strokes through the sky and it was out of site in seconds. This was over ten years ago and I've saw many bald eagles in the wild since, but none that can compare to the giant I saw that day.
Darcy Neuman

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