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While walking through Salem Woods in Newark De, we saw an American bald eagle on 051420 in the evening ,flying over the neighborhood just above the tree line.
Peggy Dawson

I saw a bald eagle yesterday off of 495 N by the Delaware River and this morning on Route 48 in between Hercules and Centerville Rd, by the creek. Was amazing seeing two back to back!
Brad Newsom

Mary Walton wrote the following: I just saw a bald eagle perched atop a tree At Danny's drive,Laurel,delaware 19956. It was amazing to watch . The eagle sat there for about 5 minutes and flew away . It was a beautiful sight.

Howard Donges wrote the following: While at Hawk watch in Cape Helopen sate park I was looking out over the ocean in the direction of Cape May. I followed a tiny spec in the sky until it became bigger and bigger. When I reliezed it was not an Ospey I allereted the resident experts of the bird heading at us. It came almost right over us. It was verified as a migrating adult Bald Eagle. This was by far the biggest thrill I've, had at park.

January 20, 2015, I saw a beautiful adult bald eagle sitting in a tree top on Pleasant Hill Road near Corner Ketch Road. It was a beautiful sight, and I could hardly believe my eyes. This spot was near what used to be a small creek, and it is about a mile or so from White Clay Creek.
Mary Consiglio

There are two beautiful Bald Eagles living in a tree in our back yard ! I see them every day. A mom and a dad! They are so majestic and graceful. They fill me with pride and hope. I just love watching them!
Kara Trusty, Milton De

We live in Wilmington, De. Near the Bellefonte/Penny Hill area. For the past few weeks we have seen a bald eagle flying around the area and on several occasions have seen it actually perched in our trees which are old, large oak trees. Tonight was very special since I went out to walk the dog and noticed 2 eagles. Since researching them I am guessing they were a pair with one being larger than the other. They have been pooping all over the property and house and boy does it create a large area of predominately white but also some green. Looks like someone threw a can of paint on the ground from a high area. Having recently gotten married we feel this is a great omen and hope they are residents and not migrating.
John Graham
Wilmington, De.

Bald Eagle in my yard in a Gum tree twice.
October 26, 2014 in the morning between 9:00 am and 11:00am
again November 20, 2014 at 7:00 am.
Margaret Towler
Wilmington, Delaware

Saturday November 1, 2014 at 1:00 PM, I saw a juvenile eagle watching a fresh deer kill in the yard of a home on Brendford Road (near the railroad tracks). It was approximately 10 feet away. I passed by the site again at 1:30 PM the eagle was on top of the deer feeding. At 1:45 PM I saw an adult eagle feed on the same deer. The juvenile eagle was gone. We attempted to take a picture of the adult, but it took flight. I went back a short time later, but the eagles did not return.
Clare Thomas
Dover, Delaware

October 31, 2014
While driving my children to school in Smyrna, DE, we collided with a deer. I returned later to find the deer being feasted upon by a bald eagle.
Alison Williams

January 24, 2014 -- Saw pair (1 male & 1 female) of bald eagles flying over the office park in Newark, Delaware just off of Chapman Road & Route 273 (behind University Plaza). They were heading in a northerly direction toward I-95.
Linda S. Bakker

Tuesday, January 8, 2012
11:00 am
Female bald eagle sited on Red Mill Road as I was driving past the old Red Mill site near Newark, Delaware.
I almost ran my car off the road.
Beautiful full wing spread at tree top level.
Absolutely majestic.
Russ Dynes

I live in Rehoboth Beach, DE in Villages at Old Landing, a community about a mile north of the northwest corner of Rehoboth Bay. On Jan. 2, 2013, mid-afternoon (it was cold, not frigid, with some high clouds), I was driving my vehicle, with my wife as a passenger, heading westbound on Selbourne Ln., the main road leading into the community. My wife spotted an eagle off to her right. It was flying north-to-south directly over our vehicle, approximately 20 to 30 feet in the air. I slowed down to observe it; its black lustrous wings were fully spread, not flapping, and its head had the distinctive full white plumage. As it passed over us, I watched it fly over a large pond on the south side of the road, where a variety of birds appear throughout the year, including egrets and blue herons. It began flapping its wings and passed over the pond and then over houses on a road south of the pond, disappearing beyond a thicket of tall trees. It was the first sighting of a bald eagle by both me and my wife in the two and a half years that we have lived in Rehoboth Beach.
Michael Iacangelo

I just recently observed a bald eagle in Middletown, Delaware. The eagle flew and landed in the field around Marl Pit Road and Cedar Lane Road. I have lived here for over four years and have been seeing them more often from Middletown, DE to Elkton, MD along Rt 301 and Rt 40.
Tom Calhoun

At the Delaware Maryland border, the sighting was it was like 10:30 11/25/2012 Sunday I was sitting in the kitchen at the table, looking at the kids and looking outside because the blinds where up on the patio door.When all of a sudden this gigantic bird it didnt flap in it just swooped in like woosh, what made it so different was the size of the bird, the way it swooped in and the pure white that was its head, the yellow beak looked gold but what confirmed it was the white at the bottom the tail feathers which was also clean pearly white. It lands on a tree branch the third tree without any leaves and is slightly shaded by the large green tree, another confirmation that it was an eagle was when it landed the weight of the bird tilted the leaveless tree. So I grab my coat and hat and go outside towards the trees when I get over there and look up there it is way up on the sky. Way up in the sky and its circling me, Im looking up its looking down at me one flap and it could go in a circle amazing. The size of the bird, the white head and bottom, and the gold beak. The height once it started flying it was an eagle. It was amazing I remember thinking all day "I just saw an eagle" wow MIcheal Oglesby Newark Delaware

I saw a bald eagle taking flight from a low tree next to Route 318 near the Maryland Delaware border in Sussex County this morning, approximately 7:45am. It was an adult, approximately the size of a vulture; in fact I mistook it for a vulture until I saw its enormous talons and white tail feathers. When the head came into view, I was in awe! My first sighting of our nation's most majestic bird!
Joellyn Scott

I live in South East Chester County near the Delaware/ Maryland border. Over the last ten years my wife and I have had the pleasure to spot and watch Bald Eagles on many occasions in the county side around our home and even from our home. The first local sighting we had was in the White Clay Creek State Park one morning while on the way to work. It was in a tree over looking the creek. We stopped and watched one on the outskirts of Oxford that was perched in a tree in someone's front yard. Then of course are the many eagles at Conowingo Dam. Last winter I spotted one perched on a hay bail in a field in Unionville. It was keeping watch on a dead deer. Last spring in a field along Rt. 842 across from the Stone Barn Restaurant a mature eagle and a juvenile flew alongside the car for a short distance. I should mention that we work in West Chester and drive 26 miles each way on back roads through the beautiful Chester County countryside. Two weeks ago just outside of West Chester on Allerton Rd. while crossing the Brandywine River my wife yelled for me to stop. Sitting in a tree over the water was yet another one. Last Monday morning I spotted one and on Thursday morning spotted two from my office window as they flew over the campus. This morning a coworker stopped me in the hallway all excited about a bald eagle that flew over the parking lot as she was walking in to work. All of these sighting prompted me to see if there was a place to report or discuss these awesome encounters. I need to get back in the habit of carrying my camera with me.
Kenneth Thompson

My wife and I live in Northern Delaware. We just saw a pair of Bald Eagles perched in a tree along Red Clay Creek about a mile south of the Yorklyn Bridge on Rt 82. Initially we saw one perched on top of a telephone pole and decided to go home to get our camera. When we returned we saw the eagle perched in a tree, and it then took off and flew to another tree and perched beside a second eagle. We were able to take some pictures (not very good ones). What a wonderful experience to see not only one eagle, but a pair!
Todd and Holly Grimm

I was at Del-Val College on December 29th, 2010 at 1pm, looked up and saw this soaring bird. Curious to see its white head and white tail I wondered what it was and watched for about 3 minutes as it soared above. I made sure of the details so not to jump to it being an eagle. Got home and checked my books and yes, that is what I saw! Wow. It was just in a soaring pattern, and it moved further away in its swirls I followed it in the sky as I stood there. It was heading in the south direction of Rt. 202 above Del-Val College.
Lisa Byrne

I work in the Carvel State Building in Wilmington and at around 8:30a this morning as I looked out my window I saw a majestic bald eagle soaring about 12 stories high.. The bird was flying west towards Rodney Square. What a sight!
Jordan W. Seemans

From my office window, I just saw a bald eagle flying from the Delaware River to the Brandywine Park in Wilmington, Delaware! There's a heron who lives in the park, and if I keep an eye out I can usually see him flying towards the Delaware River in the morning and flying back in the afternoon. Just now a movement caught my eye from the side of my computer screen. I looked up, expecting to see the heron on his return flight, and instead of the heron saw this beautiful bird with a white head and white tail feathers! When he flew past my range of vision from my office, I ran to the other side of the building to see the rest of his flight. I've seen eagles before, but always through binoculars at a much greater distance, and he eagles were always perched on trees, not in motion. It's a different experience to see one close and in full flight. Awesome!
Meghan Dougherty
Wilmington, Delaware
November 5, 2010

My family and I live in southwestern Delaware County, Indiana on County Road 600 West between County Roads 700 South and 600 South. On Sunday, December 20, 2009 we spotted a bald eagle sitting in one of our trees.
Teresa Wilson

I live in Milton, Delaware and have had distant sitings of a bald eagle. It looked as though it must have a nest somwhere in the tree line close to our home. I have pointed out the area to my children on several occasions but until today, I have been the only one to see him. This morning while waiting for my 8 yr old son's bus to arrive, he spotted "my" eagle. There had been a deer that had been struck and killed and was laying off in the field across from our driveway. My son was so excited to have finally seen this bird. The buzzards had already taken the meat that they wanted several days ago but this morning the bald eagle was there perched on the carcass enjoying his feast. I was able to slip back up to the house to get my camera and get several pictures of him. My driveway ends only 20 feet or so from where the eagle was and I was a bit surprised it didn't seem to mind the car was so close. Unfortunately I had to move our trashcan that was blocking my driveway so that I could leave to go to work and upon exiting the car and slowly moving the can, the eagle took flight for a nearby patch of woods where he sat perched for some time. I had hoped he would return to the deer carcass so that I could get some pictures of him in flight but I had no such luck. Maybe another day. They are such beautiful majestic birds and I am glad that their numbers have strengthened over the years. I'm not sure if you document these sitings or not, but I just wanted to share our siting with you.
Susan Davis-Tyndall

I saw a bald eagle flying east over I-95 near Churchman's Marsh on my way to work at 8:30 am- what a great way to start the day! 11/18/09
Maggie Adams

I saw a bald eagle eating a dead deer this morning approximately 9 on Union church Road Ellendale, Delaware. Originally, I thought it was a buzzard but I kept seeing his white head and tail. Someone else pulled along side to the road only to witness this sighting. I took pictures but I am unable to send them as an attachment at this time. It was as if he was posing for my picture, it's a beautiful sight to see. I wish I could have gotten more pictures however; I was on my way to work.
Jacqueline Twyman

We saw 3 Bald eagles flying around our house in Bethany Beach, Delaware this afternoon around 4:30. They swooped around and then flew off as we were sitting on our deck. We live on the Salt Pond, and since this is mid September there are very few people around.
Elaine Wolf
September 22, 2009

I was chasing my daughter around the playground in Battery Park in New Castle, Delaware and looked up and saw a gorgeous bald eagle. We watched it for a few minutes, until it soared east over the Delaware river.
Tristan Williams

Thank you for the information on your website as it's provided some great information. Currently we have 7 of them living in our area and have spotted them all lately feeding on a deer carcass in our neighbor's field. They are the most gorgeous birds I've ever seen and to have that honor to see them in their natural habitat is something my family will never forget! How many kids can say they see them like that?

Update: There are 5 adults and 2 eaglets. 1/22/08 I spotted one of the eaglets feeding on the carcass again. As I pulled up to get my mail, it got spooked and flew off so I watched where he flew to. Into my front yard there are some trees. He flew into one of the trees there and there was an adult eagle. I’m going to assume that it might have been it’s parent. I have an old SLR that I carry with me since spotting these lovely majestic birds and hopefully got off some shots before they flew off since I was coming down the driveway!
Kim Gibson, Delmar DE

I live on Red Mill Pond in Milton, Delaware. I have spotted Bald Eagles several times over the past few years in my backyard which backs up to Red Mill Pond.
1/21/08 around 4:30 PM spotted a Juvenile. It remained on a tree in my yard for almost 45 minutes until a heron flew past the tree it was perching on. It attacked the heron, which immediately flew off.
1/22/08 9:00 ish in the AM. Spotted two adult bald eagles in my yard.
Michael Salvatore

1/6/08 Bald eagle seen in Newark, Delaware at the reservoir off of Paper Mill Road. It was perched in a tree and once we realized what we were seeing and pulled out our camera it flew away. Really cool to see.
Julian and Leslie Gill

Just saw a mature Bald Eagle in a field off of route 41 just past the intersect with route 141 outside of Wilmington, DE. He was feeding on something in the middle of the field. Able to snap a few photos with a disposable camera before another car pulled up and spooked him. Good to see Eagles in the Wilmington area!
Paul Hoyle

Wilmington Delaware, 9:15 am October 28th 2007.
Sighted a Bald Eagle riding the thermal updrafts off the Delaware River, along Penny Hill- Gordon Heights area of Wilmington, just above the Marcus Hook Rear Range Lighthouse. It made three circular passes over the hill and continued on southward in a sweeping ascent. Many birds of prey are observed in this area which overlooks the Delaware River, and I have often observed them taking prey in the backyards, but this is the first observation I've made of a Bald Eagle over the 12+ years we've lived here.
Mark Heintzelman

    My co-workers and I saw two Eagles I think male and female doing some ritual in the air, flips and dives, lots of calling in Middletown, Delaware two weeks ago while we were putting up a building. Unbelievable right, but honestly. I saw one myself in Newport, Delaware in the marsh off I-95 and another outside Bear, Delaware on route 896/301. The two in Middletown may by easily seen again right off 301 and 299 intersection.
Bill Davis

March 15, 2006
I could observe a couple of bald eagles at sunset lake (close to the old DuPond Glasgow plant). It was the second sighting within only a couple of days. Very impressive birds indeed.
Michael Timme

Today, 12/19/2005, at around 3:00 PM I saw a bald eagle rise from Red Mill Pond (about 5 miles west of Lewes, Delaware and Cape Henlopen State Park at the mouth of Delaware Bay.) It seemed to me that the bird was carrying prey just captured. Red Mill Pond is perhaps one mile in length and is mostly built up with homes varying from modest to extravagant; my partner and I were walking in a residential neighborhood and the eagle was first sighted at a distance of about two hundred yards.
Bob Smith

about eight am, I spotted a eagle just west of trap pond state park. Courtesy of Doris Bartee

3/27/04 A bald eagle was sited while driving on Route #54 5 miles east of Delmar, DE near the MD/DE line. The eagle was flying along farm fields that bordered the state route 54. Courtesy of Ed Bowler

This afternoon, Firday, March 12, 2004, My husband and I spotted a Juvenile Bald Eagle in the field behind our back yard. It was browh and white and had a curved black beak. We have never before seen an Eagle this close to our home. We were within 75 yards of the bird and confirmed it by the use of a monocular and set of binoculars.
I then went to the Bald Eagle website and confirmed it with photos of Bald Eagles taken in Alaska. We are located on the north side of County Road 302 approximately half way between Rte. 5 and County Road 302 in rural Millsboro, DE  19966. We were truly amazed at the immense size of the bird. It was feasting at the time of the sighting. This was quite an exciting find! It is a shame that they are soon going to build 455 new homes on the adjacent property. We may never see this bird again. Courtesy of Michelle Louis R. Lampkin, Jr

I was walking with my two children along the Delaware Raritan Canal State Park in Princeton, New Jersey. Where the canal passes the dam that supports Carnegie lake. On a small island, in the river on the down-side of the dam, was a tall but dying tree, with most of the limbs gone. There atop that tree, in perfect view, was a pair of bald eagles.  
At first I thought surely they must be some other bird. I grew up in Princeton, and had never heard of bald eagles sited. But after a while one of the birds spotted something in lake - a fish, a duck? - spread its wings and launched in a beautiful, graceful glide towards its target. A small crowd of 12 or so park visitors eventually accumulated at the edge of the dam to see the eagles.  
It was a wonderful gift on New Year's day!  
Courtesy of Jim Barringer, Jan 1, 2004

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