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Sited Bald Eagle in Boise Idaho along the Boise River about 2 1/2 miles from downtown Boise, Idaho! It looked to be full grown mature. Could not tell if male or female.
Jerry Honstein

I live just outside of historic Clark Fork, close to the river of the same name, in Idaho's panhandle. Bald eagles can be observed in this area each and every day, if only one is looking for them. Winter weather seems to swell their population even further. My family and I have noted several areas where they are concentrated, as follows:
Eagles are seen at roost in the trees along Johnson Creek Road, where it closely parallels the Clark Fork River. They are also frequently found perched, and sometimes catching and eating fish, atop pier posts.
A drive along scenic Highway 200 can usually reveal many eagles, particluarly where the road is closest to the waters of Lake Pend Oreille.
Lastly, the Ponderay River which flows out of Lake Pend Oreille attracts numerous eagles. They are seen both soaring the skies and perched in the trees along Highway 2 toward Priest River.
Sam Silverhawk

Colfax, Indiana on Sugar Creek. I saw my first Bald Eagle (not in a zoo) in flight about 6 months ago just a couple of miles from my home on Sugar Creek. I must admit it was an awesome site. I feel extremely lucky in that I got to see my second sighting just today (12/3/2005). This time on a small island. Courtesy of Teri Alexander

Although there are bald eagles around the lake, there are many more bald eagles in Wolf Lodge Bay and Beauty Bay along I-90. They can be observed from mid November to mid January. However, the peak occurs mid to end of December. Often times the official count fits 25 to 30 birds with occasional peaks up to 50 or so. I-90 has few opportunities to stop safely, so we suggest to drive along Lake Coeur'dAlene Drive.   Lake Coeurd'Alene Drive is the old freeway along the north shore and is at lake level. The Drive has been turned into a park with many spots to view and photograph the eagles. The south side of Wolf Lodge Bay has several good spots to stop. A short distance further along Hwy 97 is Beauty Bay where the population is more concentrated. Every year I coordinate a Kayak the Eagles trip with the Spokane Mountaineers.   There is allot more shore line that is unaccessible by car or foot that when kayaking or canoeing renders lots of images and views. Courtesy of Chic Burge

It is a rare day that I do not see a bald eagle. I live in Emmett Idaho along the Payette river. I even see them along the edge of town. (the river borders it) I do a lot of walking and fishing. They are very abundant in this area during the winter. We had one day where we fished one side of the river, and an eagle fished the other side. He did better than we did for sure! Courtesy of Lisa Smith

I used to live in Idaho, and a great place to see a lot of bald eagles is along the Snake River in Hell's Canyon west of Cambridge, Idaho on State Highway 71 (which turn into Hell's Canyon Road). Usually in Jan-Feb-Mar is the best time of year to see them & there are hundreds that like to hang out in the Ponderosa Pines that grow along the Snake River. You can also spot bald eagles randomly along Idaho State Highway 21 usually from Jan-Feb (you can usually see them near Lucky Peak State Park and Arrowrock Reservoir) going north out of Boise towards Idaho City, Idaho. Courtesy of Melissa Young Lake Oswego, Oregon

My wife Meta and I where driving North on Highway 55, Idaho from our home in Eagle to Garden Valley. Just North of Horseshoe Bend we saw a solitary Bald Eagle flying over the Payette River no more than 50 yards from where we where in our car. Courtesy of Adrian S. Czarnecki

I always see Bald Eagles around Lake Coeur d Alene from December through March, particularly on the eastern shore. They are attracted to the native Kokanee, a small salmon, in the shallow bays. To my surprise, in August I sighted a Bald Eagle on the Snake River, just south of Lewiston. Courtesy of Tim Hillebrand Moscow, ID

I was reading the information on where to spot bald eagles in different states and didn't see Idaho. I have grown up near a place that bald eagles can be sited regularly and would ask if you would add it to the list.
About 30-40 miles east of Idaho Falls, Idaho, or 40-50 miles west of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the South Fork of the Snake River. This approximately 15-mile strip has some of the best trout fishing in the nation, and the Bald Eagles know it. They can regularly be seen flying around fishing themselves. I encourage anyone that comes out to fish to remember to look up often to see these magnificent animals. Courtesy of Joshua W Jackson

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