eagles,Image created by Hope Rutledge


Cicero, Indiana - August 9, 2020. Around 11 am. Spotted a beautiful bald eagle on the bank of Cicero Creek while kayaking. Consumed what I assume was his fresh catch and flew off. Close enough to hear the power in that amazing wing span. Quite a wonderful treat!
Patricia Brace
41°45'03.4"N 86°29'34.3"W
Near New Carlisle Indiana along Hamilton Trail. Just south of the Michigan Border.
Donald Sanson

While bicycling, saw a mature bald eagle eating roadkill in a ditch and it flew up quickly from not 20 feet away and off into a line of trees about 1/3 mile south of the Oakalla Covered Bridge over Big Walnut Creek in Putnam County, west of Greencastle, about 1:30 pm. on 4 June 2020. Majestic.
P. Foss

So lucky today.
An American Bald Eagle was circling around the retention pond behind our home today, all while the blue heron, white crane, mallards, and geese were doing their thing. The 3 large hawks that have nests nearby weren't happy with the Eagle and came after it. Then, 5 turkey buzzards came into the mix. We were blessed with the best seats imaginable to watch advanced aerial attack and evasion tactics for 10 minutes, a few times just 30 to 40 feet directly above our heads.
I have never been 30 feet from a Bald Eagle in the wild before, and it was in my back yard! At one point, when the braver of the hawks came down to pluck at the Eagle again, the Eagle flipped over in flight and reached its talons out at the hawk driving it away. The Eagle quickly flipped the rest of the way over and continued circling the pond for another minute or so before flying off.
Date: 5/2/2020 at about 2:00pm
Location: City of Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana, 46074, Maple Knoll Neighborhood off Spring Mill Road, just north of 161st street.
Scott Hullinger

Location: Dekalb County, Indiana, just north of the town of Auburn. 1/28/2020
I saw a mature Bald Eagle yesterday afternoon feasting on a small rodent in a harvested bean field across from our house. Watched him for about 10 minutes. He then took flight soaring over the small woods and farmland before he headed East toward Ohio. Very impressive bird. First one I've seen in several years.
Phil Dooley

I saw an adult Bald Eagle in a tree on Indiana 240 in Putnam County on my way home yesterday 1/16/2019 around 4:00pm.
Misti Harris-Thompson

November 8, 2018: Vigo County, Indiana. I saw a Bald Eagle flying above the Federal Prison in Terre Haute. This was probably about 1:00 pm. The prison property is located on SR 63, about a mile south of I-70, and right on the Wabash River. I could not see where the bird was nesting, however, there is a marshy wild life preserve just on the West side of the river, and maybe 3-4 miles North of the prison.
Chris Cordray

We spotted four eagles - two mature and two young ones - 11/4/18 perched in trees in our yard in northern Vermillion County near Perrysville. They perched in the trees about 30 minutes, then swooped low across the field to catch prey. We typically see eagles in the area once or twice a year, but have spotted eagles six times in the past month within a 3-mile radius. About a month earlier, an eagle picked up a dead possum in the road and carried it away.
Beth Holycross

Carmel, Indiana
Towne Rd and 116th St
Perched in a tree in the west side of Towne road, near an open bit of land. Then flew west and south until I lost sight of it. Could have been heading toward Eagle Creek Reservoir.
2/10/18, overcast.
Suzanne Martin

On 4 Jan 2018, we saw two Bald Eagles hunting above our cornfield stubble. They flew and perched for about two hours. Beautiful sight to see. The location is N 39-47-07, W 86-25-47 or 5500 E Co Rd 150 N. They perched in trees as shown on pic.
Rick Beaman
Avon, IN

They had hoped that winter would get no worse but a new hatchet of cold air was swinging in from the northwest. And it was all the rage among the ducks and geese who hadmade pause in their migration. They had hoped that winter would get no colder.
The geese and ducks who are still this far north in this coldest time of year have come from the furthest north regions. Far North tiny sub-arctic towns with names like Yellowknife...and Moosehead. These birds migrate south to spend their normal winter in Indiana! And now far below was Summerlakestill with breaks in the ice. Geese and ducks smothered the lake with almost no "wing room." And one American Bald Eagle who certainly didn't like the site of man....me out filling the bird feeder waiting for the coming storm. The biologists have it wrong. They will have to include Central Indiana in their winter range maps.
Tony Malcak

I saw a bald eagle flying overhead while driving on SR 22 near 700 W in Grant County, Indiana this afternoon.
Melissa Fipps

In the Wabash river/Stony Creel area, along the Indiana-Ohio border we saw a full grown Eagle on Jan 3 catching pray in as field.
Amy Otley Beckett

On December 10, 2017 I saw an adult bald eagle in Crown Hill Cemetery in the late afternoon.
Nancy Cangany

My Daughter Kelly and I were traveling west on 80/94 on December 10, 2017 and a magnificent Eagle flew across my field of view over the highway. We were just passed that nice new Michigan City, Indiana overpass with the big American flags on both sides. It was a beautiful sight. All of my previous sightings were in Canada.
Doug Noel from Tinley Park, Illinois

Spotted two bald eagles flying above route 64 west just outside of Evansville. Then at about mile marker 181 we spotted one but uncertain if it was one from the first duo or was a third one
Barbara L Shoemaker

I see 2 beautiful bald eagles in Floyd Co Indiana several times a week on HWY 111 heading towards Horseshoe Casino going home. I look forward to seeing them when I’m driving home.
Holly Roy

I saw a bald eagle a little north of Decatur, i was driving north on 27 and it flew out in front of me...
Tracy Jarvis

I have on several occasions seen a bald eagle on St. Mary's Road (Franklin County). Just last week, there was one at 48 & 101 (Ripley County). I watched it eat at the pond across the road from Baylor. It flew down County Line and circled back to the pond.
Kerri Fox

Barbara Williams wrote the following: February 1, 2017, I saw a lone bald eagle flying in the Horace Mann neighborhood in Gary. It is less than a mile south of the Little Calumet River. I was surprised and excited, as I had never seen an eagle outside the zoo.

Tom Hires wrote the following: 1/22/17 On my way to church I saw a bald eagle in tree 3/4 mile west of State Road 9 on State Road 128 in Madison County, Indiana

Douglas Eckberg wrote the following: My son-in-law saw two bald eagles, an adult one and an immature one, resting on the ice of their retention pond during the "polar vortex" period in December. This was near 146th street and Hazel Dell, in Carmel. He sent us a photo.

Ben Zeigler wrote the following: Here's a couple spots I've seen eagles commuting in Indiana recently:
11/1/16 - Flew east across I-65 just north of MM68 (Columbus) as I was traveling northbound.
11/9/16 - Flew west across I-65 in between mile marker 90 and 80 (more towards Franklin)
11/11/16 - adult was flying east along I-70 just past the exit for the airport.

David Varble wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle perched atop of a dead tree in the area of 3300 Hanover-Saluda Rd in Hanover, Indiana in southern Jefferson County. It was the first one I've seen outside of captivity. Luckily I got a picture!

Chad Buchanan wrote the following: Observed a bald eagle flying down 56th Street in Indianapolis close to Cathedral high school on Jan 2nd, 2017.

Lisa Mcmillen wrote the following: Seen 3 Eagles by 330 W Columbus Indiana on December 4 2016. And was able to take pictures!! Amazing!!!

Leann Tanaskovic wrote the following: Saw two this morning fly over my house in Hobart, Indiana near 10th & Wisconsin.

George Smithers wrote the following: Just saw a Bald Eagle fly across I-265 in New Albany Indiana. I thought I saw one, once before but. This one I saw clearly buT did not have my camera, will not let that happen again. 12/6/2016

greg smith wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying over lakes at 79th and Dean road (Indianapolis, In) about 9:25 this morning. We have several eagles near our home in Michigan, so I am familiar with them. Was not an illusion.

Ashley Teeter wrote the following: In the last 6-8 months, I have seen a bald eagle 3 separate times and today saw a juvenile bald eagle. Arcadia, Indiana (northern Hamilton county)

James Black wrote the following: Bald eagle spotted several times in the past couple months flying around and eating prey in soybean field down on endsley road in Richmond Indiana. Last seen today. Took some distant photos.


Rick Morgan wrote the following: I live on the west side of Indianapolis, IN. Allison Transmission has a plant on west 10th street. Behind the plant (on Cossell Rd) there's a large tree with no leaves. At least 3 times I've seen a bald eagle perched in the top of that tree. I've seen it twice in less than two weeks. I saw it this morning (9/26/2016). Eagle Creek runs through there as well as Thatcher golf course. Seems like a good place for an eagle to live considering it's in Marion county. I hope it stays there.

Jenn Sumner wrote the following: While heading North on Shelborne Rd. (By Creekside Middle School) a pair of Eagles flying around. I've never seen Eagles before till now. So Exciting!!

Denise Berning wrote the following: I saw a mature male bald Eagle flying south on CR 100 N in Kosciusko County just north of Warsaw, Indiana around 5:25 pm 2/15/16

Shawn Wood wrote the following: Seen 2 bald eagles in Plainfield IN right by OHL off of Ronald Reagan Pkway ... Sometime around New Years Day !! Today we seen one Eagle flying around the theater n Plainfield IN

David Neff wrote the following: I seen a pair of bald eagles at the mouth of north hogan creek,on feb. 3rd 2016. We tried to get a picture but was to far away.

tracie applegate wrote the following: I have seen bald eagles in carroll county,indiana. there are several living there

Wendy Armstrong wrote the following: Pair of bald eagles flying over Hwy. 37, just north of Henderson Ford Rd. in Morgan County. Gorgeous to watch - distracted driving indeed! ;)

Sheri Gross wrote the following: I saw two bald eagles soaring over 21st Street between German Church and Mitthoefer in Indianapolis on Saturday, January 16, 2016 - so beautiful!

ron jones wrote the following: Bluff rd and troy street IndianapoLis @ Calvary cemetery area. See it about once a week for about a month. Beautiful bird.

Sandy Rogers wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle 1/13/16 11:00 am CDT soaring over the woods behind our home. At first I thought it was a vulture until it got closer and I got a great look at it as it flew over our house. Saw the beautiful white head and tail. We live just south of I64 in Evansville, IN, 3 miles east of 41.

Kathleen Wallett wrote the following: I spotted a flying Bald Eagle on the boarder of Lansing, IL and Munster, IN close to Ridge Road on 01/13/2016 at 2:00pm. The Bald Eagle was low enough for me to see his beautiful white head and magnificent white tail feathers. I could not believe my eyes. It flew North and then it turned South in Indiana high into the sky.

Greg Ruthsatz wrote the following: I just saw two bald eagles in flight around 99th and Eller Road in Fishers, Indiana. I never would have believed my eyes, but through this Web site, I learned others in the area have recently spotted these majestic birds. 12/29/2015, 11:30 a.m.

John Nicholas wrote the following: Saw a mature bald eagle in a field. It then flew up into a tree just south of Boonville Indiana on the Boonville-Folsomville Road.

Ben Zeigler wrote the following: 12/11/2015 - Spotted a younger (smaller) eagle perched by the Driftwood River west of Columbus, IN on my way home. Just down the road from where I had seen one before. He flew off and did some passes over the river before heading north.

Doug Siebenhaar wrote the following: While driving north on US31, spotted a bald eagle flying over the highway just south of Rochester in Fulton county, IN. Couldn't believe it as I didn't know they lived so close to home. What a majestic creature!

Debbie Poer wrote the following: Wednesday, November 25 we had a bald eagle flying over our backyard community pond on the southwest corner of Thompson and Five Points Rd. amazing in flight!

Sam Knight wrote the following: Just saw a large Bald Eagle on 146th Street in Carmel, IN. He was soaring and dove a couple of times to pick up a squirrel. Then he flew up and landed in a good friends tree...awesome!!!

Pam Tincher wrote the following: A mature and an immature were over Clear Lake in LaPorte, IN. The mature appeared to be teaching the immature how to dive toward the lake hunting for fish. Traffic forced us to move so we missed if they got a fish.

Lisa Rusnak wrote the following: I saw 2 Bald Eagles today flying and soaring over 116th and Guilford in Carmel. I heard them before I saw them. When I heard them I looked up and was so amazed to see them! Then when they headed south it seemed like they flew at a high rate of speed and disappeared. I heard them again about an hour later farther West around 136th and Ditch but could only hear them, I couldn\'t see them. Wonderful experience seeing and hearing them!
11/10/15 Carmel, IN

Rhonda Kelsay wrote the following: Sunday, Nov 8, 2015 around 2:15 pm in New Palestine, IN. A large bald eagle carrying a large squirrel, with the squirrel tail dangling, flew over the house across the street - very awesome sight!

Mark and JoAnn Swart wrote the following: We saw a male bald Eagle fly from wooded area on the northeast corner of farm over our heads to the woods on the far west side to more woods behind barns at first we thought it was a redtail hawk flying toward us like usual around here. Immediately we knew it was a male eagle gliding right over us! We've seen Eagles in Maine, what a great surprise to see one here in Sheridan, IN
November 3rd, 2015 at 9:30 am

Brenda McCoy wrote the following: We saw 2 adult bald eagles on the north shore of Lake Monroe to the east of Rt 446 causeway. They flew between our boat and the shore and landed in separate trees. Able to hear some vocalizations. Also saw approx. 10 other large birds around lake but unable to confirm as juvenile eagles. Awesome sight!!

B Duff wrote the following: Nov 3,2015 at 3:40 pm I spotted what at first I thought was a Red Tail Hawk . Then I noticed the white tail and white head .It was flying above Airport Express Way near Ardmore Ave. Fort Wayne In

Jocelyn Boblink wrote the following: Over the south end of Lake Shafer in Monticello, White Co., Indiana (just north of Indiana Beach) we watched a bald eagle fly over and dive toward a small swimming bird that would duck under the water when the eagle swooped. Very determined, over 5 min; Possible young trying to get to the water's edge? 31 Oct 2015.

M Partridge wrote the following: Sited bald eagle Oct 31, 2015, around 5pm, about a mile north of Helmsburg, in Brown County Indiana. Flew to a tall sycamore and roosted there for quite some time.

Jim Scott wrote the following: Seen 2 bald eagles near a small country pond and creek in the country in Clinton county Indiana.

J Killian wrote the following: On October 29, 2015 at 4:50 pm, I saw a bald eagle while driving north at 103rd Street and Ditch Road in Carmel, IN. The eagle was soaring west, and flying low over the road.

Elizabeth Mowan wrote the following: 10/27/2015. Two bald eagles flew over our pond and have been perched in my neighbors very tall tree on and off all day. I think a male and female as one is larger than the other and they both have the bright yellow beaks so I'm guessing both mature birds. I live in a rural area 5 miles NE of Martinsville, IN. My husband and I also saw one last spring fishing our pond. Extraordinary site to see.

Katie Hunter wrote the following: My family and I saw (not one) but THREE bald eagles flying together over Sugar Creek at Shades State Park (Prospect Point) this morning.

Tim Grove wrote the following: October 24, 2015 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was jogging on the River Greenway section that\'s on the campus of IPFW. I saw a bald eagle on a log in the Saint Joseph river. The eagle seemed to have a tenuous grip of a large fish with only its left foot. Snapped a picture with my phone, and then I jogged away.

Jenny Snodgrass wrote the following: On October 24, 2016 we saw a lone Bald Eagle in a soybean at 296th St. and Jerkwater Road (Hamilton County)

B DUFF wrote the following: Spotted Bald Eagle Oct 22 2015 .at 4pm At Tillman Rd and 469 . Near New Haven IN . Eagle was flying low and heading west

Amanda OMahoney wrote the following: I saw a blad eagle flying above my home and land in a nearby tree on October 19th 2015 in Indianapolis IN 46236.

Diane Sprehe wrote the following: My husband and I spotted two bald eagles circling over the woods behind our house in Cedar Lake, IN on October 10, 2015. They were pretty high but the sun captured their white heads and tails. It was amazing.

Frank Johnson wrote the following: 09/07/2015: I was kayaking on Roush lake in Huntington county in the eastern portion. I spotted a immature eagle in a dead tree. I approached slowly hoping to get a picture as I had a telephoto lens on my camera. He did not let me get close but I had a pair of binoculars and got a good look at him.
09/05/2015: I was driving on 200E in Huntington county just south of the Little River (Wabash). I spotted a mature eagle in a dead tree near the roadside. I drove past and stopped about100 yards down. When I got out of the car he did not stay around long. Wonderful to see.

Andrew Beymer wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle flying while driving on 116th street just east of I-69 in Fishers, Indiana.

Jess Harris wrote the following: 9/27/15 Saw a mature female eagle on 421 right after leaving the town of Monon. I turned down a gravel road to follow it and got a few blurry pictures. I only got a few glimpses of her head but her white tail was just gleaming in the sun!

Ashley Book wrote the following: While driving to work on Grant Line Road (New Albany, Indiana) on 9/24/15 at 7:30am I spotted a huge bird flying to land in a tree. I assumed it was a turkey vulture from the wing span until it landed. I looked up from my car and did a double take when I realized there was a bald eagle sitting on the branch. Wow! What a beautiful creature, and what a privilege to see it in the wild.

Carol Andis wrote the following: My daughter & I was driving east on 231 in Putnam County Indiana at 730-7:45am. He was on the right side of the road about 2 ft & was eating something. I screamed, daughter thought I was going to hit something. I turned around to try & get a picture because he never flew off, but unfortunately a big truck rumbled west bound & scared him away. I felt very privileged.

Fort Wayne, IN
Thompson rd & Marion Center about noon on 8/20/2015
on 8/20/15 Thompson Rd & Marion Center Rd, Fort Wayne, IN about noon. Just taking a normal walk around outside saw it circling to the west over the tree lines. Absolutely Amazing Site. Wonderful to see them around locally.
Tracy Hamilton

My boyfriend and I rented a cabin at Wasatch Lake in Poland, IN and saw at about 4:12 pm February 14, 2015 a Bald Eagle flying over the frozen lake. I have yet to see one as big as we just saw it was beautiful!
Kimberly Drullinger

Jan 19, 2015 – I spotted a bald eagle flying over Route 46 just west of Columbus, Indiana while riding my bike on the People’s Trail. Early evening /late afternoon
Feb 12, 2015 – Saw an eagle surveying some road kill from a tree near the Driftwood River, directly west of Columbus, Indiana. Driving home from work and it was directly above the road! Got to snap a couple pictures before I left it alone. It seemed equal parts fascinated and annoyed at all the cars driving by.
Ben Zeigler

I saw a bald eagle on 2-8-15 in Bluffton, Indiana, in Wells County. The bald eagle was flying along the Wabash River (just beautiful).
Brett & Jodi Garrett.

On February 3, 2015, I saw a bald eagle in Plainfield, Indiana near Seneff Court. It flew low enough that I could clearly see its white head.
Amy Jay

I saw a large bald eagle today in my driveway ( eating at a dead possum my wife hit by accident a couple of nights before). Got my camera and was able to take several pictures. Super awesome!
Mat Blanton, Arcadia Indiana

Jan 27- 3:45pm We saw a mature bald eagle in a tree on Graham Rd., by Ortho Indy.- Greenwood. We parked under the tree it was in and watched it for about 15 min. So beautiful!
- Angie Loy

I just saw a Bald Eagle in Plainfield, In.
The eagle flew over my car in a parking lot behind Carmike movie theatre.
I couldn't get to my phone fast enough to take a good picture. At first, I just thought it was a hawk or something, then it turned and came in the direction of my car. I could easily see the white head at that point and there was no doubt about what this was. It was stunning.
Jason Greathouse.

I was traveling back from Indianapolis this morning along I-65 South. I looked to the right and in a wooded area very clearly saw a large bald eagle in the trees. It was around mile marker 60 going south.
We observed these magnificent birds while in Yellowstone park several years earlier and I had forgotten how big they were.
What a delight to see them close to home.
Debra Boeving
Louisville KY

At about noon on 1/24/15, my family and I watched a mature bald eagle in a field near US 31 and Whiteland Rd in Whiteland, IN. First one I've seen in our area and it made my day!
Teresa Skaggs

Saw one perched in a tree near New Paris, IN (Elkhart Co) just before 9:00AM on Jan 22nd, 2015, along CR 142 about 2/10th of a mile west of SR 15. Stopped and took some pictures for about a minute, then it noticed me and stared, so I left. First time I've seen one in the wild in Indiana. It was a bit smaller than ones I've seen wild in Alaska. It was surveying the snow-covered fields…
Dave Bohlmann

Son and I spotted a Bald Eagle perched in a tree near the intersection of Highway 160 and Highway 60 – just south of Salem Indiana. We stopped and admired the site for a minute or two – the Eagle appeared to be hunting the field just south of the auto mart near that intersection – it was an amazing site and the first Eagle I have seen in the wild in this area in my 40+ years –glad my son was with me. Time was approximately 9:30am ET on Saturday 01/17/2015
Elder family

January 16, 2015, around 12:30 PM. I had just left Hummel Park in Plainfield and was driving north on S. Center St. when I spotted a bald eagle flying east across the road. I saw the white tail but didn't get a view of its head.
Andy Kozenski

I saw one on 1/15/15 on the east side of Dayton, IN. I was driving east on SR 38 and he was perched in a tree right by the bridge.
Kellie Ramsey

January 13, 2015 we saw a bald eagle at 4:10 pm soaring above the confluence of the three rivers in Fort Wayne, IN.
Michele Hahn

On 01/12/2015 approx 3:30 p.m. at Averitt Rd and Stop 18 Greenwood, IN. My son and I watched a bald eagle circle in the air several times then perch itself in a tree near a pond. It stayed in the area for 15+ minutes.
Brent Copenhaver

Driving home on January 9, 2015, around 4:45 pm, I am quite certain a bald eagle was soaring right above Brookville road between German Church and Bade Road, Indianapolis, IN. Amazing - hoping others can verify my sighting. Rhonda Kelsay

On January 1st 2015 around 9 am I saw a mature bald eagle fly over our house which is on the east shore of Cedar Lake in Lake county Indiana. It was headed southwest over the lake.
-Theresa James

December 30, 2014. Drove to Salamonie State Park spillway to take pictures of the eagles that congregate along the river. Counted six in the trees along the river and caught a few on camera. Love seeing them in action!
Judy Ford

Spotted pair of Bald Eagles perched in a tree – one adult and one juvenile - at stocked pay fishing lake at Interstate 69 and State Road 38 in Pendleton, Indiana on Sunday December 28th in the morning. The adult was still perched in the same tree a couple of hours later.
David Doerr

12/28/14 Spotted a mature Bald Eagle sitting in a tree at St. Mary’s River and Hwy 27 in Decatur. Hope I get to see it again!
Sandy Uhrick

On December 26, I saw two bald eagles sitting in a tree at the corner of Thompson Rd and Five Points Rd in southeast Indianapolis, IN (Franklin township) around 4pm.
Dan Ernst

On 12-23-14, I saw a mature bald eagle flying overhead while driving with my family ?on the Indiana Toll Road in Gary, IN, along the south edge of US Steel's Gary Works, along the Grand Calumet River.
Claudia Stage

Adult Bald Eagle sighted at Westlake Apartments westside Marion County Indianapolis Indiana December 21 2014. Over big lake around 4:20 pm. Beautiful bird.
T Massey

The week of 12/15/14 while traveling south on I-69 near Evansville, IN, I spotted a Bald Eagle on the ground near a barrow pit east side of roadway and just north of the intersection of I-69 & the Lloyd Expy (Rt 66) Evansville.
H. Wayne Presson

Seen a mature Bald Eagle in the western area of Eagle Marsh at Ft Wayne Indiana in early morning on 12-14-14
Mike Fromholt

saw a bald eagle 0n wed 12-10-14 in brownsburg on two different trees and took several pictures
Michael Rowe

A mature bald eagle was sighted two days in a row in Indianapolis near 34th Street and Elizabeth Lane. It was spotted on 12/10/2014 and 12/11/2014 between 9-10am both days, perched in a tree overlooking a pond.
Richie Peters

my husband and I saw a Bald Eagle in Shelbyville, IN today at 4:11 pm. Very beautiful. I didn't know we had them in Indiana though.
Anita Fisher

On December 6th around 12:30pm, my wife & I were driving on 41 North just outside Princeton, IN nearing the White River when I spotted two large raptors flying within a few hundreds yards of each other. Looking up both my wife & I were able see it was a Bald Eagle. Seconds later we neared the other bird, and it was also another Bald Eagle.
Kyler McReynolds

My husband and I live north of the upper St. Joe River in Elkhart, IN and just watched a pair of mature bald eagles soaring over the river and landing in a large fir tree off of Greenleaf Blvd. My husband first saw them two weeks ago.
Kim Chevalier

December 2, 2014 - I had the pleasure of seeing a mature bald eagle flying over Forest Park golf course in Valparaiso, IN.
George Gordon

I most definitely saw a bald eagle flying over the pond of the pyramids at 86th and Michigan Rd. It then landed in the trees of a neighborhood near by.
Brandon McFarren

Quite sure I saw a juvenile bald eagle on 11-20-14 in the morning in Richmond, Indiana, Wayne county. It flew overhead as I was driving over the West Main Street bridge that goes over Sim Hodgkin Pkwy. Tail feathers were turning white but the head wasn't yet so suspect it was nearing adulthood!
Jen Hill

Saw one, possibly two at a retention pond in Heartland Crossing in Camby, Indiana.
DeAnna Poon

A friend and I admired a bald eagle this morning on shoreside tree just below Salamonie Dam (Huntington County IN). Several other birds of equal or greater size were actively fishing. No spotting scope or binoculars to ID those, but the baldy was a good sighting.
Tim Deal

Just had 2 mature bald eagles fly ten feet over my head. The first was carrying dinner and the second about 50 feet behind the first.
They were in the 34th and Shadeland area of Marion county, Indianapolis, Indiana 11/14/2014
Ron Bockbrader

2nd sighting of a mature Bald Eagle yesterday 11/11 on my road. He was soaring over fields being harvested. Saw him last week too while farmers were in their fields. Johnson County, east of 135 and south of Whiteland Road. I hope he lives here because it is a joy to see him soar!
D Schulz.

I saw a bald eagle in a tree along Big Eagle Creek in Speedway directly behind Alison Transmission today around 8:00am
Laneia and Jon Thomas

Pair of Bald Eagles sighted on November 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM north of 161st and Carey Road near the Oak Manor entrance in Westfield, IN.
Sue Steinhart

On 10/29/2014, while driving south bound on I -65, somewhere around the Renssalaer area (I'm not very familiar with the area, but it was quite a ways before the windmills), I spotted a golden eagle perched in a tree. Being familiar with adult and juvenile bald eagles, and having reviewed in my Peterson's guide, I was excited to confirm that it indeed was a golden eagle!
Michelle Bazin

I had the pleasure of seeing a nice mature bald eagle October 28, 2014 in Whitestown. It was soaring over the Anson development and landed in a tree next to I-65. Awesome.
Seth Niemeier

I saw a bald eagle on State Road 38 just outside of Pendleton (by the middle school) about 4:30 this afternoon 10/27/14.
Kathy Shelton

Saw a bald eagle flying south over bean field in Shelby county, Indiana, north of Rays Crossing. Oct 25, 2014 @ around 10:30 am.
B. Brown.

I saw a bald eagle flying due south across the IUPUI campus in downtown Indianapolis, IN today (10/20/2014). I spotted it from about 1/8th mile away from a 3rd floor conference room. It was flying fairly low…just a few feet above a five story parking garage. I originally mistook it for one of several hawks and falcons we have around campus. But the white head and tail stood out in stark contrast to the moody blue-gray clouds we had this morning. My first bald eagle sighting ever, and it was in the middle of the city!
-Nathan Lucas

10/19/14: mature (huge!)bald eagle sighted flying low over fish source in Hamblen Township, Brown County - Bean Blossom festival property area.
So nice to see sightings posted within the past several weeks for Avon and west Indianapolis - will keep my eyes open!
If nest is sighted contact the Indiana DNR. They do not track sightings but log nest locations in Indiana. According to the state's bird biologist, there are currently 200 known, active bald eagle nests in Indiana.
Marie Keywood, Avon

Spotted a bald eagle eating on a carcass in a harvested bean field. Approximately 6:03 pm October 15, 2014. South of the town of Wheeling, on Wheeling Pike, Washington township, delaware county, indiana.
Carol Tell

Spotted a flying bald eagle on 10/12/14 while driving north on Tonkel Road--north of Fort Wayne, Indiana and south of the DeKalb / Allen County line. Clear skies and beautiful view of distinct white tail feathers and white head!
Jennifer Sholund

An immature bald eagle was hovering about 10 feet above my car as I was driving north on College Avenue (65th and College), yesterday, in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the second time I have seen eagles in the area. About 1 month prior, two adults were flying over Broad Ripple Avenue near the Biscuits café.
Julie Tucker

10/8/14 9:30 am Soon after the lunar eclipse this morning, I saw a single Bald Eagle. It was flying southbound, southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana, about a mile east of I-65 and Southport Rd. It was quite unexpected and amazing to see... very inspiring!
Jim Ward

On 10/3/2014 at around 9am I spotted a bald eagle flying above the Austin Lakes subdivision in Avon, Indiana around Captain drive and Nicole boulevard. I was on my house deck when I first saw an unusually large bird flying somewhat in circles. I thought it was a turkey vulture first but noticed a white tail and head. I must have been at more than 300ft when I observed it. By the time I grabbed my binoculars it was gone. Then 2 hrs later while I was in my car driving through the subdivision at the corner of Seabreeze and Harbor drives I observed a bald eagle again flying at approximately100 ft above some woods. I was probably located at about 200-300ft from the bird.
Laurent Vergnaud

I live in the southeast corner of Indianapolis within the city limits. This beautiful bald eagle landed in our oak tree in our back yard yesterday morning and stayed put for about 30 minutes. It was amazing….
Joe Trimpe

Single bald eagle flying west along I90 (Indiana toll road) in Portage Indiana.
Debra Heffron

A cousin and I were driving around Bass Lake (Starke County), IN. We spotted a large black bird with white tail feathers flying ahead of us. When it finally turned back towards the water, it confirmed our suspicions that it was, in fact, a bald eagle.
Corey Louzon

Saw a bald eagle flying over a farm field on Shordon Rd just north of New Haven IN. Sept. 15 2014. About 5pm.
Angela Bergren

Single bald eagle south of Indianapolis International Airport sitting tall in a tree.
Rick Cartwright

2/15/14 Big bald eagle flying over Crown Point Ind. Stopped by a frozen pond for about a half hour than flew off to the east.
Dave Ricci

Just Saw 4 Bald Eagles!!!!..Homewood Ave looking out toward Capital Ave Bridge...Beautiful!!!! Boy are they BIG! Not the First time I have seen them! Actually there were 4 of them 2 Adults and 2 Young ones I guess around two years old according to pictures I have seen! Watched them for 30 minutes! Amazing!
Therese Taelman

i saw a bald eagle fly over me 2/9/14 as i was shoveling snow. we live in southwest fort wayne, indiana, in a residential area. it was fairly low above me and i could see it clearly. it was beautiful!
-linda buchanan

02/11/14 I just saw a single bald eagle soaring over downtown Terre Haute, Indiana this sunny, cold afternoon.
- Athena Goulet

We saw our first wild eagle in the area today!! We were on SR 44 at the Shelby/Johnson in Indiana. This is close to I65 at the Franklin, In exit. This was about 10 minutes ago and it flew over the highway along the creek. So exciting and beautiful.
Michele Morris

Driving west on Old River Road just outside Bristol, a bald eagle was circling over the trees along the river. What a majestic sight!
Heide Bennett

I live in Mishawaka, Indiana. We have a Bald Eagle sitting in our tree in our back yard which is next to the St. Joe River. We have been watching him with binoculars for the past hour, and I assure you it is a Bald Eagle. I am in awe of the beauty and size of this bird.
Kay Stafford
Mishawaka, Indiana

Richmond Indiana. Resovoir park adult eagle flying towards the spillway.
Beth Holland

I photographed a Bald Eagle this morning on Christmas Lake in Santa Claus, Indiana.
Donna Stillman
Spencer County, Indiana

Thrilled, I just saw a bald eagle from inside the building where I work. It was flying toward the building and swooped over it. Within 2 feet of second story window! WOW
we are 1 block from the St. Joseph River
Peg Strantz

1/8/14 - I saw a bald eagle sitting for 20 minutes at my home on the river in downtown Elkhart. Then it circled over the river several times before swooping down and snatching a good sized fish, which it took to the ice island outside my window and proceeded to eat. Fabulous experience.
W. Royer

Today while driving east on Kessler blvd toward Binford blvd in Indianapolis, my 9-yr old son exclaimed from the back seat "a bald eagle, I see 2 bald eagles!!" we were skeptical until we pulled into our subdivision northwest of Fall Creek, when to our delight there were indeed 2 mature bald eagles circling our neighborhood fairly low and heading east. We watched them for ten to fifteen minutes! It was awesome!! Robin Wagly

I saw a bald eagle at heritage park in fishers, Indiana. It was flying north up over the white river.
Cory Getz

We live at Heritage Lake, near Coatesville, IN. We've seen a male bald eagle twice in the last three days feeding and flying around the lake. Absolutely beautiful!
Patti Bostwick

TWO bald eagles sighted at 54th and Central in Indianapolis, IN on December 29, 2013. They were flying very low over the residential neighborhood for quite sometime before landing in a tree to everyone's delight!
Julie Tucker

12/25/13 Hello! I want to report seeing a PAIR of bald eagles at on S.R. 67 in Martinsville, Indiana. They swooped over my car and landed in a tree overhanging the flooded White River. Absolutely beautiful Christmas gift!
~Kristin Hinton

I saw a bald eagle in Greenwood, IN 46237 area code, observed it with binoculars for about 5 minutes.
Rick Clayton

I saw an adult bald eagle flying above the Grace College area near Warsaw, IN.
Nathan Burton

Just sighted a beautiful Bald Eagle here in North Liberty Indiana flying across the field str8 across from my office window. very cool.
J Lewis

We saw a mature bald eagle, most likely a female, this morning in our backyard. She stayed about 30 minutes, long enough for us to get pictures while she sat in a sycamore tree. We live in the town of Zionsville, Indiana, near State Road 421 (Michigan Road) and East Sycamore Street. This was an absolute thrill for our family!
Tracy Phillips

Saw a mature Bald Eagle near Oakridge Road and E. Greyhound Pass in Carmel, IN in mid November. Very large and majestic as he swooped over the trees toward a retention pond. Saw another mature Bald Eagle on my property north of Westfield, IN on 12/4/13. Got my attention with a very different alarm call than others birds of prey common to our area. They are BIG birds when you see them up close.
David Demas
Westfield, IN

Noblesville IN last couple year in the Fall. Two Eagles! Had and Eaglet were teaching it to Fish. Eaglet Gone Mom and Dad back. 10-28 through 12- ?
Clark Crosser

My husband and I were driving to Michigan on Friday, November 29th when we seen a mature bald eagle in a tree top just outside of Libery, IN. We had no idea bald eagles were in our area so it was Awesome to see him.
Rhonda Hensley

I saw an immature bald eagle sitting next to the 3 acre pond in my back yard on Tuesday, November 26. On Wednesday November 27 I saw a mature bald eagle sitting on the partially frozen pond. Both were morning sightings, and both did not stay long. I live in Dyer, Indiana.
Vanessa Nolen

I saw a Bald Eagle 11/27/2013 around 4:30 pm near Thompson Crossing Elementary on Thompson Road in Marion Co. Indianapolis Indiana.
Amanda Cox

I saw a bald eagle today Nov 24, 2013 at approx. 3:40 flying above the Kroger parking lot at 161st and Springmill Road in Westfield IN. Flying North towards Countryside housing addition. Beautiful and big!
Stephwinn Franco

My husband and I saw a mature bald eagle in a harvested cornfield north of Tingler Road in Wayne County, Indiana - 11/20/13
Ann Homer

I saw a mature adult in a sycamore tree in Wayne County, Indiana on Salisbury Road between Hunt and Abington Roads. It sat there for several minutes before flying off to the east.
Laura Arndt

I saw bald eagle flying over Frankie park in Ft Wayne while feeding the ducks Nov 17' 2013
Charles Milledge

11/16/2013 - My husband and I saw a bald eagle flying and land in a tree on 186th Street in Westfield Indiana - BEAUTIFUL!
-jodi Becker
Westfield, IN

I saw a bald Eagle on the SW side of Fort Wayne, IN on 11/14/2013.
I was unaware that they were being spotted in the area until I looked online.
Susan Jones

I saw a bald eagle flying over the Meijer on East 96th Street in Fishers, IN, heading east toward Geist. It was a mature eagle with its white head and tail glistening in the sun.
Laurie Casey, McCordsville, IN

I saw a bald eagle on the side of 446 in Munroe County on Saturday morning, it was eating a raccoon that was struck by a car. First time I have seen one in Indiana. Pretty cool.
Alex Huettl

10/19/13. Indiana. Just saw bald eagle in northern Wayne County, just south of Williamsburg. Saw one last year in southern Wayne County near Abington along Whitewater river. Both were an unexpected and magnificent sight!
Mark Baldwin

We saw a mature bald eagle on October 6th and then again on October 7th. We couldn't tell if it was the Both sightings occurred around noon on the west side of Carmel, Indiana. We live in a subdivision with several retention ponds that attract herons, hawks and owls. During the first sighting, the eagle made two dives towards the pond, but pulled away at the last second both times. Very cool!
John Maurovich

Carmel, Indiana 9/18/13 @ 1:00 p.m. downtown Fort Wayne at Hall's on the river. We were setting in a lounge chair in the parking lot waiting for a table and overhead was a beautiful large Bald Eagle soring over the Three Rivers area. He made 2 circles and then moved on North. I have seen Eagles in Alaska, Canada and Florida but never before in Indiana.
Jerry Begue

My husband and i saw a bald eagle fly 2 feet above the roofline of our house on September 15, 2013. He was making an alarm call (high pitched and scratchy) And was flying toward the White river. We live right across from the White River in Noblesville, in off of Riverwood Avenue and also see a pair of ospreys as well in the same location. Very majestic!
Lauren Avery

Indiana: I saw a bald eagle flying south/southwest along Sugar Creek just north of the Shades State Park boundary. I was on the east bank of the river (Sugar Creek) at Deer's Mill camp grounds and watched the eagle fly by and land in a tree. It was very cool, luckily my friends saw it when I pointed it out, I'm not sure they would have believed it!
Aaron Wood

(9/4/13) A bald eagle flew over our house last night & perched in a tree about 1/8 of a mile down the road from us, for about 15 minutes. The bird flew very low & we got quite an eyeful! We live in the southwestern corner of Boone County, just off the Hendricks County line.
Liz Fults

I just saw a bald eagle in a field off route 46 near Greensburg Indiana. Amazing!!!
Kellie Warren

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