Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

I am quite excited to report my first bald eagle sighting in Hardin co. Ky. What a big bird!!! I knew right away it was an eagle, spotted sitting on the branch of a tall tree, off of hwy 1375.
Carla Jaggers

David Schack wrote the following: While golfing at Eagle creek golf course in Crittenden Ky on December 26 2016 (i know, Eagle creek! What are the chances?!) a friend of mine and I saw a bald eagle fly over us on the third hole. I got some brief decent video on my phone. I also saw a bald eagle while kayaking the pigeon river in Tennessee the summer of 2014. Was rafting season and several guides reported seeing it that summer.

Christy Kelley wrote: Bald eagle spotted in metcalfe County Kentucky. On Sunday November 20th, 2016. Sitting in the road on hwy 314 in the Savoyard community

Marty Pray wrote the following: Today while swimming with my children on Patriot Point on Rough River my youngest son yelled out "look dad, it's a bald eagle" I assumed he was looking at a vulture but as I look up I saw the white head and white tail feathers of a Bald Eagle. It flew directly over us and we watched it until it disappeared from view around a bend in the river. It was the first Bald Eagle I have ever seen not in a zoo or on TV. Seeing something so amazing made me want to share the sighting. Thanks for having this site. It was beautiful to see!

Brian McDonald wrote the following: Today a friend and i was fishing on Elkhorn creek near canoe ky. Enjoying a beautiful day when all of a sudden my freind spotted what he thought was a bald eagle. I didn't see the entire bird just a flash of a white tail and it was gone. Astonished at the possibility we continued on down the creek hoping for another siting and there he was in all of his glory setting in a tree above us watching us pass . We did get some pictures and a video. Unbelievable opportunity. That was the first for me and it was awesome so i stood up and sang Lee Greenwood proud to be an American. Go Trump!!!!!!!

Joe Taylor wrote the following: Eagle sighting on Highway 1132 approximately 1.2 miles from Jonesville Ky in Grant county on east side of road sitting in tree.

Danny Cox wrote the following: Meade County, KY, hgwy 313 near Flaherty, sighted male eagle in dead tree between Hgwy 313 and old hgwy 144 in sight of Elementary school on old 144. Date was 2016 January 9th around 1:00 PM. watched about 5 minutes, took several pictures.

Henry Menke wrote the following: My neighbors saw an adult male bald eagle in a sycamore tree along Cruises Creek near the KY 17 bridge in Kenton County, Kentucky on December 20, 2015. The coordinates of the sighting are approximately 38°50'49.3"N 84°32'02.1"W (38.847025, -84.533916). They were able to take one digital photo from a distance. The bird is fuzzy in the photo at that distance, but it is pretty clearly a male bald eagle by the size and coloring. Cruises Creek reaches the Licking River between Kenton and Morning View to the east, and eagles are reported to be common sightings near the river along Decoursey Pike (KY 177).

Valerie Tapley wrote the following: A female spotted in Lick Creek, KY with a catch on the side of the road at approximately 1400 hours on 12-13-15

Rich and Amy Vernon wrote the following: We saw a big beautiful bald eagle on October 14,2015 perched at the very top of a dead walnut tree on our farm in warren,county ,ky near rock field,. He was watching over our angus cowherd ready to swoop down on a recently dead baby calf from a possible breechbirth. It was breath taking. The swell of emotion in our hearts has still not died down three days later as I write this message sharing with other folks who I hope can soon see what we experienced. Our four year old daughter ,Lilly grace also saw the eagle up close with me on our four wheeler as I tried to get close to take a picture . The eagle flew of course but we will always share this special moment.

Jan Lester wrote the following: I just found this site & wanted to report that about 6 months ago my husband, daughter & I got a very good view of a bald eagle as we crossed the I-275 bridge from Campbell to Kenton Co. near Wilder, KY. It flew from somewhere off to the south & passed directly overhead in front of us. Hubby kept his eyes on the road, but my daughter & I watched as the bird continued North, up the Licking River. Very clearly saw the white head & tail as well as the wide wing span. Have seen many in the wild on vacations, but this was the first time to see one right here in Northern KY!

Richard Keith wrote the following: Adult bald eagle sighted on October 4th, 2015 around 5PM. This was in eastern Warren County, Kentucky along Highway US68/Ky80 near the Warren County/Barren County line. I took several pictures as we watched it for several minutes.

Bridgett Jennings wrote the following: Bald Eagle sighting on US 68 close to Blue Licks State Park. It was setting on the side of the road at the Welcome to Flemingsburg sign. We stopped to look at him and tried to take a photo but he flew into the trees behind him.

Today, August 27, 2015, my wife and I saw an immature bald eagle fishing near the dam at A. J. Jolly Park in Campbell County, Kentucky. It was our first sighting of a bald eagle in the wild. We usually take our binoculars on our walks and we got a very good look at it as it flew. We were stunned by the sheer size of it. A family came around the corner in a car and asked if we got a look at it. They also thought eagle, but didn't get the look at it through the binoculars like we did. We confirmed it was the real deal.
Joe Warren
Alexandria, Ky.

We live on Wilgreen Lake in Richmond ky and just saw a large bald eagle fly down to get a fish. Very awesome!
Art Lowe

I was driving from Lebanon, Ky to Campbellville, ky & I noticed a bald eagle on my left in a farm field about little over half way to Campbellville. I was totally shock to see the bald eagle. It was standing in the field. I also noticed a black type Suv with several antennas on the Suv roof. I didn't stop. However, I wish I did to take a picture from my car, but didn't. I saw the eagle about 11:00 or so today(1/17/15).
Bill Harmon, Danville, Ky.

Today , Jan. 05, 2015 as I was returning to Georgetown, Ky. from Versailles, Ky. about 1 P.M. on US62 toward Midway, Ky. I thought I saw a Bald Eagle in the top of a tree on the right of way about a mile out of Versailles. I turned around to be sure and sure enough it was my first up close experience with this bird that carries so much meaning for us. It was across from the UK farm on one side and Lane's End Farm on the other. I am 78 years old and this sighting will be imprinted in my mind.
Charles Adams

We live in Prospect Ky, on the ohio river, I spotted a pair yesterday fishing and eating along a bluff across the river on the Indiana shore from our home. It was my first sighting here, I've seen them up river above Westport ky but not here. I'm hoping they will nest nearby.
Linda Russell

I live at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Ohio River just west of Otter Creek Park near West Point KY. I have seen a bald eagle three times over the last week (February 2014). The first time it was gliding along going upstream toward West Point. The second time a couple of days later it was flying downstream and made a circle right in front of the house like it knew I was watching. Both times it was near our side of the river below our elevation and the white head and tail were clearly visible. I would estimate the wingspan at approximately six feet. Yesterday it zipped by less than 20 feet outside my window. My wife now insist that I go out with our 15 pound Dachshund. I'm not sure what help I could provide...
Jim Skees

I believe I just saw a bald eagle fly over, which is unusual. I'm in Fayette County, KY, in a populated area off Nicholasville Rd. In Lexington. This bird was much bigger than the hawks I see now and then, and definitely had a white head and tail. But the body and wings also looked very light, pale gray or almost white. Apparently this is possible. What a thrill!
Cathy White

My wife and I saw 2 bald eagles in a cornfield near our home today on McCubbins Road, Hodgenville, KY, in Larue County.
They were feeding on a fox. The one eagle flew away while the 2nd eagle attempted to lift the fox into the air with him. He was able to get it off the ground, 10-15 feet high in the air and fly with it for a short distance. He dropped the fox back to the ground, hovered around until we left.
It was an awesome sighting.

Could I have seen a bald eagle on my farm in the Bluegrass near Lexington, KY(SW corner of Fayette Cty.)? There are some farm ponds in the vicinity , but this bird was not near the water. He flew about 150 yds away and landed in a black walnut tree where he remained for sometime. Very distinct white head and neck with the very white tail. Bird was quite large but not as big as 6' wingspan.
I observe hawks and vultures around the farm always but have NEVER seen a bird like this one. A couple of my farmworkers witnessed it as well.
D. Robinson

a friend of mine took this picture along with a video of a what looks as a female in Anderson co. ky. on us 62 at fox creek on 10/27/2013 around 9 am
Jimmy Hardin

My brother and sister-in-law saw a bald eagle in their back yard sitting on an electric line. They live in Ft Thomas, KY
Debbie Scharff

I saw a bald eagle flying over and catching a fish from Guist Creek Lake in Shelbyville, on Sunday February 17, 2013, mid afternoon. It circled several times, though because I was afraid I would miss it's dive, I did not run for my camera. It caught a fish and proceeded to head into the trees on the other side of the lake. I watched for quite a while afterward but did not see it or a mate again. It was an amazing sight, as I had never seen a bald eagle before except in captivity. I am not totally sure whether it was male or female, at least from the pictures I find. But it had a definitely white head and a totally white tail. Beautiful to say the least!
Cindy L. Riley

I saw a bald eagle just of 31W in West Point Kentucky on 2-13-2013. That is at the Northern Hardin County/Bullitt County border and very close to the Ohio River, just to the south side of town in a field next to Dixie Highway. White feathers on the tail, white head, mature. The field where it was spotted has deer and occasional ground rodents. I didn't have time to snap a photo as I was driving and couldn't get stopped with traffic behind me. It was a thrill.
Darin and Lisa Winebrenner

I saw a bald eagle in Stephensburg KY (Hardin County) February 1, 2013. It flew over a subdivision along Hwy 62 and circled back toward an open field. It was huge and so majestic. It was so exciting. I am now going to watch for it. My sister saw one a few months ago in Big Clifty, KY in Grayson County. She was out in her yard and she saw the shadow first. Then she looked to see what was casting the shadow and was amazed to see a majestic bald eagle soaring over her. Big Clifty is less than 10 miles from Stephensburg.
Cheryle Beauchamp

I've been fishing off the banks at Walnut Creek bridge in Scottsville, Kentucky over the last few days. I saw two bald eagles in the trees on the first day. Two days later I saw one bald eagle flying up into the tree and then across the mud flats. Magnificant sight to see.
Adair Wimpee

We watched a mature bald eagle flying along the Kentucky River from Oregon Road near Nonesuch, Kentucky, in Woodford County this morning - 12/31/12.=
Peter Rapoport

We saw a mature bald eagle on Dc. 5th 2012 in Owen County KY on route 355 near Gratz (a road which runs next to the KY river).
Maria Ransdell

on 121-5-12, while Kayaking on the Kentucky river between mile marker 107 & 111, approx 4.0 miles down stream from the Rt 68 bridge, we observed this Golden eagle. Watched it circle for 45+ min, then it headed upstream. This location on the river is approx. 15 mi. south of Lexington, ky
Carol Yanik

was driving on rt 355 today in Carrollton County Ky (nov 16-2012) and saw a bald eagle perched on top of a tree. Very Cool.
Jayson Capling

Lone Bald Eagle sighted October 25, 2012 over Sportsman Lake, Elizabethtown, KY. A wonderful sight to behold as I have never seen one in the wild.
M Mays

Sighted bald eagle 6 pm Sept 9, 2012 over Bluegrass Fields Subdivision NE Jefferson Co KY.
Pamela Heindselman

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