eagles,Image created by Hope Rutledge


2 adult bald eagles fishing and flying together (mating?)
Perryville Community Park
Perryville, Maryland
M. Kei

There was a Bald Eagle on Greenspring Ave just past the Chestnut Ridge Fire Dept getting ready to feast on a deer carcus in a field right by the road on Tuesday Feb 18, 2020 about 8:30 am. Just as calm and regal. I pulled over to get a couple of pictures, I moved my car and did a u turn to take a video and the eagle had flown away. This is in Baltimore County, the zip code would be either 21136 or 21117.
Carol Bushneck

I was driving on Rutland Road in Davidsonville on 1/6/2020. I crossed under rte 50 and a bald eagle that was sitting on a log on the side of the road lifted off. I slowed down to follow and watch as it gained altitude directly in front of me between the trees that border the road. As I watched, another, smaller eagle flew over my car and followed the larger bird. When they were above the tree tops they flew left, over the Lake of the Pines neighborhood. This was thrilling. I live in that neighborhood and have photos of a single bald eagle that was in a tall tree in my back yard. It was watching the lake. I had never been that close before. Two this time. How neat.
John Belt

Friday, January 5, 2018, at 11:12 am
Today I spotted a bald eagle from my rear patio door. It was gliding on a wind current just above the tree line behind my home on Newbury Road in Damascus, Maryland. (The tree line is between Newbury Road and Sugar Cane Road)
The unmistakable white head and tail feathers along with its incredible wing span was quite something to behold-MAJESTIC and AWESOME!!!!!
Carol Barotti

I saw a bald eagle this morning in Maryland where Newbury Road borders Damascus Regional Park. The head and tail were bright white. It remained in a tree a few minutes before flying deeper into the park: beautiful to see!
Susan Lutz
Damascus, MD

September 24th and October 1st Two weeks in a row, right around 12:30 while watching my daughters field hockey game I have seen two bald eagles flying over the parking lot of South River High School in Edgewater, Maryland. Both appear to be adults as they are fairly large and have full BE markings. On September 24th the eagles circled the parking lot as they worked their way south toward Galesville. On October 1st they didn't circle as long and departed west toward Davidsonville. Prior to this sighting I've only seen bald eagles twice in my lifetime. Once on Cape Breton in Canada when I was a kid and once while piloting a Cessna 172 over the eastern shore at about 7,000 feet. An amazing sight to see. Thank you for this site, I hope to see the eagles again this weekend.
Robert Altman
Edgewater, MD.

I saw a bald eagle on 9/27/17 around noon in Damascus, MD off Route 80 on John's Drive!!! He was circling above my house and flew over the tree line! I was able to run back in the house and grab binoculars to get a better look before he flew off toward town.
-Emily Cornett

Elizabeth Magin wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle today, (1/31/17) at about 9:15 a.m., in Silver Spring, MD, at the intersection of University Blvd. and Arcola Road. It was flying eastward along University, and then came to rest high in a tree in Breewood Park, near the road.

Rita Valentino wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle swooping in Rock Creek park in Kensington, MD today Jan 26 around 2 PM. Couldn't believe and then I saw a runner on the trail stop in disbelief like me. Awesome! Maybe it is a sign that we are going to be OK.

Art Blanda wrote the following: Saw Bald Eagle in my back yard feeding on something. Bowie,MD High Bridge Section.

John McKisson wrote the following: 01/09/2017 - Sited a Bald eagle in Maryland, west side of route 15, north of Montvale road. Sitting in a tree, white head, white tail, approximately 20 inches tall.

Ann Smith wrote the following: Just watched a mature bald eagle land on a tree next to 201, in Greenbelt MD on Jan 8, 2017. Full white head with white tail. Really awesome.

Mike Whittington wrote the following: many many eagles at the conawago dam at the harford/cecil county line

Cath Wattenberg wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle this morning at Best Farm, next to the Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick, Maryland!

Somia Gupte wrote the following: I spotted a bald eagle in Germantown, Maryland perched on a tree on the side of the road. It's January and very cold here so I am not sure if this is normal.

Fran O'Day wrote the following: Today, 2/01/2016, while driving to work, I saw an eagle in the top of a very tall tree. I was travelling along Rt 77 between the Monocacy River and Rocky Ridge in Frederick County, MD. Very exciting

Amber Smith wrote the following: I was driving past the valley mall in Hagerstown MD. And flying above the small patch of woods near by, was a beautiful bald eagle. He just kept flying in circles above all of the trees. I have never seen a bald eagle in the wild before so it was a pretty amazing sight!

Bernard Aymold 111 wrote the following: I sighted a large bald eagle in Montgomery County Maryland. It was on Laytonsville Rd (Rt 108) near Hawkins Creamery Rd.

Anil Nerurkar wrote the following: My wife and I were driving north on Route 95 from DC towards Baltimore. Suddenly two bald eagles flew up out of the trees to our right, then chased each other across the road and into the trees on the other side, turning and sparring in the air. Both were mature birds with bright white heads and tails. What an amazing sight!
We were at about mile marker 103. A Google search puts that just north of the Chesapeake House Service Area in Aberdeen, MD.

Judy Murphy wrote the following: On Christmas Eve morning, my husband and I saw a Bald Eagle lift off from the pasture behind our house on MD Route 496. It was about 9:30 AM. The bird flew over our driveway, across the front yard and out over the valley heading towards Pennsylvania. Codorus State Park in PA isn\'t far from here. It was a mature bird with white head and tail.

Val Corkran wrote the following: Saw two bald eagles feasting on a deer carcass on Rossback Road in Davidsonville. I got a great picture with my phone. Absolutely majestic! Nothing quite like it! Breathtaking!

Chris Hussey wrote the following: Dec 18, 2015 4:14PM
Driving north on Canal Road, paralleling the Potomac on the Maryland side, just past the pumping station near Glen Echo I caught sight of one. It was flying low and was right above me for a few moments and then off to my right for a few seconds. Great to see.

GARY FORD wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle in my front yard today in Eldersburg MD. It tried to fly away with a small deer head in it\'s claws but it dropped it in the road and flew away.

Freedom Green wrote the following: I was out running in the am on December 10, 2015 on the NCR trail in Hunt Valley, MD and spotted my very 1st Bald Eagle sitting on a tree overlooking the water. There was another large bird sitting on the tree right next to the Eagle. It looked to be the same size, but did not have the white head. I truly was blown at the beauty of the Bald Eagle.

K Regan wrote the following: Along Henson Creek trail in temple hills md. Trail is closed for water main work underneath but less frequent pedestrian traffic has created seclusion for the one I saw on Dec 7, 2015

Kathy Rogers wrote the following: I am delighted to find your site. I, too, thought is was crazy but I saw a beautiful, big bald eagle swoop down and grab a squirrel off a neighbors lawn in Catonsville. Very close i could see its white head and white britches. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen in the neighborhood! Thank you for this forum to keep track of other peoples' observations

Bob Treadaway wrote the following: This happened near Severn, Maryland on 12/03/15. My wife and daughter were traveling with me westbound on Route 100 from the Glen Burnie area. At the junction of Route 97 (where the southbound entrance ramp starts, there was a mature eagle in the right lane on the roadway. It did not seem to be near prey and was walking. From a distance I thought I was looking at a turkey buzzard until it turned to face me and I could distinguish the white head and features. I passed by on the left and kept going. This was around 12:30 p.m. Even now, I can't help but wonder whether it might have gotten hit by a car from behind me after I left.

Charles Adams wrote the following: My wife and I saw a bald eagle near the intersection of Stottlemyer Road and Ridenour Road near Wolfsville, Maryland on Thanksgiving morning (11/26/15). The magnificent bird landed in a dead tree at the edge of a field about 300 yards away.

Dennis Peaton wrote the following: I seen two bald eagles last week on Tuesday 11/24/2015 at the landfill in Baltimore City

Patti King wrote the following: We just saw a bald eagle flying over 273 in Cecil County Md by Fair Hill Fair grounds. Beautiful

ryan accord a wrote the following: 6 bald eagles were seen flying above south moutain in Boosboro Md near the Washington Monument. I observed them gliding in loose circles chirping with each other. White heads and white tails made me grab the binoculars. I only saw them for a few minutes before they went over the mountain towards Middletown Md. This was my first time seeing bald eagles in the wild. I can't believe there were so many

Just saw a bald eagle fly over - was in Towson, MD at corner of E. Seminary Ave. and Dulaney Valley Road. This is near Loch Raven Reservoir.
Ann Maddox

robin cameron wrote the following: 3 adult bald eagles seen this morning on Annapolis Route 450 at the Bacon Ridge branch of the South River. Beautiful!

Connie Aymold wrote the following: We live in Catonsville,Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. We sighted a bald eagle flying into the woods behind our home. This area adjourns a state park. We saw him on Saturday, Oct 31,2015

Licia Routson wrote the following: My husband and I just saw a bald eagle that was flying over 270, near the Rio exit in Gaithersburg, MD. We were driving and saw it flying near the treetops on the edge of the road.

Dan Leahy wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle ~10am Oct. 30, 2015 driving north on 29 just before the intersection with 32. It is my normal commute on which I see many turkey vultures and an occasional hawk--but this is the first bald eagle in ~14 years. Wow.

Linda Kling wrote the following: Been watching two adult Bald Eagles in Grantsville, Md

Karim Hicks wrote the following: 2pm Sunday morning my son nd I had the pleasure of seeing a female bald eagle in our back yard perched on a branch sitting in the water pass through in our backyard. We can still see her hovering in the distance over route 50 in Bowie Md.

Heather Fitzgerald wrote the following: Sunday morning on October 04, 2015 I looked out the sliding door at the dinning room and saw an adult eagle. I went to get my camera to take pictures but only got a few of it flying away. Thinking I missed a great photo-op we went on with our morning. About 45 minutes later 2 big brown and white spotted birds were in the same spot. I looked up information on your page and quickly realized that we were being visited by immature eagles. They hung around for over an hour and half, giving me plenty of time to take pictures of them. They flew off and perched on a branch in a nearby tree. We will be keeping our eye to the sky in hopes of a return visit from these beautiful birds.

Kelly Cidre wrote the following: We had a beautiful visitor in our backyard yesterday in Fulton, Maryland. A bald eagle landed in the trees and stayed long enough for me to get my camera out and take a few photos. My husband, my sons and I watched him as he took flight and soared away. Amazing sight!

Jared Slender wrote the following: Lone Bald eagle heard and observed at 8:15 AM, 9/24/15, flying through Annapolis Junction along MD-32 East headed towards the automobile shipping yard.

Jen Marrow wrote the following: We have seen bald eagles on Haviland Mill Rd in Clarksville Maryland. We are near a river, wetlands.

sharon blache wrote the following: 2:10pm, September 8, 2015, I believe I just had a bald eagle fly over my home heading towards rt 75 and rt 144 in New Market, MD 21774. Beautiful, large, white head, black wings and body underside, tail I believe white too. I haf to take a double look as we have so many turkey buzzards, but truly this looked like a bald eagle...has there been any other sightings in this area. I sit out a lot and enjoy in my backyard, but this a first.

Steven Joffe wrote the following: Saw a large bird soaring over the Jones Falls Expressway, September 2, 2015; thought is was a vulture; but then it came to lite on a tree, and I saw the white head of a Bald Eagle

Saw a bald eagle perched high in a tree just east of Grenville Rd on the south side of RT 450 in Bowie, MD, today 2/14/15 at noon. Odd to see one there, so I did another pass just to be sure. So exciting!
Vicki Pocock

Woodbine Maryland 21797 on 9 February 2015 at 1300. Eagle has been in the area for about a week scouring the area for small game and perhaps feeding off a nearby small deer carcass.
Arch Galloway

I wanted to share, what to me, was truly a right place at the right time moment.
I live in Riverdale, MD, and was driving my son to school on the morning of 2/5/2015, about 8:50am. I was heading east on River Road towards Kenilworth Ave., and happened to look and see a large bird circling, he began to descend talons extended and scooped up a rat and flew off with it. I saw his white head and tail and was in awe that it was a bald eagle! I thought maybe he made off with a squirrel, but the long; straight tail left no doubt it was a rat. I feel very blessed to have witnessed this magnificent creature hunting for his breakfast.
Cheryl Tallman

At 12:20 PM today spotted Bald Eagle in tree at Hawthorne Park (close to Coralthorn Rd)on Middle River in Baltimore County, 21220. Flew off down river. Beautiful!
Jan Miller

I'm pretty sure I see one or two eagles on the electrical towers on the north side of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway mostly every weekday around 4:45 p.m. Yesterday I saw three. Thinking it’s too good to be true and not trusting my own judgement, I had my bird-loving sister and nephew confirm that they were definitely eagles.
Diane Pinter

I live in Sylvan Shores (Riva) just south of Annapolis, a few houses away from the South River. I have only seen bald eagles in the wild when I lived in Washington State. This past Sunday, as I returned from an errand, caught something big out of the corner of my eye, swoop down behind my neighbor's house and perch on a tree on the other side of the house. We normally have Ospreys in the area but this was a bald eagle. I showed my 11 year old son and he says "I told you we saw a bald eagle the other day". I hadn't believed him. So I grab my phone to take a picture, sneak around the other side of my neighbors house, and when I turn the corner to get a view, there were 4 bald eagles in the same tree. Before I could get a picture they scattered. I was able to find two of them a block further down and get a picture of 2 of them in the same tree. Was amazed and have been looking for them each day since.
Reb Cobb

My daughter Terri is shocked to say she just saw a bald eagle fly over our back yard. We live in Columbia, Maryland.
Laura Burris

Pretty sure I saw a bald eagle around 10:30 am on route 370 in Rockville MD heading west to Sam Eig road. Flew off the ground and perched on a tree. I think it was eating something on the side of the road. Turned it's head over its left shoulder, very noble looking. Very impressive.
Gregory Vutrano

Saw a Bald Eagle fly over College Gardens ES in Rockville MD on Friday Jan 9th 2014. I was surprised to see one at work. I live in WV on a river and am used to seeing them there.
Kate Savage

Saw a bald eagle this morning flying low and parallel to I-95 (flying south!) south of the tunnels, just before the signs for Caton Ave :)
Kelly Utter

I wanted to report that I saw a magnificent specimen perched on a low branch about 100 yards off Rt. 198 in Spencerville, MD 20868. It seemed most unusual to me, especially since there is no major river in the immediate vicinity, but there are a lot of tall trees that remain courtesy of the Mennonites who settled this area. I parked my car and endeavored to approach on foot, getting to within about 25 yards before it calmly departed, giving me a memorable view of its awesome wing span. I could hope they might be nesting in this area?
Rich Rolls

At about 8am on December31, 2014, I caught some erratic movement in the corner of my eye as I passed by the window which overlooks Little Bear Creek in Edgewater, Maryland. Looking closer I realized that an eagle was chasing a small flock of Bufflehead. It was a very large bird, mottled brown and it was determined to have a meal. He dove at the Bufflehead, and the Bufflehead dove under the water which is about 10' deep there. The eagle would hover, wait for the ducks to surface and try again. While he never really touched the water, he maintained a very close distance to the surface, rise about 6 to 8 feet and circle again. If the eagle flew off more than 5 to 10 yards the Bufflehead would surface and a few would take off like a shot in the opposite direction staying very close to the surface of the water. This drama lasted for at least 5 minutes until the last Bufflehead made its escape. I wanted to grab my camera but it was not close by and I didn't want to miss a thing. I did have a good pair of binoculars which I keep next to the window and could watch the whole episode close up.
The Little Bear Creek borders Camp Letts and eagle sightings are not uncommon. I've a few photos of one in a high tree overlooking the creek that I took a few months ago. Regrettably, the photos are not prize winners as he was too far away but very recognizable.
I believe it was a Golden as there were no white markings anywhere and its color was a mottled brown. This was not a small bird - its large size probably saved a Bufflehead from becoming breakfast. It was extremely agile for its size and very determined. The energy he expended over those minutes must have been substantial as he flew up into one of the bordering tree and rested for a time afterwards.
Happy New Year to you all,
Tom Lyons

Saw 3 bald eagles, at least one was mature and one a juvenile SE of Sharpsburg MD on Route 34 (Shepherdstown Pike) in a field near the Mount Airy historic home on December 30th, 2014 around 11:30am. They were seen from the historical marking pull off and were close enough for some nice photos.
Kent McKinney
Matthews, NC 28105

There is a mature bald eagle and two juveniles that can commonly be seen at low tide on Defense Highway (Route 450) where the road crosses the South River near Annapolis. I have seen them half a dozen times in the last few weeks. Beautiful!
Nancy Morin

I just saw a bald eagle with a large number of crows feasting on a deer carcass in a farm field on Greenspring Avenue below Greenspring Valley Road in Baltimore County, Maryland. I have never seen one in the area!
Paul Lipkin

On December 20, 3014 I saw a mature bald Eagle flying above the Monocacy River at the Maryland Highway 144 crossing just east of Frederick.
Nancy Ellwood

Pretty sure we saw a Bald Eagle this morning on Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, MD. It had ben feeding on a goose carcass that had been lying on an artificial island, and flew up to roost in a tree.
Jane Thorne

On Sunday, Dec 14, 2014, saw a beautiful bald eagle feasting on a deer carcass on Ballenger Creek Pike in Frederick, MD. Many cars were pulling over to photograph this majestic bird.
Toni Zimmerman

Just spotted a bald eagle while driving into work, flying over Rte 100 in Columbia (between Meadowridge Rd and Snowden River exit). I believe it was a female because of the abundance of white tail feathers. I've never seen one in the wild before, WOW!
:Liana C Forrette

On Dec. 8th, 2014 we saw two bald eagles on Mountville Rd. near Manor wood Rd. in Frederick, MD. Very majestic birds. They appeared to be a mature male and female. They were at the edge of a cornfield eating, what seemed to be, the remains of a deer carcass.
Kathleen Shreve

Just saw 2 beautiful bald eagles landing in a tree off Devilbiss Road in Walkersville MD. Wow!
Randy Richter

I saw a bald eagle in a tree about 20 years from route 32 about 1/2 mile west from route 108 crossroad in Clarksville, Maryland. I was quite shocked to say the least as that was the first time I have seen an eagle in the area. I went by the same spot hoping to see it again so I could stop and take a picture, but as luck would have it....
Paul Cook

We saw a bald eagle on Nov. 30, 2014 resting on a tall tree in our back yard near South Mountain/Rout 340 (near Knoxville, MD). We took many pictures.

We saw a Bald Eagle yesterday, Thursday, November 27, 2014, outside our back window which faces Bollinger Rd. in Westminster. I'm glad there have been other sightings nearby so I know I wasn't crazy.
Kathy Wood, Westminster, MD

Today, I witnessed a bald eagle flying overhead near Poolesville in Maryland. From below I could see that it's head-neck area and also tail were white. The rest of it was dark grey to brown. This bird was large and grand looking. Behind it and lower was another large bird, but this one was closer to all white in color. It was perhaps 2/3 as large as the first bird. I do not know for sure if they were together, but they appeared to be. I do not know if this second bird was an eagle young or some other type of large bird. Thanksgiving Day 2014.
John Parsley

Bowie, Maryland - Tuesday November 18, 2014
I work in the Melford office park in Bowie. Just saw a lone bald eagle circling Route 301 right outside my building.
Steve Yake

On Nov 17 about 5pm we saw a bald eagle while crossing the 81 bridge over the Potomac River close to Williamsport MD he came up from the river, over the cars and back down to the water. A beautiful site.
Teresa Mulligan
Hagerstown MD.

Huge with full white heads. The Pair were sighted flying over Cedar Rd. Severna Park, Maryland 11/15/2014
Carolyn Bonlarron

Saw this lovely creature on Route 4, in Calvert County on 11/15/2014 around 7:45 am.
Kenyatta Lewis-White

My wife and i spotted a mature bald eagle in a sycamore tree about 30 feet off the ground while we were horse back riding along Bear Creek just south of its intersection with Pipe Creek in the Hashawa/ Union Mills Recreation Area on Saturday November 8th. north of Westminster Maryland.
Jim Hughes

I saw a mature Bald Eagle in Westminster MD while driving along Rt 97 near Westminster HS on November 11, 2014 around 1pm. I see that someone else saw one in the same neighborhood three days earlier. I was overjoyed, pulled over and contacted my wife.
Miguel Ugarte

I'm reporting for my neighbor who had a bald eagle perched in his back yard I believe on Nov 10, 2014. We live in Baldwin MD 21013 - Carroll Manor Rd.
My neighbor commented that the eagle looked majestic .
Tiiu Mayer

Damascus, Maryland … at about 11:00 am on Saturday, November 8, 2014 – flying south along Rt 124 (Woodfield Road) between Rocky Road and Watkins Road. Beautiful!
Chuck Thornton
Damascus, MD

My wife and I saw a bald eagle in a yard off a back road in Westminster, MD (Hook Rd, 2 miles away from Route 97). It was standing next to a possum that we believe it recently killed. Managed to grab a picture of it when it flew into a nearby tree.
Matthew Shuman

While driving in my car on route 29 I saw a single bald eagle flying near Seneca drive with prey in its talons. It was being followed by three crows.
Lisa Turner

Observed a bald eagle in a field off Falls Road north of Brick Store Road on 11-2-14. It was approximately 100 feet off the road and was feeding at a deer kill. When I turned around to go back for a picture, it flew away. This is the first time I have see one in this area. Several other posts from Reisterstown, Westminster and Lutherville. Could this be the same bird or are they looking for new turf?
Charles Mays

Frederick Maryland next to Manor Woods Road between Ballenger Creek and New Design Road.
Two eagles on the ground in a recently cut soybean field within 50 yards of the road. 1 adult and one young eagle (all brownish plummage). I parked and walked up to within 40 yards before they took flight. Amazing. First time I have ever seen Eagles in Frederick MD.
Tim Sullivan

Two eagle sightings in one day! The first was at 8:10 am on Piney Church Rd, Waldorf MD. It was feasting on road kill and flew up into tree when my car came close. The second, at 3:40 pm perched on a tree with no leaves on Rt 228 near Bensville Rd on the Waldorf - Accokeek MD line.
-Chris Strachan

On 140 heading to Taneytown, Md. Just before Mayberry Road, in field on left hand side, there was a bald eagle. This happened today 10/22/14 at about 4:45pm. Numerous cars where making u turns to see the eagle!!!
Tom Dixon

Saw a mature bald eagle over Rte 32 in Columbia MD West of I-95 at 5pm on 10/21/14.
Erik Kunkel.

Friday Oct. 3, 2014 riding on Amtrak train 92 we had just left the Baltimore Station between 4pm and 4:30pm heading towards Ft. Meade I was looking out the window and saw an Eagle flying from a tree pass my window. How exciting and amazing that was to see with my own eyes in living color.
Barry Smith

While I was driving in my car, I observed a bald eagle flying @ about 4.15p on Thurs 10/2/14 in Silver Spring, MD 20906, over the intersection of Lay Hill Rd & Bel Pre Rd.
This is not my first time sighting a bald eagle flying in the same area. I observed one flying over the same area in the Spring of 2014.
A. Gangar

Bald Eagle sighting in Friendship Heights, Chevy Chase MD. It seemed about medium build and very powerful.
Brian Mate

Sunday, February 16, 2014
My sister and I saw a single bald eagle in the Woodmoor section of Silver Spring, MD (Four Corners). It glided over us, landed in a tree for a rest and then flew off after a few minutes. It probably got tired of us staring at it and saying “wow” – even though we were very quiet.
Lisa Lucas

2/7/14, A single Bald Eagle was spotted just hanging out in a tree in Pumphrey, MD. 21225, not far from the Pumphrey Recreation center, parks and a lot of wetlands in the area. I really wish I had seen him fly off. Magnificent.
Doug Grempler

2/6/14: Spotted 3 Bald Eagles in Boonsboro, MD flying NE in a straight line-- one behind the other, approx. 100 yds apart. AMAZING!!!
Erica Thomas

I saw an adult bald eagle in a field next to my home today near Warwick, MD.
This is the second time I've seen one by my house. The first time was about two months ago - it was eating road kill in the road right in front of my house. I didn't realize how many were in the area until I looked it up today.
Tim Stott

I live in Crofton, Maryland. For the past month I have seen three to four immature bald eagles flying over my house in Crofton. I have also seen them flying over corn fields in Gambrills and flying over Fort Meade. I called the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge in Laurel and they told me that is what they were and they have not been in this area for years. One flew tree top height over my house on 18JAN14. The last sighting I had was this morning in the distance on 25JAN14.
Beth Hammond

While driving in my car, I spotted a Bald Eagle in flight just east of the intersection of Rte. 50 and the DC Beltway in Lanham, Maryland, on 1/24/2014 at about 2pm local time.
Tom Casey

I am fairly sure I just saw bald eagle (flying at 2nd story height) that must have been spooked by a helicopter that is circling to view the damage left buy a house fire last night in Roland Park North. 12:40 pm on 1/23/14; Baltimore City, MD
Debra Korb

I go out for a 5-6 mile run during my lunch breaks at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since I was not able to go out on Thursday, I went out for the run on Friday, 1/17. About halfway through the run at 12:30pm I noticed a beautiful bald Eagle soaring in flight just above the tree line along the WB&A Trail in Lanham, MD (borderline Bowie, MD). The Eagle flew down right next to the old run down abandoned mental health hospital. It was a beautiful sight! 2 weeks prior to the encounter I saw a bald eagle in Lanham, MD soaring above the shopping center off route 450/Carter Avenue.
John Przybylek

2 bald eagles sighted in Lutherville, MD about 12 PM, 1/3/2014 flying south in the general direction of Robert E Lee Park/ Mt. Washington in Baltimore City.
Ben Reynolds

Wheaton Maryland
January 2, 2014 at around 4PM I was driving on Randolph Road just before Glenallen Avenue when I saw an adult bald eagle swooping over traffic. I wasn't certain until he stopped to land in a tree and I could distinctly see the white head & tail.
Melanie Newbrough

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