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Shelly Wakefield wrote the following: I saw a bird with a white head circling in Falmouth, Maine yesterday. I didn't pointed it out to my dad because I didn't dare to say that I thought it was a bald eagle. I thought he would think I was a complete idiot and then he said it. "That looks like a bald eagle". It was one of the coolest things I saw in my life. as soon as I was able to get out of the car I tried to film it but with my luck it was flying near where the sun was in the sky and it was too bright to get footage and then it suddenly flew away over the towards the woods which were straight into the sun . It was still awesome but now I feel like nobody will believe me without proof. They will think it's mistaken identity. I'm interested in birds and know a bit. I feed them in my back yard but my dad knows a moderate amount about birds and that was the confirmation I needed.

Brian Berry wrote the following: Industry, Maine Sunday October 9 2016 0730. Flying Northeast across Clearwater Lake. Appeared to be hunting along lake shoreline and eventually perched in a pine tree on the shore.

David Damato wrote the following: I was staying on Potts Point Harpswell maine, and yesterday morning I saw 2 eagles and a large young one eating something. It was low tide

Annabessacook Lake, Monmouth Maine
Seven Bald Eagles of various ages on the edge of the ice/open water on the southwest end of the lake (not too far from the boat ramp). They have been out here for several hours .
The Wilsons

I live on running hill road in scarbourgh me. Driving to the store on feb 6th,ilooked up and saw a bald eagle!! Across from a small farm on our road.the reason I was looking up is beacase I always look to see where the flock of the crows are. They are quite the group! The eagle was on my right with a group of crows sitting around her.{the reason I say her is I have looked photos }she was paying them no mind. Looking over the pasture . came back about 35 mins later on the other side of the road ,now on my left with even a better view!
Peg Doyle

While heading from NH up to our camp in Oxford, Maine, I sighted a Bald flying overhead in Kittery, Maine on Friday, 1/13/2012.
Then, while driving home on Sunday, 1/16/2012 passing through Poland, Maine on Rte 26 I spotted a gorgeous Bald sitting in a tree in the marsh, I'd guess a few hundred yards from the roadway. I sat in my car and watched it just sit, surveying its kingdom for about 5 minutes. I then remembered I had my camera with me and managed to get a couple of pictures. A truly amazing weekend!
Ellen Chasse

Seen 10/9/2011 and 10/10/2011 on Bryant Pond (aka Lake Christopher) in Bryant Pond, Maine. On Sunday evening as I was kayaking on the lake, I was passed by a large dark bird with a huge wingspan, flying low to the water. I later got a good look at him, perched on a rock at the northern end of the larger island. Monday morning, he was seen perched atop a dead birch on the smaller island with the white cabin. Both sighting locations are visible from the end of Lake St.
Peter Simpson

I have not one and not two but THREE eagles outside.

One looks like it is missing a leg and so I shall name him GIMPY the EAGLE.

I had a clear view of Gimpy as he flew over my head and very low and he appeared to be missing a leg unless that was a dead critter hanging down. It looked like one leg to me.

Gimpy and the other two yet to be named eagles perch in this one tree across the street by the lake.

The third one is either a female or a gold eagle and so it does not have the white head. Maybe, I will name that one Goldy. No, it is not a hawk as it looks exactly like the other two but no white on it.

That leaves the third one to be named and so I will call him George.

Gimpy, Goldy and George... I think that works for names.

There is also a seagull that hangs out with the eagles... That's Gary the Seagull.

You always see Gary first and then the eagles are spotted minutes later. I am not sure if that is a coincidence or if it means anything but that is the pattern I have noticed. The seagull then disappears after the eagles settle on the same tree. The one without the white perches somewhere else and not with the ones with the white.

The past two days, they would show up around 1300 hours or 1 pm.

This morning, they arrived around 7 am but following the same pattern with the seagull arriving first.

When the seagulls show up the second time, the eagles go away. They have followed that pattern for three days now.
These eagles are located on Cobbosseecontee lake here in Monmouth Maine.

I have pictures of Gimpy and George (the ones with the white heads) but not Goldy (the one without the white).

The pictures are not that good as I could not get close enough with my camera to be effective.

I really need a better camera. Also, Gimpy and Gary fly off when I get too close.

~Martin Murphy
Monmouth, Maine

Yesterday Dec 28, 2007 at around 11 am, my daughter and I saw a beautiful bald eagle on our way home in Eliot Maine. I live right on the Piscataqua River and as I was driving by the marina in Eliot, I saw an eagle sitting on the ice (maybe 25 ft away) eating something... I think maybe another small bird (it was black and white). I was so excited I turned the car around and drove slowly by to make sure I was not dreaming. It was HUGE! And then it took off and flew to a nearby tree. It was incredibly gorgeous and wow the wings span was awesome. I was so excited I called my husband to check on the internet to see if there had been any sightings in this area and there were! I got some binoculars today to keep on me in case I see it again!
Kristen Teixeira
Eliot Maine

Around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, November 6, 2007 a large bald eagle flew past the coast line by our house on the Piscataqua River in Eliot Maine it just soared by in the breeze. I dropped everything in my hands and ran for the camera but it kept going sadly it was such a beautiful sight. What a wonderful way to start my day.
Anita Paul


We live in Freeport, Maine near the head of the Harraseeket River. I have walked down the same dirt road behind our house to an old saltwater farm for over twenty years. On 1/6/07 my son and I spotted a bald eagle flying over the river (which was still completely free of ice) The following week we spotted the eagle two more times and then the highlight was one day early when I came upon the eagle perched in a large tree overlooking the river. All of a sudden another eagle flew out from the bank of the river right below where the other one was perched and landed on a tree branch on the other side of the river. As soon as the "near" eagle saw us--it took off and joined it's companion where they sat for over an hour. Both had distinct white heads and a triangular white area on the tail. In the weeks since we thought they might have left since the river has iced over, but the other day on my walk I heard a loud squawk and caught a glimpse of the eagle flying overhead through the trees. We are hoping these majestic birds are a nesting pair and they will find a suitable home nearby! We have heard of eagles out on the islands in Casco Bay but have never seen any in our immediate area.
--B. Wold

Hello from the tiny central Maine town of Smithfield in the Belgrade Lakes Region. We are enjoying the presence of at least two pairs of Eagles(and some have seen more) as they fish a serpentine stream connecting our two ponds. North Pond and East Pond are home to Eagles during the summer and are sometimes seen at a distance. This year they have taken residence right in town where a dam controls the level of East Pond. This section of the stream is very short and swift, keeping the ice from forming. Most days the Eagles are perched in trees right beside the road thru town. Just this morning (1-06-06) we saw a beautiful Bald Eagle watching for breakfast just a few rods away. My neighbor's house borders the Serpentine and he watches them from his window. Why these usually elusive birds are suddenly not bothered by people presence is a mystery. We have not had them with us before that I know of. Close up photos are easily accomplished, but the busy roadway is a hazard. I tell my cats to watch over their shoulder as they play in the backyard. Sure is a treat to share our little town with these magnificent creatures. Courtesy of Glenn Byron, Smithfield, Maine

While driving on Route 202 North from Lebanon ME to Sanford ME an eagle was soaring above the road! I don't know how old it was but it's head and tail were white and he didn't look very large. Courtesy of Jeanne D. Harding

Bath, Maine - Fishing in the Kennebec River 4 Adults also seemed to be 4 eaglets Courtesy of David Marshall

6/27/04 While boating on Thompson Lake, Oxford, Maine we observed two bald eagles soaring over the lake for quite an extended period of time. They were absolutely beautiful! Courtesy of Scott E. Shuster

We have a house in Sullivan Maine, near Bar Harbor. We live on a lake. Today I heard this very loud screeching that was just outside of my house. I thought a bird or small animal was in distress. I went outside to see what was going on. Looked up in the trees and I saw this gigantic bird that was mostly brown, with mottled white mixed in. This young eagle was in the trees directly above me looking directly at me. I had no idea that bald eagles were brown for the first few years of their lives. It was an amazing site to see. Courtesy of catherine harris

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