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Dennis Bodmer wrote the following: I was one mile west of mendota on Jan 7 and saw a bald eagle eating a road kill rabbit I was thirty feet away when it took flight and circled I was amazed at the size looked to have had at least an eight ft wing span amazing bird

Carter Henson wrote the following: I saw three Eagles again today 1/17/16 at Lake Vermilion on the east side of the lake near Strawberry Island. I saw Eagles at 10:37am, 12:46pm and 4:08pm flying around the island.

TROY BLANDO wrote the following: Northwood lake MN. North of 36th ave n south of 42nd between Boone and hwy 169 New Hope MN. We had a group of 11 flying in circles over the lake. Today we had two cruising over the lake. There are a lot of goldfish in the lake

Chanhassen, MN - Saw a beautiful (female, I think) bald eagle hunting for breakfast over the intersection of Lyman Blvd. and Galpin Blvd. in Chanhassen. She was flying pretty low, it was awesome!
Brooke Clements

I have been observing a bald eagle that perches on the municipal water tower on Penn Ave. near Highway 62 in Richfield off and on for 2 years. I have been recording the visits and taking pictures. This last week a pair have been bonding together on the water tower almost daily. I have also seen the same pair in my back yard one roosting in a pine tree and the other on a neighbor's chain link fence within the last few weeks.
Kristin Brown

At 2:30 p.m. We sited a fully mature Bald Eagle today in Minnetonka above Plymouth Road near McGinty Road East. It was flying just above the pine tree tops making lazy loops going in a westerly direction.

Minnetonka, MN 1/31/14
I saw a bald flying relatively low over Minnetonka Blvd and Rt. 61. It was coasting lazily low in the sky. It was a mature adult flying alone. Just beautiful!
Cheryl Bancroft

I have seen a Bald Eagle daily this Winter in Watertown MN along the Crow River.
Susan Gomez

Plymouth, Mn     Area of Highway’s 55 and 169 aprox 3:30 pm
Eagle (rather skinny) – found a not too frozen over marsh full of ducks! Hopefully it had some dinner!
Karen Laube

Saw a bald eagle swoop down near road kill just off Hwy 71 south of Belgrade, MN. November 24, 2012 1030am.
Darla Boline

Minneapolis, Minnesota - 2 bald eagles nesting 2 blocks away from Edina MN downtown 50th ave and France ave just overlooking the Minnehaha creek.
Erwan Moison

I just saw three bald eagles : one flying and two in a nearby treetop along the Empire Builder Amtrak Route at North Lake MN.
Kristin Shebesta

In Chanhassen, Minnesota (near the intersection of Highways 62 and 101).
Gaurav Kandlikar

Owatonna, MN
Was having breakfast this morning around 10:15 at the Kernel Restaurant. Looked out the window facing the Rock Island Train Depot, and witnessed a Bald Eagle flying by!
Eric Mueller

I was having tea with my roommate in our living room and he spotted a very large object flying toward our house. It was a bald eagle flying in an easterly direction at the 36th and Cedar area- near Powderhorn Park. It must not have been searching for food because the murder of crows (I've never been able to use that description before! lol) that live on my block did not seem too concerned. And sure enough, the beautiful eagle just kept on soaring. Wow, that was something.
This just occurred a few minutes ago, it is now 2:05 pm on Dec. 16, 2011.
Christopher Sutton
Minneapolis, MN

On 11/10/11 I spotted two Bald Eagles flying over the fields near the Bixby Rd and 14 W interchange, in Owatonna. A truly wonderful and glorious sight. I lost sight of one of the Eagles, the other flew pass my house. I decided to jump into my vehicle and follow it, as it soared effortlessly through the morning sky. The Eagle flew over Lincoln School and continued to head out towards Lake Kohlmeier. This hasn't been the first time I've seen Eagle flying high in our beloved town.
Eric Mueller
Owatonna, MN

We live in New Prague, MN, and though our Birds of Minnesota book (by Stan Tekiela) says bald eagles are not around here, my daughter and I are sure that's what we saw flying above us right in town this morning. I have seen plenty of them, even up close, in my lifetime since my parents have cabins up in northern MN. I am pretty positive that's what it was.
Sara Baerbock

This morning around nine I came across two bald eagles, unfortunately they saw me first and took off before I could get a picture. Location: MN, I was walking down by Minnehaha Falls right where the creek empties into the Mississippi River (it's near the the Ford Plant and the Ford Bridge, I was on the Mpls side). Pretty cool, I was just going down there to shoot some pics of the river, didn't know I was going to see any eagles, but I'm definately going back again tomorrow morning a little earlier.
Eddie Cruml

I was at my brothers home in watertown minnesota in july, we went to the wood in his back yard and we saw a large black bird fly down toward the water and land in a tree, I told my brother about it…a week or so later he was out back and he told me that it was a bald eagle and a young eagle with it that's head had not turned white yet that we seen that day,
Terry Guetzkow

I saw a bald eagle today at 12:35 pm in West Bloomington, in our neighborhood that is just northeast of the Hyland Lake Park Reserve. It was eating a small animal along with four very large crows right on our street. The mail truck scared it into the neighbor's tree where it stayed for only a few minutes before flying away.
Kristin Forster

Spotted this eagle today, Nov. 27,2010 in Wayzata, Mn. We saw the bird eventually fly away.
Diane Smith

I watched a bald eagle fly into my Saint Paul, Minnesota neighborhood at 3:50 pm CST on Sunday afternoon, November 14, 2010. It landed about 60 feet above the ground in a pine tree located on the east side of Fairview Avenue North in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The pine tree stands between a two-story residence at 744 Fairview Avenue North and the parking lot of an apartment building at 730 Fairview Avenue N. The apartment building stands on the northeast corner of Fairview Avenue North and Minnehaha Ave West.
This is a residential neighborhood, north of University Avenue in Saint Paul, and only a few blocks south of Pierce Butler Route in Saint Paul. Newell Park is just north of here, at the southeast corner of Pierce Butler Route and Fairview Ave N. I've never seen a bald eagle in this neighborhood before, even though I've lived here 13 years. I've seen plenty of Coopers hawks, who sometimes dart into backyards to grab small mammals (gray squirrels, baby bunnies, etc.).
As I watch this bald eagle, still perched on the branch where it landed at 3:50 pm CST, several crows have landed about 6 feet away from the eagle, and on one occasion, three crows cawed loudly, but before long they departed. The bald eagle made no apparent movement towards the crows, except for looking at them after they landed. The crows never stayed very long.
I'll continue to watch this eagle for awhile. It's now 4:30 pm CST, the sky is overcast, and sunset occurs at 4:45 pm CST. I wonder: does this eagle plan to roost in the tree overnight? There is still plenty of snow on the ground, even though outdoor temp currently stands above freezing, at 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Wind is WSW at 12 mph, and visibility is scarcely 10 miles.
We've just had the first snowfall of the season, with 11 inches of snow in the metro area, and 65,000 Minnesota homes without power at one point, with some still awaiting restoration of power. During the heavy snowfall, a 40-foot tree in my backyard (across Fairview Avenue from the bald eagle's current perch) snapped and currently rests on my garage roof.
The eagle is facing east, and is not visible from the south or the north because of its position in the tree. I'm viewing the eagle from directly west of its perch. The eagle remains watchful, periodically turning its head left and right, and occasionally preening or fluffing its feathers.
The bird is clearly an adult, very large, with white head and prominently yellow beak. Amazing! This is truly a day to remember forever!
Linda Morey

I have a sighting to report. It occurred this morning 10.2.10 around 10am near the Camden Central Pond in northern Minneapolis. The eagle came very low and may have even attempted to land in the yard of a house on 42nd Ave. N., but it was being followed by two smaller birds (appeared to be crows) and quickly took off and then ascended to a high altitude. It circled at that altitude for 5 to 10 minutes before no longer visible.
I was wondering what was the date of the last post in Minnesota in Theodore Wirth Park? That is only about one or two miles from Camden, so it might be the same eagle.
Eric Hofer

Saw a bald eagle at Wirth Lake (Theodore Wirth Park) in Minneapolis, MN, near the park pavilion. The eagle was eating when we happened upon it. It flew up and circled over us several times, just above the trees, until a smaller hawk (which I didn't get a good look at) chased it away, across the lake.
Greta OHalloran

I was out at Cleary Lake, in Prior Lake, MN kayaking when a bald eagle flew overhead. He rushed down to the water and I thought he caught something but then he immediately did it again. He must not have caught anything the first time. It was amazing. He was flying to a group of tall trees and there was quite a racket coming from that area, I'm not sure if he had babies there or if other birds were just excited to pick off what he left. Wow!
J. Holladay

Saw a bald eagle circling a little NE of Birch Grove Elementary School, Brooklyn Park, MN. He was being attached by a lone crow as he flew. Last Tuesday@ 1230 PM
Stack Family

Evening of 11/18/2009: A bald eagle flew directly over me (very low to the tree line) as I was running around Lake Harriet just south of Minneapolis, MN 55408. Amazing!
Sally Hothouse

seeing two baldaegles three times in two weeks. Very beautiful birds. 30th ave to 50th ave south moorhead mn
Wendy Baumann

I work in downtown St. Paul across the Mississippi river from downtown St. Paul, right next to the Robert St. bridge. Over the past year or so, from the window of my office, I've seen a bald eagle flying over the river. Usually it's flying at a high altitude, but today, Dec. 19 around 2:00 pm it made a very low pass directly over my office. Not sure where it nests but seems to cruise along the river around St. Paul. In the summer I was seeing it at least once a week but in the past few months I had not seen it until today.
Luke Dahlberg

Eagan Minnesota December 17, 2008 around 4pm waiting for my son to get off the school bus. It was a younger eagle with the brown and white feathers and still had a greyish bill. It was huge and circled over a nature area close to my house called Lebanon HIlls Nature Reserve. We are also close to the Minnesota River. I was shocked as I didn't think it was an eagle at first with it's coloring, but it circled 2 times over head, and the last time it came down quite low and it was so huge!! It was so fantastic!
Linda Lawrence

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