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Lone Jack, Missouri soaring above Lone Jack cemetery 0830 on March 7th 2020. Flew away North east bound.
Pamela Adams

I would like to report a bald eagle sighting. This happened this morning 12-12-18 at my work in bourbon Missouri at 8am. I was coming outside to see what the weather was like and looked up because something caught my eye over the tree tops to the south and low and behold it was a bald eagle. This eagle was fully mature and was flying so low when he went over I could see every detail including his eyes. He barely missed the tree tops. Before I could get my phone out to take a picture he was gone. I have to believe it's going to be a great day now.
Matt McKellips

I spotted 6 bald eagles on highway 32 just west of Salem I wished I had my camera so I could have posted on FB
Kathrine McDonald
Octpber 13, 2018

I would like to report a sighting of a bald eagle by the Zoo in Kansas City. This is the second time I have seen him. First time was about 1 PM a month ago. The lake where he lives was iced over at the time. I saw him land on the ice and pick something up (I thought it was something to make a nest). I even got to see him land on a tree at the opposite side of the lake. I felt so lucky to witness this. Today I was driving past the lake and there he was again.! Makes me so happy to think such a majestic bird is making his home right here by our lovely Zoo. I drive passed that lake all the time and never saw him before. The lake is more like a large pond. It is a very popular place for the city's fisher men. In the summer people fish there day and night. I hope it is a good spot for him.
Spotted on Gregory Blvd.
Kansas City Missouri
By the Kansas City Zoo.
By Cathy Buck .

I was sitting in my car on Dorney Drive in Chillicothe, MO. I spotted a large bald eagle in view from my windshield. I got out to watch him(her). It swooped down into a vacant lot, picked up an animal, and flew away. A magnificent bird.
Cecilia Harper

Yesterday (4 Jan 2018) at 1:45 p.m. While visiting the Big Spring (near Van Buren) saw TWO bald eagles. I also saw some fish jumping in the spring area below where they were perched. This is the second time I have seen bald eagles there. I saw a single one up the road from the spring at Thanksgiving 2014.
Valerie Stagman

Our property actually is adjacent to the Fishing River and we see the eagles flying over the river area, then our pasture, the adjoining soybean & corn farm fields. It's an almost daily occurrence now. I am trying to get their time frames down, so I can then photograph them like I do our other birds that call our property home. We have such a vast variety of larger birds in our area. (Great horned owls, barn owls, hawks & all kinds of the smaller birds too.)
Christine Clark

Scarlett Linton wrote the following: We saw an eagle by the TRex Mart in the state of Missouri on Missouri 92 in Platt City. It was flying then we saw it about 20 minutes later by the river near by.

Tiffany Street wrote the following: Bald Eagle seen right outside of Oronogo, MO at 1:30pm Sunday, December 4th, 2016.

Becky Henley wrote the following: Saw numerous bald and golden eagles soaring all over Stella Missouri... one of the best eagle watching sites anywhere

Possum Burger wrote the following: Sighted 14 eagles flying southerly,about 1-1/2mi east of the natl airport Springfield Missouri-@4:30pm Nov 5 2016.

William Sanderson wrote the following: Sighted a Bald Eagle in the mid afternoon on 10/07/16 in the median of 13 highway near Collins Missouri. Seemed to be feeding on a carcass in the tall grass. Saw his beautiful wing span as he took flight after having a meal.

Samantha Whitworth wrote the following: The side of the road at the intersection of highway MM and Edwards road in Ashland Missouri, 65010.

Stephen Oertwig wrote the following: Have seen eagle many times Feb. 1-5, 2016, near Callao, Missouri, along Highway 36. Have seen twice eating dead deer in median, and saw him flying south of Highway 36.

Jaxon Waldrip wrote the following: 2/3 Bald eagle seen flying by two people one mile from Rolla, MO on BB.

Mark Price wrote the following: Bald eagle sited roosting on my property 2 miles east of Sibley, MO, on Hunter Rd 1/24/16, 2:00pm. Roosting between two different trees, one about 30 feet off the ground and another, a dead tree in a pond about 50 feet up.

Jeremy Helton wrote the following: Saw an eagle flying south over the MO River north of Lexington, MO.

Kecia Crumrine wrote the following: My husband and I were headed west on 215 toward Pleasant Hope Missouri. It was about 3:30 pm on January 23,2016. We first spotted a bald eagle on top of a tree. Then about 40 yards we spotted another eagle on top of a tree!!!! So exciting to see two!!!!


Marya Zipoff wrote the following: I took a video today of what I think was a bald eagle flying over my house in cape Girardeau, MO.

Amanda Cook wrote the following: Bald Eagle sighted flying around Salem East in Independence MO around 1:30 pm on January 3rd 2016

Alexandra Weingartner wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle perched in my neighbor\'s tree on Dec. 31, 2015. Location was in Creve Coeur, MO, just west of St. Louis.

D. Marie Gray wrote the following: Bald Eagle sighting, Sunday, October 4, 2015, Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri near Barry Road and 152 Hwy (Maple Woods Community College area), 4:30 p.m. Somewhat secluded road on what was farmland, but new housing is under construction and the wooded areas are unfortunately being bulldozed. This beautiful creature had swooped to pick up fresh roadkill (squirrel). We had noticed the roadkill on the way to our destination and when returning down the same road approximately 30 minutes later the Eagle was on the ground, grabbed the squirrel in his talons and took flight before we could capture a picture - simply amazing!

James Chapin wrote the following: Sept 27, 2015, Ellisville, Mo, saw a Bald Eagle circling very low over Clarkson Rd in front of Daniel Boone Library. By low, he was just above tree level so maybe 50-60 feet. Then he flew over to a tree on the east side of Clarkson Rd just north of the office buildings. After 5 minutes of sitting on a branch, he flew east in the trees and was gone.

Linda Grace wrote the following: I saw a few eagles at Lakeside 370 Park, walking along the trail near the protected wetlands area. Was so thrilled, came back the next day and got to see them again. Beautiful!

Samantha Selby wrote the following: I was in the Mark Twain National Forest in Crawford County Missouri and saw a bald eagle scanning the Huzzah River early in the morning.

Laura Beavers wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle soaring low over Independence Avenue in Kansas City, MO, probably not extremely far west of the Blue River about 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 6, 2015.

Trish Shoemake wrote the following: I've seen several osprey and bald eagle along the coast in Waveland ,Bay St Louis area, gat some great shots too! Good to see them back! Such beauty!!!

I was driving back from Sullivan on highway cc and noticed large bird having some road kill. Figured turkey vulture, nope it had white head and big fanned out white tail feathers. I was about 2 1/2 feet tall. About now today 8/31/2015 and after we passed it was already going back to finish her lunch. From research females have white tail feathers. Last time I seen bald eagle was in corn field next to bourbeouse river on highway 19 south. Really not that far from sighting today.
Ray Benson

I spotted a adult Bald Eagle preening feathers in a large tree along Hwy 50 @ Hwy UU outside of Union, MO. What a stunningly handsome bird. This is my first in the flesh sighting. The Bald Eagle is a regal creature and I feel blessed to have seen one in person.
Bob Hallahan

I saw a large bald eagle on Friday January 23. It was flying South over the Missouri River as I was crossing over the Centennial Bridge on 92 from Leavenworth, Kansas into Platte County, MO.
Susan Farrar

Saw and photographed 3 bald eagles in a tree and flying along blue river near minor park today. 1/11/15
Nick Gormly

I stopped and observed two Bald Eagles standing on the ice in the middle of Riss Lake in Parkville, Mo today 1/11/2015. Sighting was around 3:00pm. Observed from 45 highway on the north end of Riss Lake.
Has anyone else seen these birds in this area?
John Gannon
Parkville, MO

My grand-daughter and I saw and photographed a bald eagle today, December 31, 2014, in Linden, Missouri, near the Finley River bridge.
James G. McHaffie

Saturday Dec 13 2014 Driving thru Swope park in Kansas city, Spotted bald eagle in a tree above the lagoon
Kris Feldkamp

Sedalia MO. 65 hwy,
Dona Campbell

Bald eagle sighting in Jasper County, Missouri at intersection of N highway (Baseline Blvd) and County Road 48.
Douglas Osborne

On 10/28/14 I saw an adult bald eagle flying, soaring then landing in a tree in the Anson/Whitestown area. White head white tail. Made my day!
Lucas Gustin

Think I saw a bald eagle flying east along Missouri River over the Heart of America Bridge in North Kansas City today about 9:20 AM, Tuesday, February 11th. Was surprised to see it, but know they have been up at Smithville Lake just north. Have seen them a few times before. Was surprised to see it so close to the city. Very cool.
A. Miller

I was driving to work and saw a Bald Eagle in Dixon, MO. Just 5 miles from my house!
So exciting!
-Nikki Ratledge

I live in Illinois. We have year round eagles in Alton, Smithtown, Centerville, and other areas. We get wintering eagles...more this year than in the past 2 years. The majority this year are in Clarksville, Mo.
C. Pride

Bronaugh Missouri along Hiway 43 dining on a deer carcass. 4:00 pm today.
Don Ness

In Cabool MO near Cabool Home Center, flying over storage units at apprx 1:30 pm on January 7th.
Joshua Edwards

I just spotted a Bald Eagle flying over my house, 4 ½ miles East of Lone Jack, MO, about ½ of a mile south of Missouri 50 Highway. The eagle soared, circled, and appears to have landed in a clump of trees behind my house! 10:50 am January 6, 2014.
Gary L. Kellison

We were coming back from the KCI airport and spotted two eagles just North of Platte City, MO on the Platte River. We just had to turn around and get a couple of pictures of this beautiful pair perched over the river bank.
Bryan and Jamie Bowser
Holton, KS

Around 1:30 PM on December 26, 2013 I saw an bald eagle soaring over the Winghaven sub-division in O'Fallon Missouri. The eagle was soaring between Phoenix and Winghaven on the subdivision side of I40/65. At first in the car I saw it overhead and when I got home I ran into to get a camera but I was unable to get picture. Pure white head brown body and white tail. soared in the distance and then came back. It was over the area for at least 15 minutes so Hopefully someone else in subdivision saw it also.
Ray Belanger

I saw a bald eagle on 12/23/2013 perched in a sycamore tree on the West side of Rush Creek Southwest of my house on Raines road East of Liberty Missouri. I had time to set up my telescope and confirm that it was a bald eagle and let my wife see it before it flew away to the West.

I think I just spotted a bald eagle flying through my parents' neighborhood in Affton, Missouri. Affton is a southwestern suburb right outside of St. Louis. It was flying fairly low, and it's white head was very visible. It was soaring more than flying and seemed to be taking in the sights. Hawks are seen around here, too. I consider the area to be fairly wooded. Exciting!
Dan Schieber

I saw a bald eagle today over a cut corn field. It was on Rt. 407, just west of Rt. 27 in Carroll County, Maryland. Very cool.
Steve Monroe

Maryland. Montgomery County. My husband and I (and our neighbors once they saw us looking up) saw a bald eagle in a tall tree near our cul de sac in Silver Spring, Md. We live in a neighborhood off of Bonifant Road, between New Hampshire Ave and Layhill Road (near the ICC) which is very near where another couple had a sighting a year ago tomorrow. It was around 7:45 this morning. Pretty cool. We looked for mate but only saw the one.
Jay and Mary Susan Forsythe

I saw a male bald eagle circling in O'Fallon, Missouri. Hwy 70, Veterans Blvd and Hwy K.
It was awesome to see the flight and such a majestic bird.
Suzanne Scott

On 1/27 South of Liberty on 291 highway and Missouri river bridge a Bald Eagle flew over the bridge and along the river.
1/21 and 1/22 At the grand river overflow on highway 36 west of Chillicothe I saw a Bald Eagle two days in a row flying over the bridge. At Higgins ditch on highway 36 on the south side of the highway west of Brookfield. I saw a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree at the water edge two days in a row.
John Jones

Liberty, Missouri -- Bald Eagle sighting along the north side of Rush Creek, perched high in a tree. This is right across the creek from the Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary. A Bald Eagle in my backyard! Spotted and photographed on 1/27/2013.
Cheryl Novick

1321 Burlington St
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Bald Eagle was seen flying over building towards the downtown airport.
Tina Root

While looking out my back door today saw a bald eagle flying in circles, around approximately the Clark Lane and Interstate 70 area, near the Lake of the Woods exit. There are creeks and ponds in the general vicinity and this is on the northeast side of Columbia. As far as I know eagles are usually seen around the Eagle Bluffs Conservation area which is a good 10 miles or more away, southwest of Columbia.
Tammy McPherson

Two times last week I saw a bald eagle eating road kill on Hwy 87 just south of Glasgow, MO. About 2 months ago I saw a bald eagle feasting on road kill on Hwy 87 north of Booneville, MO. What a thrill it is to see it once, but 3 times! I wonder if it is the same eagle?
Pamela Jo Stroup=

On Saturday, December 23, I saw three majestic full-grown bald eagles which had been resting on a hillside behind my house and flew when I unknowingly disturbed them. This was near Webb City, Missouri, Jasper County, Southwest Missouri. The hillside is on the Center Creek River valley. They flew roughly west following the river. This is the first ever sighting for me here, and, I have to say, I sincerely hope it is not the last.
Brenda L. White

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