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We saw a male, female and one young on the roadside of 93 highway north bound today (16th feb 2013) between whitefish and Olney feeding with crows on a deer carcass.
All passengers (visiting from London) extremely excited !=
Howard Huge

Montana, Stillwater County, Fishtail, Absarokee, 2/11/2010 Inflight, 3 miles north and west of Fishtail
Clint Teegardin

These pictures were taken from our security camera at our home on the shores of Flathead Lake in Montana. The first ones were of a single and was joined by another after a couple of hours, We watched them from our California home!
Michael Coit

Annual migration through the Shields Valley area in Montana seems to be underway having sighted nearly a dozen or so bald eagles in a 10 mile stretch along US 89 south of Clyde Park, MT this morning. They are very easy to spot even while driving as they roost atop 70 foot tall cottonwoods along the Shields River.
Scott Dean
Clyde Park, MT

I live in Troy, MT and we go out all around this area to see the eagles. We went up to the Yaak area one day and saw a beautiful bald plus we see some immature ones also. It is so great to see these birds like this.
Stephanie Lundin

East of Helena is a great place to watch is Canyon Ferry (the lower portion of the dam). One problem the salmon they feed off of have been depleted due to low water levels. The salmon have been restocked but will take three years to increase to "normal levels". I have observed them along the Missouri River in Great Falls and at the Fort Benton Wildlife Refuge. Courtesy of Mark Reck

While traveling the back roads to our cabin 8 miles outside of Emigrant, Montana......we spotted two bald eagles on a dead tree limb just sitting and enjoying the warm fall day. It was truly an amazing moment for us. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Wells Smith

I live in Crane, MT. along the Yellowstone River and was born and raised 5 miles north going toward Sidney, and I have had the fortune of getting to see bald eagles when growing up and for roughly 27 years. I am going to college in Glendive, MT and I see one quite often around the highway area and about 3 weeks ago I saw two. About 5 years ago right at the edge of Crane in a field there was about 5 eaglets (not sure of age) the mom and dad were there also. Courtesy of Tracy Simard

Bigfork, Montana--March 2004--Just pulling out of my driveway I saw the most beautiful bald eagle with this incredible wingspan! I couldn't believe my eyes as this beautiful creature effortlessly glided through the air, low in the treeline. Slowing my car to a stop, he quietly sailed over my view and passed on behind me. I had to sit there in the car afterward just to take it in. I realized how lucky I am to live in such a majestic place. How thrilling! Courtesy of H. Miller

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