eagles,Image created by Hope Rutledge

North Carolina

I spotted a bald eagle today in Indian Trail, NC (Union County, near Monroe). It was soaring and I could make out the white head and tail feathers. I was so surprised and excited to see it!
Kelly Blinson

We saw a large bald eagle in flight yesterday 5/4/20 over Lake Norman, near the Graham Road/Triangle area. So inspiring!
Sheila Hemphill and Steve A.

I saw a bald eagle on Renee Ford Rd (Stanly County ,NC) about 8 : 30 AM Friday ..3/27/2020. He was eating a big road kill possum. The roads were fairly deserted at the time. He flew off into a large tree about a 100 yds away. I went to Monroe ,NC and came back by about an hour later and there he was again….I slowed way down and stopped about a 100 yds away ,hoping he would stay there but he flew off to the same tree again. The spot I saw him is only a mile North of Rocky River.
Harvey Miles

Lake Norman North Carolina
Jennifer Spence

2/23/2020 - We were parked at Marvin elementary school in Marvin, NC where we walked this morning.....were watching 3 Buzzards eat on a dead rabbit in parking lot....bunch of crows around also.....then they all start scurrying.....bald eagle swoops in and takes off with rabbit.....flew off into distance above trees.....one of crows chased after him.....beautiful bird when flying and white head and tail stood out
John English

Saw bald Eagle standing in a field on Grubb St. in Perquimans county NC. He looked ok. I've seen many in Alaska
Mark Sclafani

I sighted a Bald Edge on Saturday, January 25 at Brunswick Forest community in Leland, NC. The community is near the Brunswick and Cape Fear Rivers. "The Lakes" new housing development has a new man-made pond with a constant population of gulls. A bald eagle arrived about 3pm looking for dinner. The gulls scattered and he proceeded to do a dive to the water, which I was lucky to photograph. He did not pluck anything from the water but provided a great photo opportunity.
Gary Zulauf

I've spotted an individual eagle twice in the last ten days or so and today after spotting one circle a time or two, a second eagle (mate?) joined it. Seen near my workplace in Woodfin, NC at The Mill at Riverside. My business is next to the French Broad River just before the dam where the river is deeper, current slows down, and is calmer for the most part.
It is a mature eagle by the description on your site.
Cathy Silver

I was on my way to work this morning (1/14/2019) I happened to look in to a field beside HWY 17. At first I thought I was looking at two black and white dogs but it turned out to be two bald eagles. One had a fresh kill and the other was standing and watching the other. They were both down on the ground. The location was on HWY 17 in between Pollocksville, NC and New Bern, NC.
Melissa A Jones

We just moved to the River Mill condos that are located on the Neuse River. They are located right on the river, a couple of hundred yards below the Falls Lake Dam in Wake Forest, NC. In the past week I saw a Bald Eagle perched in a tree overhanging the river. It was less than 100 yards away. A few days later I spotted an infant Bald Eagle in the same area, on the other side of the river. It was also perched in an overhanging tree. It looked almost as big as the first one I spotted but it's head was still brownish in color. They were beautiful. I was able to get pictures of the mature adult on my cell phone.
R Leicht

December 30, 2018. Approximately 5pm. A bald eagle flew over our heads just north of Sandy Ridge NC (Hwy 704 and Beasley School Road). It was very low, approximately 30ft. We assume it had been attracted by the bumper crop of field rats.
M Joyce

Davie County, Bermuda Run, Yadkin River/Tanglewood area....noon on 12/21/2018. This is the third year I am reporting the arrival of Bald Eagles to our backyard on the days right before Christmas. A second year juvenile has been winging around our backyard near the Yadkin River for an hour this morning. Much less mottling last year indicated a first year juvenile. Same bird. Last year I watched as the parents both perched in a nearby tree, with the mother chasing the juvenile away at times. Now that I've again seen the youngster, I'll keep a lookout for the parents.
Courtney Czarnecki

I'm so excited, saw a bald eagle in Monroe NC this morning. I caught a glimpse of his white tail feathers as he flew over the road. He landed in a tree and I managed to get turned around and snap a pic before he took flight again. Not the greatest picture, but still breathtaking to see such a magnificent creature outside of captivity!
Stacy Larson

I saw a bald eagle in flight on my way to work this morning, November 23, 2018 about 8 am. I was on HWY 421 about halfway between Sanford NC and Siler City NC and saw a magnificent bald eagle in flight! My first time to ever see one outside of a zoo. I hope it nests near where I saw it and that I will see it often!
Elizabeth Welter

We were on Lake Wylie in North Carolina yesterday, Sept 30, 2018 around 6:00 pm. We saw a pair of Bald Eagles together. They flew away together at the end. We were a little east of the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.
Laura Siegel

I live in a house overlooking Haw River in Rockingham County (Williamsburg Community), North Carolina. Today February 23, 2018, my wife and I witnessed a beautiful Bald Eagle flying over (down) the river approximately 50 feet from our front porch. We have lived here 1 ½ years and have never seen an eagle or heard of one in our area.
Charlie Elliott

Saw a less than full grown (teen?) bald eagle flying over Hwy 78 near the park January 1, 2018. Lived near the park for 30 yrs and never seen one around here. There is a lake with fish in the park. Hope it is nesting nearby.
Ann Pass

We saw our first wild eagles!! So excited! There was 3 adults near Mitchell River, outside of Dobson, near Kapps Mill Falls. They were swooping, flying and calling almost like they were playing. Hopefully looking for a new home. Hoping we will see them again. Great way to finish out the year. 12/29/17 03:45pm
Patricia Lineberry

Around 4p.m. on Dec. 23, 2017 my son and eye saw what we believe was a young bald eagle in Davie County, NC. It was perched in the top of a tall tree behind Bank of the Ozarks on Cromwell Way in the Kinderton business area. This is between I-40 Eastbound and U.S.158 in Bermuda Run just west of the Yadkin River and Tanglewood Park near WinMock Barn. If you are driving on I-40 eastbound from Advance, you can see the group of trees it was in to your right just before you see the white WinMock barn and cross over the BB&T Soccer Complex and the Yadkin River. The bird was dark brown with mottling, thick legs and appeared to be significantly bigger than any of the many hawks I see in Davie County. It was perched in the top of a tree when I spotted it, but moved from tree to tree a couple of times before heading slightly south. We watched it for about 4 minutes before it flew out of the Kinderton business area and crossed U.S. 158. It flew into the north western area of Bermuda Run along the fenced in area that parallels 158 where we lost site of it.
I suspected it was a young bald eagle and was excited to learn from the website that there had been a pair of bald eagle spotted in that area by Bermuda Run residents. I was even more excited to check by today and learn that the same family thought they also saw a young bald eagle!
Mary Suzanne Passero

What a wonderful surprise! I was walking today on a trail along the southern shore of Lake Raleigh in Raleigh, NC at about 4:00 pm. Looking across to one of the peninsulas that jut out from the opposite shore of the swampy western end of the lake I saw a large upright bird perched high up in a pine. It was perhaps 200-300 ft away, but the white head and dark body were distinct. I watched for about 10 minutes but he/she stayed put, perhaps enjoying the late afternoon sun on an unusually warm December day. It’s a lovely protected little area, due to the unwalkable and unbuildable swampiness. Didn’t see, but hope there might be a mate about. I’ve been walking around the lake for many years and have seen barred and great horned owls as well as osprey but never a bald eagle. Thrilling.
Sally Wilson, Raleigh, NC

Amazing! I just spotted bald eagle in Nash County, NC today, 12/17/17 around 4 pm. It was sitting on a sand bar in a small pond off North Browntown Road, near the intersection with Halifax Road. There were quite a few Canadian Geese on the pond as well. He flew up to a tree near the pond when I rolled down my window and unfortunately, I did not have a camera. Beautiful sighting for sure!
Maggi Harding

My family just saw their first ever real life Bald Eagle in Rockingham, NC. We had just merged onto US Hwy 74 East Bypass from the Hwy 1 exit about 1 mile from the Pee Dee River at 2:00 pm. We immediately saw the Bald Eagle retrieving some prey and it flew directly over the top of our vehicle. We were able to see the Bald Eagle up close and very clearly through the windshield of our car. We were shocked that we were looking at a Bald Eagle in Richmond County, NC. It was breath taking and very beautiful and we are very thankful that we were able to see this majestic bird.
Sandy Player
Rockingham, NC
Richmond County, NC

WOW!! I was blessed to see three Bald Eagles today, December 12th, 2017 off Hwy.29 on Popular Tent Rd. in Concord. They were perched and flying at the lake at the Skating Rink there. Amazing and beautiful birds. I am 61 years old, a native of NC and this is my first time to see a Bald Eagle!
Faye Foster

I was surprised to see these in my area. We thought we saw one alone a month ago along the same highway but couldnt get a pic before it flew off. The photos below were taken from my car with my iphone. I believe that they are a bald eagle pair—I have never seen one in the wild. This field is along a 4-lane highway that crosses the Perquimans River of the Albermarle Sound ( about 5 miles away) near the Outer Banks of NC. We are considered the Inner Banks. There was a dead deer on the side of the road nearby. I live within walking distance of the field and captured these as I left my subdivision.
Angelique Boylan

I am SO EXCITED to report a bald eagle sighting today 11/15/17 at 2:38pm in Stokes County, NC just outside Danbury, NC town limits where Highway's 8 and 89 split north of town at the Dan River. One Bald Eagle circling on the air currents. OH MY GOSH! SO EXCITING AND BEAUTIFUL! He/She was very close at one point and I could clearly see the white head and white tail and large dark brown body.
Wendi Spraker

I reported yesterday our observation of male & female bald eagles. Last evening we thought we saw a heavily mottled juvenile in the tree next to one parent and this morning that assumption was confirmed. A large subadult, perhaps to this untrained eye a two year old, kept company from time to time with the parents. While the older eagles stayed in close proximity to each other, the young one flew in and out, never alighting, but winging around nearby. At one point the mother, leaving her perch, appeared to chase the juvenile away, but again I am no expert on bird behavior. We were able to watch all three together on the occasions when the juvenile appeared. The adults stayed, catching fish now and then, for over an hour. Courtney & Mike Czarnecki Bermuda Run, NC
Same time, same place, same tree as last year...but now two eagles! I reported last holiday season the sighting of a bald eagle in a tree across from our home (Bermuda Run across from Tanglewood on Yadkin River) that arrived around 9am for three days in a row. This morning my husband and I watched two adult bald eagles peruse the ponds then alight together in the same tree, where they remained for about 10 minutes. Adding to the drama was a great blue heron standing still as a stone in a lower tree 20 yards away. Did I mention the osprey winging along also?! What a place to live.
Courtney Czarnecki

At 57 years old I saw my first Bald Eagle this morning on our farm in Alexander County, NC. At around 7:30 am (10/12/17), he was in the top of a tree in the neighbor's pasture. He was stationary only for about ten seconds after I spotted him, then flew low across the pasture in an easterly direction. I was thrilled and have been watching for him ever since.
Michael Harrison
Taylorsville, NC

I have spotted a bald eagle in the bays of Columbus County NC no others ones just one I've looked for days to find another but only seen just the one what should be done?
Ashley Tubeville

Barbara Smith wrote the following: On August 13 at 1143am I watched a bald eagle fly from the trees across my yard on Cooper rd in Clemmons nc just above the power lines then flew towards tanglewood area. It was so beautiful!

Laura Johnson wrote the following: I saw 2 bald eagles flying and soaring over my house on Lake Norman, NC on 2/12/17.

Wanda Nathan and Reid Pennell wrote the following: We witnessed 2 Bald Eagles flying overhead in the South Lakes subdivision in Fuquay Varina NC at 5:37 pm . They both flew and dropped near the lake and then landed for a long period of time in the trees next to the lake.We watched for at least 20 minutes while they landed in the trees. It was an awesome experience to witness with my grandkids!!!!

There are two adults bald eagles and a solid brown youth at Kerr Scott Lake in Wilkes County NC Is there any one in this area that could be watching them? I would very much like to contact them.
Sherrie Royster

In the last 2 yrs I've seen a single bald eagle at Brier Creek Reservoir just near Raleigh/Durham Airport. There are 2 trees he likes to perch on and is best seen around 9AM and 5PM. Almost wreched the car the first time I saw him. He was mid-flight over the water right at eye level with the morning sun blazing down on his white head & tail. Unmistakable! Last saw him the morning of 1/25/17 hanging out on his favorite tree. My oldest son also got to see him that morning.

Anna Helvie wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying to perch in a tree next to Highway 17 North just past Bridgeton, NC -- right past the intersection of Hwy 17 and Wildlife Road. I was in the parking lot of a convenience store and saw a large black-and-white bird fly across the road into the trees. I was able to drive slowly past those trees and saw the eagle perched there - unmistakably a bald eagle. What a stirring, amazing sight!

AngeLia Coleman wrote the following: I live at 1416 Lake Emory Road and I have sighted it twice in the hours around 10 a.m. a bald eagle sitting on a tree limb overlooking the lake behind my house.. I missed capturing an awesome shot of It by the time I ran upstairs to get my camera and ran back downstairs

Harrison Vaughan wrote the following: I witnessed a Bald Eagle fly over head in Bermuda Run, North Carolina at 2:10 on January 8th 2017. The eagle flew over towards a section of trees on the Bermuda Run side of the Yadkin River.

Courtney Czarnecki wrote the following: We've had a bald eagle land in the same tree across from our pond in Bermuda Run, NC for three mornings in a row now (12/24-12-26 about 9am) on this side of the Yadkin River near Tanglewood.

David Peterson wrote the following: On 12-07-2016, noon, I took a photo of a juvenile 1-yr old Bald Eagle above the Tailrace Dam on Jordan Lake (Near Moncure, NC). It was too high up to identify by eyesight, but I was there photographing Blue Herons and had a good lens with me. I shared the photo with several Raptor social media sites and the experts all had a concensus that it was a 1-yr juvenile, based on plumage, markings, etc.

David Lee wrote the following: In the last couple of years I have experienced regular sightings of bald eagles. I've lived on the Neuse River between New Bern and Havelock, NC since 1979 and had not seen bald eagles until a few years ago.

Jordan Watkins wrote the following: Me and my wife were driving on a side road in Stoneville NC. When this huge bird with a white head flow over us. Are there Bald Eagles in Rockingham County NC?
Bald eagles in Rockingham County

Dave Hufner wrote the following: 10/28/16 4PM: St. Mary's Road, Hillsborough, Orange County: spotted 2 bald eagles gliding just above the lob lolly treetops before they rode thermals upward to a few thousand feet, heading north east. Huge wingspan, classic white head and tail feathers, very graceful.

Sandra Cohen wrote the following: Have seen pair of bald eagles several times in tuckahoe beach, tuckahoe, no. Took pictures when they were perched high in pine tree. Amazing

Denise Owings wrote the following: I saw a Bald Eagle on a small water retention pond on Town Center Drive (which is actually a fairly busy road) in Wilmington, North Carolina on Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 3pm. I have a photo of it in flight.

Jerry Miller wrote the following: On 9/26/16 at 8:30am we saw a bald eagle flying low over Lake Toxaway. Earlier in the summer we saw this eagle or another soaring over the lake and also perched high in a tree branch very near the lake's edge. Have looked for a nest with no luck so far.

V McCarron wrote the following: Flying over Bond Lake, Cary, North Carolina on 24 Sept.

Heidi Olfert wrote the following: 9/24/16 a bald eagle was flying low over Hobson Rd in Raeford, NC.

Donna Werner wrote the following: A Bald Eagle flew over my backyard on Saturday 9/17/16. Lake Norman, Mooresville North Carolina, at Mile marker 6. It was flying pretty low and no doubt, an eagle. Amazing. Beautiful.

Melody Mahanna wrote the following: On my way home from Lumberton, NC along Barker Ten Mile Rd, I saw a very large female bald eagle enjoying a mid-morning snack of some road kill.

Brucene Bechtel wrote the following: We have seen red hawks, smaller hawks, and even owls but today 8-17-16 my husband,Ed, saw a bald eagle, so close 'I could see his eyes, and man was it beautiful.' We live on Moss Lake in Kings Mountain NC and becasue the golf course is not being used the small prey numbers are increasing. There is plenty of food so I hope this beautiful, majestic bird stays around.

Alane Barnes wrote the following: An eagle flew over our house on Brassfield Road in North Raleigh - we are a couple of miles from Falls Lake. I was able to get a picture - blurry but definately a bald eagle.

Eric Johnson wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle over Lake Crabtree in Morrisville, NC. Sighting was 2/1 at about 3:15 PM. There may have been a female as well as a male. The second bird was too far off to identify.

Joe Kingrey wrote the following: Two bald eagles spotted and photographed on the Onslow county of the White Oak river side 50 yards from the bridge on the sharp curve on Stella Rd. In a dead tree. The Stella postmaster spotted them and told me to go with my camera. I only saw one, she saw both.

Julia Hamberger wrote the following: I spotted a bald eagle on 1/28/16,at about 8:00 a.m., in Apex, NC, next to I-540 North between Olive Chapel Rd. and Apex Barbecue Rd. There's kind of a swampy area just past the brick barrier wall and before a neighborhood, it was at the top of one of the trees. It\'s white head was very clearly seen, and he/she was looking around, but stayed perched for at least 20 minutes. There wasn't a nest that I saw.

Doug Morrow wrote the following: Saw an eagle today at Frank liske park in Concord NC. I thought it was at first but wasn\'t sure. It was flying away. The eagle doubled back and flew right over. No doubt about it.

Tina Huntsinger wrote the following: I saw an American Bald Eagle on White Jenkins road in Gaston county near Cherryville and Bessemer City on January 17th, 2016 approximately 3PM

Tom Tracy wrote the following: I walked onto my back deck overlooking Adam Lake (Adams Farm,Greensboro) and we see a fair amount of hawks fishing but I caught a large birds white tail hovering over the lake and then it flew across and landed on a tree before it going down to the lake and flying off. Beautiful sight ... the white head , the yellow feet. I took a video from my iphone and uploaded it to our facebook page. Saturday Jan 16th 2016 at Noon time. It would be great if it chose to nest nearby so we can enjoy this sight more often.

Yomaree Cortes wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle in Randolph, NC. In HWY 42 S in between Little beane store road and moffit road. Today at 1030am

Tom Fenton wrote the following: My wife and I spotted a bald eagle on January 11, 2016 while driving north on route 119 out of Mebane, NC. The eagle was flying south, toward Mebane, and directly over the roadway. We live in upstate NY most of the year, where eagle sightings are more common. But we were surprised to see one in North Carolina.

Jim Scarborough wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying south towards Bond Park in Cary, NC on Jan 3, 2016 at about 11:45 A.M.

We saw a bald eagle flying over Cornwallis Road in Northampton County in Pleasant Hill, NC. It circled three times then flew away. This was on Thursday, December 10th in late morning.
Rosalind and John Jones
Seaboard, NC

Lorraine Turi wrote the following: Lake Wylie,NC This morning around 10:00am I heard a loud screechy noise I looked behind me as two bald eagles flew over my head about 20 feet above me. Just incredible

Tom Dierolf wrote the following: Transylvania County, NC about 2 miles South of Brevard. A bald eagle flew above and about 100-150 ft in front of my car. I had just turned right off of 276S and was heading North on Wilson Rd, which runs along the French Broad River at this point. It was around 9 a.m. Dec 10, 2015.

Jordana Heath wrote the following: I saw 2 bald eagles in a field on a little side road in Wilson County NC today (Joweaver Rd.). They were eating something in the field and flew off as we came near and perched in a nearby wood edge of the field. I was stunned to see them, though it is Cattail Swamp,so lots of wildlife. It really made my day to see them in the wild. I have only seen them once before in my life out in the wild and it gives me hope they will continue to survive and increase in number again.

David Ingle wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle flying by Marker 13 on Lake Norman today in Terrell, NC. Pretty cool.

Donald Williams wrote the following: Today, 25 Nov 2015 approximately 10:30a.m a Bald Eagle was feeding on a freshly killed deer in the divider lane on US 601 South near the intersection of White Store Rd. The Union County Sherriff Dept was called and said they couldn't interfere, the NCSHP was notified, and they said they would get NC DOT to remove deer carcass so that the Eagle would no get struck by the heavy traffic

james price wrote the following: I have seen a single eagle twice in the last month(Nov 2015) sitting in a tree on my property next to Norris Creek in Franklin County, NC- 2 miles from Wake County line in eastern Franklin county

Sandra Arrington wrote the following: On November 22,2015 at 0900 I was standing in the backyard and saw a single bald eagle flying west towards the McDowell Nature Preserve. I'm in Mecklenburg County,NC just off Shopton Rd W and NC 49, east of the preserve. This made my day.

Christian Queen wrote the following: Saw a pair of bald eagles riding thermals near Hwy 55 close to the Wake/Durham county line.

Tip Wood wrote the following: November 7, 2015 - Stokes County, NC... My wife and I saw a bald eagle while driving on Mountain Road towards Danbury, NC.

Ricky Davis wrote the following: I have seen them on several different occasions at the end what used to be Walker Mill rd.@ culdasac.Buttke dairy rd.maybe? Large tree to left over looking the lake.

Brenda Randall wrote the following: Three family members traveling in Caswell County NC, spotted a bald eagle around November 1 2015. The bald eagle was in the area of Walters mill road and bertha wilson road. This locale is close to Danville Va on the north Carolina side close to Blanch NC. They were very surprised to see it and excited also.

Lynn malpass wrote the following: I was driving on rural Spearman rd in Columbus county, N.C .When I saw a bald eagle fly in front of me from the roadside.Watched in awe as it flew away, I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture, thinking no one will ever believe it . Had no idea they were around here .What a blessing to see one of Gods miraculous creatures.

Roy Ullom wrote the following: I live in Gray's Creek NC. I've got some cat ornaments out by my porch which look very real. As I pulled up this morning I noticed a shadow swooping down near these ornaments. I thought at first it was a Hawk but to my surprise it was a Bald Eagle! What a sight! He was trying to snag some lunch but I guess he realized they were not real.

Eric Flynn wrote the following: On October 16, 2015 around 8:30am, I was driving northbound on Interstate I-40 near Rocky Point, NC. A large bird flew in over the trees boarder inch the left side of the highway, circled over the northbound lane and then swooped back down to grab something from the southbound lane. The bird landed momentarily after grabbing it's catch which is when I was able to see the brown body, white head and yellow beak. First time I've ever seen a bald eagle in the wild! Awesome

Curtis Smith wrote the following: Spotted a lone bald eagle in flight while driving along Hwy 111 south of Albertson on 9/21/15. This is my second spotting in eastern NC. Saw one about a year ago along Faison McGowan Rd. outside Kenansville.

Daniel Kennedy wrote the following: Saw adult bald eagle swoop in and grab a fish in Belews Creek Lake in North Carolina about 4:45 on 9/5/2015, then fly up and land in tree near edge of lake. Awesome sight!!!

Saw a bald eagle off Highway 186 in Northampton County, NC outside of Seaboard as I was heading toward Virginia. It was beautiful. I stopped my car and he flew up in a tree and then flew across a field.
I saw two bald eagles off highway 305 right outside of Seaboard, NC in Northampton County. They were in a field then flew east up into some trees.
R.W. Jones My husband and I were at the Starbucks at I-85 and Bruton Smith Blvd in Concord NC at 7:30 on February 6, 2015 when a beautiful Bald Eagle flew over! Very exciting to see this gorgeous bird!
Susan Pope
Davidson, NC

Feb 5, 2015 - A bald eagle flew over our car as we drove south on US 13, between Tarboro, NC and Greenville, NC. Our first time seeing one in the wild, and we were thrilled to see this magnificent animal!
Linda Ward
Tarboro, Edgecombe Co., NC

Saw Bald Eagle flying across road in Marsh Oaks neighborhood of Wilmington NC on 1/27/15 at 8am. Flew right over my car!! Unreal
Joel Wilson

Saw two bald eagles in my neighborhood in Stoneville, NC. They were beautiful. I have never seen one in the wild before.
Christie Snyder

January 22, 2013 over the lake beside E Loch Haven Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28314
Matthew Stowers

I was driving from Huntersville,NC on highway 73 toward Concord today. Out the corner of my eye I saw a bird flying eye level with me but over the reservoir and was shocked to see the snow white tail and Snow White head!!! It was definitely a Bald Eagle!!! I did not know they were around here!! It was absolutely beautiful!!
Sighting at 11:00 am
Don T. Howell Reservoir
Tammy Dodson

I saw a bald eagle today in Cary NC between Bond Lake and Prestonwood country club. it came down and landed in the middle of the street on the corner of Preston Oaks and Roebling Ln.
It looked like it picked up a dead squirrel that was on the street which I had Seen earlier!
Pretty cool to see one around here!
Greg Boa
Cary, NC

Fort Bragg, NC
Spotted three eagles circling a wooded area in the vicinity of Rhine and Normandy. While walking out to my truck, I looked up behind my home and saw two of them soaring above the wooded area behind my home, looking to the north, another eagle presented itself 200 meters away, the two above my home circled north to join the third and began to circle a point 200 to 300 meters northwest of my observation point in a three teared pattern.
Observed at 12:10 on 9 JAN 2015
Adrian Sewell

It was about 10am Tuesday (01/06/15) as we were headed towards Spring Hope, North Carolina on Stallings rd. within a mile or 2 of Lake Royale (on the border of Franklin and Nash counties). We were traveling towards our home when a huge bird soars from the top of a tree close to the road with a white head and white tail feathers. It crossed the direction we were driving so we got an incredible look at it. I could not take a picture in time though. There was no traffic so my husband drove very slowly as we watched the bird soar over a pond until it was out of sight. I could not believe there was a bald eagle so close to my house. I'm so glad my husband was there to witness this majestic creature with me.
-Brooke Thompson

Bald eagle spotted between Verona and sneads ferry nc off 17 then flew towards woods.
K. Mccain

Seen this bird first on 12/21/2014 off Tabernacle Church Rd in Randolph County, NC eating a deer that was in a field (road kill or hunters bad shot). Seen bird next 3 days in same field even though carcass was no longer there. There is the Uwharrie River maybe 1 mile from where I seen the bid. The water level on river is very shallow, I strongly feel as if it has actually been still for well over a month. Maybe this bird was hungry and came in from Uwharrie National Forest to hunt and scavenge.
Charles Valentine

Spotted one on Hwy 52 between Ansonville and Albermarle. There was a wood sided restaurant on the side of the road and it flew from the parking lot into the trees across the street. Ive never seen one in the wild so we turned aronud and he flew again in into a tree behind the building. He just sat there perched as we watched. The bird was so majestic. It sat in thr tree like a king (or queen). Unbelievable experience for my wife and I, our two kids and my nephew.
Clay Hall
Concord NC

Saw my first NC sighting of a soaring bald eagle. We were traveling on 540 outside of Apex. What a magnificent sight with the bright sun shining on it's brown and white plume.
Ed Zaccardi
Holly Springs, NC
Christmas Day 2014

Saw a bald eagle fly over Old Concord Road in China Grove, NC this morning. My first sighting and it was spectacular! So happy to see them in the wild in NC!
Scarlett Fleming
Rowan County, NC

I saw a bald eagle on November 27, 2014. Just standing in my pasture when I went to put the horses up for the night. My farm is in SW Union County in North Carolina. A few weeks ago I saw an immature eagle in a tree.
Cathy Thomson

I saw a bald eagle in my backyard this morning. Landed in a crepe myrtle tree for about 4-5 seconds and took off.
Trudy Haseley
Indian Land, South Carolina 29707
(this is just south of Charlotte, NC)
In Carthage, NC off of highway 22 in a field beside the road. He flew within 10 yards of me while I was driving, then perched on a tree.
Mark McKeown

I have Sighted A North American Bald Eagle. In Scotland County, At A Warehouse In Laurel Hill. off of Hwy 144 & 10420 Old Wire Road. I Have only been at this location for a week or so. but have noticed An Adult eagle in the area, this area is the perfect Habitat , alot of trees , ajacent to Swamps in the area.
Michael Morgan
Fayetteville, NC.

At 2 pm on 11 Nov 2014, (Veterans Day) we saw our first Bald Eagle in the wild in our back yard. We live in the Half Moon area of Jacksonville North Carolina.
John McGrath

New Bern, NC
I have been seeing a pair of bald eagles on a pretty regular basis. Sitting in my yard, on Old Cherry Point Rd, they fly over. Most of the time they just fly over, but once in a while they circle for a good 10 - 15 mins. I love to see such beauty in the air. It took a few sightings before I truly believe what they were. I make sure to keep an eye out every time I bring my son out to play in the yard.
Heather Kaylor

Sunday Oct 19, 5:15 PM. Can not believe it but I saw my first bald eagle today. I saw it flying over the woods at the end of 2nd street in Beaufort. I was taking my daughter on a stroll when I happened to see it. At first I was joking to myself that it was an bald eagle. But it kept flying closer and it was. Wow, I am 41 years old and never even thought they lived out here. Wish I had a camera to capture a picture of it.
Todd Delaroderie

Location: Johnston County, Four Oaks, NC
Reedy Creek Road
Date and time: Sunday, September 28 10:20 a.m.
My husband, son and I were fortunate to witness this incredible bird in the wild. Sitting on the dock of our 5 acre lake, we heard a hawk making all kinds of racket for over 10 minutes. It seemed to be perched in a tree near another, smaller pond on our 30 acres. My son began to walk toward the lower pond, and we soon found out the reason for the hawk making noise. A beautiful, adult bald eagle came soaring out of the top a pine tree. He circled the lake several times and flew to the top of our land, settling in a black walnut. My husband was able to approach on foot and captured 1 photo as this magnificent bird flew out of the black walnut. He continued soaring above the lake, at incredible heights, for over 15 minutes. We received a phone call from a neighbor later in the week that an eagle was fishing in the lake. Hoping to spot him again.
Lynn and Keith May

Just saw four bald eagles flying around the front of my house in Smyrna, NC.
Harriet Kestenbaum

Saw a bald eagle today in Rutherford County NC on our road. We're near a small pond and between/close to the Broad and Green Rivers near the Polk County line. Beautiful morning with blue sky after a foggy and humid start to the day. Unique wing movement with large white tail and head—unmistakable.
Kathy Robertson

This morning my Father and I witnessed a Bald Eagle perched in a tree at our 5 acre pond in his backyard in Franklin County NC. We watched the Eagle sit in the tree for about 10 to 15 minutes before he swooped down at the ducks that we swimming in the pond. He made 2 passes at the ducks. On the second pass he grabbed the female duck. He struggled with her for a few minutes in the water. He could not lift her out of the water. So he swam with her to the bank and drug her up on the dam and started eating her. After a few minutes he drug her back into the water and dunked her a couple of times in the water. Then back on the bank where he continued eating her.
JoAnn Tanner

This morning, I saw a single bald eagle on the small natural pond behind my house in Half Moon, Onslow County, North Carolina.
Laura Thompson

Feb. 8th, 2014, 2:30 PM - I was traveling from Concord, West on NC 73 when I saw the bald eagle flying in the same direction over the Don T. Howard Reservoir. Just after the reservoir I was able to pull over and watch it for a little bit and luckily had my camera to snap a few pictures. Awesome sighting! A few years ago I saw another one at the reservoir as well.
Jason Campbell

I am very excited to report a sighting. I am from northern Sampson County, North Carolina (Spivey's Corner). I have never seen a bald eagle in the wild. Today I had the great fortune to see two. I suppose they were mates. It was a damp day. I had driven home for lunch and on my way back to work I spotted the pair on the ground eating on some sort of carcass. I literally stopped in the road to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I fumbled around for my phone trying to take a picture, but of course they had flown away already. I came back by after work and the pair was still there. I got a picture of one this time, but it didn't turn out very good. The other had flown up on a nearby tree, but it flew away before I could take a picture. I feel so blessed to have spotted these magnificent creatures!!! My daddy is 60 and has lived here his entire life. He has never seen one here in the wild!
Alaina Worley

I saw a bald eagle today in Warrenton, NC
Willa Powell

I spotted a Bald Eagle in Forysth county North Carolina on January the 3rd 2014. I live on the Forsyth/ Stokes county line in Salem Chapel. When I spotted it, It flew about one hundred yards away and I could not believe what I seen I live on Town fork water shed # 2 and I did not even know they were in my area.
Brent Shelton

Saw a bald eagle yesterday.
Lake Johnson Park, Raleigh NC
Leah Farr

January 11, 2014 - Western NC - Around 4pm spotted two bald eagles perched in a tree on the edge of the French Broad River in Marshall, NC. Majestic. My husband and I drove past and saw them - upon our return about 30 minutes later they were still perched in the same spot. We got our binoculars and again went to the river to get a closer view. Wow.
Jennifer Ussery

I live in Charlotte, Nc in the highland creek community. This morning about 840am looking outside my deck window I spotted a Bald Eagle flying over head. I had to look it up before I was sure because I have never viewed an eagle outside of captivity. It was beautiful!
Kristen Yeley

Sunday 1/5/14 2pm
Eastern wake county, NC
Single bald eagle in tree hunting for fish, couple days ago saw 2 together same spot.
Betty Friedman

Saturday morning January 4, 2014 While duck hunting on the Lockwood Folly River spotted a lone bald eagle perched in cypress trees just south of NC Hwy 211. Temperature was 25 degrees.
Keith McCahan

A nice New Year's Day surprise. I saw a Bald Eagle near the intersection of NC 54 and NC 55 in Durham, North Carolina. It seemed to be flying south, following Northeast Creek, which runs behind Food Lion. Time was around 11:15 am. Date is 1/1/14.
Burton Nicodemus

On November 16, 2012 while driving on US 301 approximately 2 miles north of Rowland, North Carolina I saw one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. I pointed him out to my brother, at that time I was not sure if it was a Bald Eagle. He made a turn which allowed us to see his white head and white tail feathers. I have lived in the country most of my life and have never seen one before.
Gene McDonald

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