eagles,Image created by Hope Rutledge

New Jersey

On April 22, 2021 at about 2 pm, on Marne Highway between Briggs/Centerton Rds in Mt. Laurel, NJ, I saw at close range an adult bald eagle drop down out of the sky to pick up with its yellow talons what I imagine was some roadkill and then go right back up into the blue sky. It was amazing to see its big white tail come down in front of me and its bright white head/yellow beak when I drove by. So graceful and beautiful.
Susan Ward

We live on Lake Lackawanna in Byram Township, New Jersey. This morning my wife brought my attention to two large birds perched in a tree across the cove opposite our house. What my wife didn't see from her angle was the large Bald Eagle perched in the tree on our property. We watched all three for about a half hour when our eagle lifted off an flew to the towards other pair. Which than flew off together. We could only assume the pair were fledglings. As other websites state there are at least two nesting sites close by...
Though the years we have seen Bald Eagles perched in our trees or our neighbor's, or flying around our lake. I have even seen one swoop low over the lake and pluck a large perch form the water in front of our house. Several years ago, when our lake was lowered for dredging, I witnessed two Bald Eagles devouring a fish ago the river bed that flows through our lake. I had to stop my car and watch...
Truly majestic creatures.
Lawrence Paprota

I saw a pair of Bald Eagles at Mercer County Park at West Windsor, NJ. I saw them perched together on a tree by the boathouse. The also flew overhead and engaged in in-flight playing above the park lake. I believe that they are one for the nesting pairs situated in the park.
I have seen them on numerous occasions, most recently on Saturday, 3/20/2021.
Ernest Marzan

Today March 9, 2021 at 11:00am my son and I sighted a Bald Eagle soaring overhead in Mount Laurel NJ near Hartford Rd. It was a beautiful sight against a clear blue sky.
Jessica Moss

On the morning of 2/3/21, there was a bald eagle on Mountain Lake in Mountain Lakes (Morris County, NJ). It flew over the mergansers and seagulls that were fishing. Then perched in a tree close to them. It was across the lake from us, so too far for a photo with our phone. Watched it through binoculars.
-Mary Jacks

Bald Eagle with while head sighted over Silver Lake at Old Paintworks in Gibbsboro New Jersey. Attacked and drowned a swan L and plucked feathers. Seemed unable to fly away with weight of carcass, left in the Lake and flew off.
Lorraine Gormley-Devine

While on a midday walk, I just saw a bald eagle flying west along the Cooper River in Collingswood, NJ toward Rt. 130 in Camden County. I did a double take as I've never seen one in my area of NJ before but it was unmistakable in full sun against the clear blue sky. So majestic, it made my day!
Bonnie Edwards
Collingswood, NJ

Over the last two weeks, several bald eagle sightings on Long Beach Island, NJ. Adults regularly perched on high antenna in Spray Beach. This morning, October 12th, 2020, an adult was on the ground at the bay's edge near Clam Cove in Holgate, NJ.
Ron Califre

I've lived in Nutley for 15 years and I don't think I've ever seen an eagle until this morning. Around 11:30am, I saw a bald eagle in flight over downtown Nutley NJ, about 1/4 mile northeast of Town Hall. I couldn't guess the bird's' age but it was big, bigger than a large hawk.
It had a brown body and bright white head and tail plumage. Cheers.
John Collins

October 1, 2020
What a great way to start the fall & October. I was on my way to work in Somerset County, NJ and saw a magnificent Bald Eagle this morning (8:15 a.m.) sitting on top of a tree along Canal Road (between Blackwells Mill Road and Miller Farm Road), Somerset, New Jersey.
Cathy C. Vaccaro

We have several adults and I've seen one young bald eagle here on Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ. One just flew over my head (at tree top level) this morning at 6:20 as I was out with the dog. Of course I did not have my cell phone or camera with me. ???? UGL is a private lake community in Northern NJ. The lake Is very clean and well stocked with fish. Our number of bald eagles has grown from just one "family" to several. They are spotted daily around the lake in different coves and fishing in the largest part of the lake. I have been waiting patiently to get some pictures of them but have had no luck. I have tried early in the morning (sunrise) and about a half hour before sunset. I've also been driving around looking for their nest(s) but have had no luck. I do have some sort of large nest at the top of a pine tree next to my house but I am unable to tell if it is a birds nest or a raccoon nest.
Audrey Hornyak

I spotted a beautiful bald eagle on Monday 4/20/2020 driving North bound on RT 287. The eagle was perched high in an old lifeless tree as your merging off 287N and onto US-22 West (via Exit 14B), coming toward Bridgewater, NJ. You could only spot the eagle going 287 North bound as your coming off the exit. I tried circling my car around twice to get a picture but unfortunately there was just no where to pull over or park my car. Eagles have been spotted in this area before as the Raritan River is nearby. This was my first actual sighting of a Eagle in NJ so was just a spectacular sight to see. Clearly this was an adult eagle (4-5+ years of age) as the head was clearly visible and all white.
Ron Gorman

While fishing on kirkwood lake voorhees Nj April 19th around 6:30 pm saw two bald eagles!!! They were soaring around the lake and then landing on tree tops!
Lisa Pollosco

One Bald Eagle was sighted in an open field on Centennial Mill Blvd. in Voorhees, NJ, April 15, 2020, 7:45 PM. Briefly on the ground, probably with a meal, then flew off. I saw an Eagle, in the fall of last year in the same location, which may have been the same one. Assume there is a nest somewhere in the vicinity. Very exciting. Been in Voorhees for thirty five years, and haven't seen Eagles until now.
David Schwarz

Freehold NJ
2 adults and one juvenile They where fling university my house 2/28/2020
Wendy Leclaire

On the morning of 12/20/19, I observed a pair of bald eagles at the southwest corner of Point View Reservoir in Wayne, NJ. While I have seen bald eagles here in the past, this was my first sighting in the past few years.
Ron Califre

Monday, February 11, 8am, Princeton, NJ. During a light snow, observed an adult bald eagle swooping over the water @ Millstone River Park, adjacent to busy Route 1, between Harrison St and Plainsboro Rd on the south side. It circled over the water, then came to rest in a nearby tree. Lucky for me, the traffic was at its usual crawl, and I could enjoy the majestic sight!
Greg Kolton

I saw a Bald Eagle today 2/11/2019 near 2209 Fostertown Road, Hainsport, NJ. The time of day was 3:34pm. It was beautiful. It was on the ground in a corn field less than 20 yards from the road. . Pure white head and a white tail when it flew away into a large pine.
I was shocked to see one here.
Anthony Leggio

During a military funeral on Saturday, Feb. 9th, as the casket was being carried to the gravesite, a pair of eagles soared high overhead. They disappeared for a short time, only to reappear as Taps was being blown near the conclusion of the service. Spotted at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden, NJ, near Farnham Park.=
Sandy Levins

Just saw an eagle fly over our property on Samuel Dr, Flemington, NJ. We thought it was a vulture until it got closer. Positively beautiful!
Pamela Pfau

Yesterday morning, 2/4/2019, at around 720am, I was lucky enough to watch a Bald Eagle fly and land atop a light post for the baseball field at Jannarone Park in Parsippany NJ 07054. The bird remained atop the light post for 30 minutes or longer as I had to leave for work. I sighted a Bald Eagle twice more, in flight, afar, that day. I am still keeping my eyes open for said Bald Eagle.
Randall Dangelillo

I spotted a Bald Eagle in Matawan, New Jersey on Lake Lefferts at 2PM on Friday, February 1, 2019.
Don Freno

Sunday 11/18/18, @ 2:30 pm, I was surprised to spot a gorgeous bald eagle gliding approximately 50 feet above and following the Passaic River south at the border of Paterson and Totowa, from Arlington Ave./West Side Park to Hillary St. I lost it at Mount Nebo cemetery.
Chuck Martell

Driving on RT 206 just before Burlington County fair grounds heading to Columbus mart. Eagle was in flight . Temp 55. November 4 2018
Reykr Mal

I saw a bald eagle flying near the Jersey City Reservoir in Parsippany, NJ at approximately 7:30 a.m. on October 25, 2018.
Jill Van Der Meij

Saw an adult Bald Eagle around 11am on The October 14, 2018 in a neighborhood in Branchburg, NJ close to North Branch station. There were about 10 turkey vultures feeding on a deer carcass nearby for the past 2 days, and suddenly all of them flew away today- figured the carcass may have been taken away, and it was then I saw this majestic bird with a white head and white tail feathers flying at the same time close to the vultures.
Sammy Wijeratne

February 21, 2018 5:30pm on an unseasonably warm day I saw a bald eagle fly over the duck pond at Pascack Brook County Park in Westwood, N.J. and I was not the only one to see it. Very special blessing for me today!
Katherine King

Saw a Bald Eagle perched on a branch over the water in Farnham Park off Kaighn Avenue in Camden today 15 February at 130pm
Very exciting!
John Carson

I spotted two bald eagles in Camden New Jersey on February 11th 2018 approximately around 3:44 p.m. . Both Eagles were perched on a Lamppost of Camden high School football field. On opposite sides of the field.
Shari Oneil

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to observe bald eagles from the comfort of my living room easy chair. I live on Alloway lake and for the past 5 years have delighted in watching the birds. This year we have 2 adults and 3 juvenile birds hunting on a daily basis. They are all adept at catching fish. I have also observed one of the adults take a merganser as it surfaced.
Richard Siegel

Saw a Bald Eagle flying over the GSP following the Passaic River near Garfield and Passaic on February 1, 2018 at around 8:30 in the morning. Exciting!
Lynnora Geoghegan

I was driving toward Kearny NJ on route 21 in Clifton, I saw what looked like a Bald Eagle. I made my delivery, and about half hour later drove back to area, and I saw the Bald Eagle still perched in the dead trees lodged in the Passaic river in between Garfield, Clifton, and Passaic NJ. So I pulled over, to check it out with my binoculars (what a sight). It was just sitting there looking for food, or possibly just ate food & relaxing. I noticed it flap its wings a few times, then it moved from one side of trees to the other so now it was actually facing me. What a sight & blessing!
Mike Scibetta

Jan 1, 2018. Bald eagle spotted flying over Paramus Road, Paramus NJ
Jan 8, 2018. Bald Eagle spotted flying over West Saddle River Road, Upper Saddle River, Nj
Just delighted over the privilege
Gail Kelly

I saw a Bald Eagle flying above the Oceanic Bridge over the Navesink River, Rumson, NJ, today around 12:30 p.m. Since I was on the bridge/couldn't "park," I turned around @ the next st./crossed back over the bridge, and he was now sitting on the ice on the river.
By the time I got to the end of the bridge (a minute!) and parked, a fellow birder told me he took off/flew down-river toward Red Bank.
The same gentleman told me two eagles were spotted earlier last week on Sandy Hook.
Julie Kirsh

Wow I am in awe. We just saw an American bald eagle in East Orange New Jersey on Springfield Avenue and Prospect near the old Uppsalla college there is now a new housing development there.
Cliff Wright

Approximately 1:50pm on Thursday, January 11, 2018, two bald eagles were spotted at Dorchester Elementary School in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.
First one was seen flying and landing high in a tree on the school property. When that eagle took off another one joined it in flight towards the back of the school. The teachers and the students in the classroom watched in amazement.
I followed the birds path to the back of the school. One of the eagles landed on the ground, and walked about for approx. a minute. Once it took to flight the other eagle again joined it. They flew a short ways and landed in trees still on the school property. The school's science teacher remained in the classroom keeping a watch out for them. She said they flew back again, this time there were three bald eagles.
It was an amazing afternoon for those of us privileged to have seen these majestic birds.
Karen D'Ambrosi
Woodcliff Lake, NJ

I have been seeing a bald eagle a couple of times in the past few weeks, near the intersection of Columbia Street and River Edge Road in New Milford, NJ. The last time was on January 5, 2018, around 8 AM. I think this bird hunts fish on the Hackensack river. I've seen them a few times in a few spots near this, and it's always near the river.
-Sylvia Kates
New Milford, NJ

I saw a bald eagle flying over head while I was driving in Manalapan NJ by happy day farm on December 27, 2017. It was flying low in the field across from the farm.
-Kat Alfano

This morning, the 28th of December, I spotted an eagle on Loantaka Way as I was headed north. An odd location I thought but maybe due to the temperature in the teens, it may have strayed for food. Definitely caught me off guard, but I have seen many eagles in the Chesapeake Bay area. Awesome to see!
JD Behre

Saw a large bald eagle standing near the side of the road next to a dead dear not ten feet from passing cars. Vultures were just landing. Happened Christmas Day 2017 at 8:35am 37 degrees on River a Road/Route 18 north in front of Colgate Research Center in Piscataway. Large, beautiful and majestic! Did anyone else see it?
Joseph Hurley

I observed a bald eagle on 12/23/ 2017 perched above its nest on Alantic City Expressway between Exit 41 and route 42 on the Eastboust side, Sicklerville NJ.
Don Hobbs

We saw 3 bald eagles at various stages of immaturity on Friday, 12/22/17, around 3:45pm ET, right by the intersection of Rte 537 (Monmouth Rd) and Lawrence Dr in Plumsted Township/Wrightstown -- about a block east of the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery.
They were feeding on a deer carcass in the field in the north side of Monmouth Rd. Two of the three eagles already had their white heads, while the 3rd just had lots of white mottling throughout. We had to pull over and watch them feed, since seeing any, never mind 3 at the same time, is rare for us!
Thy ( "Tee" ) and Jimmy Cavagnaro
Barnegat, NJ

On 12/13/17 I observed a pair of bald eagles feeding on a raccoon in the Everitt Farm field behind my house in Ringoes, NJ. Not sure if they killed it, but they were definitely feasting on it. I took a series of pictures; gorgeous birds. When they saw me they grabbed the carcass and took it further away towards a tree line at the edge of the field to finish eating.
Joe Romano

We were walking at Natirar in Peapack-Gladstone today around noon - 12:30 and spotted a bald eagle. First time I ever saw a bald eagle in flight in NJ-very exciting!
Pam Coughlin

I saw a bald eagle flying low by the Raritan River in Flemington NJ on Nov. 17th 2017. Beautiful snow white tail and head!
Charlotte Clark

I want to report a bald eagle sighting near our home in Hopewell Township on November 8th, 2017 around 4:10pm. My youngest child saw the eagle fly over our yard and then it perched on a branch in a tall pine tree in our neighbor's yard where my two youngest children, a friend and I all were able to see the eagle.
Kyle Wille

Wish to report a bald eagle sighting in lower Camden county, NJ, on Chew Road at the intersection of Sandy Causeway. "Medium" size bird with mature plumage, plucking at kill, 10/30/2017, first observed near 2:00 PM then about 15 minutes later when I returned with camera, remained in car, eagle continued feeding, seemingly undisturbed. Eagle was about 50-60 yards into corn field.
Jim Obeldobel

My wife and I saw a Bald Eagle today, October 22, 2017. We were on 295N around exit 36 and the Eagle was flying above 295 heading south. Amazing!!!
Todd Fiore

Lynn Winfield wrote the following: Indian Lake Denville New Jersey
We have a very active pair of eagles in Indian lake for the past several months. Amazing

Kim & Eric Burke wrote the following: We saw two bald eagles flying above our Newark neighborhood near Raccoom Creek this afternoon. We are very urban so were quite surprised and very pleased to see them. They were flying low at first so perhaps had been perched in the trees along the creek.

Mel and Ron Boesgaard wrote the following: Saw a very large bald eagle on January 27, 2017 at approximately 3:30 pm over the south branch of the Raritan River in Long Valley, NJ. We were only about 30 feet away. It was so vivid in color and very large compared to eagles we have seen in Maine. Must have been fishing. We tried to get a photo, but it got spooked. But will remember it in my mind's eye. What a glorious site.

Rob Warmflash wrote the following: January 25, 2017, Hillsdale NJ. I saw 2 Bald Eagles circling/soaring near the Woodcliff Lake Reservoir.

John Eade wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle in Far Hills, NJ, at Ravine Lake, on Jan 22. Eagle was looking out over lake.

Leo Jablonski wrote the following: On 1/13/17 at 3:35 pm, I observed a Bald Eagle near RWJ Hospital in Mercer County NJ. Fortunate enough to obtain a good photo.

Stephen Tideman wrote the following: New Jersey - Rt 23 and Doremus Road in Oak Ridge, saw TWO Bald Eagles headed south over the highway. Pulled over to make sure I got a good look at them, and there was no question.

Kayrie Archibald wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle this morning 1/12/2017 on Dover Road,in Forked River (Lacey). Sitting on a tree. It was beautiful!

Keri Salmieri Ross wrote the following: 12/30/16 Friday late afternoon right as snow was starting to fall and winds were picking up- spotted a bald eagle over the ShopRite in Hillsdale, NJ.

David McCarthy wrote the following: Saw an eagle perched over poricy pond in middletown njust and shaped a photo. I spotted it again the next day swooping over the pond. Multiple neighbors with houses on the pond have spotted him in the trees.

Kim Burke wrote the following: We spotted a bald eagle today while driving south on Hwy 657 north of Newark. We followed it as it flew towards the North Fork Licking River running parallel to Hwy 13 south to Newark then lost it in the trees. What a nice gift from Mother Nature!

Thy Cavagnaro wrote the following: We saw a bald eagle today, 12/16/16, around 3:15pm, flying from northeast (near Spring Lake) to southwest, in South Plainfield, right at the intersection of Hamilton Blvd/Plainfield Ave and Maple Ave. We were in our car at a red light, when we noticed a hawk-like bird flying overhead. Since we've had so many hawk attacks on our backyard birds lately, we were curious to see what kind this was. As it flew closer, we saw its white head and both exclaimed, "OMG!! IT'S A BALD EAGLE!!!!"

anLing Tuan wrote the following: Saw a beautiful bald eagle flying above Duke Island park in Bridgewater NJ.

Carolyn Jacob wrote the following: On December 12, 2016 I saw a beautiful bald eagle, with what looked to be two juveniles, all feeding on a deer in a field on Garden Road in Pittsgrove Township, NJ. I was fortunate enough to get a few hazy pics, but the adult is very obviously an eagle. The other two seemed to be a mottled color.

kyle burns wrote the following: Spotted a Bald Eagle on 12/11/16 on a tree in Cedar Grove, Essex County NJ. The eagle was near the cedar grove / newark reservoir.

Mark Van Bruggen wrote the following: Crosswicks, NJ on Nov. 28, 2016 at 7:30 AM. Heading toward Crosswicks, NJ from Eillisdale, Bald Eagle flew over Ellisdale Rd. and roosted in large tree by house on left (heading toward Crosswicks) - near Katona Farms.

Brendan Smith wrote the following: Spotted single bald eagle in field on Sweetmans Lane in Manalapan NJ. Second sighting in same location.

Vicki Lattanzi wrote the following: I had the most beautiful siting this morning on Range road in Brownsmills, NJ 2 bald eagles feeding on a deer. I was able to get 2 pictures. What a wonderful day!

William Balkie wrote the following: Spotted a mature bald Eagle 11/21/16 in a field feeding on a deer . 1273 North Church Street Moorestown N.J. Bodine Tool And Machine Co

Lawrence Lally wrote the following: On 11/21/16 in my backyard was a Juvenile Bald who was feeding. It appeared nervous as looking for others who wanted it's prey. I know some bald Eagles reside in Rancocas Creek area that is nearby. Pretty exciting to see one visiting your home.

Jean Goeltz wrote the following: 11/14/16. Thought I saw a huge hawk on County Line Road in Jackson, NJ. It banked to the right and I saw it was a magnificient bald eagle. One minute earlier or later I would have missed it. Gift from Nature.

Jessica Abraham wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle today, 11/18, on Lacey Road near Whiting, NJ. It was 'eating breakfast' in the middle of the road.

Michael Mantone wrote the following: On Monday November 14th, at about 12:45 in the afternoon, I spotted a Bald Eagle in Clifton, NJ on the Passaic River. I have pictures

Monica Cotardo wrote the following: 10:00 am just saw a single bald eagle fly over me in Berlin No on the White Horse Pike!! Couldn't believe it!! Absolutely beautiful!!

Marcia Stevens wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle yesterday 11/6/16 on Rt#29 coming from Trenton right before the Golden Nugget Flea Market. It had something in its talons and landed in a tree. So beautiful.

Justin Brooks wrote the following: November 1st, saw lone adult on Tuckerton Rd, across the street from the Marlton Memorial Sports Complex in Marlton, NJ.

Deb Neils wrote the following: Two separate sightings the first one by me October 16, 2016 over my daughter's house on Old Glen Rd in Convent Station, NJ. It was flying towards the west. The second sighting was Oct, 29th 2016 by a neighbor in Berkeley Heights, NJ on Meadowview Lane -it swooped down in front of his car chasing an animal then it flew up to the power lines that cross the street.

Nick Giglio wrote the following: I saw two bald eagels on October 16 2016 at jockey hollow morris county

Sagar Pendse wrote the following: Saw a pair of bald eagles over Hudson River from Palisades Interstate Park at the Englewood Boat Basin on October 9th. They circled around a bit and then flew towards the direction of GWB...what an amazing sight!

Robert Galasso wrote the following: Saw a pair flying in circles over my development in the Erial section of Gloucester Twp. in Camden County on 10/10/16. They did not stay together but seemed to circle the area while moving apart from each other until they both disappeared behind the houses on both sides of my street. I have a blurry photo of one but it is undeniably a bald eagle.

Scott Berger wrote the following: 9/17/16 - Saw a Bald Eagle flying over my backyard in East Amwell Township - Hunterdon County (Sourland Region). It circled around a few times rising higher until heading southwest.

Margaret Bedard wrote the following: Is it possible I saw a Bald Eagle over the Jersey Turnpike yesterday (Aug 26, 2016)? I never would have expected to see that, so near to large cities, but what a wonderful surprise it was! I'm not sure exactly where I was, but was driving on the turnpike between Wilmington, DE and Mount Laurel.

Elizabeth Ort wrote the following: Eagle spent over 2 hours in tall tree overlooking Indian Lake in Denville NJ.

Andy McDonald wrote the following: Bald eagle sighted at Milford NJ train station on February 12 2016.

Chuck Carella wrote the following: In August 2015, at about 9:00 am on a clear sunny Sunday morning, I was privileged to see a large bald eagle fly directly above me as I was driving on Route 46 westbound in Totowa, NJ. The eagle was flying in a northeast direction. Just a magnificent sight.

Holly Deni wrote the following: I saw an eagle circling over Main St. and Paterson Ave. in Little Falls, NJ at @8:15 a.m. on 1-27-16. Big and beautiful!

4:43 pm eagle perched in branches along the Passaic River Garfield NJ
Jeff Stewart

Matt Ruban wrote the following: Saw two American bald eagles at around 830 am. I live in keyport New Jersey. They were flying around my apartment complex and over the high grass marsh in the back. Captured a few pictures as well.

John Carroll wrote the following: Woodstown, NJ Near Memorial lake

Barry Steinhauser wrote the following: Bald eagle flew past my house heading west over Whale Creek wetlands at about 3:30pm on Jan 16, 2016. Very impressive, very majestic. Very large, have seen many Hawks and Ospreys but this is my first eagle.

Kathy Gulmantovicz wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle perched on a branch in a tree next to the Raritan River. The eagle was on the South Bound Brook side of the river while I was in Piscataway.
Saw 2 bald eagles flying over the Raritan River on Tuesday January 5, 2016. The adult was flying south from South Bound Brook towards New Brunswick. The other was a juvenile. The young bird flew north towards Bound Brook.

gene yuhas wrote the following: i saw two bald eagles at baekland ave middlesex nj @ union carbide yard

Gary Smith wrote the following: I was outside in my backyard, in flemington and in the largest tree, perched at the top was a beautiful Bald Eagle who stayed perched surveying the surrounding landscape for about 20 min.

Linda Rapacki wrote the following: Photographed an adult bald eagle on Willow Road in Hillsborough, NJ on December 31, 2015.

Martha Davis wrote the following: I spotted and photographed 2 Adult and 1 Juvenile Bald eagle in New Egypt, NJ Dec 21st. Monmouth Rd other wise known as 537.

Tom Painchaud wrote the following: I spotted a bald eagle!!! Looked like an adult. On rt. 528 in chesterfield nj. Coming up the hill near garden state nursey . White above his feet and big! Awesome to see.

Dirk A Oceanak wrote the following: Saw bald eagle on Saturday December 12 & 13 , 2015 near pittstown, nj .

John Rickards wrote the following: I was driving on NJ Rt563 East off of Rt72 towards Chatsworth on Dec 9th, 2015 at 8:15am. I was amazed to see a very large fully mature Bald Eagle feeding on carrion at the side of the road. As I approached, it literally jumped 5 ft. in the air before spreading it's wings and perched in a nearby pine. I was also amazed at it's size, realizing now it may have been almost twice the size of the Eagle I saw shortly after on TV biting Donald Trump! It's color and condition seemed to be perfect, but again I had NEVER seen a wild Eagle that close.

Lois Young wrote the following: On December 6, 2015 a young bald eagle flew a block east of Montclair State Univ. in Clifton. This is my first siting in Essex or Passaic Counties. A friend said there was a siting in Brookdale Park (Montclair/Bloomfield) several days ago. Thrilling!

Miriam Muse wrote the following: Spotted a mature bald eagle perched atop a tall tree branch on Union Valley Road in West Milford, New Jersey, on November 25th., 2015. The location was approx. 1 mile before the Shop Rite shopping center, on left hand side, coming from Warwick, New York. When safe to do so, my son spun car around to face the eagle and we captured several cell phone photos. Eagle was still there an hour later when I brought my husband down to view it, this time with Canon & binoculars in hand. At no time was raptor disturbed; I have a background in ornithology as well as contribute to Cornell watches and am familiar with proper sighting behavior. No one seemed to notice eagle despite obvious photo shooting!

Doug Kent wrote the following: On Monday 11/23/15 I saw a mature Bald Eagle flying over roof tops in Atlantic Highlands as I was driving East on Center Ave. There was a fish in it's talons and it was climbing upward after leaving the bay.

Lauren Bountres wrote the following: On 11/21/2015 I spotted a bald eagle sitting in all it's glory in a tree top on Eyland Ave. in Succasunna. What a beautiful sight!!

Stacy Miller wrote the following: Spotted one bald eagle in Marlton, NJ. It crossed over the road from a group of trees. The white head was clearly visible. Have not seen them in this area before.

James Kono wrote the following: 11/11/15 - 1:30 pm - Netcong, NJ
I just pulled out of my driveway and all of a sudden I saw a flock of birds , about 40 ft high , one bald eagle was in front of the pack with two black birds flying alongside it , looked like they were heading northeast

Teresa Chaney wrote the following: 11/11/15 @ approximately 0900. Spotted TWO bald eagles just off Route 206, near Columbus Market, New Jersey. They were flying, gliding about 100 feet above a field along the roadside. Amazing! They were huge.

Michael Tarlton wrote the following: Monday 10/26/15, I was excitedly surprised to spot a gorgeous bald eagle gliding approximately 100 feet above and following the Passaic River at the Rutherford/Lyndhurst border.

Michelle Cochran wrote the following: As I was driving with my 11 year old daughter, I saw a bald eagle flying over the NJ Turnpike near or around Mercer County on the morning of October 25th 2015. Most majestic beautiful bird!

Marilyn Mellon wrote the following: Sighted a bald eagle in flight over a field near Chesterfield NJ on 10/21/15 at 10:30 am. It appeared to be a female. It was not far from The Wm C Doyle Veterans Cemetery.

Diane Carroll wrote the following: Sighting at Floral Park Cemetery, Monmouth Junction, NJ. 2 sighted 10/21/2015

STEVE WOROBETZ wrote the following: spotted bald eagle in a farm field on Pemberton Road in Vincentown while I was driving by. Couldn't believe what I saw so turned around to get another look. By then he was gone. On Oct. 18 2015

staci johnson wrote the following: We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw an Eagle in Moorestown NJ near the Rancocas River on 9/20/15. What an incredible sight. I never knew we had Eagles in these neck of the woods!

Colette Pecsi wrote the following: saw bald eagle in flight, above rt. 557, in milmay nj, sept. 14 2015.

Joe Ostapiec wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle circling over my house in Lincroft (Monmouth County) New Jersey. 9/14/2015. Very large bird. Immediately caught my attention.Truly a majestic site.

joe Evans wrote the following: sighetd bald eagle on top of electrical tower 9 6 2015 in west deptford park 7 am sunday morning

On my way to work this morning, around 8:10 AM I spotted a male Bald Eagle on Rolling Greens Gold Course on Newton-Sparta Rd in Newton, NJ. He was working on a deer carcass. I have in the past few months also seen one flying around in Sparta Glen, in Sparta, NJ which is not too far away.
Alison Hainzl

Spotted two bald eagles flying while stopped at a red light in Deptford, NJ. At first I thought they were turkey vultures because of the size but when they turned I got the full view, white head, white tail. Never in my life did I ever think I would see a bald eagle while at a red light next to a McDonalds near the Deptford Mall. Just incredible, what timing. I constantly bird and hawk watch.
Keith McNally

On February 6, 2015 ,I saw the Bald Eagle flying over the house I reside in which is in Bergenfield, New Jersey.
Rosa Barroso

I live in mannington Salem co next to the meadow that The state bought about 22 years ago. I was out on my Deck an hour ago had my binoculars watching the Wonderful wildlife that's year round here and I spotted A beautiful adult about 200 feet up bright white head so happy I had my binoculars 2/5/15
M Sanderson

Saw 4 juvenile bald eagles on the very icy Delaware River next to the Trenton Thunder Riverview Park in Trenton NJ!
Lin DiRenzo

Saw a bald eagle on mantua grove Rd in west deptford. Flying low along the tree line along the road. White head very nice size.
jack woolbert

A pair of bald eagles were over the upper parking area along the look out area at Red Bank Battlefield, National Park NJ. Clearly visible, white head, yellow beak etc. Had seen them from the park before a few years back but this time they were right over our head for a bit. This was before the snow came across from PA, around 320-330 PM Friday 1/30/15.
Wm Reed

Saw immature four bald eagles at Swimming River Reservoir, Lincroft, NJ on morning of January, 28, 2015
Saw pair next day at Swimming River, Jan 29, 2015…
Michael Moretti, Neptune, NJ 07753

Westwood, NJ 70675
A few weeks ago I thought I spotted one, but lost sight of it.
Sunday, January 26, I spotted one flying low over a one story shopping center in Westwood.
Keri Salmieri Ross

I saw the same bald eagle on January 17th as a previous post. He/she was flying over smith field in parsippany New Jersey
Thomas Hern

I saw a bald eagle flying around Alcyon Lake Park in Pitman today at 3pm. This is the third weekend in a row i have been able to spot him. On 1/10/15 I spotted two eagles together one flying and one sitting nearby in a tree on the southeast of the lake. He has a distinct high pitch call that almost sounds like a whistle, very long wingspan at least 7 or 8'.
James Connor

Although bald eagles are still listed on New Jersey's endangered species list, the number of birds has increased to an all time high.
Erin Pedrini

St. Peter's Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ 10:00 AM 1/21/15
Mary Patkus

At 11:00 am (1-19-2015) I saw a bald eagle take flight from the woods between Glen Lake and Sunside Avenue and flew west towards Glassboro Road. I've never seen one in Woodbury Heights and I've lived here my whole life. At first I thought it was a turkey vulture; but I saw it's white head and tail. It was truly a magnificent bird.
Theresa Kelly

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