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Today, 2/7/18 at 2:20 pm, there was a single Bald Eagle circling many times over the South half of the Sparks Marina! It eventually flew away towards the west.
Karen Cox

Debbie Hixon wrote the following: December 31st this morning at the Sparks marina around 10ish I saw an eagle flying with his next meal in its talons about 10 feet from me!! It landed behind me to eat. I just stared with excitement because I have never seen one before. What a beautiful sight!!

I saw a bald eagle today around 11am at the Pahranagat National Wildlife refuge upper lake in Nevada off of US 93 just south of Alamo NV. I may have seen another in the center of Alamo; however it may have been the same one as it was 45 minutes earlier.
Sarah Alonso

Sparks, Nevada-near the marina. December 13th in the morning. Young male bald Eagle.
Mike Madden

Sighted around noon Nevada time on December 29, 2011 at Hoover Dam – flying from the downriver side across to the Arizona side just below the WWII Turret above the gift shop.
Debbie Majewski

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