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New York

Spotted a bald eagle today flying by the Cherry Valley Golf Course near First Street and Cherry Valley Avenue on the Garden City/West Hempstead border in Nassau County Long Island NY. Unbelievable experience, it was flying low about 100 feet away!
Daniel Eivazi
Spotted a pair of Bald Eagles on East Island overlooking the Long Island sound resting in a tree on December 30th, 2019.
Gerald Doyle

This morning we witnessed a pair of adult bald eagles perched in a dead tree behind our home in the wetlands area that is part of the Connetquot Estuary near the Connetquot River. Unfortunately there was not enough time to grab the phone for a picture. We will keep an eye on the area. We get quite a few Ospreys in the summer in this area and other beautiful shore birds but this is a first for the eagles. hope to see them again soon!
Liz Lawther

A bald eagle crossed I 81 as I drove north this morning at ca. 8:20 am near Tully, NY. Never seen such a beautiful bird do close by!
Mona Eikel-Pohen

Long Island.
240 Middle Neck Road, Sand Point NY 11050. Often there are two.
Steven Stern

Pair of Adult Bald Eagles flying north along coastline at Morgan Park, Glen Cove NY on November 19th. Single adult sightings at same location on November 23rd & December 6th - probable Juvenile sighting on December 1st.
Peter Nash, Glen Cove NY.

Today, October 22, 2018, at 3.00pm, my wife and I saw a bald eagle soar from the tip of Glen Cove, NY, across Hempstead Harbor, and over our property on the eastern shore of Sands Point, NY, just north of Motts Point. Beautiful and breathtaking.
Andy and Jackie Aaron

I live in Tompkins County NY near Cornell University. I was Driving on Rt 13 From Newfield toward Ithaca and saw a bald eagle feeding on a deer that had been hit by a car. It was huge. I'd never actually seen one here other than a picture posted a couple years ago on Facebook of one in the city of Ithaca sitting on a utility pole outside the city.
FM Johnson

I just saw a Bald Eagle fly across my neighborhood in Mount Vernon, NY 10552. It was majestic! It circled and went behind some trees before I could snap a photo. Great to see this amazing symbol in my own neighborhood!
Tom Voytek

2/05/2018 at approx. 3:30 p.m. landed in the tallest tree on the 16th hole of the engineers golf course, causing at least 100 geese and an egret and a broad winged hawk to take flight in a panic.......what a sight.....stayed about 15 minutes before heading northeast over the swan club.......magnificent sighting.
Don Dalia...Roslyn Harbor,New York

My parents, Linda and Leon Reynolds live in rural Savona, NY, a small western NY town. On January 18, 2018, they had the rare opportunity to see two bald eagles perched in a tree next to their house. They were unable to get a good photo of the two of the eagles together, but they did capture a photo of one of them, along with two crows in the same tree. The crows had been flying around the eagle, taunting it. Fascinating!
Kelly Penna

I saw a lone Bald Eagle on 2 occasions, Jan 5 and Jan 20, 2018 Both times about 10am over by Garvies Point and Morgan Memorial Park.
Peter White

Wanted to share that we saw on the ground in a small farmers field at the corner of Rt. 19 - Lake Rd. and Beadle Rd. on Friday 1/19/18 at 12:50pm an adult Bald Eagle. Clearly saw the full white head and tail which is what drew our attention to it. A large crow flew close to it making the eagle take flight. We tried taking pictures with our cell phone which are attached. You need to really zoom in on picture to see the amazing bird. We watched as it flew around in semi circle towards us and flying away. A unbelievable experience so close and only blocks from our home. Had to report this incredible sighting. Hope we see many more.
Ron and Karyn Jones/Brockport, NY 14420

At approximately 10:45 AM on Dec. 18, 2017, two bald eagles were soaring over my home which is along Lake Ontario in Irondequoit, NY. One was an adult and the other was younger as it was a mottled brown in color. Very exciting, first eagles I ever saw wild.
Donna Stoycon

A large bald eagle flew across our backyard, fairly low, and very quiet. We live in Marion on the Rochester line, near Mary's Pond. So awesome to see it! Dec. 11, 2017 7:30 am.
Sheila Gibbons

Bald Eagle sighting at the north side of Morgan Park, Glen Cove NY at 7.50am on 28th November 2017. It flew north up the coast line, circled back, then flew west, across Hempstead Harbor, towards Sands Point.
Peter Nash, Glen Cove, NY.

Definite sighting of a single Bald Eagle, soaring just above the tree line, along the west facing coastline of Hempstead Harbor/Long Island Sound, just north of Morgan Park, Glen Cove, NY. Mornings of November 16 & 17. Previous sightings in mid-November 2013 & 2014 at same location.
Peter Nash, Glen Cove NY.

I was golfing at Sunken Meadow State Park in Kings Park, NY on October 20th 2017. It was about 3:45 in the afternoon when the Bald Eagle flew over going north towards the Long Island Sound.
Walter Cichon

I spotted a bald eagle on a mountain top in otsego county new york on Saturday, Oct, 14, taking off from tall trees on the opposite side of a large beaver pond which I was photographing. The location was on a short road called Connor road.
The next day, on highway 12 east of East Meredith, New York near Brickhouse Hill Road, a bald eagle flew up from a small body of water away to a distant tree.
Scott Hartley

Rich Thompson wrote the following: Saw bald eagle fly over westbound lanes of Northern State Parkway this morning around 9:30 am. Just east of Deer Park Rd exit. It flew into the trees on north side buffer of parkway.

Deborah Kravchuk wrote the following: Spotted a Bald Eagle while driving west on NY Route 44, by the Tamarak Preserve, in Amenia, NY. The eagle flew over the top of my vehicle and landed on a downed log that spans the creek near the entrance to Tamarak.

Adam Stoltman wrote the following: Spotted bald eagle perched rock in creek in Alden NY on January 2, 2017!

Andrea McLoughlin wrote the following: I saw a Bald Eagle at Roslyn Pond, NY, on 12/21/16 - just standing on the ice and eating something (there was not much left of its lunch and I did not have binocs, so I could not say what it had been).

Tom Christensen wrote the following: Saw a Red Tail Hawk and Bald Eagle battle midair over food near Red Mills Road (Shawangunk,NY). It was s short battle as the Bald Eagle flew off with the food.

Pablo Ewing wrote the following: During the first 2 weekends of hunting season (11/19 and 11/26), we witnessed an awesome bald eagle fly directly over my camp in Belfast NY. The 2nd fly over allowed us to confirm it was, in fact, a Bald Eagle. I'm pretty psyched to have one at /near my camp. Kewl!!

Norman Russell wrote the following: Spotted bald eagle with large black bird circling over head on my property in Rochester near Farmington town line on 11/11/16 what a sight to see

Marianne Nonna wrote the following: I have observed a bald eagle in the a Jamaica Bay nature preserve in Queens, NYC. At around 7:30am yesterday morning (October 14) and evening at 4:15 it was still hanging around. It is visible from the A subway line that passes by.

yochanan D. John wrote the following: Photographed Bald Eagle at Croton on The Hudson three days ago.

Richard Gillette wrote the following: September 2 2016 I saw a Bald Eagle on top roadside carrion in Tully Valley NY 13159. They have been sighted here in the valley for the last two to three years. I saw one high in flight two summers ago. Yesterday this one flew off the roadkill on the right side of the road left across in front of my vehicle and perched in a tree. It returned to it's roadside meal after I stopped approximately 75 ft up the road. Awesome! First time I've seen the beautiful raptor up close and free!!

Michael Arnold wrote the following: I just looked up over Spring Lake Golf Course in Middle Island and I could not believe my eyes. To bad my phone was in the house.

Maria amorosso wrote the following: new York state rockland county on palisades parkway north between exit 6 and exit 7 in top of trees with younger bald eagle on January 13 2016 at approximately 1230pm

thomas short wrote the following: 12-24-15 traveling east on NYS Thruway, approximately 1/4 mile before the Pattersonville rest area from the south side of the thruway an adult bald eagle flew from the top of a wooded area out above our car and back towards the woods. I quickly alerted family members to look and they saw the eagle.

Markus Brucher wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle flying towards I 90 bridge while crossing the Hudson River heading east out of Albany New York.

Kathy Eilenberg wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle in Glen Spey, NY near High Rd. and County Road 31 on Saturday afternoon, November 21, 2015.

Sara Woodruff wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle flying near the damn at Letchworth State Park in NY on Saturday Oct. 10th.

Harvey Rakoski wrote the following: Sighted Bald Eagle cruising along the tree line of the Union Station Park, North Chili 14624 soccer fields Saturday October 3rd, 2015. The Eagle few along the North treeline heading East before circling South at the end of the field and then disappearing over the treetops!

Peter Warrenchak wrote the following: I saw today October 1 a bald eagle at lock 7 Mohawk River Schenectady N.Y

Dave Saur wrote the following: 9-27-2015 in the afternoon sighted a bald eagle at the Chili Fire Department ball field located at 3231 Chili Avenue Rochester, NY 14624

Michael Bigger wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle flying south along the Cliff at West Neck Beach, Lloyd Harbor, New York on September 7, 2015 at about 4pm.

Laurel Hollow, NY August 25, 2015 – An adult bald eagle flew into our backyard and landed in an oak tree. It perched there for a few minutes and then flew off towards Franklin/St. John’s pond.
Melissa Marano

I saw an adult bald eagle over Jamaica Bay NY on August, 17th- May be of interest for you; Greetings from East-Germany
Ralf Wendt

Bill Hutton wrote the following: I live on long Island NY. I believe I saw a large eagle on top of pole on plainview rd in old Bethpage/Plainview area. There is a stretch of uninhabited land in area...on other side a large golf course 3 or 4 separate courses large trees ( Bethpage park )Bethpage village restoration....

Feb 14 2015 11:30 am large Bald Eagle flying over Staffords Bridge Saratoga Lake.
Mike Perchar

Immature bald eagle sited Monday February 9, 2015 Oyster bay harbor in Bayville Long Island NY, feasting on captured seagull on frozen water for an hour and fighting off two hungry crows at the same time.
Peter Fullam

New York, NY
February 9, 2015 around 12 noon - duration of observation ~ 40 minutes:
Two bald eagles sitting on ice floes on the Hudson River just north of the George Washington Bridge; 1 adult (dark body/white head) and one juvenile with brown plumage. The juvenile eventually departed and flew towards the New Jersey (Fort Lee) Palisades.
Kirsten Knaup

In Pine Plains NY 12567 at Twin Island pond there have been for 3 days 4 bold Eagles and 5 golden eagles together on a pair of trees. They seem to be eating some kind of carrion in/on the ice.
Clyde Krein

Artist lake
Middle island, ny
Kendra Beavis

Two Bald Eagles in tree right above Hudson in Nyack on Laveta Place. Been sitting there for over an hour.
Dennis Boutsikaris

Copake NY. Have a bald eagle in the trees across the street from the house for the past 3 days, Jan 30-Feb 1, 2014.
William Bell

Sighted single bald eagle several days 01/29-2/1/15 at a small private lake in Georgetown, KY.
Melissa Thenp

Spotted this juvenile Bald Eagle in Bridgehampton NY 1/25/15
Bob Allingham

1/19/15: Spotted an adult bald eagle in a tree overlooking the Hudson River near Green Island, NY. I was traveling North on I-87 around 10:30am. Later that same day I spotted two adult bald eagles sitting next to one another in the same tree as I was traveling South on I-87 around 1:30pm.
James Holland

January 10th 2015, I saw a bald eagle flying over Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, New York. This is my second sighting in this area. I saw one in the same location, in a tree, in January of 2013.
Libby Courtemanche

While driving this morning on Liberty Drive just off River Road,Town of Wheatfield, Niagara County 1/10/15, I viewed an adult bald eagle feeding on a deer carcass road side. I managed to take several pics of this majestic bird with my iPhone. Awesome to say the least.
Les MacKenzie.

Saw bald eagle flying over Galway, NY, Route 147 on 1/10/15. Also saw them in August 2014 and again November 2014 in Galway, NY over a swamp on Route 147.
Dave Lisicki

Today the 26th of December of 2014 around 12 PM I was walking my dog on N. Allen Street in Albany, NY and saw a huge and beautiful Bald Eagle. It was flying southwest and it appeared to be healthy and strong. The skies were blue and there were no other birds visible in the area. It was flying not too high which gave me a clear view of its white head and dark body. I was amazed to see it...I've seen huge turkey hawks in the area but nothing the size of this bird.
David Ortiz
Albany, NY.

12/12/14, 8:45 a.m. - along Route 214 and Stony Clove Creek in Phoenicia, NY.
Rob Kunstadt

Just saw (Sunday, 11/23/14 at approx 1:30 to 1:40 pm) a bald eagle circling above my house in new Rochelle, ny. I had time to get my binoculars and both me and my wife were able to see it clearly. It first appeared in the east and moved across the sky doing many circles until it went out of view in the west.
Roger Rosengren

On Wednesday Nov. 19th at around 1:30 p.m., I saw a bald eagle flying —looked like with a fish in its mouth—just above the upper Niagara River, at the outskirts of Niagara Falls. I was driving on Highway 190N, which goes through the town of Niagara Falls and above the river, heading out of snowy Buffalo into less snowy Canada.
Miriam Shuchman

10.30am on November 16th 2014 - unmistakable Bald Eagle sighting in large waterfront Oak tree in garden just to the north of Morgan Park, Glen Cove, Long Island NY. Bird flew off to the north following coast line.
Previous sighting was in same tree November 13th 2013.
Peter Nash.

Saw two adults hovering over Congers Lake, Congers NY, 11/14/14. Mark Laslo

10/30/14 @ 4:15 pm I watched and photographed 2 bald eagles soaring above the Mohawk river in Schenectady. They were heading north.
Joe Sokal

Saw one broadway 110 street,manhattan,10/24/2014,soaring high up,unmistakable ID time 9:30 AM ,today,8:30 AM gliding north over Riverside Park. Pure luck to have seen them!
Daniel Dannerman

We were headed into Ithaca NY today for lunch at roughly 12:10. Going south on Rt. 13 parallel to the lake, I looked over and saw a bald eagle flying just above us about 100 feet off the road, tracking the edge of the lake. I shouted and one of the other guys in the car turned and confirmed it for me. Amazing and majestic, to be sure.
Joshua Plumeau

My wife was working today, October 8, 2014, at an elementary school on the north end of New Rochelle, NY. While out on the playground, she and the children noticed a bald eagle flying overhead.
Brian Hopkins

Could it be possible? Oakdale NY, Long Island, by the Osprey nests high above Montauk Highway, I saw what I believed was a bald eagle - it was soaring, for a split second I was reminded of the turkey vulture, but the colors were very distinct, then I realized it had to be an eagle.
Barbara Martin

My wife and I just has a bald eagle fly 20 feet over our heads in Bloomfield, NY, a rural town outside of Rochester, NY.
Tim Elder

A blad Eagle was seen Sept 14 2014, perched on an 8 ft fence post at the Orchards of Concklin on South Mountain Road, Pomona, NY.
Janet Newman

2/11/2014 Tuesday 7:45 am Hastings on Hudson NY (Southern Westchester ….2 adults, one with what appeared to be large stick( trailing vine) in its beak. Not far from the river and flying rather low.
Catherine O'Brien

1/28 -30/14
All sighted at Steamboat dock Verplanck NY
Billy Liljeroos

Bald eagles are currently seen in the morning on the shores of the Hudson River in Stony Point and Haverstraw, NY. It is common to see six or more. Maybe the ice on the river north of this area is causing them to move into the area. January 30, 2014
Dianne Diangelo

Just south of the City of Fulton, New York, abeam the water works plant and over the river. Three Eagles, multiple sightings during the last week.
Mark Webb

I saw several adult and I believe 2 juvenile bald eagles sitting on the ice on the Hudson River. They had dead prey on the ice and were vying fir who would get it. I see them often from my windows overlooking the river near 187th st. They seem to come over from the NJ side of the river as far as I can tell. Yesterday's sighting was the most eagles at once I've seen. Beautiful.
Nan Irwin

Saw a single bald eagle today in Burnt Hills NY.
Brian Goudey

Yesterday at Stony Point light house (Stony Point,NY) -Spotted 2 eagles : 1 bald ,1 black or brown They were flying back and forth -over the Hudson then landing in the trees
Simcha Rosenblum

We spotted a single bald eagle today sitting on the ice in the middle of Hempstead Lake.
01/14/14 around 11:00am
Joel Junker

We saw an amazing amount of bald eagles today feeding from the edges of the ice off Senesqua Park in Croton - on - Hudson. At least 16. We went back home to get binoculars since all but one young eagle were quite a way out. Wow!!!!
Victoria Wilkins

On 01/05/14, in the Kingsbridge/Riverdale section along West 231st Street of Bronx, NY at approximately 9:00am my wife and I notice an eagle perched on top of building adjacent to my building. It stood there for several minutes and then soared towards my building. A magnificent sight!!
Ronald Murray

Mature Bald Eagle feeding on road kill on Latting Rd. Just south of Shortsville, NY this afternoon (Thursday, January 1st/13.)

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