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I spotted a lone Bald Eagle sitting on the bank of a pond. It was in Blanchard, OK at 3:30pm January 22, 2017.
Jared Bennett

We saw a single bald eagle at 11:00 a.m., Tues, Dec 19, 2017, 9 miles Southeast of Ryan, Jefferson Co., Oklahoma. He was perched in a tree on the beginning of Fleetwood Creek next to a pasture. He was very large, white head and white tail feathers. Beautiful.
Norman and Louise West.

Lena Thompson wrote the following: Was gifted to see 2 Bald Eagles last Saturday morning, driving up to Talihina Oklahoma, my husband sited the two Eagles Sitting at the top of a tree, just east of Daisy Oklahoma, before Sardis Lake Reservoir, on Hwy. 2!

Spotted a large bald eagle in flight around 10:30 am this morning, was caught totally off guard by its size and beauty. Spotted at North 52nd west avenue and Oak street just off the Main Street of Skiatook, Oklahoma. Flying just above the road in front of my truck, an awesome sight, a first for my wife and I
Ron Jaggers

I saw a Bald Eagle picking off a carcass on the side of the road. 1 mile North of Mulhall, OK on Highway 77 on January 12, 2015 around 8:30am. He was very large with beautiful pure white feathers on his head and down legs.
Abby Schmidt

Bald Eagle sighted at Lake Pawnee in Pawnee OK on several days this week and last week. He is generally high in the trees on the road to the Historic Bath House on the right as you cross over the lake.
Sarah Carpenter

I saw my first bald eagle this morning around 9:00 near DuBois, along Sandy Lick Creek, in the village of Oklahoma - in my backyard!
Mary Ann Nicometo

January 12, 2013
4 miles south of Kellyville, Ok
Single Eagle 100Yards for our back door, Eating catfish out of our almost dry pond. Crows would not leave It alone...
Great to see and not drive to Keystone Lake.
Ed McLaughlin

Saw a Bald Eagle make several passes over some ponds behind my house in Edmond, OK on the morning of 1/1/2013. I noticed it after the ducks on the ponds startled and took flight unexpectedly.
Steve Melton

A juvenile Bald eagle at Grand Lake in Oklahoma on 29 December 2012.
Robert Carter

In Mounds Oklahoma. December 29. Looked to be young not all of its head feathers were solid white yet. Still had streaks of small brown feathers on lower part of head
Micheal Cambers

Saw Bald Eagle Thanksgiving morning 11/22/12 approx. 9am. He was flying slowly west to east over the Cimarron River separating Logan and Payne Counties, Oklahoma. Flew in to tree line at edge of river to perch. Then flew south out of sight.
Gary Courtney

Just saw a bald eagle 3 miles north and 1 1/2 miles east of Covington , ok. It was on ground about ten feet from a round bale feeder.
Brian Grantz

Bald Eagle identified, Tillman Co. Ok, 5 miles west of Grandfield, 4 miles south, perched in a dead cottonwood tree, the eagle then flew 1 mile north and again rested in the top of another tree, we got within 200 yards of the bird and identified it with binoculars and got a picture. The eagle then flew 2 miles west and perched in another large dead cottonwood tree. again we followed it and got about 100 yards and got another picture and WOW what a beautiful bird!!
Jeff & Misty Thornton

300 yards SE of Guthrie Lake, Guthrie, Oklahoma we saw 2 in the trees bordering our property.
Heidi Westover

My family and I saw a bald eagle on US 75 between Collinsville and Bartlesville, December 20, 2010. We have never seen one outside of captivity so it was a wonderful sight to behold!
Dawn Wessling

While traveling in Oklahoma we spotted a bald eagle sitting in a field about 7 miles south of Hwy 9 on Hwy 2. November 26, 2010 about 2:30 in the afternoon.
Wonderful to see in the wild.
Jane Williams

I live in Miami, OK on the Neosho River. There are two Bald Eagles that seem to have taken up residence in the area and I have spotted them many times over the past week (late Nov 2010).
Carol Ayala

I think I have identified the female (large) and the male usually stays on the other side of our man made lake. We are quiet on the Ranch here in oklahoma consisting of a private 74 acre lake. Last year the pair of eagles stayed on the lake for several months. This year I am only spotting one of the eagles but I am so excited that she is back, I may not have given myself enough time to investigate prior to sending this e-mail..... but, I wanted you to know... she's back. Yay! I wish I had a good zoom lense camera. I'll have to go get one. woo whoa! :)
Diane Terry

On Saturday November 28th, about noon central sighted 3,a male and two females. The locations was 1 mile south of the US 59 bridge near Watts OK. As we hiked along the banks of the Illinois river, they circled twice before heading up river.
-Sarah, Sandy and Kathy Swee

My 3 year old son and I saw a bald eagle on 11.6.09. It was about 2 miles east of Highway 99 on E 970 Rd. (between Stroud and Prague). I had never seen one before and it was amazing! We stopped to watch for several minutes and then we continued on east. We followed it for about 1/2 mile and then it headed south. We also saw what I assume was the same eagle on 11.7.09 in the same area. It was over an open field and we saw it dive down a couple of times. I am going to keep my camera with me all the time now!
Lisa Baily

Saw my first bald eagle out in the wild Monday, 12/29/08. I was driving west on 46th St. N. just west of the Port of Catoosa when I saw the eagle soaring in lazy circles above a active gravel pit. I pulled over and had my camera with me, but he was too far out. I finally lost sight of him after about a minute. What a sight!
Jesse Najera

Recent bald eagle sightings on or near Lake Okmulgee in Oklahoma:
   Both the Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers kayak blog and my brother-in-law, an avid outdoorsman, have reported winter sightings of at least one bald eagle over the upper Salt Creek that feeds into Dripping Springs Lake, west of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. That lake is three to five miles upstream from the older Lake Okmulgee, where I now live. On December 13th of this year, we were outdoors roofing a shed in a howling, cold wind. We noticed a large bird soaring up high, at one point, that looked different than the vultures we often see, but we were unable to identify it. A bit later, I saw a large, dark bird coming in towards shore, and noted a white tail. It was across the point from us at some distance, and I lost sight of it in the tree line. My husband did not see that one, but said he saw a duck and could recognize it by the lowered, webbed feet. I was hoping I had seen a bald eagle, but was not sure since I did not see its head. The next day, from my front door, I saw an eagle flying along the shoreline in front of our house. This time I saw the head and tail, and there was no question of what it was…it was really magnificent. It flew down towards the dock, but I lost sight because of some RV's between us and the shore. There is a state park campground just across the lake, and there have not been any campers there for the last few weeks, and no one else staying where we live, so perhaps they feel more comfortable hunting here without all the boats and noise on and near the lake.
   This Saturday, December 27th, I was driving from Tulsa down Dentonville Road, about a mile north of Highway 56, when I clearly saw a bald eagle flying over a field just to the east of the road. I pulled over and watched for awhile, then lost sight of it. This spot would be just about due north of Dripping Springs Lake. I will definitely keep looking for them now, and will keep my binoculars more within reach!
Cheryl Crichley

We had just moved into an abandoned property in central Oklahoma by Lake Thunderbird in November 2003. We were in a drought that year and early in the spring I saw a big beautiful bald eagle carrying off a snake that was about 3 ft long at least 2 inch in diameter. It was an awesome sight that I haven't seen since.
Judy Watts Newalla, Ok

My family and I saw a Bald Eagle East of Kaw City Oklahoma on 1/13/08. The Bird was seen from the Sarge Creek Cove recreation area at Kaw lake and just across the cove from the boating ramp in a more heavily wooded area. We had never seen a Bald Eagle in the wild; it was very exciting.
Deborah Lajara-Nanson

    12-29-05 to 1-1-06 I was with my husband and in-laws camping at the Illinois River Ranch near Tahlequah, OK. We were walking along the river's cliffs and gravel bars and spotted a Bald Eagle perched in a tree, and just down the river flying was the other Eagle. My husband, his cousin and I had spotted this same pair about 5 years ago in the same section of the river. We know there is at least 1-2 more in the same area, they were flying above a pasture nearby after we had just left the river.
The Jensen Family, Tulsa, OK

I was greeted this morning at 7:30 a.m. on 11/9/05 by a majestic site. I walked out on the back porch of my cabin in the Kiamichi foothills near Broken Bow Oklahoma and sitting atop a dead tree, not 50 yards away, was a beautiful American Bald Eagle. I immediately tip-toed back inside for my camera. He sat atop the tree and posed for 3 great pictures, then flew to the edge of my pasture to a 40 ft. pine tree, about 100 yards away. He stayed with me until around 9:30 a.m. It is now 5:15 p.m. and he just flew by my window as I am writing this comment. WHAT A WONDERFUL SITE!!! Maybe we will meet again in the morning. Courtesy of Bobby Boyd

I live in Checotah, Oklahoma, and just saw my first Bald Eagle today, 8-21-2005. I walked outside just in time to witness this beautiful eagle riding a thermal off of a hill just behind my house. I was able to tell my wife to grab the video camera to film about 3 minutes of flight. I can't wait to see another one!You just don't realize the size and true beauty of them until you see one in real life. Courtesy of Jeremy Lynn

Feb. 24, 2005, while driving north on HWY 177, just south of the South Canadian River, my daughter and myself saw a Bald Eagle in Flight. It was in McClain County, just before crossing the river into Asher, Oklahoma. Courtesy of Corinna Blackwood

My name is Stacee Capps and I'm from Colcord Oklahoma we live in the country here and we have a field of about 10 acres out our back door and we have at least 7 to 10 bald eagles that are around our house they fly over our house and land in our trees. They are just thrilling to watch, I have never seen one so close or as many as this so close to me. I'm 30 and have lived in ok all my life and this is the first time i ever recall seeing more than one matter of fact i have only seen one before in my life. I hope that every one has a chance in there life to see a eagle as close as i have and i sure hope they come back here every year. Courtesy of The Capps family

There are sites in OK to view them, I see them below Keystone Lake dam Tulsa, Ok. and other areas Fort Gibson etc. Courtesy of James Poteet

I just had a wonderful Christmas gift this morning! We live on Lake Eufaula in Eastern Oklahoma & while my better half was sitting at the table looking out at the lake a huge bird flew by along the water's edge. He noticed how white the white was on the bird & he thought it was an eagle but wasn't sure. At this point he yelled at me to come look at the eagle. I was still in bed so I got dressed & rushed to see, since I've never seen one in person before. He had the binoculars & was looking at it perched in a tree. He handed them over & I looked............I couldn't believe it....he was beautiful!! The white feathers were so bright! He stayed there awhile in the tree & then he started stretching his wings & then flew on down the bank to another tree. I didn't know they were here this time of year. I knew they had been seen at Fort Gibson Lake just north of here, but usually in the fall. What a special Christmas morning!
Courtesy of Christe Voss
Checotah, Ok.
Christmas, 2002

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