eagles,Image created by Hope Rutledge


We spotted a Bald Eagle yesterday on the bank of the pond in our back yard in Mentor, Ohio. It was eating a Canada Goose carcass that I think was there before the eagle found it. It did not stay long and seemed very shy. It was unmistakably a bald eagle, with a big white head. It was bigger than most hawks we see and somewhat bigger than a typical turkey buzzard (one of those has been working on the goose too).
Bob Klass

Bald Eagle sighted on 7/3/2021 in central Bay Village, Ohio. Eagle's white head clearly visible. Talons were carrying something brown hanging down assumed to be a fish. This was only approximately half a mile south of Lake Erie. Eagle was flying near dead south assumed to be headed into Westlake, Ohio where there are more trees. Google Maps says my location was within about 100 feet of 41.484527 -81.926533. Suggested largest areas of trees near there are at 41.481371 -81.927584 and 41.474719 -81.932482 for possible nesting locations because I don't know how far the eagle would fly carrying food.
-Glenn Williams

Bald Eagle sighting on 3/20/2021 in Fairfax/Mariemont Ohio. Dozens of pictures taken and some posted to social media via: Fairfax Next Door. The eagle sat on a fairly high branch of a tree in the 3700 block of Belmont Rd./ Settle Ave. Time view by many residents was approx.. 12:40 PM to just a little after 1:15 PM. A eagle was reported on media post as hanging out near the Little Miami River and a fish hatchery in Newtown Ohio by several people.
Jeff Snyder

On 3/11/2021 on Dallasburg Rd between Pleasant Renner and White Gate drive there is a big open field. Several cars stopped viewing bald eagle in the field. Absolutely beautiful.
Michele Brown
Morrow, Ohio

March 1st 2021
I just saw a Bald Eagle fly over my house in Berea, Ohio. Going North bound disappeared over the power lines that run down between Beeler and Lindburgh.
Max Nieves

I spotted a Bald Eagle in a tree this morning on Rt. 42 in Spring Valley, Ohio
It was the first one I have seen around there.
Jason Lewis

I saw a single Bald Eagle today, Saturday February 6th shortly after 5pm in a farm field. The sighting was off Butler Warren Road on the county line of Butler and Warren counties south of Monroe, Ohio. It’s my second sighting in the area.
Lori Spencer

Saturday January 30 2021, 2 miles west of Jamestown in greene county, on old st rt 35 saw 1 eagle flying toward the east low in the field, maybe 30 feet from the road.
Donald Baise

Jan 21, 2021 9:00 AM Easter Medina County Ohio.
While driving west on Ridgewood Road in Sharon Township I noticed a large bird in front of me flying just over the trees. First thought was a large hawk. It wasn’t until I saw it cross over the road and my truck that I noticed the white tail and head. It was a bright sunny day and got a little brighter with the thought of a new neighbor. 30 seconds later while heading south on State Rd, it passed over me again. Slow wandering motion heading west with the sun at its back as if looking for breakfast. Very rich region for nesting opportunities but haven’t noticed any.
I saw one several years ago in Richfield Ohio, near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and know there are several nesting pairs in that area. It is about 20 miles away. I would love to know what distance from the nest might be expected for their hunting range?
Jeremiah Dillon

On, Jan 8,2021, 4:05pm, in Washington CH, OH 43160, intersection, Bush Rd & Highway 35 (4 lane). 100 hundred yard away in a cornfield, look to be feeding.
I saw it from a distant, when I drove by it stood about 3.5 feet high. I was able to see the profile. The first Eagle I have ever seen in the wild.
Jamie Brown

My husband and I saw 2 juvenile eagles in Englewood (Metropark) last weekend. They were flying over the river. This is the second time we seen bald eagles in Englewood around this time of the year (July/August).
Bella Vane

I have seen together five bald eagles two days ago. During the last week have sighted them daily between 11 am and 4 pm. I have several pictures. None close, by time get positioned with my iPad I get small pictures but clearly adult bald eagles. Live in Newar Ohio.
Eva Hughes

I saw a bald eagle with a friend while walking in Glenwood Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 14, 2020. Glenwood Gardens is part of the Hamilton County Park System. His white head caught my eye at 10:40 in the morning. He was sitting on a branch near the top of the tree. Could hardly believe it since I hadn't seen an eagle in Ohio except for the Cincinnati Zoo in almost 40 years. We stayed there and watched him for awhile, then told other walkers as we were leaving the park. He must've stayed for awhile because we heard on subsequent days that others saw him too. One walker said that she had been walking there for 17 years and hadn't seen one before. We were very lucky and I will never forget it.
Carolyn Beaugrand

My husband and I live in a house that overlooks the Ohio River, in Pomeroy, OH. He was in the yard this morning and looked up to see a large Bald Eagle perching in a dead Ash tree. What a beautiful sight! We watched for 10-15 minutes before the eagle took flight over the river.
-- Paige Cleek

On 2-8-2019 at 3pm, I was parked at the loves truck stop in upper Sandusky and saw a mature bald eagle sitting on the frozen pond next to the loves.
Collin Geisking

On 1/12/19 while shoveling snow in my driveway (Howard, Ohio East of Apple Valley Lake-Davis Beach area) around 2:30 p.m. a Large Bald Eagle was flying over watching my husband and I heading north. Later in the day my husband stated that the same Eagle had flown over again.
On 1/15/19 while driving my daughter to school on State Route 36 East of Howard, Ohio before State Route 62 a Large Bald Eagle was flying low heading north. I believe this is the same one that I witnessed a few days before over my house. So beautiful gliding in the air on a mission for food.

Spotted eagle flying in the Woodland Mound Park area located in east side of Hamilton County around 1:00pm in the afternoon on January 6, 2019
Tim Reed

My husband and I spotted a mature eagle today along Route 50 near Bainbridge, Ohio. It was on the right hand side heading east on Route 50 approximately 1 - 2 miles before Route 41. The eagle was on the ground eating what appeared to be a dead deer. It wasn't real close to the road, but close enough to clearly see the white head. Route 50 runs parallel to Paint Creek in that area, and Bald Eagles have been spotted many times at Paint Creek State Park and Rocky Fork State park.
Donna Dean

While driving East on State route 103, Between county roadd 12 and county road 59 At about 2:30 pm on August 24th I seen a Eagle in flight low to the ground and fly north into a line of trees about ¼ mile across a field. Gps:40.893822, -83.773371 I drive this road daily and Ihave never seen one. I hope I get to see it again.
George Reinhart

I'm writing to let you know of several bald eagle spotting on Marne road, across the street from where we reside at Marne Road. There were two bald eagles flying with a red tailed or red shouldered hawk, which I have on video.
Katina Woodruff Borgersen

Wedsday January 31st 2018, around 11am I was driving in my minivan with friends on Route 50 in the neighborhood of anderson a suburb of (cincinnati,ohio) when i saw a bird flying towards us. I noticed it seemed a lot larger than the hawks i see all the time. Then as it got closer I noticed it’s white head ,then I knew it was a bald eagle. I’ve seen them when traveling through minnesota. But, in my 50+ years living in cincinnati i’ve never seen 1 of them( only in the zoo) LoL. It surprised me ,it was huge and beautiful. I wish i could have taken a picture of it. Since, it was like a once in a lifetime thing for me here.
Mike Dillingham

On January 7 th 2018 My husband and I spotted a bald eagle flying along side our vehicle near Charm Ohio. It was low but still a few feet higher than our Nissan. We got too enjoy it's beauty for a minute or two as it was flying through a field running parallel with the road from Berlin into Charm.
Rob and Nicki Wilson

Saturday January 20, 2018
Approximately 11:00 a.m. I saw an eagle flying over Columbia Rd, just north of Hilliard Blvd, in Westlake Ohio. It was only about 40 feet up, coming in for a landing in a large tree. Magnificent!
Debbie Hubbard

Jan 13, 2018, 10:15AM - I just saw a bald eagle flying north along Alum Creek, in Bexley, Ohio, at Main St Bridge over the creek.
Mike Torch

I just had two bald eagle sightings in Cleveland, Ohio.
On January 5th at approximately 8:30 am I saw a bald eagle flying over the I-90 bridge in downtown Cleveland. Then on January 8th at 4pm I saw another one flying in Westlake at the Crocker Park shopping center.
Amy Ammar

Two beautiful Eagles sighted at Pickerington Pond Metro Park, Columbus, Ohio area.
Jill Mezger

On Friday,December 8th, I saw 2 bald eagles. I was in Hamilton County, OH, on US 50 near ST. RT. 128, sitting on a bridge over the Great Miami River. I noticed the 1st one as it was flying really low. It then landed in a tree, which was when I noticed the 2nd one which was sitting in the tree. I’ve never seen one before today, so it’s very exciting!
J Hehman

On Thursday October 12, 2017, two bald eagles flew by as I was sitting on my front porch, Washington St. South Point, Ohio. They flew to the Ohio River towards Ashland, KY. They were flying low and it was a very clear sighting. I was very excited as the last time I saw this bird was at Yatesville Lake 10 years ago.
Sandra Daniel

On October 13, 2017 I saw an adult bald eagle fly into a large maple tree next to the Muskingham River in Marietta, Ohio, near the Ohio River. He then proceeded to make himself comfortable and just perched there scanning the surroundings. . I was standing on the Harmar pedestrian bridge and got a great view of him. I wish I would’ve had my large telephoto lens with me, but I did get some neat pics anyway with my smaller lens. This eagle was just beautiful!
Cindy Lowden

On Tuesday, September 26 at approximately 12:20 pm several neighbors, my wife and I observed a bald eagle circling over our neighborhood in Proctorville, OH. We live in the area of Cranford Lane, Archer Street and Galloway Drive. We observed it for a period of 10-15 minutes before losing site as it continued cruising away from our immediate area. This was the our first sighting after living in our neighborhood for 10+ years, and no other neighbors that I have spoken with had noted a local sighting.
Rick Fisher

I saw a bald eagle today, 9/10/17, while driving on Route 23 a few miles North of Waldo, Ohio. He came up out of the trees on the West side of the road, at first I thought it was a Great Blue Heron because of the wing span, but he flew right over me and i got pretty excited when I saw his white head and tail, huge bird! He circled and headed South West maybe toward the Delaware State Park.
Marcy Niendam

Brad Johnson wrote the following: 9/5/17 There was a bald eagle in a field eating something on McCord Road between Door and Nebraska in Toledo, Ohio. The bald eagle was very large, weighing about 20 pounds.

Darrell Semick wrote the following: We saw a bald eagle while getting on the entrance ramp at Portage Trail heading south in Cuyahoga Falls. It followed along the highway and river until we got to far ahead.

rich dewitt wrote the following: Sighted one eagle above Timber ridge campground on 8/12/17 by Birmingham,Ohio.A super sight to see.

Elsie Matlock wrote the following: On February 8, three or four bald eagles flew by my apartment window. I live on 21st floor of high rise in Cleveland, Ohio, next to Forest Hills Park and Lakeview Cemetery. A few days earlier I saw a large black wing fly past my window and now I know that it was an eagle, as well!

Grace Stokes wrote the following: On January 27, 2017, approximately 3:00pm, driving west on Wilson Mills Rd in Mayfield Village, my husband and I saw a Bald Eagle in a tree in a residential area on the north side of Wilson Mills Rd. about 1/4 mile east of Rt. 91. We turned around and went back just to make sure and absolutely, it was a large, beautiful bald eagle! My first ever siting in the wild in Ohio.

Nancy Brown wrote the following: We have seen an Eagle at Rt. 40 and Rt. 726 twice this week, we took pictures which I would have posted on here but didn't see a way to do that, we have 11 in total, although he is pretty far away you can tell he is an Eagle, we think there was possibly his mate farther away but we couldn't get a picture of him or her. Beautiful and awesome sight to see. Nothing like seeing an Eagle anywhere but to see it in Ohio Preble County was so inspiring.

Joanie Baker wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle on January 17th 2017. It was flying over some small ponds near King's Welding in Carroll County, Ohio. This is the first time I have seen one! I've been watching for them for a while now. Usually only see hawks and buzzards.

Susan Kelley wrote the following: Ohio, Licking river several times week of 1/13/16

Tom Seedle wrote the following: Mature eagle spotted feasting on rabbit in middle of frozen lake at auburn lakes, chagrin falls, ohio this weekend. Spotted it saturday, 1/7/2017

Chantelle Nolan wrote the following: I saw a bald Eagle in Newark, Ohio while driving on January 5, 2017. We were on route 79 north where Rocky Fork road begins. It was picking at a deer carcass in a corn field. My toddler saw it too. Beautiful!

Matt and Fay Wagner wrote the following: Bethel, Ohio, 45106 - We saw a bald eagle and some "hawks" in our backyard. One of the "hawks" flew directly over us and we made a mental note to look it up later, though we were amazed at its size. We watched the eagle for quite some time. Upon trying to identify the "hawks" we've realized that they were immature eagles. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for them & would love to know where their nest is!

Dala Guisinger wrote the following: Sighted on Rush Creek Rd NW, 3 miles NW of Somerset, Ohio, today, 1/5/17 at 1:00 p.m.

Elaine Morris wrote the following: My daughter and I saw an eagle perched in a tree next to the river along Route 52 right as you come into Aberdeen from Ripley. There is a large pull off there so we were able to observe for several minutes.He looked like he was looking for a meal.He was beautiful. A real privilage to see.

Nancy Mullins wrote the following: A bald eagle was seen today while I was riding my bike on a rural road in Brown County, Ohio. It was near a small town named Brownstown in Southern Ohio

Lorie Huff wrote the following: While driving along Woodman/Harshman Rd beside Eastwood Lake in Dayton, Ohio we spotted 2 bald eagles flying. The eagles weren't overly large but recognizable immediately. I'm guessing they're younger eagles, not at full maturity.

Karl Rigo wrote the following: I see bald eagle's all most every day in Painesville ohio down by the grand river or up by lake Erie.every were never when I was a kid.

Jim Bolinger wrote the following: About 1pm today saw a bird I didn't recognize at first. It turned out to be farther away than I thought because of its size. It was a mature bald eagle, about 2 miles north of Waldo on SR423 flying north east. Magnificent!

Bill Ullom wrote the following: State route 161 just west of Plain City, Ohio. There is a pond on the northeast corner of the intersection of 161 and plain city-lafayette road. I see 2 eagle there in the morning every day @ 8:00 am on my way to work in Columbus. Have also seen 1 eagle a few times near the buffalo farm east of Urbana, Ohio on state route 36 where 36 intersects Ault Road. 12/07/16

michael cramer wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle eating something inside the meridian between Ohio State Route 11 north and south bound Lanes, about .75 miles north of the Tibbetts Wick exit. This is located in southern Trumbull County.

Jeanne Oesch wrote the following: Saw a rather large bald eagle this morning on Robinson Road, outside of Plain City, Union County. The eagle was sitting in a harvested corn field.

Diane Lambert wrote the following: On November 27th 2016, My husband Scott and I were biking In Solon near the metro parks when we spotted a pair of bald eagles circling the closed dump area near cochran and pettibone. They perched in a tree where I attempted to capture a cell phone picture. Too far away to identify by the picture but my husband and I got a very good look at the pair.

Hannah Yackley wrote the following: On November 19, 2016, my dad and I saw a bald eagle fly over I-71 around mile marker 131 near the Tanger Outlets. At first we weren't quite sure we believed it, but once we saw the white head and tail, we got pretty excited... our first time seeing one of these beautiful birds in the wild!

Seanna Allman wrote the following: We were driving on Tarkiln Road in Fairfield County, Ohio and spotted a bald eagle flying above the road. We were so excited as this was our first time seeing one in Ohio.

Nancy Beers wrote the following: We saw a pair of bald eagles today, November 13, 2016 while on a bike ride south of Morrow, Ohio. They were sitting by a lake on some rocks until they flew, one at a time, across the lake and we lost sight of them in the trees. I was able to take photos of them sitting and one flying. It was fantastic!

Leonard Hilley II wrote the following: My wife and I spotted two Bald Eagles along Muskingum River in Washington County, Ohio, on 11/13/2016 at river lock #3.

Shannon Cook wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle in flight just north of The Plains while driving Rte. 33 on 11/7/2016 around 8:00 am.

Laura Baird wrote the following: Bald Eagle in Medina Oh on 11/2/16. Hung out on a tree top for 30 minutes in my neighbors yard before majestically flying off.

Jake Wolf wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle in Cincinnati, Ohio (Hyde Park) @ the Villa soccer fields on 11/01/2016

Chelsi Ritchie wrote the following: I observed a Bald Eagle in Nelsonville, Ohio. It was also in the Wayne National Forest area. I have taken Ornithology classes while in college. I was not able to document it but I know it was a Bald Eagle because the black body and white head and tail were evident and obvious. This was my very first Bald Eagle sighting!

Solene Malkamaki wrote the following: On 10/28 I spotted an eagle while driving on Fay Rd. in Concord, OH. It was sitting on a flood made island in the middle of Big Creek River. I stopped my van by the side of the road as I could not believe it could be an actual eagle. It's white head/neck and white tail feathers were unmistakable and so was its size. It flew before I could take a photo. I was fold there is a nest upriver. Can't remember if it's on Grand River or actually on its confluent, Big Creek. So cool to see an eagle in Lake County!

Vanessa Maxson wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle down the road from our house in Toledo Ohio on 10/23/16. My husband didn't believe I saw it until I made him turn around so we could take pictures!

Carol Roberts wrote the following: I live in Wayne Twp, Ohio near Waynesville. As I was walking our dog on our street, Laura Marie Dr, on Oct 23, 2016 about 12:40 PM I saw a large dark bird soaring above with a white tail glinting brightly in the sunshine. I enjoy bird watching and wondered if it could be a bald eagle. As it turned, I suddenly got a good view of its head which was also a bright white! Even without binoculars the white tail and head were easy to see. I ran in for my binoculars, but was too late. It was too far away by the time I got back outside. I've seen bald eagles around Lake Erie, but never in my area. Truly amazing!

Robert Mason wrote the following: 10.18.2016 8:am...Two bald eagles playing in flight above Columbia Pwy and Willian Howard Taft... unbelievable! One mature and one immature then flying east along the Ohio river. Cincinnati,Ohio

J Myers wrote the following: Oct. 14, 2016 approx. 3 pm: spotted bald eagle soaring above Wilkins road between Shaffer road and Ohio turnpike in Swanton Twp, western Lucas County, Ohio. It was headed eastward.

Saw a Bald Eagle the other day in of all places Youngstown. Right in the valley between Struthers and Campbell. First I saw it flying north very high over the ridge on the Campbell side. Fifteen minutes later it was flying south very fast along the Mahoning River, then nested. I've seen them in Austintown of course where the reservoir is but this really surprised me.
Marc Williams

Michael Fishel wrote the following: Two bald eagles flew over my jobs parking lot. In Solon, Ohio on 9-20-16 at about noon. One was carrying a squirrel. The other was trying to take it.They got very close. Third time I've seen at least one this year here.

Joe Trepicone wrote the following: A friend and I were departing the Port Clinton airport one afternoon. We are both private pilots and enjoy flying over and around the Great Lakes. As I taxied I saw a large bird ahead of me take off and land on the other side of the runway. I didn't seem much of it because of the distance and topography but figured it was a Turkey Vulture- very common around Ohio. I made a mental note to keep and eye out and asked my passenger to do the same. I did my last minute checks for takeoff, announced I was entering the runway. As I turned the large bird took off from my left and landed directly in front of me and the exact centerline of the runway. It was only about 20 yards ahead of me and now I could clearly see it was a Bald Eagle. This was certainly not my first encounter with Bald Eagles on the lakes. A couple days ago I saw several on final as I landed at Kelley's Island. But this was different. We were engaging in some way. This eagle was huge and I remember thinking it must be a female. She was beautiful and I was stunned. We just sat there as she stood turned away from us swinging her head left and right to keep an eye on what we'd do next. As a rule of thumb parking an airplane on an active runway isn't a good idea as you can imagine so I very carefully starting inching the airplane toward her. She keep looking until we got a little too close and she took off - landing back on the centerline of the runway a few yards further down the runway. At that point we understood her message. "This is 'my' airport. I'll let you use it but remember who it belongs to". I really begin getting nervous see about potential tragic at this point and considered back-taxiing off the runway screaming 'uncle' but I starting inching toward her one again instead. She leaped up, pealed off to the left and gave way to us, paralleling our flight, until we turned for shore. She was beautiful, magestic and absolutely the boss. Of that I have no doubt.

Ray Brandt wrote the following: On 9/13/16 at 10:00am, I observed a bald eagle circling in Youngstown, OH. It was over the industrial park on the sight of the former Ohio Works steel mill, very near the Mahoning River.

CHERYL SPEARS wrote the following: 9/11/16 Saw one perched in a dead tree at Madison Lake in Madison county Ohio. Several hours later we observed the Eagle dive towards the lake and catch a fish. I took photos while the bird was in flight.

c.a. francescone wrote the following: Union Co. Ohio An adult flew west along Bokes creek at Co. Rd. 213. I live here and have seen them here before Aug.30 2016 3:00 pm.

David Rhoads wrote the following: I spotted a Bald Eagle while driving on 2/14/2016 perched in a tree along Rte. 23 just south of Delaware, Ohio. The trees line the eastern bank of the Olentangy River; the bird had his back to the highway facing the waterway. The white head stuck out against the brown limbs of the many leave less trees in this area.

Sandy Nowak wrote the following: Quite certain we seen 2 juvenile bald eagles sitting on a log on the water at Silver Lake, right near Cuyahoga Falls in summit county, Ohio. They were huge!

Mark Springer wrote the following: Van Wert County , 2/7/16 Seen one behind our house Jonestown and Brodnix rd. about 2:00 in the afternoon and one about a month ago 1 mile north of Landeck , it was about 50 ft. off the road, had a real good look at it but flew off before we could get a picture.

Scott Grzymkowski wrote the following: Friday February 5th approximately around 2:30 in the after noon, very near my backyard. In Ottawa County. Graytown, Ohio. I counted as many as eighteen, American Bald Eagles, many were juveniles. The population seems to be growing. Over the last several years, I've noticed more and more showing up, in my backyard.

Joyce Wailes wrote the following: On February 3, 2016 about 4:10 PM I saw a bald eagle flying over the trees by US Rt 35 as I was heading east close to the Greene County Airport. I had to take a second look, but saw the white head.

Debbie Brown wrote the following: On Jan 31,2016 at about 1:45p.m. one eagle was spotted sitting in a field by a dead carcaas on Hilltop Road. As we watched it flew toward the trees along the back of the field and there in that tree top was a second eagle. So beautiful!
Xenia, Ohio

Lorraine Lancy wrote the following: I was taking my yorkiepoo out in our front yard before dusk on Jan. 31, 2016 in Poland, OH & I noticed something big flying low straight toward us (my dog was about 20 feet away from me on his leash). I thought it was a hawk for a split second, but as it got closer it veered off slightly when it saw me & that is when I saw it's white head & tail! It soared past us, only about 30 feet in the air, down the street to a neighbor's tree. I was so mesmerized by it that I did not realize that my dog probably attracted it. Something I'll never forget. Absolutely beautiful.

Georgina Conaway wrote the following: Pair of bald eagles standing on the ice on Deer Creek State Park near the dam.

Kristen Dabbelt wrote the following: I can't be 100% positive but I am fairly certain I spotted two (possibly three?) bald eagles involved in a kind of flying cartwheel coming out of Walmart on Colerain Avenue in Colerain Township, Ohio

Kurt Buckman wrote the following: Observed a bald eagle flying northwest above Ohio side of Ohio River about 1/2 mile northwest of Point Pleasant at about 8:00 AM on Saturday Jan 23, 2016

Susan Cook wrote the following: I recently saw what I'd think was a juvenile bald eagle in Hamilton, Ohio on January 18, 2016. He was sitting in a big tree along the Great Miami River. Flew off and up and soared for the longest time. Fascinating to watch!

Lori Montella wrote the following: January 14, 2016 - About 1pm in the afternoon I spotted two bald eagles along 670E at Grandview Ave in Columbus, OH. Always incredible to see an eagle!

Jarrod Davis wrote the following: Two bald eagles spotted just south of Urbana Ohio. One lacked full plumage while the other did. There is a large nearby lake.

Larry Somrack wrote the following: January 7 and 8 I have been watching a bald eagle on my farm. Today I saw a magnificent bird flying right over the pond and noticed by ducks were missing. I had five ducks and now I'm down to 3. After a short investigation I noticed that the bald eagle and taken the carcass of the duck and and had eaten most of it. I had moved the carcass to watch what would happen in about an hour later the bald eagle came to finish the prey. He is magnificent creature is he sits in the tree. I believe you found a place where you can get dinner on a regular basis.
Newbury Ohio

Lisa Pierce wrote the following: On January 6, 2016, driving down 8mile rd in Anderson twp. Heading towards Milford. I saw a large bird flying above my car. It really caught my attention because of the white tail feathers. I continued to watch him until he changed direction. That's when I saw his white head and yellow beak. I have heard several ppl talk about seeing them around the Little Miami river (Loveland area), while kayaking.

Jessica Bergquist wrote the following: I seen a bald eagle just past McCauley drive on 250 in uhrichsville ohio

Lynda VanScoder wrote the following: January 4, 2016 While driving home, a bald eagle flew quite low to the road over my vehicle heading towards Tappan Lake. It was the first one I had ever seen!!

jerry west spotted a bald eagle on january 2nd 2016 on prospect rd hillsboro ohio. the eagle was in a tree in his parents yard.

My name is Wava Iker and myself and my husband, Chuck where out side in the morning on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 when a car pulled into our drive. We did not recognize the car and said, probably someone wanting to see if we had seen a lost dog. I was pleasantly surprised when she asked "I was just wondering if I could walk out in your yard to take a picture of the Bald Eagle in your tree?" So being a bird lover my self I was like sure and asked my husband "please get your good camera I would love a pic."

Brenda Nichols wrote the following: Flying at approximately 500 feet AGL from south to north across I 271 at furnace run Creek. Adult bald eagle

sandy shaughnessy wrote the following: A few of my bald eagle sightings driving across the country. Fremont OH in a harvested cornfield in Dec 2015. Hartsgrove OH flew down in front of my truck while driving between two cornfields in September 2015. Rochester NY landed on a mound in wetlands in October 2015.

wayne tilley wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle sitting on the side of the road.In Jackson County Ohio Rt 32 between Wellston and Albany Ohio on the 18 of Dec. about 430 pm Stopped to take picture but bird flew away.

Kelly Coss wrote the following: Last year we seen one Bald Eagle around our home now this year we have seen 2. We live in rural Hocking County Ohio 3 miles outside of Laurelville.

Phil Murray wrote the following: In July, 2015 my wife and I saw a bald eagle perched near a neighbors pond as we drove by in Kimbolton, Ohio. I stopped our van on the road and we watched for a minute from about 200 feet away until the eagle flew off and circled the pond and then flew towards a large stick nest on top of a cell tower about a mile and half away. We watched as it landed on the nest. Later that day we drove to the cell tower and watched through binoculars as the eagle perched on the nest and a young eagle was seen flapping its wings as we saw its head rise up from the nest. What a great thing to see. We took friends to see the nest at the beginning of October, 2015 but saw no birds at the nest at that time. Near the end of November, 2015 we could see that the nest was gone with no trace of nest materials on the cell tower or anywhere on the ground. I phoned Jeff Porter at ODNR and gave him the details. He investigated and was told by owners of the cell tower that the birds were Ospreys so they removed the nest. They state that they have written account from Eric Householder who observed the nest in April, 2015. They have offered no photo evidence. In hindsight I wish I had photographed the eagles for proof and contacted the ODNR with the location in July, 2015. Now that I am aware that the tower owners are in the habit of destroying eagle nests I will have my camera ready next spring and I advise anyone concerned with endangered wildlife to do likewise.

kathy boggs wrote the following: Saw my fourth bald eagle ever here in Ohio today 12/08/2015.It was perched in a tree along state route 42 a few miles north of Mt. Gilead in Morrow county. What a treat to see such a majestic bird. Unfortunately my photo is not very good.

David Hockstok wrote the following: On November 7th at 9:30 AM I spotted and was able to photograph a Bald Eagle searching the hay field next to my house. Location is 6 miles west of Hillsboro, Ohio.

Ary Rebs wrote the following: Dec 5th, 2015 @ 3pm. Adult Bald Eagle perched in a tree 43500 block of Butternut Ridge Road in Oberlin, Ohio. He took flight when someone dressed in all neon yellow, walking the perimeter at the landfill began shooting a firearm of some sort. This also set several hundred seagulls into flight! First I thought the eagle was scared off by the firearm, but later wondered if it was not an ingenious hunting technique! It was obvious the man comes through regularly to scare off the seagulls! The eagle immediately flew over us toward the hundreds of seagulls and landfill! I did get one pic after he took to the air!

Heather Cantino wrote the following: Adult female sighted two days in a row in and near Athens OH, the first time in a tree above the Hocking River 4 m. downstream of Athens, the second in a tree on a hill in town.
Another sighting on Friday at the same spot on the river a bit earlier in the afternoon was of an immature bald eagle flying just above the river.

Jeff Bough wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle soaring above our office downtown at 400 West Rich in Columbus, Ohio! Had no idea they flew around this area!

Richard Drouhard wrote the following: Although we have been had occasional sightings of eagles for several years near our home outside of Lucas Ohio, the sightings have become daily occurrences. We now have five eagles which regularly visit us, there are two adults and three younger ones. Of the younger birds, one is tagged. I can't say for sure but it appears to be number N-3.

Kenn Campbell wrote the following: 11/9/15 2:45 pm-Sighted a bald eagle on the edge of state rte 235, about one mile north of De Graff, Logan Co, OH. It took flight toward the east as I approached. Stunning!

James Moorhouse wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle flying low and leisurely along Binder road in Union Township Clermont County Ohio heading toward Owensville.

Melissa Schwartz wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle in a tree watching over a field at mile 26 on Ohio Turnpike. Gorgeous bird!

John Buras wrote the following: Spotted a beautiful bald eagle near rt 5 and rt 82 on Saturday morning around 10:30am 11/7/2015 perched in a tree overlooking a pond. Took a few pics from the truck. Beautiful bird!!!

Jim Gerken wrote the following: 11/6/2015 10:00AM A mature bald eagle was feeding in a cut bean field at the corner of SR 61 and Olive Road in southern Huron County Ohio. I observed it from Olive Road for about 15 minutes until it took flight.

Just took pics of bald eagle at cosgrove and fishel dr in dublin ohio awesome!
Jeanna Zalipski

Bill Shea wrote the following: Barberton, Ohio: Sighted two bald eagles Nov. 3 around 1PM flying together towards lake Dorothy Norton Ohio. We are on a fly zone from Nimisila lake to lakes westward.

Dick Drouhard wrote the following: I live in central Ohio. I believe I spotted K-3 (Thunderbird?) Saturday morning. It was crazy, I had seen two buzzards sitting in my recently harvested bean field, not fifty yards from my house. Also present was three crows and I could see that they were giving someone hell. upon closer examination I saw what the fuss was about, there in the middle of the other birds was a good sized hawk eating a very young groundhog (wasn't a baby but not full grown). The crows were raising hell but were keeping their distance, the buzzards were just hanging close by. I watched for about ten minutes. Suddenly the buzzards took off and very soon after so did the crows. Next thing I knew a beautiful fully mature eagle passed over very low, maybe 4 to 5 ft off the ground then raised and came back in, of course the hawk skedaddled in short order as the eagle came back in and landed, how majestic was this sight, absolutely beautiful! I don't have a decent camera but got some pretty decent pictures with my cell phone. I watched this bird eat for a good half and hour when he started screeching and within a few minutes two young eagles came in and ate some of the kill, the adult perched in a near by tree while they tore at and ate the carcass. One of the young birds had a tag attached I believe it was K3 but not certain. All together they were here for about three hours. We have had a lot of sighting here over the last few years but nothing like this. They do perch in the trees near and around my house often.

Richard Burd II wrote the following: 10-28-15 Driving east from Findlay, OH. on St. 224 and CR 7 south of Hopewell Loudon School saw a young Eagle flying west.

thomas zubek wrote the following: Saw a adult bald eagle on 10/30/15 at 8:30 a.m. on windsor-mechanicsville rd. at callender rd. ashtabula county, ohio. It was sitting in an open field on a tree stump.

Dee Braun wrote the following: 10/22/15 @ 8:15am, Wyandot/Hancock County Line, St Rt 30 & 37 Interchange: While driving West on 30, I saw two eagles land near a little pond on the SE corner of the 37 ramp. One had a white head and the other was brown (just learned that it was a juvenile!). Last fall, I saw one in a cleared cornfield on St Rt 67, SW of that Silver Creek Dairy, just south of Marseilles.

Barbara Ford wrote the following: I spotted an eagle sitting in a field on Richfield Center Road just south of Brint Road near Sylvania, Ohio today. October19, 2015.

Kevin Palm wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle at Putnam Hill Park in Zanesville, Ohio. We were at a scenic overlook, and it flew westward about 20 feet away from us.

Jody Worrell wrote the following: 3 Bald Eagles on Oct 10th 2015 field south of Bresler Reservoir south of railroad tracks. Located in Allen County ,Oh 45806 area

Derrick Boling wrote the following: 10/11 I saw a bald eagle with about a 3 foot wingspan take off from alongside the road in Champaign county on Calland Rd. near Springhills. I had no idea that there were bald eagles in Ohio so it was a pleasant experience to see one.

Mike Roop wrote the following: Saw an adult bald eagle on Mendon Road in Van Wert county in Ohio 9/27/2015 at 10:30am. It was down on the road at a road killed racoon. Our approach made it take to the air. We stopped thinking it might come back for a picture but it continued to circle and move north. This was my first sighting in Van Wert county.

M Smith wrote the following: Two bald eagles west of Ashland, OH spotted on 9/22/15. They were circling and looking for a meal and spent 15-30 minutes in the area flying over open fields, ponds and tree tops. We have lived here three years and this is our first siting.

Dinah and Jerry Worley wrote the following: A bald eagle flying North, West of our place outside of Lewisburg, Ohio, at about 8 am. Beautiful and majestic with its white head and easy flying style. Hope to see it again here in southwest Ohio.

Meg Fite wrote the following: Clermont County, Ohio. Just saw a bald eagle fly across the field right in front of my front yard as my daughter and I stood amazed! We have seen them in upper Ohio, western NY and Florida but never here. So excited. What a great addition to put down in our bird log.

I saw a Bald Eagle, for the first time in my life, in my backyard in Canal Fulton, Ohio on 8/21/15. It was beautiful! It was so low I could see everything about it (about as low as my roof). It soared over the pond and took off. Just amazing! I included two pictures I was able to get of it.
Nickole Cottrill

Newark, ohio
Canoeing along the Licking River we saw two bald eagles! They were in the area between Staddens Bridge Road and Brownsville Road on 8/23/2015 around 3:00pm. I'm not sure if they were a couple as we spotted them several minutes apart.
Kathleen and Joel Spahr

Sighting a pair of Bald Eagles, SE Columbus OH area 8/21/15 @10:00 a.m.
Susan Norton

Celina, Ohio on Grand Lake. The past two days as I sat on my deck in the mornings I had a young bald eagle pass right by, flying low but along the water edge. White tail, white head and yellow beck... Then again this morning a larger eagle was sitting on the rocks next to the lake eating something then spread his wings and flew low across the lake headed south.
Awesome feeling to see one in the wild, I have only seen in the zoo before this week....
Shelia Schmitt

I live on Paint Creek State Park so I've observed bald eagles here and close by in Ross county. Yesterday, I was driving through Fort Ancient, Ohio (very close to Clarksville) and observed a bald eagle in the woods. I had never spotted one there; what a thrill!
Vanessa Schoettle-Cain

I spotted one bald eagle in Jackson Township (Canton, Oh area) this morning. Was flying low at about treetop level. Seen them before around Lake Erie but not this far south.
Brad Spencer

Saturday January 31at 3:30pm in a corn field on the corner of Ideal Rd and Vocational road in Byesville Oh 43723 I spotted and took pictures of a bald eagle in flight.
Leslie Robinson

Spotted eagle on centennial rd in sylvania ohio in tree above road below was a canada goose carcass
Dennis Krohn

Today I was driving south on 23 from Wyandot County ( only 2-3 miles after a work visit to Wyandot Community Hospital) and a bald eagle soared over the highway from a nearby tree!!!
Amy Baden

I travel along the Muskingum River on SR 60 from Beverly to Zanesville to work each day. I see 4 bald eagles on average each morning. There are often times 4 eagles around the Rokeby lock area on the river. Eagles can be seen perched or flying over the river. Another area that eagles are common is between the Beverly dam and the Muskingum River Power Plant. When the river is iced over the Muskingum River power plant is a great spot to see eagles.
J. Schott

Dye Mill Rd. Troy Ohio January 24,2015
Julie Puckett

Marietta, Ohio
    On 1/24/2015 @ 8:15 am I had just turned off st. Rt 550 on to st. Rt. 7 south and I spotted 2 Bald Eagles flying towards the Ohio river. I hope to see them again.
Don Flanagan

I saw an eagle on Jan 24, 2015 at the Fairfield/Licking Co line. along a cornfield at the corner of Blacklick Rd. and Basil Rd/York Rd. I turned left from Basil Rd NW onto Blacklick Rd and started to head west when something caught my eye to the right. I was blown away to see it was a Bald Eagle flying parallel with me. It was beautiful!! Just like the eagle picture I have above my fireplace with the bible verse Isaiah 40:31. This was my first siting. It landed in a tree top on the edge of the field. I pulled over to watch it and to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. He perched in the tree for a few moments before taking off and flying around the field a couple of times then heading northwest out of site.
Renee Johnson

I saw a bald eagle in Delaware County, Ohio, 3 miles north of Sunbury. Flew off from farm field with prey.
Walt Sandefur

Allen County, OH. I live east of Lima, OH at the edge of a small housing development, with a woods directly behind my house. Over the past 2 weeks I have seen a bald eagle fly over the woods on 2 occasions. Then on January 17, 2015, a bald eagle was perched high in a tree, on a limb that hung out over my lawn. I watched it from my back window with binoculars. When I drove away about an hour later, the eagle stayed. On January 18, 2015 I saw an immature bald eagle perched in another tree about 50 yards from where the eagle perched the day before. It flew away shortly after I spotted it, and about 5 minutes later the mature bald eagle was back sitting on the same branch where it had perched the day before. I had more time to watch it that afternoon. Mostly it sat still other than for turning its head. But it did preen itself briefly, stretched out its left wing, then lowered its wing and vibrated its body as though to get all the feathers readjusted. Later, it leaned its head down, raised its tail, then pooped! Watching it was fascinating. Early the next afternoon January 19, the eagle was back, and this time stayed for several hours. At one time it turned completely around, and faced the opposite direction, but I didn't observe other activity. Today (January 20), I have not seen the eagle at all. But for 3 days it was quite thrilling.
Lois Benham

Chagrin Falls, OH
Saw a bald eagle on my way to work today. Awesome sight!
Axel Rodriguez

My wife Audrey and I seen a bald eagle two different times on the Miami river.One sitting was in Miamisburg Ohio and another was In Franklin Ohio.
Ron Boyer

I just saw an eagle about 3 miles east of Degraph Ohio
James Moss

My husband has seen a bald eagle twice this week around our home in Van Wert, OH. (35 miles south-east of Ft W, IN. We live in the city limits, but on the edge of town.) He came in the morning of 1/8/15 from taking out our dog and was excited about having seen the eagle flying close by. (Ok, I half wondered if maybe my husband was imagining things! lol But I have heard of sighting near lakes in IN, not that far from here, so thought it might not be impossible). Then the next afternoon, 1/9/15, my husband and the man picking up our recycles saw it again.
Lee Ann Mieke

Sighting January 9, 2014 in a field in Akron Ohio, landed on turkey carcass I threw out for the crows. About 50 feet from my window away, so majestic, lived in ohio all my life and I am truly blessed to have seen him... I call him Fitz!
Lynn Marie

I had a bald eagle sighting at my house on Friday afternoon.
I had no idea eagles were so close by, the only next I was aware of is at Eastwood lake, and REALLY hard to see!
Note: at first I thought I had a pair of juveniles but later I figured out I had a juvenile and an adult right out behind the house, and the second adult farther down river in a big sycamore tree. It was breathtaking to see them fly in , settle on a big poplar branch outside the dining room window, and stay for most of the afternoon :)
Carrie Craig

Have seen a pair of bald eagles in northwestern licking county. Most sightings of eagles have been north of Homer Ohio just south of Knox county line.
Heath Hess

1-2-2015 at 11:00 AM EJ Brown Lake Buck Creek State Park, Clark County Ohio. Single adult Bald Eagle perched in tree over looking lake near beach area..
Curt Hefner

Thursday, Jan. 2, 2015 - Took my grandsons (ages 9 & 10) for a ride along the Sandusky River in Seneca and Sandusky counties in Ohio. I drove out River Road (North Twp Rd 73) past the Tiffin Development Center. Ive seen an eagle in this area. As I started to tell the boys to look upward towards the treetops, they both began yelling, "Grandma! I just saw them! There's two of them! They're in that tree!"
I turned the car around and pulled off the road close to where the boys saw them. How majestic they were, each perched on a branch in a tree across the river. One flew off the branch but returned shortly. I felt we were interrupting their "fishing" trip so we didn't stay long.
Definitely a memorable day! :)
Tess Walker
Tiffin, OH

Juvenile Eagle sighted Jan 1 2015   Miami County Troy Ohio     Casstown Sidney Rd.
Julie Puckett

12/31/14, 4:45PM, Licking County, OH.
I was driving northbound on Cherry Valley Rd. Leaving Newark and heading into Granville. As I was beginning to cross the bridge over the creek, I looked to my right and observed a Bald Eagle in flight. It landed in a tree on the north bank of the creek. I then pulled into a church parking lot and observed the bird perched in the tree for a moment. I wanted to stay longer to observe, but my family insisted that I get them to the restaurant because they were all hungry. This is the first time I have ever seen a Bald Eagle in the wild.
Bruce B. Frey

I spotted a juvenile bald eagle sitting in a tree off SR 95 near Lucerne Rd. about 8am on 12-23-14. Then, on Christmas Eve, about 4pm, we saw a mature adult flying over north over Knox Lake, off Shultz Rd. Fredericktown, Ohio. Always amazing and Awesome!!
Sharon Dean and Aaron Ray

The Scioto Audubon Park in Columbus, OH. At roughly 9am on 12/20/14 I saw my first bald eagle take flight heading south over the Scioto River. Amazing!!!
Lisa Mallett

12-15-2014 I spotted a bald eagle flying above the Little Miami River and land in a tree. I was in Greene County, driving on Stewart Rd. in Sugarcreek TWP.
Caleb Roe

I spotted a bald eagle at the corner of Auld Road and Children's Home - Bradford Road just outside of Gettysburg, OH. Wasn't close enough to tell whether it was a male or female. It landed and picked up a carcass off the road, then flew north around a stand of woods and I lost sight of it. I know there is a pair in Troy, Ohio, but this is the first time I have heard of one in Darke County, Ohio.
Jacob Minnich

Columbus, Ohio on the Scioto River about 2 miles north of downtown.
On the river fishing in the inlets and saw one bald eagle flying overhead. Second time I have seen one in this location, around the same time in the day too. Eagle was circling over inlet shorelines just working its way north up the river. Got a chance to take a video which is hard to identify, but was really an awesome thing to see one flying right overhead about 40-50 feet in the air. Last sighting I was quite a distance away but noticed the white head. This time I was 100% sure. Majestic. USA.
Evan Leskovec

Friday 11-28-14
Warren County Ohio. Spotted a juvenile eagle alongside Great Miami river on SR 73 between Middletown and Franklin. Noticed a large dark bird high in tree along river and as I drove bye caught the glistening white head. Turned car around to show kids. Never thought we would see anything like that here.
Marvin Halsey

Thursday 27 Nov 2014
Was traveling south on Rt158 toward Baltimore. My wife and I saw the same Bald Eagle reported on the 19th. It was feeding on the same carcass and in the same field. We stopped and watched it for several minutes. Very cool! It finally took off and there was another one that joined it while flying. So that means there are a pair in the Baltimore , Ohio area that has been here for awhile. As with the other Baltimore siting, I've never seen one in the wild. Was really excited to see such a wonderful and beautiful bird.
Bob Cleland

On November 27 (Thanksgiving), we saw an adult bald eagle in Shadyside, Ohio. It was perched at the top of a tree alongside the Ohio River right off of Route 7.
-Sara Vrooman

There is an adult bald eagle that lives near the Lodi Outlet Mall in Lodi, Oh on White Rd. Have seen him daily for the past two weeks, perching, flying, and once with food in his talons.
Nov. 22, 2014.
CJ Foltz.

This magnificent creature was sighted above my home in Fairfield County, Ohio on 11/20/2014 at 12:50PM.
Teresa A. Jarrell

Today 11/19/2014 at 2:30pm I was driving on route 158 at the edge of Baltimore, Ohio- Fairfield county- and I saw a Bald Eagle feeding on a deer carcass out in a corn field. I drove past it 3 times to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing as never having seen an eagle before ( except the zoo) in Ohio in 54 years.
Lois McDonald

11/17/14 in Yellow Springs, OH I witnessed a bald eagle as I was driving on Hyde Rd. which is south of Yellow Springs. He flew right over my car as I was driving. He was low in the sky and was easily recognizable as a bald eagle and not another species of predator birds. The markings were very distinctive with the white crown and tail and dark/black body. It's great to see these raptors making a comeback in the State of Ohio.
Jack Kerr

Nov. 16, 2014 approx. 2 pm
Avon Lake, Ohio
Single adult bald eagle in tree lakeside between Moorewood and Curtis
Ramona Padilla-Dus

Two Eagles were seen today in Minford Ohio at 1146 shumway Hollow rd. setting high up in the top of a tree. Their neck feathers was not white but brown, i have seen countless hawks in my life but these two were no hawks. They were the size of a small turkey. Observed them for a minute before they majestically flew off. What a wonderful site.
Eric Bennett


At approximately 1:00 pm on 11/10/14, a mature bald eagle flew over my property at about 500 feet. Location: Rt 252 between Wolff and Neff in Medina County Oh. It was in a fast glide going southwest, the sun shining off its white head.
Larry Tyran

I saw a bald eagle at washington and lee in cleveland hts. on nov 10 at approx. 1:00pm. Pretty cool.
Brian Benchek

Saw a mature bald eagle on Nov. 10, @ 11 a.m. in Hocking Hills area vicinity of route. #33 and route 180
Floyd and Peggy Hubbell, westerville, ohio

On Sunday November the 9th at 7:30 a.m. At Wallace lake in Berea Ohio I was able to video tape a bald eagle flying around the swimming area
Joe See

Nov. 7,2014 11:00 am Bald eagle in Avon Lake, Ohio Eagle came from the south and was hunting along the shoreline.
Nov. 5, 2014 approx. 3pm 2 bald eagles in Avon Lake, Ohio both eagles were "hunting" along the tops of the waves.
Ramona Padilla-Dus
Avon Lake, Ohio

I commute from Morrow County Ohio to Columbus Ohio for work every day. I've had 4 bald eagle sightings so far this year while on I-71 southbound in the morning approximately a mile north of the Delaware 36/37 exit. Saw the eagle again this morning. All 4 sightings were in the same location with the eagle either flying over the highway or above the large pond that's on the east side of 71. I'm always on eagle look out in this area! Also, about a month ago my neighbor texted me to let me know that a bald eagle was perched in a dead willow tree on my property; however, I was at work at the time. Hoping for a sighting at home one of these days too. I love these birds!
Staci Wise

Yesterday November 6 at midday in the Strongsville OH area, on I-71, just south of its intersection with I-80. A single bald eagle flew across the lanes at about 40 feet. He looked majestic and string with a wing span of about 3.5 feet. My first bald eagle seen in the wild
Terry Wynne

I was delivering news papers in Hannibal Ohio. I seen a cpl black birds at the top of a tree, got closer then I seen they had white heads, got closer , they were eagles. Was so excited. Never seen them in wild . i see hawks all the time doing news papers, but this first I've seen eagle's. I wish I could have got pictures.
Connie Queen

Oct. 31, 2014 at 8:4am. Adult bald eagle circling over the Hocking River near East State St. 1.5 miles east of State Route 33, Athens, OH 45701.
Scott Marx

Today around 1 maybe a little after 1pm I captured photos of a bald eagle at Sheldons Marsh next to willow golf course in Huron Ohio flying and gliding over the open waters right overhead of me too it was beautiful and surprising
Kayla Heiland

South Euclid Ohio across from Notre Dame College. It was about 11 am this morning we spotted it in a large elm tree on the front of the property, sat in the tree for about 10 minutes and then flew off. Absolutely beautiful made our day.
Dave Pickwick.

I sighted a bald eagle at approximately 12:20pm Eastern time on Beard Road in Eastern Clark County, OH (near Springfield). It landed in a recently harvested corn field and appeared to be eating something. The large wingspan caught my attention so I stopped my vehicle. I knew it wasn't a hawk because the head of this tall bird was protruding above the cut stalks as it carefully watched me. I opened my vehicle door which startled it caused it to fly away. I watched it soar in a zig zag pattern for several minutes before I drove away.
Philip Reed
Springfield, OH

On October 20th at 8:45 AM, while jogging at Darby Creek Metro Park, I saw an adult Bald Eagle hunting near the creek. Darby Creek is 18 miles South West of Columbus, OH. It's wingspan was around 4.5 to 5 feet. It was breath taking to see my first Bald Eagle in the wild in Ohio. I saw it take off twice, looked huge and so regal.
Danilo Casiño

Saturday, October 18, 2014, about 1:00 p.m. – near the Hambden Orchard Wildlife Area, east of SR 608, north of SR 322, Hamden Township, Geauga County, NE Ohio – large adult soaring, very clear plumage as male. Beautiful and majestic!
Christopher C. Esker

I saw two bald eagles at 5 pm on Oct. 17, 2014 at the state wilderness area that adjoins the Delaware State Park in Delaware, OH. One eagle was roosting on the tree that used to hold an eagle's nest that finally deteriorated 5 or 6 years earlier. The other eagle looked like he was hunting in the marsh land while occasionally flying close to the perching eagle. I was walking on top of the Delaware Dam retaining wall that runs about 3 miles east of the dam and when I realized they were bald eagles, I was about 200 ft. away from them. I was astounded, stopped walking, and actually wept, they were so beautiful.
Rebecca Loach

While driving along the Ohio River on U.S. 52 in Lawrence County near Ironton, Ohio I spotted a large bird with a snow white head. It was much bigger than the hawks I normally see. The bird dove close to the water a few times giving us a closer look and we decided this must be an eagle. Even though I have heard of people seeing them in nearby Wayne National Forrest this is my first sighting.
Carol Shields Portsmouth, Ohio

I saw a bald eagle flying on Friday October 10, 2014 at Wolfe and Marks Rd in Medina, Ohio. It was flying quite low towards my car and then flew over it. What a majestic bird.
Nanette Dargle

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